Reality Television Star Continued

by El Hijo Del Sooprbrane

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Chapter 3: Kim’s Hard Goodbye

Amanda struggled to move, her nose-hooked and well-gagged and hooded face faced forward as she was forced to look with her eyes pried open as Kim, the ex-stripper, who was Elise’s last captive was again paraded in front of her unblinking eyes.

“Well, Amanda…today is the day I get your new home ready for you. But first I must clean it up. As you can see the last occupant left a bit of a mess.”

Elise said as she looked over Kim. The woman was as she was the night before (and had been for most of the last few months), strapped tightly into her prison. As was Elise’s habit, she could only have one person in this role at one time and Kim’s time had come to be replaced. As Amanda saw earlier, Kim continued to be bent in a more severe version of Amanda’s own kneeling position, with her feet pressed and locked firmly against her own backside by tight and unyielding straps. However, she was connected to the inside of the box by straps that also held her legs apart lewdly while her hips also “supported” by other straps that kept her largely immobile and unable to accomplish side to side movement. Her corset remained around her torso, having been tightened to an almost impossible degree. To where Amanda wondered how she could possibly be breathing.

Her Double D fake breasts had also remained exposed, the magnetic weights attached to her nipples swaying a bit as Elise couldn’t help but greet her captive by groping them and flicking the weights, slipping one piece of metal to the tortured moans of her captive. Elise (and Amanda) could hear the powerful vibrators inside Kim’s two bottom-most holes continue to vibrate as the extreme pump gag occupied her third as Amanda could now recognize the shape of the distended and tortured jaw from underneath the leather hood. Her wrists remained trapped behind her back as her wrapped and useless hands behind her, her elbows pointed straight to the top of the box in an extremely painful position. The leather ‘turtleneck’ encircled her swan-like neck, holding it in place as Elise began to undo the tubes to Kim’s feeding tube (as well as the tubes to take care of her waste). After she was done rudely yanking them from Kim’s squirming body, Elise once again unsnapped the blindfold from the complicated hood to reveal Kim’s frenzied and crazed blue eyes. The ex-stripper looked insanely panicked as she had to sit there and literally and figuratively sweat over her predicament.

“Hey there again, Kim. It’s so rare we see each other on back-to-back days. But I did promise that I would take care of you tonight. So even though I’m a bit exhausted after depositing Marita, or was it Martina, I can’t really remember out into the pond, I always keep trying to keep my promises…”

Elise condescendingly flicked the leather hood enveloping the face of her captive, satisfied by the taunting and taut response of the leather to her click.

“So, by the end of the night, you’re going to end up in that coffin there and putting an end to that vacancy. And tomorrow Amanda’s going to move into your little spot here and we’ll be full up. So shall we begin?”

The leather ‘collar’ with the steel inserts wouldn’t even let Kim shake her head as her panicked eyes looked to Amanda for some sort of help, but the reality star could only forcefully watch as Elise started to disconnect the straps holding Kim rigidly in the box, starting with those holding her head and neck and moving down to shoulders and finally to her legs. She then watched as Kim fell flat on her hooded face with a satisfying sound.

“Never gets old, watching them flop like fish…”

Elise circled around her prey, enjoying how Kim used the very limited freedom she now had to squirm on the floor. When she was tired of the movement, Elise simply reached her slippered foot out and placed it on Kim’s hooded head and placed just enough force on her to simply stop her little wiggle worm from moving at all.

After conveying her message through the subtle movement, Elise proceeded to prepare by gathering up a variety of different rolls of tape and other objects that would be needed for the rest of the night. She was meticulous in her preparation, but also took the time to give Amanda a couple of eye drops as her new captive struggled with the eye speculums. She couldn’t have Amanda going blind, obviously, not until she wanted it.

As she laid out the supplies, making sure to do so in front of her captives, she bent down and talked to Kim. She pulled off the snaps holding Kim’s ears and reached in and pulled out the plugs. They hadn’t been turned on. “You won’t be needing these any more, fake tits,” Elise explained. She couldn’t wait to tell her why.

Elise then whispered threateningly and softly.

“Listen, Kim. I don’t know how much you value your life, knowing what is about to come for you. But just so you know, I don’t value it either. As you can see, I’ve moved on. No more white trash strippers seeking fame and fortune in the most debased way possible. I have an honest to God television star that just happened to fall right into my lap. So, here’s the deal. You’re about to have the most amount of freedom you’ve had in months. I’m going to remove your hood. I’m going to undo your bondage. You could fight me if you wish, but I know your muscles are little more than nice-looking mush at this point. But if you do, I might just decide that you don’t need air after all. Or maybe I’ll just inject you with some drain cleaner and just skip the whole next few months. Have fun with Amanda here and grab a second girl to take her place already. I don’t need you. I don’t even necessarily want you. Do you understand?”

Kim seemed to obey, ceasing all her little squirms and movements on the floor. Elise waited just a little bit to make sure there weren’t any second thoughts and then she proceeded to start to undo the leather collar around Kim’s neck. The unlacing took a bit longer than she thought as she moved next to the leather hood. Elise could feel Kim’ sweating head as she removed everything from Kim’s head except for the pump gag that was still connected to the little bulb. Just to warn Kim further, she gave that pump gag another little squeeze as she felt Kim start to stir a bit. The brown eyes of her captive opened wide in terror as she let out a gurgled, stifled little noise.

“Hhgggghhh” Kim said as Amanda tried to turn away, thinking to herself:

This sick bitch. How could she do this to anyone? That was a mistake. Elise noticed the movement on Amanda’s part and proceeded to bring the leather collar with her. Soon it was attached to Amanda’s throat and laced up tight, making sure that Amanda wasn’t going to look anywhere except where Elise wanted her to look. As punishment, Elise made sure to rachet the speculums up a little bit to make sure that Amanda couldn’t even get close to blinking, and she tied the nose-hook to the posture collar to further lock her into place.

“Fgghh yghhh!” was Amanda’s frustrated response, but it was hopeless and Elise didn’t care as she returned to Kim.

Elise then undid the straps holding Kim’s legs to her bottom, undoing that piece of her bondage next. She sat on Kim’s torso to do so, making sure that Kim’s long legs wouldn’t be used to her prey’s advantage. However, after being bent and stretched so uncomfortably for so long, Kim’s legs were borderline useless as Elise slipped on a few tight cable ties to make sure that Kim would stay still for the time being. Afterwards, she shifted her position on Kim a little and undid the straps holding her arms to her back in the uncomfortable position. After doing so, Elise slipped on an armbinder that appeared to be made of some sort of spandex over Kim’s still wrapped hands. It was one of her mildest armbinders, but it would do…for now.

After making sure that Kim was secured enough for phase two of the night’s activities, she flipped Kim from her stomach to her back. She forced Kim to lift her hips up the ground with a lot of effort to remove the chastity belt and the two attached invaders. As she heard the groan of relief from Kim, she was annoyed.

“Kim, I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you. You just were offered a sliver of hope for a quick ending, and you didn’t even take it. You’re so attached to your worthless life that you’re willing to take Marita…or was it Mariska’s…fate? And for what, a life where you just paraded around, trying to curry favor with these man-made man-traps of yours?” Elise emphasized her taunt with a squeeze of Kim’s breasts.

“And to be frank, that moment of relief you are feeling is going to feel like a holiday after what you’re going to experience here.” Elise watched as he could see Kim (and Amanda) shiver as Elise proceeded to go to her cupboards where she pulled out four objects. The first was a modified neck brace and the four all were connected to very large, enema-like bags, filled with thick, gooey liquid.

The first thing Elise did was connect the neck brace. He didn’t like Kim even having even a fraction of freedom in moving her head and it was important that she lose that ability quickly.

“Kim, this thing here is a thin neck brace. It’s not as prominent as the one you just wore and is now adorning Amanda’s neck, but it is just as strong. It’s going to hold your neck and that little face of yours in place as I get things set. Trust me, it doesn’t look that bad, but it is.”

Kim was shown a piece of black plastic that had tiny hinges on one side and a locking system on the other. Her head was grabbed unceremoniously and lifted as the incredibly thin brace was placed around her neck and locked tightly like a handcuff, closing tighter and tighter around her throat and making sure that Kim couldn’t move her head a fraction of an inch in any direction. Kim’s chin was pointed up and slightly back as it was locked in place, tight but without the possibility of any unwanted strangulation.

“Now here is the big reveal, Kim. You saw me do something similar to Marita a while back. I am going to take out your gag. You are going to say whatever you need to say and then I am going to place this inside of your face cunt…”

Elise grabbed a piece of tubing and let a pump gag-like phallus attached to a black panel dangle in front of her captive’s trapped face like she was being hypnotized.

“During our play sessions, I had models taken of your face and got in touch with a friend of mine named Cliff who designs a lot of my bondage devices. This here is a phallus that when ballooned up will take up every little space inside that mouth of yours. However, I can’t take a risk you’ll manage to somehow deflate it, as minimal as they are considering how your mouth will be stuffed. So attached to this little gag is a bag full of an epoxy-like substance that as it makes contact with your mouth and the warmness of your body, will slowly harden over time. Of course, I’ve left two holes for the hoses that will connect you with your liquid food and your oxygen…more on that later,” said with a sadistic smile.

“Now as you can imagine, once this dries it is going to be very, very hard to remove. Impossible, really. So, let’s hear what you have to say.”

Once again, Elise reached down and flipped Kim over onto her stomach. Now that her head was held in place, it caused her to hold her neck off the ground, making the position far less than comfortable. Elise started undoing the straps on the hideous pump gag, deflating it just as it was ready to leave her captive’s mouth with a gross, drooly plop.

“P-please d-don’t d-do….” she tried to say in a raspy tortured voice. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been able to talk, but as she did so Elise just reached in, grabbed her nostrils and pulled up, forcing Kim to open her mouth wider as she jammed the new gag into her captive’s mouth.

“NNNNNnngggggggggghfFffffffffffFF!” Kim could feel tears in her eyes as her momentary chance to beg for mercy was stolen from her as she could feel the mold pressed into her mouth, depressing her tongue. The panel was thin, much like the brace, but strong as it pressed nearly flat against her face. The phallus was already packing her mouth so tightly, but then Elise rigged up the bag of epoxy and watched as it started to slowly slip into the gag, increasing its girth and tightness. Kim’s cheeks started to slowly expand as though she was being inflated as Elise set the flow for maximum enjoyment.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I let you think I actually cared what you had to say? I just had to let you open that mouth so I could stuff it like a pig waiting to be roasted. Let’s see just how much you can take. While I’m waiting, you’ll notice that I have THREE, well now two, of these devices. You see, the devices inside you before gave way too much ‘interactivity’ for what I desire from ladies in your soon-to-be position. But I can’t have you comfortable either. Hence the two other molds. As you can see, they are quite a bit bigger than even the devices you had before. But you’re going to have a LOT of time to get used to them. Unceremoniously, Elise first attached a small, metallic chastity belt that fit the two devices and then Elise started to pack both Kim’s ass and her vagina with the two intruders, satisfied that they just barely fit. And then she hooked up the enema bags and set them for a satisfying flow of epoxy as well.

Now while Kim slowly had to endure her increasing and expanding discomfort, Elise went over to give Amanda some unwanted attention. She again made sure Amanda’s eyes were lubricated as she started to play with her toy’s large breasts, enjoying the feeling of the natural tits as she caressed them, enjoying Amanda’s every futile little tug and struggle of discomfort and shame. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Elise stepped away from Amanda to find the bags empty and her captive very, very full. After detaching the used bags from the hoses, Elise started with the next part of her cruel experiment.

First, she attached a metal cable to the chastity belt and proceeded to pull Kim up until her captive was now kneeling once again. Once satisfied, she attached the metal cable to the wall, leaving it taut, so as not to allow Kim to fall forward. She still towered over her victim as she brought a menacing and long tube towards the gagged mouth of the ex-stripper.

“Kimmy, you know what to do with this. Just swallow like you’re used to…” Elise said as she forced a feeding tube through the massive, jaw-splitting gag…watching Kim try in vain to keep the hose from penetrating her mouth and then traveling down her throat, causing her to wince and gag as the tube was placed for her to receive sustenance without that pesky tasting or swallowing. Again, too much interaction for Kim’s new station in life. As Kim retched, she watched as her captive slowly had to endure and then settle with the tube as she tested it, making sure Kim would receive her daily food from the bag of liquified food. Then Elise reached over and grabbed and pinched Kim’s nose and proceeded to put a thumb over the air tube. She was again satisfied with her handiwork as Kim’s intense struggles proved she was not getting any air except what was permitted by the hose. Satisfied, Elise explained:

“You see, Kim. One thing I thought of with Margarita is that she just had a little TOO much freedom. She still had the ability to suck air through this hose whenever she darn well pleased. Well, the point of this is that nothing should be up to you. So, I’ve come up with this alternative here.”

Elise rolled something into view, a small machine and then she plugged the tube into the small appliance. After being satisfied it was working, hearing the machine come to life and air flowing out, sounding like a tortured oxygen tank. As the machine started, Elise proceeded to walk over to the various rolls of tape she had and also pulled out a tube of what looked like toothpaste. She proceeded to stick the toothpaste tube up each of Kim’s nostrils and squeezed, watching the ex-beauty retching, the putty-like substance entered her nostrils and threatened her sinuses. Unlike the epoxy, this would remain in the putty-like form, but would block out any smell and more importantly, any excess air.

“Well, look…I found a few new holes to fill”, Elise laughed as she pulled off a few pieces of electric tape, making sure to smoosh and over Elise’s nose so that she couldn’t breathe through her nose anymore as she panicked, trying to suck air through the hose in her mouth, only to discover the truth. “You see this device here will pump air from the room into your mouth. You will receive enough air to live at all times and you will be allowed to expel your CO2 before the next gust comes in. But your oxygen will be rationed, just like your food.”

“Also, just so you know…every week or so, I’m going to spike your food with some level of amphetamine. I can’t have you awake all the time…your heart just won’t survive. But I can make sure that at least one or two nights a week that you experience EVERYTHING for the night. Won’t those nights be fun surprises?”

“Any questions?” Elise asked. “Oh yes, I forgot about that cock stuffing your mouth. I should’ve remembered who I was talking to. Anyway, I thought we could test this out while we finished up your restraints.

Finish up her restraints? She can’t be serious about doing this…this is inhumane…it’s perverted and monstrous…

Amanda thought as she was forced to watch (and hear) as Elise turned on the machine that started ‘breathing’ for her fellow captive. Watching Kim’s terrified face as it realized just how much freedom she was about to lose.

“So now that the preliminary preparations are out of the way, let’s say we actually get to the real bondage,” Elise said with relish. She watched as the reality sunk in for Kim that this was only the beginning of her torment.

As Elise gathered materials (with another stop to remove the speculums to give Amanda a few minutes to blink and get some moisture back in her eyes before returning the items to Amanda’s protesting and frantically grunting face), Kim was forced to wait and endure the forced breathing and horrible tightness inside of her. She remained trapped on her knees, the tightness of her strapped arms and the neck brace keeping her from moving as she heard a small buzzing, followed by something rubbing over her blonde head. She watched in horror as locks of her long hair started falling to the ground like snow. Her hair was slowly buzzed off of her head. It made Elise a little sad to remove that blonde mane from her captive’s head, but there was no need for it anymore and it would just get in the way of what she would have to do.

Seeing the tears on Kim’s face as her femininity and humanity were further stripped away from her, the epoxy-filled mouth mumbling soft and helpless groans. Once that was done, Elise took her time sweeping up the remnants of Kim’s once beloved locks, leaving Kim with a little blonde buzz-cut. She then proceeded to shift Kim around, enjoying the discomfort all of the invaders in Kim’s body were causing with every tiny movement. Once again she undid Kim’s arm bondage and was somewhat surprised as Kim was trying to frantically move her arms away from her captor this time, but after the weeks and months in bondage, her body was too weak to do much as Elise slipped on a bondage harness with four thin latex-like cuffs, two around her elbows and the third and forth around her wrists, and then locking around her torso to lock her arms in a very restrictive reverse prayer. The cuffs were little more than the width of tape themselves so they wouldn’t interrupt the very fun mummification that was to occur. And it started, as always, with her hands. Kim tried to move her fingers, but Elise had very much fun forcing her to grasp onto a putty-like ball…one finger at a time.

“This little piggy went to market…” started Elise as she forced Kim’s thumb onto the putty. She was horrified to find her finger felt stuck as if glued (as it was..the stress-reliever type ball had been covered with a very powerful superglue). “This little piggy went home…this little piggy had roast beef…this little piggy had none…and THIS little piggy went “MMmmmphhh mmmpphh mmmpphh” all the way home”.

Soon, Kim was horrified to discover she couldn’t lift her fingers at all as now her entire right hand was glued to the squishy, putty-like ball, allowing her almost no movement. This was accompanied by a sock-like tight mitten that slipped right on over and then it all was sealed with some very tight tape. Her left-hand, already far more useless than her right, followed the same routine, but without the humiliating rhyme and soon her wrapped and mittened hands were useless. After making Kim’s hands useless mitts,

This was followed by her first “layer” with her upper body from waist to head slowly enveloped in a very tight ‘body-stocking’ made for Kim’s exact size (or a little smaller for added discomfort). Kim’s facial features were distorted as her gagged face was covered, with Elise making sure to line up the bodystocking with the two very small holes for her two oral tubes.

Then Elise started to wrap some very tight and soft purple vet-wrap around the bodystocking, making sure to increase the tightness with every wrap, pinning the reverse-prayered arms further into her back first by starting at the top and bottom of Kim’s torso causing Kim to bite down uselessly on the rubber phallus filling her oral cavity.

After securing the top and bottom of the arm bondage to her torso, leaving the giant breasts free, the next wrap of purple vet wrap went around Kim’s waist. Elise pulled tighter and tight with every turn as if she was trying to reduce the size of Kim’s waist even further. Afterwards, Kim found it nearly impossible to breathe despite the oxygen machine, especially since she still wore the tight corset. Every time she felt like Elise was done with this layer, another layer seemed to follow, the tight wrap pressing against her diaphragm and then slowly wrapping up her tortured waist until the wrap started to threaten those tits.

First, Elise wrapped tightly around the enhanced breasts. The purple went above her breast and then underneath them, then between them, pulling more and more taut as again the layers seemed to reach several false finishes only to be surrounded by another layer until the upper body was without much noticeable movement at all. Kim struggled to breathe, but Elise was merciless.

Christ…won’t she stop this…Amanda thought to herself as she moaned in empathy.

Elise turned to Amanda as if to answer: “I bet you wonder why the purple? Well, as you will see, Kim is going to become an almost exact replica of Marina. But I do give them everybody their own special color for the base layer…almost a reminder of the individuality that is soon to be suppressed. I think you’ll be pleased to know I picked a beautiful orange for you, my dear…”

“This sick fucking monster…” was all Amanda could think as she watched as Elise proceeded to wrap some more. Then Elise, using all of the acting skills she had developed from her years on the soap opera, looked nostalgically and happily as she caressed the breasts of Kim.

“You know, I’m going to miss these titties, Amanda. As fake and obscene as they are, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know and torture them intimately, but I guess we won’t be needing these.” Elise said as she removed the magnetic clips that she had been using to torture Kim for all this time. In some way as Kim felt the sudden rush of blood and pain, this bit of ‘mercy’ was Kim’s first true realization that she may not be getting out of this mummification. After all, Elise had never stopped torturing her breasts since she came to this hated place.


“Oh, calm down. Trust those of us in the acting business, honey. We all get replaced eventually. No amount of surgery delays that…it’s just a little more literal for you than others.”

Elise didn’t waste any more time trying to calm her squirming captive. They both knew it was pointless and soon the wrap covered up her tortured breasts and started to wrap around her bound arms. Elise decided to just finish the roll off despite the already dense body covering she had created. Kim’s body ‘slumped’ as much as the bondage would allow. Elise could tell the hope was being extinguished with every layer. Good thing there was plenty more to go as she grabbed the roll of silver duct tape.

“This part can be a little tedious and repetitive, my dears. I hope you don’t mind indulging me. But maybe a little entertainment?” Elise picked up her phone and started the Bluetooth speakers in her basement, playing Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach…”

“Do you remember this song, Kim? It was the song playing in the strip club when I first laid eyes on you. I thought it reflected your lack of intellect. Why this song? And I’m sure you thought it was just a coincidence when it was on in my car when I tricked you inside, but it wasn’t. This was going to be OUR song and it will remain so…at least for the next few hours.” Elise laughed and started to sing along a bit as she started to start from the bottom of the torso now, adding a second layer of duct tape. Every time Madonna said “I’m in trouble deep”, Elise tapped on Kim’s head and sang along as if to remind her captives that Madonna had no idea of just how deep trouble could be.

A playlist played songs for the next hour based on the Madonna selection as the Elise made sure to use this time to cover Kim’s body in two immaculate layers of duct tape. Once she was satisfied, she proceeded to lower Kim to the ground onto her stomach and undid the straps holding Kim’s legs together, taking one at a time. Kim tried to stand, but a quick slap to the back of her head told her otherwise.

“Don’t forget, I still control your air, baby girl…” Elise cooed as she proceeded to slip on some ‘socks’ over the feet of her captive, first right and then the left. These socks were designed to slip on and hold Kim’s captive feet in an en-pointe position with insoles of steel-like hardness and once they were on, Kim wasn’t going to be running anywhere as the ‘booties’ would make high heels seem like the most comfortable sneakers in existence assuming she could even stand up in the first place. Satisfied that Kim could barely even flex her feet, Elise started to slip a long thick, white thigh-high sock over each leg, further covering the booties before securing the socks tightly to her thighs with a wrap of tape. If one didn’t know better, one might think Kim was holding her foot in the tight position on her own. However, it was being very strictly enforced.

Satisfied at this, Elise took another little break to play with Amanda, making sure to take care of those eyes once again, now suffering from forced to stare for so long, but she just had to share this experience with Amanda, both a glimpse at Elise’s inhumanity as well as into Amanda’s own future.

With effort and as much strength as she could muster, Elise returned to Kim by forcing those now socked legs together and it took almost two hours for the lower part of her bondage to match her well tortured upper body. First, each socked leg was wrapped from ankle and thigh in the purple vet wrap to the tip of the knee and then repeated a second time. Then she forced the individually wrapped legs together and proceeded to mummify them together into a single useless limb, wrapping them tight with the vet wrap. She used the little movement that the bondage would allow to bend the ex-stripper, using every inch of that flexibility to put her in an insane hogtied position, the soles of her wrapped feet going up past her elbows, her feet pointing as up her reverse-prayered hands that were already causing her shoulder joints were met with the pain in her back.

“I wonder how it feels, Kim. To have every joint in your body slowly stolen from you. So tight, so unyielding and so very permanent.”

Then the wrapping with the tape started, two layers of immaculately wrapped duct tape, no bumps, no bubbles until the only evidence of Kim was her tortured head…her entire body in intense, unyielding and restrictive bondage. But Elise wasn’t done yet. Far from it.

No, the entire process was repeated with tight, white medical tape that went over the duct tape layer of Marita’s upper and lower bodies until there was no hint of the gray tape remaining. The sun had long since set outside as the entire day had been taken now between Marita and Kim. And it would go until the morning because as soon as the white tape was done, out came black electrical tape and Kim’s body was enveloped in an even more tight, less restrictive and perfectly applied jet-black layer. The process was completed almost exactly, almost like a ritual. First descending, then ascending for two tight and smooth layers.

Dear God, when will she stop? Amanda thought to herself. Kim, meanwhile, was thinking of little but sheer claustrophobic panic as her eyes indicated.

Sighing with a bit of boredom, Elise (as always) contemplated leaving the last layer off, but she knew that part of the allure was that each victim had to experience the entirety of the process.

However, Amanda needed a break. Her eyes were red and despite the attention from Elise, she did not want her captive to have any permanent damage to those beautiful orbs yet. Plus, she thought it might be fun to have Amanda play the electric game for a bit to give her some enjoyment as she proceeded with this last, more elastic layer. So, she re-hooked up the circuit and watched with enjoyment as Amanda instantly shot up with a loud, gagged cry as she felt the saddle-shaped stool shocking her once again. To give Amanda’s eyes a rest, Elise walked over to one of her cupboards and true to her word pulled out some orange vet wrap, doing one pass around Amanda’s eyes. The constant moving and squirming of the hate-able reality star gave her some enjoyment as she encircled Kim’s body with more and more of the white tape. After a little over an hour, Kim’s body resembled Marita’s except for one major and obvious omission.

Amanda squirmed as she felt the vet wrap removed from her eyes and she saw the result of the final layer. Truly, she had witnessed Kim transform from a person, albeit a weak and tortured one, to a living, mostly immobile statue before her eyes. She watched with pity, an emotion that the selfish reality star had hardly experienced…true empathy…as her own bondage taught her that Kim was suffering immensely more than she was.

“Well, what do you think, Amanda? A real work of art, right? All ready to accept her fate. And yet you’re here with far less bondage and sitting there helpless and hopeless yourself. Kind of pathetic. But I guess what good is restraining someone without a little incentive is to move? Hmm?”

Elise pulled out a small little device with a big red button on it.

“Clearly you don’t value your life, but maybe you value Kim’s here? Have you heard of the life alert system, Amanda? No doubt it’s not important in a world where every little thing is catered to you, but a while back, I had a little health issue and figured that I had better be able to call for help if I needed it. Just one little touch here and police and paramedics will be at my door in seconds. After I healed up, I decided to hang onto it. It always gave me a little bit of pleasure to know that help for all of you bitches was just one button press away. Or maybe I’d press it if I needed it and they’d leave with me on a gurney and Kim here stuck in a cabinet. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? But now I give that power to you.”

Elise had the life alert on a necklace-like chain which she draped over the neck of Amanda.

“Here’s your big chance, Amanda. I’m doing it now, so Kim here knows that all you have to do is find some way to touch that little button sitting right between your ample tits. Just one press and you’ll both be free, and I’ll be spending the rest of my life in prison or an asylum if I’m lucky. Amanda squirmed as she tried her best to bring her wrenched and mittened hands close to the button, not able to get off of her knees as Elise double-checked to make sure there was no give in Amanda’s restraints.

“That should keep you interested in tonight. But before you get TOO distracted, you might want to watch this part. After all, you’ll be experiencing it, too. Someday. With that, Elise pulled and ratcheted the neck brace on Kim as tight as possible without strangling her, making any movement of the neck nearly impossible as her stocking-covered and gagged head looked in horror, the tight stocking distorting those once-beautiful facial features.

“As for you, Kimmy. I know it’s tough to breathe. I know it’s impossible to talk. I know your mind must be filled with every single horror you can ever imagine. But this is the part you’ve been waiting for. You remember this part, right?”

“NNnnnnnngghhffff…” was all Kim could manage from behind the epoxy-filled phallus bladder inside of her mouth.

“Yes, it is time for us to say goodbye. I know I told Amanda here that I don’t take any pictures, but that isn’t EXACTLY true, is it? You know this. Of course, I have no pictures of the way you remembered yourself. That big-titted stripper, conning men out of their wages with your little dances. That beautiful hair, those piercing eyes, those silicone funbags. That’s the old you. The you that ceased to exist the very minute you made the mistake of getting into that car. But I will take a photo of you once I’m done here. And that photo will be buried with you and collected only when I get bored with Amanda here and find a new replacement. Why look, here is Marita’s.

Elise reached into the coffin which contained the sand and what remained of Marita after being trapped in that coffin for so long. She dusted off the photo. She then walked over and opened a safe, the combination filling the room, where she pulled out seven photos. They all looked almost identical…as if each was the same picture.

“You see, I don’t keep any markings. And I don’t remember many of the names. You all become numbers to me. You’re now number 8. There may be a day where I forget even the numbers. I don’t know which of these is which. That’s the point. At this point, you’re nothing. Less than nothing. You’ll never again feel human touch after tonight. You’ll never hear another word. You’ll never see another sight. You’ll keep breathing, hopefully, until some day you’re dug out of your tomb, and I will wrap you in that fiberglass tape and you’ll become another permanent addition to my pond. I won’t miss you. I likely won’t even think of you much…you’ve been replaced. By someone better, by someone I want more. That’s your fate.”

And with that sinister monologue, Elise turned to Amanda.

“And one day will be yours, too.” Elise then turned back to Kim who was now looking tearfully and with complete horror as she tried to use her body in any way, but she couldn’t even disturb the first layer of vet wrap, much less the rest of them.

“Oh, it’s much too late for that. You’ve had your chances to escape, but that’s all over now. Papa don’t preach…you’re in trouble deep…” whispered Elise as she went to her collection of tapes and toys and pulled out something that looked like a can used to fix flat tires. She pulled out a small scalpel and proceeded to cut a little slit in the stocking, near each of Kim’s ears. Then the nozzle was secured inside the ear hole of Kim. She pressed a button and Kim reacted as much as the neck brace would allow, gurgling in her gag as she felt something filled her left ear.

“You see, Amanda. Pay attention. I know I called this rubber cement before, but that’s quite an insult to the genius chemical engineer who invented it. It’s similar to the stuff filling Kim’s nostrils in that it won’t quite dry out like the epoxy, but once inside the ear it will fill it to capacity and make sure that no noise enters once again. There will be no vibration, no sound entering. So Amanda, Kim is now effectively deaf in her left ear. And what’s more, this chemical bonds to the skin. So effectively, it cannot be removed. I just stole 50 percent of her hearing forever with just one little press of my finger. Pretty amazing, huh?

“Mnggghh…” Amanda wanted to look away, but the posture collar and the eye speculums forced her to watch Kim’s eyes go wild. She had no idea if whatever Elise was saying was true, but it sure sounded true. Kim tried to plead, trying to beg for mercy, her face white with fear, but her muffled pleas were falling on ears far deafer than hers to her cries.

“And to think, Amanda. You could’ve prevented this if you just managed to press that little button between those massive tits of yours. In a way, this is just as much your fault as mine.”

Elise had had enough of mocking Kim by talking to Amanda only. She then placed the can and the little tube into the right ear of her captive.

“I bet you thought I was bluffing when I did this to Marita, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t. Goodbye Number 8. I will see you again when it’s your time to go swimming.”

“Nngghh…nhnhhh…plllss…” Elise almost could swear she heard words coming from Kim’s packed mouth. She made a note that the gag wasn’t TOTALLY effective as she craned her ear toward Kim’s mouth.

“What did you say? Did you want to maybe just have one ear left? Would you like that level of hearing? All you have to say is “Please spare me.” Do you think you can do that, fake tits?”

“Plss…” Elise didn’t even wait for the second word before she pressed the button.

“Whoops, finger slipped,” she said to Amanda only now. As Kim was introduced to a world of complete and utter silence her face turned from white to beet red, a little anger mixed with her terror now.

“Ah, there’s that spirit. I like to see it. Are you upset that I lied to you, baby girl? Well, don’t worry. You won’t have to hear any more lies anymore.”

Oh my God…she’s completely insane…this can’t be happening…

Amanda said as she once again threw herself into a massive fit of struggling, trying her best to reach the big red button draped around her neck. But it was hopeless, she couldn’t even move her head.

Elise did not appear concerned in the least. Instead, she was busy picking up an opened-face spandex hood that covered the head and ears of her captive but left the stockinged face open. Then she picked up what looked like a bucket of paint and a brush.

“Now that it’s just the two of us, Amanda, I can share with you that this here is the very fun part. I know I told you about Marita and painting on her new face. It’s quite amazing. This here is liquid rubber. It goes on as easy as face paint, but as it hardens it becomes quite immobile. One of the things I like most is that the first layer is almost transparent and it will dim Marita…I mean Kim’s…face…almost like a tint. Then the second layer will dim it a bit more. The third layer even more. All in all, I think it takes about five layers to get to looking like a solid mask and leaving the victim in total darkness. Since Kim here is number 8…I think I’ll go for eight layers. Maybe you’ll get nine when your time comes. That sound like fun?”

Of course, that doesn’t sound like fun, you sick bitch…

Elise had no time for thoughts that couldn’t be articulated due to a full mouth so she proceeded to spend the next hour or two applying layers of liquid rubber to Kim’s face, leaving one single eye open so that Kim could truly experience the end of her existence. When that was done, Elise held up a mirror to Kim’s face so that she could see the rubber mask that outlined what was left of her beautiful features. The one eye darted about, but Elise simply put the mirror down, waved goodbye and started rubbing the rubber over the remaining eye until her face was immobile behind the claustrophobic mask.

“Hmm…and that’s that, really. That will harden in about two hours. What a day this has been…and I have a long shoot coming up. I’ll tell you what, Amanda. Why don’t I leave you alone with Kim here for a couple hours. Maybe she can answer any questions you have about what it’s like to be my guest here? I’ll tell you what, I know you’re going to get fixated on pressing that little button, so I probably should take your mind off of it by cranking the electricity on that saddle seat to about…what is it now 10…I think 15 should do. Yikes, it’s about 2:30 AM now… I guess I’ll let you play that game for the next hour or so and I’ll be back to visit a surely exhausted you in about four hours.” With that, Elise flicked the switch to 15 and proceeded to undo the speculum and added another orange vet wrap blindfold to the arrangement. But the torment wasn’t complete as Elise took a little while to demonstrate her rudimentary medical knowledge by hooking Amanda up for a catheter as well. Amanda squawked as she felt this complete invasion of her excretory systems, but Elise wasn’t going to spend the rest of the next day with a mess.

The next four hours were a living nightmare for the reality television star as she spent the majority of them inside the room, face to face with a living and barely breathing mannequin that used to be a human being. Amanda continued to struggle to pull herself off the contact between her pussy and the stool she was bound to.

Almost as a tribute, Elise re-started the music and let Papa Don’t Preach play another time, watching as Amanda ‘danced’ much like the statue in front of her did before.

Elise couldn’t help but be a little bit excited at seeing the spoiled little bitch dance for her like Kim once did, but she needed some rest.

The End

Really, it was more like five hours before Elise managed to find her way back downstairs. She decided to take a nice long bath to prepare herself. As she descended the stairs, she saw an exhausted Amanda caught in a near trance-like state after the pain.

“You can relax, Amanda,” Soon, after we’re done with this, I’ll have you fixed for another enema and we will get you re-hydrated and fed. Maybe even hooked up to your new liquid diet system. I know you big stars are always concerned about your weight.

Elise walked over and picked up the life alert system and pulled it off of Amanda’s neck.

“Just so you know, this button isn’t connected to anything. But Kim sure must have thought that rescue was just one click away…”

You fucking old bag… Amanda tried to say her in her haze, but two days of being trapped to this chair had sapped her of much of her strength. She could barely concentrate as she saw Elise picking up checking the hoses to make sure they were all still working despite the mummification. Happy to hear that Kim had survived the night, Elise started to grab the rolls of tape and began to cover Elise’s new rubber-covered face in the vet wrap, then the duct tape, then the white medical tape, the unforgiving electrical tape, and finally the white elastic tape. The layers climbed up the head, covering both the rubber and the hood, taking care to make sure the hoses were still visible and then back down again, cocooning her head in two layers each. Kim almost had no reaction now other than slight squirms and barely audible noises, the mummification now covering her already stuffed and paneled gag as she became a further parody of the woman she once was. Layer after layer followed until finally the head matched the seamless white mummification of the rest of her body. She posed Kim in the same model as the other and took a Polaroid photograph.

Once this was done, Elise gave the white head a little kiss. And then she proceeded to dump Elise into the coffin. She spent minutes making sure the various hoses were connected to her front and her back as well as the feeding and oxygen tubes. Then, once Kim was hooked up to the live-preserving and waste eliminating hoses, Elise proceeded to go to a closet full of fine-kitty-litter like sand. She filled the coffin with the gray sand, eliminating Kim’s last contact with the outside world. Then for the next thirty minutes, she took her time to screw in the seven inch screws that held the lid on and replaced the metal straps, locking each one. When that was done, she deposited Kim back into the third cabinet which held Marita until yesterday…

That was done. Kim was done. No more Kim until the next playmate arrived, whenever that would be.

Elise walked over to Amanda and gave her cheeks a playful slap.

“Well, I can’t spend another whole day wasting time on you all. I’ve got some errands to run. But now that it’s just the two of us, I think we’re going to have us some real fun…”

Amanda shivered as Elise walked up the steps and shut off the light. She figured Amanda could spend another few hours in the chair…after all, it was going to be a picnic compared to what was coming next.


Cassidy O’Connor was her father’s daughter, and he was a great cop. She was determined to follow in his footsteps. Though only about 5’5”, the police officer had passed the Academy with high marks. She was desperate to make her way through the ranks. The young, freckle-faced officer with the short red hair was a tomboy for sure, except there was no hiding the large breasts that were the talk of the station, but always behind her back.

Cassidy longed to prove herself. She had the same dedication and determination that she had in the academy that she wasn’t just coasting on the reputation of her father and that she was more than a pair of great tits. That’s why it was a disappointment that after graduating from patrol and becoming a detective she was assigned to the cold and unimportant cases in something she believed was a true demonstration of sexism in action.

And she was doubly disappointed to receive a seemingly hopeless fugitive case. Some reality TV show star named Amanda Night. Reading the reports gave her a headache as she was forced to read through the vapid opinions of Night’s sisters and fellow socialites and TV stars. It was clear to Cassidy that maybe this was one person that was better off missing. But she’d do her job as best she could. If Amanda Night was out there, she’d find her.


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