Ruby's Demise: Happy Birthday

by Phantompower

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© Copyright 2016 - Phantompower - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; car; trunk; captive; bond; cuffs; irons; bfold; factory; vat; machine; conveyor; coatings; batter; oven; tease; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

The headlights shined on the darkened walls of the complex as a black BMW sedan drove up. It quickly drove around to the back loading bay. A woman stepped out of the car. She was in her late thirties. Her face a combination of strength and beauty. She was wearing a long black coat and leather gloves, the same shade as her curly hair. She quickly looked around. This industrial part of town usually emptied out after 5 o'clock but just to be safe she chose the dead of night to arrive. Seeing that she was alone she walked around to the back of the car and opened the trunk. She stared down at her cargo. A fit, red-headed girl in her early twenties, nude, blindfolded, her legs in irons and her hands cuffed behind her back. Her head darted around as she strained to hear her surroundings. This was Ruby

"We're here," snapped The Mistress as she grabbed Ruby underneath her shoulders and pulled her out of the trunk.

She stood Ruby up and reached back in the trunk to pull out a large, black bag. She then put her hands on Ruby's shoulders and spun her to her left.

Ruby spoke in a trembling tone, "What are you going to do to me?"

The Mistress didn't answer her question. With her hands still on Ruby's shoulders she began to push her forward.


They had walked about thirty feet when The Mistress stopped and told Ruby not to move. Ruby listened to the sound of gravel under the Mistress' feet as she walked ahead and then creak of a garage door opening. The Mistress walked back behind Ruby and guided her inside. As she felt the cold concrete of the floor on her bare feet the garage door closed behind them.

"Please don't do this," she pleaded.

Once more the reply was silence and an authoritative shove forward. As they walked, The Mistress pulled Ruby left and right to avoid running into unseen objects. As they walked through the last door, the sound of The Mistress' heels echoed off the concrete. The room sounded quite large to Ruby.

"I'll do whatever you want," she said desperately.

The Mistress pulled Ruby back and whispered into her ear.

"I know you will. We've already done the railroad tracks, the buzzsaw, and the guillotine. What I want is what you want. I'm going to give you a most erotic death, slut"

A smile broke on Ruby's face as she pulled tightly on her handcuffs. That is what she wanted. Ruby had an extreme kink. She could only cum when she was placed in inescapable deathtraps, The combination of the ultimate helplessness with the ultimate act of trust gave her an unequaled thrill. The Mistress removed Ruby's blindfold. The room was dark except for a single light that shined down on the metal vat in front of them. It was about six feet long and a foot deep. As The Mistress removed her restraints, Ruby studied the vat. There were four metal shackles bolted to the sides of the vat about where her wrists and ankles would be if she laid down. The vat was sloped on the other end and on the slope rested an open metal collar, attached to the sides by two chains. The Vat was resting on something but Rudy couldn't determine what it was in the dark. What was The Mistress planning? The Mistress put a wooden crate down in front of the vat.

"Get in and lay down. Your head on the sloped side," she commanded.

Rudy did as commanded. The anticipation was building. What was she going to do to her? As the Mistress started to padlock the shackles on her wrists, Ruby admired her. Ruby had been an intern at the engineering company the Mistress worked for. One night she caught Ruby looking at bondage porn when she thought everyone had left. Ruby was terrified she would be let go. The Mistress calmed her down and explained they shared the same interests and maybe they shouldn't let this moment go to waste. From there they began to explore each other's increasingly extreme desires. Still something was missing for Ruby. Everything felt empty. She couldn't climax.

She finally found it when the Mistress said she wanted to hang Ruby. Sitting there bound and gagged on the gallow, waiting for the drop as the vibrator buzzed away, she felt an intense arousal she never had before. As the Mistress pulled the stool away, an orgasm ripped through Ruby as she thrashed about in the air. Afterwards, Ruby explained the need for extreme danger and the Mistress was thrilled. She always had dark fantasies at the back of her mind and she had found her canvas in Ruby.

After the Mistress shackled Ruby's ankles into place, she locked the collar around her neck. Then she reached down into her black bag and pulled out an Eroscillator and some black straps.

"Just to show I'm not completely cruel," she said as she stared down into Ruby's face. She strapped the vibrator to Ruby's right thigh and made sure it was resting on her clit. She stood up and stared down at the helpless Ruby.

"Of course if you start cumming to early then this will become torment. Ok, maybe I am completely cruel."

She turned on the Eroscillator and then stuck her hand out and admired it .

"You know why I wear gloves when we do this?", she asked Ruby. "It's because I don't want to leave fingerprints when they find your body."

Ruby shivered in anticipation. As the Mistress walked away Ruby tested her restraints. They were steel cuffs padlocked to metal bolts. There was no way she would be able to escape what's coming. She got a little wet at the thought. When the room was suddenly flooded with light Ruby eyes closed from the strain. When she opened them again she was staring up at girders and lights hanging from the roof. They were in a huge room. She tried to lift her head up to look but the collar held tight. She couldn't see over the lip of the vat. She heard the clank of Mistress' heels on metal steps and looked to the left. She was walking up the stairs to a room with large windows that looked over the whole room. She threw the black bag into the room and then turned back and leaned on the rail staring down at Ruby.

"Do you know what today is?", she asked Ruby.

"It's your birthday, Mistress."

"And what does a person usually get on their birthday?"

Ruby thought for a minute, "A cake?"

Mistress began to unbutton her coat and spoke

"This place used to belong to the Tastee Foods Corporation before it closed. It's an industrial bakery."

Her coat fell to the floor. The Mistress was naked except for an apron that said "World's Greatest Cook".

"And you're my cake."

She walked into the control room and set down at the controls. She could oversee the whole process from here. She rested her right hand on a large button and with her left hand activated the intercom. Her voice came out over a loudspeaker.

"And we... go!"

A loud buzzer went off and there was a rumble as machinery began to activate. Ruby tried to look but couldn't see. She laid her head back when the vat suddenly shook. She noticed that the girders and lights were slowly moving then she realized she was the one moving. The vat was on a conveyor belt.

"This machinery will eventually feed you into a large oven. But first the recipe will need a few ingredients." the Mistress said over the loudspeaker.

Ruby's eyes closed in ecstasy. She pulled on her restraints and reveled in her helplessness. This was her ultimate fantasy come true. Nude and bound in an unfeeling machine that was slowly, dramatically, carrying her to her doom. Mistress knew her well. Ruby's hips started bucking, the rattle of her cuffs grew more intense. Up above, Mistress watched as Ruby's body shuddered with pleasure. She spoke into the intercom.

"That was quick, slut. You better pace yourself if you want to be able to enjoy your end"

As Ruby regained her senses she realized the vat was moving underneath two thin pipes hanging parallel overhead. There were small holes all along the length of the pipe. The conveyor belt stopped.

"Better close your eyes." came her voice from the loudspeaker.

Just as Ruby closed them, a liquid began to spray from the pipes, coating her from head to toe. The spray stopped and the buzzer again rang out. The conveyor belt began to move again.

"I thought I would butter you up first." the Mistress quipped over the speaker.

She admired Ruby's glistening body pulling on her restraints as the conveyor belt moved down the line. This was even hotter then she hoped. She began to caress herself as Ruby continued to her fate. Ruby strained to look forward. Ahead, she could see two pipes coming down from the ceiling on both sides of the conveyor belt. As the pipes approached the edge of the vat she could see they ended with angled ramps that would feed into the vat. She laid back and braced herself for the unknown. The conveyor belt kept moving as a thick hot liquid began to pour on her feet and legs and would soon cover her completely. It wasn't scalding but it was incredibly hot. She struggled as it enveloped her. The flow stopped just before it hit her face. Ruby opened her eyes in surprise

"I want to see your face the whole way through, That was melted chocolate. I hope it wasn't hot enough to burn. Or, maybe I don't care and you got lucky. You'll never know."

As the vat rolled down the conveyor belt, the warmth and stickiness of the chocolate combined with the cold steel of her restraints brought her close to the edge. As she strained again to look forward she could see the conveyor belt went under a large steel tank resting on girder supports. As she watched the bottom of the tank pass overhead she could see it was emptied by a pipe into a large nozzle. There was another buzz as the conveyor belt stopped. The nozzle was hanging over her stomach. Her gaze went from the nozzle back up the pipe to the tank. What was inside?

She then heard a creak as a valve opened and the pipe shuddered as something began to flow down towards the nozzle. She was reminded of the ending of an old Vincent Price movie, "House of Wax", that Mistress had shown her. In it, the actress was manacled nude in a vat under a tank much like this one as molten wax slowly poured towards her. Mistress liked the idea but couldn't figure out a way to do it. Ruby imagined herself as that actress. This was molten wax coming down the pipe to cover her nude, struggling body. She pulled on her restraints, her body buckling. A powerful orgasm ripped through her body and she slumped in a mix of exhaustion and exaltation. She was shocked out of her stupor by the cold feeling of the tank's contents pouring out of the nozzle into the vat.

"You can't make a cake without batter," quipped the Mistress "We'll see if my calculations are right. How long can you hold your breath if I'm wrong?"

The vat filled quickly. She could feel the coldness on her body as the level rose. First, her restraints were covered. It then slowly covered her crotch (the eroscillator still buzzing away thankfully) and flowed over her stomach. As she strained to look she could feel it between her breasts and covering her neck. As it started to cover her ears she began to worry. The collar was holding her in place. Would she drown in this stuff?

As the batter reached her chin, the flow from the nozzle stopped. Her entire body was covered except for her face. This was the reason for the slope on one side of the vat. The conveyer began to move again. "There can't be much left to do," she thought as she yanked on her cuffs and enjoyed the pull of the bolts keeping her in place. As she felt the batter all around her a thought entered her mind. She was no longer human, she is just an ingredient in a cake. She was not Ruby, she was just a filling. She was beginning to edge again when the conveyor stopped. She opened her eyes and attempted to look ahead. Above the conveyor belt she could see a large metallic door with a glass window held open by hydraulic lifts. The oven! This was it!

The Mistress was leaning on the railing outside the control room. She was looking down on the nude, helpless Ruby. Shackled by steel to the vessel of her death. Covered in a sugary, sweet mixture that would soon be boiling her skin. She looked happy. A grin on her face, her eyes closed as she reveled in her helplessness. The Mistress spoke and startled Ruby.

"Just like the other times. You get one chance. Heads or Tails?"


The Mistress flipped the coin in the air, caught it and slapped it on arm. As she looked, she began to smile.

"I should have brought some candles" she said and returned to the control room. She set down at the last row of controls, adjusted a temperature dial and hit the button for the conveyor belt control. Once more the buzzer rang and the machinery started up again. Mistress watched as Ruby approached the oven door. She could see the batter shuddering in the vat. Ruby was desperately pulling on her restraints harder than ever before. As she passed under the oven door, she turned her head towards Mistress and they locked eyes. A look of contentment on Ruby's face, wide-eyed, sexual frenzy on the Mistress'.

Ruby passed from view and the over door dropped shut with a cold, metallic bang. The Mistress turned and faced a security monitor. On the screen was a camera pointed at the window of the oven door. She could see Ruby's head thrashing against the collar that held her down. The Mistress turned and hit a button next to the temperature dial. Then she grabbed a vibrator out of her black bag and spun the chair back to the security monitor, spread her legs on the desk and began to enjoy herself.

In the oven, Ruby looked up at the black coils above her. It was electric. "She is going to raise the temperature slowly and enjoy my torment." she thought. The coils began to glow. She closed her eyes and began to struggle. This was it. This was the moment. The grip of the steel excited her. The desperate rattling sounds muffled by the batter that encased her. She could hear the metallic pop of the oven as it began to heat up. She imagined what she must look like. Her face illuminated by the glow of the coils. Her struggles muted by the mixture that covered her.

And the Mistress watching her, climaxing as Ruby slowly bakes alive. Her death would bring sexual gratification to her mistress. She was making the greatest sacrifice possible. She had reached her goal, she had become the ultimate submissive. She exploded with her most powerful orgasm yet. The vat shook as it held her in place. She climaxed several more times, the steel holding her tight.

As she felt the heat on her face increase and the batter beginning to congeal she imagined the headlines when her body is found. The news would be filled with the horrible details of her suffering. The disclosure of the vibrator would be scandalous. Maybe the crime scene photos would leak on the internet. Damn, we should of videotaped this. Perverts would be getting off on all the lurid details. She would continue to bring pleasure. She slowly closed her eyes.


Ruby is startled as the oven door opens. She feels the cool air on her face as the vat is pulled out of the oven. She looks up and sees the face of Mistress.

"Well, that was fun. You won't be so lucky next time," she says as she shows Ruby the coin.

It's tails.

Ruby smiles up at Mistress.

"Next time, can we bring a camera?"


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