The Note

by Bad Grrl

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© Copyright 2010 - Bad Grrl - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bdsm; breast; nipple; shower; oral; mast; sex; cons; XX

All the note said was “Kneel on the floor. You better get it right”. What the fuck does that mean? Do I wear my new latex dress? Or does he want me naked? Should I just put on my hot Vicky's bra and panties with garters and stockings? Damn him and his vague instructions. No matter WHAT I wear, I know I'm going to get it wrong. God, I can't wait.

After all my date-night grooming and hygiene, I just barely slide into position, kneeling on the floor as his car pulls into the driveway. I had decided on the bra and panties number, adding to it my super high stripper heels with the cute silver shiny straps. I sit my ass on my shoes gently, trying not to impale myself on my heels and trying to get my posture just right, hold the position just right so I look very slutty and pleasing to him when he walks in the door.

God damn him. I know he is just sitting in the car, listening to one more song on his iPod, just making me wait here in shivering anticipation. I try not to fidget too much but can't help noticing the cold tile digging into my knees as I try to stay frozen in my slutty sub position. I spread my legs wider and then bring them back in. I wiggle and fidget. I have no idea how he's come in and snuck right up behind me, so I jump and screech a little as his hands land on my shoulders.

“Are you a ninja? Fuck! You just scared me to death! How'd you get in here without coming in through the garage door?”

He slips a ball gag in my mouth and just like that, the talking portion of my night has ended.

“Stop fidgeting. Get in position and just sit still. I want to look at you.”

I use every muscle in my body to stay still. I imagine I'm a statue. He circles around me, leaning in close to smell my hair or just breath onto my ear/neck area. I can't contain the shiver. He smacks my ass hard, the biting slap shocking me at first.

“You need to follow directions better. And speaking of directions, what the hell are you wearing? If I wanted to see you in a bra and panties I would have told you to wear them.”

I start sputtering and drooling under my gag. “I'm sorry, sir” sort of comes out.

“Oh, you will be” he says and laughs to himself.

Another shiver runs down my body, but this time I'm ready for the spanks that start landing on my ass and I involuntarily lean into them and moan.

“Crawl into the play room now.” He slips the ball gag off of me and it dangles around my neck. “And carry this for me.” He places his favorite riding crop into my mouth and I start crawling slowly into the bedroom. I can feel him watching me crawl away and the feeling of his eyes on my ass and body is so hot, I find myself trying to rub my legs together more and more as I'm crawling away. Finally, he strides by me, taking the crop from my mouth and smacking me roughly with it as he goes by, “move faster, slut.” He's in the play room before me and he's already started to lay out toys and torture devices.

“All fours, here now” He points to his feet and I move a little faster, to get over to his feet and into doggy-style position. I can't help but wiggle my ass at him. As he places the gag back into my mouth, it barely stifles the moan. He rewards my sluttiness with a few hard spanks right through my thin panties, to my pussy. It hurts and I scream a little. I can feel the sting for a bit, like a tuning fork. But the heat and the rush afterwards makes me forget how bad it hurt while it was happening.

He hooks the leather cuffs around my knees and wrists and then attaches them to spreader bars, fastening my collar around my neck with a chain leading down to the center of the spreader bar between my wrists. I am locked into place, at his disposal, doggy style.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back, looking down at me intensely. “Who are you right now?” he says softly but firmly.

“Your whore.” I say as best I can through my gag.

“Good girl. What do you want to do today?” he asks, almost playfully.

“Please you.” I say as best I can.

“Right answer. Now, let's have some fun. Let's see how much you can take today and you will be rewarded if you continue to try to please me. I'm in a real sadistic mood, so you better be a good dirty little slut and take all your punishment. And I promise you will like your reward.”

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Enough talking. Speak when spoken to.”

He releases my hair, throwing my face down a little. I look back up, just to have him shove his hard erection, encased in his jeans, against my face. “So far, you can see that you're pleasing me. That's a very good girl.” He leans down and kisses my cheek and my upper lip, stretched out over the gag. He's such an amazing kisser that this, too, is torture. I love kissing him, dammit!

Then he gets the toy bag and pulls out the nipple clamps. I can hear the chain jingling a little as he walks over to me. I hear him make a noise of dissatisfaction and he picks the toy bag back up. I wait, listening to hear what he's getting. Is he getting the flogger? Clothes pins? He walks up to my face and slips a blindfold over my eyes.

I feel all at once very inside my own head and vulnerable, knowing how well-lit the play room is. He leans down, mouth against my ear. “I'm sorry that you're a bad little whore. You never should have worn this bra and panties. Why would you keep my ass and pussy hidden away from me? Don't you want me to touch every inch of your body?”

“Yes, please, please, please” I say please as many times as I can until I can feel the drool dripping off the gag.

He says, “You're going to have to go shopping again.” I feel cold steel against my back for a moment and only a second later realize it's scissors, as I hear the snip and feel my bra fall loose in the front. Then snip, snip, and both straps fall off, dropping my bra underneath me on the floor. My panties get similar treatment, and I feel him cut up the thigh on both sides, dropping the cloth to the ground.

After being perfectly still with the super sharp scissors in his hands, it's even harder to just be still when he's done and I can't help wiggling a little bit, feeling extra naked and exposed and so at his mercy.

“Be still.” he says to me.

I feel his crop start whacking the sides of my breasts. I feel him smack around the side of each one, then he flattens the crop out and puts it under me, targeting in on my nipples and the tops of my breasts. I feel the crop make short little strokes, over and over quickly. He moves to the other side and a fire has broken out in my chest. My nipples are starting to really burn and my breasts are getting pink and hot from the flurry of little whacks. I try to pull back a little, feeling it get a little more intense.

He puts one leg over me, straddles me, facing my ass. I feel both his hands spank me over and over again. Handprints welding themselves onto my round ass. He spanks me like this until I'm right on the verge of never-neverland. I start moaning and grunting, screaming and tightening up. My ass is on fire. I can't think of anything else but my ass. Smack. My ass. Smack. This might have gone on for five minutes or 15 years. My heartbeat is thundering in my ears. Drool is now a pretty steady stream off the bottom of the gag.

He rips the gag off me and replaces it with his huge, hard cock. I try to suck and lick it, but he roughly shoves himself in as far as he can, only to pull back out and do it again. I gag and try to accommodate his huge cock, only to have him pull it back out again. “Stick out your tongue”

I do and he smacks my tongue and face with his cock. The tip of his cock tastes salty. And it turns me on so much knowing that this is turning him on. I moan and try to lick and kiss his cock. He smacks my face with his hand. “just be a hole for my cock to fuck.”

He shoves it back into my mouth, gagging me and pulls back out again. He does this again, over and over. Having me stick my tongue out, smacking me with his cock, shoving it down my throat. Sometimes when he's buried deep in my throat, I try to swallow, to deep throat, take all of him in. But he never leaves it buried long enough for my body to take him all the way in, he pulls back out over and over, leaving me feeling like my mouth is just gaping and begging for more.

I love giving head. I love licking and sucking and rocking a cock in my mouth. It's one of my specialties. The best thing about giving head is learning what really rocks your man. Just like snowflakes, every cock is different and I love really giving the best head he's ever had. So for him to be teasing me, taking me like that, and not letting me perform on his cock like I so love doing was sheer torture. Plus, at every thrust I was getting more afraid the next gag reflex was going to be more than just a sound. But I get wetter and wetter and moan more and more as he keeps jackhammering my mouth.

He pushes it deep inside my mouth and leaves it there. “Do your thing, slut” I immediately licked all over his cock as best I can, leaving it deep in my throat at first but then pulling off of it and licking and wetting it so that I can slide up and down better, getting a little friction but mostly gliding. I started sucking and running my tongue along the underside of his cock head. I'm almost frantic, knowing he isn't going to let me make him cum and just wanting him to feel so good, as good as I'm feeling on my crazy endorphin rush. I bob my head up and down, trying very hard to give him the head that I so love giving him.

“Enough, slut” he says as he comes down to my level, pulling my hair back and bringing my eyes up to his. I moan a little, my mouth feeling so empty, I feel as though I can barely close my lips. He stares into my face a moment, then roughly presses his soft lips onto mine. I immediately lean forward into his kiss only to have my head jerked back again, his hands still wrapped in my hair. He lets go of my hair and proceeds to undo the restraints holding me in place.

He takes my ankle and wrist cuffs off, and I start to stretch and move my muscles a little. He grabs my hair again and says “Stand”. I start to scramble up but in the meantime, he's pulling my hair pretty hard, and my head is burning and tingling. “Hands behind your back.” I comply and am surprised to feel the zip-style cuffs going on me and I'm surprised by the plastic.

He continues to hold my head by the hair and he kisses me again. His hands cup my face and he licks and teases my mouth. I almost lose my balance, damn, he's such a good kisser. Then he jerks my head back again, pulling at my hair. “Come on, slut. I have a surprise for you.”

Oh my. I get very excited and my brain starts working a mile a minute, trying to figure out what that could possibly be.

He leads me down the hall, by my hair, to the bathroom. Um. Okay. I know better than to ask questions. He smiles at me and moves the shower curtain. He has installed a mother fucking swing in my shower (that has the shower massager that I kinda cheat on him with ALL the time). My mouth drops open and I feel my heartbeat skip a couple of beats. This is going to be intense! I have yet to masturbate in the shower in front of him, but he knows that I've seen other dimensions while servicing myself in the shower. It's very intense, but also incredibly orgasmic for me.

He helps me into the swing and there I am all open and exposed, my shaved pussy begging for the attention she's about to get. I wiggle and moan and wish he'd put the gag back in my mouth. My hands are fastened into the swing, so I have no control over the spray or the temperature. He starts it off in the luke warm category and I spread my legs even wider, opening myself up completely for him. He smiles appreciatively at me and slides two fingers into my swollen, hot pussy and I moan even louder and try to push into him. I try to grab his fingers from the inside and I throw my head back, starting to make noises that don't sound quite human.

He starts to really fuck me, not concentrating the stream of water so directly on my clit, and then it's three fingers inside me and he's hitting me in ALL the right places. His hand fucks me better than any toy and I start begging immediately. “Please, sir. Please can I cum”

“Already? You want to cum already?” He keeps fingerbanging me, harder and harder and my noises are getting more and more guttural, my begging reduced to just “Please, please, please.”

“Cum for me, slut. Come on and cum all over my hand.” I feel my pussy tighten around his fingers and I throw my head back again, almost screaming with the ecstasy of it. He fucks me while I cum and then directs the stream of water from the showerhead directly onto my clit.

Oh my. I start feeling my clit get so hot. He's turned the temperature up a bit on the shower and it's really making my clit throb and feel like nothing matters but cumming again. I am past the point of words. I just moan and thrust myself at him and breathe in gulps of air. He stops his fingers and just focuses on my clit. His fingers play at my pussy lips but he really focuses on my clit and says “You need to cum again for me. Make my pussy feel so good.” I start feeling it build, like the orgasm starts in the bottom of my ass and works its way up. I am begging and moaning and making almost animal noises when I start cumming.

Let me tell you. The shower massager is a different kind of orgasm. It's more the Lamborghini of orgasms. Fast, hard, intense. But goddamn, it could really kill you if you're not careful. He lets me ride it out a little, not keeping the stream on me after I start almost crying from the overstimulation of it.

He manhandles me out of the swing and onto the floor, doggy-style in front of him. My pussy is so hot and throbbing, it's closed up a little and he has to open me a little with his fingers before his big hard cock can fit inside me. He buries his amazing cock inside me and I am beyond words and possibly sounds. I take deep ragged breaths and feel myself getting close to cumming on his cock after only a few strokes. He starts really railing me and I'm trying to meet his hip bones with my round ass with every beat. He reaches forward, grabs me by the throat and says “turn your face around.” I do and he shoves three of his fingers into my mouth and I taste myself and look into his eyes.

He says “Put your head down” and I do. He's more standing over me now, ramming himself downward into me. He's hitting one of my favorite oh-so-sensitive spots and I start begging into the rug for permission to cum. I can feel his cock getting jerkier and I'm begging more and more. I start to cum, feeling my pussy almost grab around his cock. He keeps thrusting in and out of me, as I'm cumming all over his cock.

My pussy makes a wet sucking noise as he pulls his cock out of me. He starts rubbing himself and he comes around over to my head. I have one cheek pressed to the floor and he grabs my lower mouth, opening up my mouth. I open my mouth as wide as I can, moaning and wiggling as he cums all over my mouth and the side of my face. I love it when he gives me a porn star finish. I thank him over and over again and melt into the floor.