The Release of my Soul

by John Roberts

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© Copyright 2013 - John Roberts - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; rope; tease; tickle; feather; gag; bfold; mast; oral; sex; climax; rom; cons; X

Chapter 1

I'd waited weeks for this day to arrive, and today Nicki was arriving from Colorado for a three-day visit. I’d taken several days off of work, and my kids were staying with their mom. Nicki was my friend, soul mate, and former lover from high school. We'd dated briefly in high school in Colorado, before parting ways as friends. I'd joined the Army to satisfy my wanderlust and escape the small town, and she had married and settled down to raise a family. I'd eventually gotten married as well, out in California, and had two children of my own.

Nicki and I had kept loosely in touch over the years, increasing the frequency of our communications after we each got divorced. Whenever we talked, we seemed to naturally pick up where we had left off, as if no time had elapsed.

Tonightwould begin our second visit in a year, after 12 years apart. Our previous visit had begun tentatively, with neither of us knowing for sure what to expect, but had quickly bloomed into an intense romantic adventure. It was amazing how similar we still were. Although Nicki and I had been apart for years, we shared common outlooks on life. We were financially disciplined, and able to responsibly plan for the future. We shared a love of adventure; we liked motorcycle rides on mountain roads and we wanted to try skydiving someday. We enjoyed savoring a good microbrew and snuggling on the couch. Neither us cared for organized religion, but we were quite philosophical and could share deep conversations – which I really enjoyed. I saw potential between us, and wanted to explore it further.

That first visit included some good times at the beach, several motorcycle rides to the Sierra Nevada mountains, and lots cuddling and sex. We had a truly great time and absolutely loved every day, which only increased our desire to do it again.

Our vacation eventually came to a close, and we said our tearful goodbyes at the airport. Over the next several months, we kept in touch with frequent text messages and phone calls. During several of these conversations, we discussed the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Nicki had read the series, while I had briefly read bits and pieces. Nicki mentioned that there had been bondage scenes, which included safe words. I perked up, having learned about safe words while visiting some very informative BDSM websites. In the conversation that followed, we chatted about boundaries, limits, the possibility of a threesome (she’d brought that subject up, much to my surprise), and other "kinky" ideas.

We talked about the ‘wicked’ things we’d do if we had the other tied up. The bound partner would be helpless, struggling in vain to resist, while at the same time secretly enjoying the experience and not wanting it to stop - thus the need for a coded safe word they could use if their requests for mercy were actually serious. We spoke of “punishing” each other for various infractions, likes having bad thoughts, or making teasing remarks. She asked if I’d ever had my prostate massaged. I teasingly told her she couldn’t tie me good enough to prevent my escape. She said she thought she could.

We agreed to another visit, but had to wait until we could both coordinate vacation time from work; something easier said than done.

Now the day had finally arrived, and Nicki was due to arrive in an hour. I’d been thinking about her visit all morning, to the exclusion of all else. I couldn’t wait to see her!

I drove to the airport, parked in the short-term lot, and walking to the baggage claim area. I spotted her as she arrived at the luggage carrousel, and I stole an admiring glance at her chest. I found her quite attractive, and I hoped she felt the same towards me.

Nicki spied me as I walked towards her, her face beaming. We embraced quickly, the hug lingering for several seconds. It was a firm hug, a genuine hug; not a wimpy, artificial, foo-foo hug. The outer layer of my hidden apprehensiveness lifted. Nothing had changed.

"God, it's good to see you!" I exclaimed, making no effort to conceal my excitement. "How was the flight?"

"Good. At least they didn't lose my luggage this time", Nicki grinned, spotting her suitcase. The thing was huge, barely under the maximum allowable size. I picked it up for her, and we started walking to my car.

"How are Linda and Robert?” I asked, inquiring about her children. "What did they say when they found out about your visit? Did they want to come along?"

"They're ok. They're having a good time at Mom and Dad's. How are Carrie and Haley?"

"Still growing like weeds. I’m taking them to the mountains next Saturday."

We made small talk as we walked to the car. I loaded Nicki's suitcase in the trunk. "What did you bring," I teased, "your whole bathroom? This thing weighs a ton!"

"Oh, stop it! A girl needs to be prepared, you know."

"Uh huh. You women are all the same!" I smirked, fishing for a reaction.

"Ok, buddy boy. You're asking for it!" she retorted. I grinned. God, I missed her!

We got in the car and began the short drive home. “Are you hungry?” I asked, resting my hand next to her leg. She placed her hand on mine and squeezed reassuringly.

“Not right now thanks, but maybe we could pick up something in an hour or so.”

We arrived home and I gave Nicki a quick tour of the house. It was a basic three bedroom, two bath suburban home. Nothing fancy, but it was a big step up from the apartment I'd lived in when Nicki had last visited. I'd worked hard to buy it, and I felt a sense of pride in my achievement. I hoped Nicki would share my excitement.

Our tour of the house ended in the master bedroom. I sat down on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes. Nicki sat next to me. I instinctively put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a quick hug. She smiled and hugged me back. I relaxed.

I reached over and turned on the MP4 player on the nightstand. "How ‘bout some classic rock?"


"Want a drink? I have Blue Moon, a few coolers, and that Blueberry flavored beer called Sea Dog that we had last time."

"I'll take a Sea Dog.”

I smiled. I had hoped she’d choose that. It was not only good, but brought back fond memories from our previous visit.

I went to the fridge and got us each a Sea Dog. "Here you go", I said as I sat down beside her again.

The music was relaxing. We sipped our drinks, and I thought about the trip to the crisp mountain lake where we'd first tried Sea Dog together. I smiled.

I glanced at Nicki and caught her eyeing me. She smiled tentatively, as if wondering what I was thinking, and I couldn’t help smiling back. I leaned closer, as did she. I turned towards her and slipped an arm around her. She hugged me back. Without thinking, I closed my eyes and leaned in, our lips meeting in a kiss. God it felt good! It seemed so natural, so right. We kissed again, harder this time, our lips parting, our tongues flirting.

I smiled inside. I'd wanted this; I’d yearned for this….

Chapter 2

We were kissing passionately now, our tongues dancing together. I cradled her head with my hands, ran my fingers through her hair, and then brushed a hand over her breasts. Nicki slid a hand under my shirt and began caressing my chest. Our shirts found their way to the floor.

"My" I breathed, "Aren't you the horny one."

"So are you!" she accused. I smiled in acknowledgment.

"I think you need to be punished for this", I laughed, deciding to take a chance. I playfully rolled her onto her back, grasped her wrists, and held them down on the bed over her head. She made no effort to resist. I leaned down and nuzzled her, then let go of her wrists and reached over the side of the bed. Nicki laid still, her hands resting on the sheets above her head. I retrieved some soft nylon rope from under the bed, and gently but firmly fastened her wrists to the sides of the headboard. I hastily lashed her ankles together and tied them to the footboard. Nicki just lay there with a knowing smile as she watched me work.

Nicki was now tied to the bed in a "Y" position, wearing jeans and a bra. She was a sight to behold, with her exposed midriff and her ample breasts almost begging to be touched. She tested her restraints. I had tied her well; try as she might, she could not get away. Equally importantly, the rope did not tighten uncomfortably or bite into her skin. I took a deep breath, as I looked her up and down; Mmmmm, mmmmmm…

I got up and retrieved some candles from the hall closet. I arranged them around the room, lighting them as Nicki watched, then turned off the electric lights. I knew she liked candles, so I made sure to position them so that she could see each one, tied as she was to the bed. The little flames danced playfully around, casting flickering shadows on the walls. I lighted some incense, hoping Nicki would enjoy the effect. “Wow, very romantic”, she commented. My heart quickened, buoyed by Nicki’s approval. I was confident she would truly love what I had in store for her.

I moved to the foot of the bed and removed her shoes and socks. Retrieving a bottle of lotion, I began to massage her feet, one at a time. I took my time, using my thumbs to apply deep pressure to her heels, and then moving to her arches and the balls of her feet. “Oh, god, that feels good” she said in a dreamy voice.

I moved to the head of the bed, and slowly massaged her right hand. I used deep pressure on her palm, and then attended to her fingers and thumb, one at a time. Nicki closed her eyes and soaked it all in. I moved up to her forearm and massaged each muscle, using lotion as needed, and then worked my way to her upper arms. After I reached her shoulder, I switched sides and repeated the process. Nicki looked like she was in heaven. The candles, the incense, and the massage had taken their toll. I kissed her again to make sure she was actually awake. She moaned, then kissed me back. I lifted my head, and she opened her eyes.

“Ok, here’s the deal”, I said, making a silly face. “You’ve been a baaad girl, and now I’m going to ‘punish’ you.” Nicki rolled her eyes and giggled.

I dropped my playful expression and became serious. “But I want to make sure you enjoy it. If you want me to ease up, or back off the particular thing I’m doing, but if you don’t want to be untied just yet, then your safeword is ‘Yellow Light’. If you want me to stop everything and untie you immediately, say ‘Red Light’ and I will.” Nicki nodded.

I’d read a story where these specific safewords had been used, and I liked their two-tiered approach. In addition, they were easy to remember, but unlikely to be accidentally spoken during normal conversation. Simply genius!

I continued. “If you don’t use one of those two safewords, I will know you like what’s happening, and I won’t stop no matter what else you say or how much you beg. Ok?”


“Alright, what are the safewords?”

“Yellow Light and Red Light.”

I cuddled her, lightly caressing her pretty face, then gliding my fingertips down to her neck. “I love you”, I whispered passionately, as I leaned over to kiss her. “I love you so much…” Our lips touched and we kissed, slowly at first, then harder and deeper. She gently bit my lower lip, pulled it away, and then released it. Our lips met again, our mouths opening to take each other in, our tongues exploring hungrily. Her passionate kisses reassured me that all was well. I took another drink, partially filling my mouth with beer, then kissed her and squirted it into her mouth. She drank it and giggled. I did it again.

I sucked on Nicki’s lower lip, pulled it out teasingly, then let it slip free. I smiled as our eyes locked. I leaned in, touching her nose with mine, as we playfully made googly eyes at each other. We laughed at our silliness, and then kissed some more as I slid a hand down and teased her luscious breasts through her bra. Nicki drew a deep breath and arched her chest upwards against my touch. I slipped my fingers under her bra, feeling the heavenly softness of her skin. Nicki moaned and tugged against her restraints as I slowly, sensuously squeezed and continued to explore. My fingers found her nipples and lightly fondled them. Nicki moaned more urgently, twisting sensuously against her bonds.

Taking my time, I rolled her partially to one side, then reached under and began to unhook the back strap of her bra. I wasn’t particularly skilled at this, especially at an awkward angle using just one hand, and Nicki teasingly asked if I was having trouble. Finally, the last hook came loose, releasing the tension on the strap. Our eyes met, and we exchanged a knowing smile.

I pulled her bra up and away, freeing her full breasts. My god, they were gorgeous! I palmed them both, gently squeezing them as I rolled them around under my hands. Nicki drew a deep breath and exhaled in pleasure. Reveling in my freedom with her body, I alternately sucked on first one nipple, then the other, kneading her breasts erotically as I did so. Nicki’s moans told me she loved the attention. I lightly brushed my fingers over her armpits and watched as she giggled and tugged against the ropes. I moved down to her jeans and slowly undid the top button. “I’m going to take off your pants, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” I teased, slowly unzipping her zipper as she wriggled helplessly against her restraints.

“No, not my pants!” she exclaimed, while at the same time arching her pelvis upwards to allow her waistband to slide down more easily. I grasped the sides of her pants and slowly inched them downward, teasingly twisting them from side to side to heighten her sensation of being undressed. Her helpless struggles intensified as I sensuously slid her pants all the way down to her ankles.

I slipped two fingers underneath the side of her panties and teased her outer lips. Nicki gasped and arched upwards against my fingers. I explored the length of her slit, then slipped a finger inside. “Ohh, god!” she breathed. I grasped her panties, slowly working them down to her ankles in like fashion. “No, stop, you can’t see me naked” she begged unconvincingly, her tits jiggling seductively as she writhed in her bonds.

I untied her ankles, slipped her pants and panties completely off, then fastened her ankles to the lower corners of the bed. Her legs were splayed in a tight spread eagle now; not quite tight enough to be uncomfortable, but leaving her utterly open and exposed. Nicki offered a token of resistance during the process, lightly tugging against me and making half-hearted attempts to kick as I spread her out and tied her securely. “Let me go!”

I untied her wrists, one at a time, and completely removed her bra. “I love your breasts”, I said admiringly.

“No, don’t touch my boobs!” she ordered, pulling futilely against me as I stretched out each arm and tied it in place. I removed the extra slack from the ropes; they weren’t too tight, but she could barely move. I brushed my fingertips down her arms, lightly tickled her armpits, and caressed her breasts as she tossed and turned. “No, yes…”

“I can do anything I want, and you can’t stop me” I teased, as I lightly ran my fingers up and down her body. Nicki tested her restraints again, pulling with all her might as she wriggled back and forth. I took pride in my skill with knots and had tied her well; she was absolutely and completely helpless.

Chapter 3

“How do your wrists feel?” I asked. “Are the ropes too tight?”

“They’re ok, thanks.” She glanced up and down at her bound wrists and ankles. “Boy, you did a really good job tying me up. I feel completely helpless!”

“That’s the general idea, isn’t it?”

“True. And I know I can trust you, but I’m feeling really vulnerable right now.” I detected a little apprehension in her voice.

“Oh baby…” I said compassionately. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, then cuddled her cheek against mine. “Are you ok? I want us to be friends after we’re done playing, and I would never do anything to compromise that.” I lifted my head and looked her in the eyes. “If it makes any difference, you look beautiful, and I love you.”

“Thank you. And I trust you, or I wouldn’t have agreed to let you tie me up”, she replied. “But it’s like, talking about being tied up is one thing, but there’s no way to imagine the feeling of actually being this helpless.”

“I can untie you if you like. I wouldn’t be upset. I love you, and I’d feel really bad if you felt violated but didn’t safeword because you thought I’d be upset if you backed out.”

“I’m ok. I still want to try this.”

“If you like, I can tie you less restrictively, and I can leave you a way to escape if you want.”

“No.” She breathed. “I’m feeling better now. And if I could escape, then it wouldn’t be the same.” She paused for a moment, and then continued. “I just needed a little reassurance. Thanks for understanding. You’re so sweet! Trust me, I’m ok now” she said, a new sense of confidence in her voice.

“Very good”, I beamed. I needed to know that she was all right, and now I felt sure.

“Thanks for understanding. And don’t forget, I get to tie you up when we get done!” Nicki grinned, a rebellious spark in her eyes. Ah, yes, my Nicki was back!

“Yes you do!” I affirmed. “If you know how to tie me, that is”, I teased, stirring the pot.

“Oh, now you’ve done it, buddy boy. You just wait!”

I laughed and kissed her again, then slipped back into character. “Ok, now I’m going to touch you everywhere I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me” I teased. Nicki giggled. My fingertips caressed her neck, then brushed down between her breasts. “I’m going to tickle you, and fondle you, and lick you and make you cum. And all you can do is lay there and take it, whether you like it or not!” I smiled playfully, and lightly glided my fingers over her bare ribs as I spoke.

“Mmmm, I’ll get you for this” Nicki moaned, her breasts moving sensuously as she pulled and wriggled against her restraints. I tickled her body up and down as she struggled and laughed, then I played with her tits some more. They were simply irresistible. I just LOVED them!!! She strained hard against the ropes in a futile attempt to stop me. “Oooh, I’ll get you for this, you just wait! Ahhhhhhh….” My lips covered hers, momentarily silencing her protests with another mouthful of Sea Dog.

We kissed passionately, our tongues hungrily exploring each other. My hands danced up and down her body, lightly tickling her skin and teasing her erogenous zones. Nicki moaned softly into my mouth as we continued to kiss. I kneaded her breasts and gently pinched her nipples for several minutes, then slid a hand down and fingered her slit. She kissed me more desperately, her moans becoming more urgent, her body tensing as she struggled against her restraints. Her breathing quickened. I noticed the conspicuous absence of her safe words, and I was reassured of her unspoken desire to be dominated in this way.

I lightly ran my fingertips up and down her legs, making little circles around her inner thighs. Nicki’s breathing quickened, and she bit her lower lip. I glided my fingers over her upper body again; leaving a sensual trail of fire across her ribs, over her sensitive armpits (she giggled), up to the inner crooks of her elbows, then back again. Nicki struggled weakly.

My hands returned to her breasts. I alternated between light touches, firmer kneading, fingering and pinching her nipples, and hungrily sucking them like they were my last meal. Nicki’s commands to stop gave way to moans and whimpers, her breathing more rapid now.

My fingertips danced over her breasts, down her sensitive ribs to her ticklish bare bottom, and up to her breasts again. Her butt was quite ticklish, I discovered, as my fingertips lightly explored her. Nicki laughed and giggled and thrashed about.

“Look who’s ticklish”, I teased, as I continued to have my unrestricted way with her heavenly body. “I can touch you anywhere I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” I retrieved a goose feather from the nightstand, and teasingly moved it above her body. Nicki’s eyes followed its every movement, and she wriggled about in helpless anticipation. I brushed the feather along the outside her legs and butt, focusing on the areas where her reaction became the most intense. Her laughter and struggles only served to turn me on more. I transitioned to her inner thighs, and then teased her outer lips.

Nicki’s breath was coming in ragged gasps now, her moans gaining in intensity. I could smell her arousal, and knew it would be unkind to tease her much longer without letting her climax.

I settled down on the bed next to her. I kissed her cheek, nibbled on her ear, and moved my right hand down to her nether regions. I alternately massaged her breasts with one hand, as I fingered her slit with my other. My god, she was wet! Sensing that further delay would be cruel, I moved down between her legs. Spreading her inner lips with my fingers, I blew a breath of air across her opening. I felt her body tense, and then I slid my tongue inside. “Yes, Ohh Yesss, just fuck me, FUCK MEEEE!!!” I licked and sucked up and down her slit, then sank two fingers inside as I tongued her clit. Her head rolled from side to side as she moaned in pleasure. I massaged her G spot as I continued my oral assault, reaching up to cup her breasts again with my free hand. Nicki’s moans sounded more urgent now, as I increased the tempo and intensity. Sensing she was getting close, I gave her all of my energy, repeatedly impaling her up to my knuckles as fast as I could. I was careful to be gentle with her sensitive clit, sucking firmly but not too hard.

“You’re going to cum whether you like it or not!” I teased. Her moans became more desperate, her hips arching upwards, her head tossing from side to side. “And there’s nothing you can do to stop it!” I was breathing hard, my muscles aching, but I sensed I was on the home stretch. Her body tensed, every muscle straining, her moans giving way to uncontrolled visceral cries of sexual pleasure.

This was my reward. I was an unselfish lover, and was more concerned about satisfying my partner than myself. Watching Nicki in the throes of orgasm was intoxicating; her skin sweaty, her hair wild, her breasts bouncing back and forth, the smell of sex filling the room. She had never looked more beautiful to me, and I loved her.

The headboard creaked, as she strained with all her might against the ropes that held her fast. I stopped and held my fingers deep inside her (I had worked in a third finger by this time), feeling her squeezing against me as the last of the spasms racked her body.

Nicki went limp in the afterglow of her climax, momentarily drained. I lay beside her and cuddled her in my arms. I kissed her gently on the cheek, and told her I loved her.

“Oh baby, thank you for letting me tie you up!” I breathed. “You are so beautiful. I loved running my hands all over your body, and watching your breasts move as you struggled. It really turns me on to see you having pleasure, to hear you moan, and to watch you struggling helplessly as you cum.…” I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, savoring the recent memories.

Nicki smiled back at me, telling me how good it felt, how badly she had needed that, and that she loved me too. This was music to my soul, and I appreciated the reassurance.

I untied her and massaged her wrists and ankles.

“Ohh, that feels good”, she sighed. She breathed in deeply, and then let it all out.

I smiled affectionately. “I love you.”

Nicki hugged me. “I love you, too.”

“You know, you look really hot when you’re tied up. Or has anyone ever told you before?”

“No one’s ever tied me up before.” Nicki looked at me, smiling mischievously. “And are you saying I don’t look hot when I’m not tied up?”

“Oh, gee, here we go! Looks like I walked right into that one!” I laughed.

"Uh huh.” Nicki sighed. She took a deep breath and let it out, then turned and fixed her eyes on me. “I should punish you for that.”

* * *

Chapter 4

“Who, meee?” I said, faking an expression of surprise and innocence.

Nicki pointed a finger at me. “Yes, YOU! You’ve been a baaad boy” she accused, her energy returning. "I think YOU need to be tied up!" She pounced on me, bowling me over and pinning my wrists against the bed. I protested and pretended to resist, as she straddled me and held me down. “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” she asked.

“No. I was tempted to just fuck you on the bed, but I know how much you like doggy style”, I said matter-of-factly. I thought I saw Nicki blush. “I really wanted to satisfy you. My plan was to make you cum, untie you and let you recover, and then bend you over the bed and do you from behind if you wanted.”

“That was a nice thought, but I’m in control now”, Nicki said as she began tying my wrists. “You have no choice but to take what I give you. No more trying to take care of me.”

Knowing it was my turn to be tied, I lay still and watched as Nicki handled the rope. I didn’t expect her to know much about knots, and figured she would tie some kind of slipknot, which I could possibly work loose.

Imagine my surprise when she tied a quick Bowline (the same knot with which I had tied her). She slipped it over my right wrist, adjusted out the excess slack, and tied the far end of the rope to the bed frame above my head and out to the side. The knot was positioned behind my hand, where I couldn’t reach it. Where had she learned how to do that? Unlike a slipknot, a Bowline wouldn’t cinch up and cut off my circulation, but I couldn’t simply slide it loose without untying it, either. Nicki repeated the performance with my left wrist, then deftly lashed my ankles together and fastened them to the bottom of the bed. I watched in awe.

I tested my bonds, not yet ready to admit defeat. There wasn’t much give in the ropes, at least not that I could feel. She had done a really good job tying me, and she knew it. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?” I asked in disbelief, amazed my sudden loss of freedom.

“Robert and Linda are in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They both earned honors in knot tying, and I helped them practice. I know a lot of things; never underestimate a mother.” For once, I was speechless.

The soft nylon rope which held me was ½” thick; its large size spread the pressure more comfortably over my skin, but I could never hope to overcome its 5,670 pound breaking strength. If I couldn’t loosen the knots to slip my hands free, escape would be impossible. I craned my neck to inspect the knots holding my wrists. The loops weren’t uncomfortably tight around my wrists, but they were far too snug to allow my hands to slip through. It was obvious that even if I pulled out what little slack remained in the knots, my hands had no chance of escape. If the opposite ends of the rope were tied equally well to the bed, and there was no reason they wouldn’t be, then I was out of options.

The reality of my situation began to slowly sink in, and I felt a growing sense of helplessness. I also felt myself becoming aroused, with no way to hide it.

For as long as I could remember, the thought of romantic bondage had always been a turn on for me. Maybe it was my strict religious upbringing, and the guilt and shame associated with voluntarily seeking sexual pleasure. Maybe it was my natural inhibitions; although I was rather curious about visiting a nudist colony, I could not imagine voluntarily exposing myself that way. In any case, the thought of being tied up and sexually pleasured, in ways I would be far too self-conscious or embarrassed to voluntarily allow, really turned me on in a way I didn’t fully understand.

I had experimented with self-bondage on previous occasions – which was why I’d had the rope under my bed. I’d tied myself up as best I could and imagined that someone was doing sexual things to me ‘against my will’. I enjoyed the struggling, although I could never restrain myself as tightly as I wanted. Also, I was always careful to leave myself a way to escape, so I was never truly helpless. And if I wanted to climax, I had to leave a hand free, which took away from the feeling of helplessness. I had wished I’d had a real partner with whom to play.

Now I had such a partner, and I was bound much more securely than I had ever been before. The struggling was divine!

Nicki lightly ran her fingers down my tummy towards my belly button. I laughed and sucked in my stomach in a futile attempt to avoid the tickles. “Ohh, somebody’s ticklish”, she giggled. I twisted and turned, struggling hard against the ropes. “You can’t get away, can you?” she teased. I laughed. She toyed with my belly button, and fingered my happy trail as I wriggled to no avail. I giggled again, and she smiled. Nicki stopped to unfasten my belt, then started undoing the front of my pants. Restrained as I was, I could only watch in helpless anticipation.

I tested my bonds with all my strength. The ropes didn’t budge, but their pressure against my wrists began to feel a bit uncomfortable as I struggled. “Maybe those fancy leather bondage cuffs are worth the money after all”, I thought. I twisted my hands around until I could grasp the running portion of the ropes above the knots. This served to lessen the tension on my wrists, but I was still no closer to escaping. It wasn’t that I didn’t try, mind you, but I still couldn’t grasp the knots very well, and my struggling had seriously tightened them.

Nicki spread open the front of my pants, ogling the bulge in my underwear. I tugged at my restraints, still amazed at my loss of movement. Nicki watched with a contented smile, confident in her handiwork. Seeing her confidence, the competitive side of me wanted to surprise her. Surely, if I just summoned enough willpower, I could defeat my bonds and surprise her!

“Feeling smug, are you?” I asked. “Maybe I should really try to get away!”

“Uh huh. Give it your best shot, buddy boy!”

Ignoring the memory of my recent struggles, I focused my attention on the singular task of freeing my hands. I jerked and pulled with all my might, twisting my shoulders from side to side within the limits of the rope, but to no avail. Nicki chuckled, and my ropes held fast. “No, this can’t be!” I thought, desperately redoubling my efforts. I was quite strong, and could usually overcome physical obsticals using concentrated brute force. But this time my struggles were useless. Nicki looked on, giggling, a bemused expression on her face. “Don’t hurt yourself!” she grinned.

Breathing heavily, I finally gave up and lay still, as the full extent of my helplessness sank in. “Ok, you win. I can’t get away. Actually, the way you’ve tied me, I don’t think an elephant could get away!” Looking at her amused expression, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Nicki laughed and smiled triumphantly. “I can do anything I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” she said, as she got up on the bed beside me.

Nicki placed a knee beside my head, then swung her other knee across and straddled me, facing my head. Her lower legs pinned my shoulders to the bed (as if I wasn’t tied securely enough already), and she sat back on my chest. Nicki was still completely naked, and her breasts swayed seductively as she moved. I wished I could touch them.

Nicki adjusted her position, scooting forward to better trap my head between her thighs, and she didn’t stop until her sex was nearly touching my chin. I could smell her arousal. Mmmm, mmmm!

“Ok” she said. “You’re going to eat my pussy until I cum!”

I grinned. “You bet I will!” She didn’t need to tie me up for that! “Just make sure I can breathe,” I replied with genuine concern.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re ok.” She repositioned slightly and sat against my face. She was dripping wet, and her scent was intoxicating.

I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck with reckless abandon, as she adjusted her position to suit her need. Not having the use of my hands made it more challenging; I had to provide all the stimulation with little more than my mouth. I sank my tongue inside her while massaging her clit with my nose, and she really seemed to like it. I nodded my head up and down, licking her slit like a man possessed, and then I started to tongue the alphabet on her clit. Nicki arched her back and ground her pelvis against my face, moaning her approval. I redoubled my efforts, as her moans became deeper and she began touching her breasts. Nicki ground her pelvis harder against me, closing her eyes and pinching her nipples. I struggled to breathe, turning my head slightly as I licked and suckled. I felt her body tense up, and I gave her all I had. Nicki cried out in ecstasy as she came, her juices dripping over my face.

Nicki took a deep breath and smiled at me. “Oh, babe, that was good. I needed that.”

She gently caressed my cheek with her hand, then dismounted me and stood beside the bed. “Now I’m going to pull down your pants, whether you like it or not!”

Chapter 5

“You wouldn’t take advantage of me now, would you?” I asked with an expression of mock innocence.

“You’re in no position to protest!” she laughed.

Unable to prevent the inevitable, I watched helplessly as Nicki grasped my waistband and tugged downward. There was no way to hide my erection.

I arched my hips to enable Nicki to more easily slide my pants past my hips, even as I struggled against my ties. Her fingers lightly brushed over my legs, tickling my skin as she slowly, sensuously slid my pants all the way down to my ankle ties. I willed my arms to push her away, but they wouldn’t move.

Nicki grasped my boxers, the last vestige of defense covering my nakedness. I strained with all my might. “No, not my underwear! You can’t see me naked!” I arched my hips upwards again, loving the erotic sensations and eagerly anticipating the inevitable, even as I struggled to resist.

“Well, what have we here?” Nicki asked teasingly, her fingers tickling my skin as she eased my waistband down toward my thighs, allowing my hard-on to spring free and slap my stomach.

“No!” I cried, hoping she would ignore my protests. “Don’t touch me there!” I twisted and bucked as I strained against the ropes.

Nicki smiled, watching intently as my package wiggled back and forth in response to my struggles. The struggling was really turning me on, and I had no way of hiding it.

“I’m sorry, but you have no choice in the matter.” Her words were music to my ears! “You’re all tied up, and you can’t get away. I’m going to fondle you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I looked down and watched helplessly as she reached over and squeezed my shaft, feeling its hardness, then cupped my balls in her hand. I drew a deep breath and moaned in ecstasy, even as I tugged against my restraints. “Somebody’s horny”, she cooed.

“Oh, god yes!” I moaned, as I rolled my head from one side to the other. The room was warm, my scrotum relaxed, my balls hanging freely. Nicki lifted and rolled them in her fingers, obviously enjoying it as much as I was. She pulled the skin away from my testes, squeezing it firmly between her fingers the way she knew I liked it. “Ahhhhh…” I gasped in pleasure, betraying my objections.

Nicki straddled me. “I’m going to fuck you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” she declared, as she adjusted her position.

“No, wait, don’t rape me!” I grinned, struggling weakly against the ropes that held me in place. My erection betrayed me, and Nicki gave me a knowing smile.

“You can’t rape the willing”, Nicki teased.

“Touché”, I smiled.

She grasped my penis, slid the head up and down her wet slit, and then guided me to her entrance. I watched, spellbound, as she slowly, teasingly lowered herself onto me. “Wait, no, Ahhhhhh!” A moan of pleasure escaped my lips. Her breasts swayed seductively. I yearned to touch them, but I couldn’t. Nicki fucked me fast and hard, and I bucked as best I could beneath her. The feeling of being tied up, naked, dominated and fucked, was more than I could bear. I felt my orgasm building, and I tried to hold off to give Nicki more time, but I was past the point of no return. I closed my eyes and cried out in ecstasy as I came deep inside her, every muscle straining against my bonds. I knew Nicki was getting close, and I continued to buck against her until she came as well.

Nicki told me that if I promised to cooperate, she would untie my ankles, completely remove my clothing, and then retie me. Alternately, she could simply cut my clothes off of me. I chose to cooperate, rather than face the expense of replacing my clothes.

When she’d stripped me completely, Nicki tied additional ropes above my knees, spreading them mercilessly and securing them out to the sides of the bed frame. At first it wasn’t comfortable; I felt like I was almost doing the splits. I told her as much, and she relaxed the tension in the ropes. Nicki looked me up and down, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Hmmm” she said, “I love looking at your butt. I wish there was a way to expose it more, without making you uncomfortable.”

“I have an idea.”

“Do tell!”

“Well, it’s a little complicated, but just hear me out. You can untie my ankles, and I’ll raise my knees up in the air. Then you can tie ropes from my knees to the top of the bedframe, which will hold my butt up off the bed. Another rope from each knee to the side of the bedframe would pull my knees apart.”

“Wow, that would make things interesting.”

“The only other thing is, we’d need to buckle my belt around my waist, and then fasten ropes from the sides of the belt to the bottom of the bed. That would keep me from sliding upward when I try to kick my legs downward.”

Nicki looked doubtful. “Maybe it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I think it would work. If you untie my arms, I can help you tie my lower body. Then you can retie my arms like they are now.” I looked up at her, and she seemed to be considering the idea. “If all else fails, you can just tie me this way again. What do you think?”

“Ok, let’s try it.” Nicki loosened the knots holding my wrists, allowing my hands to slip free. Working together, we cinched my belt around my waist. I tied two ropes to my belt, one on each side of my hips. Nicki pulled these ropes downward, taking out all of the slack, and tied them off somewhere on the bottom of the bed.

Nicki handed me a rope for one of my knees. I doubled it, and then tied a loose overhand knot near the looped end. This created a loop in the middle of the rope, which I then slid my left leg through. I positioned the loop just above my knee, and adjusted out the extra slack to prevent the loop from sliding back down over my knee. I gave Nicki the two loose ends.

“Ok, tie one end to the headboard above my left shoulder, and tie the other end to the side of the bedframe.” Nicki pulled each rope, one at a time, and experimented with possible anchor points until the positioning looked about right. We repeated this process with my right leg, and then she made the final adjustments to both sides.

Now, I was positioned on my back with my knees raised up in the air and spread out to the sides, and tied securely in that position. My privates were completely unprotected and vulnerable, and my hips were secured to the bottom of the bed.

“There, you see? How do you like that?” I asked.

Nicki playfully slapped my ass. “Mmmmm, nice!” she replied.

“Since we don’t have any anchor points overhead, you’ll probably have to tie my ankles to my thighs to keep me from kicking. Just don’t tie them too tight, or it might bother my legs where they press on the rope behind my knees. Maybe next time I’ll get some fancy leather cuffs for that.”

Nicki secured my ankles, and then I stretched out my arms while she retied my wrists. I tested my bonds, straining to move my arms and legs. I succeeded in generating a little slack, which Nicki quickly cinched tight again.

I was now securely tied and could barely wiggle. My knees were spread mercilessly, my ass was raised above the bed, and my arms were stretched out and immobilized. I could just wiggle my shoulders a little, and slightly move my ribcage back and forth, mostly due to the give in the mattress where the ropes wrapped over the edge.

I raised my head and looked down at myself, feeling totally defenseless and exposed. Was this how women felt during a gynecological exam, I wondered? There was no going back now; all I could do was hang on for the ride! To be honest, the enhanced feeling of helplessness turned me on, even though part of me was concerned that this had gotten out of control.

“Oh my god, Nicki, now I know how you felt earlier! I can’t even move!” My new position felt quite different than a standard spread-eagle, and I hadn’t anticipated how vulnerable and insecure I would feel. Having my ass completely open and on display felt, well, just a little humiliating.

Nicki giggled out loud, and for a moment I thought she was ridiculing me. “Why are you laughing at me?” I asked. “Honestly, I’m feeling a little self-conscious right now.”

Chapter 6

A look of compassion crossed Nicki’s face. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. You know, we’ve talked quite a bit about tying each other up, not knowing if we’d ever actually follow through on it, and now here we are! It almost seems surreal.”

“So you really don’t think less of me for being tied up like this, and for being too weak to escape?”

Nicki’s tone became compassionate. “No, baby, not at all! Please don’t feel self-conscious. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. If you had the power to escape, well, it would be damn scary, and it also wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for either of us! I love you, just like you are. You’re so sweet! You were good to me, babe, and I will take care of you.”

Her words helped to diffuse my momentary insecurities. “Oh Nicki, thank you. That means a lot.” I paused, looking up at her beautiful face and her lovely breasts. “I like that you’re still naked”, I remarked. “I’d feel more self-conscious if I were the only one.”

“I know” Nicki smiled. Her expression became serious. “And I also know you like to push your limits in everything you do. I suspect it may be the same here. So I’m going to start gently, and then we’ll experiment and see what you like. You’ll have your safe words, of course, if you need them. But I’m also pretty good at reading you, and we’ll just see where this goes.”

I looked at her in wonder, feeling a new sense of respect for the deep and complex person that she was. I was not only taken with her body, but I really loved her soul. “Wow. You’ve put some thought into this, haven’t you?”

“Yes I have. And I’m going to be vulnerable too; I’m trusting you not to judge me if I do certain things. I have a kinky side just like you do, and I need you to be open-minded. Sometimes the only way to know for sure if you like something, is to try it.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what Nicki had in mind, but I knew Nicki genuinely cared, and she would attend to my needs. “Ok, I trust you, and I promise I’ll still be your friend.”

Nicki squeezed my arm. “Thanks” she said sincerely. “You’re so awesome!”

I grinned. “So are you! I’m ready if you are.”

“This is going to be fun!” Nicki declared. “I can do anything I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” She smiled deviously. “You know, I could invite another person to join us. In fact, I could invite the whole neighborhood!” she teased. I felt mortified just imagining the possibility. It was unthinkable! Ok, maybe one or two people, depending on who they were, but not just anybody! I didn’t really think she was serious, but I could feel myself blushing just the same.

“Don’t worry, babe, I wouldn’t do that,” she said reassuringly. I relaxed. “At least, I wouldn’t invite just anyone” she clarified, raising an eyebrow as she spoke. I looked at her, my jaw agape. Was there really another person involved? I didn’t really think so, but…

I suddenly realized I had to pee. I told Nicki. She retrieved an empty beer bottle from the nightstand. Grasping my penis, she held the mouth of the bottle against my urethra. “Ok, go pee” she told me. I wasn’t sure she was holding everything right, and was concerned I might pee all over myself. From experience, I knew you not only had to align the mouth of the bottle with your urethra, but you also had to leave a little gap on top for air to escape as the bottle filled. I wanted to help hold things in position, but I couldn’t move my hands.

Those damned ropes had completely immobilized me! I felt just a little embarrassed. Nicki was still holding the bottle to the end of my penis, and I had no choice but to hope and trust that she was holding everything right. It felt very odd to just let my bladder go; I thought I was going to wet the bed. Yet there was nothing else I could do! I tried to control the flow of urine, but once it started, I couldn’t stop. I gave up and relaxed, peeing with helpless abandon. Fortunately, Nicki did a good job, catching every drop, and I very nearly filled the bottle. “There, there, baby. That was beautiful!” she said in a comforting voice.

“Thank you for not making me pee all over myself!” I said with sincerity.

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Although it would be pretty funny!” she laughed. She seemed to enjoy her newfound power over me. She walked to the bathroom to dispose of the bottle, then returned.

Nicki stood over me, her hands on her hips. “You’ve been a VERY naughty little boy. Now you’re all tied up and helpless, and I’m going to punish you. And you can’t do ANYTHING to stop me.” She grinned in obvious enjoyment. I smiled apprehensively.

Nicki got on the bed and straddled me again. It was a little different this time, with my knees raised up as they were. She shifted her weight, trapping my head once more between her inner thighs. I thought I knew where this was going.

“Ok, time to gag you.” She held up her panties (she must have grabbed them when I wasn’t looking) and wadded them up. “Open wide!”

“What?!” I hadn’t expected this. Nicki had been thinking creatively, that was for sure. I wondered what else she’d been planning. This was certainly going to be interesting!

“Never!” I grinned defiantly, speaking through clenched teeth. I knew I was asking for trouble, but sometimes I liked to tease her just to see her reaction.

“We’ll see about that!” Nicki clamped her thighs together, securing my head. I tried to turn away, but her legs were too strong. I was impressed. She pressed her panties against my mouth, and for a moment I enjoyed her scent. Then, after I had exhaled, and before I had drawn another breath, Nicki used her other hand to pinch my nose firmly shut. Now my lungs were empty, and I couldn’t breathe.

I desperately tried to turn my head, this time with a renewed sense of urgency, but to no avail. I tried to breathe through clenched teeth, but the pressure of Nicki’s panties over my mouth blocked the air from entering my parted lips. My lungs were starving for air. I struggled violently to free my hands, but the rope was too strong. I felt trapped and completely overpowered, and I started to panic. I was completely out of air and I couldn’t breathe!

I desperately opened my mouth wide, gasping for air, and Nicki shoved her panties inside. I did get a good breath, though, and Nicki released my nose. She loosely covered my mouth with her hand, preventing me from spitting out her panties, but it wasn’t really necessary. I just lay there breathing freely, savoring each breath, and not resisting as Nicki placed a handkerchief between my teeth, wrapped it around my head, and tied it in place.

As I thought about how easily Nicki had just gagged me, I couldn’t believe how truly defenseless I was. She really could do ANYTHING she wanted, and I couldn’t resist in any meaningful way. I was physically overpowered, utterly helpless, and completely at her mercy. Thank god she was my friend and didn’t want to hurt me!

I suspected a blindfold might be next, and I was right. I really missed the sight of Nicki's breasts, but not being able to see gave me a heightened sense of anticipation.

“There”, Nicki said. “Now you are completely powerless to do anything. All you can do is lay back and enjoy the things I do to you. You have no expectations or responsibilities, nothing to do or even say.” She continued. “You can still snap your fingers. If you snap the fingers of one hand, that means Yellow Light. Snapping both hands means Red Light. Snap your fingers on both hands if you understand.” I snapped both sets of fingers.

“Good. Now, one more rule. I want you to safeword if you are in legitimate physical distress, or if something triggers a bad feeling or memory. But so long as the sensations are not unpleasant, you must agree not to safeword. No matter what happens to you, as long as it isn’t painful or unpleasant, you will be absolutely, positively unable to stop it. Agreed?”

I nodded my head apprehensively, feeling both excited and concerned. “Good.” She stroked my arm and squeezed my hand. “Don’t worry babe. I love you. Everything’s going to be fine. Just let go, don’t try to think about anything, and enjoy. You can’t do anything, and you aren’t expected to. You have nothing to be ashamed about. It’s ok.” Nicki’s words served to effectively disarm my anxiety and self-consciousness over my current predicament. I squeezed her hand warmly in return, genuinely appreciating her thoughtful reassurances.

My lack of sight served to heighten my remaining senses. I became attuned to Nicki’s breathing, and the scent of her body. The ropes felt strangely comforting, like an extension of her touch. I’d forgotten how good it felt to be touched; it had been soooo long. I strained against the ropes again and again, savoring the feeling.

I started to feel a new sense of freedom. I had no actions to perform, nothing to say. There were no expectations, no duties to perform, no one to please. I was completely unable to protect myself or provide for my own needs, much less the needs of others. I had accepted Nicki’s love before, but had always wanted to give back more than I took. Now I no choice but to accept being unselfishly loved and cared for without doing anything in return. I felt like I’d died and gone to Heaven.

Chapter 7

Nicki touched my chest and began lightly gliding her fingertips over my upper body. Mmmm, it was heavenly. I had always liked light touches. I tugged against my restraints, enjoying the sensations of helplessness and the free movement of her fingers over my naked body. I wriggled defenselessly as she lightly titillated my outstretched arms, open armpits, unprotected ribs, exposed tummy, and my naked nipples. It tickled, yet it felt so good!

Nicki turned up the intensity, digging her fingers into my helpless rips and armpits, and tickling with reckless abandon. Oh, my god! I jumped hard against my restraints and desperately tried to twist away, but to no avail! I tried to restrain my laughter but the tickling was overwhelming, and soon I was howling uncontrollably into my gag.

“Can’t get away, can you?” Nicki teased, obviously having way too much fun. “I can tickle you anywhere I want, and there’s nothing you can do!”

My lungs repeatedly ran out of air as I laughed hysterically into my gag, my body continuing to shake as I struggled to draw another breath. Beads of sweat formed on my skin as I frantically strained against my bonds, and yet the tickling continued unabated. I thought I was going to pass out; I really wanted her to stop, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to safeword.

Nicki finally stopped tickling me long enough for me to catch my breath. I thought the worst was over, until I felt her lightly touching my ass! I jumped again, immediately aware that I had just given myself away. Nicki noticed. “Oooh, are you ticklish there?” she cooed. She glided her fingers over my butt again. It was almost unbearable! I had forgotten how ticklish the back of my ass was; it was almost hypersensitive, and the light touches were pure torture! Laughing uncontrollably, I struggled in vain to resist. “Oh, you’re in big trouble now, buddy boy, and there’s nothing you can do!” She tickled my helpless ass some more, then lightly glided her fingers over my scrotum. I laughed as I desperately tried to pull away.

“Are your balls ticklish too?” Nicki asked. She ran her fingertips over them again, and I bucked against my restraints. I hadn’t realized how ticklish I was down there! It didn’t help that my balls were shaved, which made them noticeably more sensitive to light touches. They weren’t hypersensitive like my ass, but they were ticklish nonetheless.

Nicki began to toy with me, lightly gliding her fingertips up and down the exposed portions of my upper legs, over my butt, inside the sensitive crack of my ass, and back to my balls again. Wailing hysterically, I desperately struggled against my bonds, but to no avail.

Nicki stopped momentarily, and then I felt the tickle of a goose feather. I nearly jolted off the bed! The feather danced about, moving freely between the backs of my legs, across my butt, around and over my balls, and tickling my sensitive rosebud. And then the fingertips of her free hand joined in with the feather, tickle-torturing me without mercy!

Her touches momentarily strayed up to my armpits and ribs, and then returned back to my nether regions. I cried out into my gag, wanting to tell her to stop, desperately wishing that I had declared my ass off limits for tickling. I tried to snap my fingers, but my hands wouldn’t let go of the rope. My body felt conflicted and overwhelmed, and the more I struggled, the more turned on I became. I both loved and hated what was happening to me!

My erection was so hard it almost hurt, and it served to discredit my genuine efforts to get away. How could this be? I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. The bed creaked as the urgency of my struggles increased; I really wanted her to stop. Sweat dripped from my body as I desperately tried to escape, and yet even now a small part of me still relished the security of my restraints. I tried to safeword, unsure if I could take any more, but my body was conflicted and somehow my fingers refused to snap. I nearly passed out before Nicki mercifully allowed me to recover.

Nicki spread lotion on my inner thighs and began to massage them. My muscles were a little sore from being stretched so tightly, and her touch felt soothing. Nicki’s hands were strong, and she was good at giving massages. I was in heaven.

Nicki finished with my legs. I heard the buzzing of my Magic Wand, and I tensed in anticipation. I jolted with surprise, I moaned, I breathed hard, unable to control its movement as it freely explored me. I rolled my head and tugged weakly against my restraints, moaning into my gag. The Wand touched my rock hard shaft, teasing me, then moved away. I groaned in protest; I wanted to cum so bad! I pulled hard against my bonds, helpless and frustrated.

She spread lotion all over my balls and rolled them in her hands. I jumped at the initial coldness of the lotion, and then moaned in pleasure. She pulled the skin away from my testicles and rolled it between her fingers, then massaged up and down my perineum. Oh my god, it felt so good! She stopped momentarily, and I thought I heard the sound her donning a rubber glove.

Nicki began to play with my ass. She squirted more lotion on me, then smeared it over my butt cheeks. She groped my ass, lewdly fondling my butt cheeks and sliding her well-lubricated fingers up and down along the length of my crack.

I had never had another person fondling my spread-open butt cheeks, and freely smearing lube up and down my ass before. It felt a little weird and somewhat effeminate, and I had the urge to push her hands away. I strained to free my arms and close my legs, but it gained me nothing. Instead, my struggling only served to fuel my erection. Why was my body was betraying me again?

I tried to squeeze my butt cheeks closed, but I had no leverage due to the angle at which my legs were spread. Nicki grabbed my ass again, obscenely kneading my flesh with her hands. I tried to protest, but it was useless with the gag. Her fingers brushed over my rosebud and I jumped, and then she did it again.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was only Nicki, not some stranger, and certainly not some guy!! Nicki was open-minded and not judgmental, and I told myself to lighten up and not take things so seriously. There was no reason to feel ashamed about anything! I breathed deeply and willed myself to relax, choosing to focus on the pleasurable sensations, and trying to ignore any feelings that were based in artificial judgments stemming from the arbitrary social norms I had been raised with.

I desperately needed to climax; I was so close, if only she would push me over the edge then maybe everything would be ok. Yeah, that’s what I needed. Was that so wrong?

Nicki’s fingers slid over my ass again as she applied more lotion. I breathed in deeply, told myself it was ok, then exhaled. Her fingers ran up and down my crack again, but somehow I didn’t feel quite as self-conscious. I moaned in pleasure, allowing myself to enjoy the sensations. I struggled weakly, no longer seriously trying to escape. Nicki began to massage my sensitive anus, applying gentle pressure as her fingers slid up and down across its length, then moved back and forth around its circumference. A guttural moan of pleasure escaped me.

Her finger stopped at the center of my rosebud. I involuntarily tightened, then started to relax. At that moment, before I could react, her fingertip quickly pressed down and slipped inside. I jolted in surprise, although I had to admit it felt good. “Relax, baby, relax”, Nicki said tenderly. “Just trust me.” I tried, I really did. There was nothing else I could do.

I felt her finger sliding in deeper as she slowly, inexorably continued to impale me. Her fingertip found my prostate and gently rubbed it up and down. I involuntarily tried to arch upwards, surprised, yet liking the new sensation. Breathing deeply, I relaxed in acceptance, surrendering to the forbidden pleasure as her finger wriggled inside me.

“There, there, baby” she said softly, as I stopped struggling and melted in her hands. The rope’s firm embrace felt comforting, somehow reassuring, even as it held me fast.

“You don’t know how much it turns me on to play with you and watch you struggle,” Nicki said. “You are so strong, and I know you’re not used to letting someone else have total control. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me tie you up. I love you!” Her words were reassuring, and they disarmed the last of my uneasiness.

Nicki continued to finger me and play with my butt cheeks, but I no longer felt self-conscious in front of her. I felt free to let go and simply enjoy the physical sensations for what they were, with no artificial judgments about being shameful or effeminate. I breathed deeply and moaned into my gag. I was ok, and whatever she did to my ass was ok too, it really was. And it felt sooo good. My mind and body were no longer conflicted on this issue.

Nicki had been right; I did like to push my limits, and I could see the potential for future experimentation. I imagined that she could torture me with hot wax, or torment me with ice cubes, or give me an erotic piercing. She could even fuck me with a strap-on while I was securely tied, and there would be no shame, or at least I didn’t think there would be. If she actually did invite another person to join in, I knew she would pick someone who was equally open minded, and even if I felt mortified in the beginning, everything would be ok. No doubt she could think of her own surprises, and I’d be interested in trying them. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I felt myself becoming more turned on. Was I becoming a freak? And was anything wrong with that?

Chapter 8

I felt her gently working a second finger inside, stretching me further, and intensifying the sensations. I tugged against my restraints, but only to feel the erotic sensation of being forcibly restrained while she slowly had her way with me, and no longer truly actually desiring to escape.

Nicki’s mouth engulfed my shaft, her tongue caressing the sensitive area beneath the head, her lips sliding up and down over the rim. Her free hand caressed my chest and then fondled my balls, as the fingers of her other hand continued to move freely inside me. The sensations were amazing, and being firmly tied up took the experience to another level. I felt myself oozing droplets of pre-cum as my orgasm began to build.

Nicki grasped my penis with her free hand, and began to masturbate me while she continued her anal assault. Overwhelmed and unable to resist, I succumbed to her erotic assaults. My body tensed and shook uncontrollably as I cried out in my gag. I came and came and came. I had no remnants of control, no rational thought.

Eventually, I lay breathless and spent, no longer fighting my restraints. Nicki began to slowly withdraw her fingers from my ass, and I clenched my sphincter in an effort to hold them inside. Never mind that I had earlier wanted to push her fingers away. Never mind that they had forcibly spread and lubed my ass against my will prior to their entrance; I had come to like and accept their presence. In a way, feeling them slipping away was like saying farewell to a good friend. Having Nicki’s fingers inside me had become a direct connection with her, a kind of intimate handshake, and there was a part of me that mourned their loss as they overcame the last of my resistance and slipped all the way out. I heard Nicki peel off the rubber glove that had so recently been inside me, and I felt a lonely emptiness.

Nicki removed my blindfold and gag, then held me tight and kissed me. I kissed her back hungrily, even as I tasted myself on her tongue. She reached over to my wrists to loosen the knots. “No, don’t”, I begged. “Not yet. Just leave me tied a little longer.”

Understanding, Nicki turned back and cuddled me in my afterglow. She smiled tenderly, her face glowing. “So you liked it, did you? I was hoping you would!”

“Oh my god, what a rush!” I replied, not sure where to start. Nicki had done so many things, each unique in its own way, and yet connected together like a patchwork quilt to form the whole experience. A torrent of emotion came over me, feelings that I hadn’t anticipated. I tried to put them into words. “That was so intense! I’ve never experienced that with anyone before…” my voice trailed off. “And when I felt insecure and you reassured me that it was ok, I felt safe and loved and accepted.” I paused, momentarily lost for words. I drew another breath and tried to collect my thoughts. “I love you!”

“I know, and I love you too.” She paused. “I have to pee – I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere!” As if I could! She grinned infectiously as she got off the bed, and I couldn’t help but laugh. A moment later, I was left alone with my thoughts.

Presently, the central heating kicked on, sending warm air through the overhead vent. The slight breeze caressed my bare skin, accentuating my feeling of nakedness I lay spread lasciviously on the bed. It felt delicious! I felt sensual and erotic, illicit yet shameless. I looked my body up and down, smiling at my outstretched arms, my open legs, and the strong rope that secured me. The feel of my restraints was indescribable. Their overpowering grasp rendered me physically powerless and defenseless, and yet I felt accepted, cared for, and safe. I was spiritually free, emotionally complete, and sexually fulfilled. I lay there savoring the moment. It was good to be loved unconditionally; why couldn’t it last forever? Didn’t I deserve to be loved?

I heard footsteps moving towards the kitchen. The refrigerator opened and closed, and then the footsteps returned and approached the bedroom. It was Nicki, carrying two more Sea Dogs. She found me just as she had left me, still helplessly stretched out on display, an object of her carnal desires. She smiled at me, and it was a sincere smile, a warm smile of friendship and acceptance, not a smirk of ridicule at my predicament. I smiled back affectionately. I couldn’t remember feeling more sexually alive, or more loved. Nicki, too, was still naked, and I liked that she was comfortable in her body in front of me.

Nicki drank a mouthful of beer, then kissed me and squirted it into my mouth as I had done to her. I gladly swallowed it down as I hungrily returned her kisses, and she repeated the performance until the bottle was empty. She lay down next to me, her bare breasts caressing my ribs. I wriggled my ribcage against her as best I could, trying to tease her nipples. “Oooh, you’re being baaad,” Nicki breathed seductively. She slid her hand down my stomach and playfully began fondling me, caressing my balls and tracing light circles on my abdomen and inner thighs. I moaned and struggled weakly. Nicki smiled. “Like that?” she inquired teasingly.

“You know it!” I affirmed.

Nicki grinned, idly fingering my penis and watching as it flipped back and forth. She seemed fascinated with its movement. I half-heartedly struggled as I watched her play with me, enjoying the firmness of my restraints and the feeling of helplessness they provided. I felt myself getting hard again. “Hmmmm”, Nicki said, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, you’re starting something”, I accused, not that there was anything I could do about it. She giggled and smiled deviously. She was having as much fun as I’d had earlier when she’d been tied up naked. Maybe even more! I imagined the things I would do to her the next time she was bound…

Nicki picked up the Magic Wand. Holding my shaft securely, she pressed the Wand against the sensitive area under the head. I felt the coolness of the Wand against my skin, and then she switched it on. Even though I was expecting it, I still jumped in surprise! The vibrations were intense, and seemed to radiate throughout my whole body.

“Ohhh, god that feels good!” I moaned. “Please don’t stop. I need to cum again!” Nicki understood the urgency in my pleas, and mercifully continued. I’d cum twice already, and it took a little longer before I felt myself approaching a climax. But Nicki was patient, and soon my breathing quickened as I felt myself nearing the edge. “Oh babe, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…” The incessant vibrations continued as I struggled in vain, watching transfixed as Nicki held the Wand against me.

I fantasized that Nicki had invited an unknown friend to watch; I imagined my embarrassment, yet I was SO turned on! I writhed helplessly against my restraints, which only served to turn me on more. “Ohh god, I’m cumming, I’m Cumming… ah, ahhh, Ahhhhhhh!” I came hard, every muscle straining, my head tossing back and forth as sweat glistened on my skin.

The last of the spasms passed. I shuddered hard one last time, then took in a deep breath and let it out. I lay peacefully in my afterglow, soaking in the moment. My spirit, which had earlier been burdened with caring for everyone else besides me, now felt cleansed and renewed. I breathed deeply again. My body was still bound, but my soul had been released.

Nicki nuzzled me. “Oh, baby, that was beautiful”, she breathed. “Feeling better now?”

“Ohhh, yesss", I whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you, too” she responded, kissing me on the cheek. I instinctively tried to hug her, but my hands were still tied to the bed.

“I want to hold you”, I said longingly. “You can untie me now.”

We cuddled, helped each other clean up, and then drifted to sleep in each other’s arms. When we awoke, sunlight was streaming in through the curtains. We snuggled, made the most of a shower together, fed each other breakfast, and watched movies. In between, we talked about life, our wants and needs, and our dreams for the future. We had no schedule, no expectations, and did our best to just live in the moment.

I felt a special closeness with Nicki. I had made myself completely vulnerable to her, holding nothing back. She had seen my humanity, my weakness and insecurities, and yet she still approved of me, still loved me. Had she betrayed my faith and decided to hurt or abandon me, I could have done nothing to stop her. Yet she had cared for me, protected me, pleasured me, and honored my trust. It wasn’t easy for me to trust people, and she had proven herself worthy. This was a powerful bond, one I would never forget.

“We should get together again soon”, I said, thinking out loud.

“Yes, we should.”

“When would be best for you?” I asked. I hoped it wouldn’t be long, but I didn’t want her to feel rushed.

“As soon as we can”, she breathed. “As soon as we can.”

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