Reality Television Star Continued

by El Hijo Del Sooprbrane

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Chapter 5: Amanda Night's Nocturnal Nightmares Part One

Inside “Babylon,” the newest and most exclusive new club in Los Angeles, Amanda Night and her companions for the night (an ever-changing group of hangers-on and socialites) were engaged in their favorite activity: putting away expensive drinks while talking dirt on anyone with the misfortune of landing in the path of their conversation.

“I don’t even know why you’d care,” Amanda said about her newest target, using her put-on television voice, a mixture of a posh accent with a hint of Valley Girl stupidity and lilt. “She’s just an actress. She’s, like, destitute. Is she worth a few million at best? In a few years, she’ll be dating some reject or rich old man to keep herself in those bargain-bin, clearance-rank, designer outfits.” The ‘entourage’ laughed as the television cameraman made sure to pick up the entirety of the demeaning monologue. Secretly, they died inside as they watched the spoiled princess continue her reign of terror, knowing they’d all personally experienced her wrath.

One of the giggling goons went to get more drinks as Amanda finished her last one, continuing her diatribe against another target, a singer with a famous paramour, who Amanda insisted was only with the singer because Amanda had first dumped him for being a loser.

After a few more hours, the night wrapped up with Amanda staring at her phone, growing bored with the setting and her ‘friends.’ She wasn’t happy with the special treatment at Babylon and had texted her sister and mom/manager that she would go nuclear on the place on her socials. As she stood up, the beautiful reality television star could be seen in her nightclub outfit. Her hourglass, large-breasted body was clad in a chocolate-hued vinyl dress covering a light-brown mesh bodysuit that extended from her sleeves to her long, sculpted legs. Along her thin neck was a brown choker necklace and matching high heels that she teetered on as the alcohol continued to start its work on her. As she moved, the braying jackasses that accompanied her moved with her as well, and they began to leave the establishment.

However, Amanda soon became annoyed as she started to walk out in front of the valet station. There didn’t appear to be anybody around, and Amanda fumed. Since her television show started, she was not used to waiting for anything, much less something as simple as a valet. Instead, she was forced to deal with the flashing lights of the paparazzi. She showed off a bit for their cameras as she could hear her companions making various comments, trying to get some press for themselves.

But then, as soon as the storm commenced, it suddenly ceased. Instead, the streets appeared empty. The chattering of the cameras was gone. And not only were the cameras gone, but everyone appeared to be walking away disinterested. Amanda looked perplexed, seeing everybody wandering away from her as if she no longer existed. She stifled her urge to call after them and inquire what was wrong. The young Ms. Night looked back at her companions, who were still laughing, their faces stretched into disgusting grins. When she looked back, the streets were as empty as if there was a nuclear apocalypse. Again, she glanced towards her companions, who were now on the ground, laughing violently at something she did not understand. She walked back towards the club, only to find the lines to enter the club were also missing. And the door was locked. She pounded on it with her well-manicured hand, but nobody answered as a chill ran down her spine. Her companions had now disappeared as well, but the laughter remained. As fast as her high-heeled feet could carry her, Amanda started to walk down the eerily vacant streets. As she did so, she didn’t notice the inky black puddle until one of those high heels plunged into it. And then Amanda found herself stuck. She looked in horror as she tried to free her foot, but the puddle held like glue. Amanda lunged forward, trying to get away and helplessly watching in horror as the black started to rise up her leg, surrounding the tights-like material of the mesh around her leg. Amanda dropped the expensive bag as she tried to pull herself forward; even with those endless hours with the expensive physical trainer, she wasn’t strong enough to free herself. Instead, Night soon found herself tripping down and hitting the ground. She cried out for help, but as she did so, a tendril emerged from the black goop, a thick tentacle-like appendage wrapped around her lower face and cleft her lips. The tendril almost felt like it pulsed inside her mouth, like a heartbeat; as it pulled tight into her mouth, her eyes felt close to popping out of their sockets.

“GGggggHHHhhkkk…Hunngggghfff…” was all she could manage as she tried to look backward, feeling the goo now covering her other leg. Before long, her legs are slammed together as the goop creates one giant mono-sleeve that covers them both, climbing up toward her torso. The young reality princess felt the tightness as it surrounded her hips and then her ribcage, squeezing her tightly as she bit down helplessly on the tentacle in her cleaved lips. Another tendril wrapped around her wrists and jerked them tightly behind her back, pinning them tight behind her back and morphing into “mittens” that quickly collapsed and closed around her hands, locking them into fists…the goo started to envelop the rest of her upper body, constricting around her famous ample breasts and then her shoulders before it began to climb up her neck. Suddenly, the tentacle released from her mouth, but before she could utter a single syllable, the horrible appendage jammed down her throat, choking her before melting into the goo, creating a gag that covered her lower face. It then surrounded her nose…she felt breath being pumped into her lungs by the tentacle, eliminating her need for her nose and mouth but looting her body's ability to breathe. And then her world turned black as it crawled up her face and over each eye individually before creating a living, breathing hood over her face. As she gurgled and choked, she felt herself being pulled slowly into the pool itself…disappearing into the ground until the weird, inky mixture gurgled twice, bubbling just a bit…and then evaporated itself.

Ms. Night was no more…or at least she was until her eyes fluttered awake, and she woke from her nightmare only to find out that she had entered another one. And this time, the monster that had captured her was not some creature from hell itself, but something perhaps worse…something that now announced itself with the smell of……pancakes?

The smell had descended the stairs as Elise flipped the flapjacks in the pan, somewhat dangerously leaving the door open to the downstairs dungeon that held her two victims. But Elise thought it might be fun for the spoiled reality star to get a whiff of the buttermilk and the syrup. Indeed, she would be famished after the previous day’s activities, and that alone may add to the day’s planned torture. Elise looked at her watch and heard the alarm going off below. It was 5:45 AM…time to start their day if Amanda could keep from oversleeping.

Amanda groaned as she awoke to the annoying sound of the alarm. Unlike the alarm that tormented her at home after many a late and devilish night, Amanda couldn’t reach over and touch the snooze to stop it. In fact, she couldn’t do anything at all as the alarm attacked her ears with its repetitive, piercing rhythm. As she smelled the pancakes above and tried to escape her stupor, Amanda realized just what a predicament she was currently in. Charitably, her body was on something soft. She had no idea it was a mattress that had seen better days, but a mattress nonetheless. But despite its presence, Ms. Night was far from comfortable. The first thing she noticed, of course, was that she still could not speak.

“NnnnngggGghhhfff…hurrrnngghff…” was all that escaped from her lips. Packed inside of her mouth was something that almost felt like a bean bag. Massive and mouth-packing, the ‘bag’ was surrounded by an imitation leather and was constantly on the verge of triggering her gag reflex. It was part of a ‘panel gag,’ a concept Amanda would not know before falling into Elise’s clutches. The leather panel surrounded her lower face and was buckled tight around the back of her head with a golden “O” on the outside. The golden “O” had a carabiner that attached the “O” and a set of keys that jangled as she moved. The reason for all the keys was apparent as she soon sussed out the rest of her restraints, to her horror.

Despite the keys being literally right in front of her face, Amanda could do little to act upon that information. The reason why? The seemingly miles of heavy chain that had been wrapped around her body. It started with her legs, linked together by the heavy, store-bought chains wrapped around each ankle and then connected before wrapping around the rest of her legs. These chains were connected and locked to other chains surrounding the mattress, making her one with her sleeping arrangement. For an added bit of security and taunting purposes, the chains were also attached to 45 KG weights outside the mattress to anchor her down.

She wore a metal chastity belt that must have been attached while she was in her alcoholic stupor, feeling inserts in both of her lower holes. She felt the cold metal inside of her and noticed that, once again, she had been wired to some electrical equipment, though she was mercifully denied that torment for the time being. Her wrists, as Elise wanted to make sure she didn’t damage her arms too early, were held in front of her but were also covered in heavy chains and connected to her so that she couldn’t raise her arms to her face and reach the keys. Not that it would’ve done much good anyway. Because Elise had taken the time to shove each of Amanda’s into twin metal globes. One sphere for each hand, making use of either rather impossible. Chains also surrounded her upper body in a tight and heavy pentagram-shaped harness, looped around her neck and surrounding each of her large breasts. The tight chain around her upper body was also attached to 45 KG weights and looped around the mattress. Put relatively simply, Amanda was going nowhere fast.

And with that knowledge, Elise was going nowhere fast, either. Instead, she took her time making her balanced and attractive breakfast that was comprised of the following: orange slices; an egg-white omelet with vegetables; a small portion of English baked beans; impossible breakfast sausage; and her bit of decadence, two thick and fluffy buttermilk pancakes, dripping with maple syrup. Elise loaded all the various dishes on a tray and descended the stairs, humming a little tune. Upon getting to the bottom of the stairs, the first thing she did was go and tap on the drawer that contained the tormented package, which used to be Kim. Though Kim was far beyond seeing or even being able to hear the vibrations of the heavy knock, it still brought Elise joy to remember that the drawer was filled with the remnant of her (for the moment) penultimate victim. It also did something to remind Amanda of the presence of Kim, not truly knowing that Amanda has been haunted by what she saw since seeing Elise’s cruel and unyielding bondage torture of the ex-stripper. After completing the little ritual, Elise slowly walked to shut off the alarm.

“Let me take care of that for you, Amanda. It seems you’re not quite in the mood to get out of bed after your late night, Ms. Night Tut-tut!” Elise laughingly scolded as if Amanda played any role in said late night.

“It was pretty startling to see how much alcohol you can handle in your somewhat limited years, Amanda. I guess practice truly does make perfect. But I hope you learned a little lesson about overindulging. You just never know what can happen or who it can happen with.” Elise laughed and set up a small table and chair for herself and her morning meal.

“Ffcgggkk ythhhhgghhhh, yggghh ollgggh bbttchhh…” Amanda tried to reply, but the gag was a very effective sentence stifler. Instead, Elise just went along with her business.

“Oh no, please. Don’t get up, darling. Feel free to sleep it off while I enjoy my breakfast. Yours will keep.”

“HHhnnggGHhFFffff…MmggFFFFGGGg!!” Amanda frustratingly groaned into the “bag” stuffing her entire oral cavity.

“Oh, I see. Yes, it would be rude of me to eat in front of you. And to be honest, I get a little self-conscious about other women watching me eat. It’s an old Hollywood thing. I know you reality stars don’t understand the pressure placed on stars like myself. Well, I’m sure I have a sleep mask somewhere?”

“Nngghhho…ddggnnt…” Amanda tried to communicate.

Sleep mask? Is this horrible bitch going to try and hood me again? Amanda thought to herself, starting to piece together the terrible mind games Elise liked to play. However, her pleas fell upon deaf ears (four if you count Kim’s). Instead, Elise just looked over her prey.

“Hmm…ah, I see. I knew I had forgotten something. Those hand globes are adorable, but they are part of a set…now where did I put it?”

Amanda’s eyes opened wide as she put two and two together.…that’s impossible. She can’t be thinking…Amanda punctuated her thoughts with helpless writhing struggles, but the heavy chains held her tightly to the mattress as she looked no unlike a baby unable to flip onto its stomach. Elise paid no mind to her stressed captive, walking over to one of her hidden closets and pulling out a large metal globe. She opened it up and grabbed a padlock.

“NGGGgggggghhO!!!! NNnnngGGGOOO!!” Amanda protested, but Elise ignored the ‘tantrum,’ grabbed Amanda's head, and lifted it up, positioning the lower half of the globe around her face and then connecting the other half before locking it with two padlocks. Amanda’s loud dissent ended quickly once she heard the echo inside the metal “hood.”

Elise sat down and started to eat her breakfast. She pulled out a remote control and, at random intervals, would press a button and hear the scream and the chains rattle as Amanda reacted to either her bottom or her vagina being electrocuted. After leisurely finishing, Elise then enjoyed a few cups of tea. All in all, she spent about two hours randomly tormenting Amanda’s bed-bound form.

“Still not ready to get up, huh? Well, I guess I’ll just go up and get my gardening done. I’ll be back soon, and you can have your food. But I can’t really endorse your laziness, so I will set your alarm for some time in the future. And I’ll make sure I put your shocks on sound activation. One shock for every beep sounds good?”

Amanda could hardly hear the taunt with her head surrounded by the stainless steel but heard just enough to know that she was in for a torturous time. Elise set the alarm for about 45 minutes. She figured she had about two hours of gardening, perfect for wearing Amanda out before she returned.


That Kamille Denise Devine wasn’t a good person would be a supreme understatement. True, she had tried to be at some point in time. That was during her years as a young television star who grew up as a baby on a sitcom before its cancellation. After that, she starred in another sub-par sitcom as a wise-cracking youngest sister in a family full of African-American adopted orphans. She tried her hand at teen stardom in a terrible Saved By The Bell knock-off where it was thought that her relatively small level of credits and fame might lead to an audience discovering her and deeming her the scheme-filled, beautiful but conniving leader of a diverse and intolerable group of private school attendees. However, by then, Kamille’s parents had stolen most of her money, and she had started to dabble in the darker parts of Hollywood fame. Soon after, rumors had broken out about her bad behavior (and racy pictures discovered), she lost her role on the squeaky-clean sitcom, starting a decade-long adventure of trying to regain the fame that had slipped from her fingers.

Soon, the young adult was entering her thirties with no hope of doing anything except insipid reality television shows and degrading direct-to-streaming films. It became too much to bear. Kamille kept her good looks despite her hard life, maintaining a twinkle in her brown eyes and flawless chocolate skin. The years she became a fitness model, in between her gigs, had helped with that. However, she had some work done in the chest area (from a tremendous surgeon) that would let everybody know that she wasn’t the innocent starlet she used to be. Her looks weren’t the only thing she kept from Hollywood. No, her detours into the seedy underworld of Hollywood also gave her something that she now used to her benefit. Shady contacts and access to the best gossip and rumors that Tinseltown had to offer.

Despite being a ‘has-been’ by acting standards, she was a well-known partier, and nobody wanted to be on her wrong side due to her more dubious social connections, so she haunted the clubs like a Ghost of Christmas Future for all the young Hollywood punks and princesses attending those. Using those connections, she soon became acquaintances with a private investigator, who she learned the tools of the trade from before stabbing him in the back and stealing his clients and business right out from under him.

Now, if anybody wanted some dirt or information on anybody else, they sought her out. Numerous Hollywood divorces resulted in splashy headlines from drama she managed to find out and supplied to attorneys in exchange for cash. There was almost nothing she wouldn’t do. In fact, one of her most significant accomplishments was exposing a high-ranking studio executive, a family man, for frequently visiting the services of a famous dominatrix for the rich and famous who went by the alias of Satine. She did so on behalf of one of the businessman’s rivals. Satine even briefly became her business partner and a little ‘fling,’ yielding tons of humiliating information she used for blackmail purposes before Satine got a little too big for her leather catsuits and Kamille took a better offer to provide some personal information to an anonymous and wealthy patron. Satine soon disappeared, and Kamille thought little of her role in that likely disappearance other than counting the money it put into her pocket.

However, Kamille had stopped mainly working various odd jobs and now was working primarily for one client. That client is the most famous Mom-Ager in the business, Missy Night. Night was the ‘star’ of her own television show that mostly revolved around her socialite-turned-icon daughters and step-daughters, one of whom was Amanda Night. Kamille enjoyed her work for the primarily amoral Missy, who loved to crush her rivals and anybody who dared publicly cross her or her family. Those sometimes included her own family members. And right now, that included Amanda.

Amanda and Kamille were hardly friends and barely acquaintances. So when Kamille heard the irresponsible young woman had gotten into more legal trouble and then apparently fled with some purloined cash from the family business, she wasn’t shocked. She would’ve been shocked if that hadn’t happened eventually, though she was surprised it happened so fast. The brightest, dumbest stars burn out the quickest, Kamille thought as she looked over her phone. Amanda was on her mind because she had received yet another text message from Missy, angrily demanding any return on the money she advanced to Kamille to find her daughter and get her to turn herself in before she took the whole family empire down with her.

Kamille, as usual, had no problem stringing Missy along for as much money as she could get, but she did know that sooner rather than later, she needed to actually produce. She had recently spent the night with a police official who spilled the beans that a young officer, O’Connor, was now exploring alternative theories to flight and was looking up missing person cases. Meanwhile, she also learned through a media executive friend that a young reporter named Parker Pham had been assigned to the case…the latest news was that she was pressured to develop enough information to start a podcast about the case and possibly chase Amanda around Europe. Missy was distraught at that news, feeling that if anyone monetized Amanda’s situation, it should be her.

However, Kamille also had another angle she was pursuing. She figured that Amanda, a spoiled Hollywood princess, was too inept to adapt the same way Kamille had learned to survive. Not without her television handles and mom leading the way. Instead, she would need help. Probably from someone in the underworld…somebody with some connections. She thought a bit about how Satine had just disappeared from the face of the Earth, absent some stories about weird sex parties that were kept so secret that even she had limited information. And she thought about the similarities. The chances that something similar happened to Amanda were slim. But they also weren’t worth completely dismissing. After all, the one thing that Kamille had that Pham and O’Reilly did not know was that she could think like an absolute monster. And that meant that she also had some connections to some real monsters. And maybe it was time to use those connections for whatever they were worth.


Elise did return after her gardening (and an impromptu long hot shower) to find her young victim quivering on the mattress to which she was attached. The extra hours of painful struggling did nothing, and other than the sheen of sweat on Amanda’s body, nobody would know that she had been working for hours to find some relief…to either grab the keys, now locked along with her face inside the featureless metal globe. That same globe echoed the alarm’s torturous pulsing beat with screams of torment…the alarm giving the whole ordeal a sort of Chinese Water Torture-esque feel with its inevitability and unyielding nature.

Elise enjoyed the sensory deprivation the globe provided, which she had selected especially for Amanda. It pleased her to see the famous and infamous reality show superstar reduced to a faceless object, which Amanda would get increasingly familiar with as she got acquainted with her time in Elise’s care.

She knew the echoing nature of the globe made the deprivation sometimes even worse than actual deafness to permit a different way of torturing a victim in slightly different ways. It was something she took advantage of as she semi-yelled to Amanda.

“Ah, did we enjoy sleeping in, Amanda? A mini-mogul like yourself should start your day a bit earlier. In fact, your breakfast is surely stone cold by now.” A few tiny taps on the metal helmet responded in some meek struggles and writhes from Amanda and some muted, hollow responses from those well-gagged lips.

“Here, let me get you situated.” Elise infrequently exercised her metaphorical mercy muscles, but she did turn off the alarm and started to unlock Amanda’s trapped cranium.

“Can you believe I almost dropped one of those keys out while gardening? Dropped into the fresh dirt. I noticed it immediately, or it might’ve taken weeks to find. And Lord knows, I am not about to wreck such a nice piece of equipment for the sake of a piece of trash like yourself. So count yourself lucky that I was able to keep my wits about me…” Elise cooed as she took her time unlocking the two padlocks that connected the collar-like neck of the globe to Amanda’s neck. As she removed it, she saw Amanda’s face. Smeared makeup around somewhat bloodshot eyes. Messy hair. Her gagged face dribbled drool from the corners of her packed mouth. She hardly looked like the subject of all those paparazzi photos.

“Oh darling, these late nights are catching up with you. Those good looks will not last forever if you keep this up.” As a way of punctuating her tease, Elise reached down and grabbed and twisted one of Amanda’s nipples to elicit a moan.

This sick fucking bitch…what is wrong with HE… “UUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuummFFFFffffff” Amanda’s own thoughts were interrupted by her pained groan as she was first forced to imagine being left in that claustrophobic globe for weeks and then her metal bound body jangled as she responded to the painful titty twister.

“Are you ready for breakfast? If so, try to jangle those keys for me…” Amanda meekly moved her head to use the keys attached to the “O” Ring on her gag. Her hung-over body was craving some sort of sustenance, and the smell of the food had gotten to her earlier. Plus, it may result in her being ungagged.

The keys jangled to Elise’s satisfaction, so Elise reached down and pulled one of the keys from the carabiner. Amanda suddenly realized that even the leather panel gag was locked with a metal padlock, just like the chain restraints. The leather bean-bag-like plug then exited her mouth, covered in thick mucus and drool as Amanda gagged in response.

Elise smiled, saying, “I know this isn’t commonplace in the Night household, but usually people reward favors with a little gracious thank you.”

Amanda narrowed her eyes as she felt her own gag dripping drool onto her belly as if to remind her what might happen if she refused to comply.

“T-thank you…” You psychopathic bitch… Amanda thought as she answered Elise to Elise’s satisfaction.

“Good girl. Now, are you ready for your breakfast?”

“Y-yes…” Amanda hesitated, but the smell of pancakes and syrup still filled the air.

“Good, I slaved over a hot stove to make you an excellent breakfast in bed while you slept the day away. I’m glad it will not go to waste.” Elise smiled as she reached past the side of the mattress, just out of Amanda's eyesight. Amanda looked confused as Elise grabbed a handful of that brown hair and yanked hard as a large ring gag was slammed into her mouth. Amanda wasn’t expecting this as Elise worked to ensure the gag was tightly crammed past the reality star’s perfect teeth.

“W-wait…whatTTTTtttttgggFFFffffff!!!” responded Amanda’s interrupted cry. She was prepared for a nice breakfast ungagged, but Elise was always full of surprises.

“Good girl. Now, as you saw, I had a nice little meal with vegan meat, baked beans, cheese, oranges, egg whites, spinach, and pancakes…and I’ll be honest, I had a nice little bit of dark chocolate after I got done with my gardening as a reward for my hard work. But I don’t feel like feeding you all of that, and I can’t risk you being unchained right now when you’re in such a foul mood. So I took the initiative to create this for you…”

With that, Elise walked over to the table and returned with a protein shaker full of a strange, thick, sloppy substance.

“It’s a smoothie combining all of the above! How efficient! I know you might be slightly worried about all the combining tastes, but that’s what the ring gag is for. So I don’t have to care what you worry about!”

N-no…that’s disgusting. She can’t be serious…Amanda thought as she protested defiantly into the ring gag, prying her mouth open. She saw the food blended thoroughly into a thick, milkshake-like paste. Before she could protest more, the cold mixture was poured into her mouth.

“Oh, don’t worry. I know about your hangover. I added a bit of bitter black coffee as well.” Trapped as she was, Amanda couldn’t move as she desperately tried to gag and choke, fighting the urge to vomit as she was “spoon-fed” small portions of the protein shaker’s contents until all that remained was the gross residue on the inside of it.

Elise smirked at her captive, seeing her ‘turning green’ as a response to the disgusting food. However, when she saw that Amanda’s eyes started to get a bit glassy and dizzy, she spoke again.

“Oh, I forgot to mention the last ingredient to your smoothie. A potent sedative. Which will pair great with your hangover. You see, I’ve got to get you out of bed one way or another, and I have no desire to deal with unruly behavior. So I’ll get you ready for the real fun to begin…”

“But all you have to do to stop it is… don’t fall asleep.” Elise cooed. Amanda did try just that, her body quivering and writhing a bit as she tried to keep herself awake.

N-no…c-can’t…unnghh…s-so t-tired…r-room…s-spinning…

Despite her best efforts, within thirty minutes, Amanda was soon out cold again on the mattress. She would stay that way during an intense cleaning (both inside and outside) and a re-application of the ‘slutty’ makeup that Amanda arrived in after her accident.

Elise also took the time to dress herself in her LaLaLime designer workout outfit for her daily fitness routine. Even with her advanced years, physical fitness was an important- even more important- part of ensuring she could continue her work. Elise habitually kept up her fitness routine with resistance training, yoga, and other forms of social exercise. For today, though, she had an unwilling workout partner. One that had been appropriately dressed in her own workout gear and was currently ‘hanging’ around waiting to wake up from her drug-induced stupor.

Amanda did not know it, but after her laborious clean-up, she was again adorned in a humiliating outfit. This one included a purple and blue 1980s-style leotard, sheer dancer’s tights, and thick white thigh-high socks with red and blue stripes at the top. Her hair had been placed in a ponytail with a scrunchie. However, she did not have the sneakers that would usually adorn such an outfit. Instead, she was wearing nearly 10-inch white leather ballet boots adorned with a red star on the sides and a design meant to bring a famous sneaker brand to mind.

However, Amanda was not just dressed in a cute little workout number. Instead, the hapless reality show star wore some of Elise’s ‘fun’ equipment. In this case, the main component was a white leather-like “straightjacket” like an armbinder wrapped around her arms, wrenched behind her with wrists and forearms forced to touch each other. The armbinder was laced up tight and accompanied by heavy chains in an X to complete the bondage. The “X” was similarly ‘hugging’ her front side, though the bondage wasn’t immediately visible on the front side of her body.

Usually, it would be nearly impossible for Amanda to stand upright in the tall heels with her body bound the way it was. This dilemma was solved for Amanda due to the metal contraption surrounding her throat, which had a small metal arch over her head connected to a vertical pole that Elise had assembled during Amanda’s forced slumber. The pole was connected to Amanda’s thick metal collar that kept her head upright by another pole to create a sort of ‘pony training’ device. Basically, it allowed for movement in a circle. Elise kept Amanda’s legs mostly free for those reasons, except for the insanely precarious boots. Amanda was also held upright by an attached “bungee-like” cord that held her to the ceiling for the time being.

Elise had left Amanda ungagged so far, a freedom that Amanda had failed to enjoy for quite some time. This would change dramatically in the next few seconds, but Elise wanted to savor every moment of her dominance over her prey. As such, Elise took her time to set out a few toys that she wanted Amanda to see as she awakened and discovered her unstable position. Those included a leather hood, a pair of long and sinister nipple clamps, and her newest device to dominate Amanda’s oral cavity. This device was purchased as a silicone “tongue” gag. It looked like a simple device, but it was a complicated way of ensuring a punishing gagging experience. Looking a bit like a cross between a ball gag and a mouthguard, with two little pinchable wings on the side that would ‘expand’ in the mouth of the wearer, making sure it would stay in place. It also had a way of neutralizing and holding the tongue with a small opening for the tongue to fit inside. She couldn’t wait to try it out on Amanda, though it was designed for a larger mouth. She was sure she could cram it into place with some elbow grease.

Satisfied that the sadistic toys were visible in a little tray before her dangling captive, Elise reached out and pulled out a small packet of smelling salts. She broke the little package open before Amanda’s nose and saw the young woman’s flared nostrils react to the sudden stimulus.

“Uunnngggghh…w-what…w-what…” the confused moans and groans coming from the rudely awakened captive were punctuated by squirms as Amanda ‘stumbles’ only to find herself held upright by the metal contraption and poles as well as the bungee cord making a stumble essentially impossible.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear. Now that you’re fed and awake, it’s time for our morning exercise. Of course, I already worked up a bit of sweat getting you all cleaned up, dressed, and ready to work out. So you’ll have a way to go to catch up. I’ll do my yoga and pilates here, and this device should quickly get you up to speed. Though I’m sure that hangover you’re still nursing will make this quite a challenging activity.”

“W-what is this…unnghh…my feet…can’t move”

“Oh, poor baby. You don’t realize that not moving is your new status quo? And with all that fashion experience, you’re whining about these tiny high heels? For real? I’ve seen some of the ridiculous things you’ve worn; this should be a walk in the park for you!”

More like a walk through hell, Amanda thought as she felt the ballet boots surrounding her feet. This forced standing was intensified when Elise snuck behind her and detached the bungee cord, removing one of the ‘security blankets’ that Amanda had to remain standing tall instead of falling on her face. Almost instantly, Amanda started to teeter and stumble a bit, the metal collar and equipment holding her upright but making it extremely unstable and dangerous.

“Speaking of walking, we are wasting daylight here. And we still have to get you ready for your first night in your new home. So we’ll have to get you well and exhausted first. But I have to say, I’m a bit put off by your complaining already. Luckily, I have a few solutions for that niggling problem…”

Elise pinched down on the green silicone tongue gag and proceeded to yank down on Amanda’s ponytail, forcing the too-large object into Amanda’s mouth. As she did so, the pinched-down sides expanded from the loss of Elise’s grip, and Amanda felt her tongue slip into the tongue hold. Instantly, her attempts to communicate were rendered to indecipherable, tormented mumbles.

Elise shivered a bit with delight. She always enjoyed her prey with their mouth stuffed perfectly, always imagining them like piggies with apples stuffing their mouth. This new gag took it to an extreme. It looked as if Amanda was holding a large fruit inside her mouth as the tongue divot and the wings pressing against her stuffed cheeks made the image even cartoony.

“Dear God, that looks great. Imagine my joy at being the one to finally shut up one of the Nights. But we don’t want that device to slip out, do we?

Slip out? I can’t even spit it out…w-what is she talking about?

“So that brings us to the second little toy here. This is what they call in bondage circles as the Gwendolyn hood. It’s named after the famous bondage comic by Jon Willie. It’s oppressive and silencing, but I consider it a beginner’s hood. We’ll see if you share the same opinion, Amanda”. Elise showed off the leather hood, which contained a ‘window’ for her eyes and nose to be visible but covered the top of her head (with a little hole for her ponytail to be seen). “The good news is that it will make sure that little toy sticks in your little mouth, cunt.”

“Ngghhhhhgfff…sstgghhy awgghyy……”

Amanda didn’t have much ability to protest with the new mouth stuffed in place, and her weak attempts to walk away from Elise only brought some laughter from the older women.

N-no more hoods…I can’t take them…Amanda thought to herself, not quite realizing that these hoods were among the milder in Elise’s extensive collection. However, the sight of that small, tight-looking leather object did not look mild.

“Don’t you see, all paths lead to me, honey? Your attempts to run away will just bring you back to my clutches. Think of this little “wheel” as a metaphor.” Elise seemingly responded to Amanda’s futile thoughts as she walked over and locked the poles in place, forcing Amanda to stay still. She then approached her and again pulled on that ponytail to keep the head of her bumbling, stumbling captive. She took her time lacing up the hood, leaving Amanda’s nose and beautiful eyes (now accompanied by some eyeliner and shadow) as the only recognizable part of the kidnapped reality star’s face. The hood was so tight that despite the leather that stretched across her lower face, the outline and bulge of the mouth-filling gag were visible as Elise sadistically enjoyed a slow lacing of the good, hearing the ballet boots clicking on the floor in discomfort as it got more claustrophobic and unyielding.

Elise teasingly tapped Amanda’s tightly sealed mouth. “As you can feel, I’ve decided I did not wish for your well-stretched cunnie to be filled at this time, but you, no doubt, are feeling the object in that cute little tush of yours. That will come into play in a little bit. But first…”

Elise rubbed one of Amanda’s nipples through the leotard, the spandex-type material not putting much between the nipple and the inquisitive finger and thumb, looking for any type of reaction. And she received one, feeling the nipple respond to her touch despite Amanda’s lack of consent. When Elise was able to get Amanda’s nipple appropriately hard, the captor pulled out a little scalpel, and with a gentle but firm warning to Amanda to stay still, Elise cut a minuscule hole for the nipple to stick out just slightly. Then she clamped on the sinister device she showed off earlier, putting pressure on the forceps-like grip of the tweezers, forcing Amanda to feel the intense pinch on the nipple before Elise increased the tension just a little more, prompting a scream from the silicone-filled mouth hole. Soon, the process repeated to complete the symmetry. Elise enjoyed that even though Amanda knew the painful result, she still couldn’t stop her body from reacting to the involuntary touching. Soon, that symmetry was accomplished, and the long nipple clamps dangled six inches from the grip. Elise attached two jangling bells, one to each clamp, and tested them. The extra weight of the bells caused more stretch and pain to Amanda, and she could tell that every little jolt and move from the bells would not only cause the sound of the ring but also a corresponding pain from her nipples being tugged and pulled.

“Now for the final pieces of this little puzzle. As you can see, I made a little mistake with Kim as she withered away a bit before enjoying her new status in life.” Elise’s hollow and evil chuckle about Amanda’s hopelessly wrapped and entombed predecessor almost caused Amanda to recoil as she forced herself to steady herself on those impossibly sky-high heels. “I don’t want that to occur with my new prize possession. So we’re going to enjoy a little fitness together. You’re able to walk, just in circles. You can’t see it, of course, with your lower arms covered and behind your back, but you have a state-of-the-art fitness watch on your wrist to measure your heart rate and your rate of speed. If it drops below a specific rate, you’ll get a reminder to speed up in the form of a shock in your little bottom. I’ll set the speed rate relatively low. I think in those heels, a fifteen-minute mile seems reasonable. We will work up to breaking that four-minute mile. And just so you know, I exercise for 45 minutes, so that will be three miles you’ll be expected to walk. You’ll still do the whole three miles if you don't meet your time. And if your heartbeat shows you’re not working hard enough, just like you experienced yesterday, the shocks will intensify in duration and intensity. They’ll start at one second and at level 5. It’s up to you to ensure you don’t hit level 100, or the end of your walk will be almost never-ending agony.

W-what the fuck… how can anyone even THINK of something so evil…this fucking old bitch-fossil…Amanda’s knife-sharp tongue, which earned her a pretty penny on her trash television show, was locked in place by the gag, making any response to Elise’s plan muffled and indecipherable.

“Fffgghhh ygghh…” Elise smiled as she heard the weak attempts at communication.

“Oh, what a surprise. Is the spoiled socialite afraid of a little hard work? Well, let’s make it a little harder, shall we?”

Elise disappeared from Amanda’s sight for a few seconds and then returned the last three little toys she was hiding. The first two were pretty self-explanatory. They were two heavy ankle cuffs dragging some heavy chain attached to five-pound kettlebells. While not much weight themselves, the added challenge to Amanda’s balance and the accumulation over time would make the walk (and meeting the required pace) that much more impossible. Within seconds, they were securely locked onto Amanda’s ankles, just above the ballet boots. The third was the piece of resistance, and Elise enjoyed seeing the panicked look on her captive’s face as she brought out the heavy iron head-cage. The cage looked heavy and ominous in a small cylinder-like design with metal bars slatted around. Amanda tried to back up on her high heels but could not escape as Elise took the time to fasten the device over her captive’s hooded head before securing the metal to the arch and collar that were holding her upright. It was heavy enough that Elise felt the added pressure on her neck and shoulders, knowing that it transformed her body’s ability to balance. After locking the sinister head cage in place, Amanda started her serene yoga and pilates workout playlist and set up the electrics for Amanda. It didn’t take but that first shock to Amanda’s anus that she realized that she had better start to move, and quickly. Like a newborn calf, Amanda took her first steps on her unsure feet, the metal kettlebells dragging and the nipple clamps jingling as the tormented reality star grunted and groaned in rhythm, trying to keep up with the impossible pace Elise had set for her. All of which was silenced by the strong oak door that cut off the outside world from the basement of horrors she had experienced.

Elise took her time with her workout as she cruelly enjoyed every second of her captive’s lumbering, clumsy, and laborious attempts to try and keep pace. The pained groans and metal jingling were much more music to her ears. As Elise and Amanda both sweated for nearly an hour, Elise watched with a growing hunger as her own cruelty was her most potent aphrodisiac. She would do something about that ravenous feeling before ensuring that Amanda was introduced to her new ‘bedroom.’


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