The Rocking Chair

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2005 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; toys; insert; bond; chairtie; belt; rope; collar; gag; tape; timer; tease; denial; nipple; bells; torment; climax; cons; X

It had been a busy week and I was looking forward to a couple of days off. I cursed the swirling wind and driving rain as I hurried down the street towards home. How I envied Don who mainly worked from home and didn’t have to brave this foul weather and rush hour traffic five days a week. A final squall sent leaves scurrying down the street as I fumbled for the front door key. At last inside and in the warmth of the house, the weather could now do what it liked.

“Hi Jen,” Don called out as I closed the door, “Come in here and see what I’ve got for you.”

But first I had to get out of my wet clothes. I hung my topcoat up to dry in the shower and then got my tired feet out of those sexy looking but, after a day at work, very uncomfortable boots. I’ll really have go and to get another pair of boots with more sensible heels for work I thought – maybe I’ll go shopping tomorrow if the weather fines up a bit. My skirt, top, pantyhose and even my bra were wet so off they came and into the washing machine they went. I tidied myself up and slipped on a wrap before heading off to the spare room to see what Don had got.

“Look what I’ve done to the old rocking chair,” he announced, “I’ve made it into a bondage chair to keep you amused so I can get on and get this latest project finished – I promised that I’d drop the preliminary sketches into Roger on Monday, so I’ve got a lot to do between now and Monday morning. Come on, after we’ve had a bite to eat, I’ll show you how it works.”

The freshly brewed hot coffee was just what I needed, but as we sat and ate our meal together I couldn’t help wondering just what Don had done to the old rocking chair. He was always good with his hands – in more ways than one – so whatever he had done was sure to be interesting. But in reply to my questions all I got was, “Just wait a bit until I can give you a demonstration. I’m sure you’re going to like it.”

At last the meal was over and it was off to the spare room. “Get those clothes off and I’ll get you strapped in for a trial run.” He ordered. That didn’t take much effort as I only had on a wrap and a pair of panties.

“To start with, slip these in,” he said as he passed me a fat vibrating dildo and a butt plug plus the necessary tube of lube.

Once they were in place he got me to sit on the hard wooden seat of the rocker. He ran a leather belt around my waist, pulled it tight and buckled it behind the centre bar at the back of the chair. Next he secured my arms lashing them to the chair with ropes above my elbows and at my wrists. More ropes secured my legs just above my knees lashing them to the front of the arms of the chair and my ankles to the front of the rocker just below the seat. This left me sitting very exposed with my legs apart, knees raised and my feet well off the ground. Then came what I thought at the time was the finishing touch, a 2 inch leather collar buckled round my neck with a rope through the D-ring at the back tied off to the top of the back of the chair. I could hardy move at all and any little movement that I did make caused the chair to rock putting pressure on those two plugs.

“Now open up, we don’t want you making a lot of noise and disturbing me while I try and work, do we?” he said as he pushed a fat ball gag into my mouth and buckled it tightly behind my head. “As an extra precaution I’ll add this,” he added. He proceeded to cover my mouth with duct tape that he wound round my head four of five times with each turn seeming to push the ball further into my mouth and to seal it off more effectively.

I thought that this was what he had dreamt up and wanted to show me. I also thought that he would now leave me for a while gently rocking in the chair. So I was surprised when he said, “Now comes the bit I wanted to show you.” He took the leads from the dildo and butt plug and plugged them into the control box that he had taped underneath the chair. Then he took the power lead, plugged it into the socket on the wall and flipped the switch. “I’ve set the timer to random so you won’t have a clue when they will start or for how long they will keep buzzing inside you. Oh, there’s one other thing I forgot to tell you. I’ve taped another switch to the rocker so if the chair starts rocking this will also make both plugs switch on.’

He tweaked my nipples and then went on to say, “As I love you and want you to get maximum enjoyment, I’ve set both plugs to run at full power. Have fun.” With that he gave the chair a push to start it rocking and sure enough there was an explosion of activity as both plugs burst into life deep inside me. As the ends of the plugs were pressing against the wooden seat their effect was intensified.

After what seemed like an eternity the chair stopped rocking and some time later the plugs stopped vibrating. But the longer I sat in the chair the harder it became to keep still. I moved my body just a little to try and get my bum in a slightly more comfortable position, the chair rocked and the plugs started vibrating again.

After a little while Don returned and said, “I can’t hear if you are having fun so I thought you should have these.” With that he attached a couple of clamps to my nipples and hung a small heavy brass bell from each. Again he gave the chair a push, this time he said that it was so he was sure he could hear the bells ring – and to make sure that I was still having fun. With that he again disappeared into his office.

It’s hard to keep still with a plug in your pussy driving you towards a climax; but just as I was about to cum both plugs switched off. My body sagged, the chair rocked and they immediately started up again. This time the bells rang as a shattering orgasm surged through me and the chair kept on rocking. In fact the chair kept rocking and the bells kept ringing for most of the next couple of hours. The longer I sat there, the more uncomfortable I was and the harder it was to keep still - and of course there was always the random timer to restart the fun even if I did manage not to rock the chair. My body was glistening with sweat, every part of my body seemed to be aching and I was sitting in a puddle of sweat and the juices from my pussy - a pussy that had long gone past any thought of a further orgasm.

Eventually Don reappeared. I tried to mmmmph to him that I had had enough and wanted out but this effort only rocked the chair and once again the plugs burst into life as strongly as ever. Don stopped, “Oh, I was going to release you but, as I hear the bells ringing, you must still be having fun and so I’ll leave you to enjoy yourself for another couple of hours.”

With that he gave the chair another firm push and left the room. I don’t think that it was another couple of hours before he returned – it just seemed like it. When he did reappear he pulled the plug out of the wall socket and took his time coiling up the cable before he finally got round to releasing me. Even then he took his time. “I’ll leave you to pull that duct tape off and remove the two plugs and those nipple clamps,” he said as I rubbed my wrists and arms in a hopeless attempt to remove the rope marks. The bastard, he knew that removing the duct tape and the nipple clamps were going to be painful – particularly as the blood rushed back into my nipples.

I made up my mind then that whatever the weather I was definitely going into town in the morning to get another pair of boots and leave Don at home to get on with finishing his project. But there was always tomorrow evening to worry about.

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