Roped in to Entertain

by Archie

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© Copyright 2001 - Archie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; bond; rope; bars; display; object; bdsm; nipple; tease; torment; sex; oral; anal; cons/reluct; XX

Note: I have discussed with Geoff, many times, my fantasies about being taken against my will by two, three or more men. He has likewise often offered to arrange this with some friends and every time I have willingly agreed. However this was some time ago and the reader should be aware that whilst I was a willing participant to what follows, I had also forgotten all about it…

Roped in to Entertain

The invitation for dinner was not unusual; we often went out for a meal or Geoff would entertain me at his house, a wonderful experience on a warm summer night, as the garden, as you might expect from a professional gardener, is glorious. It is also very secluded and not overlooked which gives lots of opportunities for private fun and games. But I digress.

As usual I debated at great length about my ensemble and the bed was soon strewn with rejected items of clothing which were too tight, too boring, the wrong colour or whatever. In the end I settled for a short flared mini skirt in narrow pleated black chiffon with a filmy lining. I teamed this with a sheer damask chiffon blouse, which was somewhat see through, as were my tiny black panties; they didn't even have a crotch lining. A pair of black seamed self-supporting stockings felt good, tights would not have been appropriate and suspenders would have shown as bulges under the short filmy skirt. A pair of red ankle-strap sandals completed the outfit and with my make-up done I was dressed to kill. I paraded up and down in front of the mirror pleased as punch with the result; Geoff should be delighted.

When I arrived I had to tiptoe over his dammed gravel drive to save scraping the leather high-heels of my sandals but once inside he greeted me ecstatically and quickly led me into the living room. The table had been laid for four and I turned on him accusingly, since his invitation had led me to believe I was in for a passionate evening. He calmed me down by distracting me, suggesting a spot of bondage, our mutual passion, before the other guests arrived. As he brandished the white ropes he wanted to try, he said, a new position that should be fun. Of course in no time at all, before he had even offered me a pre dinner drink, I was kneeling on the rug in the middle of his lounge.

"Now kneel forwards and put you elbows on the floor, in front of your knees and touching them with your forearms flat on the floor", he ordered. I did as bid and watched him slip the soft rope around the back of my left knee and then around the inside of my left elbow, roping the two tightly together. He moved around and repeated the process on the right side before asking me how much I could move. He gave a wry chuckle when I demonstrated how easy it was to move around and indeed to escape. 

We started again and he roped me in just the same way, but then he produced two broomstick handles, wooden rods about four feet long. He lay one down alongside me on each side and proceeded to rope my left wrist to the stick and then my left ankle to the other end. Then he took more rope and tied my already bound elbow and knee to the middle of the stick. That procedure he also repeated on the other side.

He then produced three spreader bars, each about eighteen inches long, which he strapped around my ankles, then my legs just above my knees and finally my wrists. Movement was becoming very difficult now and when Geoff started to fasten a leather collar around my neck I couldn't twist away to stop him. Nor could I prevent him hauling down on the collar until he fastened it to the middle of the spreader bar between my wrists. Now my chin was brushing the rug and as a result my bottom stuck up in the air. Suddenly I realised I was in a very embarrassing and vulnerable position; head down, on my knees with my legs held firmly apart and my bottom, and pussy, barely hidden beneath that short flimsy skirt. 

He was clearly enjoying himself, as his wandering hands confirmed. I twisted around to remind him that much as I liked his attentions the other guests would be arriving shortly; only then did I catch sight of the shiny black something that he deposited in front of me. The aroma of rubber was unmistakable and as he unrolled the material the form of a head became apparent. He raised the hood out of my sight and the cool blackness began to enfold my head.

"Hey! What's this? I can't see". Blackness enfolded me as the hood squeezed over my head. Then there was a pause and very gently two firm protuberances made themselves felt in my nostrils. Then the tugging continued and my last protest was cut off as my mouth filled with cold limp rubber. 

"Oomph. Art arr ooo ooing?" I asked somewhat ineffectually. There was no reply and, without warning, my mouthful of rubber came to life and rapidly expanded. Soon my jaw was wide open and my cheeks bulging as Geoff pumped up the inflatable gag. It was now an effort to make any sound, and any intelligible sound was clearly out of the question. I could feel Geoff smoothing the neck of the hood around the collar and I heard him straighten up. Now I could turn my head from a little from side to side and I could wriggle my hands and feet, but apart from that I was totally helpless. Geoff's voice came through the rubber clearly.

"Are you alright in there?" he asked.

"Mmm" I managed. I nodded the little I could to confirm, breathing rubber smells comfortably through my nose and waiting for Geoff's next move.

Ding-dong! I tensed as the door chimes announced the arrival of the other guests. He must untie me now, or carry me through into the other room, quickly. Instead I heard his footsteps going away and then voices advancing down the hall, jocular male voices in high spirits. I squirmed helplessly, surely he wouldn't let other people see me like this. Who were they anyway? The panic rose and my helplessness was really brought home to me. Now I could feel the footfalls on the floor getting very near, as greetings and excited comments about the entertainment flew about. Then Geoff was offering pre-dinner drinks and there was a lull as I sensed rather than heard people sitting down. The chink of glasses and the glorious sound of something splashing into a glass reached me clearly through the helmet; and I'd not had a sip of anything this evening. My bulging mouth suddenly yearned for something cool. Why was I seemingly invisible though? And who were his male guests? I was clearly the victim of one of his elaborate jokes. 

"So - you promised entertainment Geoff", hailed the voice I had already nicknamed Gruff. Geoff must be in the kitchen. Sure enough his voice came booming from the other side of the room.

"Well I thought we could spread the entertainment over the whole of the meal. What do say boys, take it slowly and savour it over a couple of hours?" His voice was light and friendly and all of a sudden I knew what was happening. I was the entertainment. Oh my God! I had an urgent but thwarted desire to clench my thighs together, my fingers fluttered uselessly and my feet tensed against their bonds. That was it! There were four places laid for dinner and I'd heard three voices I didn't recognise, so that was three guests and Geoff, with myself as 'entertainment'. 

"Gentlemen" Geoff's voice cut through my tumbling thoughts, "may I present for pleasure…." Cheers and applause followed his announcement and I later learnt that he had placed a card table covered with a long cloth over me to hide me from view until he was ready to reveal me.

"Oh yes! Look at that bum."

"Cor! Oh yes Geoff! Very nice, very nice indeed."

"I love those legs. Wheredya find her, Geoff."

"Gentlemen" Geoff called, I could almost imagine him waving his arms to call for silence, "admire and feel free to touch, but I suggest we save the first piece of action until after the first course".

There was a general murmuring and I stiffened, as without warning a hand ran up my thigh and cupped my pubic bone. For the second time that evening I tried in vain to clamp my thighs shut, but the spreaders were very effective. I mewed into my gag and then went rigid again as hot hands pawed my breasts. The blindfold took away all warning and anticipation and I trembled with a mixture of fear, anticipatory imagination and desire as the hands roamed freely, leaving no part of me untouched. At last Geoff called them to table and I was left shaking with excitement, breathing shallowly through my rubber tubes, totally at the mercy of these unknown men. I could imagine the sight I presented and felt somewhat snubbed that they could so easily leave me in favour of food, even though Geoff, amongst his other talents, is a very good cook.

The clatter of knives and forks made my stomach rumble and momentarily took my mind away from my predicament. I'd not eaten since an early lunch and now it looked as if I was to be denied a dinner long promised me. I writhed futilely in my bonds but escape was impossible now. The wooden broomsticks held my arms and legs immobile whilst the spreader bars prevented me from closing my legs or rolling over on my side. I couldn't even slump backwards so my bottom could rest on my heels, the collar secured to my wrist bar saw to that; I had to kneel there lewdly presenting myself whether I wanted to or not.

I gathered the first course was salmon, which was consumed as conversation flitted back and forth, covering football, cars, holidays, jobs and of course women. References about me were frequently made, and what I might expect to happen next. My knees were soon turning to jelly. It appeared Geoff had promised to furnish them with a riding crop with which to "turn her backside pink". The clatter of plates being cleared gave way to cheers, as presumably Geoff produced the promised implement, then suddenly I felt hands running up the outside of my thighs. They ran right up without stopping and flipped my skirt up over my bottom. The cries of delight made me very aware of the transparency of my knickers and I could visualise my lips pressed together by the film of thin black see-through material. Suddenly I realised they didn't have to imagine; they could see. 

Now Geoff was lecturing them and I relaxed a little. With him to oversee matters at least I could be sure I wouldn't get more than I could take. And then, as he talked, hands caressed my hips and my panties were sliding down my thighs. His hands? Or was a man I'd never met, or even seen, pulling down my panties? There was some murmuring and then a silence. 

Ahhh! Ow! That hurt. The ribald comments urged the perpetrator to continue, but whoever was wielding the crop knew their business. There was a pause that went on seemingly for an age and then suddenly, with a tiny whistle beforehand, came the second blow: Ow! The cry of dismay was stifled into silence by the gag and that also seemed to stop the escape of pain, as my bottom burned furiously with the impact. I was still trying to compose myself when the next blow fell, equally savage and just below the previous one, following a pattern. My meow was again choked by the mouthful of rubber and the voices of approval heightened my helplessness. The next stroke and the one after came quicker, I think, and I tried to scream but the rubber left no room for my mouth to move. I shook my head, all that I could do, but it didn't help the fire in my buttocks. 

Then three quick strokes hit the same spot and I heaved against the ropes, the fire spreading out across my tautly presented cheeks, as I sobbed with frustration and agony. Then I felt the fires soften and I almost groaned as the first stirrings of lust awoke. The warmth was creeping inside me and melting my resolve.

The desire was quenched a little as the next blow landed on the sensitive crease between bottom and thigh and I shrieked with dismay, only to find the cry balling up in my throat. I wanted to scream and I was not even allowed to do that. Then with a loud thwack the last of that series of blows struck the same spot at the top of my other leg and I almost pounded my head on the floor in a mixture of pain, lust and frustration. Geoff told me later that almost no sound whatsoever had leaked out despite my best efforts.

Another ten blows came from the next man, these were quicker and a little harder, but by now my cheeks were afire and I couldn't be absolutely sure about that. The next ten were very rhythmic but tended to be placed about the same spot on each side so that did hurt. All the time there were lewd comments being exchanged about my bum and the colour that it was turning, about the way my breasts jiggled and my legs flexed. It all served to remind me of how defenceless my position was. 

The last ten strokes were so professional I felt it must be Geoff. The pause between each was timed to perfection, stringing out the waiting for maximum effect whilst not letting the burning from the previous blow fade too much. They were all in a regimented line, each stroke just below the last and at the end I was sobbing with the burning fire both inside and out.

I was still squirming when the clatter of plates reminded me that the men were still in the middle of a meal and I was mere entertainment. Conversation became more general and peace reigned for a while, although I longed to both eat something and soothe my burning buttocks, of which I could do neither. Laughter and conversation continued for an age and being ignored was almost worse than having my backside beaten. I knelt there with my skirt thrown up over my back, my panties taut between my thighs and tried to stretch my stiffening muscles, but the slight movement caught the attention of my tormentors.

"Look at the way she's squirming, she just can't wait for it, can she?" I reddened under the hood, but it was true my juices were beginning to flow, I could feel the dampness turning into wetness as I crouched there.

"You won't have much longer to wait" another voice chimed in, "before those tight little holes of yours are stuffed full of firm manly flesh.". I groaned, or tried to, but the gag and tight hood was still holding my jaw absolutely rigid and any expression was beyond me. But my bottom had never been violated before and now it looked as if another fantasy was about to come true and there was very little I could do about it.

The conversation around the table continued, as did the drinking, and it was quite clear that here were four men with bulging groins who were shortly going to be screwing me for all they were worth. The thought of four throbbing pricks just feet away yet out of sight and reach was torture and the fact that three of them were unknown to me was an unbelievable turn on. I longed to give my tingling clit a gentle stroke, just to get really fired up, but of course I couldn't. Instead I knelt there, hungry at the sound of dinner being eaten, mute, helpless and on display, just waiting and listening.

At last the main course came to an end, and conversation again centred on 'the show' as the men, the unknown ones anyway, appeared to be referring to me.

"Are you ready, horny?" came the call, suddenly loud in my ear, and hands were again all over me. Their touch was electric and when something started to slide up between my parted thighs I instinctively tried to push myself up out of the way. Suddenly there was hot breath teasing my pussy, God, someone had his head between my legs. I tried to let myself down onto the face but Geoff's inventive bondage stopped me and I was very aware of my quickened breathing through the rubber nostrils. Lick me you bastard, I longed to cry but the darkness just seemed blacker. Then his tongue started to probe and I nearly came at once, the touch was so delicate, like a butterfly, but then became firmer, parting my lips and seeking out my secret inner recesses.

In the meantime I was unaware my blouse had been unfastened but it must have been, because without warning teeth suddenly clamped over my left nipple and started to nibble away and I was vaguely aware of hands manipulating my right breast. The finger that ripped apart what little composure I had left though went round and round my bum hole. It was a cold finger and I think it must have been lubricated with something because without warning it pushed easily in and gave an exploratory wriggle. I exploded. The tension that had been building up ever since I started to get dressed just blew me apart with a shuddering orgasm, the like of which I couldn't remember. My whole body was shaking and somehow, because I couldn't move, the whole experience was heightened. 

"The horny cow, look at her." The amused cry dragged me back to earth a little, but then an insistent nudging of my pussy lips announced the arrival of the first cock of the evening.  Just as I was beginning to recover from that mammoth orgasm this prick started to wind me up again, without any chance to savour the warm glow. I was so wet it slid right up me with no resistance and it was so long that I could feel it pounding against the top of my vagina.

From a long way away I heard the gruff voice ask "are you going to be in there all night?" just as hands grabbed my hips and the balls of my invader started to slap against my striped bum.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm Agghhh." The grip on my hips slackened and with a few last twitches the long prick slid smoothly out. The bastard; I hadn't come again yet, not that I need have worried. Instantly another cock was sliding in, shorter, wider and with harder thrusts. Oh, my poor beaten bum. But the irresistible urge was building up and as I exploded again I longed to clamp my thighs around the legs between my own. Instead the unrelenting pounding continued and my helmeted head jerked backwards and forwards on the carpet in time with my splayed body. There was another groan from behind as cock number two exploded in me with an ejaculation I could feel and that brought about a revival of my own explosion which just about finished me off. I'd lost count now, was that the second or the third time I'd come in the last ten minutes. Before I could decide I was groaning, my pussy lips prised apart yet again. Oh my God, was this never going to stop?

This time the strokes were slow, measured and powerful, perhaps this was Geoff. I just wanted to stop for a while but my traitorous body started twitching in response to the quim trembling attention. Then there was some faltering in the rhythm and that cold finger was at my bum hole again. There were some hurried comments between the men and the prick in my pussy twisted erotically to one side, immediately after which hands were at my waist and another cock was nudging my bum. It forced its way in slowly whilst I tried to scream into the gag, to no avail; I merely hurt my throat. Soon the two cocks were working in rhythm, in and out alternately so there was always one thrusting into me. My pussy could feel the one in my bum and vice-versa, it felt as if a mechanical double dildo was reaming me out.

Then, as my breath was whistling, hands started to undo the collar of my hood and a voice permeated my punch-drunk brain. "I'm about to undo this gag. Do you understand?"

I nodded as well as I could, with my body swaying to the dual invasion at the rear it was not much of a nod, I'm sure. 

"You mustn't say a word. You mustn't make a sound. Is that clear?"

Again I tried to nod. I'd happily settle for any terms and conditions for the chance to move my mouth.

The gag suddenly deflated.

"Not a sound now" came the final caution, "or that riding crop will be put to back work on those sexy tits".

My hands couldn't reach my jaw but I mouthed with relief as the grip of the helmet around my jaw eased and the gag fell out. There however the relief stopped, the nostrils remained in place and my world was still stygian blackness. But I had barely begun to enjoy the pleasure of breathing through my mouth when the reason for the privilege became apparent. Hands closed around my head and eased it up to the extent my bondage would allow and then my lips were brushed by something warm and firm. I couldn't rear away so my mouth instinctively opened and yet another cock was sliding into me before I realised what was happening. It took up the same pace as the two in my bum and pussy and the effect was totally overpowering, I felt totally filled and unbelievably used.

In my fantasies of three cocks I had always imagined myself in control, the cocks hard because of a desirable and beautiful me, bestowing favours upon pleading males. Now, bound and displayed for the use and pleasure of men I'd never met, I blushed in unseen shame. I wasn't calling the shots here, I was mere entertainment. I took refuge in the fact I hadn't selected this course of action, that I had been tied up before I knew what was happening and now I could do nothing to stop the prolonged rape of my body. But I admit I wallowed in the humiliation, which wasn't what I'd expected.

Now the cock fighting with my tongue spasmed and hot salty sperm splashed vigorously around inside my mouth, the taste not unpleasant but totally inescapable, a reminder, if any were needed, of what was also being emptied into my other orifices at that moment. The cries of lust and excitement rose to a crescendo around me and someone fell across my legs with a shriek whilst in front of me someone was gasping as if they had run a marathon.

The return of the inflatable gag parted my lips momentarily.

"No, wait. Put this on." The gag paused and hands slid up my thighs and over my sopping nether lips. The squeak of rubber reached my ears and then the gag reappeared, thrust firmly in this time and rapidly inflating. I became aware of a more salty bitter taste and the annoyance of something in the roof of my mouth that my tongue could not possibly reach. Then the taste softened and all of sudden I realised someone had mopped up all the spunk and love drool from between my thighs and coated the gag with it before gagging me. The taste stayed with me for the rest of the evening.

"Come on guys, dessert is served." Geoff's voice called attention away from me and I was left alone to try and regain a little composure. My limbs were stiffening and my jaw was quickly going numb again. Not being able to lick my tongue around the inside of my mouth was now a nuisance and a distraction, as the slimy coating on the rubber sphere gradually slid off to collect at the back of my mouth, from whence I managed to swallow it little by little. My pussy and bum throbbed, my lips felt tender and my face burnt with a mixture of heat, randiness and embarrassment. It seemed however that there was still more ordeals to come for even as the clatter of plates announced the arrival of the sweet course hands were again at my breasts and murmured comments, clearly not meant for me, were being exchanged, along with crude chuckles.

Wham! With no warning at all my nipples were suddenly pierced with a shocking stab of pain. I jerked against my bonds and would have screamed if I had been able. 

"Oooooomph!" was all that came out, Geoff said later. As I jerked and writhed loud cries of laughter surrounded me. The bastards, just wait until I was out of here. Aggggh.  My poor tits. I could hear the continued amusement and feel the sway of what I guessed must be nipple clamps and weights. What I didn't know at the time was some of the amusement was not directed at my discomfiture but at the weights. Each one took the form of a naked woman, so engineered that any movement on my part powered a tiny lever that opened and closed their legs. 

Whilst I may have been unaware of this refinement I was only too well aware that my proudly displayed pussy was getting more attention. I groaned inwardly as I felt something nuzzling my lips yet again, I was just at that stage when any touch is too much, when sensitivity levels have not yet returned to normal. I tensed and tried to keep the would be invader at bay, a futile exercise. Whoever was pushing just pushed harder and I was in no position to resist. With a rush I felt something burst into my slot and rush home with a thrust that took my breath away. As I had not sensed anyone kneeling behind I knew it must be some kind of dildo and so it was. And whoever was wielding it clearly took exception to my show of resistance, as they now began to pound it in and out of my over sensitive pussy as if there was no tomorrow; at least it took my mind off my tits. My half-hearted sobs went unheeded and with my head hard down on the rug there was no other outlet for my emotions, so after I don't know how long another orgasm ripped through me like a tornado. 

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" was all I wanted to say and to my surprise the shafting did stop.

"Here, use this" a voice said and what I assumed was a belt was fastened around my waist.

"Here you are" came the voice again. I gently started to force the object that still resided inside of me, out of me. Then there was a tug at the new waist belt and the ejecting dildo was firmly propelled back in to the hilt. The pressure contined and as a new cold sensation crept between my legs I gathered they had fashioned a saddle strap to run from the belt, down my stomach, between my legs and up my bum crease to the waist again. It was this that was holding the invader firmly in place. 

Suddenly it took on a life of its own. It was a vibrator, and it had just been switched on. It vibrated but it also thrust in and out, I could feel only too well its nose pumping back and forth. The voices receeded and devoted all their attention to what I gathered was chocolate cheesecake. My already much violated pussy complained at this mechanical assault, but there was nothing I could do. Eventually, although I wouldn't have believed it possible, the complaints gave way to rising heat and again I felt myself slump head down amidst another body wracking orgasm. 

The aroma of coffee brought me back to the reality of my position, God how I wanted a drink, or something to eat. My muscles were so numb they had long ceased to hurt and I was dying for a pee. A fine finale I thought if I ended up peeing for them as well. Fortunately it seemed they were as sated, for someone had, thankfully, reclaimed the nipple clips and vibrator and I was left alone as the crowd departed.

I felt the ropes being unfastened as Geoff, with his typical perversity, left the helmet until last. I blinked up at him.

"You bastard. Just you wait, I'm going to see you well and truly screwed, you see if I don't. Now…" 

He anticipated me and handed me a drink.

"You were bloody marvellous" he smiled.

"How do you know. I've been in a bloody black hole for the past…God, look at the time! You swine. You've kept me there for hours. Just you wait, that's all. Just you wait."

He did serve me a belated dinner, which I gobbled ravenously and he did give me a wonderfully soothing massage, which I fell asleep to. But I'll get my own back, you see if I don't.