Reporter in Peril

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; kidnap; bond; susp; electro; torture; boxed; transported; cons/nc; XXX

The South American dictator was in a rage at even that title, given to him by the U.S. newspaper critical of his administration. Did he not win re-election for life by a one hundred percent margin, he asked himself?

This reporter, Nina O, was well informed, so much so she had to have inside sources in the presidential palace. And others as well, and he wanted to know who they were.

Many in his position would just have killed his entire staff and started over again, as he himself did once many years ago. Do that too much, he thought to himself with a smile, and my gardener will become my chief of staff.

He was also wise enough to know that only his use of brutal force kept him from getting done to him, what he had done to hundreds of others. His job description didn't require a conscience, and he most certainly didn't have one! The dictator made a necessary decision, and had the perfect men for the job, all without the knowledge of Nina's best source, or anybody else but the four of them.

The men traveled North and gained easy entrance to the states, as so many have found out over the last thirty years, and six administrations. The newspapers on line edition had a small picture of Nina O, And she looked young to the senior agent, not even thirty yet! The team leader decided they would pose as a new source for Nina and then simply ask her who her sources were.

Of course there would be a "plan b", because their benevolent dictator was not tolerant of failure, failure could mean death and not for just them, their families would suffer as well.

The group leader was a smallish man and not threatening to look at, but sadistic as hell. He would be the primary contact for Nina and the necessary phone numbers were found, with a small bribe to an even younger reporter. A reception area was found in the bad part of town that suited their needs, and the necessary equipment was secured easily with a small part of the one hundred thousand dollars provided for this mission. It was amazing to the leader how easy it was to find whatever they needed, all it took was money, and imagination. There was a second part of the plan that might not even be necessary, but the team leader didn't last this long counting on "might".

The team rented more than one car for the mission and surveillance of Nina was to include covert photos and patterns. The team came to the conclusion that Nina had a magnificent body and would hold up well to what they had in mind for her.

Nina was getting ready to go out and was surprised to hear her private cell phone ring, and more so to not recognize the number. She didn't get this far by not taking chances, so she answered it and the charming man on the other end offered dinner and information on the dictator. The man picked a fine restaurant in town and Nina decided to "show some skin" with a tiny black mini dress, and little else. She was not above sleeping with a source, and this one at least sounded like he had some class.

The charming agent wanted Nina to meet him in a parking lot, as he explained he had fears for his safety. That suited the sexy young reporter and she met him where they agreed, where the team leader was sure there were no surveillance cameras. She was impressed with his fine suit and limo, and got in with him with no thought for her safety. Nina had never been in a situation where her looks and whits couldn't bail her out, at least until now. The team leader told Nina he had something to show her before dinner, and gave her no real choice as he told his driver, one of the team, to go to our first stop.

They stopped at an old factory and a large bay door opened and they drove in. The place was dark except for one spot with several overhead lights in maybe a twenty five foot square. The door was opened and Nina got out and the three of them walked into the light. Nina wanted to see what they had and she found herself surrounded by three men and one thin woman who looked like her. The team leader told Nina he needed the source of her information, and then she could leave, implying without the source she couldn't!

Nina said no way and turned for the door, and was stopped at once. Nina started screaming as she was grabbed and thick leather suspension cuffs were fixed to her sexy legs after her high heels were thrown off. A three foot spreader bar was attached to the cuffs, forcing her tight dress up to her waist, and the ruthless men wasted no time hooking the spreader bar to an overhead chain fall and hoisting her up until her head was at the men's head level.

The team leader said nothing as Nina stopped screaming, he just looked at her with cold eyes. The skinny girl walked up and pulled Nina's dress the rest of the way off, over her hanging arms and head. Nina's tits didn't need a bra and she didn't like to wear one, only a black thong to cover her trimmed pussy. The men didn't want to rape the sexy reporter, they had much darker instructions.

The thin girl stripped off her dress and put on Nina's and one of the men got into the limo and would drive her to Nina's car. The girl would impersonate Nina for whoever might notice, and drive to the airport in Nina's car and fly across the country on Nina's credit card. And then she would change clothes and disappear. Any search for sexy Nina would start two thousand miles away, the wrong way!

Back at the factory Nina noticed a video camera set up on a tripod recording her every move as she hung nearly nude by her ankles. The men secured her wrists in leather cuffs and then to the heavy iron drain grate under her. Nina was defiant as she told them to go to hell and she spat at them.

The team leader pulled up on the chain fall until Nina was pulled tight, between it and the drainage grate. The team leader asked again for names and "fuck you" was her answer!

The two remaining men pulled hand held tasers out of the same box the cuffs came out of. Nina was unprepared when she was hit with fifty thousand volts across her ass, she jumped so hard the drainage grate actually moved. The worst part, or best part depending how you look at it was the scream, like no noise a human should be able to make!

Nina was tough and wouldn't talk, for the first hour. Once the men went for her sensitive nipples, she wasn't as tough, and when they hit her tit it jumped like it had a mind of it's own. Soon the recorder was getting names and the only reason she didn't pass out was all the blood rushing to her head, hanging like she was. The interrogation tape lasted four hours and was boxed up and overnighted to the dictator, he knew to watch it alone.

The team leader knew by the time he got back home the dictators family could be smaller. The team leader recorded a message at the end of the tape warning that Nina could be lying and other interrogations should follow to be certain. Also that he was sending a special package to the stables, a new mare for him to play with, air freight.

There was actually a mare going to the stables air freight from the states, a perfect cover. In the special container designed for horses, but locked in the tack box was a bound and nude Nina, for the dictator to interrogate as he wanted.

Nina never left South America. She was interrogated ruthlessly for weeks until she had nothing left to say, and a special place was made for her. Nina was placed in the glass freezer case, nude and alive and secured to the rotating frame as she was frozen solid. Her sexy body prepared so no freezer burns or frost at all would appear on her displayed body. Nina would come to be the dictators favorite display, and conversation piece. Several members of the dictators family were never seen again, and rumored to have been fed to the local alligator population...

Thirty years later, a ninety year old dictator still looked at Nina as her twenty seven year old perfect body still was on display in his presidential palace.