Rubber Ducky

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2015 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; collar; naked; gag; bfold; rope; hogtie; nipple; toys; insert; chast; tease; denial; cons; X

Bill walked gruffly into the bedroom, still dressed in his suit and tie from work. He held a chain in a clenched fist which led somewhere beyond the threshold. The chain suddenly snagged and he heard a strained rustling from out of sight. Giving the chain a stern yank, he overcame its resistance and Alice came stumbling into the room, the chain attaching to a leather collar buckled around her neck. She might have removed it, but similarly daunting leather cuffs kept her hands bound securely behind her back.

“Please, I’ll be good, I promise!” she wailed at her husband, who gave no reply. She gave another defiant tug at her leash before Bill placed a firm hand between her shoulder blades and marched her fully into the sunbathed room. It was late afternoon.

“Bill…” Alice begged as she was led to the edge of the bed and given a rough push so that she toppled forward onto the soft mattress. Unable to use her hands, her face became buried in the coverings. She felt her cotton panties, the last vestige of clothing she wore besides her bindings, being slipped down her hips with uncharacteristic tenderness. By the time she could lift her head, Bill had crossed the room and hastily rummaged through a dresser drawer. Alice knew that drawer.

“No, Bill, please…” she began, but Bill seemed to be finished and moved sternly toward her again. Alice, startled, shifted her wait and tried to raise herself off the bed, but with her bonds she was far too slow for her captor. Bill pressed her forcefully back into the mattress, then grasped a handful of her hair. Alice grunted in surprise as her head was lifted back, though when she attempted to cry out she felt a wad of cloth being stuffed into her mouth. Tasting her own panties, Alice gave a second grunt and felt herself being lifted off the mattress and back onto her feet. Bill was all over her, reaching around her waist and holding her back close against his body. She could sense the arousal beneath his pants.

“There, much better,” Bill spoke ominously into her ear. One hand circled her waist and held her close while the other explored her naked body. A finger brushed strawberry hair off her cheek before gliding its way down toward her exposed, heaving breasts. Alice had no way to cover herself. She felt her breath quicken. She wanted to fight him off but paused inexplicably. A prolonged moan escaped her flush lips, born of mixed feelings.

“No,” Bill finally whispered. “You’re not getting off light this time, babydoll.”

As he spoke, Alice noticed them. Rope, restraints, and much more strewn across the bed. Apprehension quickly flooded her hazel eyes and Alice moaned heavily in protest, but Bill seemed resolved to keep his word. Pressed forward again slightly, Alice tried to turn and look, but cascading hair blocked her. Then she felt something snaking its way around her arm, just above the elbow. It was another cuff, wider than those around her slender wrists. The sound of it buckling, and then its partner on her other arm, reinforce Alice’s sense of foreboding at his hands. She wanted to try and spit out the panties in her mouth but feared what he might do. She watched him, intimidated, as he reached past her for a length of rope. Her arm twitched as she felt him feed the rope through a D ring on her elbow cuff, and suddenly it was all too much. Half-frightened, half-determined, Alice suddenly wrenched and turned fiercely, trying to shake her bonds and captor. She moaned in defeat as he caught her by the shoulders and shifted her back into where she was. He was so strong. She could feel the muscles in his arm flexing as he manhandled her body.

Suddenly the rope, now fed through the rings on both her elbows, yanked taut and began drawing her elbows irresistibly together behind her. Alice groaned and struggled in heated displeasure but then a hand pressed against her back roughly and she lowered reluctantly onto the bed once more. Alice rolled gruffly as best she could but Bill quickly gained leverage over her, placing a knee on the mattress. He heard her whimper softly into the bedspread as he pulled her elbows nearly together behind her back, separated simply by the sturdy knot he tied into the rope between them. Her breasts, thrust out by the position of her elbows, compressed against the bed. A long length of rope remained coiled aimlessly next to her arms.

“You’re not making this easy, Alice,” Bill spoke confidently, apparently finding his prisoner quite subdued. He removed the leash attached to her collar. “I’ll have to do something special with you…”

At this Alice cried out and attempted to rise. She suddenly felt a sharp sting across her ass as Bill gave her a measured slap. Screaming in surprise, Alice lurched forward and didn’t try again.

“No getting free this time, I promise,” Bill assured his writhing plaything. Alice was crafty and flexible. Bill was determined to make sure her escape artist days were behind her.

Alice trembled as Bill turned his attention to her legs. Ropes wrapped around her ankles, and then just above her knees. Beyond simply making his ties tight, Bill cinched the ropes neatly between her ankles and knees, making them hug all around her skin without any gaps or slack. This was hardly their first time; Bill was no novice at tying her.

When he finished Alice was bound hand and foot, bent over the foot of the bed and already feeling the ache within her limbs. She risked movement and rolled slightly onto her side, watching as Bill snatched up yet more toys to use against her. Her eyes widened when she recognized a much dreaded mess of black leather straps fall into a lump on the bed beside her. She hated that thing, which was essentially a chastity belt which fitted around her waist. The thickest strap was meant to pass between her legs and prevent any access to her soft loins, even by her.

But nothing thus far incensed Alice as when she saw Bill pick up and inspect her enormous black dildo. About eight inches long, it curved gently along the full length of the silicone shaft and bulged noticeably at the head, not that the remainder of the shaft lacked for girth. Its surface was marked by strategically placed bumps and ridges designed to stimulate literally everything from her clitoris to the deepest reaches of her vagina. Alice used it previously only once and while it was certainly enjoyable, such a toy felt as much like a feat as a source of pleasure. In Bill’s hands, it loomed threateningly over her.

Seeing the belt and dildo together clicked in Alice’s head, filling her suddenly with fear. She had to do something. Struggling passionately, she quickly rolled onto her side and spat out her makeshift gag, the only implement that she felt any control over. By now Bill had turned his attention to something else hidden from view.

“Bill, please!” she called out, attempting to gain his sympathy. Bill looked back at her, surprised by her reclaimed voice, but instead of responding he picked up a new article from the dresser drawer.

“You don’t have to do this!” she pleaded as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes, plunging her into darkness. “Please,” she said again, more breathy this time, trying to accentuate her chest seductively for him. Anything to get her out of his wicked trap. She felt his weight lift off the mattress and grew more desperate.

“Bill!” she cried out. “Just let me go. Please, not the big—ahmmm MMMHM!”

Alice’s last appeal cost her any chance to resist as he guided an ample ball gag between her lips. Crazed at the loss of her last real hope at helping herself, Alice tossed and moaned in resistance to her gagging, but once the ball had passed between her teeth her efforts became largely symbolic. Her eyes tried unsuccessfully to penetrate the darkness as straps tightened mercilessly behind and over her head as well as under her chin, securing her silence with leathered effectiveness.

“Ah yes, much better,” Bill announced over her muted tempest. He gave her a moment to work out her frustrations, letting her tug against her bonds and test out the blindfold. They were all chillingly secure. Soon enough Alice collapsed panting on the bed, whimpering at her inability to affect her fate.

Bill rubbed things in. Oh, he didn’t taunt or mock her, or retaliate against her defiance of her bonds. Much worse, he ignored her efforts completely and the message was clear. He was totally in control. In her condition, she held absolutely no sway over him.

“Get up on your knees,” he commanded. At first she resisted, then moaned to indicate her bound helplessness. He simply repeated the command sternly. Soon, a resigned Alice struggled on the bed and managed to roll herself onto her knees. Awkwardly and in the dark, she lifted herself at the waist. Without a word, she felt something leather wrap around her waist and then tighten strictly above her hips. It had to be the chastity belt. The thick strap dangled over her bellybutton. Alice groaned.

“Lean forward,” was the next order, but Alice struggled to obey. Finding it difficult to keep her balance while her arms were bound, she needed Bill’s hand to guide her gracefully forward at the waist. Still on her knees, Alice felt embarrassingly aware that her ass now rose to prominent display behind her.

Alice wasn’t exactly aware of Bill’s movements behind her, but she guessed unhappily at what was coming. Scared to move, Alice felt almost appropriate in this position. It mirrored the vulnerability she felt to her core. With sustained warmth, Alice reminded herself over and over that Bill could do whatever he liked with her. Then she felt it, the vast toy phallus, brushing against her moist pussy almost playfully.

For a split second, Alice’s heart leapt at the first sensation of the slick dildo, already slathered in lubricant. Bill first caressed her sensitive lips with it before placing it in the center of her crescent and applying gentle pressure. Alice parted before him, her hips gyrating slightly. The first, guttural moan soon morphed into a plea in the negative as each inch easily glided into her. The heavily ridged surface of the toy wreaked sexual havoc on her loins as it journeyed into her recesses, filling her spectacularly and rouse her most sensitive features. She wanted him desperately to stop, yet the sensations awoke something carnal deep inside her that proved impossible to ignore. Moaning and shaking, Alice cursed and blessed Bill as he worked every last inch into her. The base looked quite innocent with her outer lips wrapped around it like a loving blanket, disguising the intense and overflowing sensation it gave its reluctant victim. He held it in place with two fingers.

Alice might have savored the feeling of the dildo if Bill hadn’t prepared an unforeseen surprise. Given less than a moment to adjust to her invader, Alice soon jerked and moaned in vehement opposition as a second toy suddenly appeared just above her vagina, positioning itself maliciously at her anus. Alice avoided anal play at all costs and immediately began struggling in resistance, but there was little she could do. Her groans filled the room as the second toy pressed laboriously into her ass, pressing its way past her clenched muscles much faster than she was prepared for. The feeling intensified with each methodic thrust—the dildo must be getting wider. Alice moaned noisily as her ass filled with several inches until, in pyrrhic relief, the toy narrowed considerably near the base. Alice’s prostrate ass seemed to clamp down around its new tormenter ironically, as if wanting to be filled uncomfortably. The base of the toy, too wide for insertion, protruded knowingly from her backside.

Wasting no time, Bill reached around Alice’s waist and grasped the thick strap of the chastity belt, working it between her bound thighs. All too aware of his intentions, Alice moaned passionately in the negative and collapsed herself defiantly onto her side, trying to resist Bill’s relentless assault on her helpless body. Given enough time, she might have worked the toys out. Bill, however, quickly braced her bound body and worked the strap uncomfortably tight between Alice’s legs, covering her pussy and ass. The strap concealed the ferocious toys and held them inside her orifices pitilessly. Alice expected her impaled abdomen to burst any moment. It wasn’t just the length, it was the girth as well. Separated by a thin layer within her, any movement on Alice’s part seemed to grind the toys against each other as well as against her sensitive tissues. Immediately turned on despite herself, Alice prayed for any relief she could get. The toys provided none and chose to stimulate her mercilessly instead. Between the gag and those damned toys, Alice felt like a stuffed and mounted trophy.

With her tormentors locked in place, Bill took a brief moment to enjoy his prize, running stiff fingers roughly across Alice’s body while she squirmed. Teasing her breasts and nipples while she moaned, Bill wondered whether Alice was enjoying herself. His hands soon slid down her torso and towards the sensual V-shape that had formed between her legs. He admired the stiff belt pressing into her delicate skin, sealing off and protecting her luscious pussy from his touch, or his taste. An unfortunate situation, but at least she was well entertained like this. Bill pressed his fingers slightly into her waist. He thought he could feel the stiff phallus kindling her, or perhaps he imagined it. She certainly felt it, shifting in reaction to his every touch.

In any case, Bill was far from finished. Picking up another rope, he strode around the bed behind her back and grabbed her bound wrists roughly. Alice started as he wrapped a rope between her cuffs and fed it down between her ankles. Alice groaned as he pulled slack out of the rope, drawing her ankles back and toward her wrists. Alice was forced to straighten her body stringently, shifting the dildos between her legs vigorously until she lay on her side in a tight hogtie. Bill once more walked around the bed.

“It’d be such a shame to give your sweet pussy so much attention while ignoring those beautiful tits of yours,” he taunted her. Alice immediately shook her head negative and struggled, frantically hoping for some advantage that might stop Bill’s advances. Nevertheless, Alice could only moan in surprise yet again when she felt a thin cord begin coiling around the base of each ample globe, drawing tight and squeezing her breasts into taut spheres on display for her menacing captor. Tied individually first, Bill then tied the remaining cord around them both in a figure eight pattern until her breasts were held closely together, their weight resting fully and inhospitably on the bindings. Alice endured their newfound sensitivity as he fondled each one brusquely for his own amusement.

Then he was gone. Alice could only presume that he was preparing some new torment, and was quickly proven right. A new rope found itself attached to the top of her gag harness and then to the buckle on the rear of her chastity belt. Pulling it taut drew her head stringently back until Alice couldn’t move it at all, while any attempt would shift around the belt and press the dildos yet further inside her. She quickly learned that even miniscule movements of her head translated brilliantly between her legs. Another rope soon attached to the bindings at her ankles before being tied to the bottom bedpost. The same treatment was given to the ropes at her knees, which were tied to the other bottom post. Lastly, a rope was fed between her elbows before being attached to a post at the head of the bed. As Bill pulled this rope taut, Alice’s elbows were unwillingly pulled away from her body by the tension. Bill prowled around the bed like a stalker, pulling all three of the ropes tight until poor Alice was being pulled in all directions, essentially unable to move in her hogtied position on the bed. Alice whimpered helplessly as he worked but Bill was unmoved.

Alice sensed Bill move before her and tried to struggle meaningfully for him, hoping to inspire pity. Bill had other plans.

“Here comes my favorite part,” Bill whispered. Alice couldn’t even lower her head enough to face his direction. Her blindfolded eyes would have been stuck staring at the headboard. Even so, she yelped in shock when she felt his lips press sensually over a breast, playing with her with well-practiced skill. Bound or no, Bill knew just how to pleasure Alice’s breasts to drive her wild with desire. He quickly drew parched, desirous moans from beneath Alice’s gag. Then suddenly, she felt him bear down on her nipples, already incensed by the bindings on her chest. Alice moaned and bucked at the force of his advanced as Bill worked over her lower nipple, forcing it to grow stiff.

Then, as quickly as he came, Bill was gone, and Alice felt the acute pinch of a clover clamp being placed on the hardened nipple. Shocked at the juxtaposition of the sensations, Alice screamed into her gag and tried anew to escape her situation, but she could barely writhe, let along dislodge its biting jaws. Not the clamps, she wanted to articulate. It’s too much, anything but them! Yet, Bill’s lips soon returned to her yet unmolested nipple, Alice now willing him with every fiber of her being to stop. Yet Alice’s body betrayed her and the nipple grew hard. The clamp at the other end of the chain soon joined its companion in closing brutally around Alice’s defenseless nipple. Screaming a second time at the sting of the device, Alice attempted to plead with Bill through the ball in her mouth. The unintelligible moans seemed to encourage him instead, leaving Alice trapped and alone.

Alice’s squeezed and pinched breasts were so sensitive that she shuddered when Bill grasped the chain between the clamps. He tied a rope to the chain and then secured it around the final bedpost. Just as the clamps were beginning to settle into a dull ache, Alice was made to cry out again as the chain pulled taut, causing the clamps to bite with renewed vigor onto the trapped tips of Alice’s tits. Bill tied off the rope, his prison constructed. Alice was severely bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Her pussy and ass filled to the brim, and her breasts were rigidly clamped and lifted away from her body. Held tightly to the bed, any movement on Alice’s part would either cause the toys between her legs to shift, work the clamps painfully against her tits, or most likely both at the same time.

Unable to sense where Bill was, Alice quickly learned the extent of her predicament. Every struggle quickly transformed into sensations which tested her very limits, and within minutes Alice was moaning pitifully into her gag, trying her best to keep still until either the discomfort of her position or the pressing arousal being forced upon her compelled her to move and invite yet more torment. Each moan was a call for release, a desperate hope that something, even if it was Bill, might return to her and offer a potential end to her trials. Increasingly, he noticed her grinding her thighs together as much as her bounds would allow. She clearly wanted more stimulation out of the dildos burying themselves within her.

Amazingly, Bill had just one last task ahead of him. Strolling over to the dresser drawer, he pulled out a toy rubber ducky, which looked strangely out of place amidst the collection of restraints and sex toys. Heading to the bed, he reached out and placed the ducky into Alice’s hand tenderly. Its shape and texture felt unique, instantly recognizable despite Alice’s incapacity. She knew what it was, and she knew what it meant. She gripped the rubber ducky silently in her left hand, rubbing the contours of the toy against the ring on her finger. Bill moved to the other side of the bed, at his wife’s front.

“You know the drill, baby” he spoke tenderly, breaking character. “Just give the signal if you want out.”

The drill was: one squeeze and done. One little sound from the ducky and Bill would release her from everything. No hesitation.

Alice kept still as best she could, holding the ducky in her hand. After a moment, she flicked her wrist deliberately, sending the toy through the air and onto the floor with a faint squeak. Bill smiled, yet drew closer to the bound Alice.

“Are you sure?”

Alice grunted and tried to nod her head, apparently finding pleasure in the way it shifted around the toys between her legs. Bill rested a hand on his captive’s ass, pressing lightly into the cleaving strap and pressing the dildo in over and over. Alice’s hips began to gyrate almost instantly, and she moaned in abject pleasure, sinking wholly back into her fantasy. Soon Bill noticed that she had begun making short, repeated grunting noises through her gag, clearly trying to speak. Two sharp exhales followed by incoherent groans, over and over. Bill grinned proudly. He knew these sounds. It was a plea he understood quite well: fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.

“Happy Birthday, Alice,” Bill said lovingly after a while, getting to his feet. “You clearly want some time to play with your toys, so enjoy your present and I’ll come check on you…eventually.”

Alice moaned frantically as his hand left her loins rousingly unfulfilled. The last thing she wanted was to be left alone like this. She thrashed about for a brief moment but yelped when the clamps punished her impatience. Desperate to lure him back without additional wrath, Alice instead begged him incoherently to fuck her once more. It worked, but instead of freeing her Bill tightened the rope pulling her clamps so that any movement within her bonds shot agonizing pangs into her breasts. Alice moaned long after she heard the door close. Once resigned to her solitude, Alice began trying to satisfy the lingering arousal between her legs, pulling at the belt and grinding her thighs together softly. Over and over, she’d cry out in frustration when orgasm remained maddeningly out of reach.

Bill, for his part, took this opportunity to finally relax after a long day. He’d come home from work, flowers and birthday present in hand, to find his wife by the door with her hands bound, wearing a leash and collar. She’d looked directly into his eyes and said only thirteen lustful words: “Tie me up tight and play any way you want. Don’t be gentle.”

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