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Roy wrapped the last loop around the leg and yanked hard.

“That is how you rope a calf.”

“Moo” said Amy waving her free arm.

She struggled a little showing how secure the three-legged hog tie was done for calf roping before Mrs. Donnavans 4th grade class.

Sashay Leathers and Outfitters were in the middle of Wyoming’s rough country.  It did a very brisk business and was known for its custom leatherwork. Roy Wayne. (No relation by the way.) Was what you would call a Picassos and Renoir of the leather world. He specialized in restoration and reconditioning of any leather item and a maker of dying art of saddlery. He took the business over from his father, who now was in Miami, after his rodeo career was cut short by a bull goring him in the knee. He could walk fine but if you knew his right boot was tricked out to make up for the one inch in height missing from surgery. He had one of those bone diseases that did not let you heal right. Imagine all that time in high school sport and rodeo and he never broke a bone. Then the one time it happened. Wham. He was out for good.

Amy was infatuated with him. She remember him as a senior when was a freshman. He was the nice boy with the dreamy eyes. He was ripped right off the cover of Marlborough ad. Rugged looks and soft blue eyes. Roy was a local celebrity in town. Having won the all around competition and was well on his way to a second when the bull got him. His grandfather served in WWII and his father a decorated Vietnam veteran. Roy’s brother Ray was in the gulf right now and a lot of the locals asked about him.  Roy was the baby in the family and was carrying on the family business. It may not seem much but in this town, thing like that mean something. Amy waited for Roy to release her but he was answering all kind of questions and she let a more impatient ‘Moo” to make fun of her situation. 

“Can’t you take it?’ He asked.

“Oh I can take it.” Amy answered. “But some one needs to the get the candy.”

That lit up the children’s faces and an odd expression from Roy. Sashay suckers where an odd side item that was something Roy's mother conjured up one Halloween years ago. The next year kids where around the block wanting to get one. Amy was not a big sweet tooth but they where like a caramel cream sucker. The recipe is a family secret. It does a small amount of online business. They proved to be very popular and so they produced them in a little candy shop next door. The candy shop shared a little room that looks like a rodeo where there is free coffee and prairie muffins (blueberry and bran muffins) till noon. This hitching post, as the local like to call it, is where the news of the day is discussed and old timers play cards. Roy’s father built it and Roy did not mind it. It was nice place to hang out and served as meeting room from time to time. Right now all the tables had been moved back and pad placed over the wooden floor. Amy lay on the pad and looked into Roy somewhat odd expression. He reached over and with a quick tug on the rope her limbs where free. Roy escorted them to the back to show the candy making equipment while Amy got the premade samples.

Amy grew up here and had been working at Sashay for just under a year. She was taking the place of the last girl who worked the front registers. She was promoted or something. Amy never heard of her but she was working at the ranch. It would be nice to work there. It paid more she knew that. Her veterinary scholarship had run out due to some bureaucratic mess. She was now in a red tape nightmare. Until it could get cleared up she could not continue her education. Nor could she apply for any student loans until it was cleared up. It was a catch 22 situation. So she moved back home and got a job at Sashay until the red tape got cleared up. She fit right in and her basic veterinary skills came in handy in answering some counter questions. But she always referred them to Doc Gray for collaboration about any medical advice. Last thing she needed was getting caught practicing medicine without a license.

She was running the tab out on the register for the night. Her wrists still were a little raw from today demonstration. Roy usually demonstrated calf roping to visiting schools using Shin's wife Maiko. Shin Tanaka's story was a very odd one and is one of those human interest’s stories every one love to hear about. Like a rose growing in a junkyard. It illustrated that in war, some good may come of it. Shin's grandfather was Japanese solder in WWII. Roy's grandfather, a young lieutenant who by his own admission got lost and separated from the jungle. Oddly enough Shin's grandfather, also a young officer was lost. They bumped into each other. They looked at each other. From what both of them have told the story. They were two kids just married and fresh out of officer training school lost in the jungle. They just stared at each other. Neither went for their side arms. Then a Japanese patrol was heard on the way. Shin's grandfather motioned for Roy's grandfather to hide. After ordering the patrol to go to some where else. Shin's Grandfather left with the patrol. Then later that day Roy's grandfather stopped a very angry marine officer about beat the crap out of Japanese solder only to find it was it was Shin's Grandfather he saved from a beating. Natually the rest is history. They kept in touch via the mail. Shin’s grandfather knew english. Having moved back to Japan ten years before the war.

After the war they conversed and in time there was a reunion and Shin's grandfather, Mako, got his papers to live in the U.S as a ranch hand and the rest is history. It one of those odd little stories they talk about from time to time at the legion post. Shin worked as the boss at the ranch handling the day to day stuff. The Misty Bar Ranch had been in the Wayne family for generations. About ten years ago they established an exclusive retreat which was an old bunkhouse in the most remote area of the ranch.  No roads. You had to pack everything by horse. It went by the name Rawhide Retreat. No one knows who goes there but it cost a bundle to stay there. Every spring they have some wild party which guest show up and pay some huge undisclosed amount. No one knows what goes on up there but rumors abound. Amy had never been to the ranch. Not that she needed to. Maybe she would be able to go to this year Xmas party held out there.

She did not party like she had in high school. She was saving her penny’s to resume her schooling by the start of next years classes with or with out scholarship. So her social life was suffering. She closed the register and heard the sound of heavy boots on the wooden floor. She turned and saw Roy walking down one aisle. She nodded to him. “Just closing up. Overall it was a slow day.”

“Fer you. Got two more custom saddle orders.”

“Ever thought of hiring on more people?” She said then inwardly winced. She had no right telling Roy his business. If Amy had one fault. She was a bit stubborn and prideful. She knew that and tried to keep from putting her foot into her mouth.

“Oh Shin and me do all right.  This is looking to be a good year. We had lean times too. Most people that order know it won't be there overnight.”

“Sure. Look I didn’t mean to tell you to change your ways.”

“It’s alright.” Roy paused then asked. “You said you could take it.”


“You said you could take it.”

“Oh that. Yeah. I did mean to show you up or anything.”

”No that’s okay. Not many talk back to the boss that way. I found it refreshing.”


“But just don’t make it habit.”

“No. I won't.”

“Good but back to my other question. You said you could take it.”

“Yeah I was a bit of a tom boy.”

“I think I remember you in high school. You played catcher right?”  

“And shortstop.”

“So If I tied you up and left you hung out to dry for day in desert you wouldn’t mind it.”

Amy was not sure was this was going but this was the longest talk she had with him in long time. Her job interview had not even taken this long. Maybe he was looking for some people to work out at his ranch. She knew it paid more. Not wanting to turn down and a higher paying opportunity she decide to play along. Who knows? Maybe Roy was looking for girl as tough as he was.

“I don’t think so.”

Roy flashed a lopsided smile. “Want to try something?”


“Shin wants to show me something his grandfather taught him. Miako got bucked off her horse last week so she not in good shape right now.”

Amy had not heard of that. She had not seen her in awhile but since she work at the ranch when not doing the books that was not unusal.

“Shin needs female volunteer. I can pay for your time.”

Amy heard the word ‘pay’ and her mind ignored everything else.

“What do I have to do?”

“I am not sure but sure what he wants to make but it some kind of body mold or shaping. It’s one of those master/student things that can only be shown and not explained. He says he can’t wait. And with those two new orders it kinda took up any spare time we would need to do it later.”

Amy was intrigued. Shin was always quiet around the store. His wife did the books upstairs and hardly said more than two words to her. Rumor had it that Shin's family and another family had an arranged marriage. The wedding was in Japan but then a big party was thrown at the ranch. It was quite a shindig from what she heard.

“Okay. When?”

“Saturday night after work. Bring a bathing suit and a change of clothes. Oh, we going to have a big meal so eat a lite lunch.”

“Okay. This mold not going to hurt is it?”

“Only if you want it to.”


“Just kidding.”

Saturday was only two days away and Roy was at the ranch both days. Amy did not ask anyone else that worked at Sashay about this body-molding thing. Must be something new they where trying out and she thought they might want to keep it a secret so asking about it might not be a good idea. Now there where all kinds of rumors of what happened at the Mystery Mist Ranch but none she took stock in. All she knew was Shin wanted to do a body mold. Now she was wondering why and how of the body molding and what where they going to use it for. Maybe she must have misunderstood or Roy misunderstood Shin. Either way a couple of extra buck in collage coffer would not hurt. So on Saturday she waited outside after work. No much happens in town and they rolled up the sidewalk after eight. Amy did not know how long she would wait and it was nearly an hour after the store closed when Roy’s jeep rounded the corner.

“Sorry I was late a lot of work to do at the ranch.”

“It okay. “

“Got your suit and clothes.”

Amy tossed a bag in the back and got in the jeep. “All set.”

“Good because you going to have to go swimming first. Shin said it was purifying the body. I don’t know much about this but it is pretty fascinating stuff.”

Amy stomach growled but thought it was wise you were not to go swimming for an hour after eating. But nothing about eating after swimming. Roy was seriously stressed about time and she could tell by his expression he was serious about this. Amy had never been to the ranch before and in the dark on a moonless night it was impossible to know where they where or what road they took the minute they left the highway. She knew the main road to the ranch was further down the highway but that was for guests and was paved but the back of the ranch was closer to town so Roy must have taken the back way. The back way jolted her around a little but it was almost taking a roller coaster ride at night. It was a little fun especially when they went cross-country and took in some ‘air time.’

Finally her kidney-killing ride ended as they drove up to the house. Even in the darkness she could tell it was a big house and several other facilities ringed around the back. It almost reminder of that TV show Dallas. Roy drove up to the side of the main house. Miako was dressed in a Japanese get up called a kimono if may remember what little she knew of Japanese culture. Her face was painted white and had on this very elaborate wig with things coming out of it. There was a word for the way she was dressed. What was that? Gay something. Geisha that was it!

“Follow Miako. She will show you what to do.”

Miako bowed and walked inside. Amy grabbed her bag and followed her. Miako had a slight pronounced limp. Amy realized that must have been from the accident Roy spoke of earlier. Miako was not very tall. Maybe five foot at the most and in that get up. She looked like a china doll. She was not inside the house for very long when they where outside again by a huge heated pool. Steam rose from its surface. Floating on top where water lilies and other flower petals. The smell from it was a very intoxicating aroma. It was very surreal and beautiful. Then Miako began to undress her. Amy tried to assist but Miako shook her head no. Amy mind flashed back to something she had seen along time ago. A movie or tv series. Shogun or something like that. It was all very Japanese and she did not have any other reference to draw on.

The boots where hard to get off and the chill of the air caused goose bumps to spread over her skin like wildfire once her jacket had been taken off. Amy figured that Miako would stop at the panties and bra but she removed those as well. Amy motioned for her to get her bag so she could put on her suit but Miako indicated she go into the water. Skinny dipping? Well as long as it was just us girls. Well she did know Japanese families took baths together. This must be something like that. Once in the water her skin became alive. Like every pore in her body open up and sneezed. Amy looked around herself to see if she was leaving an oil slick of body dirt or something.

“WOW.” She let out a shout of pure emotion. “This feels gooood.” 

She looked back at Miako who smiled and then made a motion to go to the end of the pool and back. Then she touched the top of her head and made rubbing motions. Amy figured she was to do a few laps around the pool and get all of herself completely emersed. Then rub herself under water like she was taken a bath. She kept bathing and doing laps until Miako indicated she was to come to the poolside. Then she with care she began to scrub her back with a sponge. Then it was to a massage table where Miako kneaded her body like dough and she could feel every muscle let go. It was the first time in a very long time she had ever felt so relaxed and at peace. It was like waking up to a new reality. And she was getting paid for it. If the guests at the ranch get this kind of treatment. No wonder they pay over five hundred a day.

When it came time to stand up she barely could manage it. Her body was so loose it took a moment for the right muscle to tighten up again. Then Maiko got to work on dressing her in some sort of Japanese bikini. It looked like three silk hankies and a bunch of strings. But looked great when she finished tying it on. Then she was dressed in a white silken robe that matched Miako’s along with those funny looking sandals. Then Amy followed her to little room just off the poolside. Miako sat down with her leg under her. She motioned Amy to sit across the squat little table. Amy mimicked the seated position and watch Miako brew tea. It became very fascinating to observe. She had heard of Japanese tea ceremony but this seemed a near religious experience. She drank the tea. She more of a Lipton ice tea drinker and this was nothing like this. It seemed to warm her inside and tickled her nose.

She had drunk three cups before Miako motioned her to stand and led her out of the house. A straw mat lay on the ground. They followed the straw path to one of dozen barns. The door opened just as they arrived with Roy at the door smiling approvingly. There was a strong smell of flowers and candles lit the room creating soft glowing light everywhere. She was directed to table where a hide was stretched out. She did not know what animal it came off of. At the foot of the table Shin was dressed in a robe much Maiko’s. There was an elderly man in the far corner of the barn with an odd looking guitar that sat on the floor. She did not know what it was called but it played that Japanese restaurant banjo sound. 

Miako undressed her and she stood in the silken bikini. She saw Roy expression and could tell he was impressed. Amy was taking this all in and thought that she was in some dream. Roy motioned she lie on the table. Then shin positioned her body the way he wanted it. Arms at her sides and head back. Then that banjo tune changed. Roy and Shin began wrapping her in the hide and tying her into it. They started at her feet and began to work up her body. Every so often she heard a chime. The knots where no ordinary knot. The looked like roses or some sort of flower. Slowly a row of leather flowers began wind their way up the front of her body. Every seventh flower Maiko would ring a bell. Amy wanted to say something but she felt she would ruin it if she did. There where so many questions she wanted to ask. Maybe this was like an herbal wrap. 

She drifted off to sleep about when they reached her knees and woke up when they reached her neck. But they did not stop there. She felt completely out of it and let them tie her up all the way to the top of her head. Not that she could do anything about it. Her whole body was stiff and she could not move. Yet at the same time she felt so relaxed and at peace with the world. She was one with the universe and the universe was good. She could see the moon just peaking it way into the small upper window of the barn. But in a nice cozy and warm cocoon she was feeling very safe almost like she was in her mother womb. This odd feeling of being safe and protected. It felt like just waking from a good nap. Very refreshed and not wanting to leave the warm comfortable feeling of her bed.

The fur of the hide felt nice against her skin. Then when Roy and Shin finished their knot tying. They began to brush on some liquid over her hide cocoon. It smelled horrible. It occurred to her to make the mold they where going to have to apply something to make the mold a mold. They brushed it on her from head to toe and then after awhile she did not mind the smell. It made her a little light headed. Meanwhile the old Japanese guy, Amy guesses it may be Shin's grandfather or even father. Kept playing that three-string banjo. She could see over three quarters of the moon in the window now. The edges of her vision where fuzzy. Dream like even.

She must have dozed off. When she open her eyes again the moon was in full view of the window and the banjo music had stopped. But now her skin was beginning to itch and she felt funny. But not in a good way. Movement of any kind was impossible. She was stiff as a board. Or she was tied to it. Now the itch was staring to burn like heat rash.  She began to squirm with in her cocoon.. It brought some relief to itch skin but then the hide began to pull tighter. Amy could feel the constricting against her chest and it was also starting to get her off. Her juices where flowing and it only seemed the aggravate the situation. Her jaw would not open. She could only moan and utter muffled cries for help. Why did they leave her like this?

She felt like a caterpillar stuck in her own cocoon. But she did not want it to stop and yet she wanted out. She was stuck on her indecision. Her mind wanted out but her body wanted more. She was close to reaching a climax. Oh so very close.

“I though you said you could take it.”

That was Roy’s voice. She looked around. Her eyes darting in every direction

“Mitt mitches.” She blurted out.

“Itch like the devil. I know. As the hide dries out it starts to constrict pulling it tighter against the lacing. The tighter the hide gets. The hair will stiffen and the hair begins to stiffen. Those knots are like a carbenor. The knots wind up actually twist and tighten as the hide dries.”

Unable to see Roy but knowing he was just outside her vision seem to frustrate her. She let this information sink in. But another bout of the mad itching began and she tried to move and rub to get any relief.

“Rubbing it is only going to make it worse. The will only begin to dig into your skin. And after that bath you took. Your skin is very lax and your pores are cleansed and open. Moving around like that might make the hair dig into them and you have to have your entire body shaved.”

Although the thought amused her for a moment Amy wanted to get out.

“moow hong.”

“How long? Until morning. The spine of the hide is laced to the table so you can’t roll off. I bet you feeling a little odd.”

“It’s a conscious awareness spirit ascending type of thing. I figured you needed some help seeing you’re new to this. Yer supposed to go through a whole ordeal but time was short. You are left alone and you go through it with no one watching. But I got permission to be with you. I hope you forgive me.”

Amy caught the word permission. And Roy being near her did give her some comfort. But to be kept like this till morning. She would go mad.

“I might give you some relief.”

Roy came into her line of sight still dressed in that Japanese bathrobe. He slipped on some gloves.

“These are silk gloves. When you rub silk or satin over a particular surface. It generates a static charge. It also will tingle on your skin a bit but also make the hair on the hide move.”

Roy then began to rub her down with the glove. It was orgasmic and when he got near her pussy. She could not hold it back any longer. She relented  to her bodies need and emotional disire. How long has it been? It did not matter now for she was making up for lost time like there was no tomorrow. Wave after wave of organism hit her and Roy seemed to know what to do to bring on each one.

“Moo more. Meeze.”

“No more? I though you said you could take it.”

Amy just panted not willing or even having an answer.

“I guess that means I broke you in. Want to admit defeat?’

Roy began to move the glove slowly up from her calves to pelvis. Amy could feel another one coming on and she was completely drained of strength. Was this some sort of challenge to Roy? Breaking her in like a wild filly. She could feel the him building her up to another whopper and she did not remember it. She passed out just as the crest of the wave hit.

When Amy awoke she was still cocoon but the itching had passed and she was in the warm afterglow of having the most tremendous sexual experience in her life. The sun was peaking out and she knew she would be released. But that was not the kind of release she wanted. They unlaced the top of her cocoon and slipped off her old ‘skin’. Roy was right about the furs hair embedding themselves in her skin. She had to shave every part of her body. Only her hair and eyebrows where not touched. She spent the rest of Sunday afternoon and night recovering. When she finally got a chance to eat. Everything tasted good. She was on her first slab of steak and third when Roy spoke up.

“Shin tells me the mold came out ok.”

“What is the mold for.” Amy asked.


“Transport? Transport for what?’

Maiko came up from behind her as Shin held her down. Amy saw Maiko jab her with a needle.

“You.” Said Roy.



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