Redbush Square

by Wife of Bath

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© Copyright 2015 - Wife of Bath - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/mm; MF+/ff; D/s; slaves; naked; collar; boxed; transported; hum; bond; cuffs; bdsm; crop; test; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

What follows is pure fantasy and has no basis in fact. Have you ever walked past a house and thought you caught a glimpse of something strange going on? This is one version of what might be happening.

Day One
I - Mark and Leon

Mark and Leon were in the kitchen of their small flat, kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their heads, and entirely naked save for matching black leather dog collars. A luggage tag was attached to both collars, identifying the men as freight ready to be transported. Each had a handwritten destination: Redbush Square. They were both very nervous, scared as to what was going to happen next.

Leon and Mark had first met on the set of a pornographic film, where they played the part of two slaves sat a party who were chained together, soundly whipped, and made to submit to the sexual whims of the guests. Very little acting was required.They enjoyed the experience so much that soon afterwards they went on a more conventional date (drinking wine and discussing whipping), fell in love and became a couple, moving in together.

Lots of people said it was ridiculous for two subs to be in a relationship, but in fact it worked well. They each saw their respective masters who kept them fully disciplined, and they were frequently lent out as a pair to other doms – they loved to suffer together, withstanding more than they could alone. However, sometimes their love for each other got them in to trouble, and that was what had led to their current predicament.

Things had come to a head at a recent party, where they were planned to be the star attraction. They had been left alone for only a few minutes, ready to be presented, and somehow, despite their chains and blindfolds, were discovered by the hostess busily sucking each other off. 'I'm sorry mistress....' stammered Mark, the more outgoing of the two. 'We just couldn't help ourselves'. They were, of course, soundly punished immediately and at great length with a wide variety of implements. The fact that the guests had thoroughly enjoyed this spectacle (each had been allowed to whip the pair with any implement, as often as they liked) did not placate their two masters, and the two slaves were taken that night to their respective dungeons to suffer yet more punishment on their already sore bodies.

This, however, was apparently not sufficient to ensure their future good behaviour. They were each told they had forgotten that they were slaves, property of their master, and their job was to serve their master, not each other. Each was told they would be going to a place called Redbush Square for a week of re-education in the art of submission, and that they should await further instructions. Neither of them had heard of such a place, and had no idea what might be in store for them there – but they knew it would be severe, and they were both nervous.

In preparation they were required to assist their masters in filling in a detailed questionnaire, which asked all sorts of questions – measurement, experiences -  and they each had to sign to say they consented to anything that would happen there (but that they had the right to withdraw this consent at any time). They didn't discuss it, but they both worried whether the strength of their relationship was such they could no longer each fully submit to being a slave to someone else. They loved each other, but also wanted to be dominated.

They waited a few weeks and heard nothing, until one day a letter arrived addressed to both of them. 'At exactly 7pm on 3rd August you will collected for delivery. At 7pm you must be in your kitchen, kneeling down with your hands behind your head, naked save for a dog collar with the enclosed luggage tags attached and fully completed. You will not be permitted to bring any other clothing or other items with you. All jewellery and body piercings must be removed. Failure to obey these instructions will naturally result in serious consequences'. 'That's tonight!' exclaimed Mark, and they kissed and held each other tight as they imagined what might happen to them.

And so they knelt together in the kitchen, a pose which showed off their different physical attributes. Leon was tall and slender, built like a long distance runner, with slightly long, untidy blond hair. Like his body, his cock was long and thin. He was particularly proud of it, and did not like it when it was tied up or whipped. By contrast, Mark could have been taken for a rugby player – he was shorter, but with a muscular physique acquired from long sessions in the gym, and his dark hair was closely cropped. And again his cock mirrored his body, being shorter but much wider and fatter than Leon's. They made a beautiful couple.

Leon glanced at the clock on the wall – ten past seven. Were they simply late? Was this deliberate? Or – just maybe – perhaps the whole thing was a hoax, and their punishment was to sit here waiting all night for a fate that would in fact never arrive. This hopeful thought was, however, soon dispelled, as they heard the front door open, followed by footsteps in the hall way, and what sounded like a heavy object being put down. Mark and Leon both looked toward the kitchen door where they saw two men enter, each dressed in uniforms looking like they worked for a delivery company. One carried a heavy looking bag, and the other, who looked like he was in charge, consulted his clipboard and nodding with approval said 'I see two pieces of freight ready for collection. Very good indeed. George, get them ready for packing.'

'Righto,' said George to his boss, and, to Mark and Leon 'just be sensible and this will be very easy.' With that he produced from his bag a series of straps and padlocks, and soon each of them had their arms bound behind them, and their ankles manacled and connected by a small chain. Finally, he tied a strap around their respective cocks, and attached a chain which led to the collar.

'Lovely,' said George, 'you're beautifully compliant', and to express his thanks he gave each of them a little slap on the chest, and could not resist a quick squeeze of their genitals. 'However, we're not quite finished yet. Now, I understand you two often like to play with each other – and I can see why. But we can't have that, so we just need to make sure there's no temptation. Make sure all your holes are filled, so to speak.'

Leon and Mark did not have long to worry about what that might mean – first they were gagged, with a rubber ball inside the mouth and a strap around the head. Then George brought out two butt plugs and a bottle of lube. 'Turn around gentlemen, and we'll just get these in' he said, and the pair obeyed and George was true to his word, clearly enjoying himself.

'Good work,' said, the taller man, 'now to get you boxed up. Come with me please.' And holding the chains which were connected to their collars and cocks, he led them through to the hallway, where they saw a big wooden crate. Inside were a number of metal rings. 'You first' he said, pointing at Leon, who was instructed to get in to one side and kneel down, after which he was firmly tied so that he could not move at all. Then the same happened to Mark. 'Excellent – now one final thing,' and the pair were unable to protest as blindfolds were placed on them. They then heard the sound of the box being nailed shut, felt it lift as they were carried outside, and heard the engine of what they presumed to be a van taking them to their destination.

They could not move, see, or speak, but the presence of the other was a comfort to them as they waited for what might happen next.

II Emma and Kate

'Do we really have to wear these ridiculous clothes?' said Kate. 'We look like prostitutes. It's indecent. What if I see somebody I know? It will be so humiliating. And why do I have to come anyway? It's you that meant to be being punished. I've done nothing but serve you like a good little slave girl.'

'Look,' said Emma 'we have to do as we're told and there are no arguments. Of course it's humiliating, that's the point. But if you disobey you'll just make it worse. Now stop complaining. Do you want to be punished by me before we even get there? I can easily get the cane out. It's not too late to tie you up and give you six of the best. How do you think turning up at a house for recalcitrant slaves with fresh stripes on your arse will look?'
Kate shook her head, and resigned herself to the ridiculous situation. But, in fact, secretly she was looking forward to it – she loved to be dominated, but also loved to see Emma suffering in the same way.

The relationship between the two was unusual. Kate, in her early forties, tall and skinny with small breasts and bony limbs, was purely a submissive, and at home Emma was her mistress who she loved, feared and obeyed. But Emma, much younger, rounder and with big swinging breasts, enjoyed both roles. So at home she dominated Kate, but she also had a mistress of her own who thoroughly enjoyed dominating her (particularly binding and spanking her lovely tits).

Sometimes the couple went to events as a pair of subs to be used together (which Kate loved), but Emma also liked to attend as a dom, bringing Kate as her pet to be shown off and displayed as her property. These arrangements generally worked well, but Emma sometimes got the two roles confused, which could result in all sorts of problems. At a recent private party, she had picked up a cane and begun to playfully hit a fellow sub, before realising what she had done. The next time she visited her mistress, Sally, she was certainly in trouble, but to her surprise she was not whipped or chained.

'What can I do with you, Emma?' said Mistress Sally, absent-mindedly fondling and pinching Emma's nipples. 'I think lately you don't really want to be my slave any more. You used to serve me eagerly and with great enthusiasm, trying your best and taking your punishment well, always willing to debase yourself in any way that might please me. What happened to that beautiful sub girl? I know you love being mistress to your lovely Kate at home, but here you belong to me. I'm not at all sure I can carry on keeping you as my personal slave if you can't or won't satisfy me.'

'Oh! Mistress!', exclaimed Emma, very distressed and nearly in tears. 'I am so sorry that I've failed you. You know I would do anything for you. Mistress, please punish me severely for my faults. Do whatever you will with me. I want to carry on being your slave for ever.'

'Well,' said Sally, 'you say the right things, but your actions speak differently. I think you need some training in submission away from me. Some discipline from someone less gentle and tender hearted. Have you ever heard of a place called Redbush Square?'
Emma gasped with shock. 'Well, Mistress, only rumours, I was never sure if it was real. A place where disobedient slaves go to be punished and trained. A place of terrible strictness and severity ruled over by the harshest masters and mistresses possible'.

'That's right, good girl! I think a few days there will sort out your attitude problem. Or, of course, make you realise you aren't cut out to be my slave after all. Good, that's decided. Remember, I will get a full report on how you behave there. You will receive instructions on where to go in due course, and do not try to contact me in the meantime. Goodbye, Emma.'

'Oh, mistress, thank you for giving me another chance. I will leave now, but are you sure you wouldn't like me to serve you first? I would accept any punishment to stay here with you.'

Sally laughed. 'That kind of cheek won't help your cause you know. But as you suggest it, you have been a bad slave and we will not see each other for a while, you may lick my pussy while I thoroughly cane you over every part of your body. And I think we'll start by chaining those lovely hands and feet together so you can't get up to any mischief'. And she smacked Emma hard on her enticing buttocks, which jiggled in a remarkably attractive fashion.

'Thank you, mistress'.

And so Emma went home that night sore, satisfied, but worried about her future. She resolved to do her best at Redbush Square, and waited with trepidation for instructions. It was a full month later, as she grew more frustrated by not seeing her mistress and began to crave for her firm discipline, when a parcel arrived for her. It contained two sets of very skimpy clothes, and a covering letter.

'Travelling on foot, you will report to 27 Redbush Square at exactly 7.30pm on 3 August, bringing your slave Kate with you. You will each wear the clothes provided, and bring or wear nothing else whatsoever. You will wear no make up or perfume and all jewellery and body piercings will be removed. Failure to comply with these instructions will of course result in severe consequences'.

'That's tonight!' said Kate, 'but it doesn't matter because I'm not going. Why should I go to this severe house of correction when I haven't done anything wrong, just because you haven't been able to please your mistress properly?'

'Because you're my slave and you'll do as I say. So put these clothes on, we haven't got much time.'

Kate sighed, knowing there was no answer to this. Looking through the garments, she noticed something missing. 'There must be a mistake here. There are no bras or panties for us to wear. But there are butt plugs and dildos'.

'Somehow, I rather think that might be deliberate'.

III - Arrival

They made a remarkable sight walking through the town. Redbush Square was a couple of miles from their house, but in a much more affluent area – not the sort of place you would expect to see two barefooted women in exceedingly short leather skirts that barely covered their arses or genitals, and tops that were virtually see-through, barely bigger than underwear, and, in Emma's case, hardly hid her breasts at all. The ensemble was completed by matching dog collars, each with a luggage label attached. And had a passerby got a closer look, which would not have been hard, they would have found that both women had plugs inserted into both their anus and vagina. Luckily they saw few people, but those they did pass certainly had their evenings brightened by the view. The most embarrassing moment came when Kate saw a work colleague; she kept face down and hoped he didn't recognise her.

Finally, feeling thoroughly humiliated, they arrived at their destination. Redbush Square was a handsome garden surrounded by Georgian town houses, and it was up the steps of one of these that they now went. They stopped just before the door, and Emma kissed Kate tenderly on the lips, saying 'good luck girl. You'll be fine'. 'Same to you' said Kate. And Emma pulled the chain on the old fashioned doorbell, and waited.

It was a good five minutes before anyone answered. Emma wondered if she should she ring again, or would that simply invite punishment? Probably they were just being kept on public display for a bit longer. Eventually,  the door opened, and they were met by the sight of a man dressed even more outlandishly than they were. He wore sensible black shoes, stockings and suspenders, a maid's cap, a frilly blouse, and a very short black skirt beneath the hem of which the extremity of his dangling cock and balls were clearly visible (accentuated by the strap around them). Like the two girls he wore a collar.

'May I help you two ladies?'

'My name is Emma and this is Kate. We were told to report here at this time'.

'Ah! You're the new arrivals. Welcome to Redbush Square! My name is Robin. I apologise for making you wait out here for so long, I expect you are eager to come inside?'

'We certainly are,' said Kate, stepping forward towards the threshold. But Robin raised his arm to block her way.

'I'm afraid there are some preliminary checks I have to do before letting you inside, and so they have to be done out here. It's unfortunate, but those are the rules. I need to make sure that you have followed all the instructions.'

Kate and Emma both nodded,, eager to get inside out of public display.

'Will you be so good as to stand in front of me, side by side, with your hands behind your head?'

They both assumed this position, which with their tight, skimpy clothing made their breasts jut out enticingly.

'Now then,' said Robin, 'let's go through the instructions one by one. Firstly, you were to wear the clothes provided and nothing else. Well, it seems you got that right. You certainly look pretty. Secondly, you were to wear no makeup, jewellery or perfume, and remove any piercings.'

He placed his face close to the girls, and sniffed greedily. 'No scent other than woman, excellent. Now let me just check for piercings...', and he felt the breasts of each girl, pinching the nipples to make sure there was definitely no jewellery there, lifting them so they were no longer covered at all by the clothes. Kate moaned slightly.

'Now then, my favourite part comes next,' said Robin, looking pleased. 'The intimate inspection. You were provided with implements, weren't you? I need to make sure that you have used them properly. Stay still for me please.'

And he pulled up the skirts of each of the girls, fully exposing them to any one who happened to be looking. He felt the end of the dildo inside each of their vaginas, checking that it was secure and fully inserted.

'Very good, now let's just check the back. Turn around please.'

So they span round, now with their arses to Robin, and their pussies facing towards the street. Kate saw a face in the window of a house opposite, and it rather turned her on to know that she was being watched. When Robin had fully inspected the butt plugs, giving them each a good tap which sent shockwaves of sensation into each woman, he told them there was just one last thing to check, and he examined the tags on their collars to make sure they were properly completed.

'Well that was all superb, ladies. No reason whatsoever to beat you, sadly. Still, there'll be plenty of that later. Now then, come with me.'

But there was one last surprise before they entered the house – while they were still on the doorstep Robin stripped them naked but for their collars, picked up two dog leads, attached them, slipped blindfolds on them, and giving them a sharp tug led them into the hallway, closing the door behind him. They were inside.

'On all fours now, please. I know you can't see, but just go where I lead you and you won't hurt yourselves.'

They crawled for what felt like a very long time, led by the chains and directed by the occasional slap to their rumps, but it was really only a minute or two, and they were then instructed to kneel down. They heard the clanking of chains and the click of a padlock, and then felt handcuffs around their wrists. The blindfolds were then removed, and they realised they were in a huge and opulent room, with highly decorated walls and fancy chandeliers. Then they realised they were securely tied by their leads to the wall.

'Now then,' said Robin. 'This is the ballroom. You won't see much of this room this week, but we like to use it to receive guests. We think it sets the tone rather nicely.'

They heard a bell ring somewhere in the house.

'I will be back soon,' Robin told them. 'But in the meantime don't move, and don't try to touch each other.' From a pocket of his skimpy outfit he brought out a piece of chalk, and on the hard floor drew around their legs. 'Be sure to stay in the same place.'

And, once again, they waited for what felt like an eternity, but was only a few minutes. They were then surprised to see a large wooden crate carried in by two uniformed men, and placed in the middle of the vast room. Robin walked in straight behind the delivery men, and thanked them for their help.

'Would you like us to take the lid off?' asked the taller of the men.

'Yes please,' said Robin, 'but leave the contents alone. Were they any trouble?'

'Oh no. Though the taller one didn't really like us tying his cock, but I think he rather enjoyed the butt plug going in.'

So the man unscrewed the lid of the crate, removed it, and he and his mate left the room.

Inside, Leon and Mark knew that the lid was off – but were completely unable to move or see. 'Now then, you two,' said Robin to the gagged and masked and tied pair, 'I need to make some checks first before I can release you. Please bear with me. Firstly, apart from your restraints are you completely naked? Yes, I can see you are! No piercings? Good. And are the butt plugs fully in place?' And as with the girls earlier he carefully groped their arses to make sure the plugs were properly installed.

'Finally, let's check your labels to make sure you are the right cargo. Yes, that's all in order. Right, let's get you out. Firstly, I'm going to attach chains to your collars, then I will release your restraints. Then, when I say, you will step out of the crate, and immediately kneel down on the floor. Then you will be led away, and you will crawl on all fours. You will then be secured and only then will the blindfolds be removed. As you have no need to speak you will remain gagged for now.'

Robin was as good as his word, and again with a few gentle slaps to their rumps he led them to the wall next to Emma and Kate, and secured them in the same way. As he did so, he couldn't resist having a feel of each man's cock and balls, as if weighing them up carefully. Leon responded and grew a little stiff, while Mark remained fully flaccid. Finally, when the two men were secured, kneeling with their hands tied behind their back, he pulled off their blindfolds, and they saw for the first time where they were. They noticed the size and opulence of the room, and also the two women beside them, as helpless and vulnerable as themselves. All four had no idea what would happen next.

As they knelt, trying to look at each other without moving their heads, a woman walked in, dressed in a maid's outfit similar to Robins. 'Sorry for being a little late, I was finalising the week's arrangements with Master and Mistress.'

'That's quite ok darling,' he said, and the pair kissed and embraced. 'I rather enjoyed dealing with a quadruple intake on my own.'

'I am sure you enjoyed having to inspect their bodies.'

'I shan't deny it. Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is Wendy, my wife and fellow servant. I have some things to say by way of introduction to you. But while I do so, Wendy, would you like to inspect the goods too, seeing as you missed the arrivals?'

Wendy nodded eagerly, and so as her husband talked she inspected the quartet one by one, checking butt plugs and dildos, feeling breasts and cocks and slapping bottoms. She seemed highly pleased with what she found and, like her husband, seemed particularly pleased with Leon's cock and Emma's breasts, which she continued to play with Robin spoke.

'Now, each of you are here for slightly different reasons. Three of you have been bad slaves, displeasing your owners and failing to satisfy them, and for this you need to be punished and retrained. One of you is here as the slave of her mistress, who is here to learn her role as sub to someone else. While you may feel the punishment you receive is unfair, remember that you too are learning to serve. You are therefore to be punished and humiliated. But in all respects the methods and end result will be the same. You will learn to submit, to serve your master and mistress properly. The house rules are simple. You will address me as Mister Robin, my wife as Miss Wendy and, when you meet them later you will address the Master and Mistress by those titles.’

‘You will of course do as instructed at all times and submit to everything willingly and with deportment. However, you have all come here voluntarily, and submission remains your choice, and in doing so you have consented to anything that may happen. Should you wish an activity to end you may use the word 'Pax', and it will stop – it is of course your right to do so at any time. Remember that, though we will be in charge of you and at times will discipline you, we are subs and slaves like you, and so I hope we can get on. But we act with the delegated authority of the master and mistress and the main rule is, of course, to obey any instruction immediately and willingly. Now, you are due to meet the master and mistress shortly, but first we must get you ready. Wendy, which couple would you like?'

'I'll take the gentlemen, if you don't mind.'

'Which leaves me with these handsome ladies. Very good. Come on slaves, follow us.'

Each of the maids untied the quartet's leads from the wall, and each taking two leads they led their charges, following on all fours, out of the ballroom and down a corridor into what looked like a changing room, with benches and a row of showers. Convenient rings in the walls were used to secure the slaves and they were instructed to sit down on the wooden benches.

'We're going to wash you,' explained Wendy, 'but first we need you completely naked.' And so Robin went to work removing all adornments from his charges, gently easing out the butt plugs, taking the time to massage their suffering arseholes, and then removing the dildos, making sure to check their slits for wetness. Kate, he noted, was well lubricated and appeared to be rather enjoying herself.

Meanwhile Wendy gently removed the gags from Mark and Leon, untied the straps around their genitals, then finally removed their buttplugs, taking the opportunity to hold them in from of the noses of their unfortunate wearers, while slipping a couple of fingers into the now vacant holes to ensure all was well. After this, handcuffs were removed, leaving each of the four entirely nude and unadorned except for the collar, and tied by nothing but the dog chains leading from it.

'Now you will be cleaned,' said Robin, and untying the first slave from the wall he attached the chain to the next collar and so on, until he was leading a train of four slaves all connected together. When they were in the long shower area, he instructed each of them to lift up their hands, and their wrists were bound together by convenient straps hanging from the ceiling.

Then, unexpectedly, Robin and Wendy took off their uniforms, Wendy pressed a button which turned on the showers, and the pair of maids jumped in. 'We can't wash you properly without getting wet ourselves, so it's easier this way. And we need to wash as well.'

And in fact the pair took care of each other first, taking turns to soap each other over every single part of the body, with especial attention paid to between the legs. Robin clearly relished this activity, and for the first time his cock began to stiffen with enjoyment. Mark was impressed with the rate at which it grew, and he realised that he would at that moment dearly love to feel it, or have it in his mouth or arse. And if Emma had not been tied up she would have certainly liked to lick Wendy's hairy pussy or insert her fingers into it. Luckily, they were unable to act on such impulses which would no doubt have earned them a severe penalty.

When Robin and Wendy were clean to each other's satisfaction they turned their attention to the slaves, ensuring each one was clean from the head to toe – not neglecting, of course, their central areas, soaping cocks and pussies and anuses with great care and gentleness. When it was done, they were led out of the shower and back to the benches and tied by their leads. While Robin and Wendy dried themselves and carefully got redressed, the four stood naked and dripping water on the floor. Wendy looked at them and laughed. 'There's no point wasting clean towels on slaves. You'll dry on your own soon enough.'

'Soon,' Robin informed them, 'it will be time to meet the master and mistress. But first there is one last piece of grooming to attend to. I see that you all have natural, bushy pubic hair. Personally I think that is lovely and I wouldn't change anything, but our mistress likes one half of a couple to be natural, and the other to be shaved. That way she has a variety of textures to play with. Now, Mark, you are naturally hairier than Leon, and so we will leave you alone – I think a hairy chest and a shaved cock looks very odd, and I personally like a man with plenty of hair. Besides, shaving Leon will accentuate the length of his lovely cock and look very nice indeed, and he has very little body hair anyway. Now, with you girls I think Emma's bush is a little more luxuriant, and I think it suits a more voluptuous and curvy woman, so I am afraid Kate it will be your garden that gets mowed. Now, the pair of you, legs apart, and do not move at all.'

Robin brought out a shaving brush and soap, and using the same brush he proceeded to lather the genitals of first Kate and then Leon. Then with a razor he set about fully removing the hair, so that each were left bald and smooth and exposed. With Leon, he went a little further and removed some excess from his stomach and chest (of which there was very little to begin with), and also his armpits.

'You may notice,' said Wendy, lifting both her and Robins skirts to reveal their genitals fully, 'that we are exempt from the rule and each permitted to remain hairy. This is a long term arrangement with our owners. By the way, I always let Robin do this job, as he at least has the practice of shaving his face, whereas I do not shave hair from any part of my body.' To prove this, she lifted up her right arm to reveal a hairy armpit, which she then held close to Emma's face. For Emma, the aroma was too much and she instinctively kissed it, and was in the act of pushing out her tongue when Wendy moved away. 'Really, slave, you shouldn't have done that, but as I did invite you I will, for this time, let you off. Though I wonder if Mark here would like a taste. Mark, would you like to lick my armpit?'

'If it would please you, Miss Wendy.'

'A splendid answer. Very well, just a quick taste.' And he thrust the armpit into Mark's face, and he extended his tongue, more used to servicing hairy men than hairy women, and did as she commanded.

Meanwhile Robin had finished the shaving, and wiped clean each of the newly smoothed slaves. 'Very well, we are now ready for you to meet the master and mistress. You will be led back to the ballroom chained together as you are now. To avoid getting your freshly washed hands and knees dirty you will be permitted to walk upright, but this is only for this one occasion. You will stand where you are directed, feet slightly apart, hands behind your back, head up and back straight. You will then be released from all your chains and your collars removed, so that you are completely bare and exposed to them. Do not take this illusion of freedom as an opportunity to do anything you should not. This is so they can see that you can submit without chains. You will of course do exactly what you are told and, if spoken to, will answer addressing the master or mistress by their title. I should warn you that how you comport yourself tonight will affect what happens during the rest of the week, so be careful. On we go.'

IV Meeting Master and Mistress

As he had promised Robin led the quartet through the corridor and back to the ballroom. He showed them where to stand, in the very middle of the room, and then removed the chains and their collars. Each was free to move, but knew that they must keep still and resist any temptation to do otherwise. This was worse than being chained, relying as it did on their own self-discipline to refrain from touching themselves or each other.

After yet another long wait, the door opened and a couple came in – the man dressed in a smart, dark suit with a red tie, and the woman in an elegant black dress. He was older, with greying hair around his temples and small, gold framed glasses. She was a younger woman, with long black hair and a serious expression. There was nothing about their appearance to suggest they were a master and mistress - the master looked like he worked in a bank - except from the fact they both carried riding crops, and strode in as if they owned the place and were indisputably in charge – which, of course, they did and were.

They stood together facing the line of slaves, looking at what had been brought for their attention. They liked what they saw.

'Robin, please introduce us to our new guests,' said the Master, quietly. He was clearly not a man who liked to shout commands, but spoke quietly in the knowledge he would always be obeyed.

'Of course, Master. Here we have Leon, and his husband Mark. They were very nicely delivered by our freight service this evening.;

'I'm sure that was a present which you enjoyed unwrapping. Now, these are the two slutty slaves who were found sucking each other off when they should have been preparing to serve as they were told?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Well, clearly that is unacceptable behaviour. It's not right for two slaves to put their own relationship ahead of their duty of service to their owners. No wonder they needed to come here to learn. Service to your master must come first, even if you are in love. Anyway, let us see you properly.'

And the Master and Mistress came closer to the pair, and began to inspect their bodies in their entirety – feeling their buttocks, pulling their nipples, stroking their cocks and balls. Both men had to open their mouths so their teeth could be examined, and were asked to turn around and bend over to reveal their arseholes to the prying hands. They each remained passive as they felt fingers slide in.

'Lovely!' said the mistress. 'I am sure we will enjoy filling those holes over the next few days. Now, tell us about these two ladies.'

'This is Emma, and her partner Kate. They arrived wearing our special outfits, with dildos and butt plugs in place.'

'Yes, I saw on the CCTV. Most humiliating. Most enjoyable. The neighbours will have been pleased. Tell me more.'

'Within their relationship,' continued Robin 'Kate is submissive and Emma her mistress. But Emma likes both to dominate and to submit, so she has her own mistress as well.'

'But,' said the mistress, 'I understand that she has been confusing the two roles, and thinks her status as a switch can allow to do things in sub mode which are not appropriate?'

'Yes, mistress.'

'So,' the Mistress said, now addressing one of the slaves directly for the first time. 'You're here to find out if you really still want to serve a mistress and can be fully submissive when required?'

Emma stuttered a little, and her voice trembled as he said 'Yes, mistress.'

'Speak up – I like my slaves to be clear.'

In a stronger voice 'Yes mistress'.

'Well, you'll have no shortage of opportunity here to submit. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Wendy, has she been good so far?'

'Yes mistress. Except when I showed her my hairy armpit, she did try to kiss it.'

'Well,' said the mistress, 'you probably did thrust if in her face didn't you?' Wendy nodded.

'Well, who wouldn't want to kiss it. We'll overlook that for now. And what about this other one? She looks a little older, and very sexy because of it.'

'Her name is Kate, Mistress. She has in fact done nothing wrong but serves Emma very well. However, she is here because we needed the pair together.'

'Well, slave, you may not have done anything wrong, but slaves deserve to be punished simply for being slaves, don't they?'

'Yes mistress' said Kate, confidently.

'Good. Don't think we will be easy on you, although we are aware your circumstances are different. Now let's see you properly.'

And as with the others she was pored over, thoroughly poked, examined and slapped, then made to turn round and bend over and thrust her pussy high in the air.

'Well,' said the Mistress 'I must say this is a particularly fine intake. Robin and Wendy, you have prepared them well. And the quality of shaving is particularly good. You made the right choice.' She stroked Mark's hairy chest. 'With this one, it would be a shame to lose his luxuriant body hair, and he would look wrong hairy up here' – stroking his chest - 'but smooth down there.' Saying this, she suddenly slapped him hard on the cock, and he did his best not to call out or wince. 'Whereas with this one, her cunt is just so pretty is would be a tremendous shame not to be able to see it properly, and when it is whipped and red it will be enormously pretty'. And Kate, still bent over with her bum in the air, felt a sudden sharp pain as a hand came down on her pussy so hard she nearly fell over.'

'Enough of this. Get up now, slaves. It's time to measure you. Robin, you take the boys, and Wendy, the girls'.

The two house maids brought out tape measures from a pocket in their skimpy uniforms, and began to measure each of the slaves in turn. They were each instructed to stand just so, while their height, waist, hips, chest, biceps, thighs, wrists and ankles were measured, with the results written down a chart.

'Of course,' said the master, 'we already have all this from your owners, but we like to get it right and, well, humiliate you of course. Emma, you've got a little fatter since you were last measured – but that's good, I've no doubt you look a little better more voluptuous. I think with a slightly fatter girl it is much more fun to slap her stomach and her tits.' And he proceeded to do both things, causing Emma to moan slightly in pain.

'And Mark, your arms are slightly bigger – you must have been working out. Very nice. But personally I prefer the skinnier arms of your friend.' And, of course, he stroked and then smacked Leon's arms to his satisfaction.

'But,' he continued, 'we first have two special measurements to take from each of you. Firstly, your anal ability will be measured.'

And Wendy handed out a bottle of lube each and a bizarre set of very long dildos, with numbers along their length like a tape measure.

'It's a little test,' said the mistress. 'You have a minute to get the dildo as far into your arsehole as you can. As you'll see, they are about the thickness of a penis. Well, perhaps not your penis Mark, but an average one.'

'I advise you,' said the master 'to thoroughly lube your implement before you begin. But I am sure you all know what you are doing. You may start.'

They each took different positions – Mark lying on this back with his legs in the air, Leon on all fours, Kate lying on her side, Emma staying on her feet and bending down. To encourage the four, the master and mistress were liberal with their riding crops, and busily told them to try harder. Soon the minute was up and the results were in. Mark had won, with Leon a close second.

'Well,' said the mistress to the girls, 'don't worry. It's something you can work on. I suspect those two as gay sub boys get fucked in the ass much more often than you, because you have two pretty orifices to choose from whereas they only have one.'

'I suspect,' noted the master, 'that Mark is used to having Leon's long cock inside him, which no doubt helps. Had we done a girth test then Leon may well have won, as I suspect that Mark's cock is much thicker, if a little shorter, when erect? Is that right, Leon?'

'Yes master. I am longer, but Mark is thicker. And we both love to get fucked.'

'I shall bear that in mind. Now, our final measurement is different for the boys and the girls. For you, Mark and Leon, we will measure your cocks first limp and flaccid, and then in their erect state. For you girls, we have a test similar the anal exercise we have just done but in your pussies. Now, here I think you girls are at a disadvantage because inserting a dildo as far as it will go in your cunt is probably less fun than having your cock wanked until it is thoroughly hard. So, lest you should think there is any gender discrimination in this establishment, we shall be sure to beat the boys harder and more often than you during this next exercise.'

And this was indeed what happened. As Robin measured first their flaccid cocks they were constantly feeling stinging blows all over their bodies. As was obvious, Leon's cock was indeed longer than Mark's, but not so thick. Then, taking one slave in each hand, he began to wank them both and watch carefully as each penis grew bigger and more tumescent, and carried on doing so until he was sure they had reached their maximum engorgement.

'They do look good,' remarked the mistress, 'but perhaps you would like to give them each a little suck just to be certain they are at their very most erect.'

'Thank you, mistress!' said Robin, as he eagerly sucked on first one cock and then the other. There was certainly no doubt now that they were ready, and he picked up the tape and again measured each one. It transpired that Mark's had grown more than Leon's – while his was still shorter, the gap was less than everyone had been expecting. All was going well until Leon disgraced himself by ejaculating as the final measurement was taken – it was just too much for him. Without being told, Robin licked up the cum and, surprisingly, neither the master or the mistress said anything.

Then it was the turn of the girls to take on a dildo vaginally, and after a minute of pushing it was clear that Kate was the winner, though Emma was not far behind.

'Wendy,' said the Mistress, 'see as Robin had the chance of a little suck, I wonder if you would like to have a quick nibble on these two cunts here?'

'Oh, yes mistress!'. And she greedily sucked first on Kate's neat and hairless pussy, then with even more gusto on Emma's hairier and fatter slit.   

'That will do,' said the mistress after a few moments, and Wendy reluctantly withdrew her tongue. 'Now, before bed time you will all be punished thoroughly. A slave deserves to be punished simply because they are a slave. There need be no reason, and no slave should feel hard done by if they are severely punished without feeling they have done anything wrong. If you do feel that way, you have no business being a slave. Of course, that being punished is a reminder of your submission and may help to prevent further failures is a happy side effect.'

''So,' said the master. 'This is how it will work. We will take you two at a time. You will turn away from us and bend over. We will first slap your arse until it is red and burning. You will receive six strokes on each buttock. Then you will turn around and receive six strokes on each side of the chest. Finally, you will each receive six strokes in the groin area. You will not be bound because we trust you not to move, not to flinch, and not to cry out. We will be very disappointed if you do not meet our expectation and will treat seriously any slave who lets us down.'

First Leon and Kate were dealt with, and received the appropriate number of strokes on each body part. Leon particularly hated having his lovely cock hit – its residual tumescence subsided as the beating continued. And it was clear that the mistress particularly liked whipping a shaven pussy where the results could be so easily seen.

Shaking and smarting the pair were dismissed, and Mark and Emma took their places and received the same treatment. Everyone could see that the experience made Emma remarkably wet, and watching her Kate had to fight hard to restrain herself from that lovely damp hairy pussy. However, she resisted the urge but thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of her own mistress being soundly beaten, as she herself had often been.

Finally, it was over.

'Do you have anything to say?' asked the master to the slaves.

'Thank you Master, thank you Mistress,' they all said together, and the dominant pair nodded at this correct response.

'Bedtime for you now. This was just the beginning, and tomorrow will be a much harder day. But first, now you are thoroughly ours, we must put on your new collars.'

And Robin and Wendy fastened new collars around their necks – they were each a different colour, but bore the same lettering – 'This slave is the property of Redbush Square.'

'That is much better and prettier. I know you will be missing being tied up, so you will be chained up tonight. You will share a room with the partner you were whipped with tonight. Any contact is of course completely forbidden. And Robin, remember that Leon came tonight and will need an extra restraint.'

'Now, there are few rules here, other than that you will do exactly as you are told, with good grace and enthusiasm. Follow this and all shall be well. Oh, and we should add that we do not like our slaves to wear clothes. Unless you are specially dressed for a particular activity you will be completely naked at all times - except for the dog collar, of course. Don't forget that we own you for the next few days.'

Robin linked dog leads to their collars and. 'Come on slaves, it's bed time.'

The four began to walk, before they each remembered and got down on all fours as quickly as possible, and began crawling like animals towards bed.

Each bedroom had no furniture other than two beds, and slaves were connected to the wall by a short chain attached to the collar, wrists, and ankles. This allowed them to shift a little, but not over or sit up in any way. There was nothing to do but lie down and try to sleep. For Leon, in addition, a thin rope tied around the base of his penis, meaning that moving or having an erection would be a painful experience. They lay together in the dark, each forced apart from their regular sleeping partner, and feeling alone and scared. 'Don't worry Kate, it will all be fine.' But neither of them believed it.


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