Retirement Plan

by Orion1701

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story continues from part one

Part 2: A Change of Plans.

The sun had been up for nearly an hour when Toni neared home. She knew already that this would not be the safe house she had intended. A news program on the radio was talking about a police raid on a house and that the FBI was on the scene.

“It's horrifying that something like this should be happening here in our town”, the female news reporter said. “Several young women kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, and the home base is suspected to be this house in one of our most affluent neighbourhoods”.

The blonde reached out cursing and turned the radio off. ‘That was my fall back position, my safehouse! If the feds found this then they knew way too much about me’, she thought . Information that could have come from only one source. The naked woman bound in leather and steel laying under the seats in the back of her SUV.

‘Damn it! I want to whip the flesh off of this bitch’, she thought, ‘but I don't have the time or place. I need to disappear and can't do that dragging her with me!’ Cautiously Toni drove through town and around to a small state park. Not many people came out here during the week so they should have a bit of privacy. As she hoped the parking area was empty.

Slipping out of the SUV the blonde walked around to the passenger side barely noticing the gravel under her bare feet. After moving a couple boxes she grabbed a nylon duffel bag. Glancing inside she gasped, “So that’s what I did with my shoes”, she said. Toni dropped a pair of flip flops into the front seat and finished uncovering her captive.

Maria sat up stiffly and slid to the door as ordered. Toni unlocked the hood removing it from the other woman’s head. The dark haired woman blinked at the bright sunlight after being hooded for almost six hours. “Toni”, she gasped, “I didn't, I mean, I would never betray you. I don't know how they got a picture of me, really.” Looking around their isolated area nerviously she said, “Give me a chance. I'll disappear and no one will see me again. Please...”

Toni pressed a ball gag into the other woman’s mouth and buckled it tight. Then Toni unlocked the padlock holding the prisoners’ ankle cuffs together. Adding a short chain between the cuffs and locked them back together. Grabbing a hand full of dark hair she pulled Maria to her feet. The bound woman squealed and squirmed as her bare feet landed on the gravel. The blonde pulled her naked captive across the gravel parking area and onto one of the hiking trails. About a hundred feet down they stopped.

Turning to Maria she said, “I don't know if you betrayed me or not, but I can't trust you. I want nothing more than to spend a few days finding out the truth but I can't do that because the Feds were at my house. I didn't think you knew about it but the Feds did. That means someone inside was talking to them.”

Maria shook her head frantically.

“ I'm not a killer”, Toni said, “so this will be your one chance. This part of the park is usually empty during the week so the odds of finding someone out here are slim”. She pointed down the trail, “The ranger station is three miles that way just stay on the trail and you'll run right into it. If you go back up to the road, it's a eight mile walk on a gravel access road with very little traffic”.

Shaking her head Maria pleaded with her eyes. Toni took out a set of keys and showed them to the helpless woman. “I'll go so far as to give you these”, she said, then clipped the key ring to the buckle on the gag that was behind her head. “Now get going before I change my mind”. The dark haired woman took ten shuffling steps then turned back calling out from behind the gag. Toni turned away and jogged back up the path to the parking area. Maria heard an engine start then the sound of tires on gravel moving away.

Hopelessly Maria turned back to the path ahead. ‘Three miles’, she thought. ‘Fifteen thousand eight hundred and fourty feet of rough forest floor and I'm naked, barefoot, my hands are bound behind my back, and limited to no more than a ten inch step. This is going to be a long day’ she sighed taking her first step closer to freedom. At least the day was warm and sunny.

After the first few minutes the helpless woman realised that the going was easier than expected. Scores of previous hikers had cleared most of the fallen limbs and rocks from the path and small colored flags marked the trail for her. For the next hour she moved gradually down hill into a shallow valley as the trees grew thick blocking most of the sun light.

‘Damn’, Maria thought, ‘I could really get into this if it wasn't for the bondage. There was something about being naked and alone in the forest that called to me. Maybe I'll come back once this is over’, she thought. Even if this was going to take all day, she decided thinking of the distance involved. I wonder if they have any laws against naked hiking around here?

Meanwhile Toni had driven down and parked just across the river from the ranger station a distance of about sixty or seventy yards. After a change of clothing Toni now had a pink bikini top and cut offs on and relaxed near a group of picnickers along the river’s edge. Before leaving the SUV she had called the police and told them where to find Maria. As the blonde had said, she wasn't a killer and her conscience would not let her abandon the other woman completely. Glancing up at the sound she watched as a State Police helicopter went by over head.

The bound woman had managed almost a full half mile in her first hour of walking. She had spent some time uselessly struggling to reach the keys hanging from the gag strap. ‘Thank God she didn't leave me hogtied or chained to a tree’. Stepping around a bolder Maria came face to face with a small heard of deer standing on the bank of a small stream. Fifteen heads turned to face her as the helpless woman stopped in shock. They were so beautiful and stood so still looking at her with their huge brown eyes. After a minute a few deer dipped their heads to drink and the herd began to relax not sensing a threat.

Maria moved slowly to the side of the trail furthest from the herd. The soft clink of chain caught their attention but was not enough to frighten them. The big buck watched carefully but was not concerned as long as she was moving past and away. Their eyes on her naked body made her self conscious.’ I wonder what they are thinking about the naked human in their forest?’ She wondered. Her nudity probably meant nothing to them, she decided, they are most likely use to seeing people out here anyway. The dark haired woman walked on, but the encounter did make her wonder what other animals lived out here. ‘Coyote most likely, or Wolves? Maybe, Bears or Lynx? I really hope not’, she thought gazing around into the depths of the forest. This made her think of that line from the Wizard of Oz; "Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!" One guess as to who gets to play Dorothy, she mused. So where's the good witch when you need her?

She heard the helicopter before it flew over but the trees were so thick here that she couldn't see it. Shuffling as fast as she could Maria went down the path. She could see a sun lit clearing ahead but she had to get there to have any hope of rescue. In the distance the sound of the helicopter turned back and was approaching slower this time. Praying not to stumble she pushed herself to more speed in a reckless dash. Gasping for breath she plunged into the pool of sunlight just ahead of the helicopter and watched as it flew over then turned back to hover above her. It was too large to land in the small clearing.

“Maria Kwik”, the loud speaker said, “Stay where you are. Search and rescue is in route to you. They are about fifteen minutes away.”

Maria sank to her knees in the grass. ‘Fifteen minutes’, she thought, ‘then this will be over’.

Toni watched as the quad runners returned to the ranger station with a dark haired woman wrapped in a silver foil blanket. The woman shook hands with the rangers then walked to the waiting ambulance. A large black SUV drove up with three men and one woman all dressed in dark suits.

‘FED's’ Toni thought. They approached the blanket wrapped woman. Rather than placing her under arrest the woman gave Maria a hug and the others gathered around her.

‘Damn it!’ Toni thought, ‘I hate it when I'm right’.


Maria spent three days being debriefed from the undercover operation, then the Director placed her on paid administrative leave, not to return until called. The operation had been a minimal success. They did shut down the slave ring but no one was arrested. The FBI needed her to disappear.

Agent Kwik chose carefully. She flew to the Caribbean and checked into a resort well known for its hedonistic reputation. A place where nudity and a wide variety of wild behaviour is not just tolerated, but encouraged. A place where an open door was an invitation for others to enter and join in the fun. A place where you can disappear from prying eyes. A place that Toni had told her about one night after celebrating their tenth sale.

It was three weeks into her forced vacation and her luggage was still sealed, her clothing still in the closet. Her body had taken on a rich golden hue without a single break in the sun colored perfection. The resort had everything she needed, shopping, a night club, and a formal dining room. Nudity was as welcome there as it was at the beach. Agent Kwik soon discovered that she was very comfortable being naked, even in crowds.

Sitting on the balcony overlooking the dance floor Maria played her usual game. She would sit here watching the wildly gyrating naked and semi naked bodies and estimate their price at auction. It was a harmless game but it entertained her knowing that the enthusiastic crowd around her knew nothing of the monsters of the world. Most of those out there would fetch a good price but she was only looking for the top 1%. ‘Nice boobs on this one’, she thought, ‘and that one has a great ass’. They all had something going for them but very few had the total package.

Not like that blonde Scandinavian woman from last week. Not only was she the perfect package but she had been as energetic in bed as she was on the dance floor. Maria sighed at the memory of Heidi tied to her bed, followed by Heidi taking control and Maria tied to her own bed while they played until the sun came up. It's too bad she went home a few days later, but there was an invitation to visit.

There is that red head on the far side of the floor, she mused, the one with the yellow sarong wrapped around her hips, belted with a red sash and her breasts bared. Now she has it all. Great figure, ample but firm breasts and well proportioned hips and ass atop a pair of shapely legs. At this distance she couldn't make out the woman’s face but she imagined that it should match the rest of her perfection. Her movements flowed as the red head danced slowly circling the floor. Too bad red isn't her natural color, she mused, red heads don't tan like that, they burn. The woman tilted her head back, her hair falling away from her face. She is beautiful.

Maria choked on her drink. The red head was Toni!!!

‘I should call someone!’ she thought. ‘But who?’

There is no extradition from here.

This is a place where odd or abhorrent behaviour is the norm, she mused. On more than one occasion she had witnessed someone wearing either steel or leather restraints being led on a leash. Then too the resort did provide classes on safe bondage techniques for the beginners. First I’ll find out where she’s staying, Maria thought, and then maybe I'll go shopping for supplies.

As she watched Toni approached an equally tanned, bikini clad blonde. Wrapping her arms around the other woman’s shoulders she pulled her in for a kiss. They danced together wrapped together for several minutes. Then removing her red sash Toni turned the other woman around and used the sash to bind her hands behind her back. Then she kissed the woman again. Maria remembered those kisses and it almost made her toes curl. When they separated Toni hooked a finger in the blondes bikini top between her breasts and used it as a leash to lead the girl from the dance floor.

Maria racked her brain. The other girl looked familiar for some reason. Some tabloid princess or trust fund baby, I think. As she watched a man and woman got up from a table and followed the pair out. Definitely someone, she decided, with her own security. Or are they muscle for Toni? Is she working a ring here? Taking her half empty wine bottle she followed them at a discrete distance. The couple eventually sat at a bench near a bungalow. Maria could see Toni through a window as she stumbled past waving her wine bottle. Stopping she offered a drink to the couple on the bench fully displaying her naked body and hinting at more if they took her up on it. As expected they declined the offer and Maria playing the tipsy party girl wandered off on her merry way.

‘Yes they were muscle’, Maria thought, ‘but for who?’ Silently she approached from the beach this time keeping a building between her and the muscle. Settling in she waited. An hour went by before anything happened. The door opened and the blonde stepped out into the moonlight. She was naked now and waved to the couple on the bench. They joined the blonde and went inside. When they re-emerged the man was carrying a sheet that seemed to be squirming. The blonde, still naked, followed the others out to the beach.

‘Did they have Toni in there? What the hell is going on?’ Maria wondered.

The trio walked down the beach to a grotto away from the resort. The man took the bundle and unrolled it in the sand. It was too dark to make anything out but the three were busy doing, something. Moments later they turned and walked away taking the empty sheet with them.

Maria arose to her hands and knees scanning the area. Waves crashed on the shore masking sounds but nothing was moving. Standing Maria walked to the place where she last saw the three people. There, just ahead was something in the sand. Two strips of white on a dark mass gyrating frantically. Her muffled cries barely audible through the gag and a blindfold kept her from seeing the steady approach of the water. Turning Maria looked at the water rolling up the beach, its edge stopping just a dozen feet from the woman buried up to her neck in the sand.

Half an hour, she thought. Half an hour and the trapped woman would feel the first trickle of cold water on her neck. She doesn’t know I'm here, I could just walk away and let nature take its course. Abandon her like she did me. Maria remembered being left chained and naked in the forest. Then again, there was that anonymous call that led to my rescue.

Kneeling behind Toni she began to dig her out. The red head twisted wildly making noise through the gag. Someone was digging her out! “Please hurry”, she pleaded through the gag.

“Be quiet”, a voice hissed in her ear. “The water won't reach you for half an hour yet.” This calmed the helpless woman as Maria found her bound elbows. No wonder she couldn't dig herself out. Another few minutes and she reached Toni's feet where she knelt in the sand with her ankles tied to her wrists.

‘Hogtied and buried’, she mused, ‘Poor girl never had a chance to escape’. Stepping down into the hole Maria gripped the woman under the arms and lifted her from the sand. They both took a minute to catch their breath before Toni began to make a noise and pull at the restraints. She was naked and bound with strips of bed sheets. Maria released the hogtie then unbound her ankles before lifting the woman to her knees.

Standing before the bound woman she hissed, “You’re coming with me. If you make a fuss or draw attention those others may find out and come back to finish the job”. The red head nodded and bowed her head submitting to her rescuer. Leaving the gag and blindfold in place and using the former ankle restraint as a leash she led her bound captive out of the grotto. They climbed the stairs cut into the bare rock and returned to the resort using a different but longer route.

Both of them were naked so Maria marched the woman into the shower as is to rinse the sand from their bodies. Once cleaned she pulled Toni into the bedroom making her kneel at the foot of the bed.


Toni knelt quietly as she felt the knot of the blindfold being released. Blinking rapidly she squinted up at her captor. It wasn't the fair complexion she expected. Instead she looked into the tanned face and brown eyes of her former partner, Maria. Toni knelt numbly as the gag was removed, unsure if she should be elated or worried about this development.

“I thought I was going to die out there”, Toni said breaking the silence.

“You would have”, Maria replied,” if I hadn't seen you dancing tonight. I followed you and the girl back to your bungalow. I also saw the hired muscle used to carry you away. Were they Max's people or have you pissed someone else off lately?”

“It was Max, somehow he found out I was coming here. Then you scared the hell out of me by dragging me half way around the resort bound and gagged”.

Maria smiled, “That was the pay back for leaving me chained and naked in the forest”.

“ I called the police telling them where to find you”, Toni said. “I told you I'm not a killer and couldn't leave you out there alone”.

“They told me someone phoned in an anonymous sighting”, the dark haired woman said. “I assumed it was you”.

Toni nodded looking up at the woman sitting on the bed. Squirming slightly in the restraints she said, “So, I'm under arrest then?”

“Not exactly”, Maria said. “I'm on extended leave and have no jurisdiction here. Also the US has no extradition from here. So basically I'm just a person on vacation who found a playmate”. The red head looked up hopefully. “But if you prefer”, she continued, “I can call Max and leave you gift wrapped for him”.

Toni shuddered biting her lower lip.

“No, please don't. I think Max would rather have too much fun at my expense and I would rather skip that. Besides one narrow escape is enough for me. Won't you get in trouble for not reporting me?”

“If you were a blonde named Toni Braxton then yes, but no one is looking for a red head named Charisma Hamilton are they?”

Shock showed on the red heads face at hearing her real name for the first time in fifteen years. “How did you get that name?” she asked.

Maria placed the gag back in Charisma's mouth then replaced the blindfold. She re-tied her ankles then placed her back into the hogtie. “Enough questions for now”, the federal agent replied, “It's almost dawn and I'm tired”. Stretching out on the bed she left her helpless former partner bound on the floor to rest as best that she could.

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