by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2004 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; gag; bfold; rope; tease; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

It was a beautiful dream, and she was loath to leave it. In her dream, Rosa knelt on a cold stone floor. Her captor had stripped her clothing from her, and a cool breeze caused her nude form to shiver slightly. Nor was it simply the cold that caused her tremors as she watched her captor approach her. Not a word was said as her captor stopped before her, his hands busy at his waist. Her eyes widened as his erection emerged, hard and throbbing. Now his hands cupped her head, drawing her toward him, forcing himself into her mouth. For a second, she considered biting down, but knew that would only make things worse. Obediently, she began to suck and lick on the hardness that invaded her mouth. In her sleep, Rosa moaned softly. To be forced, the very idea was repugnant to her. But to give up all control, to be helpless at the hands of another, this was her secret fantasy, the dark secret she had dared share with only one. And so Rosa slept, dreaming her sweet dream, little guessing what her awakening would bring her.

“Mmmmmm-mmm.” Moaning softly, Rosa fought against wakefulness. Her dream fading, she struggled to bring it back. Sleepily, she found herself laying in a position of abandon, arms over her head, legs spread wide. It was a position she often found herself in on waking from one of her special dreams, open, exposed, aching of desires only her dreams could fulfill. This morning, though, something was different. She found herself unable to move from this wide-open position. The realization hastened her awakening, and Rosa opened her eyes to darkness.

'Why can’t I see?' She wondered. Her mind still slightly fuzzy, she tugged with her arms, the feeling of an answering tug quickly dispelling the last of the cobwebs from her brain. Now she could feel something encircling her wrists and ankles, stretching her and holding her in this position. 'My God!' She thought. 'I’ve been tied up!' She tried to scream, and only then realized that her mouth was filled. But unlike the hot, throbbing member of her dreams, what filled her mouth now, though of similar shape and size, felt and tasted of rubber. She pushed against it with her tongue, but it wouldn’t budge, and the feel of a strap around her head told her it was firmly held in place. For a moment, she struggled against the bonds that held her, then collapsed into motionlessness. Tied, gagged, and, she now realized, blindfolded, she lay quietly, even as her mind raced.

'Who did this?' she wondered. 'And where are they now?' Forcing herself to be calm, she reached up with one hand, seeking the thing that bound her. The backs of her fingers brushed against soft rope, and she realized that it had been knotted behind her wrist. There was no way she could reach that one, and, straining, she found that the other end of the rope was beyond her reach. Whoever had bound her had done the job quite thoroughly. It was only now, as she lay pondering her fate, that she realized she was naked. Whoever had bound her had undressed her as well. Not that there had been much to begin with; a nightgown and a pair of panties. But to know that she had been stripped, then bound, all without waking her, was frightening.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt a soft touch on one nipple. Suddenly terrified, she shrank back as much as her bonds would allow, trying to escape. But it was useless. The touch, which she realized was a single finger, continued softly stroking her nipple, and even through her fear, she was shocked to feel that sensitive bud responding. 'No!' She thought frantically. 'This can’t be happening!' But it was, as a second finger teased her other nipple, which responded as the first one. Slowly, gently, the fingers played with her nipples, and the moans of protest emerging from behind her gag began to mingle with soft sounds of pleasure.

Rosa was stunned by what was happening, even more stunned by her own body’s reactions. Why was she responding this way? But even as her mind asked the question, she knew the answer. Naked, bound, totally helpless to stop what was happening to her, this was what she’d always dreamed of. She could feel herself growing wet, as much from the thought of being someone else’s helpless toy as from the physical sensations.

When the fingers left her nipples, Rosa moaned, almost in protest, then sucked in her breath in an audible gasp as a pair of lips encircled on nipple, sucking gently. Almost without realizing it, she arched her back, thrusting her breast upwards as much as her bonds would allow. And when she felt the tip of a tongue slowly flick across the tip of her nipple, she nearly cried out from the pleasure. 'My God!' She thought, her mind whirling. 'This is insane! I’m being raped, and I don’t want it to stop!' Somehow, though, this didn’t feel like rape. There was no rush, no urgency, no violence. There was no taking; rather there was a giving of pleasure that she could no longer deny or resist. 'I’m drenched', she thought in amazement, and somehow relished the feeling.

On and on went the constant attention to her nipples, until Rosa lost all sense of time. It could have been hours, maybe days, that went by as she moaned and writhed in beautiful, inescapable pleasure. She had long since given up all pretense of resistance, her mind and body fusing together in one long eternity of need. Suddenly, the stimulation to her nipples stopped. Moaning her frustration, she thrust herself upward, only to freeze as she felt hands touching her head. Slowly, they slipped the blindfold from her eyes, and her eyes struggled to adjust to the light.

Looking up, she saw a man she had never seen before sitting beside her on the bed, watching her. He, also, was naked, and her eyes almost involuntarily moved down his body. Her eyes widened, a moan escaping her gag, as she saw his erection. As if of their own will, her hips thrust upwards, trying to draw his attention to her need. Instead, he reached one hand and gently stroked her cheek, asking, “Are we comfy?”

Rosa’s eyes widened in shock, and a sound that was part moan, part muffled curse, burst from her gagged mouth. She knew that voice! How many times had she closed her eyes and listened to those soft words through her phone. It was him, the one man in the world who knew her secret. But why was he here?

Almost as if he’d read her mind, he said, “Didn’t I promise you a surprise?” Again her eyes widened. The last time she’d talked to him, he said he was going to be gone for a while, but promised her “a surprise you’ll never forget” the next time he talked to her. Her eyes narrowed.

Almost as if he didn’t see the anger growing in her gaze, or perhaps because of it, he said, “I racked my brain trying to think of something to get you for your birthday. I wanted it to be something nobody else would ever think to give you. So I decided that your birthday gift would be to live your fantasy.” At her shocked look, he smiled and continued. “I got in yesterday and found out where you live. Then I snuck in while you were moving your car. I put a sleeping pill in your drink to make sure you didn’t wake up while I was getting you ready.” He shrugged, still smiling. “And now, well, surprise.”

Birthday? Fantasy? Rosa was stunned. But that meant he’d come here, traveled all those miles, just to give her the one thing she’d desired, the one thing she’d been unable to find. With these thoughts, she felt the fear and anger melt, replaced by a growing warmth that had nothing to do with the fires he’d built within her body. Rosa blinked, silently cursing the moisture that suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Reaching down, he gently brushed the tears from her eyes, then began to unbuckle the gag. “I know you’re probably mad as hell at me right now,” he said softly, “and I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you never wanted to hear from me again. Say the word, and I’ll release you and leave.”

'Leave? This man', she thought, 'had snuck into her home, drugged her, stripped, tied and gagged her, and then toyed with her until she’d thought she was about to go crazy. And now he was talking about leaving?'

Glaring up at him, she said in a stern voice, “So it’s up to me, is it?” He nodded, his face gone serious. “And you really want to know what I think right now?” Another nod. Rosa continued to glare at him as she said, “Then I think you’d better put that damn gag right back where you got it and finish giving me my birthday present.”

His smile reappeared, and he lowered the gag until the tip just brushed her lips. “Are you sure?” he asked. “If you don’t stop now, you’re mine until tomorrow night.”

Rosa shivered at his words. Then, raising her head slightly, she took the end of the gag between her lips, working it towards her until she’d filled her own mouth with it’s now welcome shape.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said with a smile, buckling the straps securely, then lowering her head back to her pillow. Rosa looked up at him silently, then gently closed her eyes. She shivered again at the thought of belonging to this man for two days. And Rosa smiled, knowing this was going to be the best birthday she’d ever had.

Part Two

Rosa woke to find sunlight streaming in her window. Stretching, she glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that it was only 10:00. So much had happened since her first awakening, she felt as if days could have passed. Yawning, smiling, she looked around, only to find herself alone. 'Where was he? Had it all been a dream?' She reached to throw back her cover, and caught sight of the faint rope marks on her wrist. 'No dream, then. But where could he be? And what was the delicious smell?'

Rising, she reached for her robe, then stopped. 'No, she thought, if she was going to do this, she would do it right'. Naked, she padded from her room, following that enticing aroma. She found him in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove. As she approached, she saw bacon frying in one skillet, scrambled eggs already prepared in another. Stopping beside him, she crossed her arms beneath her breasts.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a firm voice. But when he turned to her, the look in his eyes, caused her to quickly add, “Sir?” in a whisper.

“From the look of things,” he replied, “I would say I’m cooking us some breakfast.”

“If you were hungry, why didn’t you let me know?” she asked.

He smiled. “You were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to wake you.”

Rosa grinned. “Well, somebody sort of wore me out this morning.”

“Oh? I wonder who that might have been?”

Rosa laughed softly, then reached toward the stove. “Well, I’m awake now. I’ll finish this.”

Shaking his head, he pushed her hands away. “I’ll take care of this. You have a seat. It’ll be ready in a bit.”

“This is my house,” she protested. “I can’t just sit and do nothing while you cook for me.”

“You need something to occupy you?” He turned off the burner under the bacon. “I think we can manage that.” So saying, he turned and left the kitchen. “And don’t touch that stove,” he called back.

When he returned a moment later, he pointed to a chair. “Sit,” he commanded, and on hearing that tone, Rosa dropped quickly into the chair. He nodded, then drew her hands behind her. The feel of cold steel against her wrists, along with an ominous set of clicks, told her that she’d just been cuffed. She pulled, and found he’d slipped the connecting chain through the back of the chair. Rosa started to protest, only to have her words muffled as a gag was slipped into her mouth.

“Now that we have you sitting, let’s keep you occupied,” he smiled, leaning and sucking one nipple into aching hardness. Rosa’s eyes closed, only to fly open as she felt her nipple being clamped. The other nipple met a similar fate, and Rosa moaned softly behind her gag.

“That should work,” he said, then turned to the stove. As he finished cooking, Rosa could only watch, moaning softly now and then at the feeling of the clamps. Helpless once again, she thought, and felt herself growing moist.

When breakfast was ready, he removed her gag, but left her cuffed to the chair. Sitting beside her, he fed her, hushing her initial protest with a stern look. Rosa couldn’t believe it. Naked, bound, being hand fed by the man who controlled her fate, she couldn’t remember experiencing anything so erotic.

The meal finished, Rosa was released, then led to the living room. There, she was stretched out on the couch while he applied a set of wrist-thigh cuffs. Lifting her head, she slipped onto the couch, lowering her head onto his lap.

“I got us a movie to watch,” he said, reaching for the remote. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Like I have a choice?” she replied, smiling, then squirmed into a comfortable position, her head turned towards the television.

The movie was one of those B grade bondage flicks, with women tied in every possible position. As she watched, Rosa found herself imagining it was her. So intent was she on her fantasy, she almost jumped when a hand brushed her nipple. She glanced up, but his eyes were on the screen. Except for the hand touching her nipple, and the unmistakable bulge beneath her head, he showed no awareness of her presence. With a soft sigh, she turned her attention back to the screen, only to jump slightly, feeling her nipple pinched.

When she looked up this time, it was to find him smiling down at her. Pausing the movie, he slipped her head from his lap, rose, and left the room. When he returned, he drew her to her feet and led her to the back of the couch. Standing with her legs brushing the material, she watched as he knelt in front of the couch, holding a curious object. It looked rather like a winch, but had a length of rope extending from both sides. This he evidently secured to the front of the couch, then moved to stand behind her, after first slipping a length of rope around each front leg and drawing both lengths over the couch.

“What-?” she started to ask, only to be silenced by a look.

He released her right wrist, then clipped the end of one rope to the cuff. Her left wrist was soon attached to the second rope, and then he moved back to the front of the couch. Bending, he began to turn a knob on the winch. As her arms were pulled forward, she understood; the winch drew in both ropes at the same rate. Soon she stood bent over the back of the couch, her arms stretched toward the front corners. Next, he attached a second winch to the back of the couch, feeding the ropes around the rear legs. Buckling a cuff to each ankle, he attached the ropes, then used the winch to draw her legs apart. Rising, he moved to the end of the couch and simply looked at her.

Rosa blushed under his scrutiny. Bent over the back of the couch this way, she knew her whole body was open to him, and the tightness of the ropes permitted no movement. Smiling, he stepped behind her, slipped her gag in her mouth, then said simply, “Watch,” as he started the movie again.

On the screen, a woman was enduring a strict bondage session. As clamps were placed on the helpless woman’s nipples, Rosa once more lost herself in the scene before her, only to squeal through her gag as she felt her own nipples being clamped. Her nipples throbbed, bringing forth an answering throb from between her legs.

Her eyes widened as she watched someone approach the woman on the screen with what had to be the biggest dildo she had ever seen. 'Oh God!' she thought, 'he’s not going to.......he couldn’t!'

Her thoughts scattered as she felt something slip between her thighs, lightly brushing her sensitive lips. No dildo, this, but something much warmer. And as the dildo was pushed into the woman on the screen, she felt him entering her, matching stroke for stroke the scene before her.

Rosa’s mind whirled. She could feel the couch beneath her, but at the same time, she was the woman in the movie. With each stroke of that massive dildo, she herself was filled. Her senses collided, combined, overwhelming her. All that remained was the sight of that driving dildo, the feel of it pumping into her. All too quickly, it seemed, the combination drove her over the edge, her whole body going taut as she spasmed into a powerful orgasm. It seemed to last forever, wave after wave, until she feared her body would fly apart from the force of it.

Finally, the force of the waves began to lessen, and she sagged in her bonds. But it wasn’t over yet. Moving quickly, he removed both clamps, and the sudden shock drove her into a second, even more powerful orgasm. Again the waves mounted, until, finally, she lost herself in them.

Opening her eyes, Rosa found herself on the couch again, her head in his lap. On the screen, the movie was just ending. She went to rise, but her arms trembled uselessly at her sides, too weak even to lift themselves. Glancing up, she met his smiling eyes.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” he asked smiling. At her mute nod, his smile widened. “Good,” he declared. “I’ve got another one we can watch tonight.”

Another one? Rosa shivered in anticipation, then curled up beside him, her head still in his lap. With his arm draped over her, she closed her eyes and dreamed of what was to come.

Part 3

Standing in front of the kitchen sink, Rosa vowed she’d never complain about doing dishes again. For a long moment she gazed around the room, as if searching for a way out. Then she turned her attention once more to the task before her. It wasn’t the cuffs that bothered her. The chain connecting them was long enough that it allowed her to use her hands. And it wasn’t the fact that she was naked. That had never bothered her, and now she took a special delight in being naked for him. No, it was something else, and she knew exactly what that something was.

Wrapped around her waist was a soft, thin rope, knotted in the back. From the knot, the end of the rope dipped between her legs, then up to the chain connecting her cuffs. It was long enough for her to reach the sink, but every time she dipped her hands in to grasp a dish, or raised her hands to put something in the drainer, she pulled the rope tighter, causing the knot he’d placed in it to rub against her clit.

Gritting her teeth, she reached for another dish, moaning softly as the knot once again pressed against her sensitive button. 'At this rate', she thought, 'I’ll be lucky if I don’t break something'. It didn’t help that he’d forbidden her to cum, or even to touch herself. A few good rubs right now would be all she would need.

To make matters worse, she couldn’t even step away from the sink. He’d made sure of that. Her legs were bound together at ankle and knee, and he’d taken the further step of feeding a couple loops from her knee rope through the handles of the under-sink cabinet. There was a chair behind her, in case she lost her balance, but still, she moved very carefully.

After what seemed forever, the last dish was drying in the drainer. Making one last stretch, moaning at the sensations it caused, she pulled the stopper and watched the sink drain.

“Ok,” she called out, “I’m done.” She stood waiting for him to come free her, but nothing happened.

“Sir?” she tried again, “the dishes are all washed. May I be released now?” Inwardly, she fumed at having to ask to be allowed to leave the sink, but at the same time, relished this loss of control. Her fate was no longer in her hands, and she loved it.

As she waited, her mind drifted back, reliving what had happened to her so far. Twice today, he had made her his helpless toy. Twice, she had been bound, gagged, and used for their mutual pleasure. With the images so clear in her mind, she didn’t even realize that her hands had drifted down, one finger gently stroking the wetness between her legs, until a solid swat on her ass lifted her to her toes. She hadn’t even heard him come in.

Startled, Rosa yanked her hands up, then gasped as the knot dug into her once more. The sensation was almost too much. Her eyes closed, she chanted to herself, 'I will not cum, I will not cum'. Slowly, she receded from the peak, and she knew that only the rope binding her to the cabinet had kept her knees from buckling. Glancing over her shoulder, she found him watching her, a slight smile on his face. He raised one finger, waving it from side to side.

“Now, now,” he said softly, “none of that. You know what you were told.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied, still breathless. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise”.

Still smiling, he handed her the key to her cuffs. “I’ll be in the living room,” he said, then patted her ass and left. Fumbling, she began the task of freeing herself.

'Damn him', she thought, struggling to fit the key into the first cuff. 'Why does he do this to me? And why do I let him? Can I really love it this much?' The scent of her own arousal was all the answer she needed. This was exactly what she needed, what she craved. And she couldn’t wait for more.

When the last knot was untied, she carefully gathered up the rope and placed in on the table, then moved to join him. She paused in the doorway, waiting, until he looked at her and smiled. Then she moved toward him. 'It was funny', she thought, 'how just knowing he was looking at her made her so aware of her own body. The sway of her hips, the motion of her breasts as she walked, she had never felt these things so acutely'.

When she reached him, he slipped an arm around her waist. “It’s been a long day,” he said, smiling. “Time for bed.” Returning his smile, she went with him to her room.

“You’ve done pretty good today,” he said as he joined her on her bed. “So I’ll let you decide. Do you want to sleep bound or unbound tonight?”

Rosa thought for a moment. “Unbound, please,” she finally replied. “I think I rubbed my wrists raw on those cuffs.”

“Fair enough,” he said, then lowered his head and kissed her deeply. Rosa moaned against his lips as she felt his hand on her breast. Today, he had loved her as a Master loves his slave, but tonight, he would love her as a man loves his woman.

Slowly, using his hands and mouth, he brought her back up to the peak. Unbound, she still found herself helpless before him. When he entered her, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him to her. For long moments, they simply lay there, joined in more than just the physical sense. Then he began to move, his long, slow thrusts holding her at the edge. Rosa felt herself floating in a warm sea of need and desire.

When she felt him quicken the pace, she responded, dragging his head down and grafting her lips to his. Her body writhed beneath him, then stiffened as the release she needed so badly flooded through her. His own release, when it came, only seemed to heighten the waves that coursed through her.

Finally, the waves receded, and she lay spent. He lay beside her, his arms around her, and she curled herself into that embrace. His arms tightened, and she felt him kiss the top of her head.

“Sweet dreams, hon,” he said softly.

“Sweet dreams, Master,” she replied softly, her eyes closing as she drifted into sleep.