The Robbery

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2011 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; captive; latex; cd; bond; bench; insert; strapon; forced; hum; reluct/nc; X

I approached the adult store with my girlfriend's words ringing in my head, "Pick me up something for me to play with when your not here, and don't be embarrassed, everyone visits these stores". I had been with Jenny for a few months now and she certainly wasn't like any other girls I had been with before; confident, self assured and extremely sexual. She had taught me a thing or three!! Little did I know this shopping trip would be another part of my education.

I opened the door to the non-descript shop, half expecting a grubby, seedy little establishment, frequented by sad, portly, balding 50 somethings. I stepped inside and was shocked at the well clean, brightly lit, well stocked store. The store was empty as it was near closing time. I left visiting the shop until the last minute to spare my embarrassment.

The sales assistant was a pretty female, aged in her mid forties. She was busy stocking the shelves with a new delivery of magazines.

"Hi", said the assistant pleasantly.

"Oh, oh, hhhi", I stammered back, surprised that she spoke to me.

"Can I help you with anything", the assistant politely asked.

"Oh err no, I'm fine thanks", I replied as I tried to gain some composure.

"Well just let me know", the assistant replied.

I started to walk around the shop, pretending that I knew what I was doing and more importantly, I knew what I was looking for. There didn't appear to be much for Jenny to play with, only lotions and magazines. I would soon be making my excuses and leaving.

The assistant came up to me. She had obviously sensed that I was clueless.

"Right, don't be embarrassed, what are you looking for? I see this all the time. I am here to help".

I gave the assistant a shy smile and explained that my girlfriend had sent me here to pick something up for her to play with, without really explaining what she wanted.

After explaining my predicament, the assistant replied said in a matter of fact way,

"What she would like is either a vibrator or a dildo. They're in the next room through that curtain. I will come and give you a hand in a few minutes after I've finished stocking the shelves".

I was that clueless that I didn't even realise there was another room. I entered through the black and red silken curtains and entered into an even larger room, stocked with so much sex toys, I didn't even realise existed. There was a wide range of clothing and underwear, masks, bondage equipment, benches, videos and what I had come looking for - dildos and vibrators. I was intrigued and fascinated and spent a couple of minutes looking at all the clothing, before going to the dildos stand.

I had become so engrossed in looking at the sex toys that I never heard the shop door open. The first time I was aware that another person was in the shop was when I heard a raised voice, aggressively shouting, "Come on, hurry up, faster".

I went through the curtain and back into the front of the store, whereupon I saw a male, dressed in black, wearing a black baseball cap and a black scarf covering his face. The assistant looked absolutely terrified. I decided there and then to challenge this male.

"Hey", I shouted at him and made my way to him. The male quickly turned around and stared at me with hate and anger in his eyes. More importantly his arm was extended and his hand was holding a black object, pointing it at me.

It took me less than a second to realise he was aiming a gun at me. I immediately became transfixed to the spot through fear.

"Don't you dare fucking move", said the intruder violently. He then turned back to the assistant:

"You fucking lying bitch, you said there was no one else in the shop".

The intruder then ordered me to stand next to the assistant, whilst he went over to the entrance. I thought he was going to leave, but to both of our shock, he locked the door. He then strode over to where we were both stood.

"Right empty that till and put it in the bag".

The assistant emptied the till of the days taking and placed it in the plastic bag the intruder had given her. He snatched it back off of her.

"Where's the video camera", he demanded. The assistant pointed to the corner behind the till that stored the hard drive.The intruder went behind the desk and pulled the hard drive out from its mounting and wiring and threw it on the floor, causing it to smash.

"Right that's that taken care of. You two get into the back room. Move!!"

The assistant and I went into the back of the store, encouraged by the intruder waving his gun at us. The assistant held on to me. I could feel that she was shaking and was shedding the occasional tear. I whispered to the assistant:

"Look he'll probably tie us up and leave", trying to make her feel safe. Unbeknown to the pair of us, the intruder had a different, more humiliating plan for us.

"Now both of you, strip".

The assistant took off her black trousers and shirt, to reveal a black bra and a satin thong. I took off my suit and stood there in my navy blue boxer shorts.

"All of it", said the intruder, motioning with his gun. I slipped off my shorts and covered myself with my hands. The assistant removed her bra and thong to reveal a nice pair of round breasts and shaven mound. The assistant tried to cover herself up and slowly moved behind me.

The intruder quickly looked around the room and took from the clothes rack a rubber dress and crotchless panties. He threw them on the floor in front of both of us.

"Put them on", he demanded. The assistant moved from behind me in order to put the items on.

"No, no, not you. Him!", said the intruder with a perverse evil chuckle.

I picked up the panties and put them on, wincing as they were far too small for me. Then with help from the assistant, I managed to get into the rubber dress.

"Aww doesn't she look pretty. Move over to the bench".

I made my way to a strange looking bench that appeared to have leg and arm rests, complete with leather straps with buckles on.

"Get in it", he said threateningly. In it, I thought, how? The assistant came to my aid again. She told me to kneel on the lower rests and place my arms on the upper rests. She explained it was a spanking bench. In different circumstances I thought to myself, it might have been fun. I did as I was shown.

"Well, strap him in then".

The assistant then strapped my ankles and wrists onto the bench. The intruder came and checked that I was securely strapped in. The intruder then said to the assistant:

"Put this on him".

The assistant pleaded,

"Please, look you've got the money, please go and leave us. We won't tell anyone".

"Oh no, I've not had my fun yet. Put it on him". The assistant came up to my ear and whispered to me,

"Please open your mouth". I opened my mouth and a ball gag was inserted in and fastened around the back of my mouth.

"Mmmmmpppppffffff, mmmmmmmpppppppppffffffff", I said. The reality of the situation hit me. I was firmly restrained and gagged to a spanking bench, wearing a rubber dress and crotchless panties. I couldn't move nor look around to see what was going on behind me. All I could her was the assistant pitifully pleading with our now perverse intruder.

"Put it on or else. Good, now move to behind pretty boy".

I became fearful of what was happening behind me, events totally out of my control. I then became aware of a pair of hands spreading open the cheeks of my ass. I then felt something cold, similar to gel being spread around my anus. I tried to move and break free but all I could do was 'mmmppppfff'and move slightly. What I hadn't realised was that the assistant had been forced to wear a pair of panties with a strap on and that strap on was going to go straight in my anus. The assistant was now crying. She said to me through tears,

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry". And with that the strap on entered me.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppppppppffffffffffffffffffffffffff", was all I could manage through the ball gag.

"Come on, fuck him faster" said the intruder. The assistant kept on repeating that she was sorry through her sobs.

"Just stop. Keep inside him", said the intruder.

The intruder then took the assistants hands and handcuffed them around me. The assistants firm breasts touching my back He then fastened the assistants ankles to the legs of the bench using bondage tape. The assistant was then gagged with a ball gag like the one I was gagged with. Neither of us could move, and the assistant couldn't remove the strap on. For good measure, the intruder attached a pair of nipple clamps to the assistants breasts, causing her to mmmmppppfff in pain.

"Right carry on fucking him". The assistant then continued gently riding me. To my surprise and horror, I started becoming erect. The intruder also noticed the material of the panties stretching with my hard penis.

"Ha, ha he loves it, keep on going". In truth it was all the assistant could do, as neither of us could move or call out.

The intruder then told us he was going to leave us. He said that he may call someone or leave us until the morning, so that the morning staff could catch the kinky customer getting pegged by the assistant, a sex game that had gone wrong. Or maybe he would called the news for maximum humiliation and embarrassment. With that he left, locking the door behind him, leaving the assistant and myself firmly restrained and gagged, thrusting and mmmmmppppfffing.

I couldn't wait to be freed to tell Jenny...........................!!!!!!!!