Ride Along

by XVX

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© Copyright 2014 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; bond; punish; bdsm; bandages; gag; boots; harness; saddle; inserts; horseride; reluct/cons; X

“You failed”

“Sorry mistress.”

“You know what this means. You must be punished.”

“Yes mistress.”

Her mistress looked skyward to draw inspiration from the painted ceiling. The gloved fingers drumming the arm of her high back chair.

The world had fallen from grace many years ago and Abby fell right along with it. The rich and powerful did pretty much what they wanted and to who they wanted. You could buy and sell people like livestock. Considering jobs where not all the plentiful. Selling your self into slavery was better than starving and out in the cold.

Madam Jolene De Sol. Or Lady of the Sun. For in her view. The worlds rotated around her. Was One such person. She bought Abby’s contract the moment she posted it on line.

She would be in servitude for four years. The money went into a 401k like account. At the end of four years. She could renew her contact. Repost it. Or use it to start a new life. Collage. Anything. She could also try to buy out her contact early if she had the funds. Your slave account had slow growth, medium growth and risky. Risky earn the most money but had a high chance of losing it too She did a mix. Forty slow, forty medium & twenty risky.

She could also have an investment retainer but he took ten percent every year. And there was still no guarantee that she would do any better. Madam was one such investment banker. She was good. One of the best.

Madam De Sol was not her real name. Most investment bankers like her use alias. She had money before the collapse. She and a few of her inner circle saw it coming. The inner circle was referred to as the Committee.

The collapse was brought on by government politico lining their pockets and spending more than they collected. Then the debt came due. Things fell apart after that. Oddly war was too expensive to go to. So world peace was achieved.

Small barony emerged. People with the money and guile had set up small kingdoms. They had the money to do it. You were like a Indian reservation. You had your own laws and enforced them as long as you did not kill anybody. You did pretty much as you pleased.

She was assigned to clean the solar panels. It sounded simple until she saw what she had to clean. Five acres of solar panels. By the time you finished you had to start over again. Worse the plot she was assigned was the one her lady rode by every day.

Cars were not cheap and gas was harder to come by. Horses and wagon where coming back into style. Her Lady was a top breeder of Morgan and Clydesdales. She also had a stable of quarter-horses.

So today her ladyship rides by and sees some sort of smudge on the solar panel. Abby was sure she cleaned it.

Every day her lady would tour her estate. The solar and wind farm powered the estate. There was also the small hydroelectric plant. The idea was based of the Tennessee Valley idea of pumping water up a hill. Then having run down through a turbine. It worked very well. The local town benefited from her excesses of energy as she owned it anyway.

Her husband was not a strong man. He had a weak heart and was usually bedridden. So Madam was always in charge and like to let you know it.

“You not only offend me but my horse. Samson. He likes to look at himself.”

Abby kept her head low. Her horse. Oh please. But she knew Madam was trying to get her into more trouble.

“I am sorry mistress.”

“I am willing to forgive you but Samson is not. So I think you are going to be punished by being a centaur.”

Abby knew what a centaur was. But what did her ladyship mean.

“I think Samson should give you your punishment. Have her at the stables in the morning. We are going riding.”

This did not sound good.

Next morning she was taken to the stables. Her ladyship was dressed for riding and waiting.

“Samson can’t wait. Larissa will prepare you. “

Larissa along with two other stable mates. Striped her down and fitted a body harness. Abby did not resist and she knew from other sources that her ladyship expected complete obedience and any punishment could and would be made worse. Also if she was fired from her lady. Her money was gone. That was one of the loop holes. She could complain and submit a petition but those rarely worked out.

Arms where fused together behind her using bandages. A boot with a pointed toe that did not have a heel but spurs that curved upward. Then she was help onto a platform.

Samson was guided next to the platform and when Abby saw the saddle she knew what she was in for.

It had two long phallic looking devices. She knew where those where going to go.

She winced in pain as she was seated on the saddle. Then her legs where strapped up so the spurs poked her bottom. Her harness was attached to the saddle, she could not get off if she wanted to. Or needed to.

Then a saddle bag with hose. The hose went to a gag in the mouth.

“I won’t need to go into detail but I am sure you get the idea what is going to happen. Samson will be in control and you best not let him lie down. It will be the worse for you. Accident can happen. “

Another horse was brought out for her lady.

“This is Delilah. She is in heat so Samson will follow her. Let’s begin.”

In one smooth quick motion she was on her horse and given a long lead from Samson reigns.

Abby was taken for a ride that was turning her on and slowly turning her insides to mush. Samson was not an easy ride. She'd never ridden a horse in her life. Not even a carousel. She kept a look out for low branches as her lady was trying to knock her off.

When the ride ended. Abby was hoping her punishment was at an end. But it wasn’t. Samson was allowed to cool down and graze.

She tried and failed to get Samson in the shade but they put little treats for him to find in the sun.

The hot sun beat down on Abby and squeezing the gag pumped water into her. But then another problem arouse. She needed to piss and she was sure she would be punished for pissing on her lady's horse if she let go.

Mid afternoon she was taken off the tortuous saddle and allow to use the rest room. She was still armless.

They put her on horse walker and she had to do this bare footed. She was going in circles until it was almost dark.

Then released and put to bed without supper.

Abby slept painfully knowing she would never want to go on another ride along in her life.


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