The Robot

by Betty Noone

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© Copyright 2014 - Betty Noone - Used by permission

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If he hadn't won a little over three million dollars, after paying the taxes it would never have happened. From the beginning of their marriage they were into bondage. Nothing serious, no-one ever got hurt, just play. She was the dominant one and he loved being submissive. He had a good paying job and worked Mondays through Fridays and always had the weekends off. They decided to not have children as it would interfere with their play time, it was that important to them. And the sex afterwards was fantastic. The role playing intensified their desires and when it came time to climax it was an explosion.

It was on Friday evenings when he returned home that the weekend play started. And it lasted until Monday morning. Sure, there were costumes and toys. She often wore her black spandex dominatrix body suit and carried a leather strap to hit him with from time to time. Not hard enough to draw blood or to cause a welt, but hard enough to let him know who was in charge.

After they were spent and were laying in their bed side by side, they often discussed how they would like to be able to do it all the time, but that his having to make a living prohibited that. After all, it was only a fantasy. Miriam always loved to dominate men from the time of her puberty she quickly learned how to get from the male sex whatever it was she wanted. In High School her boyfriends would do things for her and to her that they would not consider doing to anyone else. That is how good she was at manipulating them to her own ends. When she found Roger and they realized that they were meant for each other. He was a masochist and she was a sadist. She loved to dominate and he could only get excited when he was dominated. A couple made in heaven.

But winning the lottery changed all that. With the money invested in income producing stocks and bonds, there was suddenly enough income for Roger to quit his job and for them to fulfill their fantasy play full time. Yes, full time. The prospect of this happening excited them both. They were now in their middle forties, having been married for fifteen years, and suddenly the mortgage on the house was able to be paid in full, each now had new and nice cars, and money was no longer a problem. They discussed this situation for several weeks. Each knowing that the next step, if they took it, could change the way things were, forever. Either of them were quite sure where it would lead to, but after much discussion they knew that they had to go forward.

Roger quit his job of fourteen years and cashed in his retirement fund which added to the stash of cash they already had. Roger now stayed at home all of the time. To be able to continue their role playing full time was, at first, exciting. After four weeks they each found that the satisfaction at the climax was not as strong as it was in the beginning. She wore her costumes, and she made him do the chores. He never dressed as a woman, but he now wound up doing all of the housekeeping. She found that to get excited she wanted to hit him harder and more often with the leather strap, and she often did. When he received a beating that was stronger than before, he would look at her questioningly but never complained about it, aloud.

With just two people in the house, and what amounted to the sub having a full week to keep the house clean and neat, there was too much time in-between. They often just sat around with nothing to do. And the intensity of their orgasms lessened with each session. Of course they discussed it.

Miriam came up with the idea. She said that they were not enjoying it as much because now that it is their life-style full time, that role playing just isn't enough. It is a game after all, just a game. She thought that to regain the intensity that it had to become more than a game, that they really had to live the lifestyle and to give to each other unconditionally. Roger knew that he too was not being fulfilled and said he was willing to try it. Miriam asked to have a couple of weeks to come up with a plan and then see how it would play out.

During the next couple of weeks, Roger immediately saw a change in Miriam. She became not only more dominant, but demanding and critical of almost everything Roger did. She punished him for what she called his mistakes and now, more times than not, had him sleep in the guest room. She told him that not having sex nightly would increase the intensity of when they did do it. Soon Roger found that she no longer was willing to have sex with him as often as before. When he asked her why she is holding back, she told him in no uncertain terms that as a submissive, he has no right to question his mistress. Yes, mistress. That was the first time she used that word with him.

Instead of standing up to her, he backed down and mumbled that he was sorry to have questioned her. Miriam knew that she was now taking full control and that Roger would obey. Maybe not at first, but she knew, that in time, he would come around to what she wanted. At this time even Miriam wasn't sure of what she wanted but as ideas came to her, she wrote them down, until after two months from their first conversation about going after the real thing instead of role-play she was ready to present her plan to Roger.

After dinner that night they sat at the dining room table and Miriam began to outline her plan. She did not have to state as to who would be playing which role, that had already been decided a long time ago. She told him that she wanted to become even more dominant, that her words and actions insofar as Roger was concerned were not to be questioned, but obeyed. She said she knew that deep in his heart he wanted to become even more submissive than ever before, more submissive, she said, than he could dream about. That she would take away from him any pleasures of life and that when they finally reached that level, he would only live to serve her, his mistress.

She warned him that to go down this path would mean that one could not come back from it. There would be no 'safe' words, once committed they each would perform the roles assigned to them. She warned him that she intended to take him where no other sub went before. She mentioned the caste in India called the 'untouchables' and she said she would bring him down even lower than that. With her plan she would eventually make him less than human. He would be a living being, living only to serve her, having no pleasure other than the pleasure of being what she will make of him.

He asked her to define what she meant. Just what did she plan on doing? He was at a loss but the idea of it excited him. Excited him that he was flush in his face and his penis was like a flag pole. Miriam saw this and knew that he would eventually agree to her plan. Miriam handed Roger a copy of the outline she prepared and she read it to him aloud.


"First, we will file for divorce. In the divorce settlement you will assign to me everything you own, and that we own together. I will be in full control of all the finances. You will not even own the clothes on your back, they will belong to me. We have to divorce, because the laws in this State would give you the right to fifty percent of our assets, and for you to go where I am going to take you, you must own nothing, nothing at all. In the event I do not outlive you, my Last Will and Testament will give you back whatever assets I possess. But as long as I am alive you will own nothing. That is what a sub means to me".

"You will never leave the house for any reason whatsoever, unless I approve it. You can walk out the door at any time and stop our game, which by the way, is no longer a game, but if you do, it will lock behind you with nothing but the clothes you are wearing, which incidentally will belong to me".

"Little by little I will remove from you any of the senses I feel you no longer need to fulfill your duties to me. I have been giving this some thought and for starters, we will have all of your teeth pulled. Since you will not ever be leaving the premises, having a toothache or gum disease is not an option. So your teeth will be pulled and you will never have to go to a dentist again. Since whatever you will ever have to say to me I will have no interest in, you will at the time I say, never speak aloud again. I have plans so that you will be fed forcefully through a pipe down your throat, so that you will never again taste food. But it will be the same as if you have eaten a meal nutritionally. I am considering plugging your ears with wax so that you cannot hear music, or the sound of a bird, or even my voice. I found a device that is similar to hearing aids, but with the battery pack on the outside so that you can hear me, but hear nothing else. And my voice will sound electronic. You will know it is me, because I am the only one that can reach your ears".

As Miriam is relating this Roger is becoming so excited that he cannot help himself, and begins to masturbate while sitting at the table. Miriam watched him with amusement, realizing that by his actions he is going to give his consent. Roger ejaculated in a stream that hit the wall of the dining room, it came with such force. She waited until he stopped squirting and then told him to clean it up. Miriam waited until he was finished. Roger mumbled about his being sorry to her, and she told him that she was pleased that he did what he did, as it shows her that it is what he really wants to become. Miriam continues.

"Your name will be changed. You will no longer be called Roger. I have selected the name 'it' for that is what you will become. Not a man, not a woman, but an 'it'. My lawyer has a friendly judge that will see that this is done".

"You will sign a document giving me full control of any health issues for you. After all we will not be husband and wife and I must have complete control over not only you but your body".

"And finally, and this may not be the last of it, because as I think of things I will put them into this outline and it will become part of the deal. You will have no say in anything I do, or do to you, understand?"

"So that you understand where I am coming from", Miriam continued, "I want you to know that when we come to a certain level, I am going to want to present to me as a gift, your penis, your testicles and your prostate gland".

With that, Roger's eyebrows moved up, with panic on his face.

Miriam then told him that she meant it when she said that he would be removed from any sensual pleasures, and that the sex act was the most sensual of them all. Without those items, he would no longer have the testosterone or the desire to have an ejaculation. With his penis cut off and the urethra put into the down position, he would have to sit to pee.

"Not only that", Miriam told him, "when the time come for this to happen, you must come and offer them to me as your gift to me. And I will accept them. That will be your final level".

"You will see, but not taste, not hear, or have the ability to have an ejaculation. Your life will be seven days, 365 days a year, of making the beds, my meals, servicing my sexual needs with your tongue, should I decide that is what I want. In other words, you will do whatever it is I want you to do. To not do so without hesitation will result in beatings not with a leather strap but with a whip, and I will draw blood. What do you say, Roger? In or out?"

Roger could not help what was happening to him, as his penis gave him away. Even though he just pumped out a load, he was erect again, hard as he has ever been, and he could not stop himself from masturbating again and surprisingly, ejaculated another stream. Miriam told him that she would take that as a 'yes'.


At first the dentist refused to pull out a full mouthful of healthy teeth. But they concocted a story about his company sending him to a remote area and that he would feel more secure without having to worry about having dental problems, and with Miriam suggesting a cash bonus he relented and agreed to the oral surgery. Because of the scope of the procedure, Roger was given a general anesthetic and afterwards he was taken by car to a re-hab center where he would be for ten days while his gums healed. Miriam promised to visit him daily, and she did, however staying but a short time each time she came. The dentist expected to have Roger return to be fitted with dentures, but Miriam never suggested it, and Roger knew better than to inquire. The absence of teeth in Roger's mouth caused him to have his lips turn inward towards his mouth and he was unable to say the letter 's' because it came out 'eth'.

By the tenth day Roger was feeling well, and was anxious to be picked up by Miriam. He was dressed and waiting for her when she came and instead of going home as he expected she drove them to their attorney's office who had already been briefed as the what was going to happen. During the ten days that Roger was at the re-hab facility Miriam was busy. She had workmen in the house on a daily basis, making it over to suit her and Roger's needs. She pushed the men hard because it was important that the house be ready when Roger returned.

During this time Miriam found that she had become more confident in putting her plan into action and she began to fantasize as to how far down she planned to take Roger. She knew that once they started, Roger would be unable to stop himself from continuing the downward path. Miriam found herself masturbating while having these thoughts and she realized that what she wanted was complete control of another human being, to make him less than human, but to also have him so devoted to her that she would be obeyed, no matter what.

Like Roger's excitement when he first heard of the plan, Miriam realized that she no longer needed Roger for sexual arousal. That the fantasy of what her plans were for her soon to be ex-husband were all the arousal she could handle. Miriam had a realization that any love that she held for Roger would soon be gone and be replaced with her exciting plan of a new creation. And the thought of it only made her more excited.

When Miriam picked Roger up, he was waiting for her, dressed in a tee shirt and slacks. His face looked different. All the swelling was now gone, but his lips pursed inward causing some wrinkles around his mouth. Of course, all he could eat now was soft food as he could not bite. Instead of driving him home as he expected, she drove directly to the office of their attorney who was waiting for them. On his desk was a neat pile of papers, and a video camera was set up to record the session. He greeted them and offered them coffee, which they declined. He had them sit in front of his desk and then adjusted the camera so that it focused on Roger's face. He made a test for video clarity and sound and when he was satisfied, said they should begin.

In the next room, looking through the glass window set in the door, were three of the lawyer's secretaries who would act as witnesses to the documents he would be signing, as well as the lawyer notarizing them. He started out saying off camera, who he was and the purpose of the meeting. That Roger was there to sign divorce papers as well as other documents as requested by them both. Roger didn't remember making such a request, but kept quiet. The attorney started out with the papers for a non-contested divorce, and as Miriam told him earlier, he would be left penniless with Miriam in complete charge and ownership of everything he had. The attorney read aloud the entire document, and asked Roger if there was anything he didn't understand or agree to.

He turned to Miriam and said that he was scared.

Miriam told him that he should be scared, that once it began there would be no turning back, no safe word, just a continuation of his training. She again told him that while his life would never again be the same, this is what he really wants, to be completely under her domination.

Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, but nevertheless, he picked up the pen and signed where the lawyer indicated with his finger. And so it went, document after document. The name change, the power of attorney for health care, the authorization for whatever medical procedure that Miriam may want to have performed on him. Some of the documents said the same thing in other words, just to reinforce that he indeed signed them without coercion. And the video would also attest to that fact. Nowhere in the documents was Miriam ever referred to as other than her legal married name. She knew she was now going to be his absolute mistress and trainer but it was not so written in the documents. At the end of the signing, the witnesses came into the room and having seen him sign the papers, all attested that they had seen him do so.

At the conclusion the girls left, and Miriam said to Roger, "Your name is now 'it'. You are no longer Roger. You have just placed your life in my hands, to do with what I please, nod your head if you understand. Now, the first rule is, going to be in effect when you authorize it. Since whatever you have to say has no value to me, from the moment you say 'yes' right here and now, that will be the last word you ever say aloud. I never want to hear your voice again. If you don't agree, don't say anything, but if you agree, say it. Say 'yes'."

'it' no longer was able to resist. He knew he needed to go down the path to wherever Miriam would take him, and he said "yes,"

it was unaware of the changes that Miriam made to the house in the ten days he was recovering from the dental surgery. The first thing was he was no longer permitted to sleep in the bed with Miriam. She had a spare room built in the back of the house near the kitchen, with a sink, toilet and shower stall. The window that would have been in the room was bricked up. The walls and ceiling were painted grey. There were no doors installed anywhere. The closet was unpainted horizontal boards where there were towels, underwear, and shoes. There was a medicine cabinet but the mirrored door was removed.

The floor was sanded wood with a coat of varnish on it. Miriam wanted rough hewn wood placed on the floor, but was talked out of it by the contractor as it would give off splinters and possibly cause infection. Miriam agreed, but thought she was giving 'it' a luxury he didn't deserve. Instead of a shower head in the shower, there hung a piece of garden hose held by a clamp. The water was permanently set at tepid. Not ice cold, but not hot, either. There were no pictures on the walls or adornments of any kind. The bed was a canvas army cot with an army blanket neatly folded at the foot of it. The pillow was small and hard.

Miriam then told 'it' to follow her, and she walked him through the house. Installed in every room throughout the house, including 'its' were video cameras that filmed in both light and ultraviolet. Day or night, light or dark, every movement that it would make would be caught on camera no matter where he was in the house. She told him that all of his belongings were either given away or thrown away and that he is to remove his shirt, slacks, shoes, and socks and put on one of the garments hanging on a wire hangar in his room.

He went back to his new quarters and did as he was told. The shoes were women's shoes with a two inch cork wedge heel and vamp strap. The three garments were all alike and looked like they were made out of king sized pillow cases, with cutouts for the arms and head. And indeed that is what they were. The underpants were cotton panties. There were no stockings. It put on the shoes, buckled them securely and found that he could walk fairly well in them. The garment was like a shift and was loose enough to be comfortable in. He picked up his discarded clothes and handed them to his mistress who was watching him while standing in the doorway. The cork soles made his walking quiet. Miriam told him he was to wear the shoes day and night, even while sleeping and showering. They are not to come off his feet unless she commands it.

While he was not dressed as a man, he did not feel that he was dressed as a female either - just different.

Not having eaten since the four hour session at the attorney's office, and forbidden by the rules to not speak, he did not know how to tell his mistress that he was hungry. Miriam knew what he wanted by his rubbing his belly, but pretended that she didn't understand him. Finally she asked him if he wanted to eat, and he nodded his head vigorously. Miriam led him to the kitchen and she told him that he would first have to learn how to eat the new way. She sat him in a kitchen chair and had him bring his head back as far as he could. This lined up his throat with his neck. Miriam brought out a plastic tube with a 3/4" diameter and had him open his mouth. She put the tube into his mouth and down the neck. 'it' jumped in the chair as he felt he was gagging, and indeed he was.

Miriam removed the pipe and then re-inserted it. After fifteen minutes, it was able to tolerate the pipe down his throat. As soon as Miriam saw that he was tolerating the pipe, she attached a funnel to the other end of the short pipe and began to pour liquid down the funnel, which went through the tube and directly into it's stomach. All the while Miriam explained that this was a regular meal but pureed in the blender and watered down so that it would flow through the tube. He now was going to able to get nourishment without the joy of tasting or smelling the food.

His belly felt full but he felt cheated somehow. He knew that he would have to get used to it. This was he first sense that she had removed from him. Eating, smelling and enjoying the taste of food. She told him that at all meals he would serve her and when she was done eating she would take whatever was left over and put it in his bowl for him to puree in the blender. He would then insert his tube down his throat and pour it into the funnel. She told him that she would see to it that the amount of food was adequate but it always would be a semi-liquid without any taste. And this is how he will take all of his meals from here on.

Miriam was also hungry but in her excitement she wanted to show 'it' what other improvements she made. In the basement there was a winch installed with an electric motor to raise and lower the steel cable attached to the ceiling. A shudder came to it when he saw this contraption, because while they played BD from time to time, it was never so severe. On an open cabinet along one of the walls were sex toys that Miriam bought for her pleasure to work on it. It recognized some of them and others he did not yet know what they were for. He knew that he soon would find out. Miriam is talking about the changes all the time and of course 'it' is forbidden to utter a sound.

Finally back at his bedroom, Miriam hands him a device that looks like the device one holds when waiting for a table at a restaurant. When it is activated it not only lights up the led lights but vibrates. But this one was different. It was tuned in to Miriam's iPad so that she could send him messages from wherever she was to wherever he was. A running display similar to what one sees on TV when there is an alert, giving instructions. Any instructions or commands that Miriam desired to give was through this device. He was to keep it with him at all times, day and night. While 'it' was forbidden to talk, his brain was still active. He at the same time wanted to continue, but was frightened at what was happening and so quickly at that. He was already advised that according to the documents he signed, he could leave now, but with nothing but the clothes on his back. It was too late to back out now.

At nine PM 'its' mistress told him to go to bed as he had to be up at six every morning. He had a full hour to prepare himself for the day in his room. He must be showered and shaved and any toilet requirements were to be done at that time. He was also told that should he need to use any bathroom facilities, he cannot use any but his own. Just as he was about to get into his cot, Miriam came in with a CB3000 chastity belt. It was his own as they had it when they were just playing at domination and subjugation. He knew how to install it and quickly did so, clicking the little padlock shut. The key was not with the lock, and he knew that his mistress was holding it. He was unable to ask how long he would be kept so, as he was now forbidden to utter a sound.

'It' found it difficult to get comfortable. Being used to sleeping in a bed is different than sleeping on a cot. No sheets or pillowcases, just an army blanket. The shoes on his feet suddenly felt heavy and there was no place he found he could place them on the small cot that would give him relief. But it was a long and difficult day for 'it' and like it or not he soon fell asleep, exhausted. At six o clock the next morning, the lights and vibrator activated as it was programmed to do and 'it' got out of bed and began to get ready. He could not help but wonder what he was doing, he was a husband and a man and had all the accoutrements of a good life, and here he was, having nothing and under the control of a woman who he suddenly realized he didn't know what he was going to do. He trembled at the thought that she could kill him if she wanted to and no one would be the wiser.

At seven he is now in the kitchen preparing his mistress' breakfast. She sat in the dining room and his monitor flashed that she was ready to be served. He finished making her plate and coffee and brought it in on a tray. She pointed that he should stand in the corner while she ate. She took her time eating, while reading the newspaper. Finally he saw his monitor light up and the screen said, 'bring your bowl.'. He went to the kitchen and brought the bowl from the counter and handed it to his mistress. She scraped her plate from whatever eggs remained uneaten, the leftover hash brown potatoes, and threw the remainder of her coffee into the bowl as well. She also poured about two ounces of orange juice into the bowl that she did not finish.

'It' took the bowl to the blender, and put it on puree. It was too thick and he added enough water to make it fluid enough to pass through his eating tube. When 'it' was ready he sat in the kitchen chair, attached the funnel to the other end, put his head back and let the tube slide down his throat. He found that he learned not to gag anymore. He then poured the liquid food into the funnel, which quickly went right to his stomach. His meal took all of 15 seconds to complete. His stomach felt full but he got no satisfaction from it. From before he knew what chores had to be done, and without being told took out his bucket and brush and went to the bathrooms in the house to scrub their floors. Wherever he went the cameras silently recorded his every movement and sound. Should he do anything not allowed he knew that mistress would catch it on the monitor when she spent an hour or so in her office bedroom fast forwarding the monitor.

Miriam realized that she was still not satisfied. And she realized that while his lips now were puckered he still was the man who she remembers as Roger. He needed to wear a mask so that she could look at it and not be reminded of who he was. She went out, and returned several hours later with two shopping bags. And there were two different kinds of masks. One was a black vinyl full head mask. Cutouts for the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. It zipped down the back of the head to the nape of the neck where it closed around his neck. There was room for a little padlock, but Miriam did not think the lock would be necessary as he would not dare to take it off without her permission.

The second mask was a full face mask in hard plastic that was the face of a smiling girl. It too had cutouts for the eyes, nose, mouth and ears and was held in place by two laces that tied in the back of the head. Miriam thought about it, and decided that the vinyl mask would be too hot to wear all day long, and settled on having it wear the plastic girl's face. The vinyl mask would be put to better use when she had him in the dungeon. Yes, Miriam said to herself, that is what I'll do. It made lunch and dinner. Marion now saw the mask on 'it' and it no longer looked like her ex-husband. It looked like a doll. A moving doll. He was to wear it at all times except when he was in his room as she no longer wanted to be reminded of who he once was.

It was Miriam who had to give 'it' the menu that she wanted and also ordered the supplies from the grocers. 'It' found that a door had been installed in the bottom of the rear door leading to the kitchen that when the delivery man deposited it outside the door, he would be able to retrieve it without being seen.

Then Miriam decided that since he is an untouchable, he should not be handling her dishes or food with his bare hands. So boxes and boxes of vinyl gloves were purchased and whenever there was a chore that involved her, 'it' had to wear a pair of vinyl gloves. She also made sure that whenever she had to touch him, she wore gloves as well. Without realizing it, another de-humanizing step was taken. He no longer felt the hand of another person.

Miriam placed a one inch square of gauze on the inside of its mask at the forehead level. She showed him how to put several drops of Fabreze on the gauze each morning. Fabreze is a scent remover. Now 'it' could not even smell anything. Not a flower, nor the smell of bacon frying, nor of cookies baking. He was able to prepare the meals for his mistress because he knew the recipes but since smell is an important part of taste, he had no knowledge of how it tasted. 'It' knew that mistress did not complain. But another sense was removed from him.

It was six weeks before Miriam brought him down to a lower step. 'It' had developed a routine. Since he was not allowed to read anything: books, papers, nor hear anything such as TV or radio, he found that his brain was getting less active. He concentrated on the chores he was doing and he was not thinking of anything else except what he was physically doing. Before he was sent to bed one night, Miriam had him lay his head on the kitchen table with his face turned to one side. She took a pair of tweezers, rolled up a small piece of cotton into a tight ball, and inserted it in his ear. She then put in a microchip on top of the cotton, and then with wax that was pliable without excessive heat, filled the ear canal with it, making sure that the tiny wire lead stuck out to act as an aerial.

This effectively sealed off any sound except that which Marion wanted him to hear. She did the same to the other ear, and suddenly, it was deafened except for when his mistress wanted to talk to him. This lasted for only a month because Miriam tired of having to activate the speaker system. She again had him lay on the table and she carefully removed the wax, the computer chip and cotton ball. She then replaced the cotton ball and again sealed the ears with the pliable wax and formed the wax along the contour of his ears. 'It' now was completely sealed off and deaf. Another sense that was removed from him. He now cannot feel the touch of a human being, he cannot hear, taste, or smell. While he has freedom of movement, he is isolated. The only way he can now be contacted is by the electronic buzzer.

He allowed mistress to do anything she wished to him without complaint or he would be strung up in the basement and whipped. By now 'it' knew that he was be allowed to ejaculate every second week. At that time mistress would hand him the key and stand in the doorway to his room when he pleasured himself. He was only allowed one orgasm, but it was a good one. He knew to wash himself clean, re-install the device and hand the key back to Marion. Since there was no Monday, Tuesday etc, one day just went into the other without change, 'it' soon lost track of time or what day it was. And it was soon that Marion was lengthening the time for his masturbation to three weeks and finally to once a month. 'It' knew that the times between were longer, but was unable to determine just how long it was, and further, what could he do about it?

Strangely, while 'it' worked in the house and was kept busy for about ten to eleven hours each day, it turned into a routine and he became comfortable with it. He never had taken off the shoes but found that he now could sleep with them on. One soon forgets the comfort of one's own bed with a mattress and accustoms oneself to the facts at hand. In his own way, 'it' was becoming institutionalized. This was not satisfactory to Miriam, however. 'It' being comfortable in the environment was not where she wanted to go.

Looking at him, with his girl's mask face on, which he must wear at all times except in his own room, with vinyl gloves on when he serves her or prepares her food. She has taken from him hearing, taste, she needed to have him take the final step. She needed him to give up what is left of his manhood. Sometimes she thinks he looks like a girl, with the girl's face on him and wearing a shift dress with women's cork wedgies.

When he saw himself in any of the mirrors in the house, all he saw was the doll face of the mask and soon his brain accepted that is how it looked. He was never able to see his real face as there were no mirrors in his room and that was the only place where his mask was allowed off his face.

She has allowed him his sexual releases, even though they are now a month apart, and Miriam decided that it must take the final step. She realized that when he is strung up on the wire in the dungeon and being beaten, he gets excited, even though wearing the CB3000 chastity belt prevents an erection. The final sense is the removal of his sex drive and she needed him to offer it to her. She knew she had the authority to just go ahead and have the procedure done without his permission, but somehow she wanted him to voluntarily give it up. To tell her that he wants her to take them away from him. She texted him about it on the monitor, and when he saw it, he knew his time had come. The final humiliation. He would lose his penis, his testicles and scrotum and have his prostate removed. He would no longer need to wear the chastity belt, but he no longer would have any sexual desires either.

It has been a year since they began, and his hair was now down his back. He was shown how to make it into a bun and pin it behind his head, and it also made him look more girly with the girl's mask on his face. But he now was programmed that he was unable to refuse any command that mistress made. It was the isolation. He could see and get sexual urges, but that was all that was left to him. The brain began to shut down.

As she no longer remembered him as a husband, or even a person, he too, no longer remembered that she was once his bed partner. He no longer could remember that he was anything other than what he now was. He no longer thought in sentences. He didn't read, if TV was on, being deaf, he could not understand it, so he began to ignore it.. The silence, the lack of sensual input, caused his brain to slowly shut down, and he became what Miriam wanted him to become. An 'it'. Miriam saw to it that he was healthy. Since he never, ever went outside, he caught no germs. The food regimen was sufficient to keep him fit. It no longer occurred to him that he and his mistress ate their meals quite differently. He accepted what he was given.

So when the mistress texted him and told him she wanted him to offer his sexual body parts to her as the final gift, he knew he could not refuse, and he nodded his head. It wasn't easy for Marion to find a surgeon willing to perform the surgery. If you look hard enough and are willing to pay someone enough you will find someone to do most anything you want done. For the first time in a little over a year, late at night an ambulance pulled into the driveway, without lights, and making little sound. 'It' was placed on a gurney and placed into the ambulance and was transported to the clinic when the surgery was to be performed.

The doctor while not necessarily ethical, nevertheless was skilled, and he did exactly what he was paid to do. He even used microsurgery on the removal of the prostate so that there was little invasive surgery. He was returned to the home, before sun-up and the doctor said he would come by to visit to make sure that it was healing properly. As instructed, he put the removed body parts in solution in a mason jar and gave it to Miriam, who handed him his fee in cash. It took two weeks before the swelling went down and the pain became tolerable.

'It' now had to pee sitting down as the urethra was placed in the down position as in a female. But sitting down to pee was the rule from the beginning so that was nothing new. On the third week 'it' was well enough to begin to perform his regular duties. During that time it was Marion who had to feed him through his tube, and to make the beds and tidy up the house. She no longer liked doing that sort of thing and was glad that 'it' was ready to resume.

When he first came out of his bedroom the first time after the healing, Marion proudly showed him the plaque hanging on the den wall. It was his penus sticking straight out from the plaque like a flag pole. The taxidermist made it look lifelike. The testicles were alongside the penis, hanging as if they were earrings. Miriam did not expect the reaction, but from somewhere in the recesses of its brain came "What have I done?" and 'it' fell to the floor sobbing.

Neither Miriam nor 'it' realized that he lost the ability to make sounds and he wept, sobbing silently on the floor. Tears came out from behind the mask, and Miriam, for the first time felt some pity for 'it'. She knelt to him, handed him some tissues, which he wiped his face with and then dried the floor of the tears.

Mistress stood by him, and he crawled to her feet, clasped his arms around her black vinyl boots, and stuck his tongue out of the hole in the mask and began to lick his mistress' boots. Mistress smiled. She brought him down to the final humiliation and to the lowest step she could think of except for blinding him, which she did not want to do. But she now knew that she has broken 'it' to the final level. She was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that she achieved a goal that she originally wasn't sure was possible to do, but sad, that there was no further place to take him.

There came a time when Marion began to tire of being the mistress 24/7 and she began to seek companionship on the outside. She obviously could never bring anyone home to see the results of their relationship. It was an 'it' by now. He had no pleasure other than knowing that whatever he did was to please the mistress. He lost track of time, he was unable to speak, taste, smell, hear or touch. He became a robot. A human robot. She could blind him, but then he would be unable to do his chores, so this is as far as she could go. And Miriam began to be bored with him. She knew she could not get rid of him, people knew. The dentist suspected, the lawyer knew, and maybe he told others at a party sometime. She knew he couldn't just disappear. So bored with the game or not, she had to continue on with it, just as 'it' had to.

In the beginning 'it' did its chores from one to another. However the isolation and receipt of instructions only through the electronic device, caused him to become hardwired. It needed to be told each and every chore. It no longer knew how to go from one chore to another without instructions. One night, out of boredom the mistress went to a movie and when she returned she found the dining room lights on, her uneaten dinner on the table and 'it' standing in the corner of the room as if it were a manikin.

At first she thought it was dead because there was no life in the eyes behind the mask, she took his hand and felt his pulse and found that he was only beating 40 beats a minute not the usual 70- 80 beats that humans do when at rest. It was in a catatonic state. It prepared the meal as programmed but when it was uneaten it didn't know what to do without instructions. It was waiting for mistress to text him that she put his dinner in his bowl to be pureed. Without instructions, it simply shut itself down. It didn't know what to do.

This created a problem for the mistress. She no longer was able to leave the house for any reason. Without her constantly sending instructions to it, it would stop and shut down. So she too was now confined to the house 24/7. While he really wasn't totally human anymore, she couldn't get rid of him. Like a machine it required constant tending. It did what it was programmed to do, but Miriam did not expect that she too would become a prisoner of this game.

For the next twenty years, they lived this way. It no longer understanding but merely obeying, and the mistress did not leave the house for any reason. The money was sufficient for their needs, but she never was able to buy a new dress, or cosmetics. She could not leave to see a movie. From time to time she had to have workmen in the house to make repairs and she had to make sure that it was secure in its room and not be seen. So in effect they were both prisoners. He a prisoner in his isolated mind, and she a prisoner in her own home.

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