Rules are Rules

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; leather; catsuit; bond; neprene; rubber; sbr; rainwear; outdoors; cons; X

A rainwear fetish story

My rules are our rules, I make them and she is supposed to abide by them but had just defiantly broken one when she thought I was out of town.  It was quite a simple rule compared to my others and very clear.  If a coat, whether a raincoat or any other type, was designed with buttons, a belt and a hood then when it was being worn it had to be buttoned and belted with the hood up and secured.

I had arrived home from a conference one day early and was watching from the upstairs front window when she came up the driveway.  Obviously it had been raining when she left that morning and there was still a fine drizzle in the air but the lovely clear plastic raincoat was just draped over her shoulders.  Sure the hood was up to protect her hair but the coat was flapping in the slight breeze as she walked.  The belt just hung down on either side of her body and not even one of the several buttons was fastened.

I had been about to make a call on my cell phone however; instead, I took a couple of pictures.  Containing my anger I waited a few minutes after the front door closed before going downstairs with a smile on my face.  Vanessa turned from hanging the raincoat in the hall closet and, for just a moment, a look of fear quickly followed by one of relief crossed her face.

As we kissed I gripped her wrists and easily held them in the small of her back as I pulled her to me.

“I’ve missed you and I feel like playing tonight so let’s get a light supper and then I want you to shower and meet me in the play room – naked.”

I smiled and kissed her again then turned towards the kitchen.  She had no idea what she was in for.  I hate being disobeyed.

After we had eaten Vanessa went to take a shower and I headed for my wardrobe.  What I had planned called for me to dress in full dominatrix mode.  I worked my hair high up on my head and let it fall down my back in a long ponytail.  The black leather cat suit fitted snugly to every curve of my body and the knee high stilettos with 5” heels added to the powerful presence I was aiming for.

My makeup was heavier than usual with lots of colour around my eyes and a slash of gleaming glossy scarlet lipstick across my mouth.  Pulling on a pair of tight black kid leather gloves I picked up my favourite crop and headed downstairs to the playroom.  My cell phone was clipped to the wide leather belt around my waist.

 Vanessa was standing naked in front of one of the long mirrors in the room brushing her blonde hair.  She heard me enter, turned saw how I was dressed, and dropped to her knees with her head bowed.

I walked towards her and pulled the cell phone off my belt.  “Do you know why I am dressed as your Mistress?”   I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and pulled her head back so she was looking up at me.  “Look at me Kitten.  I watched you this afternoon deliberately breaking one of my rules.”  Holding the cell phone in front of her face I keyed the pictures.

There was a loud thwack as my kid-gloved hand struck her cheek.  It would sting but not bruise as I had cupped my hand as I struck her.

“I have some questions for you Vanessa.  Why do you wear a raincoat? “

“To keep dry in the rain.”

“And how dry can you be if the coat does not cover you properly?”

“It was only for a few minutes, I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.”

“Why should I forgive you for breaking one of my rules because you thought I wasn’t here to see?  You broke my trust and showed me a complete lack of respect.  Now you will learn how I deal with my anger.  Raincoats are to protect you and your clothes.  They make you waterproof and protect you.  This evening I intend to make you so waterproof you will not even notice that you are out in the garden in the thunderstorms that are forecast.”

“I don’t want to hear another word from you so hold the symbol of my anger.”

I jammed the shaft of the riding crop between her teeth and strode over to the huge closet holding our collection of fetish wear.  Knowing exactly what I was looking for I pulled down a one-piece neoprene wet suit with attached feet and gloves.  These suits are supposed to be snug on the body; I knew this one would be tight on Vanessa.

“Put it on.”

She sat down on the leather hassock and started to work her feet into the suit.  It took time and I sat watching while she finally got it on up to her knees.

“Stop, turn around and kneel with your back to me your legs spread and your hands behind your neck.”

With the rest of the wet suit falling to the floor she did as ordered and I picked up the other piece I had taken from the closet and moved behind her.

The locking chastity belt went around her waist and I pulled it tight.  Attached to it were a large rubber dildo and a butt plug, she knew better than to resist as I worked them inside her before locking the crotch strap back up between her ass cheeks to the waist belt.  There were a few groans and grunts during the process but, knowing me, she did not dare try to stop me.

“Now finish getting that suit on.”

It took her a while and just as she finally got it up to her waist I stopped her again.  The nipple clips snapped in place and I helped to pull up the rest of the suit to make sure they stayed in place.  Spinning her around I slid the heavy-duty zipper up to just above her shoulder blades then handed her the matching helmet.  Once she pulled that on over her head, leaving just the oval of her face showing, I pulled the zip up the rest of the way to seal her inside.

The wet suit clung to every to every curve and crevice of her body, as I knew it would.  For just a moment, a very brief moment, I thought of what I would really like to do with that beautifully shaped form instead of covering it up.  The thought passed and I continued with my planned punishment; it had to be done to teach her an unforgettable lesson.

Selecting a pair of knee length black rubber ballet boots I motioned for her to sit on the hassock and handed her the one for her right leg.  That took a lot of effort, and talc, to get on over the wet suit but once she forced her foot inside it was ready to lace closed.  The boot forced her foot en-point and had a sealed tongue up its length.  I handed her a long piece of black lacing and she started to feed it through the eyelets pulling the edges of the boot closed over the tongue.

“Get those laces tight Vanessa, I want the edges to touch.”

The tongue meant the boot was completely waterproof and she could have stood in a bucket of water without a drop getting inside.  The left boot took just as long but I sat back and watched her work with my riding crop still clenched between her teeth.

When she was nearly finished lacing that boot closed I returned to the closet for the heavy yellow PVC hooded jacket and overall rain suit.

I threw Vanessa a damp piece of cloth to clean the talc off the outside of her boots and the legs of the wet suit then handed her the bib pants.

After she eased her booted feet through the legs she stood up to pull the overall up to just under her breasts and held it there.  Standing in front of her I reached over and pulled the shoulder straps forwards one at a time, fed them through the front buckles, and pulled them taut.

I knelt down as she struggled to keep her balance on the toes and needle thin heels of the boots and fastened the straps at the bottom of each suit leg around her ankles.

Taking the crop from between her teeth I picked up the jacket and held it so she could push her hands inside the arms then I pulled it over her head and down to her waist.

Hanging from the front hem of the jacket were two straps in a V shape that joined just above Vanessa’s crotch and I reached between her legs, grabbed the strap and jerked it up then fastened it to the heavy buckle on the back hem.   Down each side of the jacket under the arms were drawstrings that I pulled tight and knotted.

Taking two rubber straps I fastened them around her legs just above each knee then connected the D rings on them with a padlock.  Now I allowed her to sit on the hassock again so I could work on her hands and arms.

Bondage tape was a fairly new item but was much more friendly to both skin and fabric than duct tape.  I had Vanessa hold her right arm out then started to tape it over the jacket’s sleeve just above the wrist and then down towards the hand.  I positioned her thumb across the palm of her hand and taped it in place then folded her fingers down into a half fist.  Several more turns of the tape held them securely.

The heavy rubber bondage mitt laced over the taped hand and nearly up to the elbow.  Her left arm received the same treatment.   At the end of each mitt was a large D ring embedded in the reinforced rubber.

I steadied Vanessa as she took tiny steps over to a wooden armchair and sat down again.  Simple Velcro straps held her wrists to the arms of the chair and I again visited my closet of supplies.

“Open” I ordered as I held her chin in my left hand.  A tear trickled down her cheek.  “Now!”

Her lips slowly parted as she realised she had no choice and I pushed the shaped rubber gag passed them.  Forcing her mouth even wider with the pressure her teeth finally settled in the grooves that curved around the top and bottom of the mouth plug.

Several turns of the bondage tape around her head sealed the gag in her mouth.  I pulled the tight hood of the jacket over her head, already helmeted with the wet suit, and held it in place with the few laces positioned under her chin.

That was two layers!

I studied the lovely selection hanging in the closet but then thought of a way to drive the lesson home with a vengeance.  Leaving the playroom I went out to the front hall and collected the lovely raincoat that had started this scene.

Releasing the straps holding her arms to the chair I motioned for the gagged girl to stand then moved behind her and slid the clear plastic raincoat up her arms.  The cuffs at her wrists were elasticized and fit tightly over the bondage mitts. It was a beautiful garment when worn properly and I loved the feel of the glistening fabric so I had removed my kid gloves.   I carefully buttoned it down the front and then took the belt twice around her waist before tying it in a neat bow at the front.

The hood took a little bit of work as I gently eased it over her head but then I could close the final two buttons up to her neck.

That’s three layers.

Once again I studied our collection and, finally, knowing exactly what I was going to use last, I took down a mauve coloured rubberized nylon raincoat that had a hood and buckled belt.

Ten minutes later Vanessa was wearing that one and, with everything so tight, it was hard to tell how much she was wearing.

That’s four layers.

She was having trouble standing for so long in the ballet boots so I again let her sit but she wasn’t going to thank me because the next item of her punishment was a gasmask that I fitted over all the hoods and then her face pulling the several straps tightly around her head to hold it firmly in place.  The mask was a fairly flat design with the intake/exhaust positioned over her gagged mouth and two clear lenses allowing her to look out.

Now it was time for my favourite garment.  A beautiful ankle length SBR trench coat.

The Cossack style black coat had a double row of buttons down to the waist and then every six inches almost to the ankle.  I took my time to fasten every one of them.  Reaching for the wide belt I slipped the end through the buckle and pulled it just as tight as I could get it.  The left over length slipped neatly in the belt loops almost to the middle of her back.

I pulled the collar up and under her chin then worked the hood up and secured it in place by tightening the neck strap.  One last step was to pull the storm flap down and button it over her left breast.  She looked gorgeous.

That was five layers.

Taking a long piece of ¼” cord I knotted one end through the D ring on her right bondage mitt and pulled her arm behind her back.  Running the cord around her waist I forced her left arm behind her and ran the rope through its D ring.  Several sharp tugs and her arms were folded behind her back.  Using the rest of the cord I took several turns around her forearms before knotting the cord.

From the back of the storage closet I pulled the presentation platform; three-foot square and about four inches off the floor it had a wheel at each corner and two waist high posts bolted to it.

Vanessa was unable to get up on the platform without my help but once positioned on it between the posts I clipped short chains from each post to the reinforced belt loops of the SBR raincoat.  Lifting the hem of the coat I strapped her ankles together then ran two more chains from her ankles down to the bottom of the posts.

So now for the final scene, my disobedient submissive was bound, plugged, gagged and encased in five layers of beautiful fetish rainwear but I wasn’t finished with her.

I pulled my gloves back on then wheeled the helpless form over close to the patio doors and opened the curtains so we could both see out.  I doubt she could hear me with the number of hoods covering her head and ears, not to mention over the sound of her own breathing through the respirator, but I spoke out loud just in case.

“Well now Vanessa it seems to be raining.  Not very heavily yet but the forecast says it will get worse.  You seem to be well protected but it bothers me to see those posts and the cord binding your arms so I think we will just have to add another layer to complete the picture to my liking.”

I headed back into the storage closet and returned to drape the beautiful black SBR cape over her shoulders then move around in front of her to close it.  The lower hem left only the tips of her boots showing and, a few inches above that hem, a heavy-duty zipper started and continued all the way up.

A narrow strip of the SBR covered the zipper and, every six inches, was a short strap and a gold buckle.  I fastened all of them except the top one.  The hood of the cape came up and over all the others and extended a little way past them.  I settled it in place and then closed the last buckle and another one under her chin.

Stepping back I studied my creation – a vision draped in shiny black rubber.  The posts and the bondage holding her arms were completely hidden.

One last trip to the closet and I pulled a pair of stretchy latex booties over my leather stilettos then selected a bright red PCV raincoat to cover my outfit.  Following my own rules I snapped closed every fastener and tied the belt snugly around my waist.  Releasing the high ponytail I pulled up the hood, tucked in my hair, and tied the fastening laces under my chin.  A pair of ordinary household rubber gloves covered my kid leather ones.

Opening the sliding door I pushed Vanessa out on to the patio.  About ten feet from the house was what looked like a slightly raised wooded deck covered with flowers in pots.  All the pots camouflaged a three-sided opening that matched the size of the wheeled platform.

Turning Vanessa around so she faced the house I pushed the platform back until it’s edges slid under the deck and thereby removed any chance of it tipping.  The rain was getting heavier and I loved the sound of it hitting the SBR covering my submissive girl and, of course my own hood and raincoat.

I took my cell phone from my pocket and leaned close to hold it in front of the lenses of the gasmask.  Shaking a finger in the ‘no’ signal I then pointed up towards the sky then brought my fingers to my mouth, blew her a kiss, and waved goodbye.  Then I headed back inside.

Within a few minutes I was comfortably seating in my armchair with my booted feet up on the hassock.  With a very slight turn of my head I could see either Vanessa standing with the rain hitting her and pouring down the black cape or the television that I had tuned to the weather channel.  The forecast was for heavy rain most of the night.

I took a sip of chilled white wine and thought that was just perfect because, I mean, rules are rules!