The Renter 9&10

by Studbound

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The Renter by Studbound
Part 9 Super Bowl

When I walked into the den on Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see Victoria sitting there. She had two video tapes sitting on the coffee table in front of the easy chair, and it appeared as if she was getting ready to watch something.

"Hi, Dave," she said looking up at me.

"Hi, Victoria. What's up?"

"Well, I rented these two films, and I plan to watch them."

"But, Victoria, today is the Super Bowl, and I've been saying for some time that I hoped to have the television set this afternoon. I thought you knew."

"New news to me, Dave," she smiled. "I went out especially to get a couple of films that I've wanted to see for quite some time. I've got all afternoon and evening free - no clients. I guess that's because everyone is watching that football game of yours."

"I suppose," I grumbled.

"Well, can't you watch it on the set up in your room?" she asked.

"Oh, I could, but the screen is so small - watching it here on the big set would be a whole lot better." We have one of those huge screen media centers in the den.

"I guess it would," she said. "I'm sorry."

As I was turning to leave the room, Victoria said, "Dave."


"I'll make you a deal."

"What sort of a deal?" I was leery of Victoria. I had learned to be sure to clarify and nail down any agreement we made.

"Well, if I can tie you up in that chair (she pointed to the large wooden chair that sat against the wall), and have the chair in front of the television set, I'll leave the Super Bowl game on rather than watch my films. I can watch them later I guess."

"Let me see if I understand this. You want to tie me up in that chair. I'll be in front of the television set. The Super Bowl game will be on. I will be facing the television set? The volume will be turned up?"


"And you will release me the minute the game is over?"


I thought about it for a while. I had learned how Victoria liked to tie men up. She had done it to me a couple of times already. Still, it seemed the only way I would get to see the game on the big screen. "OK," I said. I moved to the side of the room, got the chair and positioned it in front of the television screen. Then I sat in the chair.

"Dave, aren't you forgetting something? You need to either be nude, or in a jock-o-thong."

I went out into the living room and got a jock-o-thong out of the cupboard where Lila kept them. I stripped, putting my clothes in a neat pile on the side of the room, put on the tiny re-modelled jock, and then sat in the chair. The announcer was already starting to give the preliminaries for the game.

Victoria went to work, producing rope from a bag she had beside her easy chair. She bound me to the chair, strapping my arms to the arms of the chair, binding my body with rope that circled my chest and upper body, then the chair. My ankles were drawn up to the side and tied so that my toes didn't touch the ground. Victoria reinforced each set of ropes with multiple wraps of duct tape. Soon I was really almost a part of that chair; laced to it with the rope and sealed with the many layers and rounds of tape.

"Now open up wide," she said as she produced one of the red ball gags that they women had. 

In went the ball, and she fastened it behind my head. Next came more wraps of duct tape, sealing my whole lower face. I wasn't going to cheer on my team, that was for sure.

"How's that?" she asked.

I nodded and grunted. It was fine. I was tied up, but I could see the screen, and see that they were already announcing the line up. Players ran onto the field as their names were called by an announcer with an echoing voice.

Victoria pulled something else out of the bag. She walked around behind me, and suddenly she put a blindfold in place. I shouted into the gag. That wasn't fair. She was cheating. She heard "Mmm mmmmmmm mmmm mmmmppppfffffffff pppffffff."

"Sorry, Dave," she said. "I said you would be facing the television set, and you are. The game is on. I never said I wouldn't blindfold you did I?"

Next she came with ear phones and put them on, fixing them in place with more duct tape so that I couldn't shake them off. She turned on some opera or another. The singers belted out aria after aria, loud enough that I couldn't hear a thing that came from the television set. 

I was furious. She had tricked me. Right in front of me I had the Super Bowl, and I couldn't do one damn thing about it. Blind, deaf, bound, gagged, I was her prisoner. Victoria had an evil streak, and I kept finding it.

I sat there fuming. Time passed. 

After a while, I felt someone playing with the blindfold. It was Lila. "Did Victoria do this to you, Dave?"

I nodded.

"Did you agree to let her tie you up this way?"

Slowly, I nodded.

"I think she got the best of you again," Lila said - an understatement. "And since you agreed, I guess you have to stay this way until the game is over. It's really exciting too."

She let the blindfold back down, and because she was in front of me I couldn't see one thing on the television set. I grunted and shouted, but nothing happened.

The pre-game show had started around two in the afternoon. Victoria had me bound up in the chair by around two-thirty. The game and the post-game programs ended around eight-thirty that evening. Six hours later. And that's about how long I was tied to that chair.

When Victoria freed me, she and Lila and Ruth had quite a laugh. 

"You just never learn," said Lila. "Too bad. It was such a good game."

But in the end, they had some pity. Victoria had taped the entire game, and nobody told me the score or any details, so late that night, all alone in the den, I watched the Super Bowl. And I wasn't tied up either.

Part 10 Soccer

Janice's brother was my best friend in high school, and now at college. It was, of course, through him that I met Janice, and all of us have remained close for many years. Jordan is an avid soccer fan and player. He is involved with an amateur league at the university, and they play against other teams in the area. I played in high school, and every now and then I workout with the team, but I've not been a regular member in college. I enjoy the company of the other team members, and I really like going out with them for a beer now and then.

It didn't surprise me too much when Jordan asked me if I was busy on Saturday. He explained that one of the regulars had developed an injury, and would have to sit out the game. They needed eleven players on the field, and they liked to have at least three extras for substitutions. I would need to be there, but probably wouldn't play all that much. He went on to explain that it was a special grudge match against a local team where the competition was heated. Each player contributed one hundred dollars before the game. The losers had to pay a penalty of some sort, decided by the winning team. Nobody knew ahead of time what the penalty would be. Jordan said that if I would join, the team would chip in and pay my one hundred dollars. I said I would pay it - no big deal.

I agreed to play, and worked out with the team twice before Saturday. We met at the local bar and decided that if we won, the losers would have to take a skinny-dip swim in the university reflection pond at Midnight the night of the game. 

At three in the afternoon, we met at the soccer field on campus, and soon everyone was present. The team picked me up in one of the members' vans. Everyone came in a van, and there were six of them parked in the lot when all had arrived. The referees showed up, we warmed up, and by four o'clock the game was in progress. As things turned out, it was a rout. We lost by the amazing score of five-zip. None of us could even manage one goal while the other team seemed to actually hold back. Five goals in a soccer game is a fairly high score.

So the fourteen of us waited to find out the penalty we would have to pay. They asked for the keys to our three vans, which our team members surrendered. Then all of us were loaded into vans, with one of their team members driving each van. I should have seen it coming, but was still surprised when they drove right for the house where I was renting my room. They marshaled us inside, and told us that the penalty was that all of us would be tied up. They had decided that we would remain tied for one hour for each point in the spread, which meant five hours.

Some of the team members balked at being tied, but there was considerable peer pressure, and it would be rather poor sportsmanship to back out of the agreement. Lila, Ruth, and Victoria stood ready with rope, gags, and jock-o-thongs, and while the other team members stood and watched, smirking and laughing, we stripped, piled our clothes in the back bedroom near the television set, and put on the jock-o-thongs. My three hosts went to work, doing their best jobs, and after about half an hour there were fourteen bound and gagged hog-tied bodies squirming around on the floor of the main floor bedroom. I had never seen so many tied up at one time. It was quite a sea of writhing flesh accompanied by sounds of grunting complaints uttered through efficiently tight gags.

The victorious team members stood by the door, crowding to see the sea of trussed up bodies. They jeered at us, called us wimps and other names, and generally had a great time. We had been tied up around six in the evening, which meant we would stay tied until around eleven. Slowly the other team members left, and soon the fourteen of us were alone in the room waiting for the hours to pass. Nobody was able to help untie anyone else, despite numerous efforts. Lila, Ruth and Victoria always did a superb job tying people up.

About nine in the evening, members of the other team began filtering back. It turned out they had decided to have a party while they watched us finish our penalty. Soon the living and dining room was filled with team members of the winning group, their girl friends, the referees, their girl friends or wives, and some of our girl friends. It was quite a party, with singing, cheering, and a game where they took turns toasting our loss and our inferior playing skills. They jeered us for being bound and gagged. 
Humiliated, we squirmed around listening to all of this, sweating as the room got quite warm, and just waiting for it to end. 

As eleven o'clock approached, the captain of the other team came to the doorway with Lila, and handed her a wad of bills. "It's more than enough money," he said cheerfully. "You can all stay the night right here. Isn't that nice?"

From the fourteen of us there were protests of unintelligible moans and grunts. But it got us nowhere. Finally, at about midnight, they agreed that keeping us all tied up all night wasn't really fair. One by one they began lifting up the trussed up losers, and taking them out to the waiting vans. I understood that each player was taken home, left on the doorstep or inside, still bound and gagged. There was a promise that the gags and jock-o-thongs would be returned the next day.

Finally, was the only one left. Janice was there, and she said that since I was already home, so to speak, I might just as well stay in the room until morning. I protested, but in the end, knew it was futile. And so I remained hog-tied and gagged until morning when Lila released me. 

There was still considerable mess to clean up from the party, but I helped. Then I showered, dressed, and headed off to class. I decided that my soccer playing days might be over for good.

End of Part 10.

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