Recurring Dream

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; M/f; rubber; dress; tease; promise; bond; gag; boots; harness; nipple; cuffs; rope; corset; punish; collar; breathplay; chast; toys; insert; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

Lori and Tim had been friends since high school, occasionally dating but Lori had other interests and Tim never seemed to be up to the task of keeping her satisfied. She craved more and had always been hard to make orgasm hence leading her to try to find someone who could bring her to the screaming orgasms she craved. In between boyfriends she would always wind up with Tim and he always dropped whatever he had going to spend time with her. They had sex often and she had introduced him to bondage years ago and he had been studying it ever since improving his skills not only binding women but learning what they needed to climax and how to tease them for hours before letting them orgasm. His problem with Lori was he didn’t want to push her away so he never tried to learn her threshold and therefore would let her get bored and start looking for someone else. After Lori’s last visit into Tim’s life he had not seen her for the next year so when she showed up at his work wearing a skin tight rubber mini dress showing her pert tits and tight ass on top of her long legs that were accentuated by the extreme heels she always wore he knew she was there to spend some time with him.

Tim took her out to lunch and as she sat telling him another story of how she got bored with another guy he watched her beautiful face and decided he was going to change the way she looked at him and said, “I have a recurring dream about making you have the screaming orgasms you have always said you wanted to have”.  

Lori stopped and stared at him with the fork still in her mouth, smiling Lori said, “OK if you think you are up to it”.

Tim smiled back and replied, “I think it’s more if you are up to it”.

After swallowing Lori smiled and said, “We have spent a lot of time together so I can tell you anything you can do I’m up for and more”. 

“Ok, give me one week, you go nowhere without me approving it and you wear and do what I say and let me find out what I need to know to get you off”.

Lori was planning on asking to stay with him anyway and the idea of him being so controlling turned her on so she quickly agreed and the two finished their lunch and went to his house. Tim really had recurring dreams about Lori being tightly bound and begging him to stop giving her one orgasm after another and had been practicing regularly controlling others orgasm’s and knew she was in for a surprise.

Lori had asked Tim to get her bags from her trunk but he walked inside just saying “Later” and once they were inside he locked her wrists behind her back and asked, “You already forgot our agreement haven’t you, well I didn’t, you don’t ask me for anything you do as I tell you for the next seven days, what I tell you, after that we’ll see”.

Lori was quite stunned but also aroused at his commanding tone and nodded her head.

Tim let her go and said, “Follow me” leading her to the guest room and said, “This is where you will be staying”.

Lori smiled and said, “I was hoping I would be sharing your bed” as she rubbed her latex covered body against him.

Tim turned sharply and went into the closet and came out with a ball gag head harness and stuffed it into her mouth and began buckling the straps very tight around her head. Lori was stunned again and before she could recover he was unlocking her wrists and pulling her back to the support pole in the room and locking her wrists together around it then left the room. Lori stood in shock by his reaction and twisted and struggled with the cuffs trying to reach the large ball in her mouth that was already making her jaw ache and whined and moaned until he returned.

Lori noticed he had a very stern look on his face when he returned and stood looking at her for a few minutes before unlocking her wrists again then moving them in front and said, “Go get your bags, don’t remove the gag, just get your bags and bring them in here and do it now”.

Lori was normally not very self conscious about what others thought but suddenly felt very self conscious about her small tight dress and large gag with her hands cuffed together. She ran as fast as she could in her heels to the car and back three times finally slamming the door behind her as she stood panting around the gag and sweating in her rubber.

Tim took her back to her room and said, “Remove the dress” handing her the key to the cuffs. Lori guffed at him as she unlocked herself and started to unbuckle the gag being stopped by him walking up behind her and grabbing her hands. “That’s not what I said to do” he said flatly and slipped locks through the buckles and said, “That’s one day in the gag, want to go for two?”

Lori looked at him and started peeling the dress off and stood before him naked accept for her shoes, gag and the cuffs hanging from one wrist. Tim said, “Good, now go relieve yourself and get ready for my first study session.” Lori went to the bathroom returning thirty minutes later and walked up to Tim and started loosening his belt only to be stopped and told to lie down. Lori pouted at him and lay down wondering what he was planning on doing, sure he wouldn’t be able to get her to climax since he hadn’t been able to before. Lori had always enjoyed having sex with him feeling completely comfortable letting and sometimes prodding him to push her limits but knew he would never intentionally hurt her.

 Tim took one of her arms and tied it securely to the head board, after removing the cuffs dangling from the other wrist he repeated the procedure then moved to her feet. Removing her high heels and producing her heelless ballet boots she had left on her last visit, some guy had bought them for her and she hated them saying they made her legs cramp so she never wore them. Lori saw him wrestling her feet into the boots and started whining but couldn’t stop him from lacing the knee high boots up tightly and them watched in horror as he forced several locks thorough the eyelets making it impossible to remove the horrible boots without cutting them off.

Lori lay naked with her hands tied tightly to the bed frame getting more roused as Tim wrapped her leather restraints around her ankles, locking them before running thick rope through the d-rings and tying both off to the bed. Once tied he doubled up the rope tying a knot a foot or so from her ankle then looped the long end back through it and used it as a lever pulling her tightly against her tied wrists. After repeating the doubling of the rope Lori was pulled in a tight spread eagle unable to do anything but grunt and wiggle her fingers and wished he would wrap some rope tightly around her throat. Tim crawled up the bed licking her body making her wiggle and squeal as he tickled her with his tongue. When Tim reached her erect nipples he opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of clover style clamps. Tim showed them to her before he pulled on the dumb bell that was inserted in her pierced nipple and slipped the clamp behind it. Lori never liked to be clamped while her piercings were in but could do nothing but grunt at him as he released the clamp dropping her head and waiting for the pain.

Lori started to squeal louder as the modified clamp bit harder then she had ever felt before. Lori started thrashing under him squealing and whining as she shook her head while he attached the other clamp then sat on her stomach smiling at her and asked. “Do you like the new springs I put in your favorite clamps?”

Lori grunted and glared at him as she calmed down relishing the sharp pain in her nipples and lay gasping under his weight enjoying this new side of him. Tim got off the bed leaving Lori to struggle alone returning a few minutes later with a heavy rubber blindfold and slipped it over her eyes and attached it to the harness around her head while she grunted shaking her head to stop him.

Lori lay thinking how much she really did love Tim but always felt he had been ashamed of her, oh she knew he liked having her around spicing up his life with her crazy antics but he always seemed to pull away from his friends when she was around. This had made her feel like he was ashamed to take her out with people who were normally in his life. Tim on the other hand always felt he and his friends were too tame for her and he hadn’t wanted to show her just how boring he was compared to her. Even though he loved her tattoos and her wild streak he himself had no tattoos or friends with any nor was he planning to get any. Since most of his true friends were married he hated to rub her beauty and wildness in their faces especially when she really decked herself out. Over the years the two had talked about everything but this and if they had they probably would have spent much more time together, but now Tim was going to show her he was the one she needed to be with or run her off all together and that started tonight.

Tim let Lori test her restraints while he gathered what he needed locking his cock and balls in his chastity tube dropping the key in a small odd shaped bottle of water and put it in the freezer. He didn’t want to be able to give in, he had always given in and had sex with her in the past ruining his plans. Tim knew having sex with before he had completed his “experiments” would ruin his ability to keep his mind on his goal of being able to give her an orgasm whenever he chose to. Once his cock was locked up he returned to the bedroom finding her breathing heavily and knew she had gone to sleep. Lori had wrestled with her bonds before lying still enjoying having Tim finally controlling her so completely and wondered when he was going to break down and fuck her when the exhaustion of her trip hit her and she fell asleep.

Smiling he thought perfect and eased himself on the bed next to her and began exploring her shaved pussy. Lori was already having very erotic dreams and when Tim began to probe and prod her damp pussy. The dreams became more intense and soon she was whining and pulling on the ropes as her arousal grew. As Lori’s dream of being mercilessly teased increased Tim watched her reactions and continued to probe deeper for the next hour finally feeling a familiar spot deep inside her. He smiled when he found it and figured since it was so deep inside her is why she had problems achieving orgasms and gently stroked her body while he continued to move his fingers in and out of her. After a few minutes of this treatment Lori was frantically trying to break the ropes and her moans were deep and primitive. Tim slowly pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy moving to her clamped nipples, Lori immediately whined louder as his stroking stopped and she began grunting and yanking on the ropes.

Tim twisted a clamp that was still biting her nipple and could tell by her reaction he had found another notable spot when she was at this state of arousal and knew it could be used to push her over the edge. Twisting the clamp harder he watched her hips drop to the mattress thinking he could also use the clamp to put a halt to a building orgasm. Lori was whining and her hips were pumping the air as she tried to find the previous stimulation. Tim reentered her finding the spot the first time and started stroking while he carefully twisted a clamp making Lori’s body practically jump off the bed as she moaned louder than he had ever heard from her.

Lori was now awake and tried looking around and yanked on the ropes as she whined trying to find out if someone was there or not still confused if it had all been a dream or not. Tim had retreated quick enough so she did not know he had aided in her dream orgasm and was watching from beside the bed as she laid back panting and humming watching her chest heave as the afterglow made her relax. Tim left the room smiling that he had so quickly found her secret and hoped she would react as strongly to it when she was awake or he would have to start all over again. He intended on teasing her for a few days before letting her explode and continue to get her to climax until she learns that she should be with him. Lori lay flexing her body in the ropes for an hour before she started whining loudly as her feet and legs began to cramp.  

“Is there a problem in here?” Tim said loudly standing next to the bed making her jump in her bonds and squeal as she started gag talking. Tim chuckled as he said, “You sounded like you were having a good time in here a few minutes ago, now you want out?” Lori whined again and shook her head yes. Tim understood she needed to go to the bathroom and was just teasing her. Tim ran his hand across her body noticing the thin sheen of sweat covering it and untied her hands.  Tim was working on her ankles when she pulled the blindfold off and was reaching for the clamps when he stopped her by saying, “Hold it! I didn’t say you could remove anything else!” Lori whined as she put her hand down and waited until he had her feet untied before jumping up and trying to run on her toes to the bathroom.

Tim stopped her and while she stood on her toes prancing in place he looked into her eyes as he reached up to the clamps partially opening them while he pulled them off making her squeal loudly. Tim had expected she would piss right there but she grabbed her tits and ran around him into the bathroom leaving Tim chuckling to himself as he heard her relieving herself and moan from the relief. As he waited for her he looked at the new collar he had made for her knowing her passion for being choked during sex. The collar had been designed to have a rope wrapped around it in four rows. Each row having d-rings placed around the thick leather holding them in place. When the long ends of the ropes were pulled they would evenly tighten the collar restricting the blood flow and airway smoothly.

The idea was he could pull it tight around her neck then leave the ends either in reach of her bound hands or use the ropes to restrain her hands and she would control the amount of tension that was put on her neck. He had always been too careful when they played and she often would get irritated at him for not squeezing hard or long enough. The plastic bags were easier for him since he could watch her face and could tell when she was really out of air easily removing or ripping the bag. Lori preferred choking but it took to much concentration on his part to not squeeze too hard and then to stop when he was also in the throes of an orgasm. Tim was leery of it even though one of the few times he had gotten her to orgasm he had been choking her and held a little too long. Lori’s eyes had rolled up into her head and she gasped and coughed when he had eased his grip around her throat. The whole incident had scared him and even though she had loved it he had never done it that hard again.

Lori walked up behind him as he stood staring at the collar and mumbled something, he looked at her gagged face and smiled and said, “Yes that’s for you”.

Lori sat down at his work table, she had watched him make her lots of gear at this table in the past always amazed at his ability to create almost anything she asked for. She held up the collar bouncing it in her hands as she noticed the weight and looked at him curiously.

“It’s heavy because it’s double thick and has all those d-rings around it” Tim said.

She grunted and wrapped it around her thin neck holding it tightly waiting for him to show her how it was closed. Tim adjusted it checking the fit noticing it would wrap around her neck perfectly fitting snugly under her chin. He fiddled around with it for a few minutes while she sat watching him in the mirror smiling at his attention to details and wanted to tell him how much she loved him but sat in forced silence. She made a tighten it motion and he smiled and said, “Not right now this is for later, if you are good”.

She grunted and pulled the collar off and sat it down trying to figure out why it was so different and wanting him to use it on her. Tim unlocked the head harness and went into the closet returning with a thin silk robe that he loved to see her in and said, “I’ll make us dinner, you are probably hungry again”. Lori nodded she was hungry as she unbuckled the harness. She watched him leave the room and wondered why he had not fucked her and was even more curious why she had not seen the erection she had always seen when they played.

Lori came into the kitchen wobbling on her pointed toes and quickly sat down, the short robe riding up leaving her sitting on her bare ass on the cold chair. “When are you going to remove these boots?” she asked.

“Well it’s a trade off, you still owe me a day with the gag so they stay on until I get my day, so really it’s up to you”. The food smelled good to Lori so she decided she wanted to eat so she would stay in the boots for now. Tim asked Lori about her dream earlier and she went into great detail explaining how she was being ravaged by her captor and how many times she had orgasmed while she slept. Tim’s captive cock swelled inside its prison as he listened to her and watched her squirm in the short robe and toe boots.

When they had finished eating she stood next to him and helped him clean the dishes leaning against the cabinet to keep from rocking in the toe boots. “You seem to be getting around pretty good in those” he said.

“I have been wearing regular toe boots a lot lately but these still suck” she said pushing him as he laughed.

The two watched TV with her lying on his lap and him stroking her hair chatting about the last time they were together. She had showed up wearing the corset he had bought her that barely covered her nipples and a leather skirt that was so short she had to be careful when she walked. If it hadn’t been so tight it would have rode up every time she moved but the super tall heels she had worn was what made every one talk the next day at work.

The shoes had leather straps encircling each foot up to her ankles, each strap had a thin chain attached with locks scattered all around her feet and ankles making a jingling noise when she moved on the balls of her feet. The heels were so thin at the tips that no one believed they would hold her up and wondered how she walked without wobbling at all. The years of dancing for a living had made her very comfortable in tall heels and being short she liked the added height of them. The guys from work had invited her to join them for some pool and beer watching open mouthed as she shot pool waiting for the tight dress to show them everything. Lori knew just how far she could bend and kept them all panting as she moved around smiling at Tim as she teased them the rest of the night.

Tim had to cut the locks off her shoes because she had lost the key to them but he made her wait until the next day after work leaving her to spend the night and next day. She was wearing them under her extraordinarily tight blue jeans when she showed up at the shop the next day and drug him to the bathroom having him lace her corset correctly. Lori was moaning as he pulled the laces tight and said, “It’s been so long since someone has laced me correctly”. As he walked her to her car she turned and kissed him then pulled the tee shirt off exposing the tight corset as she got in the car and drove off. Tim turned to see all the guys laughing a yelling at him as he walked back in turning red as they all kept saying how lucky he was.

They had spent three months together that visit before he came home to find a note saying she had gotten a gig in a nearby town and would call him later, Tim sat saddened even though he had expected it, but he already missed her and her craziness. That was almost a year ago and he had missed her every day since she left but spent a lot of time with other women playing his teasing games and now felt comfortable with controlling her. Lori fell asleep in his lap so Tim picked up her small body and carried her to the bedroom and carefully laid her down. Before leaving he chained her ankles together then covered her up and went to his room and showered stroking his caged cock and debating his decision to wait until he could control her orgasms before giving into his own desires. Tim went to bed frustrated but happy she was there desperately trying not to picture the bound beauty asleep in the next room. Leaving early for work, he couldn’t sleep anyway, Tim knew she had nothing planned today so he left her some breakfast in the fridge. He had not left her the keys to her boots or ankle chains wanting to make her stay home and went to work putting the frozen key to his cock cage in his refrigerator there for safe keeping.

Lori woke with her boots on and ankles chained together and smiled as she shuffled to the bathroom looking at the clock and knowing by the time he had already gone to work and laughed at how he thought this would keep her inside. While Tim worked thinking about her Lori had pulled her transparent blue latex dress out and stood looking at it smiling. She wrestled her black rubber bra over her breasts then remembered she couldn’t wear the matching thong. Shrugging her shoulders she stepped into the dress and pulled the tight rubber up her legs finally putting her arms in the sleeves and reached back and zipped it up to her neck. Lori had driven in ridiculous shoes lots of times and wanted to go see her friend at the club she had worked at so she loaded her purse into her car a drove to the club. The toe boots and chains made it more difficult than she thought it would but she figured it out and enjoyed the sweat moving around under the rubber. Walking into the club she felt the cold air hit her and looked at her nipples and watched them try to poke through the rubber covering them and strode into the club asking for Cindy. Everyone in the club had commented on her dress while she walked around with her friend finally sitting to rest her sore feet. Cindy asked about the shoes and she told she had lost the keys again and they both laughed, knowing it meant she was going to Tim’s.

Cindy asked about if she wanted to work tonight when the manager came over and commented on her dress making her smile. She pulled it back down below her knees as she stood up to leave saying, “Maybe next week Tim and I have plans this week”.   Lori drove to Tim’s shop and parked in front of the bay door and waited for him to notice her and start walking to her car before she got out of the car. Staying behind the door so she didn’t show everyone there her naked pussy that in the bright sun could clearly be seen under the transparent dress and embarrass him. When Tim got there he smiled and said, “I should have known you wouldn’t stay home”.

Lori kissed him in front of the guys making sure they all saw her and sat back down. “I’ll be waiting for you” she said loudly as he turned and walked off. She drove away from the shop smiling at the fact he would be thinking of nothing but her waiting at his home for him. Lori stopped by the store for some beer and cigarettes on the way to Tim’s house getting lots of attention as she strolled around the store on her toes with her ankle chains rattling as she walked.

Arriving home Lori put the few groceries she had gotten away and opened a beer and tottered her way to her room and began putting away her things. While she was putting her gear on a book case that was empty she found the two small locks shaped like hearts in her bag and smiled. She remembered Tim giving them to her and locking them through her nipples, as she stroked them she remembered him unlocking them the night before she had left like he knew she was leaving and how he had kept the key saying she could only wear them when he was near. Lori unzipped her dress and pulled in down to where she could remove the rubber bra and unscrewed the large dumbbells that were currently bisecting her nipples. She inserted the locks she had kept open for the last year snapping each closed letting them dangle from her nipples. Lori was surprised at the added weight and how much she had missed having them tugging gently on her erect nipples. Lori pulled the dress back up and zipped it closed, feeling more aroused she took one of the collars Tim had sitting in the closet and wrapped it tightly around her neck securing it with the locking buckle. She had noticed his collection had increased and the sight of this tall collar with a single strap intrigued her so naturally she had to try it on.

The collar was very tall for her and forced her head up and back slightly making it impossible for her to lower her head or turn to either side. As she moved around she spotted the matching wrist cuffs and quickly locked them over the sleeves of the dress snapping the buckles closed. As she closed the straps she found that if she pushed on the strap it would continue to slide through the buckle but would not let her pull it back out. Smiling she squeezed each cuff tight around her wrists then reached up and squeezed the collar and found it too would tighten and squeezed it until it was very tight and she could hear her heart beat. Happy with her attire she continued putting away her things having to bend and twist her body to see enjoying the tight collar and becoming more aroused as she wobbled her way around on her toes. Lori drank two more bottles of beer before she sat down to give her feet a rest and found she had to lean forward to be able to see the TV so she went to get the key for the collar. Finding none of the keys in the small box fit any of the buckles, “Well I guess I’ll have to wait for Tim” she mumbled even more aroused by being stuck in the collar and cuffs.

Lori went around the small house cleaning and snooping while she fought the desire to make herself orgasm as she cleaned. It didn’t take long before she gave in finally deciding to vibrate herself finding a nice spot in her room to have some fun. Getting the leather hood ready she found a small chain to connect her cuffs together smiling as her mind tried to warn her this was a mistake. She dug out her monster vibrator and checked the batteries and reached for the zipper of the dress finding it trapped under the tall collar and realizing that with the sleeves under the cuffs she wouldn’t be taking the dress off anytime soon. She worked the dress up over her pussy and inserted the vibrator snuggling it up against her clit and pulling the dress back down. Looking at the clamps Tim had used on her she couldn’t resist and quickly slipped them onto her pert nipples letting them go pinching them through the rubber. Lori made sure the bottom jaw of the clamps went inside the hasp of the locks and the other went over it Lori stood gasping as the strong clamps bit down hard.

Lori shuffled across the room and was standing with her back to the pole in her room using it to help keep her on her toes. She laced the hood tightly over her head increasing the difficulty to breathe then locked one end of the chain to her cuff. Lori made sure the key ring was hooked around her finger before turning the vibrator on and reaching behind her and locking the other end of the chain to her cuff trapping her hands behind her back and around the pole leaving her standing on her pointed toes as the vibrator hummed nicely inside her. Lori stood panting for half an hour, the vibrator making her hornier as she struggled with her hands behind her back to find a position less uncomfortable. Lori tried to breathe deeply drawing air through the small hole under nose and sucking on the large gag in her mouth making her nipples ache worse with each breath. Tim knew Lori better than she thought and after a brief buzzing from the vibrator it suddenly started slowing and quickly went to almost nothing leaving Lori gasping and cursing around the gag.

Tim had installed some old batteries in all her toys guessing she would have a very short time before they died leaving her frustrated and horny, hopefully for him to take full advantage of when he returned. Lori grunted and shook her body desperately trying to get the vibrator to come back on finally giving up and moved to unlock her wrists. She fought the key ring that seemed to be at first stuck on her finger, the feelings of being tipsy and her pent up sexual frustration she struggled with the key ring and with one good tug it was sent skittering across the floor well out of reach of her pinioned hands. Lori screamed under the hood and sank to her rubber coated ass frantically searching for the keys that were well out of her reach but with the hood she couldn’t see anything so she fought the chain and cuffs for another hour before calming herself and sat panting feeling the air getting thinner and thinner.

Tim was to leave work about two hours after she had cuffed herself but had a last minute problem and ended up working for three hours longer leaving Lori stuck with her hands cuffed behind her and around the pole for almost five hours before he got home and found her sitting in her latex dress. He stood staring at her and the cuffs around her ankles keeping her in the toe boots, her nipples pinched tightly through the rubber dress and the tall collar holding her head erect as she gasped for air under the heavy leather hood. Tim watched the leather of the hood expand and contract with each gasping breath while she whined and panted under it feeling his cock swell inside the steel tube covering it. Occasionally she would try to reach around her body desperately trying to loosen the clamps or reach anything to help her get some relief giving up and letting her arms drop to the floor behind her.

Tim noticed the shaft of the vibrator protruding partially out of her pussy and almost laughed knowing she had tried to arouse herself but the batteries had failed and now she was more than ready to be teased and tormented by him. During her struggles Lori had forced herself to stand as she waited for him to get home twisting and pulling her chained wrists against the pole for hours before the tight collar and her frustration had made her sit back down and calm herself. Now she could swear she had heard the front door open but had not heard anything else and needed to pee badly from the beer. She was also frustrated by the tight latex holding her thighs so tightly together it did not allow the inert vibrator to slide out of her completely only making her more frustrated as she could only sit and wait with the large phallus half inside her.

Tim drank one of her beers before returning to a squirming Lori and unlocked one wrist before quickly locking it back in front of her. Lori squealed as she felt him grab her then started mumbling something as he helped her to her feet and led her to the bathroom. Quickly rolling up her dress and yanking the vibrator out of her before sitting her down on the toilet saying, “Do your business and clean up but do not remove anything” and left her alone. Lori relieved herself then cleaned herself blindly pulling the dress back down and wobbled out of the bathroom groping her way into the living room before she heard him say stop and she froze thinking something was wrong. Tim came over to her and pulled her hands up over her head and snapped a clip onto the connecting chain and pulled on the rope pulling her hands high above her head.

As her hands rose Lori could feel the clamps begin to hurt more as the rubber pulled and twisted them upwards never releasing their grip. The clamps were pulling harder against the small locks they were clamped behind making her moan loudly as she pulled on the rope that was right above where he had told her to stop. Tim talked about his day as he fixed dinner watching her in wiggling in the tight latex then sat down and ate while he watched Lori struggle and twist at the end of the rope. Lori was left to smell the food but had not been offered anything and whined as her stomach grumbled and her nipples and feet ached while she dangled on the end of the rope.

Tim turned on the TV and when she started whining he asked if she thought she should be released, "you not only left the house you tried to get yourself off and lost the keys trapping yourself, now you want out?” Waiting for her to try and answer before saying, “I thought you wanted to be bound and gagged” he finished.

Lori thought about it and knew he was right she had done everything she shouldn’t have and stopped whining accepting her punishment and waited for his next idea. After two hours Tim lowered her hands and unlocked the cuffs and collar and told her to go clean up and put on her waist cincher, wrist cuffs, hood and collar and wait on her bed. Lori grunted and unlaced the hood as she turned towards the bathroom, finally able to see she unzipped the dress and peeled it off her sweat covered body forgetting her clamps until she pulled the dress forward. Lori whined loudly as the rubber pulled them past the shackles of the locks popping them off.

Lori cleaned herself wrapping the short corset around her waist and lightly pulling on the laces before locking the cuffs on and going to the bed. She waited until she was sitting before lacing the hood tightly and wrapping the collar around her neck and locking it then squeezed it snugly and lay back grateful for the soft bed and waited for Tim. Tim startled the blind woman when he said “Roll over” she complied and felt him begin to pull the laces, she had always loved the way he laced her corsets and knew he had intended to really tighten her tonight.

She knew the only reason he ever told her to wear the short corset was so he could lace her very tightly and soon she was gasping and could hear him grunting as he was almost picking her up off the bed while pulling on the laces. Once she was laced down tightly he rolled the gasping woman over enjoying watching her heaving breasts before he started tying her cuffed wrists to the head board. After he had both hands tied tightly he looped two ropes around her knees and tied them to the foot board. Lori felt him binding her knees and was unsure what he had in mind but when he unlocked the ankle chain and gently but firmly folded her legs so her toes pointed at the head board now she knew what he was doing. Lori smiled under her hood knowing he liked to fuck her in this position and hoped he would be able to get her off in her aroused state assured he was going to make love to her.

Tim tied each ankle to the head board before pulling the ropes attached to her knees tightly towards the foot board leaving Lori stretched taunt across the bed her glistening pussy fully exposed. Tim then climbed onto the bed and squeezed the strap around her throat tightly making Lori begin to fight the ropes as she could feel her air flow being reduced. Tim then lay next to her and started stroking her bound body making her moan and hum under the tight leather stopping to comment on the locks she had placed on her nipples before slipping a different set on clamps onto her erect buds. These clamps were adjustable and could be made to bite very hard. Tim slowly screwed the clamps tighter while he listened to her breathing stopping only when the pitch of her whines changed. Tim then ran a thin rope from the clamps chain to an over head hook and pulled it until Lori’s back was off the bed and tied it there telling her not to relax. Lori grunted as she held herself in the slight arch desperately trying not to pull the clamps any harder than she had to and fought for air as the tall collar pushed harder under her chin.

Tim installed new batteries in her plug and slowly worked it into her tight ass making her groan and whine as he twisted and pushed it in her. Once it was seated Tim said, “Oh damn I forgot to lube it, no wonder it was so difficult to get in”. Lori just grunted at him as she felt the tug of the clamps and raised herself back up. Tim stepped back and looked at his captured beauty and smiled knowing he wasn’t going to let her cum tonight and was going to lock her pussy away from her tomorrow which would also be the day she owes him for the gag. Tim let her struggle awhile before loosening the clamps rope and allowing her to lay flat. Lori moaned as she relaxed then felt him lie on the bed next to her again and began stroking her sweating body slowly tracing his finger over her tanned figure making Lori moan and grunt as her frustration grew and desperately wanting him to fuck her.

Tim rubbed her pinched nipples and breasts while his other hand went to her pussy and while he stroked her deeply she could hear him talking about his day and what he was going to do to her tonight. The twisting and rubbing of her breasts with the stroking he was doing deep inside her was making Lori struggle for air and against the ropes as she yelled for him to fuck her from behind the gag. Tim knew what she wanted and also knew that if he hadn’t left the key to his cock tube at work she would have gotten it. He continued to rub and stroke her until she was starting to moan and whine then he pulled away from her leaving her screaming in frustration as he went to get another beer. Lori was fighting her bonds desperately wanting him to finish her off while he rubbed the cold beer on the steel tube trying to ease his discomfort. Lori was just starting to cool off when Tim returned and started the process over again bringing her to the edge and backing away from her making her fight her bonds and cuss him.

Tim teased her for two more hours before saying “Well it’s late, good night” only loosening the clamps a little before leaving her bound and naked for the night. Lori was desperate for release and grunted and whined while she pulled at the ropes finally falling asleep when her legs stopped cramping. Tim waited for her to drift off before going to his room and sleeping uncomfortably in the steel encompassing his cock and balls until the next morning. He watched his sleeping captive for a long time before gently waking her causing Lori to immediately start to struggle. He knew she was confused at first then needed to go to the bathroom so he quickly locked a heavy chain around her corseted waist and connected it by an even heavier chain that ran through her crotch pulling it tight. He manipulated it deep into her pussy even though she was struggling frantically before locking it and releasing her remaining restraints.

 Lori struggled to the bathroom and relieved herself as she unlaced the hood panting as she pulled it from her head seeing the chain still attached to her right cuff swinging next to her face as she pulled the sweaty hood from her head. Lori quickly discovered the thick chain around her waist and between her legs and mumbled to herself enough is enough. Lori pried the gag from her aching jaw and thought about what had been happening and how badly she wanted to cum. Staring at the heavy chain in the mirror pulling and twisting it she realized he was treating her like she had always wanted him to but still wanted to be freed. After cleaning herself she staggered into the kitchen and plopped down in the chair making a loud clank as the chain hit the chair and started to say she was done when he set a plate of food in front of her and said “Eat!”

Lori was starving so she started shoveling the food into her mouth and drinking the juice set out for her. Tim ate while he watched her stuff herself and when she was reaching the end of her meal he left the room. Tim returned as she sat back from the plate and waited for her to open her mouth and stuffed the large gag into her mouth wrestling with her flailing head while he secured and locked the straps. Lori tried to fight the gag and harness but he just pushed her hands away and continued to pull the straps tight and lock each until he had her secured in the harness. Tim walked back to his seat and sat down to finish his meal while she twisted and shook her head even banging on the table trying to get his attention. Tim simply said, “You owe me a day, or do you want to make it two?” Lori was angry but very aroused at her situation and stood on her toes and pointed to the boots she had been locked in for the last three days and grunted for him to look at them figuring if she was wearing the gag he should remove the awful boots.

Tim finished his meal and sat back watching her stomp her pointed toes as she paced in circles pulling at the straps surrounding her head. Finally standing Tim pulled her hands behind her and locked the chain to the other cuff. Lori twisted away from him as she struggled with her bound hands and whined not noticing he had returned to her room only returning shortly with her ankle chain and another lock. Lori knew she was at his mercy and her outburst was going to make him force her into some compromising position and got even more aroused. Lori tried to stay out of his grasp partly playing the role but mostly wanting to lengthen the game but soon he had her lying on her stomach on the couch while he locked her ankles much closer together than before. Tim took the last lock and pulled her chain between her wrists to the chain around her waist and locked them together. Lori was whining and lay still as she felt him lock her hands to her waist and knew she was stuck. She also knew he intended leaving her like this for the rest of the day and if she didn’t stop fighting him he would make it worse for her. Ever since she had asked him to hogtie for the day while he went to work and him leaving her several times after that with or without her asking that he would and could make her much more uncomfortable.

Lori lay chewing on the ball in her mouth as she listened to him grab his keys and as he was leaving he said, “Now I think you’ll stay in the house.”

She tried to look at him but the collar wouldn’t let her turn her head and heard him close and lock the door.  Lori fought to a seated position and tested her bonds finding he had secured her correctly and she would indeed be staying home today. After fighting to her pointed toes she found she barely had enough room between her ankles to fight for balance in her boots so she carefully made her way to the bedroom to try and get caught up on her sleep. Reaching her door she found it locked and stood grunting and moved to his door thinking then I’ll just sleep there but it was locked also. Lori grunted and screamed into her gag as she realized not only could she not lie down comfortably but any chance she had of getting herself off was locked away from her also. She shuffled back to the couch and noticed the chord less phones missing, the thought of her cell locked in her room made her realize even if she had wanted to call someone to help her she couldn’t. Lori smiled as she thought of one of the times he had locked her in chains leaving her hands in front and how she had struggled to her phone and called Cindy who had come over and freed her surprising him when he came home. It took Tim a month before Cindy slipped up and said something about coming over and he figured out how she had gotten free.

Tim was useless at the shop, he could think of nothing but Lori bound at home horny as hell and waiting for him to ravish her. Lori was just as preoccupied as she lay uncomfortably on the couch wishing she could do something to ease her throbbing pussy. Even with the chain through it he had made it so tight she could not move it enough to stimulate herself and when she struggled too hard the tight corset and collar made her get light headed and she had to stop. Both of them were watching the clock as the day drug by, Lori unable to sleep from her frustration and Tim unable to get any work done for the same reason leaving him to think who the captive really was as he paced the shop floor thinking about his bound beauty at home. Lori had finally drifted off and lay on her back glad he had removed the clamps.  Tim was still working much later in the day than normal because of his distractions and after three extra hours he rushed out of the shop and drove off. Half way home he realized he had left his frozen key at the shop and turned around and sped back only finding the store closed and no one there.

Dejected he drove home finding her asleep on the couch and sat looking at her wondering if he could keep her bound for two more days until he could get his key and fuck her brains out. Watching her chest rising and falling over the corset, her perfect breasts moving up and down, her talented mouth sealed behind the large ball and the collar digging into her chin he knew he had to give her release and not punish her for his stupidity. Tim carefully picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her down she opened her eyes and smiled around the gag. He smiled back and asked if she was ok, she nodded she was being able to tell something was wrong so she didn’t try to get him to release her and he lay next to her holding her tightly and fell asleep. Lori was sleeping again when she felt him stir and watched him go out of the room and heard him open a beer. Struggling to her feet she shuffled her way to the kitchen and nuzzled his chest purring and felt him run his hand along her body reaching her ass and cupping it as he hugged her.

After his beer he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her squealing into the bedroom and released her hands and ankles handing her the key to the waist chain and said “Go free yourself and come eat”. Lori removed the chain and head harness leaving the plug, corset and collar then walked to the kitchen and sat down asking him how his day was while he cooked her favorite meal. Lori couldn’t eat much with the corset and collar still holding her tight but she was grateful for any food and soon the two were on the couch her rubbing his leg and him her hair as they watched TV.

Lori was still concerned that she had not seen or felt his erection and was getting worried he didn’t find her attractive anymore when he said, “Let’s get you to bed, I have a promise to keep”.

She tip toed her way to the room behind him and he handed her the head harness and said, “Go to the bathroom and put this on”. Lori made a pouty face but went and did as she was told. After tightening the straps to the harness sealing her mouth with the large ball Lori squeezed the collar hard making it tighten further eliminating all remaining movement and making her blood pound in her ears and returned to him standing next to the bed with his hand out.

He helped her lay down before slipping the rubber blindfold over her eyes and laid her back, wrapping her wrists in the cuffs. Tim tied them to the headboard  then raised her knees and tied her ankles to her thighs before pulling her knees outwards and securing them leaving her spread wide open. Lori was forced into her dark world again and gave no resistance to Tim as he gently moved her body. Tim noticed the plug and smiled at his kinky friend shaking his head as he thought she is determined to enjoy herself. Lori lay letting Tim tie her as he wanted, the collar was so tight now she could barely breathe and was trying to control herself while he was tying her tightly making her even more aroused as she lost her freedom again. Tim secured her narrow waist with more rope making it impossible for her to move more than a fraction of an inch in any direction then asked her if she was ready for him to keep his word and give her the orgasms she wanted. Lori grunted once unable to do anything else as she gasped for air.

Tim applied her nipple clamps and began the process he had planned out and soon had Lori panting and moaning for release and stepped away from the bed leaving her moaning as he went for another beer. Returning he found her calm and waiting on him and he began to message her breasts and inserted her large vibrator activating it and the plug as he worked it in and out of her watching her reactions. Lori’s situation with the gag and collar was making her less animated than before as she concentrated on her breathing and the blood pumping in her ears making Tim think she wasn’t getting close so he worked harder. Lori could feel the growing orgasm and panted around the gag filling her mouth as she tried to control her breathing. When she started to buck he stopped everything making her thrash and flail around on the bed as she fought her bounds finally calming herself as the air became thin and she was slowly blacking out.

Tim sat and watched her struggles and finally noticed how tight the collar was and grunted to himself. Tim reached back and pushed the little button on the clasp and watched amazed when the collar popped open an inch and smiled as he figured she had tightened it before they had begun. Lori felt the collar ease its grip on her neck and took a deep breath and moaned as her head cleared and she started struggling again indicating to Tim she was ready to have her well earned orgasm. He started messaging her tits and pussy before turning the vibrators on and within a few minutes Lori was screaming as her body strained against the ropes. Her chest was heaving and her head was held off the bed as she continued to scream as Tim continued to stroke her pussy with the vibrators running on high as he used his free hand to twist and pull on the clamps on her nipples. As she was starting to calm slightly he reached up and squeezed the collar hard cutting off her air and stroked her pussy harder making her body tense up again only hearing a low hiss coming from her gagged mouth as she orgasmed again.

Tim watched the clock and after a minute and a half he pushed the button again opening the collar hearing her gasp as she sucked in a lung full of air and relaxed on the bed purring and moaning. Tim continued to rub her body kissing her all over as she lay panting through her nose and purring into her gag. For the next thirty minutes the two lay silent until he said, “So, did you like it?”

Lori starting laughing hard and Tim removed the blindfold and harness letting her see and talk for the first time and she smiled and kissed him and said, “Hell yes! Why haven’t you done that before?”

Tim smiled and said, “Because I was afraid you would leave me for good if you hadn’t really liked it”

Lori was still bound to the bed and smiled at him and said, “I’d like to stay if you’d have me, if it wouldn’t be to embarrassing for you to have me around”.

Tim stopped working on the knots holding her ankles and thighs tightly together and lay next to her and started asking questions. The two talked with her still bound to the bed for hours before he finally loosened all her bonds and helped her to sit up. While he knelt to remove her boots having her stop him and say, “Leave them, I kind of like them now”. Tim smiled shaking his head again as she got up and pranced to the bathroom. Lori returned still in her corset and collar and lay next to him. The two continued to talk until she finally reached down to his crotch and asked why he wasn’t hard.

He laughed and unzipped his pants and slipped her hand into his shorts and as big grin came onto her face she started ripping his pants off. Lori yelled, “No way, you didn’t lock yourself up for me did you?” She pulled his pants and shorts down and lay on his legs studying his swollen cock inside the steel tube and asked why.

“I wanted to please you before I pleased myself, then I was so distracted today I left the key at work”

Lori squealed as she said “So you don’t have the key?”

Tim shook his head no and watched her stroke and fondle his steel covered cock eventually taking the tube into her mouth and began sucking on it until he stopped her. Tim was not able to take the pain anymore and jumped from the bed and ran to the kitchen to get some ice to ease the swelling and stop the pain.

Lori lay in the bedroom and saw the chain still on the floor and wrapped it around her waist locking it tightly before pulling the chain between her legs and locking it as well. Reaching back she flipped the lever on her collar that locked it and reapplied the cuffs to her ankles and wrists locking each. Tim was still rubbing his steel covered cock when she walked in the kitchen and dropped the keys into a large glass and filled it with water and said, “I’ll stay like this until you free me and then we’ll make love what do you think about that?”

Tim said surprised, “That won’t be until Monday do you think you can take it that long?”

She smiled and said, “To wait for what I just experienced to happen with you I can wait for months if I need too, I want to share that with you next time so we will wait”.

The two spent the weekend literally chained together they never separated the entire weekend and by Sunday night she knew she was in love with him. Tim finally felt comfortable enough to ask her to stay with him and try a real relationship and she quickly agreed with one exception, she wanted a real chastity belt as soon as he could get her one. He thanked her for letting him live his dream and she thanked him for making hers come true.    



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