Right or Wrong

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2017 - The Technician - Used by permission

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Darius & Delores appear on a BDSM game show, Right or Wrong. When a couple just graduated from college and burdened with debt decide to appear on the BDSM-themed game show “Right or Wrong,” interesting things happen.

“We can’t go on that show!” Delores Tucker exclaimed. “We don’t have the thousand dollar entry fee... ... and what if we’re wrong!?”

“We have at least that much coming in our income tax refund,” Darius replied in his most soothing voice. Then he added, “And we don’t have to go to the highest levels.”

Darius Evans was Delores’ boyfriend of several years. Since they had lived together now for over three years, perhaps it would be better to call him her “significant other,” but Delores hated that term. She always introduced him as her boyfriend.

“Besides,” he continued, “if we don’t know the question, we can always take the money and walk away.”

“I don’t know,” she replied very warily, “we really need that refund. And besides, they do some really nasty things to people on that show.”

“But we could make enough in just one night to pay off all our bills,” he countered. “We could maybe even win enough to buy a small house... or go on a really nice vacation.”

His voice turned almost syrupy sweet as he asked, “You’d really like that, wouldn’t you, Butterbutt?”

His use of his pet name for her was a very dangerous thing to do in an argument. If she was really mad at him, it would cause her to explode. She was sensitive about the size of her ass even though that was what Darius really loved about her. And she was almost ashamed of the fact that she loved anal. Bringing up her ass when she was angry was like throwing gasoline on a fire.

He was willing to take the risk because it was more important to find out if she was really mad at him for bringing up Right or Wrong or if she was merely unsure or afraid about appearing on the BDSM-themed game show.

“But what if we’re wrong, Bullius?” she almost whined. Darius relaxed slightly and let a smile come to his face. She used her pet name for him. When they had first met in a college class, she made fun of his name and called him “Dairy Boy.” That had infuriated him so much that he made it his goal for the rest of the semester to do everything he could to make her life miserable.

Unfortunately it was a relatively small class, and, even more unfortunately, the professor believed that developing teamwork was an essential skill for success. The small class meant that everyone knew that they despised each other. The professor’s beliefs meant that she had assigned them the course project as a joint action.

Their desire to pass the course overcame their hatred for each other– almost– as they struggled to complete the project. It was a research project so it was possible to do most of the work independently. The other professors and various participants in their surveys signed off on their independent work but the final paper had to be a joint effort. They had each submitted several papers during the course of the class, so their professor knew their style and typical word usage. She would know if just one of them totally wrote the paper. Alternating chapters or any other plan like that would be just as obvious. They had to write this together.

Darius had four roommates in his small apartment. Delores had only two roommates and a much larger apartment with a big kitchen, so it was decided that they would work together at her place. Both Delores and Darius really wanted to go south for Spring Break, but there was no other time that they could work together and the paper was due shortly after break. They had put it off long enough. It had to be written over Spring Break.

After two days which had been spent primarily screaming at each other, one of Delores’ roomies reached her limit. “You two are acting like little children!” she had yelled at them. “I should just lock you in the apartment and not let you out until you have decided to work together with each other.” She had then said loudly, “Shelly and I are going to visit her parents for a few days so you two will have the apartment to yourselves for the rest of the week. If you two are still here– and still alive– when we get back, I’ll assume you have worked out your differences.”

After the room mates had left, Darius said glumly, “Whether she locked us in or not, we are trapped here. We need to work out our differences so that we can get this paper written.”

Following that, they sat at the small table in the kitchen and stared at each other in silence. After a while– a long while– Delores said softly, “Why do you hate me?”

Darius felt himself almost boiling. “You really don’t know, do you?” he spat out.

“No,” Delores answered. Then she added angrily, “Why don’t you tell me?”

Darius stared at her in silence. He started to talk several times, but could not. Finally he blurted out, almost yelling, “You called me Dairy Boy!”

Delores gasped. “I was teasing,” she sputtered. “I always play games with people’s names. Your name is Dari... us. I just changed it to Dari... boy. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He glowered at her. “You never call a black man ‘boy!’” he spit out.

“Oh,” she said. “I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know. I apologize for not knowing. I am so sorry.”

He continued to glower at her.

“I apologized,” she said softly. “Does that mean we can finish the paper?”

“Words don’t take away the hurt,” he said angrily. “You may not have meant anything, but it meant something to me. You hurt me publicly. Private words don’t fix that.”

“What about private punishment?” she asked softly. “You could, you know, punish me or something. Maybe giving me pain would take away the pain you’re feeling.”

“So,” he huffed, “I’m supposed to spank you or something and it will make up for everything?”

“It might,” she said. “And I would be willing to let you.” She huffed and said, “At this point, I’d be willing to let you do almost anything to me just so we could get this damned paper finished.”

He looked over at her for a moment with his mouth moving almost as if he were chewing. “It would have to be on your bare ass,” he said finally.

“Why!?” she yelped.

“What you did shamed me,” he said heatedly. “I want you to feel shame as I spank you.”

He looked up at her. “If it wouldn’t get us both arrested,” he said firmly, “I would take you outside naked into the middle of the park and lay you over my lap on one of those benches and then whale on your ass until you were screaming for mercy.”

His voice dropped slightly as he continued, “You shamed me in front of the whole class, I should be able to punish you and shame you in public also.” He gave a short, heavy sigh and added, “...but I guess I’ll have to settle for some private shaming.”

Delores stood in front of him and slid her jeans down to the floor. She then started to lay herself across his lap. “I said on a bare ass,” he said sternly.

“I can’t do it,” she answered at almost a whisper. Her voice was trembling as she said, “I can’t bring myself to take them off in front of you.”

“Then I’ll do it,” he replied. “But if I do it, I take off everything.”

“I can’t do it,” she repeated. Her voice was now quivering as she spoke.

Darius stood back up and grabbed her knit blouse by the bottom and pulled it up over her head. He then sat down. “Your choice. You take off your panties or I take off everything.”

She lay down over his lap and said once again, “I can’t do it.”

“OK,” he replied and reached over to the clasp on her bra. “Last chance,” he said as he pulled on the clasp.

Delores just whimpered lightly, so Darius opened the bra and pulled it off her shoulders. Her breasts now hung down beneath her. The cool of the room caused her nipples to immediately harden and she whimpered once again.

Darius then stuck his fingers into the waistband of her panties. She gasped slightly, but lifted herself off his lap so he could slide the panties down her legs. She then bent her legs at the knees, putting her full weight on his lap, so that he could pull the panties the rest of the way off her legs.

He patted the rounded globes of her ass. “You’ve actually got a nice ass,” he said. “Your ass was the first thing I noticed about you. I really wanted to get to know you because of that ass, but then you called me ‘boy’!”

He wasn’t sure if he had intended to smack her asscheek loudly as he shouted out that last part, but that is exactly what he did. Then he struck harder. And then harder still. With each resounding smack, he said more loudly, “You called me ‘boy’!”

Darius wasn’t sure when it was that he stopped yelling that at her. He also wasn’t sure how many smacks he had given her when she started moaning and squirming on his lap. He was now smacking each asscheek alternately. Delores would give a slight yelp as the blow struck, but then she would take a short, noisy, intake of breath.

“This is turning you on!” he exclaimed. “You goaded me into doing this because you get off on it!”

“No!” she sobbed. “I’ve never been spanked before. I’ve never even thought about getting spanked. I didn’t know it would do this to me.” She sobbed again and then said softly, “But it does. Please don’t stop. I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would do this, but please, don’t stop. I need to cum so badly.” She sobbed again as she said, “Please take me over the top.”

Darius returned to spanking her with renewed vigor. Her ass was bright red and moving rapidly toward purple, but an orgasm was building within her. She started calling out “Ahh, ahh, ahh,” with each spank, but the “Ahh’s” rapidly became “Uhh’s” which soon morphed into a shrill scream which seemed to go on forever– as did her orgasm.

When she had finally stopped screaming and thrashing, Darius held her on his lap and ran his hands across her inflamed asscheeks. As he slid his fingers up and down her asscheeks, Delores once again began to pant. When Darius slid one finger down the crack between her asscheeks she responded with a loud, passionate, “Aaaahhhh!”

“Oh, God!” she said hoarsely. “I need you inside me!”

He moved his fingers down and began to slide them along the edges of her labia.

“No,” she said breathlessly, “in the back... in the back.”

He moved his fingers back between her asscheeks and pushed slightly against her puckered rosebud. When she called out, “Yeeesssss!” he asked softly, “Do you have any lube?”

“No,” she sobbed back.

Darius looked frantically around the room looking for anything he could use for lube and then realized that the remnants of an earlier snack was still on the table, including a half-stick of room temperature butter. He continued to stroke her back crack with his right hand while at the same time stretching over with his left hand to pick up the butter.

He smeared the butter across her asscheeks and then down through the crack between them. As he slid his hands across her inflamed globes, Delores cried out incoherently, her voice becoming louder and more shrill. When he smeared more butter down her crack she moaned loudly and her whole body shuddered. His finger entered her ass and she cried out “Aaaiieee!” But it was a cry of pleasure, not a cry of pain. Then she began moaning, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Despite the raging hard-on that was about to tear through his pants, Darius knew he had to loosen her up before trying to penetrate her. He continued to pump in and out with his finger and Delores continued her chant of “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” in time with his finger’s movements. When he changed to two fingers her voice became lower and almost hoarse. At three fingers, it was becoming difficult to understand what she was saying. Finally she was ready and he said, “Lie over the table.”

Delores stood and bent over the kitchen table. Darius frantically removed his pants and moved to stand behind her. He tried to start slow, but as soon as the tip of his prick touched her rosebud, she rammed herself back against him, burying his manhood deep within her. She then lay on the table moaning.

Darius took his time, pulling back very slowly and then moving back in even slower. Delores was now moaning and babbling incoherently. The only words which could be understood were when she said “harder” or “faster,” which she eventually began chanting over and over again. Her calls egged Darius on until he was ramming into her hard enough for the slap of his abdomen against her ass to sound almost like the earlier spanking.

Finally they both reached the point of release. Delores gave one last scream and collapsed on the tabletop. Darius collapsed on top of her and started laughing.

“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God,” she started yelling. “What have we done?”

“I’d say we found a way to work together,” Darius said. Then he added with a laugh, “Butterbutt.”

“And I found out you were are hung like a bull, Bullius,” she replied.

They aced the paper– and the course– and shortly thereafter moved in together. But things had not been easy. Darius was not always Bullius. He would occasionally go into long periods of depression and lose all interest in sex. Even moreso, he would lose all interest in finishing school, in getting a job, even in life itself. Some days he would hide in the apartment with all of the shades drawn claiming that someone was after him. Something was just wrong, but despite her pleading, Darius would not go to a doctor. Then a few days later, he would be back to his normal, loving self.

Delores graduated with honors, but turned down several good job opportunities to remain near the university so Darius could finish his degree. Somehow, he always managed to not quite meet the requirements. Since she was working in a less-than-perfect job, and he was working only a few hours a week, their money problems multiplied. Then in one of his manic-fueled periods, Darius came up with the idea of appearing on Right or Wrong.

Right or Wrong was a television game show that appeared on the adult cable channels. The whole show was BDSM-based and way past R-rated. The host was called Master Arnold. His two assistants were called Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala. The rest of the staff and stage hands were referred to as slaves. Most of them were totally naked. Many were hairless.

Master Arnold was always dressed in black leather–normally a pair of black leather pants with a black leather vest. Occasionally he would have a white shirt of some sort under the vest, but normally the vest was over his bare chest.

Mistress Olivia wore a full-body black catsuit which highlighted her extremely pale face. It also revealed every curve and crevice of her body. Everyone assumed she was a blond, but viewers were never sure because her hair was always concealed by the suit.

Mistress Makala wore a modified dominatrix outfit made of shiny, white leather. White fishnet stockings covered her legs and white gloves reached up to her elbows. With her deeply black skin, she looked almost like a negative of what one would expect a dominatrix be. Her voice and attitude, however, were pure dom.

The purpose of the show was very simple. Gullible couples came on the show hoping to win big money. Sometimes they did, but usually they ended up paying the forfeit for the questions until they could stand no more. One partner of the couple would answer the questions. The other would be restrained in a big frame facing the audience. Obviously, the one in the frame was the one who was putting their ass on the line– literally.

There was a required entrance fee of one thousand dollars. This had two purposes. It established a legal contract that protected the producers of the show from law suits. And two, it started the contestant with $1000 on the board. Questions were worth up to $100,000, but the forfeit for a wrong answer at that point could be very severe.

After doing considerable research into the rules and background of Right or Wrong, Delores agreed that they would go on the show. Darius also convinced her that he would answer the questions since he always won every trivia contest at any bar they went to. That meant that she would be the one in the frame subject to the penalties.

Taping for the show was done once every three months. The audition and approval process for them was fairly rapid since the show was based in the same city as the university. There were a series of forms which had to be filled out that asked some VERY personal questions. It was the first time that Delores had ever written down that she liked being spanked and loved anal sex.

One of the questions bothered her, though. It asked if she had ever cheated on her boyfriend or if he had ever cheated on her. She asked Darius how he had answered that one and he said, “I don’t remember that question... must not have thought it was important.”

The final selection was based on a rehearsal show with other staff playing the part of Master Arnold and the two Mistresses. Primarily they were trying to see how Darius would respond to the questions and how Delores would respond to the restraint frame. She had to stand in the frame and hold the restraints but was not secured in place. At one point, after Darius missed a question, one of the staff members came around behind Delores and smacked her lightly on the ass. Her intake of breath rather than a cry of surprise or pain told them all they needed to know. They were approved at contestants.


The day of taping, Darius and Delores were kept offstage in a small waiting room until their episode came up in the schedule. They could not see the other contestants, but they could occasionally hear a woman– or a man– scream out in pain. When that occurred, they could also hear the studio audience cheering wildly.

Finally it came their turn. They were escorted to the edge of the stage and told to wait quietly in the darkness until they were called onto the stage. They waited nervously, holding hands, until the announcer called out loudly, “Let’s give a great Right or Wrong hand for our next contestants, Darius and Delores!”

The audience cheered and applauded and the stage manager gave both of them a hard push in their backs to get them moving. Mistress Olivia met them as soon as they stepped into the lights and escorted them to the proper positions. She pointed down at two marks on the floor where they were supposed to stand. Unlike the Xs used in the audition, these marks were a whip and a crop crossed and tied together with the lash of the whip. Delores felt a knot form in her stomach as what they were doing became real for her.

“Welcome to our dungeon,” Master Arnold called out loudly. “Darius and Delores,” he continued, “which of you is going to be facing our test of your mind and which of you is putting your ass on the line?” It was exactly the same question he asked exactly the same way with each pair of contestants. The audience always applauded loudly when he asked it, even if the applause signs were not blinking.

“He’s answering the questions,” Delores said. She was surprised at how timid her voice sounded.

“In that case,” Master Arnold said in his best announcer voice, “Delores, would you please step into the restraint frame?”

A large, square, black metal frame descended from the darkness above the stage and landed on the stage floor with an audible “Thump!” The frame was approximately eight feet on each side. The bottom of the frame was about two feet wide while the rest of the frame consisted of what looked like four-inch steel pipes with small hooks and loops welded to it at regular intervals all the way around.

Delores stepped out of her shoes as she had been told to do and positioned herself in the center of the frame. Another requirement of the show was that all women wear skirts. The skirts had to be “modest,” which was defined as touching the leg no less that one inch above the top of the kneecap. Underwear and a bra was also specified.

Once she was in place, Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala pushed small ladders over near the frame and told Delores to stand with her feet together and put her hands in the air. Each grabbed an arm and slipped a leather gauntlet glove over her arm which went all the way to the elbow. They then used Velcro fasteners to pull it tightly onto her arm before pulling her arms wide. Then they used a short chain to connect the restraint to the upper bar of the frame. As they stepped back down from their ladders, one of them said to her, “It helps if you hold onto the chain.”

They then attached wide leather restraints to her ankles and used ropes to connect them to the bottom corners of the frame. They used a complex double slip knot often called a “trucker’s knot” to tie them to the very bottom loop on the side of the frame. Then they pulled the slip knots tighter stretching her legs as wide as possible. This also pulled her lower and tightened the pull on her arms from above. She was now in a very tight X in the middle of the frame.

Early in the life of the program, the contestant in the frame was also gagged, but it was soon discovered that the audience– and the ratings– responded much better to the loud screams when the contestants were wrong and had to pay the forfeit.

Once Delores was securely in place facing the audience, the electronic board behind Master Arnold changed to reveal the ten categories for this game’s questions. The forfeit, except for the first level, was blank. That forfeit was the $1000 entry fee.

The first thing Darius had to do was to arrange the ten categories. Most contestants put the hardest categories first so that if they missed them the forfeit was the smallest. The first level was normally just the entry fee. The second level was almost always clothing. The third often was all body hair. After that it was difficult to predict.

After a few minutes, he spoke. “I want the categories in this order,” he said, “The Wild West, World Geography, US Landmarks, Famous Hollywood Deaths, Awards, Food, The Human Body, Superstitions, Sports, and Presidential Names”

Delores began thrashing in her restraints. “What are you doing?!” she yelled out. He knew nothing about Presidents and was an avid student of western history. He had put the easiest of the categories first.

Master Arnold laughed and said, “It sounds like your partner disagrees with your arrangement.” He laughed again. “But that’s too bad because once she is in the frame she is at your mercy.” The whole audience laughed and then cheered and whistled.

He waited for the audience to quiet down and then said, “Here is our first question from the Wild West category, What famous wild west outlaw moved back east to New York and became a sports writer for a newspaper?”

Darius looked like he was thinking seriously. He even rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Doc Holliday?” he said. It sounded more like a question than a definite answer.

“I’m sorry,” Master Arnold said with mock sorrow. “But YOU ARE WRONG!”

“You knew that!” Delores screamed. “How could you get that wrong? You’ve told me at least a dozen times about how Bat Masterson wrote for the New York Morning Telegraph.”

“Wow,” Master Arnold continued, “maybe the wrong one is in the frame.” He turned to the audience and said with a sneer. “But that’s too bad because it’s too late to change now.”

When the audience laughter ended, he said to Darius. “You’ve lost your thousand dollars. This next question either wins you five thousand or Delores loses her clothes. Are you going to play or walk away?”

“I’ve got to win the money back,” he said. “We’ll play.”

“Here’s the question,” intoned Master Arnold, “in the World Geography category.  What is the only nation which covers an entire continent?”

Delores’ eyes were wide and her head was nodding up and down. Darius knew this one. They had been to Australia and one of the things that was emphasized by the guides was that it was the only country that was more–both a nation and a continent.

Darius again stroked his chin as if thinking and then said “The United States?”

“Wrong!” called out Master Arnold. Delores let out a long, anguished scream. And the audience gave a very loud cheer. They began cheering and clapping once again as Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala walked over to the frame with electric scissors. They started with her skirt and cut thin strips of it off all the way around, letting the cloth fall onto the floor.

When the skirt barely covered her ass, they turned to her blouse, also cutting thin strips so that it became shorter and shorter. When the bottoms of the bra cups became visible, they reached inside the blouse and pulled the straps up through the neck opening. Each cut one side and then Mistress Olivia reached up inside the shortened blouse and cut up the back of the bra. She stepped back and let it fall down Delores’ body where it landed on the wide floor of the frame.

They then went back to working on her skirt, cutting it higher and higher until there was nothing left but the waistband.  This time it was Mistress Makala who administered the coup de gras and cut vertically up through the narrow piece of cloth.

The next to go were the sleeves of the blouse... and then the shoulders... and then the top of the blouse so that there was nothing left but a two-inch strip of cloth balanced on the tip of Delores’ breasts, held in place by her nipples. Mistress Olivia made a big show of cutting upward between Delores’ breasts and the last tattered remnant of the blouse fluttered to the floor.

Delores was now crying in shame as she stood in nothing but her panties in the frame. The cool air caused her nipples to harden and extend. Something else was causing her panties to become damp as Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala began picking up the various pieces of cloth from the floor of the stage. Once all the scraps were removed, they both walked off stage. When they returned, they were each carrying an oversize pair of scissors like would be used to cut the ribbon at a store’s grand opening.

Walking to either side of Delores, they slid the scissors up into the sides the panties and stood waiting. Master Arnold stepped to the front of the stage and said, “OK, audience, lets give it a ten countdown.”

The audience began chanting, “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, ONE!”

On one, both Mistresses pushed the scissors together cutting through the sides of the underwear. With her legs pulled so wide apart, Delores was unable to keep the remnants of her panties from fluttering to the stage.

“Well,” Master Arnold shouted loudly, “now we know that Delores is a not a natural blonde.”

After the audience quit laughing, he returned to his position in front of the big screen and said, “OK now, Darius, we are up to the third question. This category, US Landmarks, is worth ten thousand dollars. The forfeit is either the loss of all your partner’s body hair or ten strokes with a cane, depending on the roll of our electronic dice. Do you play or do you walk?”

“Walk,” Delores shouted. “You said we would walk before things got too bad.”

“Well, we know what your partner wants, don’t we?” Master Arnold said, “But her vote doesn’t count. This is totally up to you.”

“That is so WRONG!” Delores wailed.

“So was you cheating on me with James,” Darius called back. “We will go on.”

There was a loud “Oooooh” from the audience and then Master Arnold asked, “Are you ready?”

“Double!” cried Darius.

There was another loud “Oooooh” from the audience.

“This means,” Master Arnold said, “that you want to double the ten thousand to twenty thousand so that we skip the next category. But if you are wrong, then both forfeits apply– and they are doubled. Plus,” he continued, “you get the forfeit for the next level which is twenty with a tawse.”

“Yes!” Darius said firmly. “I double.”

“The question is,” Master Arnold continued, “What building is pictured on the back of an American twenty-dollar bill?”

After a few minutes Darius responded, “The Lincoln Memorial.”

“Wrong!” cried Master Arnold. “It is the White House.”

Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala again came scampering on stage. This time one was carrying a beard trimmer and the other was carrying a can of shaving cream and several safety razors. It only took Mistress Olivia a few swipes to shear Delores’ pubic fleece. Then Mistress Makala began smearing shaving cream between her legs. A few moments later, she wiped the shaving cream away and called out, “Clean as a baby’s twat.”

“But we have a double forfeit,” Master Arnold called out as he walked over carrying a larger, battery-powered hair clipper. A stagehand hustled over with a short stepladder and Master Arnold climbed to the top and began cutting Delores’ hair from her head.

When he was finished, he said, “Mistress Olivia,” and she took his place at the top of the steps. She used the beard trimmer to remove Delores’ eyebrows. Then Mistress Makala took her place and smeared shaving cream all over the top of Delores’ head.

“Better close your eyes,” she said sweetly as she smeared additional foam where Delores’ eyebrows once were. She then went to work with her razors. When she was done, Delores’ head almost shone in the glare of the stage light. Her entire body was now wracked with sobs.

Master Arnold walked back to the center of the stage while Mistress Olivia stood on one side of Delores with a long, thin, whippy cane. Mistress Makala stood on the other side with a short-handled tawse.

Mistress Olivia whipped the cane up and down almost violently. It whirred and hummed almost like a huge angry wasp. Then she pulled her arm all the way back and swung toward Delores. The cane again hissed through the air and then slammed loudly into Delores’ asscheeks.

“Aiiieee” she screamed. When her cry had faded, the audience shouted, “One.”

Delores screamed out nine more times before the audience called out “Ten.” Then Mistress Makala began swinging the tawse back and forth. It didn’t make near the noise the cane made moving through the air, but the “Thwack!” of the split piece of leather slamming into Delores’ left asscheek was much louder than the slap of the cane had been.

The scream which Delores made was also louder. The audience counted, “One.”

Delores screamed again and again and again. Her voice was becoming hoarse by the time the crowd finally called out “Twenty.”

Delores hung sobbing in the restraint frame. “Please Darius,” she called out, “end this. I didn’t cheat on you. All I was doing was tutoring James with his history class. We needed the extra money to pay bills. He’s on the football team and the school was paying me to keep him eligible.”

“Next question,” Darius called out.

Master Arnold walked back to in front of the display and said, “We are jumping to the thirty thousand dollar question in the category Famous Hollywood Deaths. Are you ready, Darius?”

Before he could answer, Delores called out loudly, “Double!”

“Whoa!” Master Arnold called out. “We’ve never had that happen before, but the rules say that if the person in the restraint calls the double, then they get to answer the question.”

Darius looked over at Delores in the frame and said loudly, “Double double.”

The audience began cheering wildly. “This truly has never happened before,” Master Arnold shouted. “The question goes back to Darius, but the forfeit is double the next four categories.”

Darius looked over at Delores in the frame. She glowered back at him in hatred. She had made excuses for him long enough. After this they were through. She took a deep breath and then shouted out “Ultimate! All in!”

“Wait a minute,” Master Arnold said slowly. “I have to make sure that you realize exactly what you are saying. ‘Ultimate’ or ‘All in’ means that the question comes back to you and you are going for four times our top prize. If you are right you get four hundred thousand dollars. But if you are wrong, both you AND YOUR PARTNER receive four times all of the remaining forfeits. In addition, you and your partner will both become personal slaves of this show– meaning the Mistresses and myself– for the next four years. Is that what you really want?”

“Ultimate! All in!” Delores repeated loudly.

Mistress Olivia and Mistress Makala rushed over to stop Darius from running off the stage. A moment later a second restraint frame thudded to the stage floor.

Even with him attempting to struggle, they easily restrained him in identical fashion to Delores after which they again returned with the electric clippers. They weren’t as dramatic about it, but shortly thereafter all of his clothing was stripped from his body.  A few minutes later, his hair– both from his head and from his crotch– had joined his clothing on the stage floor. The audience was shouting and screaming loudly as they used the cane and tawse to bring him to the same level as Delores.

Once his cries and sobs had finally diminished, Master Arnold stepped up in front of the frame holding Delores. “Now that you and your partner are equal participants in this, we are jumping to the final category of Presidential Names,” he said gravely. “This is a very difficult question, so we are going to give you forty-five seconds to answer. What was Rutherford B. Hayes middle name?”

Delores smiled. She had grown up in Fremont, Ohio, which was Hayes’ home town. The library there was called the Birchard library in honor of his mother’s family, who had helped found the town. The B in Rutherford B. Haye’s name was his mother’s maiden name.

She looked over at Darius. It was over now between them. He had intentionally answered incorrectly so she would suffer. She would have to find someone new to spank her and take her in the ass. As she thought that, the pain which was still burning in her ass began to change into the pulses of pleasure she had once felt at the hands of Bullius. Her mind was in turmoil. She waited almost to the end of the forty-five seconds to shout out her answer.

When she did, the audience cheered loudly.

But did she answer right?  Or wrong?

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