The Reluctant House-Sitter

by Diana

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© Copyright 2010 - Diana - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; bond; collar; cuffs; naked; chast; mast; cons/reluct; X

It was a quiet winter wedding with just close friends and family. I had met Rhonda at a business meeting which I would not have gone to, since I was a teacher, except that a friend asked me to accompany her. I was immediately struck by Rhonda’s sense of knowing who she was, where she was, and what she wanted. I’m not sure what she saw in me except, maybe, arm candy. But we got along well, liked the same things, and the sex - - only after marriage - - was OK. [Just OK; I wanted more than she did but her career came first.]

Early in the summer, we drove to his sister’s house and then the two of them drove on to visit their mother. So why did I not go with them, or better yet, stay home? Randi’s neighborhood was not as good as ours, and rather than leave the house empty, I house-sat. At first I thought this was going to be a bummer, even with their satellite TV providing all channels, but I did some driving around the area and found a “gentlemen’s club” in the next town. And that’s where I went each night for drinks and socialiing with the good looking women. No cheating, I assure you, but I did do some masturbation while there.

Near the end of the summer, we again went to Randi’s house for their maternal trip. Before they were to leave, Rhoda came into the bedroom with a bag and told me to remove all my clothes.

“Hold out your hands in front of you.”

I did so and from the bag she produced a pair of leather cuffs joined by a chain. She put each one on me and in the same motion, put a small padlock through a hole in the buckle.

“Now lean down.”

More chain and this time it was a collar, connected by chain to the cuffs. Again, a small padlock secured it. Finally, she emptied out the rest of the bag and wrist cuffs fell out. This time, as she leaned over to put them on, she could see how hard I had become.

“So you like this, do you? That’s fortunate because this is the way you will remain for the entire time we are gone.”

“Where did you get these manacles?”

“Remember when we were honeymooning in London and you went to the play that I had no desire to see? I did a little shopping, just in case I needed them. That’s why I insisted we go through different lines at the security checkpoint!”

I protested my treatment until she added, “In case you are wondering, you were seen at that gentlemen’s club, having a good time and playing with yourself. That has come to an end. All your clothes are in the trunk of the car, and the closets are locked. If you don’t turn on the air-conditioning, you should be plenty warm, but there are blankets on the bed if you need them.”

With that, she rattled the vertical chain and went downstairs where Randi was waiting. I stood there accessing my situation - - my wrists had a chain of about a foot long connecting them, a again a little more on my ankles, and the vertical chain ran from my collar do the center of the wrist chain down to the center of the ankle chain. And this was my situation for at least a week. But as I rattled around the house, I got aroused very quickly and did a lot of masturbating. A lot!

One week later, I was upstairs and I heard Randi calling me.

“Come down. I have some keys with me. Rhonda is staying a few days longer and taking the bus. But she gave me the keys to release you.”

“Just leave them on the stairs and I will get them later.”

“I know what they are for. Come down now!:

I wrapped a towel around my waist and went down. She undid my collar and my wrists, at which point I stretched my arms - - and the towel fell off.

“To hear Rhonda tell it, I thought you would be larger.”

“It does get larger under the right circumstances,”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about me. Men are not my thing. But do you want to see how these work when your arms are behind your back?”

I sure did but I couldn’t seem too anxious. She attached the cuffs to my wrists and locked them. This new and more helpless position resulted in an erection very quickly. She tried to put the collar on but the chain was too short.

“Let’s go out to the patio for lunch. I’ll prepare the food and feed you.”

She took me out and sat me in chair near a supporting post. Then she put the collar around the post and secured it. I had sit there while she got the food and then started to feed me. (Fortunately, bushes hid the entire back yard from outside view..)

“OK, you two, what’s going on? I thought that I could trust my own sister. I know you claim to be a lesbian but this doesn’t seem like that.”

Rhonda told me to stand up, back up to the post, and with a piece of clothesline pinned my elbows to the post. Of course I got hard right away!

“You just can’t control that thing, can you? Well, if you can’t, I can.”

Out of a small bag she brought a metal cage the shape of a penis as well as a metal ring. She warned me that there was no use resisting because I would not be released until she was done. She put the hinged circular metal piece behind my balls and closed it; there were three small holes at the top and she managed to push three short pins thru them from the body side of the ring. Then she tied a piece of string behind the head of my penis, putting the ends through a hole in the end of the cage. Slowly she pulled the cage over my penis and against the pins, which went through corresponding holes on the cage. She slipped a small padlock through the holes in the outer two pins and then tugged and twisted the whole thing to make sure it was snug. It was, and she clicked the locks shut.

She turned to Randi and said, “You keep one key and I’ll keep the other. That way he won’t be released unless both of us are present.”

Randi looked at the device and commented that there was ring at the end of the cage. Rhonda took a leash from the bag and snapped it onto the ring. She then released my elbows, though my wrists were still behind my back. She gave a tug and I had to follow.

“Well, sis, let’s celebrate by going to the shops.”

“But what will we do with him?”

“I still have this dog run left over, even though I have not had a dog in a few years. We can connect him to that.”

They released my ankles and used one of the padlocks to connect the end of the dog chain to my cage ring. And then they took off the wrist cuffs.

“Don’t go away. We’ll be back.”

I checked the cage and the ring and they were, indeed, not going to pull off without castrating me.

The girls found a new use for the ring - - before we left for home, they padlocked a large jingle bell to it. It certainly did announce my presence every time I moved.

As for how I got to be Diana, well that’s another story.