Real Bondage For Anne! Part 2

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2010 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

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Authors note; Though the characters in this story are real people, this story is pure fiction and never really took place.  I wrote this story especially for my friend Anne Woolsey, who is also an excellent fetish writer in her own right!  You can find some of her stories right here on Gromets Plaza.  I would also like to give a special thanks to KobeLee for allowing me to use her as a character in this story. You can find Kobe at her home page,  There, you will find links to her other modeling sites too, including her profile and lots of nice pics!

Part 2

To Anne, With Love!


Chapter 4, Final Preparations

It was now Friday morning and Kobe had a modeling assignment for the first part of the day, which gave me time to prepare for the capture.  After renting the van, which was a mid size white panel van, I came back to the hotel to put on my phone company uniform and picked up my gear, then headed out to find Anne’s house.  Anne lived about 30 miles north of town and armed only with a Mapquest map it took almost an hour to get there, because of dealing with traffic and having to turn around a couple of times.  These damn New England roads, many of which probably followed cow trails when they first laid out, are not well marked and sometimes a real pain.  Finally I found her home, which set along side a country highway.   I drove around studying the area and then left the neighborhood and went down the road to a diner for lunch.

When I was through eating I went out and got my magnetic phone company signs and placed them on the doors of the van.  Then I hopped in the van and went back to Anne’s house.  Her home was in a beautiful country setting on a large lot that was partially wooded and a stream at the back of the property.  The house was a beautifully restored old two story colonial style, with a driveway going down one side to a small detached garage, which I’m sure was built sometime later as old as the house was.  Except for a new subdivision about a mile down the road, there weren’t very many neighbors close to her and even fewer within sight of her house.  That would help give me a little privacy to do what I needed. 

After parking the van in the driveway close to the road in front of her house, I got out, opened the back door, got out a tool belt with tools and an old phone and put it on.  That way, if any of the neighbors drove by and saw me, they wouldn’t be too suspicious.  Following a procedure a phone company repairman told me about, I went up and knocked on the door.  This would also assure me that Anne wasn’t home for some reason and wouldn’t be there to call the cops when I tried to break in.  With no answer I circled the house and found the phone company access box so if somebody came around I would go to the box and pretend I was working. 

Looking around for anybody stirring and determining that the coast was clear I went to the back door, which was actually on the side of the house back by the garage and under a small porch.  Fortunately, it was obscured by the building outcropping on the front side and wooded areas in line site of other homes, so I was protected from sight from nosy neighbors.  After picking the lock I opened the door and then slightly closed it leaving it a-jar and left. 

Back in the van I circled the area for a while passing by her house several times.  I was killing time to see if the cop’s showed up responding to a silent alarm.  I didn’t think an old house like this out in the country would have an alarm but I wasn’t taking any chances.  I killed a little more time knocking on doors and asking neighbors in the area where their phone access was and told them there were reports of trouble on the line and I needed to check their line.  One lady even invited me in to check her phone but I declined saying that all I needed was to check it at the box, thus solidifying my appearance as a phone company repair man.

After over 30 minutes of pissing around I decided that the coast was clear and proceeded back to Anne’s house.  This time I grabbed my bag of goodies and went on into her house.  Exploring, I went into each room looking around, being careful not to disturb anything so she would not get startled or suspicious when she arrived home.  I found numerous things to tie her too and thought we were going to have some fun if all goes well.  Next I checked out her basement where her laundry room was and thought, ‘This would make a nice dungeon!’  Then I went back up and on upstairs to the second floor.  Entering her bedroom I was pleasantly surprised to find a 4-post canopy bed.  I could think of all kinds of ways to tie her to this bed, some of which were in her stories!

Studying the layout of her bedroom and checking her closet I decided on what I was going to do.  In her closet were professional business outfits for a professional lady and I could tell she took great care with her clothes.  I figured that more that likely when she got home she would go straight to her bedroom and either strip to take a shower or change out of her work clothes and into something more comfortable to kick back and relax in. 

Setting up the room for her capture, I placed some coils of ¼ inch cotton clothesline rope just under the edge of her bed along with a few strips of duct tape.  I also placed a few coils of rope around and behind or underneath some of the other furniture in the room just in case when I take her down it’s not where I planned but still would have access to what I needed.  Since I was going to hide in the closet when she came in, I placed the bag with the rest of my supplies in the closet off to one side and also placed some rope and tape on it to hook onto me just before I attack her.  I also pulled out an ice cube tray and a couple of pieces of string then headed down stairs.

Back in the kitchen, I took the two pieces of string and coiled about a foot and a half of each one in the middle, stuffed them in separate holes in the tray, added water and stuck them in the freezer.  I had a couple of pair of soft fuzzy handcuffs that I had planned on using on Anne, to leave her alone in a handcuff hogtie when Kobe and I were done with her and when we left.  The two strings were to hold the keys out of her reach until the ice melted.  One for release and one as a backup just in case the other gets hung up for some reason.  I wanted Anne to experience a little ‘left deserted’ alone time in inescapable bondage but still wanted her to eventually get free.  I estimated the Ice would melt in about an hour, give or take, which should give her plenty of time to reflect on what happened to her.

Now with everything ready, it was time to go get Kobe.  I left Anne’s house leaving the back door unlocked.  This area did not appear like it was even close to a high crime area and I figured nobody would come around here checking houses to rob.  I made it back into Boston in half the time since I knew where I was going and found Kobe’s house easily as per her verbal directions.  She was ready and excited when she opened the door. 

I had specific instructions on what I wanted her to wear and she did not disappoint.  Over a white string tie bikini, she wore a dark leather mini-skirt that hugged her hips, dark stockings that you could just see the lacy tops at skirt level, along with a white button type top that exposed her belly.  To finish that off she had on those black high heels.  Looking at her and thinking about last night, I was getting hard when I said to her, “Wow!  You look fantastic!  Ready to go?”

Giddy with excitement and responding to my remark, she replied, “Thank you!  Yes I am!”  Then after grabbing her purse, we left.

From what I determined from all the conversations I had listened to, Unless Anne made a few stops on the way home or got held up in traffic, she should be home at about 6:15.  Kobe and I stopped and got a quick bite to eat and then headed to Anne’s house.  Now with Kobe driving, we arrived there a few minutes before 6:00.  I had her drop me off and instructed her on what to do.  She was to go park somewhere and drive by about every 10 minutes or so and when she sees a red bandana tied to the light post just outside the house, she is to come on in the back door being very quiet.  If things go wrong and the cop’s show up, she’s to drive away and abandon me there. 

After giving Kobe her instructions, I got out and headed to the side door and right into Anne’s house, locking the door behind me so Anne wouldn’t be suspicious.  I made a quick check to be sure she didn’t come home early and found the coast was clear, so after double checking to see that everything was set, I waited in her living room for her to come home.  The front windows had those shear curtains which allowed me to fuzzily see out but nobody could see in.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity and watched Kobe pass by a couple of times.  It was about 30 minutes before a car pulled up and turned into the driveway.  ‘It’s her!  She’s here!’ I thought, and my heart was pounding as I quickly made my way back up to her bedroom and into her closet.  Leaving the door open a crack I had just the view I needed where I could see her and pounce when the opportunity presented itself.  I just hoped I was lucky enough that she wouldn’t come in and open the closet door first!


Chapter 5, The Capture

Anxiety and anticipation welled up inside me as I waited for Anne.  I heard the side door open and shut followed by a thud and clanging of keys on a table.  Then I heard her footsteps clop, clop across the kitchen floor and on to the hardwood floor.  Next, I could hear the creaking of the wood by her feet on the steps coming upstairs and then into the bedroom just in front of me.  I watched her through the crack of the closet door as she paused in front of the dresser.  She removed her glasses and laid them on the dresser followed by her earrings.  Her dark hair was nicely styled but put up in a business like style to which she undid and shook loose.  Then she started humming to herself as she moved over by the bed to get undressed.

She first kicked off her shoes and then took off the jacket to the pants suit she was wearing and carefully laid it on the bed.  Next came her slacks followed by her blouse, which left only her socks, black lacy panties and bra.  As I planned she had her back to me when she reached back with both arms to unhook her bra.  I burst out of the closet, grabbing her by the arms, tripping her down to the floor by hooking my leg around hers, as she let out a short startled scream.  With her arms already behind her back, I had easy control of her, besides she didn’t seem to be near as strong a Kobe was, which made the takedown a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

While pinning her down on the floor she started screaming for help to which I quickly clamped my hand over her mouth and told her, “Shut up or I’m gonna hurt you!  Understand?”  Weeping, she nodded her head yes.  After slowly removing my hand from her mouth, she lay there silently for a few seconds while I bound her wrists.  When I was through tying the cinch loop, I said, “There we go”, which gave Anne an opening to speak up, “Please, please don’t hurt me!  You can take anything you want, just please don’t hurt me!”

Ignoring her pleas, I removed her socks, which tickled her feet a little and made her yelp, and then proceeded to cross tie her ankles.  While winding the rope she spoke up again, “Please, you don’t have to tie me up!  I’ll be good!  Just take what you want!”  Still ignoring her and after securing her ankles, I pulled her ankles toward her wrists and started tying her in a hogtie.  Recognizing the helplessness of this tie and now crying, she started begging, “No, please, don’t tie me like this!  I’ll do anything you want!  Please!  Pleeeeese, NO!”

My aggressive demeanor changed to a softer, more focused approach as I was tying her elbows together (she was flexible enough).  While she lay there sobbing, I thought in my mind, I knew she might react this way, but I was only thinking about the fantasy and the end result and not the reality of what I was really doing.  I didn’t realize how much her reaction would affect me either.  My heart went out to her and I almost stopped and let her go, but without finishing what we started, I am just a burglar who’s now in trouble with the law.  Still crying, she wiggled and squirmed a bit, shaking her head no as I applied the tape over her mouth and then lifted her up on the bed, dropping her in the middle.

I now decided to speak and softly said, “Yes you WILL do anything I want, Anne!”  Soon as I spoke her bondage story Internet name, her whole face twitched in recognition and her eyes got big as saucers as she realized what was going on here and that this was no ordinary burglary.  I then said to her, “Just a minute, I’ll be right back!”  She loudly mmphed as I left the room.

I went downstairs and outside to quickly tie the bandana to the light post and headed back inside, this time leaving the door unlocked for Kobe.  When I got back upstairs and into the bedroom, I found Anne had already started working on trying to escape as she had scooted over to the edge of the bed and was starting to wiggle down.  I of course caught her and she yelped as I shoved her back to the middle of the bed saying, “Uh, uh, uuh!  Oh no you don’t!”  She replied by angrily shaking her head no and mmphing at me.

She then watched me go to the closet and pull out my bag of goodies, setting it beside her on the bed and opening it up.  After pulling more coils of rope out of the bag and unraveling them, she got a scared look in her eyes and started frantically struggling and mmphing no!  I scooted her up to the head of the bed and after tying some rope to the headboard posts, propped her up on her knees in her hogtie and secured her to it as she wiggled to try to get away.  I chuckled and said, “Now you’re not going anywhere, are you?”  She angrily shook her head again and growled at me through her gag. 

Picking up more rope, I went to the foot of the bed and proceeded to tie a strand up high on each post and then down by the floor on each corner.  Anne had a horrified look on her face as she probably thought she was about to be strung up there and no telling what I was going to do to her.  This however was not going to be the case, at least not right now for I had other plans to use these for.  Then I picked up my bag and said to her, “I’ll be back in a few!”  Tugging to get free she mmphed ‘no’ at me again as I left the room.

While waiting in the kitchen for Kobe I took the supplies out of my bag that I needed for her and just in time as the door opened and she peeked in.  Waving her on in and putting my finger to my lips, I gave her ‘the shush sign’ to which she nodded in the affirmative.  As I quickly tied Kobe’s hands behind her back and added a collar and ball gag, we both could hear Anne mmphing and the rattling of the headboard as she struggled.  After clicking on a leash to the collar, I picked up my bag and whispered to Kobe, “Ready?”  She nodded yes so then I gave a little tug on the leash and Kobe followed me upstairs into the bedroom.

Anne’s face had an instant look of bewilderment when she saw Kobe being lead in bound and gagged.  She looked back and forth at us now with a look of ‘What the hell is going on here?’  Not saying a word, I pulled Kobe up to the foot of the bed facing Anne and proceeded to untie her wrists.  Other that slight tugs, Anne had stopped almost all her struggling and watched intently to what I was doing to Kobe.  She probably thought that this evil man was going to use her house as a bondage harem or something, I guessed!

After releasing Kobe’s wrists I commanded her to raise her wrists up toward the ropes I had tied to the top of the posts.  She delayed in acting by rubbing her wrists, so I took the piece of rope that I took off her wrists and whipped a stroke across her butt, which made a loud crack against the leather skirt.  She slightly jumped and raised her arms immediately.  Anne, startled by that move and noise, jumped twice as much as Kobe did and momentarily got a look of fear on her face but it quickly changed back to a look of concern for Kobe as I was tying her wrists apart to the posts.  This was a planned move between Kobe and I to help get and judge Anne’s reaction.  I thought to myself that we might have her compliance now, if Anne’s compassion connects her to Kobe’s plight.

Anne couldn’t see Kobe’s feet below the mattress, so I just removed her shoes then tied her feet apart to the corners of the bed.  She then started sensually struggling and mmphing, pretending to try to get free.  What I found amazing was that instead of just watching, Anne started her struggling again in unison with Kobe and their eyes were focused on each other as if they were connected in some way.  At this point I knew we had her emotionally and she was starting to enjoy her predicament especially since that little spot on her black panties was now darker with wetness.

Anne, breaking her concentration from Kobe, started struggling stronger when I crawled up on the bed toward her with another piece of rope.  She mmphed no and continued to struggle with frantic little jerks as I tied it around her waist and then passed it between her legs to the headboard and back out drawing it up tight and tying it off to her waist loop.  I took a good look at the rope burring itself in her sex and she blushed a deep red when I said, “Nice!”

After letting them struggle for a minute, I stepped up behind Kobe and started fondling her, at which time Anne stopped her struggling and watched intently and with more concern.  I believe she thought I was going to attack Kobe somehow and she wanted to help her.  Kobe moaned with great pleasure as I groped her by reaching around, cupping her breasts in my hands, circling them and sliding one of my hands down to her leg, lifting her skirt and rubbing her bikini wrapped mound.  She cringed and giggled a bit as what I was doing kind of tickled her.  As Anne continued to stare intently as I began stripping Kobe right in front of her. 

Just as Anne had never really been tied up, and except for watching videos on the Internet, she had never really witnessed anyone tied up for real either and was mesmerized by what was unfolding in front of her. 

Reaching up with both hands I undid Kobe’s top and pulled it open and back against her shoulders.  Then untying her bikini top I pulled it away exposing her breasts to which I fondled again paying close attention to her nipples.  As I was working on Kobe I watched Anne’s reaction to what was going on.  Anne was discretely humping her crotch rope burying it deeper into her sex as she intently watched.  I finished stripping Kobe by unzipping her skirt and pulling it away, fondling her again getting her bottoms wet.  Then Untying the bottoms, I removed them, exposing her now completely nude form (except for her stockings), which I fondled a little more but stopped just short of bringing Kobe to climax, to which she moaned a disappointed sigh when I quit.  I stopped because this was all about Anne and her pleasure and it’s time to refocus all our attention on her. 


Chapter 6, Introduction and Play Time

I reached up and removed Kobe’s ball gag and then said, “Anne, does she look familiar to you?  Puzzled, Anne looked closely at Kobe and then cautiously nodded yes.  Then while releasing Kobe from her ties I said, “You ought to if you’ve been on the Internet looking at bondage pictures.”  Anne blushed again as I continued, “Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to my slave KobeLee.”  Still keeping my identity secret for a while longer, I continued, “With my help, she will be tormenting you for the rest of the evening.”  Looking at me with disdain, Anne struggled and shook her head, while mmphing ‘No.’ 

After releasing Kobe from her bonds I looked at Anne and said, “It’s your turn now!”  That fired her up and really got her struggling as we both approached her from each side of the bed.  I then said, “I’m sorry dear, but there’s no escape for you!  Not to worry though, what we have planned for you should be mostly enjoyable.  Notice I said mostly?”  With that I let out a sinister chuckle as Anne stewed in her helpless tie.

Most of what I had planned to do to Anne was from the stories she wrote.  They were from her own fantasies and I thought if she wrote about them she probably desired to be in them.  One time I wrote her, asking in what way did she desire to be tied up the most.  She wrote back with an excerpt from a story which a woman was put in an arch back cross ankle hogtie!  So I decided that would be the first tie we would torment her with.  Since she was already in a form of cross ankle hogtie, we were only going to modify it a bit and then leave her for a while to enjoy it. 

Kobe and I released her from the headboard and laid her face down in the middle of the bed.  She stopped most of her struggling except for when we touched her, which she would shake and jerk, mmphing ‘no.’  I tried to follow most of what was in one of the stories she wrote to recreate the tie for her.  Kobe removed the tape from her mouth and not giving her any time to talk, I quickly worked a big spongy red ball gag into her mouth and tightly buckled it. 

Realizing I needed to wrap some rope around her chest and upper body, we sat her back up and Kobe held her as I tied her with more rope.  I doubled the rope and put it around her arms and chest just above her breasts and fed the tails through the loop and pulled it up snug with the joint in back just above the elbow cinch.  Next, I made a circle around the elbow cinch and then fed both strands around her body under one arm, across under her breasts, under the other arm and back to the elbow cinch, hooking back into the same loop.  Then splitting the two strands went up over her shoulders on each side of her neck and to the two chest loops, wrapping both together slightly squeezing her breasts, back up around her neck then back down to the breasts on the outside of each one wrapping each strand around the upper loop, then tying them off to the lower loop thus squeezing her breasts a little more.  This pretty much welded her elbows in the middle of her back making it impossible for her to get loose.

I never have understood why, when you tie up a woman, most of the time she looks at your face and not what you are doing to her.  That was the same way with Anne.  Other than a quick glance along with a little tug or struggle here or there she mostly was looking, or should I say staring right at me.  At least whenever I glanced at her, she was.  I’m not sure but I guess women either like to see the expression of enjoyment that you have on your face when tying them, or their waiting for the boogie man to come out and terrorize them.  I always found that to be a little freaky though!

Laying Anne back face down we went to work finishing her hogtie.  This first tie we were putting her in I wanted to be extra tight for her to experience a total loss of control and complete helplessness.  So even though her ankles were cross tied and would be pulled up to her butt, we still frog tied her ankles to her thighs finishing up with cinch loops to keep them from working down off her knees.  Next we finished the hogtie, by looping a rope around between her ankles and around the rope just behind her neck and pulled it taught.  Kobe then lifted up on her shoulders as I took up the slack forcing her to arch her back, then around her elbow cinch and back to her ankles tying it off.  Anne was now grunting with her little struggles and mmphs, signaling a strenuous tie.

To keep Anne from moving her hands from side to side we retied the crotch rope.  Pulling it from the waist loop in front of her, we brought it between her legs tightly burring it and her panties into her sex which made her squeal and around the cinch loop between her wrists pulling it tight.  Then we hooked it around her waist loop in back and up to and around her ankles, then up to her ball gag, pulling her head up and back, finally tying it off.  This way any tugging she does, especially with her wrists also stimulates her sex.  Yummy!

To hold her in position, we tied a rope from one corner of the bed, around the loop just between her elbows and neck and then down to the other corner.  Next we tied two ropes from the other two corners to her cinch loops on each leg and pulled them tight, spreading her legs a little more.  For a couple of finishing touches, Kobe tied a bandana over her eyes for a blindfold as I taped her thumbs and fingers together with the duct tape.

Kobe and I stepped back and stood silently for a minute, admiring our work and listening to Anne grunt and moan.  I turned to Kobe and said in my typical Okie accent, “Wudda you think?”

She replied, “I don’t think she’s going anywhere for a long time!”

I then said, “Why don’t we just leave her here for a while!”

Anne couldn’t move much, but she managed to shake her head slightly and as loud as she could and mmphed ‘NO’.

I continued, “I know, lets go see a movie.  That should give her plenty of time to stew over her predicament!”

Kobe replied, “Sounds good to me!” 

That really got Anne fired up and struggling hard but she couldn’t move much at all.  She grunted squealed moaned and groaned still shaking her head ‘no’ trying to get us to not leave her alone.

I said, “Ok, let’s go!” and we walked out of the room and down stairs. I only intended to leave Anne for about 15 minutes and then check on her, maybe adding some stimulation for a while longer, but to Anne it sounded like we were going to leave her for hours like this.  We sat at the dining table listening to the noises Anne was making in her struggles and very quietly discussing what we would do next.  Anne must have heard us talking because she quieted down a lot, soon after we sat down.

As we waited I kept checking my watch for the 15-minute mark.  It seemed like it was taking forever for that time to pass, so it must have seemed like an eternity to Anne being tied up like she was.  Every once and awhile Anne would make some noise.  She’d either grunt hard and we could hear the bed shake a little or she would whimper.  Once it sounded like she might have also had an orgasm, but we were not sure.

Finally time was up and we started to sneak back upstairs.  I wanted to surprise and startle her but the creaking of the wood floors alerted her to our approach, so we just walked in and I said, “Well, how’s our little slave doing?”

Anne replied with a single loud “MMmmph!”

I then said, “We figured you were getting a little bored all tied up like this, so we decided to give you a little stimulation.”  Of course, unable to move, Anne just growled at us, which made me quietly snort a chuckle.  After pulling a small six-inch bullet vibrator out of my bag, I handed it to Kobe and said, “Here, try this on her.”  As Kobe climbed up on the bed between her legs, I very gently stroked Anne’s beautiful dark hair from her forehead and said to her, “Don’t worry dear!  You won’t be tied up like this much longer!”

Anne didn’t move, even to my touch until Kobe started poking her sex with the vibe.  Anne moaned and whined, trying to reach down with her taped fingers to stop the assault, as Kobe easily worked the vibe, past the crotch rope and panties and into her already very wet sex.  The vibe had a small loop on the end, which made it easy to secure in place with a short piece of rope.  Anne panted heavily to Kobe’s touch as her fingers rubbed against Anne’s clit while she secured the vibe to the crotch rope.  Kobe then crawled off the bed as I leaned over reaching for the vibrators ‘On’ button.

I then said to Anne, “This little toy has two speeds.  Which would you like?  Low?” I pushed the button once and the vibe came to life causing Anne to moan loudly between her short breaths, “Or, high?” pushing the button again to high speed, which caused Anne to squeal along with her moans.  “Good!  High it is!  We’ll leave you for a while again to enjoy your new toy!”  Anne growled a moan loudly once before going back to her short moans and breaths. 

Kobe and I no sooner made it to the top of the stairs when we heard Anne cumming, and she wasn’t quiet about it either.  We smiled at each other as we went downstairs to sit at the table.  In the 15 more minutes I gave her, we heard her cum at least two more times.



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