Revenge 7: Deceptions

by LorasPa6

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Part 7: Deceptions

Note: This takes place immediately after the events of Life and Loss

"Milady?" I look up and almost laughed, I forgot how silly michael looked with that baby carrier on. With the little hands and feet sticking out from his chest. At least with mikey's almost invisible blonde hair it was not as standoutish as Juli was with her Solomon trademark red hair.

"Yes boy, what is it?"

"I know you wanted some time to yourself to get ready to go back to work next week, but Mother Alli is on the house line."

"Thank you dear, why don't you make us some of your mint tea and we'll both rest while I'm on the phone with her."

He gave me a smile. "Yes Miss Justine." He blew me a kiss and left the room.

I hit the speakerphone button. "Hi Mom, what's up?"

"Just calling to check on how you, Juli, and michael are doing. We haven't talked for a few days."

Her omission of michael junior spoke volumes to me. "We're all doing fine Mom, little mikey too!" I heard the grunt over the speaker. "Mom, he is my son, you are going to have to accept that."

"No Justine, he is not your son, he is the little bastard child of that bitch you let live with you. You should never have accepted her into your home, or allowed michael to sleep with her. You should just ship that boy off to her family or an MCB orphanage and be done with him! You do not need..."

The rest of her sentence was lost in the crash of the tray and tea glasses that michael dropped on the hardwood floor.

"What the hell was that?"

"michael!?" He was already going out the door, but I saw the pain on his face. "Baby come back! Are you satisfied Mother?"

"How much did he hear?"

"More than I myself even wanted to hear, I need to go to him."

"Justine put him on the phone with me. I'll..."

"You've done enough damage Mother, good bye!" I picked up the receiver and slammed it back down to disconnect the call.

I made my way through the house, checking all the obvious places where he goes, My second guess, but the last to check because it was the farthest to reach from my office, was where he was; liz's bedroom. I wanted to empty it out and make it into a playroom for Juli and mikey, but michael was not ready to do it just yet. Every time something tripped his grief over her death he came running here to cry. This time he was not alone, he had brought mikey with him.

michael had his back to me and had mikey on the bed near the pillow. "This is where your real mommy slept, take in her scent son, you will never meet her because she died for you to be born. You will never meet any of her blood family; daddy will protect you from them."

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Mommy and daddy will protect him."

His hand found my hand. "I will not let those monsters near my son, even if I must disobey you. liz would not want that for him either."

"Nor do I, michael I have no intention of going back on my promise to you or liz, I will walk away from my Mother before I do that."

"Miss Justine I cannot let you do that, she loves you, she loves Juli, I do not want my son getting between you anymore then I can let him go to them."

"mikey is OUR son, not just yours, I will worry about Mom, you worry about our family, the ones that live in these walls. Understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." He kissed my hand

My phone beeped to indicate a new email and I looked at it. "Shit, I have to go michael. It's the office; one of my customers requested an urgent afternoon lunch meeting."

"Go clean up my love, I will be there in a moment to help you dress. Wait it is only 10 in the morning what is the rush Milady"

"They want to meet at The Woodlands across the Long Island Sound in Connecticut; you know that place that advertises no cellular or wireless access for interruption-free meetings. It's going to take me a couple of hours to drive around the Sound to get there."

Until I was fully ready michael had my briefcase packed, and had updated my work folder from the laptop to my Notepad. I know I am not supposed to let him have full access to unsecured electronic, but sometimes it is a lifesaver that he knows the passwords to my work systems. "Okay baby, I'll be back soon, any problems give Mom... just call Addie or Lucy. And don't answer any calls from my Mother; I don't need her upsetting you. Oh and clean up the mess in my office" I kissed him, "I love you!"

"Already done. I love you too Milady, and I always will."

I was out the door and a few moments later driving out the gate when another car started to pull in the drive. I rolled down the window to yell at the driver (I am a New Yorker after all) and realized it was Cherish Johvon! I got out and walked over to her car. "Doctor Johvon, I'm sorry it has been a bit of a mess here this morning and I completely forgot you were coming. I have to leave for an urgent business meeting."

"Do you want me to come back later?"

"No, go in, michael is still here with the kids. I didn't even tell him you were coming. Just give me a few minutes to get going after I open the gate for you and call my cell. I want to brief you on this morning's fiasco before you walk into it."


I listened as Justine described the incident about her Mother's phone call and how upset michael had become, I told her I will talk to him and try to calm him in regards to it.

I was reaching for the doorbell when the door opened. michael was standing there in shock as he saw me. He had a loaded back pack, a diaper bag and the baby strapped to his chest.

"Doctor Cherish?"

"michael where are you off to?"

I read the thoughts as they crossed his face, the instinctive thought was 'come clean to her', then 'lie' came to his mind, but the last one surprised me 'run away!' That thought evidently won out as I saw him look past me and watched his muscles tighten for action.

"MICHAEL DOWN!" In an instant he dropped to his knees, hands behind his back, and head down.

One of the first things I did when he started becoming a regular part of my Female group therapy sessions was to ensure he properly responded to the control commands that are drilled into males and taught to Females as school children. Although he had not been issued any of these commands in years he responded properly and immediately to each one.

I walked through the door and dragged him back into the foyer by his back pack. He never even tried to get up or resist.

I closed the door and placed myself between him and his freedom. "Look at me, where were you going?"

This time he settled on the lie. "For a walk out to..."

"Without Juliet? michael, you do understand part of a psychologist's job is to be able to know when someone is lying?"

"I was running away to protect my family." The truth finally. "Please I need to take mikey away before Miss Allison forces Miss Justine to choose between mikey and her. I cannot let my son and I to come between them or have him go to the Alphonses or an orphanage."

"So you were just going to leave your two year old daughter alone for the rest of the day?"

He pulled a baby monitor receiver from his bag. "Not exactly, I was going to wait outside until Miss Justine got home in case Juli needed me."

"And how far did you expect to get wearing your genital device?" I had noticed the GPS enabled chastity belt was not beside the door on its stand as I walked through the door. "If you are lucky, your Owner would have come after you herself, and not called the police. With them it surely would have been straight off to a Re-ed for you." He looked down at his pants with an 'Oh shit!' expression "Didn't even think about that, you just put it on right away when you considered going out, didn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

I patted his head. "Good boy, that is good." He looked up at me perplexed, afraid to speak. "That shows you did not plan this, it was impulsive, I doubt you would have got as far as the road before you came to your senses and turned around."

"I was not even going to leave the property until after I knew Miss Justine was home and Juli was safe."

"On your feet child, follow me."

He wordlessly followed me with his head down. He paused momentarily at the stairs to the basement. I was almost to the stairs to the second floor when I saw him looking at me then to the basement. As if he expected I was taking him to be punished.

"Don't dawdle boy, you have to put all that back where it belongs if you don't want Miss Justine to know."


I sat on the couch in the corner of the bedroom as michael returned the little bit of his clothes and baby clothes to their proper location

When he was done he knelt before me, his head hung low. "Are you really not going to tell Miss Justine?"

"Well that is going to depend more on how truthful you are with me michael, we are going to have a long talk you and I." I glanced at him and saw is head nodding, he was following the movement of my leg, he was transfixed on the stockings on my legs! I had of course already deduced his little fetish on the first day he joined my therapy group. The way he relaxed when he had rested his eyes on Adrianne, and since then I noticed he paid more attention to the patients in skirts and hosiery, then those in bare legs or slacks.

"michael eyes up!" He was slow at responding, but did manage to look up and meet my gaze "michael what were we just talking about?"

At first he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. "Uhh, about how you were wanting to talk to me about my attempt to run away."

"And what were you just thinking about before I ordered your attention."

michael's skin changed a nice shade of red. Caucasian and Asian males were so fun to tease because of that. "I was enjoying watching your leg."

"Because of my stockings. Do you want to touch it?"

"Yes, but I should not, not without Miss Justine's and your permission."

"Sit up here." I patted next to me on the couch and he took a seat. "I'll tell you what; I'll allow you to rub my legs as long as you are answering my questions truthfully."

"But Miss Justine has not..."

"I am sure if she was here she would allow it, just as she has for Adrianne. If she gets upset, I will tell her I ordered you to do it." I took his hands and placed them each on a knee. "Take some time and get a feel for them." Soon he had a blissed look on his face and I started talking to him and asking him about the events of the last week, and his thoughts on them. He was essentially tranced out, as if I had mesmerized him. He admitted to feelings I doubt he would have otherwise. Well at least now I know the easy way into his mind if I think he is holding back on me.

I took his hands in my own, "Okay michael, now listen to me, you trust me right? I have no reason to lie to you."

He looked at me calmly and said "Yes Doctor Cherish, I trust you."

"Okay then, listen and think about what I am about to tell you, you are a smart male, I know you will understand things as I explain them. michael you are no more responsible for liz's death any more than I am. You do not have killer sperm; the fact that Juliet and Justine both are alive dismisses that theory of yours. You are going to miss liz for some time, if not forever, she grew attached to you and Justine, and you both to her. You developed a kinship, maybe even a symbiotic relationship; you fed off each other in your duties to the home and your mutual Owner. That is not something you will or should forget, especially since you also share a child. mikey may not have been conceived in true love, but he was conceived to be loved."

I saw the tears welling in his eyes, but he kept them in check.

"You told me after liz's pregnancy was confirmed, that Miss Justine wanted the child raised in this house by its loving parents, 'Which will be all three of us' was the phrase I believe you said she used. Give her a chance to live up to her promise, and do not worry about Miss Allison. When push comes to shove, I think Allison Solomon will forego her hatred for the sake of her Daughter and you."

I placed a hand to his chest. "Also you feel betrayed by Miss Allison, and justifiably so, but do you really think she intended to hurt you?"

"No, she loves me, or at least I think she loved me. She has treated me as if I was her own son for longer than I know, and she has shared a bed with me as a lover. It was just not something I expected, you know, her to attack my innocent child because of his mother's past. I knew she has always had disdain for lizzie because of what she almost did to Miss Justine and I." He shook his head, "But it was not like she did not know we were attempting to breed lizzie, and I know she was aware we would be raising any children from our coupling as a member of our family. Maybe she just refused to believe it."

"I will talk to Justine, and maybe she and I will confront her Mother abou..." The intercom's buzzing interrupted me.

"Excuse me Doctor; there is someone at the gate." He walked over and hit the reply button. "May I help you?"

"Yes we are from Godshall's Cleaning, we are here to clean your home."

"I am sorry you have the wrong day, you are supposed to be here Thursday."

"We had a cancellation today, and Miss Solomon agreed to let us come and do your home today instead, so if you will open the gate we will get started."

"I'm sorry you will have to use your company's security code to open the gate, I am not allowed to let anyone in."

"We do not have the code because we are not the crew originally assigned to your home, so just unlock the gate."

"I cannot do that Ma'am. You will need to call your office and get the code from the contract."

"Listen male, open up or your Owner will be very upset."

He went to the phone and picked it up. "No dial tone! Doctor Cherish, go get Juli from the next room, I will be right back." There was an edge of panic in his voice that disturbed me.

"What's the matter?"

"See the buttons are flashing, three long, three short, then three long again."

"An SOS?" He looked at me confused not understanding the context of the old Morse code distress call.

"It means someone is entering security codes into the keypad that were assigned to members of the Judge's family or staff!"

I pulled out my cell phone. "No service on my phone, they must be using a cell scrambler. michael this is a planned out home invasion."

"I need to get my Notepad from Miss Justine's office right now."

I got Juli from her playpen and was carrying her back to the Mistress suite where mikey was still in the crib. michael came running up the stairs. "Internet is down too! Follow me."

He slipped on the baby carrier and arranged it so the baby would be in the back. "Slide mikey in there, I will hold Juli."

"Okay michael he's in. Where are we going?"

"In here." He opened the door to a walk-in closet and continued to the back wall. He waved his Notepad over the wall until we heard a beep and whoosh. A door opened to reveal a three foot shaft with a ladder and child seat on a rope. "You go first Doctor, I will lower Juli in the seat right behind you."

I climbed down; I figured I had to be in the basement when I hit the bottom. When I turned around there was Juli clapping and having a good time. "michael I got Juli, you come down."

Soon he was leading me down the dusty corridor lit by lights protruding from the one wall. "This runs the length of the punishment room and comes up in the garage. We figure the judge had it built to get away if there ever was a male uprising or political rival had come after her. liz didn't even know about it."

"Wouldn't someone sent by the Judge know of the exit and have it covered?"

"Milady thought about that. Here we are!" He twisted the light fixture to the right, then pushed in an inch and twisted it to the other direction. A hidden door popped open to his left. "She used a fair amount of money to have this room built under the garden. Females first."

Once we were in he held his Notepad over a marked spot and pressed in a set of numbers and the door closed. "There we are safe for now, and help will be on the way."

"Help? You do remember we could not call anyone."

"This panic room has a dedicated outgoing internet connection, separate from the house lines ran to a junction in a neighbor's house, with her permission. As soon as I punched in the lock code, it sent emails to our family, friends, and Miss Justine's coworkers that help is needed and to call the police."

"So now we wait. How will we know it is safe?"

"Only my and Miss Justine's Notepad's have the transmitter to open the door, and it will maintain a link to the monitoring system in the light that I turned to open the door. We can watch and hear the hall in both directions. When we see someone I know or the police, I can open the door by entering the code."

michael slid out of the baby carrier, extracted little michael from it and placed him in the waiting crib. He came over to me and took Juli out of the car seat she was in.

"Juliet, do you remember this place?"

She put her finger to her lips. "SHHH!"

"Good girl, now you just sit here and play with your dolls."

"Love you daddy." His whole demeanor changed, he seemed more confident, more convicted.

"I love you too Cutie."

"Could you really have broken that girl's heart?"

"No, you were right Doctor. I was not thinking, I know I would have come to my senses, but maybe too late. Thank you for saving me from myself."

I check my phone again, still no service. We may be here for a while.


I am standing at the reception counter of The Woodlands Hotel and Restaurant as the male behind it checks the desk notes. I have been here 45 minutes already and my customer hasn't shown. "I am sorry Miss Solomon, there still are no messages for you. Are you sure you have the right day?"

"Well the email I received was dated today and said 'this afternoon at 1'. Are there any phones I can use to make an outgoing call to Manhattan?"

"Yes Ma'am, through that door over there, there are six private rooms with credit phones for just that purpose. Just wait for one to be open."

"Thank you, sorry to be a pest."

"No problem Ma'am, it is a pretty common problem."

When I went through the door, there were two rooms open, so I close and lock the one closest to me, slide my card through and dial into my office. I punched in the extension of the Female who sent me the email and got her voicemail. I exit the voicemail system and enter my friend Lucy's extension.

"Calloway and Briggs Consulting, Lucy Matthews speaking."

"Luce, it's Justine. Is Margo around there somewhere?"

"Just! Where are you? I've been trying to get a hold of you for the last thirty minutes, since we all got your email!"

A chill went down my spine. "What email? Does it end with a set of initials and a number?"

"Yes, PRP 07-04-12." My heart filled with dread, PRP; Panic Room Protocol, and secured with the date michael professed his love for me, chosen because there was no vital statistic containing it, and we both remembered by heart. Someone was attempting to break into our home. "It says there is a problem at your home and that we need to call the police. We did and they said it was already reported and someone was already en-route."

"Lucy tell Margo to call and cancel the meeting with the Carluchi sisters, they are almost an hour late anyway."

"Just, Margo's been out sick all week."

"She emailed me this morning to tell me about this meeting at the Woodlands... Oh god, I was lured away from michael and the children! Call my Mother and Adrianne Harking and tell them what is going on they both would have got that email too. Tell them I'll be there as soon as I can!"

"Just, what is going on?"

"I don't know Luce, but it is not good! I got to go I'm hours away yet!"

I peeled out of the parking lot and programmed my GPS to take me on the fastest way home.

I was twenty minutes down the highway, travelling as fast as I could and still drive safely when I saw the flashing lights approaching. I pulled over praying they would keep going. I cursed when they came up behind me and stopped.

The officer came up to my door. "Miss Solomon, you need to come with me, we got a call to be expecting you."

Great I wasn't just led away; I was led into a trap!


I lost track of how long we had been in this literal hole in the wall when we heard a noise from michael's Notepad.

At the far end of the corridor stood what looked like your average male enforcer, but was definitely Female, and armed. "Guest house and garage are clear, doesn't look like the passage was opened on that side." She paused, "I'm in the passage now. Do you want me to come and help you finish the main house?"

"Wow, what a brute, she must be a weight lifter or something!"

"Shh michael! I'm trying to listen to her conversation; they evidently have some form of radio communication."

"Confirmed I'll wait here for you."

Damn, if she left we could have likely slipped out through the other entrance to freedom.

A few minutes later an average woman came from the end we had.

michael zoomed in on her face. "She looks familiar. I have seen her before."

And I realized I had too. Every day for the last week, on a warning bulletin! "michael she was the woman who tried to steal mikey from the hospital!"

Brute looked at her. "Where's the boss lady?"

"She went into the basement, said she had some business down there to take care of and she would be off radio. Unless they're in the basement the main house is clear, where'd they go?"

"What about that car out front, could there have been other people here and they got them out before we came in?"

"No we would have seen them; they are on the property somewhere. Serena will make sure they do not go out the gate."

"I was hoping to confront the male, I heard he took out ten armed freemales alone and unarmed."

"That's bullcrap, there were four and he only took out two, but his hands were cuffed behind his back as I understand it. I have to give him credit for... What was that?"

"You two!" Both Females swung around and aimed their weapons at the large male coming from the house. "Drop the weapons, I'm a Police enforcer, you two are under arrest."

"You drop the tazer male, that's an order from a Female!"

"Sorry Ma'am I may be in civvies, but I have been placed on-duty so I will not follow any orders except from my Partner Female, or her direct superiors."

michael gave me a big smile "It's ben, Officer Heinline's enforcer!"

"You can't take us both out alone. Lay down your tazer."

"Who said he was alone? You heard my enforcer, drop 'em!"

"Come on, time to get out of here!" michael started heading back to the children.

"No, wait for them to be secured and taken away, no sense revealing this room to those two Females."

I looked back at the display to see ben securing the slender Female in handcuffs. What happened next I saw telegraphed in the large Females body language. She spun around and grabbed Officer Heinline by her gun arm; I heard the bones break even over the speaker. She moved fast for the mountain that she was. She was soon behind the Policefemale and had taken her weapon from her and directed it back at its owner.

"Release her or you partner dies."

ben had seen it all happen and had managed to redraw his tazer gun but had not been able to get a clean shot.

"Release Officer Heinline immediately!"

"As long as I got her you can't take the shot, so I don't see that as a wise move on my part."

"benjamin! Innocence Protocol!"

"Miss Lisa?"

"enforcer! I say again Innocence Protocol!"

The enforcer dropped his tazer and pulled a conventional pistol.

"Doctor what is Innocence Protocol?"

Helping to write the latest revision of 'The enforcer Procedural and Training Manual' for the state and city police forces, I knew what it meant all too well. I turned away from him. "She is authorizing him to allow her to be killed in defense of innocents. She is basically ordering him to shoot through her to kill the attacker rather than let her get away."

"No! Doctor remember this: zero seven zero four twelve."

"What?" I turned to see the door behind me closing again. I picked up the abandoned Notepad in time to see michael tackle the brutish Female causing her to drop Lisa Heinline.

"There you are!" She said as she spun around to him. "Save yourself the pain and tell me where the male child is."

"Over my dead body!" michael charged at her again, without the element of surprise he took the brunt of a fist to his chest slamming him into the wall with a sickening thud. He slid to the floor in a heap.

"Your choice." She held the gun to michael's head. I turned away I couldn't bear to watch. The clapping thunder erupted from the speaker and echoed around the small room, followed by the baby crying!


I tried opening my eyes, but slammed them shut again as the light was too harsh. I tried sitting up but that met with my head spinning. "What hit me?"

"A fist the size of a baked ham, followed by a wall."

I forced my eyes open to see ben standing over me. The afternoon's events came flooding back to me. "How long have I been unconscious? Did you find Doctor Johvon and the kids?"

"Relax michael, they're all safe. The runts are with the Doc and your Owner's Mother just left to go check on them."

I looked over to see Officer Heinline in the bed next to mine. I looked around and was surprised by where I was. "Why am I... a Female ward?"

She smiled at me "I insisted the male who saved my life share a room with me."

"Keep this up kid and they will commit you to that psych ward you work in for being suicidal. First you attack freemales, then a Female that could have crushed you into a bloodstain."

"Miss Justine she went to a meeting, I must contact her."

"The meeting was a ruse michael, like in your chess game; they lured the Queen away so the King would be vulnerable."

"michael you're awake, I'm so sorry child!" Miss Allison rushed over and gave me a big and painful hug.

I started crying "Milady is dead!"

She pulled back from me, confused. "michael, Jay is fine."

Between sobs I managed to explain myself "But Officer Heinline already told me she was killed, and then you came in all apologetic."

"You told him what?"

"michael all I said she was lured out like a Queen in chess, not that she was killed."

"Bad analogy to use with a chess player, you only lure the Queen out if you think you can kill her." That voice, was I hearing things?

Now my tears were in overdrive, I couldn't see clearly, but the blurry image I saw I could never mistake for anyone else. "Miss Justine?"

"Yes boy, I'm safe, we all are." She kissed me; there was no doubt she was real now. "You are lucky the way I hear it. If ben was a hair slower I would be the one crying." She tried to wipe away my tears, a no-win situation at the moment.

"Lisa, ben. Thank you for taking that email at face value and checking it out, I'm sorry you got hurt for it."

"A few broken bones, a bruised neck, and a touch of asphyxia. Business as usual for us. Aside of the broken arm, michael took it worse than I did so ben wouldn't be forced to shoot through me."

Mother Alli gave Miss Justine a big hug and kiss. "Lucy said you were in Connecticut, how did you get back so fast?"

"Adrianne had me picked up and escorted here by an old friend who is in the Connecticut State Police. Those lights and sirens make travelling into the city a lot easier!" "But I will have to wait for her partner to get here in my car."

The room's phone rang and ben answered it; "Hello. Yes Ma'am. No Ma'am, Miss Lisa cleared the small house, I cleared the main house, and both were cleared a second time when the additional units responded to the 'Officer down' call out. We are with them now, we will talk to them and then I will report to the scene."

"What did the Commander want ben?"

"According to the two Females we arrested, there was a fourth member of the team, their boss. Did you see another Female michael?"

"I only saw the two in the passage, but they did talk about a 'boss lady' who was doing something in the basement and a Serena who was watching the gate."

Officer Heinline looked at Miss Justine. "Any place in the basement you know she could hide until the smoke clears. Assuming she is tied to the Alphons family since we already know they are aware of things only they knew about."

"Only one I can think of, but I would have to open it for you. That room would have secured when michael activated the Panic Room. And it cannot be opened again until I unlock it."

"Take her ben, I will call the Commander and brief her."

"I will come too." I started to get up, and regretted that decision.

"No boy, you need to stay here. The Doctor said you got several broken ribs, a concussion, and they want to keep an eye out for internal bleeding."

"Do not make me cuff you to the bed kid."

I offered no resistance as Mother Alli pushed me back down. "I will stay here with him for now. Doctor Johvon asked that we take the children home soon though. So I will leave in about a half hour and take my grandchildren home with me."

"Thanks Mom, uhh ben, can you drive?"

"Yes Ma'am all Police enforcers are licensed drivers."

Miss Justine gave me a kiss, "Be safe Milady!"

"As safe as you were boy."

"That is not very comforting considering my state." I started to laugh but it hurt. I got a kiss to the forehead and they left.

Mother Alli leaned into me and whispered while Officer Heinline was making her call; "You did hear what I said didn't you son?"

I thought back over the brief exchanges that just happened. "You are leaving in a half hour?"

"With my grandchildren."

The sun broke the horizon in my mind as the words finally made sense. I fought back the tears. "Thank you Mother Alli."

"That was what I was apologizing about when I came in. I'm sorry I made you feel so alienated. I had not thought about your feelings, or your love for your own son. I'm sorry I made you feel that you had to run away to protect both Justine and mikey from me. I do love you as my own, and like Doctor Johvon explained, I should accept little michael because of that. I have done you a great wrong son, and I will make it up to you."

I could not hold back my tears any longer. "Oh you crybaby!" She gave me a hug. "But that is what is so special about you; you are naturally sweet and emotional."


I looked at the burly male sitting next to me in the driver's seat. I know firsthand he is normally a gentle giant when off-duty. "ben, thank you for saving michael. God knows he would be dead if not for you and Lisa."

"Actually Ma'am the more I think of it, it was because of us he almost got killed. He would have stayed safe in that room if we hadn't shown up, or if Miss Lisa hadn't got grabbed by that muscled up Female. His actions saved me from killing my partner and Owner." He glanced at me for a moment. "Even though she gave me the order, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. Miss Lisa has treated me well and I respect and adore her for that. Many other enforcers are just used as a piece of meat at home. Not abused, but no real social interactions. Fed, then used for sex and household chores."

"Why were you the first at my house? What happened?"

"Miss Lisa got your email. When she read it she called it in and said we would be responding in POV. We parked down the block after we observed the White van blocking the gate. She ordered me on-duty, we geared up and caught the Female at the van off guard when the gate opened I tazered her. We found her radio ear set when we searched her. Miss Lisa listened in on the conversation as we split up to search the two houses."

He smiled over at me. "Miss Lisa knew they were in the passage and had me go down to distract them from the main house side so she could get the drop on them from the garage side. It worked except we misjudged the speed of the muscled Female, and Miss Lisa got too close. When michael came on the scene, I had no idea where he came from but I saw him coming, and I also ran for her, she instinctively aimed the gun at me, and was unprepared for michael's impact."

He frowned. "Then I made my second mistake, I pulled Miss Lisa clear before disabling the perpetrator. I knew I had messed up immediately, and michael paid for my mistake. When she put the gun to michael's head, I just pulled up and fired, I didn't even aim the shot. I got lucky I did not also hit michael. Well here we are; your home sweet home."

"ben sometimes all there is to make the best with the moment. Everyone must make judgment calls, for all you knew she could have just ignored michael and shot you or Lisa. michael knew he was no match for her, but he was not going to let his friends fight his battle for him, or let them die for him."

We approached the front door when I realized there was a flaw in my plan. "I don't have my Notepad! It's still in my car!"

"Do you need it Ma'am?"

"To open the locked door I will. Where is michael's Notepad-male? It will work too,"

"I believe Doctor Johvon placed it in the office. One moment and we can check." ben pulled out his ID to show it to the Officer standing guard. "enforcer ben Heinline, escorting the resident to try to find a missing perp."

"Go on ahead we were told to expect you ben. All forensics personnel have been withdrawn until you personally say it is clear. There are Officers or enforcers at all entrances to both buildings. ben Heinline; go On-duty, and Civilian Protection Protocols."

ben drew his conventional pistol. "Understood Ma'am, I will protect her with lethal force, and risk to my own life if required."

We went into my office and michael's Notepad was sitting on my desk. I picked it up and walked back out to the hall. "Okay ben, to the basement. Where I am about to take you is our secret. Very few people outside of the Alphons and Hodlar Families know about it. It has been there much longer then we have lived here, although I have updated the security of it since we lived here."

"What is it some sort of torture chamber?" He laughed.

"It used to be."

ben stopped dead in his tracks. "You are not joking are you?" I shake my head no. "Wow I have heard rumors of the kind but never seen one. Do you take michael into it?"

"I have relegated all punishments to occur only in there. I had to use it more for liz then I did for michael. But I was never cruel ben. To be honest we have used it more as a sexual recreation then for punishment. A little game of dominance and control. With a little pain thrown in for spice."

"Well I will let you in on a little secret too; there is nothing illegal about these rooms as long as the person is not being abusive. Or using a Re-ed chamber."

"Well it came with one, but after I discovered what it was I had michael disable it and destroy its control computer. Now it is just used as a storage room."

We stood outside the room and he stared at me. "Cripes. I never heard that, and will not see it."

I smiled at him. "Thanks, now let's see if our intruder is in there." I place the Notepad to the wall, since it is michael's it requested my override. I press the code and the screen shows the active cameras. Sitting just inside the door is a Female I recognized holding a pistol in her lap. "She's in there alright; let's see what she has been up to." I access the playback computer and start today's recording. We watch as she entered, then wandered about the room, as if checking to make sure nobody else is around. Finally she approached the recording room door and tried to open it. When it refused, she went back to the door into the hall and met with the same problem. I check the time stamp. "When did the email go out from the panic room?"

"About 1215 hours, we had left the precinct at 1200 hours."

"michael accidently trapped her; she came in at 12:06 and tried to access the recording room at 12:18. When he activated the panic room it also locked both of these doors to keep out intruders. She must have come straight here after they broke in."

We watched her struggle to open the door manually, and then try the recording room again. Eventually she gave up and just kept herself and her gun ready for the hall door to open. I switched back to live feed to see her pacing again.

"Are you ready ben?"

"What's the plan?"

"You're going to love this. Start your recorder." I pressed a few keys and spoke into the 'pad's mic. "Put the gun down and step away from the door."

She looked around. "Just let me go bitch, I've already destroyed all the recordings so you will never have any leverage over us."

"The fact I am talking to you this way tells me that's a lie. Now put down the gun and walk over to the self-stocks. I believe you know how they work. If you do not do as instructed I will be forced to just leave you locked in there."

"My associates will be here in minutes, they will have the boy and then you will..."

"You mean the one who was at the van, or the one that you sent to steal my son from the hospital? They're both well secured, oh and muscle-Girl won't be helping anyone anymore after her run in with michael."

"What have you done with them? My Grandmother knows we're here, likely she has already arranged someone to extract me."

"Yes you should thank her for that; it was that action that made me realize you were here. Of course we gave them the body of muscle-girl and told them we had no clue where you or the others ran to after that happened. Now all I will have to do is wait until you are too weak or tired to resist. You got five seconds before I go and get my dinner."

She used as much of the five seconds as she could before pressing the button securing herself. "Good I'm glad you decided to be helpful Mary. It is Mary yes?"

"Yes." She practically spat out the word.

I punched in the unlock code and the door lock disengaged. I swung the door open. "There you go enforcer ben, one prepackaged perpetrator, with confession of breaking and entry, attempted kidnapping, and conspiracy."

"You tricked me!"

"Turnabout is fair play; you tricked me into leaving so you can raid my home."

"This is my Grandmother's home; she will get it back one way or another."

"Not according to the City of New York. How do I get her out of this contraption?"

"You may want to secure one of her wrists and hold on."

After I released her, ben quickly had her secured and escorted her out to a waiting Officer. He also turned over his recorder tape of the confession.


I had not realized how sore I was still. All this manual labor would have killed me if I had done it myself.

"Thank you for helping me move these boxes ben, I did not know Mother Alli had so much stuff."

"No problem kid, with Miss Lisa still on desk duty, all I can do is escort prisoners to and fro. I was glad to get away from that for a day. I cannot wait for her arm to heal up so she can recertify on the weapon range. You sure you got it from here, I saw your clutching your ribs earlier."

"Yeah, I will be good, this box is light." I shook my head "I will be helping her unpack for a month I don't know where she fit all that stuff in her little apartment. I just hope she adjusts to living here well, I do not want to move her back out."

"You need the help, and an extra set of eyes on your back. The Alphons family is not happy that the Judge and Mary are in prison after their failed attempts to get little michael. Who would have thought they would try to kidnap him to sell him on the black market. Where are the Females anyway?"

"Miss Justine told me she and Miss Allison had a special thank you planned for me, and they were going to prepare it."

"Maybe they are making you a special dinner?"

"In that case I hope it is Miss Allison doing the preparing! I still want to live."

"Is your Owner's cooking that bad."

"Do not tell her I said this, but almost"

He laughed "I better get out of here before I cause a domestic disturbance."

"Drive safe."


The Female folk had been oddly quiet. The whole house was too quiet, with the children at Miss Amanda and carlos's home tonight, it felt empty.

I set the final box on Miss Allison's bed, where a folded note sat with my name on it.

I read the note; it was instructions from Milady to report to the room. I half expected this. Evidently Miss Justine decided to let her Mother in on our secret. I was sure by now Mother Alli or Doctor Cherish had told Miss Justine about my attempt at running away and Mother Alli would see firsthand the purpose of the room.

When I entered from the hall I was not greeted by the sight I expected. Miss Justine and Allison were both naked and each secured into one of the devices. Miss Justine was in the self-stocks with a ball gag in her mouth. Mother Alli was on one of the gynecological style chairs. This particular one just held its occupant down at the ankles and waist with the hands secured by leather cuffs and chains to the leg supports. She was blindfolded and had a ring gag in her mouth. If I had my guess she also had in earplugs as she had not even reacted to the door opening and closing.

Miss Justine looked at me with a smile in her eyes. Then she looked at a note she held in her left hand. Her eyes said 'Read it'. I took it from her hand and opened it.


Mother is offering herself to you to use
as you see fit, an apology for her
treatment of our son.

I just ask you follow the rules I set for
you to use with liz.

You no longer need to worry about
using a condom, and you may ejaculate
in her all you can.

But please save some for me, When
you have Mother sufficiently worn out it
is my turn.

We will both be your property to use,
please refrain from calling us Miss or
Mother when addressing us at this

Have your fun my Love, you deserve it!


"Really?" She answered me with a nod. "And your Mother is fine with this?" Another nod.

I walk away to one of the wall shelves and gather some supplies. I slide a vibrating penis in my love's intimate area and turn it on low. "That is to get you ready for me, don't drop it or I may need to get a paddle. This is to keep you from getting distracted." I reached over and slid a blindfold on her. She resisted and tried to stop me. "Ahh, did Justine want to watch as I take her bound Mother?"

She nodded her head. "I cannot allow that, one disapproving look from you and I would stop and deny myself the reward I have been offered. And I bet you want to hear what I am going to do too?" Another nod. "Sorry I think we need a little privacy." I pushed the rolled ear plugs in and waited for them to expand. She tried to turn her head to stop me, but I had been too fast.

I gently brushed Miss Justine's nipples, drawing a moan from her, and walked away.

Miss Allison was now my target. She jerked at my touch. I leaned close to her ear, and held her hand. "If you can hear me squeeze my hand." When she did that I continued; "You are my property now, did you know that?" She nodded. I got into my role and tried to use more vulgar terms. "You probably did not know this, but I got a lot of practice fucking a bound woman down here. I tormented lizzie down here often, she began to feel excited every time we sent her here, hoping it would result in her cumming." I cringed at using those terms out loud. "Are you ready to experience all I learned from her torment?" She hesitated, but nodded her head. "I hope you know what you are doing Allison; that was your only chance to get me to stop." She howled through her gag as I twisted her nipple.

I took a quick taste of her wet vagina, it sounded like she tried to say 'more' through her open mouth. I wonder if Allison has ever had a cock in her mouth. I am willing to bet that was Milady's intent with that particular gag.

I resolved myself to be as demanding an owner as I could, but still ensure the pleasure of the two beautiful Females who have put themselves at my mercy.



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