Revenge 2: The Start of a New Tradition

by LorasPa6

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Part 2: The Start of a New Tradition

My name is elizabeth, my owner and her superior property known as michael often refer to me simply as 'liz' or lizzie'. Formerly I was the Female known as Elizabeth Hodlar. I had tried doing a terrible thing to the Female that now owns me, Miss Justine Solomon (a beautiful red haired Female several years younger than myself), specifically to have her male property, and childhood love, michael taken from her, with the plans that I would receive him. I almost succeeded in this plan, but I was outsmarted by Miss Justine and her lawyer, who had discovered I was behind the plan.

As punishment the government removed my Female citizenship status and made me a property female. I was then offered to the Female I had victimized. I actually feel fortunate that Miss Justine accepted the offer, the other option the Male Control Board considered was to loan me out as a breeder and be used as a baby machine until I turned 35. I dread to think what would have happened to me when I would have been too old to be used as a breeder. As a Citizen Female I had never found out what happened to breeder females when they reached 36 years of age. Now I cannot if I wanted, as my access to television and the internet is extremely limited and must be approved by my owner.

I now live in a home I know well. This fact brings a little sadness to me. This home, which is now legally owned in the name of michael in trust to Miss Justine, was my Great-aunt's house. For her part in michael's unjust conviction and her arranging for him to be raped in prison by two violent male inmates (which I had no knowledge of), he was given her real estate and financial holdings. Of course since he is a male, his owner Miss Justine has complete control over it all.

After my Re-education Miss Justine and michael accepted the new me into their family. I work to maintain the house with michael's supervision and help. Mostly michael is preparing the meals for us all (cooking is a passion of his and only allows me to help or cook when he is too busy) and caring for his Daughter Juliet, who was born a few months after we moved to the estate. Miss Justine says she named the baby after michael's mother, because she was a great and loving Female who Miss Justine strives to be like.

The last week has been odd around the estate, Miss Justine and I have been caring for little Juli, and I have not seen michael all week. I have done all the cooking and Miss Justine would disappear with a plate that I assumed was for michael. I asked yesterday if michael was ill. Miss Justine said not exactly and that I would find out today.

Right after Miss Justine's Mother left with Juli I was summoned and instructed to follow her.

Thinking about this I had failed to see where Miss Justine had led me to until she opened the concealed door. Before me was a room I prayed to never see again. It was my Aunt's punishment room! A room many of the Females in my family brought their males for a personal re-education. The last time I was in this room I was 15 and I watched as my Mother had caned my father until he was unconscious. It was a brutality that plagued my dreams for months, and his crime according to my Mother was that he accidently broke a vase while cleaning our home. I was appalled, but she insisted I stayed and learned the best way to train a male.

I vowed to myself that I would never bring my male to this room or treat him in such a horrible way. And I had never done so. I thought Miss Justine could never be so cruel either. Was I to be punished here? What had I done? Then I saw one of the sheet covered devices move. Miss Justine walked over and removed the sheet to reveal michael in a set of stocks nude except for his genital device and a blindfold.

"Do you know what today is liz? What is the significance of this date?"

"No Ma'am, I am not even sure of the date."

"Well today is an anniversary of sorts, the day michael was fully cleared of his charges and released back to my loving arms, and I could release him from his genital device for the first time since his arrest. So I decided today will be an annual family holiday for us."

"I still do not understand Ma'am."

"Well from now on for the week before this day, I will have michael locked here in this room. On this day you will join him in this room. As a matter of fact strip and come to this set of stocks."

Miss Justine placed me in a stock that forced me to bend horizontally at the waist and secured my feet apart.

"lizzie, when was the last time you had penetration sex?"

"Well before my arrest Ma'am."

"You know michael and I make love almost every day, usually twice a day, and I have had you give him oral quite often as a reward for his doing a good job."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Does that make you jealous?"

"Some Miss Justine, I have not had any sex in so long. My body still wants it."

"It has been showing in your attitude to myself and michael." She gave me a smile that made me fear for my life for the first time since I have been her property. "Well that is why I have devised this holiday, as I said every year michael will spend a week in this room with no sexual release." michael groaned at this statement. "As I will also be abstaining from sex, this is to remind him and I what we have, and almost lost because of you." She removed michael's blindfold and kissed him passionately. While she kissed him, she also reached under him and pressed her thumb onto his genital control device. With a click it released into her hand. michael's penis hardened to its full length almost instantly.

"To remind you of your part in this, for the next two hours michael will have full and free access to your body, where he will literally fuck you as you tried to symbolically fuck him a year ago."

"Once I leave this room michael, you can use her in any or all of her holes and with any of the equipment in here in whatever way you choose, except I want no permanent harm to happen to liz."

"I... I... I understand Milady."

Miss Justine reached under me and released my own genital device. I felt so open and exposed.

"Miss Justine, you are telling michael to rape me!"

"No I am telling him to use my property for his own pleasure, if I were you I would sit back and enjoy it, it may be the only time you have vaginal sex for the next whole year." I began crying, "This is for your own good my dear. You have been a little bossy to michael; he is your better and deserves your respect. I am sure michael will not be as cruel to you as your family has been to the males that have occupied this room. According to the tapes I have seen, your own grandfather died in this very room at the hands of your Great-aunt and Grandmother."

Miss Justine unlocked the stocks michael was in. "Now I want you both to be exhausted when I return, take advantage of my gift michael. And lizzie; when I come back if michael tells me you fought him, I will take over and you will think that beating your father took the last time you were here was pleasant."

Aunt Missy must have recorded all the punishment sessions! Miss Justine could only know these things if she has seen the recordings.

Miss Justine went to the door opposite the one we entered from when michael spoke up. "Milady, I... I am not sure I can do this."

"michael you need to learn to stand up to her, we have treated her with kindness and she fails to remember her place. But if it makes you feel any better I will give you some incentives. You will not have sex with me until you do this, and you will spend each night in the paddling machine over there until you do." michael looked up in shock. "I will be recording this and watching occasionally so do not get any ideas about faking going through with it michael. Just remember she was the reason you were in prison and anally raped, she tried to take you from me."

"Yes Ma'am."

The door closed and I looked up at michael. The uncertainty was still there, but so were other emotions, lust and anger mainly.

He went around the room looking at things, picking up one device or another. "It seems Miss Justine expected me to not know what this stuff is; she provided pictures of the devices being used on males with each item."

He strolled over carrying a small bucket in one hand and a paddle in the other. He set them down just out of my eyesight. He rubbed my nipples hardening them before he attached a heavy clip with a weight hanging from it to each of them in turn.

"Please michael, don't! I will beha..." A crack rattled my body from my ass to the stock, the force of the impact causing the clips on my breasts to sway.

"Wow lizzie, I was going to give you a hit with this for each day I was in jail... but after seeing your reaction I think I will just do one for each week, that is eight swats. But first there are enough of these weights that I will place one on you for each time I was raped in that cell my last night. Do you know how many that is?"

I was crying hard but managed to shake my head in the negative.

He knelt in front of me, tears on his face. "Of course not, I have never even told Miss Justine because it would break her heart. Twenty times they took my butt! TWENTY TIMES BECAUSE YOU WANTED REVENGE!!!" The look of anger and hatred scared me, what has Miss Justine done!

michael hung nine more weights on each breast and then proceeded to give me seven more shots with the paddle. My ass was on fire and my breasts were sore where the weights were attached. "I am tempted to go back to one swat for each day."

"Please michael I beg you, don't!"

"Tell me lizzie, have you ever had a penis in your butt?"

No! He can't be serious! "michael, please no! I can't do that, it's not the way a Female is supposed to have sex!"

"Neither is a male, but I had it forced upon me! Remember you are not a Female anymore, just property like me. And our owner said I can use any of your 'holes' as I please."

michael walked behind me and I heard him inhale through his nose. "lizzie! Your vagina is very wet. Miss Justine only gets this way when she wants to have sex!"

Oh God he was right, I am so turned on! Why? Why is my pussy so excited? I was so lost in those questions that I was surprised to feel michael's cock push into me. For the first time in over a year, I felt my pussy being filled, and it felt so good.

"Hmm your vagina feels good, but I just wanted to get wet for now." He pulled out of my pussy and rams himself into my asshole. I scream my head off. "You should feel fortunate liz, I am smaller than either of the guys who took me, and they did not lubricate themselves like I did."

Between my sore ass cheeks, asshole, and the swinging weights I was in such pain. I could feel something dripping down my leg. I knew michael was tearing my ass apart and I was bleeding. He paced himself to prolong my agony, but he eventually released his sperm in my ass.

He pulled out of me and walked away. I heard water running behind me. Soon he was standing before me and released me from the stocks. "I am sorry lizzie, I do not know where that much anger came from."

"Are you releasing me?"

"No, not until Miss Justine says so, but I am giving you a chance to refresh. Go ahead and remove those and place them in here." He pointed to the clip-weights while handing me their bucket. I went to the sink and cleaned my ass and legs. I did not find blood around my asshole, what I thought was blood on my leg was really juices from my pussy. What is wrong with me?

"Get over here."

michael was standing next to a strange chair, similar to the kind gynecologists used, but evil looking. I needed no invitation, I climbed up in it. Michael secured my ankles to the stirrups, and my wrists to the base directly below my torso. "Now for the interesting parts." He swung the head restraint up, caging my head and adjusted the gag to fit in my mouth. He disappeared from my line of sight, and then I felt something intruding into my ass again. A mechanical pump sound started and the intruders in my mouth and ass both swelled.

When they stopped he came up on my left. "Try to move your butt liz." I tried but could not lift it or shift in any direction. From what I am seeing in these pictures, this was used to restrain the males so the Females could whip and beat the male's penis and scrotum."

I tried to scream no but my mouth was too full, I wanted to beg for him not to beat my pussy. He must have seen my fear. He tenderly kissed one of my sore tits. "No I will not do that, I am done being cruel, for now. I think my penis is ready for the next hole, your vagina."

I felt michael running his fingers over my pussy. "lizzie, lizzie, lizzie. Are you always this sexually excited or is it these restraints?"

I wanted to say; 'Could it be I have been deprived any relief for almost a year?' But something he said struck a nerve, I am more excited than I have ever been, and the more I am trapped, the more pronounced my excitement.

Without a word michael entered me with his cock. Thankfully he didn't just pull it out this time, he was using that pussy. My pussy! It felt wonderful, with the anal device in I had never felt more... full. I had two orgasms and was building to my third when I felt michael's body stiffen between my secured legs as his jism spray inside of me. Inside of me! Oh no what if I got pregnant? I'm no longer allowed to breed. We would be in so much trouble!

After a five minute respite, michael started again. I struggled, but was too secure to do anything! I tried to scream for michael to stop. But he ignored me. We each had another orgasm, as much as I tried not to.

I started crying, as my nose filled up with mucus, it became harder to breath. If I got pregnant, we would surely be punished by the MCB.

michael must have realized I was struggling to breath, I felt the gag deflate and my hands and head restraints released. michael helped me sit up. "Easy liz, take a few breaths. Are you alright?"

I looked at him. "michael why? Are you trying to get us taken from Miss Justine?" He looked dumbly at me. Simplemindedly confused was a better description. "You ejaculated in me! Twice! I am property; I am not allowed to get pregnant without MCB permission!"

He fell to his knees, and without his support I dropped to my back. "No! What have I done? I don't want to be taken from Miss Justine!" He began crying too.

"michael, maybe I will not get pregnant! But we have to tell Miss..."

Just then our owner came bursting into the room and ran right to michael. She pulled him to her shoulder. "It is all right boy; no one is going to take you or liz from me over this."

"But if I got her pregnant?"

"It is okay michael. Now help me release liz and I will explain."

Soon I was sitting up on the punishment chair, Miss Justine had provided both michael and I with towels to clean our faces and clear our noses of mucus.

"Now here is the situation; neither of you will be in trouble for anything that happened in here. And if liz is pregnant it is fully sanctioned. It was requested I allow her to breed while she is still able because there are few left breeding from her father's genetic line as he was the only child of his generation and she is almost too old. And the MCB feels it is important to keep genetic diversity. So when I agreed they issued me a license to breed lizzie with any male. I choose to keep it in the 'family' for now. I enjoyed watching you two and it gave me ideas, we will be using this room often I think. I promise you both it will be mutually enjoyable, mostly. I have no desire to cause either of you excessive pain or injury. The more cruel devices will be removed entirely, and destroyed."

"Miss Justine, please do not ask me to be michael's tormentor, I do not think I can handle it, or deserve to do it. I think I would prefer being only on the receiving end of these machines."

"I am pleased to hear that lizzie, I never planned on letting you have control over michael, ever! If he is restrained in here, it will be by me or one of my Female family members or close friends, like Miss Adrianne or Lucy. When or if I decide to reveal this room to them."

"I understand Miss Justine, because I am less than him."

"Good, just remember that, because michael is allowed to bring you down here whenever he feels you have overstepped your place." She turned to michael. "Restraints and predicament implements, like those weights, are all you are allowed to use, no machines, no paddling or whipping her on your own. No gagging if you are leaving the room."

"Yes Milady, but I pray I will not need to do this for anything but your enjoyment."

She smiled at him and stroked his cheek. "I was shocked by your aggressive punishment of her earlier boy. I did not think you had it in you."

"I did not know it either Milady. It scared me, but you stroked the right embers to awaken the old fires of pain and the pain wanted revenge."

"I'm sorry to you, both of you, for reminding you of this. It was petty of me to encourage michael into this by using his rape. I had not realized how deep that pain still was."

"Miss Justine... uh is my time down here done?"

"Why michael?"

"There is one more restraint I would like to use on liz."

I looked at Miss Justine, and she was looking at me. I was not sure if I wanted to be subjected to another session. When I saw the smile on Miss Justine's face as she looked down, I realized my body did want it, my snatch was glistening with fresh juices.

"Go for it boy."

michael wasted no time; he almost lovingly carried me to the 'throne'. My head was laid inside and he strapped a gag that was made out of two fake penises on me, one penis in my mouth gagging me, the other sticking out from my face. He closed the throne around my neck and wrists. My vision was reduced to the hole just smaller than a human head that was above me. I felt my head harness raise me up slightly to the seat so my gag protruded out of the throne. The rest of me protruded out the front along the floor.

I heard Miss Justine's surprised voice; "michael what are you doing?"

"Please trust me Milady; it will be 'mutually enjoyable'."

It was relatively silent then, I could hear some clothes rustling, then Miss Justine giggle. Suddenly my view of the ceiling was replaced by a pair of male arms lowering a Female ass onto my face. He guided the cock sticking from my face into Miss Justine's pussy. It slid in with ease.

I heard michael's voice from the air holes at the back of the throne. "lizzie, you are in here until you can make Miss Justine orgasm five times. But don't worry you will get some satisfaction too, we all will." I had a sudden sharp pain began in my stomach. "Oh and if you are not doing a good job, Miss Justine is going to use the uhh..."

"It's a riding crop michael." Miss Justine laughed good-naturedly.

"Okay. She will use the riding crop on you."

I started moving my neck a little in each direction.

michael lifted my hips and slid something under me. Then I felt michael enter my pussy and began to slowly pump back and forth. When michael pushed into me, I was pushed up further into Miss Justine. I felt michael cum in me and go limp, leaning against me for support.

I heard michael yelp and Miss Justine hiss; "Get those hands back on my tits boy. Just because your cock is out of commission at the moment doesn't mean you stop servicing me!"

"I am... I am sorry Milady." Michael was clearly out of breath.

Miss Justine got her five orgasms, and michael got one more and could not get hard again. I had got about a dozen hits from the crop and two more orgasms, the last caused only by excitement of the situation and the crop rubbing my clit!

After I was released, we were all laying on the bed in the corner of the room. michael was affectionately cleaning our owner's juices from my face with his tongue.

I looked at Miss Justine. "Do we really have to wait a year to do this again Miss Justine?"

"No girl, I think we will be doing this much more frequently. But this will be a tradition for us as I stated earlier."

She smiled at me as I leaned back. Wait! What did Miss Justine call me? When I opened my eyes both Miss Justine and michael were looking at me expectantly. "Miss Justine, did you just call me 'girl'?"

"Yes girl I did." She said with a smile.

"Does that mean...?"

"Yes it does girl."

I started crying, I was finally fully accepted into her family, and I was finally given the privilege to call my owner by her and michael's special greeting. "Thank you..." I had to build up my courage to say it because the last time I said it, she set my genital device to shock my every half hour for a whole day in punishment. "...Milady."


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