The Masque

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; event; bond; rope; gag; mask; spandex; bdsm; spank; crop; tease; nipple; wax; toys; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

from the Halloween special 2008

“Are you sure you are okay with this?” Sylvia asked her husband as they drove their Lexus through the darkening autumn twilight.

Robert nodded his head, “I am if you are.”

Sylvia looked at her husband, trying to see the subtleties in his face in the darkened car. Robert was handsome in the old-time Rock Hudson kind of handsome. Dark hair with a touch of gray, strong jaw line, and blue eyes that made her feel like a goddess every time he looked at her. He was the strong man she had always wanted in a husband and now, dressed in black tux, she admired him even more. Sylvia was sure he was not comfortable with doing this and it took some talking to convince him that this is something that would help their relationship, not hinder it. In the end, however, she knew he did it because he loved her and that he knew his wife wanted to attend.

Ever since she lived in Atlanta, Sylvia had heard about the mysterious parties at the Robinson Plantation. She had been somewhat active in ‘the scene’ and had enjoyed the bondage encounters she had had. Sylvia had always been very attractive. Slender without being thin with generous breasts and nicely flared hips. Her raven-colored hair fell to the small of her back and her dark eyes seemed to attract and unnerve many a would-be master. She was also quite limber and could escape many a knotted rope or buckled cuff. Sylvia was very much a sought-after sub but there was always something missing.

Then along came her husband, Robert.

They had met, accidentally, when she rammed her grocery cart into his as she was rounding a corner a little too quickly. She said she was sorry and he asked if she had a license to drive the cart. When she said she didn’t, he said he would have to arrest her and she quipped about being led away in cuffs, please. Robert raised his eyebrow and after a bit more banter, she gave him her phone number. A few days later, he gave her a call and soon she fell head over heels in love with him. It was on their first date that she learned that he was a cop, a burglary detective, and he really did have a pair of cuffs on him that day.

It took Robert quite some time to warm up to B&D as a part of their bedroom games and even longer to make it part of their lifestyle. They would attend some parties but Robert was hesitant in participating in something so ‘public’. To him, bondage was a very personal thing he shared with Sylvia behind closed doors. But attend they did and little by little Robert also became part of ‘the scene’.

Then came the Halloween Masque invitation.

The Robinson Plantation parties were by invite only and this was the first time she had ever been invited. It was a couples only affair and anyone who ever attended was asked never to talk about them. There were vague rumors about what happened behind the old mansion’s walls, but most were so fantastic as to not to be believed.

Robert at first balked at the idea but Sylvia slowly convinced him to RSVP. A few days later, they got their formal invitation and some special instructions. Robert was to wear a tuxedo and Sylvia’s dress was awaiting her at the mansion.

“We can always turn around,” Sylvia said.

“A little too late for that, honey,” Robert smiled, “I have the tux already rented. Besides, I am a bit curious about what happens up there as well.”

An elaborate sign announced their exit and Robert guided the car up the tree-lined drive.

The Robinson Plantation was more than just an old southern mansion. In the twenties, a rich tobacco tycoon partially gutted it and turned it into a resort. The current owner of the Robinson purchased it in the eighties and restored it to its opulent glory.

The trees gave way to an open meadow with the Robinson Plantation house lit up with spotlights that made it glow the color of a harvest moon. The façade of the hotel was the old mansion with its white Corinthian columns and large windows. The rest of the resort was cleverly tucked in behind the house so all that you really saw was the mansion itself. A valet dressed in bright red greeted Sylvia and Robert. After helping them out of their car, the valet climbed behind the wheel and whisked the Lexus away into the dark. A doorman dressed in black robes and wearing a black mask greeted them.

“May I see your invitations?” he asked.

Robert presented to the man their invites and the man nodded.

“The gentleman is to wait in the lobby and the lady will be escorted to her dressing room,” the doorman said as he opened the bronze door.

The entryway had been turned into the resort’s lobby, but it retained all of its antebellum charm. Two curving staircases embraced the lobby desk draped in black velvet and graced with brass candles. There were already several dozen men talking and drinking, several whose heads turned when Sylvia and Robert entered the room.

“Wow,” Robert said under his breath.

“M’lady, if you would follow me,” a woman’s voice said behind them.

They both turned around. Standing there was a woman dressed in a tight red leather corset baring her breasts. A red, half-mask covered her face as she smiled at them. Gently, she touched Sylvia’s arm to guide her away up the stairs. Robert watched them until they disappeared behind the balcony.

Robert was never very good at small talk so he contented himself with a glass of beer from the bar that had been set up and watched the other men as they talked and joked. He had recognized a few from past parties he and his wife had attended. One he recognized as a star from one of the bondage DVD’s he had watched. Most he didn’t know. The cop part of him was always leery of strangers and here was no exception.

A few more couples arrived and the ladies were escorted away. Then the doorman slipped in and locked the front doors.

“Good evening, Gentleman,” he said in a booming voice, “In a few moments, our Allhallow’s Eve Masque will begin. However, before we begin, there are a few rules that must be adhered to.”

“The first rule is that nothing that happens within these walls is to be spoken of to anyone other than the attendees. The breaking of the rule will ensure that you will not be invited to attend any other events hosted by me.”

“The second rule is that ALL limits will be obeyed. The ladies that have graciously consented to attend deserve your respect in this regard.”

“The third rule is all men are required to wear protection and will be provided with such. No exceptions.”

“Each woman has on her person what limitations she has. No female guest is allowed to speak save for the universal safe word here, which is ‘Red’. You will not order her to speak and she will not speak for fear of punishment. She is not to remove her mask for any reason nor should you ask her to.”

“You will receive the number of the woman selected for you shortly. You will have use of her until the striking of one o’clock at which time you will surrender her to an escort which will lead her to her room for the night where you will be reunited with your partner. You have use of the entire Resort but you will not be allowed to exit the grounds until morning.”

“With that, Gentlemen, enjoy your evening.”

With a flourish of his black robes, the doorman/host disappeared behind the stairs. Soon, several women, all dressed like the woman that escorted his wife away, appeared. They filtered through the crowd, talking to each man and handing him a polished brass tag.

“May I ask your name, Master?” one of the women asked him. She was a cute blonde; petite in stature with large breasts and an easy smile.

“Robert Preiser,” Robert answered.

“Here is your selected lady. Enjoy her.”

Robert was handed a brass tag with a number on it’ ‘11’. He placed it in his pocket and continued to sip at his beer. If he had any second thoughts, it was too late now. All he could do was roll with the punches. When he had met Sylvia, he knew she had been with quite a few other men but all of them were in her past. This was the present and he continued to wonder if he was satisfying her enough. He loved her and he didn’t want to lose her. Robert had heard if you held on too tightly, you would crush the one you love. Thus, he was here; for her sake, not his.

Behind the curving staircase, the doors to the ballroom were opened and the men slowly started to drift their way in. Inside, the ballroom was dominated by a huge black, barren tree festooned with small, glowing jack-o-lanterns and shiny black bats. Two buffets lined the walls. One was laden with an amazing variety of hors d’oeuvres, piled in gleaming silver bowls and platters. The other was full of variety of bondage and sex toys: leather cuffs, floggers, dildos, vibrators, lotions, gags and other things that Robert wasn’t quite sure of their use. Small tables were spread about the room as well as several Saint Andrew’s crosses, bondage tables and pillories. In the corner, a costumed quartet was playing a version of ‘Dance Of The Pales’. The stage at the far end was curtained off.

“Is this your first time, Master?” a woman’s voice asked.

Robert turned. It was the same woman that had given him the brass number.

“Yes it is. I thought women weren’t supposed to talk here.”

The woman grinned, “I am just the hired help, Master. Do you desire anything?”

Robert held up his glass, “I still nursing this, thank you.”

“Anything else?” she smiled, her blue eyes looking at him lasciviously behind her mask.

“No, just waiting for this shindig to get started.”

The woman smiled at Robert again as she turned to leave, “Don’t worry, Master, everything will be okay.”

Robert made himself comfortable at one of the tables and polished off the rest of his beer as he continued to people watch. There was too much cop in him to just relax amongst strangers.

A few moments later, the huge curtains of the stage pulled open and standing there was a man dressed in bright crimson robes and matching mask. Robert wasn’t sure, but he thought it might be the doorman.

“A grand Allhallow’s Eve to all,” the robed man bellowed, “Here I present to you all of our bewitching ladies for this evening.”

One of the red-corseted ladies walked on stage with leash in hand, followed by a parade of woman; all dressed in black spandex catsuits, Mardi-Gras masks, a small golden necklace with an envelope and matching brass collars, each chained to the other’s collar. All had their hands bound behind their back and all walked very carefully. Upon closer inspection, Robert noticed all the masks had painted eyes, rendering each woman blind. After the last one appeared from off-stage, all were stopped in a line beside the host.

Robert was sure he could have singled out his wife, but he found it hard to. There were several candidates that had the same build and height as his wife, but with their hair underneath the spandex hood, he could not really tell. He was almost ashamed of it. He also noticed that all of the catsuits were crotchless and all the women were cleanly shaved.

“Number one, please come and claim yours for this evening.”

One of the men stepped forward, took the woman’s leash and after the red corseted woman unlocked her from the others, the man lead her away into the ballroom.

It didn’t take long for Robert’s number to be called. The woman presented to him was as tall as he was and was wearing a golden mask of a stylized sun. She was well built and on the slender side and she was definitely not his Sylvia.

Gently he eased her off the stage, making sure that she negotiated the stairs well. She moved with almost a practiced grace as she followed his lead.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

The woman in the sun mask nodded and smiled.

“May I call you Sun?,” Robert asked awkwardly, “Since that is what mask you’re wearing.”

The woman laughed a little laugh and nodded again.

“Well, Sun, to the buffet.”

Robert led her slowly over to the buffet. Another of red-corseted girls, an Asian one from her skin tone, came up to them.

“Can I be of assistance, Master?” she asked, “Perhaps I can hold you plate while you make your selections.”

Robert nodded. It was one uncomfortable situation after another. He had attended some play parties but this was entirely new. He really didn’t socialize outside of his small group of friends and fancy parties like this were stuff on television shows.

Robert had the girl pile upon the plate a little bit of everything; from caviar to caramel-glazed apple slices to stuffed hot peppers. After making his selections, he eased over to a table, sat Sun down and settled himself beside her. The girl sat down the plate and disappeared for a bit, only to return with a single flute of Champaign.

“I have to apologize for this, Sun. This is my first time here and I am a bit out of my element.”

Again sun laughed. It was a warm laugh, not mocking in any way. Then she leaned over, pressed herself against him and kissed him on the cheek. She kissed him lightly again, finding his lips and then they kissed deeply before easing back into her chair.

“I have to say, Sun, that was one of the best first courses I have had at a buffet.”

They slowly worked their way through the plate, Robert feeding his bound companion and stealing a kiss or two in between. He found himself getting comfortable with her even though she hadn’t spoken a word. But her body language said more to him than anything. After they were done, she nodded to the envelope hanging around her slender neck.

Inside was a beautifully hand-written note in a florid script: ‘Use me the way that you wish. No blood. No scat. Anything else is up to you. I do have a high pain tolerance if you so chose to use me that way. I am, for a lack of a better term, a pain slut.’

“Shall we make our way over to the toys?”

Sun nodded and allowed him to help her stand.

Sun was somewhat amused by her chosen Master. She could tell that he was indeed out of his element. But she could also tell that she was in good and caring hands. In past masques, there had been a Master or two that she hadn’t cared for. . . too much show of how much they could perform and not enough about her needs. This one might prove just the opposite, which was fine by her.

Sun could also tell he wasn’t used to leading a blindfolded woman about. Thankfully, she had a lot of experience having a blindfold on so she found herself leading almost as much as following. Soon, they reached to infamous toy table.

“I am an old-fashioned kinda guy, Sun. I really prefer rope over anything else. Sylvia tends to be able to get out of anything that is not rope, except for my service cuffs. Is rope okay with you?”

Sun nodded. She should have expected that he would bring up his wife, but she really couldn’t fault him for that. Hopefully, she could at least make sure that he focused himself on her.

Robert grabbed several coils of rope of various sizes. He then led her down the table to the gags.

“Do you mind being gagged?” he asked.

Sun laughed again, smiled and shook her head. She loved being gagged. It was like having a cork in a bottle of Champaign, keeping her fizzing and roiling when shaken.

Robert selected a few of gags: a ball gag, and ring gag and a large penis gag. Next, he selected a few vibrators and a pair of nipple clamps. Sylvia and he had never owned a pair and since she said she had a high tolerance for pain, he thought he would try them. Lastly, he found a leather flogger. Again, it was something he hadn’t tried before but now he could.

A red-corseted lady put their selection into a black bag and handed it to Robert.

“Would you like some directions, Master?” the serving girl asked, “perhaps a place a bit more private?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

The girl leaned over and whispered, “My favorite spot is in the arboretum. There are several secluded spots set up there and few take advantage of them. The grotto one is absolutely wonderful. Just exit to the right, follow the hallway to the end and exit outside. You can’t miss it and there you will find everything that you may need. Remember, the grotto.”

“Thank you,” Robert said and began leading Sun towards the door the girl pointed out.

Sun followed slowly beside her chosen Master but he still seemed a bit on edge. She stopped dead in her tracks and refused to budge, even though he tugged a bit on her leash.

“Is something wrong Sun?” Robert asked.

Slowly she pressed her body against his and kissed him and he kissed her back. Sun pressed on, pushing herself on and rubbing herself against him. His arms went around her and she kissed him even more deeply, opening her mouth and letting her tongue dance with his. Then she pulled away. Sun had always been a tease and tonight was no exception.

Robert was a bit overwhelmed. He took her leash again and she came along willingly, grinning as if she had just played a grand prank. Sun was going to be a handful. Robert could see that now.

At the end of the hallway they exited the building an just beyond a reflecting pool was a Victorian-styled greenhouse lit subtly in the same harvest moon orange. It was a short walk and the only sounds he could hear were the sounds of the crickets in the heavy Georgia air.

The doors were open and the arboretum was glowing with the candlelight from candelabras and grinning pumpkins. The building was filled with small paths and exotic flowers and plants. The further they went in, the more jungle like it became until they came to a small waterfall spilling into a pool. Lit candles floated upon it and Robert spotted a small path leading behind the falls. Leading Sun, he went brushed past some ferns and made his way in back.

A small dungeon had been set up behind the falls lit only by a few candles sputtering their light. A maroon velvet table sat in the center with brass rings along its side. A chain dangled overhead and a medieval looking rack stood along the wall with a variety of whips, floggers, spreaders and manacles. Another stand had many different bottles glistening like jewels in the candlelight. The air was thick with the smells of earth and flora.

Stepping around behind Sun, Robert untied her wrists and brought them back together in front of her where he tied them again, cinching them tightly. Gently, he eased her underneath the chain and raised her arms up to lash them above her head.

Sun tested her bonds a bit as she felt her arms being pulled overhead until she stood fully erect. She could still stand in her high heels, but barely, and it was a delicious feeling.

The captive women then felt the ropes being wrapped around her ankles, binding them together tightly. Again, she wriggled in her bonds, in part to test his skill but also to entice him to use her a little more.

Then Robert kissed her.

It was a deep, passionate kiss as their tongues danced over one another. Sun felt his hands on her, exploring the swells and curves of her body. He moved slowly, tenderly, as if he was almost afraid of somehow hurting her. She tried to thrust herself against him, but he would subtly ease himself away; almost as if to tease her.

Little by little, his hand made its way down to her bared sex. Gently, his finger eased between her passion-swollen lips and began to stroke up and down her slit. Large ripples of pleasure washed through her as he touched her, carefully avoiding her clit.

“You cum upon my command, Sun, no sooner,” Robert whispered.

Sun moaned as she tried to thrust herself out to him. Robert pulled his finger away.

A moment or two passed as Sun heard her chosen Master rummaging through the bag and she was wondering what he had choose to use on her this evening.

“Open wide, Sun.”

Sun opened her mouth and felt a large ballgag pushed between her teeth. The taste of rubber filled her mouth; a very erotic taste to her. Robert buckled it tightly behind her head.

“Now where were we?”

Once again the man’s fingers entered her, slowly stroking her. She could feel her orgasm quickly swelling inside of her like a stormy ocean. He was masterful in gauging her body’s reactions, easing off when she wanted him to caress her more harshly. Each time she whimperd her dissatisfaction but his game continued until she felt like she was bottling up a typhoon of pure bliss just waiting to be uncorked.

Then Robert stopped.

Sun heard the bag rustling again, a long pause, then she heard the familiar buzz of a vibrator.

Sun moaned as she felt the vibrator eased into her. He had used some sort of warming gel on it that caused a warm tingle inside of her. It filled her entirely before he turned it on low.

“No cumming until I command you to.”

The whack of the flogger on her ass came as a complete surprise and caused her to squeal into her gag. Not that it hurt; it was just unexpected.

The man continued to flog her, though it was becoming apparent it was his first time. She could feel his hesitation. But, between his whipping and the buzzing between her legs, she didn’t know how much longer she could stave off her orgasm.

“Do you want to cum?” the man asked.

Sun screamed into her gag and nodded violently.

“Show me!”

Sun writhed in bondage, thrusting herself out to him and trying to get him to touch her again.


A Wave of pure hot pleasure crashed over her, crushing her in its bliss. Again and again it washed over her as she bucked and moaned in her bonds until she went limp, spent by her orgasm’s power.

Gently, Robert eased the vibrator out of her.

As Sun half hung there in her bonds, she could feel her Master step around in back of her and begin to slide the zipper to her cat suit down. Like everything this man did, he took his time, kissing her bare back as he revealed it. His kisses were warm and tender and Sun found herself wanting to know who this man was. His wife was a very lucky woman.

The zipper parted ways between Sun’s legs and he peeled open the back. His warm hands began to explore her form as he kissed her below the collar. He messaged her skin, reaching around beneath her suit and kneading her breasts and nipples. The ripples of pleasure fed the afterglow of her orgasm; causing her to moan through her gag.

“I think it’s time to see the whole package,” he said.

Sun could feel herself being eased down until she could comfortably stand with her hands in front of her. Robert untied her wrists and gently rubbed them to bring back her circulation.

One of the things that Sun enjoyed about being a woman was that she could move her body in ways that could make any man want to make love to her. Slowly she began to sway as she slipped her arms out of her costume then pulled it down to her bound ankles. She then stood back up and put her hands behind her back, displaying herself for her Master.

Sun was stunning. She was well-tanned and very fit, with slightly pointed breast crowned with large, dark nipples. Her stomach was a smooth as stone and her long legs were very well toned. Robert imagined she was a dancer because of the grace in which she moved. He also noticed that a bit of her auburn brown hair had spilled out of her hood, leaving Robert to believe she kept her hair long.

Robert circled around her, admiring her as he would a beautiful sculpture. He then took her wrists and brought them back in front of her and lashed them together again. Robert steered his captive over to the table, watching her hop in her bindings, and sat her on the edge. He leaned her back and took her wrists and bound them to the table over her head.

Sun giggled a bit as Robert tried to undo the knots around her ankles in the tangle of her suit. But finally he undid them and slipped everything off of her, throwing it to the side.

From the rack, Robert selected a spreader bar. It was perfect for what he had in mind. It was one of his favorite devices to use on Sylvia and he imagined that Sun would likewise enjoy it. Sun felt him buckle first one ankle into it and then the other, spreading her legs wide and exposing herself fully to him.

Robert tied a short piece of rope to the center ring of the bar and then pulled it over her head, tying it to the same ring as her wrists. Sun glistening sex was now fully exposed and easily accessible by him. As she wriggled to adjust herself, Robert tickled at her swollen lip, causing her to laugh into her gag.

The selection of bottled lotions and oils caught Robert’s attention and he wandered over to them, carefully reading the labels before choosing one labeled rose-scented oil. A wicked thought went through his mind and he put the bottle into the cold water of the pool to chill.

Sun continued to struggle in her bonds and Robert was so tempted to take her right then, but despite the feast set before him, thoughts of his wife would pop into his head. He knew he had her permission to play as he so choose; even encouraged it, but he still felt as if he was at some level betraying their marriage.

In the end, he decided that Sun shouldn’t suffer from his misgivings. She deserved to be the focus of his attentions since she submitted herself to a complete stranger; himself. It was a trust that he couldn’t let down.

“Sun, I know there isn’t any safe word this evening, but the pain thing is new to me and I don’t want to hurt you. So please, for me, hum ‘Beethoven’s 5th’ if I overstep my bounds. This is something, as your Master for this evening, I command you to do.”

Sun slowly nodded her head. She knew she had her limits and obviously, so did her Master. It was touching, really, and she hoped that she could teach him something as well.

The first smack of the flogger caught Sun by surprise, landing squarely on her pussy and causing her to scream in surprise. It wasn’t that it hurt that much either. The second was a bit harder and the pain/pleasure shot through her sex and filled her whole being and it felt sooooo good.

At first, Robert thought he had gone too far with his first strike. Her scream frightened him a bit. But the more he did it, the more she squirmed and moaned, even thrusting herself up to meet the thongs. He had never even attempted it on his wife, but now he wondered if they were missing something by not at least trying it.

Sun writhed in her bonds and she could feel another tidal orgasm rising within her. Every strike was another bolt of white hot pleasure and one more step closer to letting the flood gates of pure rapture.

Then he stopped.

The bound woman listened intently to hear him and finally she heard him rummaging through the bag again. Then quiet with the only sound she heard was that of the splashing waterfall.

The touch of his warm hands on her breasts was unexpectedly gently, caressing circles around her stiffened nipples with his fingertips, then massaging them. Sun moaned in her gag as the pleasure within her swelled.

Robert drizzled the cool rose oil down the length of her torso, causing the bound woman to gasp and squirm on the table. Robert had already taken off his tuxedo jacket and tie before getting his hands oily. Now he unbuttoned his shirt, carefully laying it by the rest of his clothes.

Reaching between her spread legs, Robert began to work the oil in, smoothing it over her body. He took his time, watching and learning his captive’s movements and moans as she reacted to his touch. All he missed was the look in her eyes. However, her body was saying more than enough as she writhed under his strokes.

The Master’s hands left Sun again, leaving her ravenous for more and she groaned to show her displeasure. However, it was replaced with mewls of joy as he lightly pinched her stiffened nipples, sending more ripples of bliss through her.

The cold metal jaws of the clamps came with little surprise. Their pinching to near pain fed the maelstrom inside Sun. After both clamps were firmly into place, the man flicked and pulled at them, causing her to twist in her bindings.

Sun then heard the buzz of a vibrator.

One of the toys Robert selected was a small egg vibrator with variable controls. He set it on a low pulse, tenderly spread her sex-slick lips and eased it into her.

“Remember, no cumming until I command it of you,” Robert said.

Sun whimpered and nodded, struggling not to erupt right then and there.

There were many things that Robert had not tried on his wife, Sylvia, and one was hot wax. They had both seen it done in videos, but Sylvia thought it might be painful so they never endeavored to find out even though he thought it might be fun.

Now was his chance to try it.

Lifting one of the wide candles out of its holder, Robert dribbled some onto one of his victim’s breasts, covering her nipple and clamp.

Sun squealed into her gag as the hot pain/pleasure shot through her, flooding her. The hot wax continued to splatter its magic all over her chest and stomach, causing her to buck in her bonds. That and the pulsing vibrator were almost too much and she fought her looming orgasm with all her might.

“Do you want to cum, Sun?”

She wailed loudly, nodding her head.

“You have a choice, Sun. I can let you cum now or I can fuck you in a little bit. I still have to command you to cum regardless of your choice. So do you want to cum now?”

Sun thought for a second, then shook her head no.

“You want me to fuck you?”

Sun nodded her head enthusiastically.

Robert smiled as he watched her struggle, coated with drips of wax and glistening with the oil. The sight of her made his cock ache just that much more. Quickly he undressed, rolled on his condom and stepped to the edge of the table. I was just a tad too high, but Robert could make it work.

Then he noticed the two small brass wheels on the side.

Robert turned the closest one and his end of the table lifted. He cranked it the other way and it lowered that end.

He grinned.

Sun felt the table move at one end, first a bit higher, than lower. She felt herself slipping a bit but the ropes hold her wrists and spreader bar kept her from sliding any further.

Then the end towards her head began to rise. Soon the ropes were the only things keeping her from falling off the table.

Her Master for this evening then removed her pulsing vibe. She could feel him standing between her legs and she thrust herself towards him as best she could; begging through her gag for him to take her.

Robert thrust into her and Sun moaned loudly, meeting his thrust. He began slowly, easing himself in and out of her but soon picked up the pace. The torrent of her orgasm was battering at her, threatening to overwhelm her. . .then she heard him say one word.


As he continued to push into her, a tidal wave of pure orgasmic bliss crushed her and washed through her in ripple torrents. She bucked and writhed in her bonds as she ignored the pain in her wrists. Suddenly, he thrust himself into her and held there, yelling out in pleasure as he filled his condom. He stayed there, pinning her to the back of the table until she felt him soften.

Robert eased himself out of her and slowly brought the table back to its original placement. Sun then felt him gently kiss her spandex-covered cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

Slowly, he unbuckled her legs. Sun felt limp but still basked in the warmth of what they had just shared. He let him move her about, tying her ankles together again. He nestled next to her the best he could, slowly peeling the little drips of hardened wax from her skin.

“Sir, One O’clock draws near,” a woman said.

Robert turned. It was one of the red corseted servants.

“I must take the lady back to her room. You can dress while I attend to her. Please make your way to the lobby where the Grand Master will direct you”

Disappointedly, Robert nodded. He wanted to be the one attending her and thanking her for letting him try some things that he had been afraid to do. He dressed quickly, giving Sun a few last looks before turning and heading to the lobby.

There were few men there when he arrived. Most were sharing drinks but not saying much at all. Robert ordered a beer and sat down in one of the leather armchairs.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Mr. Preiser?” a man’s voice asked him from behind.

The red-robed host stepped out in front of Robert as he stood up.

“It was a night that I won’t forget,” Robert replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Well, the night is still young and your wife awaits you in her room. Here is your key. Room 211. Just go up the stairs and to your right. The room is about half way down the hall. Please let us know if you plan on spending an extra day or two. Check out is at noon.”

With that, the host handed Robert the key card and left, walking toward another gentleman just arriving to the lobby.

Robert made his way up the stairs and to his room. He had been changed by this and he still wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. However, it had happened and he knew he had to be with his wife. He slid the card through the lock and opened the door.

A thing of beauty greeted him when he stepped in. There, on the bed, was his Sylvia, nude and tightly bound in a very strict hogtie. Her eyes lit up and she smiled around her ballgag and it was then he knew that everything was going to be even better than it was.

Robert leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.
“I love you,” he whispered as he rolled her over and began to enjoy how the rest of the night was going to be.


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