Revenge 4: A New Purpose in Life

by LorasPa6

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Part 4: A New Purpose in Life

Note: This takes place shortly after the events of A Day in the Park.

I was working in the punishment room. I had been charged by my owner Justine Solomon to rework the restraint devices that were designed to be used only on male property to accommodate female property also. Mostly this affected the devices that latched onto a male's penis or scrotum. I build some form of quick disconnect into these devices and then fit an appliance in the form of a fake penis (many of which were inflatable and/or vibrating) with the same connection so it could be swapped depending if Miss Justine was securing myself or my property-sister liz to the device. The one I was working on presently was going to use a device based on a medieval device known as the 'Pear of Anguish'. The device was pear shaped (hence the name) and when used, the four segments opened outward from the tip of the large portion like a flower blooming, except it would expand inside the orifice of a person and could expand larger then said orifice. Milady says they were used orally as gags by robbers originally and sometime in the years that men dominated Earth, one got the idea to use them to torture women in their vagina and butt.

The intercom on the wall buzzed followed by my beloved's voice; "michael, where are you?"

I trod over to the wall and pressed the flashing button indicating the room the global page came from. "I am in 'the room' Milady. Shall I come to you?"

"No dear, secure yourself into the self-stocks and I will join you there in a few minutes."

A shiver ran through my spine. "Yes Ma'am."

I walked back to the equipment and located the stainless steel device and moved it from the wall. I pressed the button on the back side of the stocks opening the head and wrist yoke on the vertical, and the ankle yoke that was just above the floor. Thoughts raced through my mind; Am I to be punished? What have I done wrong?

I place myself in the device, and press the close button on the front of the stock it is just within reach of my left hand. The system engages when the yokes close around my extremities; the air bladders recessed in the yokes' openings inflate conforming to my body parts. Out of habit I press the button again. I know it will not work again until after the one on the opposite side (that I can no longer reach now) is pressed. I am trapped.

In the not so distant days of the house's previous owner, Judge Melissa Alphons, a male was sent here to await punishment by his owner. Miss Justine showed me the recording of the males waiting in this stock for hours, waiting, knowing that he would receive a severe beating with any of a number of whips or paddles that had (and to a much lesser extent still do now) reside on the walls and tables. Inevitably they would receive this punishment, but only after hours of wondering when it would come and how sever it would be.

True to her word Miss Justine came through the door mere minutes after I was secure. More surprising to me was Miss Adrianne, our attorney, was with her. This was the first time since Milady discovered the room that someone outside of our immediate family of three has been in here.

The expression of amazement was clear on her face even from across the room. "Wow Just! You weren't kidding when you said she was a sadistic bitch."

"When you have more time I will show you the videos, of some of the more tame stuff, it will still make you sick. Most of the truly evil devices I have had michael destroy, but the more benign ones I enjoy. Like this one, hello boy." She came to a stop and affectionately rubbed my close-cropped hair.

"Hello Milady, Hello Miss Adrianne. Welcome to 'The Room'." I tried to make the encompassing hand gesture that is usually a part of the arms sweeping out in a grandiose fashion.

Both women laughed at my attempt at hospitality.

"michael, you are going to be accompanying Miss Adrianne today. You are to be on your best behavior. She will explain more on the way, but for now we need to prepare you."

Miss Justine loosened my pants and pulled them to my knees. While she was doing this Miss Adrianne was closing my Identicollar around my neck. I was not surprised to feel my genital device being slid over my penis. When the straps were all latched I knew the indicator that showed they were all securely locked was lit, without even seeing it.

The air bladders deflated and the yokes opened, Milady helped me from the stocks. "michael, the punishment device is installed on your genital device, where you are going it is required, and Adrianne will have to set it to open frequency when you arrive at your destination."

"Open frequency? Why?"

"I will explain on the way, go get changed into respectful, but comfortable clothes."

"Yes Miss Adrianne"

I made my way to the door. "boy, we will be in my office then. Now hustle."

"Yes Ma'am!" I rushed up the stairs the two floors to the Mistress suite and chose myself a nice pair of Khaki pants and collared pull over shirt. I approached the study, which is now my owner's office, just as liz was leaving it.

liz is slightly older then Miss Justine and myself, while originally she had a little extra weight when we knew her as our neighbor, she has trimmed down the last year and a half since she lost her citizenship, but that may change soon as we are trying to get her pregnant before she turns 35 in two years and no longer legally allowed to become pregnant.

It is ironic that she is the oldest person in the home, but the one of the least social standing, being even below me in the order of things, something our Owner has repeatedly emphasized with her.

"michael, where are you going?" She whispered.

"I do not know yet, all I know is I am going with Miss Adrianne."

She pouted. "Please tell me when you get back."

"Only if Miss Justine allows me to, you know better lizzie." I shook my finger at her. "Now I need to go." I patted the side of her face and went through the heavy door.

"...amazed at how much and how little she has changed." Miss Adrianne was saying.

"Did liz question you on where you were going?" Milady asked with a smile.

"Yes my dearest Owner she did. But I told her nothing, because I know nothing."

"I'll deal with her while you are away. I know you will be good, just mind your manners, and follow the instructions." She placed a big kiss on me that brought on the tight feeling in my genital device. I think she enjoyed the confusion of bliss and pain on my face caused by this.

"Let's go michael."

"One minute please Miss Adrianne." I went over to Juli's crib and kissed her. "You be a good Girl for Mommy. daddy will be back soon." I turned to head for the door. "Now I am ready."

Miss Adrianne was smiling at me as I walked to the door.

I went and opened the driver's side door of Miss Adrianne's car and stepped aside for her to enter. "Such a gentlemale. Ride in the front seat michael, we need to talk."

I was very nervous as we pulled through the estate's gate. Miss Adrianne could tell this and she reached over and took my hand then after a moment pulled it over to her and slid it under the hem of her skirt. I could feel the sheer part of her hosiery merged with the thicker panty portion. "Right now we are going to St. Catherine's Hospital. Remember those Females that were rescued when Miss Allison and yourself were abducted?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Their doctor saw you at the award ceremony and the banquet that followed it. They have asked Miss Justine if you would be willing to participate in the rehabilitation of the Females. They feel your gentle and submissive natures will help them trust males a little better again. Now some of these Females were betrayed by their males, while a few of them watched as their males were executed by the freemales, for refusing to join the freemales."

She smiled at me as my hand gently rubbed her leg, the silkiness of her leg helped soothe my uneasiness. She learned from Miss Justine that I had affection for hosiery and used it to help me stave off the nervousness by allowing me to rub her leg under the table in court.

"Because we will be dealing with Females suffering from male induced traumas you are required to have the open frequency punishment, and will be in restraints."

"Restraints, but I... with strange females Miss Adrianne, why?"

"Relax they are just costuming mostly, to show you are no threat. What they will not know is you can release yourself anytime, just in case one of them gets violent with you. And only then. Otherwise they stay on until I or one of the doctors remove them, understand?"

"I think so Ma'am."

"Good! Now can you please ease up on my leg?"

I had not realized I had even gripped her leg until that moment. I opened my hand. "Sorry Miss Adrianne, I apologize sooo much..."

She cut me off with a smirk. "It's okay michael. You'll find your cuffs in that bag at your feet, put them on we are almost there."

I placed the ankle restraints on first, and then did my hand restraints. "Now for you to release them just pinch the cuff with your opposite hand's thumb and middle finger."

I did this and my left cuff popped open. "Wow! That is neat."

"Only in case of emergencies. Am I clear?"

"Yes Ma'am, I will only use it in life or death emergencies."

"Take them off now. You will have to put them on before we enter the ward."

When we got to the hospital Miss Adrianne opened my car door to let me out, and led me to the lobby. When she got to the front desk she waited for the male working it to finish his phone conversation. Informing him who we were and who we were there to see. We were told to have a seat and we will be seen shortly.

A really young male wearing a nametag 'joseph' came to collect us. Miss Adrianne asked the same question that I was thinking; "How old are you? You seem too young to work in a hospital."

"I am 15 Ma'am, and anywhere else in the facility; I am too young, but the patients in this ward normally react better to less mature males, we are less threatening. As it is, next year I may be too old to work with them. At 16 and 17 the department head reviews us based on appearance before it is decided if we can continue in the ward, if we look too old we are released back to the school to finish and come back to work in the normal parts of the facility."

"I see. I didn't even know they took this much thought into the treatment."

"As I understand this has only been done in recent years, with the declining number of Female nurses. I have also heard rumors of forcing medical procedures to castrate upcoming male nurses or a series of surgeries so they will appear to be females while still able to breed as a normal male."

"That is an interesting concept! I will have to keep an eye out for info on that. Thank you for that joseph."

The young male blushed at Miss Adrianne's gratitude, "It is my pleasure Attorney Harking. Please restrain your male and we will continue." After Miss Adrianne had replaced the cuffs on my wrists and ankles he placed his hand on a scanner and the door opened. "Right this way Ma'am."

Just inside the door we were guided into an office and told that the doctor will be in directly. joseph had in fact not made it back to the door before it opened and a scholarly Female of African descent entered. While she was not as attractive to me as Miss Justine or Miss Allison, I had to admit her confidence and intelligence stirred the hormones of my penis.

"Thank you joey, go prepare the group room for me please."

"Yes Doctor, I will get right to it."

The door closed behind the child. "He's a good kid; he will make an excellent nurse. Attorney Harking I presume, and michael of course." She shook each of our hands, mine being a slight clumsy because of the restraints. "I am Doctor Cherish Johvon. You and Miss Solomon have discussed what is expected of him here today?"

"Only partially, I would not expect you to give legal advice, I would never dream of trying to explain your psychological processes."

Doctor Johvon laughed. "Fair enough Miss Harking. michael I saw you at the awards ceremony. I believe you have the qualities I need to help abused Females rebuild their trust in the males and reinsert themselves as the dominant part of society. To that end I researched your history. I of course was already vaguely familiar with your recent altercation with the freemales as it was what has filled my ward with patients." She walked behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders. "I was deeply intrigued by the profile that was done of you during your trial, after it was unburied and made part of your official record of course."

Miss Adrianne grimaced. "It took me a month to get that found and entered into evidence against Judge Alphons."

"Yes indeed I could see why she arranged for its disappearance. So for your part in this michael, what I want you to do is be here and show these Females you are trustworthy. That you are willing to serve them. That males as a whole are not to be feared. That with proper upbringing, training, and compassion, most males are loving, caring companions."

"Doctor with all due respect, what can I offer?"

"You are modest; first I want you to share with them the events of the day of your abduction. Show them that you were also a victim of the same tormentors; this should form a slight bond, opening them up to your actions of that day. Then I expect you to socialize with them, interact and perform basic male duties for them. Just be yourself; the respectful and proud property of Justine Solomon."

I looked at her, "I guess I can be myself."

"I have requested you be here every Monday afternoon from 1 to 4, and your Owner has agreed to it. I want you to strip down to your genital device and collar when you are with the Females. You will be escorted here and your chaperone or owner can unlock you to undress. Perhaps later we will work you into some of the one on one sessions I have with them later in the week as I see fit."

"Why is he to be stripped?" Miss Adrianne asked.

"To give the victims the feeling of security and superiority they need in dealing with males. Miss Justine, yourself, or another Citizen Female are required to be present to ensure no impropriety. Do not be alarmed if I make offers of allowing them to abuse michael. It will be for effect, and any punishment I allow them to carry out will be fully supervised. To that end michael, you will never be gagged and if you say the word 'elephant' the staff is instructed to halt any activity. Do you understand that?"

"Yes Ma'am, say 'elephant' if I get panicked."

"There will be a point where we intend to teach the Females self-defense, you will be asked to be one of the 'aggressors' in these exercises. But that will be only after I feel the majority of the group sufficiently trusts you." She looked at her watch. "joseph should have the group room ready and the patients in there by now. Shall we?" She motioned to my clothes. Miss Adrianne removed my cuffs, and I disrobed and was restrained once more.

We entered a large room; there was a circle of chairs all but one occupied by a Female, and an exercise mat in the middle. The Females reacted to my presence in varying ways; amusement, surprise, anger, and fear.

Doctor Johvon looked around the group. "I am pleased to announce we will be having a new participant over the next few weeks. Some of you may recognize michael from the awards ceremony. He was one of the reasons why you all were rescued." She motioned me to the mat. "Have a seat michael. We've all heard each of your stories up to this point; I thought you should all hear the firsthand account of the events that transpired resulting in your freedom before he is put into service as a training aid. Remember in his own way michael is himself a victim of these men and at least deserves the same respect in allowing him to tell his story without interruptions." She paused to let the Females absorb this. "Begin michael."

I looked around the circle of eleven Females; I was slightly overwhelmed and scared. The hate in some of their eyes made me scared, I began to panic. Finally my eyes fell on Miss Adrianne. She nodded at me and my mind travelled back to her advice on how I could get around this very same problem for my trial testimony. I soon had told the whole story of that day from our capture until we were escorted from the building.

At the end I could see some of the Females attitude toward me had softened. One of them, a pregnant Female, indicated she had a question. "When you offered to join them under your terms, what were you thinking, your plans?"

"To be honest Ma'am, I just wanted my child and Miss Allison out of there. I knew I would try to escape to get back to my Owner as soon as I could."

"What about us, would you have left us there?" This came from one of the more angry members of the group, and almost sounded like a challenge.

"At the time I knew nothing of the rest of you in the building. My thoughts were only of my family Females. If I had known... I do not know how I would have handled that."

"Would you have participated in our abuse, tried to impregnate us, if they accepted your terms?" She pushed the subject.

"I pray I would not have, that was why I lied to them saying that only my Owner could unlock my genital device. If anything I would like to believe that would have given me more reason to escape and bring back help. No person deserves to be raped at all. I have been..." I choked up and found it hard to speak.

Doctor Johvon came over to me and comforted me and explained. "michael had been on trial for a crime he was innocent of, while being held in prison, he was left restrained in a cell while his cellmates' genital devices were disabled by the guards, he was repeatedly raped and beat by the males all night long." She looked at each Female in turn. "He has much in common with all of you, but he has moved on and continued his life, lovingly and respectfully serving his Owner. If a male can move on from such trauma, you each should be able to also." She smiled at me and winked. So that was her game; use me to stroke their 'Superior' Female egos. "Now let's hear about what is new in your lives."

The next hour or so was spent getting short weekly autobiographies from each Female's Journal. The angry one, Miss Louise, refused to read hers as long as I was there. To which the doctor told her she must become accustomed to me as I was to participate from now on as a member of the group. When she still resisted the doctor moved on.

After that we did some trust exercises where I was released temporarily (after a quick test to ensure the patients that the punishment system worked and that all the Female Nurses and Doctor Johvon had a control device). I was put into a different domestic situation with each of the Females to gauge their reaction to my male role. To me it seemed to go relatively well with all of them, only minor hesitations to them engaging in conversations with me, or accepting my help, etc. Two events really went bad and had to be intervened upon. The first was a Female who was one of the few still on inpatient status. She begged me to 'fuck' her and tried pulling my genital device off by hand. The doctor and Miss Adrianne separated her from me and she was escorted back to her room. The second was Miss Louise. It was the last exercise and I was cleaning the kitchen set, scrubbing the floor and she was supposed to give me series of instructions. Instead she began kicking me with no cause. The pregnant Female, Miss Becky, placed herself between us before the Female nurses could reach Miss Louise.

"Stop it he didn't do anything to deserve this. He's not even fighting back" She yelled at Miss Louise.

"He was born; he should have been killed long ago! They can't be trusted!"

By this point Miss Adrianne was helping me up. Miss Becky kept herself between Miss Louise and me "Just because your male turned on you the first chance he got doesn't mean all males can't be trusted! Obviously some Females like you can't be trusted."

Miss Louise was trying to get free from the nurses holding her. She spat at me. "Milk 'em of their sperm and kill 'em. That's all they're good for."

Doctor Johvon looked at her. "I am so sad; obviously you did not learn that it was because of this kind of treatment that scott betrayed you." She stopped and looked around at the group. "Four of the Females here had their males refuse to join the freemales and they willingly died rather than betray their Females. Two others joined only to try to go reach the police and were killed for their attempt. It was because they were treated with respect by their Females." She pointed at me, "One fought the odds refused to die without a fight. Ask yourselves; Why did seven of the eleven males involved here refuse to turn, or only pretend to turn, was it fear... or respect... or love? Only each of you knows for sure what led to your male's decision and fate." She turned to Miss Louise again. "I was afraid you were just acting to be less hating towards males, you seemed too insincere." She addressed the nurses restraining her. "Get her out of here; I am having her recommitted as a violent patient immediately."

Miss Louise kicked and screamed obscenities all the way to the door, her voice being heard for several moments after she had been escorted out of the room. "Everyone else please get yourself some refreshments and meet back in the group room." The group of Females began to leave the room but Miss Becky was checking me over with Miss Adrianne. "Rebecca what made you interfere?"

"It was wrong for her to do that to michael, he obviously was no threat to any of us... and it reminded me of the beating my justin took before they shot him in the head."

"Go on, join the others." She came over to me. "I apologize michael; I had not expected her to get violent, bossy and degrading I expected from her, not this. This gives some credibility to her male's statement that she was physically abusive to him from the beginning."

My restraints were replaced, and we rejoined the remaining eight Females in the Group Therapy Room where joseph offered us beverages and pastries. The Females took their seats again and Doctor Johvon closed the session explaining that how they choose to treat the males in their lives is reflected in the male's affection to his Owner, and how a well-trained and cared for male is no more a threat then a child. She also went on to say that she hopes that in the weeks to come that they will learn to trust males once again. After a reminder to keep up their journal, and to make their scheduled personal session where they will discuss today's exercises and events.

Afterwards they all helped joseph clean up the refreshments. I was left in the hall as Miss Adrianne was in the office with Doctor Johvon. I saw the nurse watching me look up. I turned to see the pregnant belly of Miss Becky above me. She sat next to me and smiled. "Are you alright michael?"

"Yes Ma'am, thank you. Thank you for asking and coming to my rescue."

"You're welcome michael. I had to stop her it reminded me too much of what happened to justin."

"You loved him deeply I can tell, I feel in you the same strength as my Owner. Is your child his, or was it from being raped by the freemales?" I realized I may have gone too far as soon as the words passed my lips. I saw the tears forming in her eyes. "I am so sorry that was inappropriate of me!"

"No! It's okay michael, it is a common question believe it or not. It is justin's, and I will cherish this child because of that. justin gave his life because he refused to betray me; even with a pistol held between his eyes he would not denounce me. I am proud of him. He tried to fight back, just too late." She smiled again. "I look forward to seeing you next week michael, you remind me there are gentlemales out there."

And then Miss Adrianne and the doctor were above us. Miss Adrianne's smile was almost infectious "Come michael, we should get you home."


Adrianne led michael into my office and I looked at the time. Oops! I have had liz in the forced enema machine for two and a half hours. I should have paid more attention to the time. I walked around the desk and gave michael a big kiss. He practically melted in my arms. I love the look of lust on his face when I do this. "Were you a good boy today my love?"

"Yes Milady, I think so."

"He was perfect Justine, everything Doctor Johvon hoped for."

"Good, michael be a dear and go release lizzie from the enema bench in the room, make sure to let the machine complete its suction cycle first. I lost track of time so she has not prepared supper. Have her get ready to go out. No discussing where you went today or what happened."

"Yes Ma'am."

When the door closed I looked at Adrianne. "How did it really go?"

"You were right; he is repressing fears, not from the kidnapping though, but from his time in prison. She thinks it was just brought back to the forefront by the recent events. She feels working with these poor girls will help him out as well as them."

"Good, good."

"There was an incident, one of the Females got violent with michael. He's bruised but not hurt seriously. Doctor Johvon assures me she is having this Female removed from the program as she has an intensive hatred to males that seems to dominate her personality. She told me, off the record, that this Female was going to be removed anyway because she will be in court soon facing cruelty charges, her male was one of the converts and he has documentable abusive injuries that go back several years." Adrianne smiled at me before continuing. "Johvon is very happy with michael's performance today and is sure he is the perfect male for this therapy experiment, she will be applying to the MCB and Hospital Board to give michael special privileges to become a member of her staff. I think you have found michael a new purpose in life."


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