The Remote-Control Pleasure Suit

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2003 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; Sbf; cons; X

As part of a new project at work, Bob got sent off to Tokyo for two exciting weeks. I missed the hell out of him- I can’t sleep alone any more, and when I can’t sleep I get horny, and then, well, I resort to jilling off. That’s awful, I act just like a man when his woman’s not there! Actually, I have nothing against masturbation; it’s good exercise and it keeps you in a better mood. Really, I think masturbating is at its best when I let go and allow myself to feel like a wanton slut, kneeling naked on the bed, hungry for my own pleasure, my knees spread wide, watching my reflection in the mirrors as my hands dance across my naked body, grunting like a stuck pig.... worse, this was going to be the first of many trips as the product line came up to speed!

But when I picked Bob up at San Jose International (the Silicon Valley airport, not San Francisco like some people think), being a loving and sensitive guy he of course had a present for me- a substantial-looking cardboard box done up Christmas-style in Japanese shiny-foil paper. We ate dinner on the way home from the airport (actually, it was breakfast for him- the 13-hour flight would have him jet-lagged out for days) and as soon as we got home we sat down in our living room so Bob could explain the gift, which he seemed especially proud of.

I enthusiastically ripped the paper off the box and found myself staring at a box proclaiming the contents as the “Teledildonics Corporation Remotely-Operated Pleasure Suit”, subtitled “Special Version for the Bondage Enthusiast”. One of the two colorful pictures on the box portrayed a small woman wearing a rubber suit which covered her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes; thus covered, she was bound kneeling in a metal framework that looked sort of like a kids’ swing set. A cable ran from the small of her back to a control box which was plugged into the phone’s wall jack; I was amazed at how sensually attractive she was, given that not a square millimeter of her skin was exposed. The other picture showed a Japanese man leaning back and grinning in an easy chair as he manipulated the controls of a gadget, which was also plugged into his phone jack.

“I checked out their company store several times and finally found the perfect thing for those times when I’m away from you for weeks at a time. I’ve talked to several of their guys- whatever else you may have heard, a lot of their personal ego rests on their being able to leave their woman satisfied, and if they’re away from home, well, they have to provide for her!

“This suit is better than phone sex... you’ll love it. The general idea is that, when I’m out of town and away from your arms, you put on the suit and call me. I’ll give you three minutes to lock yourself away and hook the control box to the phone. When I call, I’ll have control of the suit, and we’ll be able to talk to each other through the hood. What do you think?”

“Well, just thinking about it is making me squishy hot. But what if the phone line drops?” 

“Never fear, they thought of that; their telephone system is no better than ours. The controller has options I’ve already set; if the communications link fails, nothing  happens for ten minutes, waiting for me to call back. If I don’t regain control for inexplicable reasons, several fail-safe switches make sure you get control. And if something else goes wrong, like Satan himself invades the chips,” (Bob has an incredible way of describing Murphy’s Law sometimes), “Uncle George next door will get an E-mail warning him to check on your welfare if he doesn’t see you picking up the morning paper. It would be embarrassing but at least you won’t starve!”
“Okay, master... let’s take it out for a test drive!”, I said, peeling off my blouse and pushing off my shoes as I stood up. My flimsy bra (yellow lace from Victoria’s Secret) and flimsier panties (a matching yellow thong- I had been planned on heading for the bedroom first and I wanted to be ready, enticing, and accessible) landed on the couch next to Bob seconds before I knelt naked on the floor to tear open the box.

Lying on top and first out were a black, long-legged, high-waisted  rubber panty girdle. I looked at him quizzically- Bob usually prefers my Victoria’s Secret flimsies. “What’s this- a return to Playtex 1955?” “No, it’s true they’re definitely not hot pants... at least they’re not cut hot... the idea is for hot sensations, not visual appeal or exposure”, explained Bob. “And Playtex never built a girdle like this- check out the inside.”

I looked down the waist and noticed the wide rubber crotch- it was fitted with two harpoons, actually a husky, medium-length vibrator and a fat, medium-length butt plug. (Somehow, butt plugs are always fat, aren’t they?) Dangling from high on the girdle’s back was a small electrical connector. “Yes, my love, you’re right- the connector supplies power and control for pleasurizers for both openings into your tender body.”

Bob smiled as he helped me into the shorts. I needed the help, because this required both baby powder (for the body of the shorts) and lubricant (for the plugs), the two of which are quite incompatible. We were both giggling like school kids by the time I had the shorts snug around my ass with the dildo and the butt plug buried firmly in my belly. I was squirming and wanted to drag him down on the floor with me, but Bob has super-human powers of patience. Damn!

Bob reached into the box for the packages labeled ‘Stockings’ and ‘Boots’. The stockings were just that, light rubber stockings. I dusted them with powder and pulled them up my legs; Bob pulled the long legs of my shorts down over them, and I felt how the shorts gripped their tops with a surface akin to Velcro. Bob handed me the boots- high-heeled rubber boots that came halfway up my calf. “The heels are mostly for the visual effect, I think”, Bob said as I stood up. “Damn, you look good”, looking up at me. I must admit, I was starting to feel like a porno model- tall and sleek. The heels and stockings made my legs look good, and the shorts shaped my backside nicely. Of course, at the moment I was bare above the waist, which Bob always appreciates!

Bob reached into the box and handed me a package labeled “Vest”. It was a vest, sorta, obviously molded for a woman’s body. I held it to me and Bob adjusted some fittings; it grabbed me all the way around and closed miraculously. “Once it’s fitted, all you have to do is hold these edges together and they’ll stay closed”, Bob explained. Then he reached out and squeezed a nipple; I felt the suit grab my nipple and squeeze down on it. “Hmmm?” “Yes, the suit has a textured inner surface that opens to grab your nipples. You’ll see why soon!” Bob squeezed the other nipple, and all of a sudden I realized that the suit was biting down on both nipples with stubby rubber teeth that felt very, very good!

I went on to the next package- a pair of sleeves that covered my arms all the way down to my wrists. The short sleeves of the vest grabbed the sleeves just like the shorts had grabbed the stockings. The light black gloves clamped on the same way. I was now completely encased in rubber, all the way from my neck to my toes.

Of course, Bob and the Japanese had thought beyond that; Bob opened yet another package labeled ‘Hood’ and held it out for me. It was a typical bondage hood, and when I lowered my head, Bob pulled it down to my neck. I felt him tuck it under the short collar of the vest; now my body felt like it was being squeezed everywhere. My feet were squeezed, my calves were squeezed, my thighs were squeezed, my belly was squeezed, my chest were squeezed, my nipples were pinched, my shoulders were squeezed, my head was squeezed- shit, everything was squeezed!
I felt Bob poking around, making sure that everything was secure and squeezed. “I’m also connecting all the units to the control box. No, not your box, I mean the control unit... although I admit that your box does have a way of controlling things! And I’m using a modem-eliminator cable to eliminate the need to dial out and in.”

Something CLICKed and the eye shades of the hood’s blindfold snapped up. From the sudden brightness, Bob waved at me. Naked! Naked,  he set down the control unit and spent a couple of long minutes assembling the bondage frame- a collection of metal tubes which ended up nearly ceiling-height. “I’ll set this up later so you can use our garage dungeon instead; it’s more versatile and I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable there. But this will do for now.”

When he finished assembling the frame, Bob moved me over to the center of the living-room-become-dungeon, the control cable trailing behind me like an alligator’s tail, and eased me to my knees; as I knelt, I felt the girth of the vibrator pressing against my innards. He pulled my knees farther apart and I turned my head to see that he was locking straps from the framework to my lower thighs. When he finished prying my thighs apart, Bob locked cuffs on my wrists.

“This part you have to do yourself when I’m not with you!” Bob showed me the metal pins attached to the wrist cuffs and explained how they mated with clips hanging from the frame. I got the general idea, and demonstrated that my mama didn’t raise no dummy.

I took the pins in my hands and pushed one of them into the matching clips on the bondage framework; they mated with a SNAP!. The second one was more difficult because I only had one hand to work with, but after a bit of  fumbling I got my other hand locked away. I pulled at the cuffs and assured myself that I was securely bound; my arms were extended, locked outward, my body conveniently exposed. Then Bob crossed the living room and seated himself comfortably on the love seat. Quite appropriate- a remote-control love seat?

“Okay, my love. Imagine you have been without me for weeks.”  Bob’s voice came through the mini-speakers in the hood.  (Shit, I HAD been without having my pussy having plowed by his cock for weeks, and I was impatient!) Bob’s hands moved across the control unit and suddenly the suit began rhythmically squeezing and twisting my nipples. Oh, my...  I looked over and saw that Bob was observing me carefully.

Then his fingers moved across his controller and the chewing at my nipples ceased. I felt the warm, thick, creamy, heavy penis-substitute (no, there is no substitute, just imitations) start to vibrate. No, it did more than vibrate, it twisted, it moved, like something out of the back pages of Penthouse. Where they advertised a thing called ‘The Squirmy Rooter”. Oh gawd... it certainly was squirmy, pushing and bending and buzzing busily away in my guts.

But Bob’s hands moved again, and the mechanical joy-bringer quieted. Then the butt plug, already too fat and too big and too heavy (aren’t they always?), started to churn like a Cummins diesel.  Oh, my gawd... the vibrations pounded through the machinery of my belly and somehow they all connected to my clit.

“So you see, my love, the miracle of modern telecommunications” the eyepieces of my blindfold CLICKed shut “ can bring you as many exquisite feelings as the two of us can think of.” Oh, gawd, yes...

And even the butt plug stopped vibrating! I squirmed and screamed at him to not leave me hanging like that. Bob smiled. “Of course I won’t leave you unsatisfied! Right now, of course, I can make you wait a bit. You know you’ll get your satisfaction, with my cock spurting juice all over your pussy, within an hour, maybe two or three at most...” 
He turned the thing back on, and this time the butt plug started throbbing first, followed in seconds by the dildo. My sloppy-wet pussy was vibrated both by the twisting and churning dildo and by the vibrations the butt plug transmitted through the thin wall, which divides my ass from my cunt. Then it stopped again! I shouted some incredibly awful things at him, demanding ‘my propers’. If I had balls they would have been blue.

So Bob turned it back on again, unit by unit. He smiled back at me and twisted the dials all the way to the right. I went wild, just as the throbbing reached its maximum. Then explosion after explosion twisted my guts, and I baptized the rubber suit with my juices. Damn, those Japanese inventors know their stuff!

I swam up through the haze of my orgasm to find myself still bound, of course. Bob pressed a lever on the control unit; I heard a CLICK and my wrists were freed, dropping my arms to my side. “It’s up to you to release your legs, my love. I could do it, but the way it’s set up, you have to do it.” I reached down and released the clips that held my legs apart, and after a while, well, things took their natural course!

A couple of weeks later, Bob went away again, and a few days after that we got horny enough to try out the Teledildonics suit again. (Well, okay, it didn’t take too much.) “Hello, my love. Are you game for some remote-control phone sex?”
“Well, I’d rather have you here with me, but sure I’m ready!” 
“Okay... I’ll call you in a half hour. This will be good!” Click! I went to the closet, pulled out the box, and then got naked for my electronic lover. I pulled on the rubber stockings and took my time with the panties. Next the vest, making sure my nipples were properly gripped, and finally the sleeves. By this time I was ‘way into the fantasy and I started talking to myself as I assembled the frame: “Oh, you hot little slut, go ahead and get ready to get laid... your twat is already wet, it’s it? But you’ll have to wait. Matter of fact, you’d better lock yourself up- you don’t want to get carried away and make yourself cum too soon!” 

Obediently, I knelt in the frame and spread my legs so I could pull the cuffs out from their anchors and lock them on my legs just above my knees. I reached between my thighs and felt my crotch; the thick end of the dildo poked out just a bit, and I could manipulate it enough to really feel it inside me. I stopped that after a few minutes- the time for Bob to call was maybe five minutes away- and hooked up the control cable. Then I pulled the hood down over my head before I pulled the wrist cuffs toward me, locked them on my hands, and let them retract and lock.

I struggled for a moment, verifying that everything was secure and that I was as helpless as I wanted to be. Then I waited for the phone to ring... ten minutes, fifteen... I was beginning to get concerned (and therefore hot) when the phone finally rang. One ring and the Teledildonics answered. “Hello, my love! I got a phone call just as I was about to call you. Sorry to make you wait!” 
“Yeah, right- every time I get bound, you make me wait too long!” 
“Well, of course- that’s the point, isn’t it! Now talk to me.”

I felt the dildo start to vibrate and squirm. “Ohhh... that feels good- the big prong filling my twat is squirming away- it feels almost as good as your dick. Ohhh!” The grippers bit firmly at my nipples. “Ah, you like that, eh?” The grippers chewed away at my nipples. I squirmed against the straps and found that of course I couldn’t move!

I was helpless, controlled by my Bob several thousand miles away! He continued to vary the intensity of my sensations, over and over bringing me to the edge of an orgasm, and then slowing everything down. “Please, Bob, please let me cum... I want to cum so bad!” No such luck, he just slowed things down even more. Then he cranked the asshole dildo up, tantalizing me all the way through to my clit until I begged to cum again.

Finally “Here you go, my love!” Everything went to max all at once, and I slid smoothly over the top. My pussy cramped and exploded, and my entire belly exploded in the orgasm I’d been waiting for what seemed like hours. I panted while Bob roared “Kawabunga!” as he spurted his juices all over Tokyo.

Five minutes later, we both professed our love for each other as the cables released my wrists and ankles. I said goodbye and then lay back to sleep, the quality of which was excellent!