Return Engagement

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2012 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; bond; gag; tease; torment; denial; chast; cons/reluct; X

They did delivery on the promised orgasm. The fact that it was much later than agreed on was my big complaint. My parting words had been, “I will never come back to this place, never!” An initial 8 hours session had been gradually extended through chicanery to 24 hours. I was mad, sore and had spent quite a bit more money than expected. Drained, I headed home.

That was three months ago. As scary as the idea is, I am actually thinking about a return engagement. Only this time, I will be adamant about keeping the session to only eight hours and not a second longer.

Hesitantly, I knock on the front door. I am greeted by, Caroline, the biggest tease of the place. “Please come in Mr. Jensen. It’s so nice to see you again.”

“Caroline, would it be possible to have a few minutes with MS Johnson? I would like to see if another session would be possible.” Without a word, she turns and knocks on MS Johnson’s office door and enters, leaving me alone in the hallway.

“MS Johnson, you were right. Mr. Jensen has indeed returned. How do you wish to proceed?” Carefully listening to her directions, Caroline returns to Mr. Jensen, squirming in the hallway. He is excited but at the same time apprehensive.

“Mr. Jensen, MS Johnson was quite stunned that you have decided to pay us a return engagement. Pleased yet surprised. Before any discussion may begin, she has asked me to do a few things.”

“Since your last visit got somewhat physical at the end, she would feel more comfortable if you were restrained, before entering her office. You do understand?”

Reluctantly, I followed her directions and crossed my wrists behind my back. I had forgotten how adept Caroline was at tying knots. Completing the knots, she suddenly crams a red rubber ball gag past my teeth, securing the strap behind my neck. “She doesn’t appreciate bad language, either.”

Opening the office door, I was ushered in and sat down on the only chair facing MS Johnson’s desk.

“It’s so nice to see you, Mr. Jensen. Last time, things ended on such a bad note that I thought that we would never have the chance to make it up to you.”

“Some clients like you really mean only eight hours, while others want more and more time. Really, Mr. Jensen, how’s a girl to know?”

“I have instructed Caroline that under no circumstances are you to spend more than eight hours in our establishment during any seven day period, no exceptions. I hope this relieves any concerns that you might have had?”

With that, Caroline and I headed out the door and down the long corridor.

For the next seven hours I not only remained ball gagged but also tied spread eagle to the bed, being brought closer and closer to orgasm and then denied, again and again. Merciful, I pass out and awaken with MS Jensen sitting in the chair next to my bed.

“Mr. Jensen, it seems that you have once again caused a dilemma for Caroline. She called me on the house phone, crying. Looking at her notes that she jotted down during your session, I understand her quandary.”

“Yes quandary, Mr. Jensen. It seems that your wants are in conflict with one another.”

“On one hand you say that you love orgasm denial above all else. I’ll bet that you loved that last seven hours with Caroline. Be honest, you were in ecstasy. And now you want her to finish the job or at least be able to go home and do it yourself.”

“That, Mr. Jensen is not the dilemma. The quandary is that you also want her to put you in a William Jones metal chastity belt before you can get relief.”

“Please stop mumbling. Of course it’s true. It’s all here in her notes.”

“Now tell me the absolute truth. Do you want the chastity belt or not?”

“I’m waiting! Not even a grunt one way or another?”

“Okay, I'll force a decision from you.”

“How? Here’s how!”

“You either leave wearing William Jones or do not come back, no more return engagements.”

“Give your decision to Caroline,” as she rose and headed for the door.

I lied quietly in the bed trying to decide. After a few minutes, Caroline appeared, waving the chastity belt.

“I'm putting the belt on you unless you mumble something right now.”

“I’ll assume your silence to be my go ahead. One last time, grunt before I begin!”

“Okay, no backing out. Raise your rump so I can slip the belt around your waist.”

It took ice but in short order, I was belted and ready to head home, unsatisfied and excited.

“No, Mr. Jensen you cannot visit us tomorrow.”

“There’s a seven day minimum between visits. I believe MS Jensen already explained that.”

“No, you can’t make an appointment today for next week.”

“Call in seven days and we’ll see…….”

‘See what you ask?”

“As MS Johnson told you previously, there is a seven days minimum between visits. The maximum interval is open ended. We’ll have to see, like I said.”

“Mr. Jensen, please don’t get excited. You do not want me to call MS Johnson again!”

“Please, she’ll beat you to within an inch of your life. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen.”

Reluctantly but wisely I left, angrier than my first visit, yet more ecstatic and scared, all at the same time.