The Maid

by Gagged20

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The Maid
by Gagged20
The Maid by Gagged20

I have always had an interest in bondage. Since in was in my teens, the sight of a beautiful girl all tied up and helpless turned me on. Unfortunately for me, all of my girlfriends didn't exactly feel the same way. Everytime I would try to bring up the idea, they always seemed to run. I endulged in selfbondage once in a while, but that just didn't do it. I needed interaction with another person. It seemed last week my luck changed.

I have to say I got incredibly lucky. I never play the lotto, but for some reason it just seemed right. I picked the numbers at my local convenient store. Thinking nothing of them, I went home and tossed the ticket on the dresser underneath some change. I went through my daily activites for a few days, and then one day at work I overheard my co-workers saying that someone had bought the winning lotto ticket at the Quickie Mart down the road. Curious, I checked my ticket from a few nights ago against the winning numbers. To my amazement, i had the winning numbers. I won. I won a lot. 2.3 million dollars to be exact.  Since I won so much money, I decided to have a little fun. First off, I went out, and quit my job. Dead end job, not a good time, so that was the end of that. Now it was time to think. I invested half, to ensure my happy living for the rest of my years. 

Now if only i had someone to share my wealth and happiness with. I started dating more, but was still having no luck. I decided to go out and spend a little cash. On my way to the mall, I passed an amazing looking house that happened to be for sale. My house wasn't bad by any means. Simple, 3 bedroom house in a nice suburb. It fit me well. However now that I had a little money, I wanted something more. I called the realitor,and made an appointment that day to look at the house.

The house was set on a few acres of land on the outskirts of town. Tall, and expansive, I could only imagine the price tag. The realitor took me for a tour. 2 floors to the house. You stepped in the front door to an expansive entry way. Tall pillars , with a beautiful glass staircase assending to the second floor. Marble floor and wood accents everywhere. We walked around a little bit. Massive library, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, and servants quarters on the first floor. The second floor included the master bedroom and bathroom, 3 guest rooms, a 3rd  bathroom, and a pool with a beautiful view of the city, as well as a huge skylight. The house was fenced in fully, with a nice tall brick fence. Rod iron gates and camera's insured security and privacy. The house also had a huge 6 car garage, which suited my interest in cars nicely. The price was $500,000. I couldn't help it, so i put in a bid.

A week later, the realitor calls, and tells me all I need to do was fill the paperwork out. I couldn't believe it. A month ago I was an average person living an average life in an average house. Now I was a millionaire, and was living in a house worth half a mil. I moved all my things in the following week, and decided to walk around the house more and see what the previous owners had left behind. Simple stuff, like furniture, and a few nick-nacks were strewn about, nothing too spectacular. Then I got to thinking. What if there was a secret passage? I enjoy watching that show on the History Channel about big houses and the secrets they hold. I went for a walk around the house again, pushing and pulling things at random to see what there was to be found. My search came up empty. I was kind of disappointed.  I went into the huge study to relax and look at some of the books and things. I noticed they had a book of poetry from 21st century poets. I pulled it out and sat down behind the desk to read. When I sat, I crossesd my legs, and in the process kicked the underside of the desk by mistake. The bookshelf swung open. I couldnt believe what I had stumbled on. It turns out I kicked a hidden button.  I went to the bookshelf, and pushed it open..  There was a stone spiral staircase that was illuminated with lights built into the wall. I walked down it, and at the bottom was a thick steel door. The door had a huge lock built in, and the key was in it. I turned it and opened the door. I couldnt believe what I saw. It was a dungeon!  

I walked in, and pulled the door closed behind me.  To my left was 3 cells. Each had its own toilet, sink, and steel cot that was bolted to the floor. Recessed lighting, and no walls. There were bars seperating the cells, and bars for doors. It seemed designed for the captives to have absolutely no privacy.  I noticed also camera's in each of the cells. I told myself I'd have to find where the monitors were.  At the end of the row of 3 cells, there was one more cell with an iron door, and all iron walls. Nice isolation chamber. Across from the cells, there was a huge room. Inside there were all kinds of fun devices. St. Andrews cross, 2 cages, a rack, and a bondage chair, not to mention various points on the wall to attach a person to. Also, there were pulleys in the ceiling to facilitate suspension. I decided to leave all this for now, as I had a very important appointment to attend to. 

I went upstairs and got myself ready for the interview that was coming at 2 that afternoon. Seeing as how it was about 1 now, I had a full hour.  When I put in the bid for the house, I also put an add in the paper. I needed a maid. There was no way that I was going to try to keep up a house that large myself, and I thought it would be nice to have someone cook for me and do my wash now that I had cash. I advertised looking for a college female, under 30. I also added as an incentive that there would be room and board provided, food, and a few bonuses, which could be negotiated at the interview. I was hoping to attract a cute younger female to have around the house. Also, I had a few kinky ideas, and I was hoping the "perks" would keep her with the job.

Part 2

My interview arrived a little early, which is a good thing in my book. She buzzed in at the front gate at 1:50, and I told her to drive up and park infront of the door. She drove a small little Pontiac Sunfire. She got out, and looked absolutely stunning. 5'5", shoulder length blonde hair, and had an incredible body. Good sized perky breasts, a nice tight ass, and shapely legs. She had a cute face, and knew how to dress. She had on a short black skirt, and a blouse that accentuated her neck and breasts. All together an impressive sight. She introduced herself to me as Diane, and was very polite in doing so. I escorted her to the library, and told her to make herself comfortable. I offered a drink. She wanted a water, so I told her I would be right back. 

I went to the kitchen and thought about how she would make a great maid. I had a few suprises in store for her. Since I won all of that cash, I got myself a lawyer that I felt I could trust. I mildly told him of my "interests", and my intent to get my servant to in a way participate in them. He recommended against it, but I had him draw up a few contracts anyways. I went back to the library with the drinks, and sat down to talk to Diane.

I started off by introducing myself, and told her my quick story of how I came into cash. I asked her a bit about her. She replied, "I'm a sophomore at the local college, and need a little spending money and a place to live still." I asked her if she thought she'd be able to manage the house work and her school work. She answered, "Yes sir I do".  It was odd being called sir, but i was beginning to like it. I placed the first contract on the desk infront of her, and she asked, "What's that?". 

I responded, " It's a simple contract stating that what is discussed here stays here. I have some interests that are personal, and do not need to be discussed past these walls. This simply states that it will stay here, and that if you break this confidence, I have the right to sue you for breach of contract. I expect you to read it before signing, and if you sign to follow my request. If you can't agree to this, our interview is over, and I will escort you to your car." She looked confused at this, but read, and signed. I was happy that we had made it this far.

Next I told her about her benefits. "Being my maid, you will have your own private room and bathroom. All of your food will be provided for you, and if you stay on with me for a full semester, at a minimum I will pay for your school books. If your work is satisfactory, I will pay some or all of your tuition for the semester as I see fit."  Her eyes lit up with anticipation, but i could tell there was a little bit of caution in her eyes..

"Whats the catch?" she replied

"There are a few," I replied. "First, you will be expected to keep the house clean, as well as prepare all my meals for me. Also, you will be expected to do the dishes, and wash. Second, you will have required study hours. You will be expected to be in your room or the library doing your homework, and nothing else during these hours. Just because you are my maid doesn't mean you can flunk out. Third, I have a few alternative interests that you would be expected to deal with.. As you can expect, a man of my age has an active interest in women. I happen to prefer mine a bit helpless. Also you will be appointed with a French Maid outfit, that you will be expected to wear while you are working, if not less. I know these requirements are a bit odd, but with what i'd be providing and paying, I think it's justified. Finally you will be required to sign a contract saying you agree to these terms, and are willing to be bound by these terms for a trial period of 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, you will be given the option to quit, or stay on as my maid for a year. What do you think?"

"That is quite a bit to take in." she said. 

" I can imagine. I want you to take a weekend and think about it. Remeber that you are to keep this between us and only us, and I will take legal action if that is not followed."

"I understand Sir," she said.

Now I was going to push my luck. "Would you like to get a small taste of what things would kind of be like and take a tour of the grounds in the process?" 

She looked at me with a bit of trepidation, but finally nodded her head in consent. I pulled out yet another contract and explained it to her. "This contract says what is about to happen is fully consensual, and that you were not blackmailed or bribed into doing anything you wish not to. If you wish to continue, sign at the bottom." She did, and i pulled out some restraints. Her eyes grew wide with anticipation.

" Relax, you are in excellent hands. Please strip down to your panties Diane, and put your clothes neatly on the chair. Since you will be nude or barely clothed while employed by me, if you are not able to do so now, then I feel employment from me may not work out."  She gave me a strange look, and started to strip. I hoped she wouldnt notice the erection I was starting to get looking at her beautiful body, and thinking about tying her up. Once she had stripped, I asked her to turn around, and place her hands behind her back. I tied her wrists snug with my rope, cinching the wrappings inbetween and knotting the rope out of reach. She tested her bonds, and realized that she was helpless. I wanted to tie her breasts and put a nice crotch rope on her, but I didn't want to scare her away.  Next, I bent down and locked a set of ankle hobbles on her. Her steps were limited to about a foot. I asked her if she was ok, and she replied "Yes Sir." I asked her if anything was too tight or uncomfortable, and she said no, so I continued.

I spun her around to get a good look at the front of her. She had such beautiful eyes. I held up the next item, which was a 2 inch locking leather collar. I explained it a bit better to her. "Diane, you will be wearing this collar at all times in my house if you choose to work for me. That means if you have guests over, it still does not come off. It will be locked on, and will show your servitude to me. Do you understand?"

She replied "Yes Sir" and almost smiled. I asked if she had any questions at all and she did have a few. "How will I know that you or your guests won't take advantage of me while I'm tied up?" 

"I'm glad you asked. In your employment contract that you have yet to see, there is a line that states that you give consent to go with me to Europe your first week of employment. There is a company over there that makes top of the line chastity belts, that are designed to be worn indefinitely. They allow for body functions, but do not allow for penetration of any kind. You will be expected to wear it at all times when not in your room. I will have a key and you will have a key, and that’s it. There is also a second line stating that you have a right to an attorney if there is any foul play. Everything is taped in this house, every room has camera's, so I’d encourage you to not make a false report."

She smiled and nodded, and then I pulled the final piece of restraint out for the tour. It was a nice muzzle ballgag that I found in the dungeon. It had a thick leather pad over the mouth, and straps that went around the head, over the face, and under the chin to fully silence the captive. When she saw this she gasped, and said " I don’t want to wear that". I said " You signed the contract, which gives me the right to restrain you as I please. I'm going to gag you, and that’s all there is to it. Get used to it if you wish to work for me, because I find a gagged girl extremely sexy. Now open up"

Defeated, she opened up, and I strapped the gag on nice and snug. Since she gave me a hard time, I locked it on to add to her feeling of helplessness. I bent over, picked her leash up off the floor, snapped it on her collar, and started her tour of the house.

Part 3

I couldn’t believe that I had such an incredible looking girl walking behind me on a leash, completely bound and gagged. I hoped she’d take the job more than anything. We started on the first floor, and I showed her the kitchen, dining room, and the servants quarters where she would be staying. I think I saw a smile behind the gag when she realized how nice her room and bathroom were. I think she failed to notice the various eyehooks that I took the liberty to install the day before.

Next we went upstairs, which took a little bit of time due to her hobble chain.  I showed her the master bedroom, and the guest bedrooms. Then I took her down to the pool area. I saw her eyes light up at the beauty of the pool. I hoped that this would also help influence her decision to work for me.  I explained to her that she would also be able to use the pool during her off hours, and that I was considering adding a hot tub as well. We turned back, and I led her back downstairs to the study. I unlocked and took off her gag, and asked her what she thought of my offer.

“I think I could probably deal with it. The restraints don’t bother me that much, although it will take some getting used to. And I can't really pass up having my books paid for plus having free food and a room.” 

That was it, I think I had her. I told her a bit more about her employment. “Sometimes you will be free and have days off to do with as you please. At other times, I may just keep you tied up in front of me while I do some work or watch tv, simply for my enjoyment.” “Good work will be rewarded, however misdeeds will result in punishment. It won’t be harsh, but it will be just. Mistakes are allowed, but ignorance will not be tolerated.” “Would you like to see one more part of the house that I didn’t show you?”

“What part is that?” she replied. “We went to all the rooms on both floors.”

“It seems that the owners of the house before me had similar interests in bondage. There is a hidden dungeon in the house. You will not be expected to take care of that part of the house, and you will not know the location of it. But if you do require punishment, you will be brought there for it.”

Diane took a minute to think about it. The interview started at 2, and it was now almost 4. She had spent about an hour of that time bound and gagged on the tour. After a moment or two she nodded in agreement that she wished to see it. I told her “In order to keep it a secret, you must be blindfolded until we are past the hidden entrance.” 

I pulled out from in the desk a full leather hood. It was one piece with laces up the back and a place for a lock. The only openings in the front were two small holes where the nose was to allow the captive to breathe. From the look on her face, she wasn’t too excited about wearing it. I walked behind Diane, and slowly rolled the hood down over hear head. I pulled the laces snug, but didn’t bother to lock it as she would only be wearing it for a few minutes. I asked if she was ok, and I got a muffled grunt in reply. When the hood is laced on, it holds the person’s mouth closed, effectively gagging them as well.

I snapped on her leash again, and lead her out of the study. I walked her around the ground floor for a little bit so that she would lose her bearings, then brought her back into the study. I left her to press the button under the desk to open the secret door. I led her through it on her leash. Once we were in the stairwell, I closed the door behind her, and unlaced her hood.

She gasped at the sight of the stone walls with the lights in them. “I guess these people were really into this stuff huh?”

“They had to have been, wait till we get downstairs.” I led her down the stairs, and we stopped in front of the huge door. I pulled out my key and opened it, and led her inside, closing it behind.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine all this was hidden down here. You could keep someone down here a long time.” she said.

“Yes you could.” “There are 3 cells with functional toilets and sinks, and an isolation cell at the end. Also there is a fully equipped dungeon room through here.” I grabbed her leash and led her into the dungeon. “If you look around at all these devices, you will notice that there are lots of fun ways to keep someone restrained. Also, in that cabinet over there are many different types of restraints, most of which you will get to try on at some point through your employment if you accept my offer. Now that you have seen and heard all that I have to offer, lets get you back upstairs and let you go home and think about things for the weekend.” I pulled her hood back on her, and led her back upstairs and through the hidden door into the study. We walked again around the ground floor so she wouldn’t know where the door was, and ended back again in the study. I took off her hood and ankle cuffs, and untied her hands. I let her get dressed and then sat her down to talk one last time. I left her collar on.

“Before you leave I will unlock the collar, but let you take the collar and lock home with you. If you decide to accept my offer of employment, I will expect you here Monday at 3pm, with your collar snuggly locked on. When you arrive, all of your things at your apartment will be moved to a storage area since you won’t be needing them here. If you decide to terminate your employment after the 3 month period, I will cover the first 3 months rent of a new apartment, as well as the moving cost to move your belongings. If you decide to decline, mail me back the collar and lock, and our interaction will end there. I appreciate your time and interest, and truly hope to see you on Monday.”

“Thank you Sir for your offer. I will consider it thoroughly this weekend.”

With that I escorted her to the front door, unlocked her collar and gave it to her. “Goodbye Diane, and from now on, call me Carl.” This was going to be one incredibly long weekend.

Part 4

The weekend came and went, and Monday finally arrived. I woke up early, and made myself a nice breakfast. Would Diane show up? Three oclock couldn’t come soon enough.  It was about 10, and I decided to go play in my dungeon to help pass the time.  I opened the secret door, and went downstairs and into the play room. I decided that a little self bondage fun couldn’t hurt. I stripped off my clothes, and walked over to the cabinet that contained all the restraints to choose what I should occupy myself with.

First, I thought some pleasant torture would be nice. In one of the drawers, I found an assortment of butt plugs. I chose a medium sized one that vibrated, and got some lube out with it. Next I thought my cock needed some attention. In the next drawer down, there were all sorts of cock and ball restraints. I found a cock cage, which prevented an erection. I quickly put that on, before I start to get hard thinking about it. I took a lock that was next to it, and locked it on myself. Next up was a steel ball weight, which screwed on and stretched out my scrotum. Now I had my distraction, and could move on to my restraints.

In the top part of the cabinet, there were an assortment of wrist, and ankle restraints, along with a variety of collars. First off I chose a nice locking 4 inch posture collar. I thought it would be a little more fun if I couldn’t see the locks I was trying to release. I decided that I would put myself in a snug hogtie with locking restraints. I would leave the keys at the other end of the room, and have to slowly inch my way across the floor to the other side in order to be released. To further complicate things, I decided on a hood to make finding those keys a bit tougher.  

I left the keys in a pile at one end of the playroom, so that I would have to sort through them to figure out which released which restraints. Then I walked over to the other end and got ready. First off was the butt plug. After a generous amount of lubrication, I slid it home, and flipped the switch. The vibrations coming off of it were incredible.  I could feel my cock starting to swell, but was being stopped by the end of the cock cage. I had to hurry up and get the rest of my restraints on before I unlocked the cage and got myself off. Next were the wrist and ankle restraints. All of which were lockable, and all had different keys. Following that was the hood. I wanted to have to lock the hood on first, then the posture collar over it. That way I was forced to be blind until I could get the collar off, which I needed my hands for. If they were chained behind my back, that would mean those too would have to be released in order to get the collar off, adding to the length of time I was bound. The hood had a built in penis gag, which was kind of fun. It gave me something to play with while I was tied.  The hood worked wonderfully, and I couldn’t see or speak at all. I locked it on, and then put on the posture collar over top of the hoods lock, and locked the collar on. Finally, I locked on the four wrist and ankle restraints. All I had to do now is lay on my stomach, and lock on the connecting chain between my wrists and ankles. I laid down, made sure I somewhat had my bearings, and clicked the last lock shut.

I sat there for a minute or two to struggle against my bonds. I definitely was not going to get free unless I found those keys. I started to squirm across the floor towards where I thought they were. The floor is hard concrete, which made my cock and balls even more uncomfortable. Also, the buzzing in my ass was really turning me on.  After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made my way to the other end of the room. I felt around till I found the wall, and then followed it until I eventually found the pile of keys I had left for myself. After much frustration and aggravation, I finally found one of the keys to unlock one of my wrist restraints. Next I found the key to the other, and my hands were free. By luck, the next key was the one to the posture collar. All I had left were the keys to my cock, hood, and ankles. The next 2 keys unlocked my ankles, and then I found the one for the hood. I rolled up the hood, and the fake penis made a loud pop when it left my mouth. Now with my sight back I unlocked the cock restraint. My member immediately swelled, and I decided that I deserved a good jerk before I went upstairs. I cleaned up my mess and my restraints, and went upstairs. I walked past the clock in the study and it read 12 oclock. I couldn’t believe that I had just spent 2 hours in bondage. I prepared myself lunch, and sat down in front of the tv to hopefully await Diane’s arrival.

Part 5

The tv just wasn’t able to keep me distracted. I had another 2 hours to wait, and needed something productive to do. It occurred to me that I had all those camera’s in the dungeon, but had no clue where they were being monitored from. I started to walk around the house trying to find the monitor area. The first guess was the study, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a hidden tv or anything to that nature. My next guess was the master bedroom. I walked upstairs, and went into the bedroom. I had slept in it a few nights, but never noticed any tv’s or monitoring equipment. I walked into the walk into the bathroom, and found nothing there. I walked into the walk in closet, and came up short again. I walked out, and noticed that the closet seemed shorter than the room, and that there was some dead space. I walked back in the closet. I started to poke around, and sure enough, I pressed on one wall, and it swung open to reveal a hidden monitor room, with surveillance for the entire house, along with multiple vcr’s to record it. I was happy at this find, and noticed it was almost 3 oclock by the time I found it. 

To my delight, the bell at my gate rang at 5 minutes to 3. I got up from in front of the tv, and buzzed in my visitor. I didn’t ask who it was, because I already knew. She parked out front, and I opened the door to greet her. She walked up the stairs with a small bag in hand.

“Hello si…Carl. I want to accept your offer for employment.” 

She was looking great once again, wearing a shear white blouse, with a white bra on underneath. Tight black pants, and shoes with 3 inch heels. She was wearing her collar, and I could tell she was proud of herself for it. 

“I see you have on your collar, and I’m delighted to have you aboard. The house gets kinda lonely, and I’m looking forward to having someone to share it with. Did you lock the collar on Diane?”

“No I didn’t. I brought the lock, and I want you to lock it on if you still are willing to have me as your maid.” This was such an act of submission on her part, whether she knew it or not. I was dumbfounded. 

“I’d be honored.” I said. She handed me the lock, turned around, and lifted her hair to give me access to the hasp. I snapped the lock shut, and she turned around, gave me a hug, and said “Thank you for giving me the chance to be your maid. I appreciate the room and food, and will not let you down.”

We went inside, and went into the study. “Now for your formal contract. I wish for you to read it fully, but I will explain it to you as well. You will be employed for 3 months as a trial time. During this time, you will be expected to do chores I delegate to you. All needs will be provided for, such as food, room, and any personal items you need. Also you will be expected to serve at my parties. Typically you will be cleaning, cooking, and doing the wash. I reserve the right to dress you as I please while you are on my property. Also, I reserve the right to restrain you as I please while you are on my property. You will be expected to wear a chastity belt at all times while not in your personal quarters, but are encouraged to wear it all the time both here and outside of here.  In no way will sexual conduct between you, myself, or my guests be expected. However, if you so consent through a written document, I have no problem engaging in so between you and I.  Upon completion of 3 months, you will be given the option to leave, or stay on for another year. All your books for the time you are my maid will be paid for, with the possibility of tuition payments if your work is satisfactory.  On the contrary, improper behavior will be subject to discipline. If you agree to these terms, please sign at the x.”

She read it over again, and signed her name at the bottom. I gave her a copy for herself, as well as put mine in a safe. I showed her to her room, and told her to put on the outfit in the closet and be downstairs in the study in half an hour. I left the room closing the doors behind me. 

I couldn’t believe I had such a beautiful college girl as my maid, that I could tie up as I pleased. This was definitely going to be a great time.

(meanwhile upstairs)

”I cant believe this, a cute guy that is providing all I need. I get free room, food, and any clothing I will need. On top of it my books are paid for, and if I bust my ass I can get my college paid for too. I can handle wearing kinky clothes and being tied up for this. It’s such a small price to pay. I wonder what he left me to wear”

Inside the closet, there is an extremely small French maid outfit made entirely of shiny black latex. Along with it is a pair of black latex panties, and shoes with ankle straps, and 4 inch heels. I go to put on the panties, and notice two pieces of black rubber sticking out. Oh my god, he has to be joking. I realize that they are supposed to go in my ass and pussy. I look in the closet and there is a small tube of lubricant sitting there, I assume to help me get the phallus in my ass. I don’t want to upset him, so I lube up the big rubber dong, and get it started in my ass. Next I ease the one in my pussy, and pull the panties up snug. I squeeze into the black maids uniform next. Not too bad of a fit. Low cut, accentuating my perky 34C breasts snuggly.  I sat down so I could put on the shoes next. When I sat down, I felt my intruders being pushed further into me. This was going to be interesting. I strapped on the shoes, and noticed the tops had small holes in the straps. I looked in the closet again, and noticed the 2 locks sitting on the floor. I put 2 and 2 together, and locked the shoes on. I started to walk downstairs. As I moved, I felt the intruders re-adjusting in me. I was already starting to get wet, which I think is what Carl was looking for.  I walked downstairs to the study, and was there on time. He was all smiles when I walked in the room. It felt good to be able to turn on a moderately rich man that was as handsome as he was.

(back to carl)

“Hello Diane, I’m glad to see you found your clothes and was able to put them on ok. Would you lift the skirt please and show me that it’s all on?” She lifted up the skirt and showed me her black panties, which I knew nestled 2 decent sized dildos’ in her nether openings.  “Good. Now that you are dressed, I have a few things to share that you need to know. The first is that I like to eat lunch at 12 and 5, and I don’t like to dine alone, so when you prepare meals for me, prepare them for yourself as well. Also, your study hours will be from 6-9pm. That is 3 hrs a day, and will not interfere with your other duties around the house. I expect a schedule of when your classes are, as well as your full measurements handed to me by tonight. I tend to like to shop, and if I see something I like for you, I don’t want to have to guess on size. Do you understand?” 

“Yes Carl, they will be to you promptly”

“Good, now tomorrow, and Wednesday, what is your schedule like?”

“Well Tuesday night I have free, and classes up until 11, and Wednesday I have free except for a night class from 8-9.”

“Excellent. Tomorrow then after your classes then we will fly to Europe for the night to get your chastity belt fitted. You are expected to be ready to leave immediately upon your return from classes.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll be ready”

“Good girl. It’s 4 o’clock now, go prepare dinner. You will find the kitchen is pretty well stocked. After dinner if you’re up for it,  I think we’ll have a little bondage fun, and get to know each other a little better in the process.”

“That sounds great Carl, dinner will be ready promptly at 5”

“Excellent. I think however you need to get used to working around here tied up, so I have a few restraints that you will wear while you are working.  Most of the time in this house, you will be tied up. I find you extremely attractive, and seeing you in bondage is quite a turn on for me. Please come here and put your arms out in front of you.”

I proceeded to lock on her wrists 2 leather cuffs, and attached a 2 foot chain between them. I also hobbled her ankles with a 2 foot chain, and locking leather cuffs. Finally, I presented a gag for her to wear. It was a penis gag. It consisted of a small penis attached to a leather pad that covered the lips. A strap went around the head, and locked behind. She obediently opened her mouth, and I gently pulled the penis in her mouth, and locked the straps snugly behind her head. Then I sent her to the kitchen to do her work. She looked so sexy in that tight latex outfit all chained up and gagged. I couldn’t wait for the after dinner festivities to begin.

to be continued...