Road Trip from Hell

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; glue; gag; car; naked; public; insert; toys; climax; reluct; X

“Where have you been?”

Stacey Burke hardly paused as she swept through the living room. “Oh,” she said offhandedly, “you know, out.”

Jason Walker frowned. “Out on another of your road trips, I’d say, judging from the way you’re dressed.”

Stacey glanced down at her skin tight, electric blue shorts and skimpy blue halter. “What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed? It covers the essentials.”

“Barely. And only if you don’t move.”

Stacey smiled. “Why, Jason, I do believe you’re jealous.”

“What I am,” Jason replied, “is hungry. I spend all day trying to build up my company, and when I get home, I would occasionally like to have a nice meal waiting for me, like when we first moved in together. But that would interfere with your road trips, wouldn’t it? I honestly don’t think I’ve tasted your cooking in over a month now.”

Stacey frowned. “Jason, I do have my life, too, you know. Besides, you can cook.”

“That’s not the point. I work my ass off to provide for us, but it seems lately, all I’m doing is paying for you to run around in that expensive little sports car I gave you, showing off for any guy who wants to look.”

“That’s not fair! I love my car, and I love you for giving it to me! If you didn’t want me to drive it, why did you buy it for me?”

“I wanted to make you happy, not give you a reason to never be home.”

Stacey turned away. “Jason, I am not going to argue with you about this. It’s been a long day, and I’m tired. I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow, if you’re in a better mood, maybe we’ll talk.”

“Stacey, the road trips have to stop. Or, at least, become far less frequent than they are now. I really don’t want to lose you, but I can’t go on like this. I need you here with me, not off on another adventure of the highway.”

Stacey shrugged. They’d had this conversation before, at least twice a week lately. “Good night, Jason.” Turning, she walked from the room.

Stacey woke slowly, wondering as she did how she’d managed to fall asleep sitting up. Probably another argument with Jason, she decided blearily. In the past month, their arguments had nearly stopped, due mainly to the fact that they very rarely spoke to each other any more. Stacey had increased her road tripping, until she was gone nearly all day, every day. For his part, Jason had thrown himself into some mysterious project he had started at the high tech company he owned.

Opening her eyes, Stacey glanced around, squinting a bit in the dim light. I fell asleep in my car?, she thought, seeing the outlines of what looked like a garage around her. As her mind became more alert, she began to realize that, not only was this not her garage, this wasn’t even her car.

What the hell? Stacey reached to open the car door, only to discover she couldn’t move. Well, maybe a little, but not nearly enough to reach the door handle.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmm mmmm?” As she heard her words come out in muffled humming sounds, Stacey realized she couldn’t open her mouth. It was as if her lips were sealed together. Struggling, she tried to part her lips, but they refused to open. Her mind now fully alert, she began taking stock of her situation.

She was, she saw, seated behind the wheel of a strange car in a strange garage. That much, at least, she’d already been aware of. Much as that bothered her, it was her inability to remove herself from that car that bothered her most.

Stacey’s left hand, encased in a tight driving glove, rested on the steering wheel, near the top. Her other hand, similarly encased, lay on the car’s floor shifter. Try as she might, Stacey could move neither hand from its seemingly relaxed position.

Her feet, too, were immobilized somehow, with her legs stretched out so that her feet were planted securely against the firewall. Glancing down, she realized that this relaxed stretch was possible because there were no pedals in sight.

The safety harness seemed especially tight, the lap belt drawing her firmly back into the seat, while the shoulder strap held her upper body against the seat back. No amount of struggling could shift her position so much as an inch.

To make matters worse, she was naked. Except for the gloves, she wore not a stitch. She had nothing on her, but she could definitely feel something in her. Glancing down, she could see a pair of wires emerge from between her slightly spread thighs, only to vanish over the edge of the seat.

“Good morning, Stacy.” At the sound of Jason’s voice, Stacey looked around her, humming questions and protests. He was nowhere to be seen, and she quickly realized that his voice came from the car’s stereo speakers.

“I hope you like your new car,” Jason’s voice continued. “I’ve been working on it for almost a month now. I figured, if you wouldn’t give up your road trips, maybe we could share one together. Well, in a manner of speaking.

“By now, you’ve noticed that you can’t move. That, my dear, is purely intentional. Your feet are strapped to the floorboard. Those gloves you’re wearing are attached to the steering wheel and shifter, respectively. Oh, and the one on the wheel has a pivot to allow the wheel to turn without breaking your wrist. I thought you might appreciate that.”

“Mmm mm mmm mm mmmm!”

“Very nice, dear. That’s a special new adhesive my company recently developed, sealing your lips together. Don’t worry, it can be removed. And will be, eventually. Maybe. But enough talk. Let’s get this road trip started. I know how much you hate to delay these things.”

To Stacey’s horror, she heard the car’s engine suddenly come to life. In front of the car, a garage door began rattling upwards, giving her a glimpse of the world outside. Her immediate struggles to escape halted only when the shift lever suddenly moved to the Drive position, pulling her hand along with it. The car eased out of the garage, Stacey’s head turning wildly as she emerged, horrified that someone would see her like this.

“Don’t worry, dear,” came Jason’s voice. “You can’t tell it from where you’re sitting, but the windows are specially tinted part way up. All anyone can see is your head and shoulders. Nobody will have any idea what’s going on below that point.”

The car turned onto the road, accelerating smoothly. As it did so, the intruder between Stacey’s thighs began vibrating. Stacey stiffened, trying to use her muscles to push the thing out of her, but it refused to budge.

“Did you notice,” she heard Jason say, “that this car has a digital dashboard? That’s an important feature, you know. What you’re feeling is a vibrator tied into the car’s tachometer. The faster the motor runs, the faster the vibrator runs. Of course, while we’re in town, it probably won’t run fast enough to do you much good, but who knows? Maybe we’ll put in some highway time today.

“Oh, and just so you know. I am controlling the car. Remember Bob? The tech at my company you always took such great delight in teasing? Well, he helped me develop the remote controls for the car you’re in. He’s actually sitting right beside me at this point. He’s driving the chase car we’re in, so I’ll have my hands free to control your car.”

Wildly, Stacey looked around her, trying to spot Jason’s car. “Don’t worry, dear,” he said. “We’re very close, and we will be all day. So relax. You’re in a car, on the road, and we both know how much you love to be naked. It’s the ultimate road trip. Enjoy!”

Carrying it’s helpless passenger, the car continued to move along the road. Each time it cornered, the pivot attached to her left glove allowed her hand to be drawn around in a circle. Could anyone see inside, it would look as if she were casually piloting the car with one hand.

With each corner, as the car accelerated, the speed of the vibrator increased as well, dropping abruptly with each gear change, only to rise again as the engine speed increased. Very quickly, in spite of herself, Stacey found her body responding to the stimulation provided, her arousal seeming to grow with every turn of the wheels.

Jason had been right about one thing. The vibrator felt good, bordering on fantastic, but it never seemed to go quite fast enough to make her cum. A couple of times, she came close, only to feel the vibrator suddenly stop as the car halted for a stop sign or red light, allowing her to drop down, just a bit, from the peak of her need.

At first, Stacey had been staring straight ahead of herself. Part of it was the fear that something would go wrong, and Jason would accidentally drive her into something. Most of it, though, as the desire not to see who was looking at her. She was horrified at the thought of being discovered this way.

Gradually, as she realized that Jason wasn’t going to hit anything, she began looking around her. By then, the car was near the heart of the city, and there were people all around her. She gazed at the hundreds she could see, realizing that not one of them knew there was a naked, helplessly aroused woman trapped here. To them, it was just another car in the endless stream of cars that passed by on any given day.

Gradually, the car worked its way out of the city center, moving toward less congested areas. By then, Stacey had lost, or given up, all control over her need. Her humming moans filled the car, while her body writhed, fighting, not so much for freedom, but for the orgasm the vibrator seemed determined to deny her.

Finally, after what seemed several eternities to the helplessly aroused woman inside, the car reached a highway at the edge of town. It halted at the stop sign, then turned slowly onto the larger road.

“It handles good in town, don’t you think?” Stacey could hear the laughter in Jason’s voice, and she silently cursed him, though the sounds escaping from her sealed lips were entirely different in nature. “Now, let’s see what it can do.”

With that, the car leapt forward, the engine roaring. For just a second, before the transmission shifted, the tach redlined. The vibrator, stilled while the car was halted, burst into furious activity. The sudden blast of sensation didn’t push Stacey over the edge; it hurled her. Her hums of need became humming cries as an orgasm of incredible strength crashed through her. So strong were the spasms wracking her, Stacey could feel the lap belt digging into her hips, seemingly only barely able to contain their wild attempts to thrust against the vibrations within her. Even before her orgasm peaked, the tach redlined on the next shift, sending another wave crashing through her. Eyes closed, she helplessly rode the crest of that wave, and then another, as the car shifted yet again. Finally, the waves receded, leaving her spent and limp in the seat.

“I’d say,” she dimly heard Jason’s voice remark, “that worked rather well, wouldn’t you?” Totally spent, Stacy could only hum weakly. “I’m glad you agree,” Jason continued. “And I’m glad you so obviously enjoyed it. After all, the road trip has only just begun. We’ve got all day.”

Suddenly tense again, Stacey glanced at the clock on the dash. She had no idea when this had started, but, according to the clock, it was barely ten in the morning. And he meant to keep this up all day? Briefly, she tugged uselessly at her hands, then slumped. This, she knew, could turn out to be a very long day.

She was right. The hours, the minutes, even the seconds, seemed to crawl by as Jason piloted the car into and out of the city. Her arousal, fed each time by the slow speed and frequent stops on the part of the vibrator, led inevitably to powerful, crashing orgasms each time the car took to the highway. Soon, Stacey lost all track of how many times she’d cum.

Once, they even pulled into a gas station, Jason coming over from his own car to fill the tank as she sat helplessly inside. Freed, if only briefly, from the cycle of need and release, Stacey could only marvel at the people who walked by her mobile prison, totally unaware of what was happening just beyond the tinted glass. Then, tank filled, the car returned to the road, and her ordeal began again.

By the time the sun began to set, the impossible had happened. Stacey had reached the point where she couldn’t cum any more. Worse, the vibrations inside her had ceased to be pleasurable, bordering now on painful. It was with a kind of exhausted relief that she watched the car turn from the road to enter the garage where the whole thing had begun. With the garage door closed and the engine now silent, she could only sit helplessly as she awaited whatever came next.

“I hope you enjoyed that road trip,” she head Jason say, “because it was your last at my expense. Stacey, I love you more than you will ever know, but this has got to stop. I can’t go on like this. You will either stay home, stay with me, or you will leave. It’s time for you to decide which means more to you; your road trips, or the man who loves you.”

Stacey listened silently, her hums gone. She could feel the juices from countless orgasms caking her ass, the backs of her thighs. All she really wanted right now was to take a shower, then go to sleep in her own bed. Their bed, she corrected herself, knowing Jason would be there as well, eventually. Suddenly, her eyes began to droop, and she had to fight to keep them open.

“Nothing to worry about,” came Jason’s reassuring voice. “We’re injecting an odorless gas into the car. It won’t hurt you, but it will put you to sleep. I used the same thing on you last night so I could get you ready this morning. You’ll sleep soundly for several hours, and when you wake up, it will be time to decide.”

For a moment, Stacey fought to stay awake. Slowly, her eyes closed, her head drooped, and she slipped into dreams.

“Well? Have you decided?”

Stacey stretched luxuriantly on the bed, realizing with some surprise that she felt totally clean. Jason, she thought, had to have bathed her while she slept. Her entire body, it seemed, felt rested and relaxed. Only her mind was busy, working furiously as she gazed up at Jason.

For long moments, she simply looked at him, seeing the uncertainty, even fear, in his eyes, as he awaited her choice. He’s afraid I’ll leave, she realized. He loves me, and he’s afraid he’s going to lose me over this.

He did, she knew, have very good reason to fear. After what he had put her through, she had every right to leave and never come back. Part of her, in fact, was angrily insisting that she do just that.

Looking up at him, though, Stacey suddenly began remembering. She remembered the day they met, the day they started dating. She remembered the day they moved in together, and the night of passion that followed. It had been the first time they’d ever had sex, by mutual agreement. She remembered every day that followed. And every night.

Finally, she broke the silence. “Jason,” she said softly, “did you ever think to ask why I spend so much time in my car? It’s because you’re never here. You’re gone by the time I wake up in the morning, and you never come home until late in the evening. It’s like I’ve become your housekeeper with benefits. Clean, cook, and, if I’m very lucky, a fast fuck before you fall asleep.

“Yesterday,” she want on, seeing the look of surprise and sadness entering his eyes, “I came more than I’ve ever cum before. And more powerfully. I never dreamed my body could orgasm like that and not fly into a million pieces.. But something was missing.”

Her gaze sharpened. “You. Oh, sure, you’re responsible for each and every orgasm I had yesterday, but you weren’t there. Just like you’re never here. I love you, damn it! I love you and I need you in my life. But it’s like you love work, love your company, more than me. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to lose you. But I keep asking myself how I can lose something I don’t seem to have any more.” Stacey’s eyes closed, and tears began streaming down her cheeks.

For a moment, there was silence. Then, eyes still closed, Stacey heard the phone beside the bed being dialed.

“Rachel? This is Jason. Look, I won’t be in today. Take care of anything that comes up, ok? The Norton job is in an important stage, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on it.

“Oh, and another thing. From now on, I won’t be in until seven, and I’ll be leaving at three o’clock sharp. Be thinking about someone who can oversee things from then until closing time, will you? Who? Yes, he would be a good choice. Talk to him and see if he wants the job. Let him know there’s a raise included. Good enough. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

There was a click as he hung up the phone, then Stacey felt the mattress sag as his weight settled onto it beside her. A gentle finger stroked her cheek, wiping away the tracks of the tears that had stopped as she’d listened to his words. Now she heard more words.

“I’m sorry, Stacey. This is all my fault. I just wanted you to have…..I don’t know. Everything, I guess, anything and everything you could possibly want.”

“I want you,” she whispered in reply. “That’s all I want.” His finger vanished from her cheek, and she could feel him stretch out beside her.

“And you’ll have me,” he said, drawing her to him. “From now on. I can’t promise nothing will ever come up at work that I won’t have to go take care of. But I can promise that, from now on, only something urgent will take me from you after hours.”

Stacey’s eyes opened and she looked at the man beside her. “No more overtime? No more sixteen hour days?”

Jason shook his head. “Not unless there’s no other choice. I am, after all, the owner, and there are some things I will have to deal with myself. Other than that I promise I will be spending a lot more time at home. But only,” he said suddenly, “if I have you to come home to. Please say you’ll stay.”

Gently, Stacey kissed him. “Where else would I go? My life, my heart, are right here. But I want one more promise from you.”

“Anything. Name it.”

Slowly, the corners of Stacey’s mouth began to twitch upwards. “I want one road trip a month. In my new car. With you driving.”