Revenge of the Nerds

by Helios

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© Copyright 2003 - Helios - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMMM/fff; bondage; mumwrap; kidnap; nc; X


Revenge of the Nerds
by Helios
This is a bondage story I wrote inspired by the 1980s movie "Revenge of the Nerds"
Revenge of the Nerds by Helios
The infamous “Doomsday Week” was only a few days away on the university campus, where the various sororities, fraternities, and various campus organizations were allowed to play harmless pranks on each other. In recent years, however, the Tri-Lams were the recipient of pranks from nearly everybody in a unified effort against them, much to their displeasure as they played pranks on none. 
“I hate this time of year...” commented Arnold as he squinted at the calendar. “Everyone on campus gangs up on us and we spend the following week cleaning off all the whipped cream and toilet paper from the place.”
“Things’ll be different this year.” said Dan, one of the new Tri-Lams. 
“What makes you say that?” asked Gilbert. “The Alpha Betas are back in charge and are the ones leading the campaign against us, and everyone else is following them.”
“I got this plan from my brother in another college who’s in ROTC.” explained Dan. “I told him about our problems with Doomsday Week here and he helped prepare a’s called a pre-emptive strike in order to intimidate everyone else not to mess with us. All it takes is the four of us.” 
“You think this’ll work?” asked Toshiro as he reviewed the written plan printed off the email Dan’s brother Jason sent. “It looks simple enough...but...”
“But what do we have to lose?” agreed Louis. “I’m in.”
“Me, too.” said Gilbert. 
“All right then.” smiled Dan as he pulled out a dry erase board to diagram everything. “Let’s get to work.”

Two days later...

Danette had finished up working out at the gym weightlifting and doing some light aerobics. A great athlete, Danette was around 5 foot 9 inches tall and about 165 pounds of solid muscle with exceptionally strong arms and powerful legs. Following her workout after everyone else left Danette put on a blue bikini to swim some laps before finally showering up and heading home. Having many friends in the sororities, Danette also participated in the infamous “Doomsday Week”, partaking in the light-hearted fun of wrapping the trees in toilet paper. The lifeguard on duty at the indoor pool at the university fitness center was starting to pack up for the night as Danette continued her laps, as Gilbert walked in wearing gym clothes.
“Excuse me.” said Gilbert to the lifeguard. “The toilet in the men’s locker room was overflowing.”
“Okay, I’ll take a look at it.” said the lifeguard as he heading into the locker room to check it out. Danette was finished up and got out of the pool, where Gilbert walked up to her along with Dan, Toshiro, and Arnold entering through the side utility entrance.
“Who’re you guys?” asked Danette as she picked up her towel and began drying herself off. “I haven’t seen you at the pool before.”
“I’m Gilbert. And that’s Dan, Toshiro, and Arnold.” introduced Gilbert. “We’re from Lambda Lambda Lambda.”
“Oh, the Tri-Lams.” said Danette with a playfully mischievous smile on her face. “You all gearing up for Doomsday Week?”

Without warning Arnold covered Danette’s nose and mouth from behind with a cloth soaked with ether. Danette immediately tried to fight back, swinging at Toshiro with a punch that knocked him down and kicked Gilbert in the groin. The two Tri-Lams slumped on the side of the pool writhing in pain as Danette finally succumbed to the ether, falling into Dan and Arnold’s arms. Weakly, Toshiro and Gilbert staggered to their feet as they quickly carried the sleeping Danette out of the university fitness center out the side entrance. By the time the lifeguard returned after fixing the overflowing toilet, the Tri-Lams were long gone with Danette.
“How long until the ether wearing off?” grunted Gilbert, and each of them had an arm or leg as they carried Danette under the darkness of night. Danette was a big, strong girl, and carrying her around was becoming difficult. 
“About fifteen minutes. Tops. Hurry, into that classroom. I got the key from my TA this morning.” whispered Dan as they brought her into a nearby academic building. 
“Okay, Gilbert, get to work.” said Dan as he pulled out several rolls of sticky blue vet wrap and thin blue tape. “The rest of us, you know what to do.”

Gilbert immediately opened a can of chili and a can of beans, as he quickly began eating the chili and beans while Dan, Toshiro, and Arnold began wrapping up Danette in the blue vet wrap. Placing her muscular arms at her sides and legs together, the three Tri-Lams began tightly binding her in the blue vet wrap from her shoulders all the way down to her toes, where only her head was protruding out of the tight cocoon. Afterwards the three reinforced the vet wrap cocoon with the thin blue tape, holding the cocoon even tighter than before.
“You ready?” said Dan.
“Oh yeah...” burped Gilbert as he finished the two cans of food. 
Moments later Danette awoke, finding herself completely mummified on the carpeted classroom floor in blue vet wrap and thin blue tape. Danette thrashed and struggled, unable to move as she recognized her would-be kidnappers.
“HEY! WHAT’D YOU NERDS DO TO ME?” grunted Danette. “I CAN’T MOVE!”

Dan, Toshiro, and Gilbert picked up the mummified Danette  from the floor and placed her on one of the tables and took some clothesline rope to strap her down to the table.
“WHAT’RE YOU DOING NOW? UNNGGGHH!!! I’M GONNA KILL YOU FOR WRAPPING ME UP LIKE THIS!!!!” threatened Danette as she flexed her arms and legs, still unable to get free of the tight cocoon. 
“Done?” asked Dan.
“Oh yeah. She’s not getting out.” smiled Arnold as he tied the last of the knots, strapping her cocooned body firmly down to the tape.
“Ready, Gilbert?” smirked Toshiro.
“It’s about time!” said Gilbert, holding it in as best he could before he pulled his pants down to his ankles, revealing his boxer shorts and he stood on top of a chair, positioning his buttocks a few inches above Danette’s face.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? WHAT....?” exclaimed Danette only to meet a loud blare of flatulence from Gilbert. 
“UGH!!! THAT’S DISGUSTING!!!!” winced Danette as she wrinkled her nose and shut her eyes tight, disgusted by the stench. 
“FIRE TWO!!!!” laughed Gilbert as he released another fart.
“NOOOO!!!!” coughed Danette. “UNTIE ME AND STOP FARTING YOU GEEKS!!!!”
“FIRE THREE!!!!” boasted Gilbert as another fart released, grossing Danette out as Dan, Toshiro, and Arnold were rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. 
“UGH!!!! NNNGGGHHHH!!!!” grunted Danette in frustration, mummified from neck to toe and tied down to the table and being force the smell Gilbert’s excessive flatulence.

“SOMEBODY PULL MY FINGER!!!!!” roared Gilbert as a volley or rapid flatulence reverberated from his buttocks, thoroughly grossing out Danette as she shook her head in disgust. Danette was coughing as tears streamed from her eyes. 
“Next time you’ll think twice about messing with us, Danette!” boasted Dan as he and his fellow Tri-Lams slipped out the classroom and headed out to their next target.
“What about her? We can’t leave her tied up all night.” whispered Gilbert as he finished zipping up his pants.
“Don’t worry. The security guard will be passing by in the next five minutes to closeout the academic hall. She’ll cut Danette loose. It’s been arranged in advance!” laughed Dan. 

The four Tri-Lams went over to their next target: Helen, who lived in an off-campus apartment. While not a member of any of the sororities, Helen was excessively full of herself and the main reason why some of the campus clubs struck the Tri-Lam house during Doomsday Week. Add that to her self-love of her voluptuous body and boastful of her 42D chest on her 5 foot 6 inch tall body, Helen seemed the prime target for the Tri-Lams’ pre-emptive strike. As the four mischievous Tri-Lams entered through her unlocked door, they peeked through the doorway to her bedroom to find her admiring her naked body in the large full size mirror after just finishing a relaxing bubble bath. Dan signaled and the other three Tri-Lams nodded in acknowledgment, and they put on their ski masks and rushed in, tackling the nude Helen onto her bed.

“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” gasped Helen, sounding a little excited as she began wrestling against the four Tri-Lams on the bed. Gilbert, Arnold, Dan, and Toshiro each pulled out a length of silk rope, as they bound Helen spread eagled onto her bed. Arnold then grabbed a silk scarf from her dresser and blindfolded her, just as planned. Surprisingly, Helen didn’t yell for help at all, and seemed to be hiding a smile as Arnold finished tying the scarf even though she has tied up naked on her own bed.

“She’s ENJOYING this?” whispered Arnold in shock. “What gives?”
“I had Toshiro hack into her on-line computer journal to find out what her deepest, darkest, sexual fantasy was, and this was it.” responded Dan. “You three wait outside; I’ll be right with you....”
“Sure...whatever Dan...” agreed Gilbert and the rest. What they didn’t know, was that Dan had the biggest crush on Helen, but given his membership in the Tri-Lams and own average looking appearance, Helen wouldn’t give him the time of day; this was only chance with her.

Dan got up next to Helen on the bed, and noticed that Helen’s vagina was already wet and moist from being tied down and blindfolded, along with her 42D breast being rock hard with her nipples erect. Dan gently caressed her breasts and then began suckling her nipples, as Helen gently moaned.
“Mmmmm....” panted Helen softly as she licked her lips. “Whoever you are, don’t stop...”
Dan slowly worked his way down Helen’s tone body, kissing her thighs as he gently rubbed her clitoris with his fingers. Helen’s body quivered against Dan’s touch, as Helen softly moaned.
“Dan!” whispered Gilbert from outside. “Helen’s roommates are coming back!”
“Bye!” hastily said Dan as he kissed Helen on the cheek and scurried away, as he and the rest slipped into the night, leaving the bound and blindfolded Helen hot and bothered.
“Tease....” said Helen to herself.

Dan, Gilbert, Toshiro, and Arnold had one final target: Cynthia, a slender but well-endowed blonde who belonged to one of the more popular sororities and was the leaders against the Tri-Lams during Doomsday Week. This time, though, the Tri-Lams would initiate their own form of hostilities. Cynthia was heading back to her sorority house amidst the fraternity-sorority quad, unaware that hiding in the bushes nearby were none other than Dan, Gilbert, Toshiro, and Arnold. As Cynthia passed by, the four ski-mask wearing Tri-Lams rushed her, throwing a giant potato sack over her as the four picked her up and carried her back to the nearby Tri-Lam house.

“HMMMMPPPHHHH!!!” cried out a muffled Cynthia as she thrashed about. Cynthia’s struggling and squirming made the Tri-Lams accidentally drop her on the ground, knocking herself out on impact. The Tri-Lams picked her up and scurried into the house. From there they took her up to Arnold’s room, which was the biggest since he was a senior and had the fewest stuff and stripped her down to her black bra and matching black panties.

“Hurry!” insisted Gilbert as Toshiro tied her wrists behind her back while Arnold bound her ankles. Dan had laid a large net flat on the bed as the other three Tri-Lams then rolled her up in the net, leaving only her head and bare feet protruding out. Afterwards they wrapped some ropes around the makeshift net cocoon, preventing Cynthia from unraveling herself as she soon awoke.

“HEY!!!!” exclaimed Cynthia. “YOU TIED ME UP!!!!”
“Yep.” grinned Dan as he and the other three Tri-Lams each pulled out a large feather duster.
“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ME????” shrieked Cynthia nervously, unable to move.

“Everyone knows you’re ticklish Cynthia...we’re just verifying the rumors.” said Gilbert as he and the rest began tickling her bare feet. Although tied up in the net, there were plenty of Cynthia’s tender skin exposed for Toshiro and Arnold to drop their feather dusters to begin tickling her thighs and ribs.
“AHHHHH!!!! NO!!!! DON’T TICKLE ME!!!! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!” shrieked Cynthia as she trashed about the bed. “THIS ISN’T FAIR!!!! I CAN’T MOVE!!!!!”
“That’s the point.” replied Dan.

“NOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! AHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!” pleaded Cynthia in between the laughter. After every few minutes the mischievous Tri-Lams stopped to allow her to catch her breath, only to merciless tickle her even more than before.
“AAAAAAHHHH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” screamed out Cynthia yet again.
The next day....the newly published university newspaper hit the campus with the latest and hottest headline:


With that, Dan, Gilbert, Toshiro, and Arnold smiled as they headed off to class, their heads held high.