Rehearsal on The Rack

by p_jay 2001

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Storycodes: M+/f; studio; filmset; video; rack; cuffs; testing; rocks; susp; stretched; tease; torment; strip; oral; climax; cons; X

Danielle Leslie sat impatiently in her dressing room, waiting to be called to the rehearsal room nearby. A former Olympic athlete, Danielle had turned several gold medals in gymnastics into a blossoming movie career. Danni could at this point, be fussy about what parts she accepted. She had recently received a script trying to revive the “swords and sandals” epics of some years past, and Danni had only glanced through it at first, not really interested in being a damsel in distress in an ancient middle east fictional kingdom, her father betrayed and replaced by her evil uncle, and her fiancé and lover leading the resistance.

Then towards the end, she saw the words that changed her mind. The princess role she was being offered, would be tortured on the rack, to get her to reveal her lover’s secret hideout, or to lure him into a trap to capture and kill him. She would suffer on the rack for a significant part of the film, including the grand finale swordfight between the hero and the evil uncle, in the dungeon around the princess, still on the rack!

Danielle and her husband, Phil, coincidently a vice president of the studio producing the film, had played some bondage games, and both enjoyed it as a part of their healthy sex life together, but Danni had always fantasied about being stretched on a rack, so she met with the director and producer, to make sure the rack scene was still part of the film. They were! And all agreed that the rack scenes should be a real as possible, with no stunt doubles for the torture scenes, and that Danni’s athletic past would help her get through filming what would probably be a long and difficult shoot. They were also building a custom rack, at great expense, since it would be a major set piece of the movie. Danni had her agent make a deal, and she signed on as the co-star of the movie!

Now the movie was in production, and the sets and props were being constructed, while the cast was in training and rehearsals. The prop department had built the rack, and today would be her first time trying it out, while the director and cinematographer observed, and planned how they would stage and film the scenes with Danni on the rack.

Danni looked at herself in the mirror of her dressing room. In her late twenties, she still had a great, athletic figure, and her breasts had filled out nicely since her days as a young Olympic athlete. Her hair was blond, and short, framing her pretty face. She would wear a long dark wig during filming, but not today. No make up today either. A sports bra and panties was all she was wearing, costuming would come later. There was a knock on the door, “We’re ready, Ms. Leslie” called the voice of a production assistant. Danni put on a robe and slippers and opened the door to follow the PA to the rehearsal room.

The rehearsal room was simply a large open space, with a concrete floor, and plain walls and ceiling, with industrial flood lights on the ceiling. Never used for actual filming, platforms and props would be placed to simulate the filming sets, and the actors and director would block out the scenes before the filming sets were built and ready to go. Today, the only prop in the room was the custom-built rack. When Danni came in the room, she was amazed at the sight of the instrument she would be “tortured” on!

The director, Colin Jones, and the prop master, Tom Sizemore, showed Danni around the rack. It was not a “traditional” rack, with a heavy wooden bed, set horizontally, and with rollers at the end. Instead, this rack was built at about a 60° angle. The bed was about 5 ft. wide, and about 12 ft. tall, with ropes woven cris-crossed for the bed, with about 5-inch space between the ropes. The rope bed would allow the “princess” to be visible even while filming the rack from behind. There was a platform at the bottom of the rack, just wide enough to stand on, and at the top a wooden roller, about one foot in diameter ran across the top of the rack, in front of the bed. Two leather cuffs were attached by ropes about one foot long at either side of the bottom platform. Wrist cuffs hung from each end of the roller at the top of the bed, with the rope coiled around the roller and hanging about five feet down to the wrist cuffs. “Those are suspension cuffs that we bought at a SM store downtown” the prop master explained. “For filming we’ll cover them with rough leather to make them look authentic, but they will protect your ankles and wrists.”

They moved around to the back of the rack and Danni looked up at the roller. There was rope coiled around the middle of the roller, and tied to a crude, iron ring that hung about a foot down from the roller. “Over here are the rocks we will hang from the ring, that will turn the roller and stretch you out. As we discussed, we will use real rocks, and you will really be stretched. One of the reasons for todays rehearsal is to see just how much you can endure for filming.” The prop master showed Danni a collection of different sized rocks on the floor nearby, each with a rope tied around it, and the rope ending in an iron hook. There was also an electric powered fork truck nearby, with a pallet on the forks that had been used to haul the rocks in. Four assistants to the prop master were standing nearby to assist with the rocks.

“What do you think” the director asked?

“Looks great,” Danni answered, “let’s get started!”

They moved back to the front of the rack and the director told everyone to get ready. There were two video cameras set up to tape the rehearsal, and a photographer to take still shots. A couple flood lights were set up in front of the rack make sure Danni was well lit up, but other than the lights on the ceiling, that was it. With a few production assistants, the prop team, and Danni’s personal assistant, there were about twelve people that would be watching the rehearsal.

Danni took off her robe and slippers and handed them to her assistant. The prop master helped her step up on the base of the rack and turn around. She found herself leaning back on the rope bed of the rack. “Spread your feet out please,” the prop master asked. He wrapped one cuff around her left ankle, and buckled it, then the right ankle. “How does that feel” he asked? Danni lifted one foot up and pulled on the cuff, then the other.

“I think the right cuff needs to be tightened a little, Tom,” she said, and the prop master made the adjustment.

The prop master then also climbed up on the platform, and reached up and fastened first the left cuff, and then the right cuff on Danni’s wrists. Danni’s hands were held about at the level of her head by the cuffs. “How is that,” the prop master asked?

“That’s fine,” Danni answered.

The prop master stepped down and the director asked if Danni was ready to get started. “Ready,” she answered, glad that they couldn’t see how excited she was to experience this!

The director checked that the video cameras were running, and that the photographer was ready, then nodded to Tom Sizemore, “Go ahead, Tom.” Tom called to his assistants “Get rock number one. Now Danni, the first rock weighs about half your body weight, so the slack should be taken up on the ropes to your wrist cuffs, but there should be no serious strain.”

Two of the prop assistants picked up one of the larger rock and carried it over to the back of the rack and hoisted it up over their heads. Another assistant got up on a small ladder and hooked the rock on to the iron ring hanging from the back of the roller. “Let it down slowly, guys,” Tom said. As the weight of the rock pulled on the ring, the roller turned slowly, and Danni’s arms were pulled up over her head towards the ends of the roller. Now the rock was hanging from the ring, and the ring was about two feet down from the roller.

“How does that feel, Danni” Colin asked. Danni flexed her arms and was able to pull them down about six inches, and the roller turned and the rock was lifted up. She relaxed her arms and let them be pulled back straight again.

“It’s okay, no real strain yet. The cuffs are very comfortable, for now” Danni said.

“Okay, Tom, another rock” Colin said.

“This second rock is also about half your body weight, Danni, so it should feel about like hanging from a trapeze.” Tom signaled the assistants, and another large rock was brought over behind the rack. This time the third assistant could reach the ring without a ladder. He put the hook on the ring, and the assistants holding the rock slowly let it down until it was also hanging on the ring. The roller started turning and Danni felt the pull on her arms increase. The two rocks must have been slightly more that her body weight, and she felt herself slowly slide up the rope bed, and her feet lifted off the base, and were pulled sideways as the slack was taken up from the ropes attached to her ankle cuffs. She was now spread eagled on the rack, but still leaning on the rope bed.

“Wow” she said, “That made a difference!”

“Are you still okay,” Colin asked?

“Yes,” she replied, “I can feel the pull a lot more now, but it’s not really painful.” Danni flexed her arm muscles again, but this time could barely pull her arms down a little way.

“Do you want to continue,” Colin asked?

“Of course,” she replied.

“This time rock number three,” Tom said to his assistants. “Danni, this rock weighs about twenty-five pounds,” Tom said.

“I’m ready,” Danni replied.

This time one assistant could lift the rock, and he hooked it on the ring and slowly let it down. The rack creaked, and the roller turned an inch or so. Danni felt the pull on her arms increase again, and now her back was barely touching the rope bed.

“Another one,” Danni said.

“Okay, number four,” Tom told his assistants.

Another rock was hung on the iron ring, and this time the roller turned several inches, and Danni felt herself lifted off the bed of the rack! She was now suspended spread-eagled on the rack. Now she could feel some strain in her shoulders, and her rib cage began to stick out as her abdomen was pulled in.

“Danni are you still all right.” Colin asked?

“Yes,” she replied, “but I’m starting to understand why this is torture. How does it look,” she asked?

“Fantastic,” Colin replied. “It’s going to look great on film.”

“Let’s go one more,” Danni said.

“Are you sure, Danni? It looks good enough now,” Colin replied.

“I need to know how it really feels to be tortured, so I can make it look real when we film,” Danni said.

“Okay, just one more, though,” and Colin nodded to Tom.

Tom’s assistant picked up another rock and added it to the rocks hanging from the ring. The rack creaked, and the roller turned another inch or so, and Danni felt herself stretched again, she gasped as the pain increased in her shoulders and the tension on her diaphragm increased, making it harder to breathe.

“I think that’s about it,” She said. “One more and I would tell you anything you wanted to know.”

“Okay,” Colin said. “We’ve learned everything we need for shooting. Looks great with you up there, Danni! That’s a wrap everyone, thanks.”

With that the crew began filing out of the room, turning the video cameras off and pointing them at the ceiling. Danni was confused at first.

“Hey, wait, you’re forgetting something,” she tried to yell, but could barely get it out! “No, come back and let me down! Where are you going?”

As the last crew member went out the door, he turned off the lights on the ceiling, and only the two floods pointed at the Danni on the rack were left on. Danni tried to look out into the dark room but could not see beyond the floodlights. “Help,” she cried, “Someone let me off this thing!” All she could do was hang on the rack and sob. Her shoulders were starting to really ache, along with some of her other joints.

After a few minutes, that seemed like an eternity to Danni, she heard footsteps out in the darkness! “Is someone there,” she called, “help me please!” She heard the footsteps out in the darkness walk around to the back of the rack. “Please, take some of the weights off,” she pleaded. She heard a rustling noise, then heard the clink of iron on iron, and realized with horror that whoever it was, was adding another weight! “No, no, please, not another” Danni whimpered. Then the roller creaked and turned another inch, and Danni felt the strain increase, along with the pain in her body as it was stretched again. Oh god, she thought, I can’t take much more of this.

She heard the footsteps again, walking back around the rack until her tormenter was standing just behind the floodlights, still in darkness. “Enjoying your fantasy,” a voice asked? Who could possibly know she had wanted this experience? “You really do look good up there,” the voice said again.

Danni realized the voice was very familiar, and suddenly it came to her. “Phil, is that you out there?” She heard steps again, and saw her husband step out into the light, near the foot of the rack. “You! You set this up didn’t you,” she tried to yell, but it only came out as little more than a squeak.

“Of course, I did. Set it up with Colin as soon as I saw this thing in the prop shop. By the way, there is a guard outside the door. We won’t be interrupted,” Phil said.

“Aren’t you going to let me down,” Danni whimpered?

“Yes, but not right away,” Phil replied.

He stepped up on the base of the rack and leaned forward, putting his hands on the ropes behind Danni, and supporting himself so he wouldn’t add to the strain she was already feeling. “Admit it, you don’t really want me to stop yet,” he said.

“No,” she whispered, “not yet.”

Phil kissed her, and she responded passionately, their tongues meeting. Phil slit his mouth down the side of Danni’s neck, licking and sucking and kissing. Then he pulled a scissors out of his suit coat pocket, and snipped through the fabric of her sports bra, releasing Danni’s breasts. He also cut the straps at her shoulders, and let the bra fall to the floor. His mouth moved down her left breast until he found her nipple, which he sucked and nibbled. Danni gasped, she could not believe how good it felt even as the rest of her body was tortured. Phil moved to her other nipple and gave it the same attention as Danni let her head fall back and moaned with pleasure and pain.

Phil’s mouth moved down Danni’s taught concave belly to her belly button, then he used the scissors again, this time on sides of Danni’s panty, again letting it fall to the floor. Phil slowly moved his mouth lower. Danni’s pussy was shaved bare, as usual, and he teased her by sucking and licking around her almost dripping wet vagina. Then he found her clit, flicking it with his tongue at first, then sucking on it and licking harder and faster. Danni tried to squirm, but her body was too taught. Phil felt her muscles tense, and in a remarkably short time she came, screaming with pleasure, and tensing so much she actually lifted the rock weights up slightly. As she came down though, she involuntarily relaxed, and the rocks fell back and the roller turned again, and she was stretched even more than before, with no strength left to resist.

As she came down from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, the pain returned to her stretched body, and she pleaded to Phil. “Please let me down, I can’t take any more!”

Phil stepped down from the rack. “Yes, I guess you’ve had enough for today,” he said. “But when we get home, you are going to return the favor!”

Danni just looked at him, “you better promise if you want off that rack,” Phil threatened. “There are plenty more rocks back there,” he said evilly.

“I promise, I promise, just get me off this thing,” Danni cried.

Phil stepped around the rack and walked over to the electric fork truck. He turned it on and moved it forward until the pallet on the forks was under the rocks hanging off the back of the rack. He slowly raised the pallet until it touched the rocks, and continued raising it slowly, taking the weight on the fork truck and off the rack and Danni. She felt the strain come off her arms and then she was leaning on the ropes behind her, and she slid down until her feet were on the base. Phil lifted the rocks another foot, then locked the fork truck in position, and went back to Danni on the front of the rack. He unbuckled her ankles, then reached up and unbuckled her wrists, lowering each arm slowly, and rubbing her arms and shoulders. He helped her step down off the rack, then helped her put on the robe she had worn from her dressing room.

“There’s a limo waiting outside,” he said. “Home and a nice hot bath will fix you up.”

As they walked to the door, Danni asked “What will they do with the rack after filming?”

“Not much call for a prop like that, probably break it up and throw it away,” he said.

“Do you think someone with some pull at the studio, like a vice president, could convince them to sell it instead,” she asked with a sly look at Phil.

“It would look good in that new playroom we are building, wouldn’t it,” Phil replied.

Danielle smiled and put her head on his shoulder. “You read my mind.”

The End


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