The Ransom Payment 1: Kidnapped

by ElectroPainLover

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© Copyright 2017 - ElectroPainLover - Used by permission

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Part 1: Kidnapped

I am driving to the location given to me in the instructions after stopping by the bank and withdrawing $5,000. The amount seemed a paltry sum considering how much my husband was worth, but, it was what they demanded in the text.

Tyler, my husband, had been out of the country for a business meeting and was two days overdue when the text came. The text had been sent from Tyler’s phone but had obviously not been composed by him. He only used proper words when he texts and this message was written in the shorthand lingo used by teens and lazy typists.

The text was very explicit as to what would happen to my husband should I involve the police. Considering the small amount of the ransom demand I could not consider taking the risk. Tyler has dropped this much on a single spin at a Roulette table.

I had to force myself to maintain the speed limit heading up highway 395 but I still had so far to go. Luckily, the person whom sent the text and said he had my husband, gave me until tomorrow morning to reach the destination. I was told there would be two destinations and I would get further instructions at the first. My nerves were a wreck while I drove the miles down without even listening to the radio.

Finally, I made it to the Bishop city limits and began looking for the tiny dirt road the directions instructed me to turn on. The road was not found by my GPS so I had to find it by the street sign. The directions stated I would go through the town but I was still scared I may have missed my turn. I continued on a few miles past Bishop. It was starting to get dark outside and reading the signs was becoming ever more difficult.

Finally, cutting into the woods, was the road I was looking for. Road… hell it was more like a trail, complete with small saplings growing in the center where tires didn’t touch. I travelled the two miles on the trail in the instructions. Tied around a tree was a piece of yellow caution tape I was told I would find.

I stopped on the road as there was nowhere to pull off to the side. The instructions said I was to walk two-hundred yards into the woods on a perpendicular path from the road. It was dark enough now that I grabbed the four-cell flashlight out of the emergency road-kit my husband had prepared and placed in my car.

The brush was not overly heavy and I hiked using a trick my father had taught me, when we used to hike together, to maintain a fairly straight path when in the woods—going to the left of one tree and to the right of the next. It wasn’t long before I had found what I was instructed to look for—an orange toolbox.

It was locked to a tree with a chain and rotary combination lock. I used the flashlight to dial in the numbers I had memorized from the text. On the bottom, as I was told there would be, a piece of paper was taped. The box was heavy though not so heavy as to be cumbersome. I carried it back to my car. It would be easier to read in the light of my car and I didn’t want to block the road any longer than I needed. If I were in my car, I could move it if another car needed by.

I was not impeding any other traffic when I got back to the road so I popped the rear hatch of my SUV and put the toolbox in the back. I pulled the paper off the bottom and climbed into the driver’s seat after closing the hatch. The front of the paper had my name—Dana—typed in a medium sized font. I opened and read the note.

Damned it! Another road my Garmin didn’t have in its database. I had been instructed to leave the toolbox locked until I arrived at the next location and that further instructions will be found inside.

Luckily, there was little traffic on the main road and I was able to use my high-beams to read the street signs. I found the turn-off and I was back into the woods. I was getting scared due to the isolation of the location I was given. After several turns, I found my destination, and, the barn I was told to look for.

I pulled up to the doors of the barn, got out of my Lexus and opened the doors of the barn. I pulled my car in and closed the doors behind me… as the note had instructed.

Using my fob, I popped the hatch and pulled the toolbox closer to me. I unlocked the second lock with the combination in the note. On the tray of the toolbox was the note as stated it would be. I read it and my jaw dropped wider with each sentence.

“No fucking way!” I shouted. Now it was time to get help. I figured I had enough evidence between the text, notes, and toolbox, especially considering its contents, to gain serious attention from the authorities.

I fetched my phone from the front seat. “No signal! You’ve got to be shitting me!” I yelled in exasperation.

I went back to open the doors of the barn and get some help. I pushed and the doors would not budge. The doors were heavy but not so much as to not budge when I pushed on them. Besides, they had opened easily enough when I was outside. I pushed again, and again, the doors stood fast. Something was blocking them.

“Follow the note Mrs. Carlsson or He will die. You will watch, and then you will too.” A gruff voice said only loud enough to be heard clearly.

“Please. Don’t make me do this. I have the cash. You can have it and let us go. As you can see, I have told nobody about this.” I said sobbing to the voice outside.

“Follow the directions as given. There is a video feed and I can see you very clearly. Do it now. I will know when you are finished.” Came the reply to my plea.

“Pleeeese!” I cried. Nothing.

I reread the note. What it said to do was appalling and extremely humiliating.

“You have five minutes to begin Mrs. Carlsson. After that, I go get your husband and you will watch what happens. Time is ticking.” The voice and the words ringing in my head. I had no choice—I began.

I slowly emptied the contents of the box and slowly looked over each item in the light the dome of the car cast. I sorted the items, both by the usage in the instructions and from my own knowledge of what their uses where for.

I slowly and very reluctantly began to undress. I slipped off my blouse but left my bra on for the time being. I kicked off my pumps and felt the dirt floor through my silk covered feet.

Slowly I looked around for the video camera, hoping to be able to hide from it.

“Not the time for being modest Dana. Just do as you have been told. You cannot get out of sight of the camera.” The voice of the man outside stated.

I unzipped my knee length skirt and allowed it to slip down my legs as my tears rolled down my cheeks. I rolled each stocking down my legs and off of each foot.

Very reluctantly, I unclasp my bra and allowed it to slip down and off of my arms. The cool air, even in the barn, danced over my nipples and they immediately stiffened. I became ever more embarrassed as I hooked my thumbs in my silk panties and begun to slide them down my legs. I knew my nakedness was not going to be the most humiliating and embarrassing part of what I had to do but, standing there completely naked as some stranger watched me on a video feed reviled and horrified me. However, my horror was only just about to begin.

Being someone whom had experimented more than a little with the kinkier side of sex when I was younger, the items I had pulled out of the toolbox were not foreign to me and I knew how they were used and what they were used for.

I picked up the tube of KY and one of the inflatable plugs, putting a large dollop on the tip and spreading the lube liberally. Squatting, hoping that I was blocking the sight of this indignity from the prying eyes I knew to be watching, I squirted another glob of lube on my fingers and slicked up my asshole. Once I thought I had enough to make the phallus slide home easily, I placed the head of the intruder-to-be against my anus and started pushing it in. The lube allowed it easy entrance, only a slight tinge of pain rising as the base entered me. I tightened my sphincter so the plug would not fall and land on the dirt floor as I prepared its twin for my other hole.

The second bulb was much easier to insert since my pussy had been used for entry much more than my ass. I stood to ensure both stayed where they had been placed.

Next, I picked up the black latex panties. I slid my legs into each of the leg holes and pulled them up to my knees. I guided the inflation bulb and vibrator control for my ass through the left leg hole and the ones for my cunt into the right. I pulled the very tight rubber up, having to wiggle them up my thighs and over my ass. After some work, I got them on and snug against my vulva and snug into my ass crack. They were obviously designed to hug tightly against a woman’s design.

I picked up the butterfly vibrator and slid it down the front of the skin-tight panties until it rested over my, as for now, uninterested clit. I tucked its control into the shorts against my pubis but left about half sticking out of the top, slightly to the right side.

Next came the matching latex bra. I slid it down over my arms and guided my head between the shoulder straps. I had to exhale and collapse my chest to allow myself to pull the tight material over my chest and tits. Once I had it fully down I adjusted it and my breast so my nipples were squarely aligned in the nipple openings. The bra was so tight my nipples and areola were being pushed uncomfortably tight into the holes and the studs surrounding the holes bit hard into the parts of my breasts which remained inside.

The next item I was to put on was a leather body harness. I connected the buckles which would be in the middle of my back loosely and slid it on similar to a dress. I figured tightening the buckles while they were at my back would be easier than threading them. It proved to be a smart move. Once the upper straps were on my shoulders, I strapped the waist strap and two crotch straps as tight as my strength would allow. I reached up my back and tightened the shoulder straps and the straps above and below my breasts. The breast straps pulled the bra tighter over my tits and the crotch straps pushed the phallus’ deeper into my holes. I thought the only salvation to how I was currently clad was that my abductor couldn’t rape me… at least not yet.

With my body’s bondage complete, I worked on my legs next. I locked the leather cuffs around my ankles which had already been connected together with a padlock. Keyed this time. Next come straps below my knees, above my knees and high on my thighs. Small padlocks kept them from being removed and small straps wrapped around them between my legs kept them tight.

I looked at the item which was to bind my arms. I knew this would be last but wanted to familiarize myself with it since I would be robbed of sight when it came time to use it. It was a full arm binder. I wanted to figure out how I would tighten it once my arms were in it. I found there was a ring near my hands, that, once locked to my ankle cuffs would pull the straps leading up to and over my shoulder, tight and be impossible to loosen without help.

I had pretty much settled my crying to a light sobbing. I was still scared as hell to be rendering myself helpless to the will of a stranger whom had kidnapped my husband and requested a mere 5k for a man with a net worth of about seven-hundred-fifty-million. That scared me more than my ever-increasing bondage.

I inserted, tightened, and locked the ring-gag in my mouth. The ring was quite large and made my mouth gape open uncomfortably wide. My fear of him using a ring-gag instead of a ball-gag being led by the fact that he would have access to my mouth should he decide he needed to get his rocks off.

Next I slid my head into the leather hood. The zippered mouth was closed and I was instructed (and, wanted to) leave the zipper closed. I ran the main zipper down the back of my head, careful to keep from catching my hair in it; closing it around my head. The hood was not very tight, at least not until I buckled the straps. Once I had them buckled the hood was stretch quite tight across my face and helped prevent my lips from moving much. I tightened the neck strap around my neck and used two small locks to prevent the buckles from being loosened. I fitted the blindfold to the mask with the buckles on either side, snuggled them tight, and secured the buckles with the last two small locks.

I had put off the next items for as long as I could, but, since my arms were going to be bound shortly I had no choice but to add them now. I picked up the nipple clamps. They were crush-type clamps that consisted to two studded bars and thumb screws to tighten them on. They were connected with a small but sturdy looking chain. I slid the first one over my left nipple and screwed them closed evenly with the opposing screws. Once it was tightened to where it had become painful I gave each screw a half turn more, drawing tears from my eyes. I repeated the abuse upon my right nipple.

“Good girl Dana. You are just about done. Make sure that binder is on tight.” The voice I tried to forget about, but could not, said through the closed barn doors.

“How could it not be tight once the strap was pulled?” I thought to myself.

I wanted terribly to lie in the back of my Lexus to finish this last part. I did not want to lay in the dirt of the barn floor but the note had said I would finish on the floor. Obviously this man was deranged and I felt certain that any variance from his instructions could get Tyler and myself killed. I had come this far. A little dirt won’t make things any worse than they are now.

The thought of finishing this last part scared me beyond anything I had ever felt before. Granted, with the exception of the clamps on my nipples, there was nothing I could do to remove any of the bondage I had already applied, but, I still had my hands to help defend myself. Once the binder was secured, I will be completely helpless and at the mercy of Mr. Psycho out there. My crying started anew.

I slid the binder up my arms like it was a snake devouring its prey. I knelt on my knees and wiggled my arms allowing the binder to inch its way passed my elbows and work slowly over my upper arms. It seemed to take much longer than it probably did, before I felt the shoulder straps finally tickle the top of my shoulders. Working each shoulder back and forth, the straps finally started working themselves to the front. A few more struggles and the straps were in place. I had put the lock on the ring before placing my arms into the binders. Now, I had to use my covered hands to hook the lock around the lock between my ankles and snap the shackle closed. I fought with it for quite a while and wished fuck-head out there would get tired of watching me struggle with this last lock and come in and get it locked and over with. Of course, he did not.

After two more failed attempts I finally got the shackle of the lock in a bind and was able to snap it closed. Once the lock was secure, I fell on to my left side and rolled onto my stomach. My legs moved an amazingly short distance before the straps tightened my arms together and my shoulders painfully back. My nipples were pulled and chaffed harshly from chain underneath me and the grit of the dirt.

I raised my feet up toward my ass as far as I could and tried to pull my arms and loosen the arm binder, just testing if easing the tug of the strap would allow me to gain slack in the binder and possibly a way to get loose, but, obviously once the strap tightened it had to be loosened by an outside force. The binder stayed taut.

I laid there for a few minutes before I heard the door to the barn open.

“Good little bitch!” My captor said much more clearly now that we didn’t have two-inch thick wood between us. His voice was gruff and not one I had ever heard before.

“Let me just help you out a little here.” He said pushing my feet up against my ass. Obviously he had tightened something on the arm binder since, once he let go of my feet, my legs came away from my ass much less than before. I listened as he shut the back hatch and driver side door. My keys jingled in his hand as he came back to me, then quieted as I guessed he must have pocketed them.

When he picked me up, I could tell his body matched his hard voice. It seemed as if I were of no effort to lift. He hefted me over his shoulder as if I were a bag of flour. The bastard was even able to turn and close the barn door while holding me across his shoulder. I am fit and not very heavy at 121, but this man acted like I was no more than a feather resting upon his shoulder. Now I became really scared.

Outside and mostly naked I could feel how much colder the air had become since I entered the barn. It was down-right chilly and the air blowing across my nipples made them grow painfully against the tight clamps. However, that was nothing compared to when he laid me down on the steel tailgate of his truck.

I felt the truck squat as he climbed up. I thought this guy must be fucking huge! I heard a lid of some sort open. I felt myself lifted by the harness, the straps digging painfully around my tits and between my legs; the phallus’ being pushed ever tighter into my orifices. I felt myself being lowered into what seemed to be some kind of box on the back of his truck. It too was steel and very cold.

“I’m sure that metal is cold against your bare skin Dana… let me help that out.” He said as he rolled me onto my side. He pulled the butterfly’s control out of my rubber panties and turned it on. He adjusted it to a setting I assumed to be somewhere between low and medium. I was rolled back onto my stomach. I felt his hand brush the back of my thigh, it was large and rough. The dildo in my ass began to inflate. I felt several growing pumps in my rectum and it became quite painful at what I believed to be the count of ten. A couple more and I screamed against the inside of the hood covering my mouth.

“Twelve pumps in your ass. You should be able to handle twenty in your cunt.” I felt the phallus in my pussy begin to grow. It was harder for me to count the pulsing growth of the dildo as I found it difficult to pull my concentration away from the pain up my ass. I did start feeling the pressure eventually. It became too much to bear as I could feel the pressure push against my cervix and against the huge bulb in my ass. He stopped once past my scream.

“Twenty-one. Very good or very loose. I’ll decide that one later.” He said with a deep chuckle in his voice.

I felt the vibrators of the two inflatables begin one after the other; first my pussy then my ass. These didn’t seem to go to a very high setting either. In my current predicament I didn’t believe it mattered much how high the vibes were set—I was not in a very horny mood.

“I hope those help with the cold. We have some ways to drive. Get comfy.” He said, closing and locking the lid of the box he had placed me in.

“‘Get comfy’ says the bastard. Like I can really get comfortable trussed up and my pussy and ass feeling as if they were being torn apart.” I mumbled to myself, if not for anything else, but to try and keep my sanity in this insane situation. It wasn’t long before my bowels wanted to expel the huge invader like a well overdue shit and the cramps began to become the voice of their distain. Something must have warmed me as I didn’t notice the cold for the pain.

“So now where in the fuck am I?” I thought once we stopped and the engine quit after what felt to be hours of bouncing on the hard metal floor.

I heard the lock pop and the lid click open.

“Still awake back here? Are you OK?” Shit-wad asked as if he really gave a shit. If he did, I would be at home sleeping with or fucking my husband. Not bound uncomfortably with cramping bowels and what feels like a watermelon shoved in my pussy. I felt myself lifted out of the box, again by the harness and now, the huge invaders being pushed evermore painfully inside of me. The tension on the crotch straps did push the vibrators tighter against the spots they were targeting, though, not enough to ease my other discomforts.

He set me down on the gate again and I felt the truck damn near jump up when he hopped down. He lifted me again by the leather straps around my body. “Now what? and Fuck that hurts!” was the only two thoughts which crossed my mind. At this point I had forgot all about what had gotten me into this situation… Tyler’s well-being.

The brute had walked only several feet before I felt myself lowered again. No door, no porch, no inside warmth. Now it seemed to be a wooden box. Not as cold as the steel one on the truck but not exactly warm neither. It did feel much smaller though as each shoulder bumped against the sides as he lowered me in.

“You sleep out here and think about what is happening to you. Don’t worry. Your hubby is nice and comfy inside on his own bed. Not bound quite as tightly as you are but quite immobile none-the-less. If you can get sleep, I advise you to. If not, the vibrators might begin to work on you, though, I doubt enough to get you over the hump. Have a pleasant night.” He said then closed the lid. I had a suspicion that this box might be below ground due to its relative warmth, the sand falling on me when he closed the lid, and, the muffled sound the lid made when it closed. I heard two bolts close and two locks click, then, nothing at all.

*     *     *     *     *

“How long Ty?” The man who just placed Tyler’s wife in a box in the ground asked. A man Tyler knows to be Martin Lewis, but, calls Bear. Not only due to his size, but, his demeanor. However, that demeanor being that of a teddy bear, not a grizzly.

“That I’m going to leave Dana out there?” Tyler asking if that was what the big man wanted to know.


“Late morning or early afternoon tomorrow.” Tyler responded.

“Are you sure? That’s a long time for her to be so tightly tied Ty. Are you sure her circulation or breathing won’t be cut off.” Bear asked.

“She’s tough. A lot tougher than she looks buddy. Besides, that’s what this is for.” Tyler said pointing at the video monitor that showed a picture of his wife and a read-out of breaths per minute from the pressure sensitive pad she was laying on.

“Yeah, but what if?!?” Bear said sounding very concerned. “I mean, I really hated treating her the way I did. If it was anybody but you who asked me to do this, I would have told them to go fuck themselves.”

“The only thing you did to her was inflate the dildo’s. She did everything else.” Tyler pointed out.

“Under the belief that you and her would be killed if she didn’t.” Bear responded, more bitterly than he intended.

“Look bro. Did you notice the little tattoo she has just above her left shoulder blade?” Tyler ask his friend.

“No. It was too dark and I really didn’t go checking your bound wife out.”

Tyler pulled his phone off his belt and thumbed it until he found what he was looking for. He handed his phone to the big man.

“I took that once while she was asleep. I asked her about it and she said it was just a design she liked and got it when she was young and dumb. Her words, not mine.” Tyler explained as the Bear looked at the picture on the phone.

“It’s a cool design. I could see how she might’ve liked it.” Bear said handing the phone back to Tyler.

“So you don’t know what it signifies then?” Tyler asked.

“No clue.” Bear replied.

“It signifies a BDSM submissive. I looked it up on the net. It means she is or has been into this stuff. She just hasn’t told me about it yet, or, may never would have. I don’t know. But, I also looked through her diary… I know… I know, I’m an ass for doing so. But I had to find some things out. I didn’t just think of this scenario out of blue sky, she wrote about a fantasy; somewhat, though not exactly, close to what we are doing to her now. This is one of her fantasies bro.” Tyler explained to his friend.

“Or, maybe, was one of her fantasies Ty. Have you thought about that?” Bear said, trying to point out something maybe not-so-obvious to his best friend.

“I know. I’m rolling the dice here Bear. This is a bit far, and, honestly pretty damn cruel. I’m all-in on whether she’ll love me or hate me for it. If she dumps me for it, she’ll walk away with half of my worth even though we haven’t been married long enough for her to be legally entitled to it. That’s the gamble I’m willing to take. I just put roughly three-hundred-seventy-five mill or so down on ‘red’ and the Croupier has spun the wheel and thrown the ball.” Tyler said somewhat emotionally.

“All bets aren’t closed yet Ty. There’s still time to make her think ‘we’ got paid and released you both. Oh, yeah, speaking of that I didn’t want to leave this in the Lexus.” Bear pointed out, then, tossed Tyler the five-thousand his wife had brought.

“You keep it. You’ve earned it bro.” Tyler said, tossing the rubber-banded stack of hundreds back to Bear.

“Right now this stack could get me life in the pen.”

“That ain’t going to happen and you know it. You haven’t kidnapped anybody, technically, and there has been no sexual assault; again, technically, and there is no way I would ever let you fall for this bro. You know that. Or at least I hope you do.” Tyler assured Bear.

“Of course I do. Just jittery from all of this I guess. I know it’s your gamble and your marriage on the line. I care for you and just a bit nervous on whether you thought out all the angles. I really do hope this goes great for you if you want Dana to be your bondage-babe. Believe me… she looks great in it though that’s not really my thing.” Bear said.

“Can you sleep Bear? If so, I’ll take first watch and let you get four or so. If not, you can watch her until you can sleep. Up to you brother.” Tyler inquired.

“I’ll take first. Heart’s still pumping a little too hard to sleep. I mean, I feel like I’ve done this shit for real… and… my adrenaline level is still maxed out.” Bear explained

“I understand. Don’t stress brother. You’re doing nothing but helping a friend explore his marriage a little. It’s cool and you have not hurt her or responsible if she does get hurt. This is on me. Believe me… I am emotionally drained and that is the only reason I could get any sleep right now. This is taking its toll on me too bro. Wake me if anything goes wrong.” Tyler said then assured himself the respiration and CO2 monitor’s alarms would sound if either fell outside of the norms.

“Oh fuck… will I ever! Goodnight Ty.” Bear assured Tyler.

“Four hours… no more bro.” Tyler said, nodding at the clock.

“You got it.” Bear replied, noting the time.

*     *     *     *     *

“Fuck I wish my gut would finally realize it’s not shitting anything out. These cramps are about to drive me completely fucking mad! If I could just get my bowels to calm down these vibes and this bondage just might take me back to the past and be a bit enjoyable. I thought those days were behind, but now, damn.”

“How the fuck could I ever explain that to Tyler?!” “Hey honey, I hate that you were kidnapped and held for ransom and I was taken and (possibly) raped by some guy the size of a gorilla, but being tied up was so exciting. Can we start playing with bondage?” “Yeah, that would go over great I’m sure. I’d be having to find a good divorce attorney the next damned day.”

I hoped whatever this guy has planned for me didn’t require me to be well rested. The pain in my ass and the continuous cramping wasn’t about to allow me any sleep.

I could feel the butterfly tickle my clit every now-and-then between my cramping spells but the contractions in my rectum cancelled out any satisfaction it gave me.

I lay there trying to ignore my aching and spasmodic bowels for what seemed like days. I knew it had not been and only hours had passed, but, just how many? Better yet, how many more was going to have to pass while in such agony?

I struggled against my restraints for a bit and resolved myself to the fact that I was not getting free. I had known it before I struggled. I had been the one to bind myself and I knew as I did I would not be able to get free, but, the struggling seemed somewhat fun and almost had me become a little aroused. Up until another fucking spasm of course.

As I laid there and tried, and failed quite miserably, to ignore the pain I was in, I thought I heard something above me. I became sure when I heard the bolt unlatched above my head. Another click of what I thought to be the other lock and, sure enough, the second bolt released and I heard the lid lift. Oh shit… what now?

I felt a warm hand rub the cool skin of my thigh and realized the bastard was getting the inflation bulb to the dildo in my ass. I cried through my aching jaw and into the zipped-shut mouth of my mask. I’d rather he just kill me now than inflate that fucker anymore.

Much to my surprise the pressure in my ass began to slowly be relieved. He actually allowed it to fully contract. Next he found the bulb to my pussy. He didn’t relieve all the pressure from it, but, my pussy hadn’t the one complaining to high heaven.

I felt the dildo’s vibrators turn up a little but then I heard the lid close, bolted, and locked again. I could feel the vibrators working more inside me now, but, he left the most important one at what I believed to be too low of a setting to allow me some satisfaction.

I tried furiously to grind the small vibrator over my clit hard against the bottom of the box. However, the groin straps of the body harness and the thick rubber of the panties prevented me from gaining anymore sensation. All I ended up accomplishing was making my nipples sore by pulling the clamps against the chain trapped underneath me and the studs around my nipples bite deeper.

The more time that went by the more I felt myself become aroused to the point of near climax. The buzzing in my ass was a welcome relief to the cramps and I could feel my juices begin to make the latex covering my pussy become slick. The wide wings of the butterfly prevented any stimulation over the slow buzz it gave off however. Now the pain of the cramps had turned into pain of unfulfillable lust.

I must have dozed off as I was startled as I heard the lid open but had not heard the locks opened. I gasped loudly at the surprise of the door opening, pulling me back into the reality of the predicament I was in and wondered what was going to happen now.

Once again, a strong hand wrapped tightly around the harness in the small of my back and lifted me. I cried out as the straps dug into my body. Again, he put me over his shoulder, my arms and legs being pulled upon ever more tightly as my stomach bore my full weight on his shoulder.

I figured it was somewhere around noon or later as the air was actually a little warm against my bare skin. I felt him ascend a few steps to what I thought must be a porch as his heavy footfalls seemed to fall upon wood. I was fully awake and had my senses tuned onto the slightest sound and movement. I did not hear him open a door but I heard it close behind us. I was carried several steps after entering wherever and whatever we were in.

I was laid on what felt to be just a plain mattress, but, it was the softest thing I had been on since the night-before-last and it felt comfortable.

“Ok bitch. You will do what I say, when I say, and only what I tell you to. Do you understand me? One slow nod for yes, two quick shakes for no.” My husband and my kidnapper demanded.

I couldn’t help myself and I shook my head twice quickly. Two hard slaps to my rubber covered left ass cheek was his reply.

“Hold on… let me give you a little persuasion Mrs. Carlsson.” He said.

A few moments later I heard Tyler’s voice. “God honey… do whatever this guy says! He will kill us… I have no doubt of it! Please, for me I…” a slap which sounded hard.

“Enough asshole! I only needed you to prove you were here and I mean business.” The huge man said, Tyler remaining silent afterwards.

“Again… do you understand me Dana? He demanded again.

This time I gave him one slow nod.

“Good. I’m going to change your restraints around. Do you need to use the toilet before I restrain you again?”

Again, one slow nod.

“Ok. Hold on.”

I heard keys jingle and he removed the lock holding my arms to my ankles. I was finally able to straighten my legs, however, they were stiff and my muscles and knees complained as I did. He worked the arm binder loose and slid it down my arms, holding my wrists in one large hand when it was free of my hands. I heard the unmistakable clanking of handcuffs then felt them as he closed them snuggly around each wrist.

He continued to remove the rest of the leather straps secured upon my body, restoring a little more of my movement as each were removed. Once he removed the leather cuffs from my ankles they were replaced with steel ankle cuffs.

“I will guide you to the bathroom. Once in there, I will re-cuff your hands in front of you. You will remove the panties and bra and allow them to rest upon the cuffs. You will place the dildo’s in the sink and the clit vibrator on the vanity. The nipple clamps will be put back on before you ask me to allow you out. Do you understand these instructions?” He instructed then asked.

One slow nod was all I offered.


He led me using the chain between the nipple clamps, tugging on the corresponding nipple of the direction I was to turn to and both when I was to go straight. Each tug made the studs pressing against my nipples dig in and my nipples burn. I began to sob from the pain and the thought of the indignity that this man will see my naked body in bright light and without the use of closed-circuit camera once I exit the bathroom.

He spun me around by the chain, then I felt it drop against my chest. He removed one cuff and turned me around with his rough hand against the soft skin of my left shoulder. He ratcheted the cuff around my wrist again. He removed the padlocks locking the leather harness about my body and unbuckled the straps where he knew I would not be able to reach with cuffed wrists. The door closed and I heard a bolt secure it from the outside.

My nipples screamed bloody murder as I loosened the thumb screws and extracted my nubs from their encompassment. Ever so gingerly I massaged the blood flow back into them.

I finished removing the leather harness then pulled the vibe on my clit free of the rubber holding it in place, found the vanity and set it on it. I put my thumbs as wide apart in the waist of the panties as the cuffs would allow and began to slide them down, working my thumbs around the top and having to wiggle my ass free. I could smell my juices as the latex loosened from my vulva and slipped down my legs. If I had cum last night, I sure don’t remember it.

I released the air that engorged the dildo in my pussy; the vibrators batteries having died sometime through the night. I removed the phallus from my vaginal canal and felt blindly for the sink to put it in. I waited to remove the one from my rectum until I was sitting on the toilet in case it was not the only thing to come out. I felt around for the toilet, found it and ensured the seat was down before turning to sit. I allowed the dildo, which had caused me such discomfort throughout the night, to slip free. I found the toilet paper roll and wrapped it.

I relieved my body of its functions, cleaned myself, then cleaned the butt plug using hot water and soap I had found next to the sink.

Working myself free of the latex bra using cuffed hands was much more difficult than the panties had been. Lifting my arms over my head and pulling the rear of the bra up over my shoulder blades had seemed to be a losing battle at first but I finally freed it. It caught several times on the hood I still wore, but again, I ended up winning the battle.

I dreaded having to put the nastily painful clamps back on my still aching nipples but he had specified that I would, quite succinctly. I put them on so if he decided to guide me around by the chain, they would not come off. The tears welling in my covered eyes paying testament to how tight I fastened them. I knocked on the door.

The door opened after being unlocked.

“Oh Dana, that is a sweet smell you filled the bathroom with. I can only hope you taste as good as you smell.” The man said, grabbing the chain between my nipples, making me glad I had made sure they would not come loose and piss him off.

He guided me by the chain, using the same method of signaling guidance as before. Once back at the bed he turned me around and sat me down.

“Ok… we can remove these for now.” He said and put his fingers on the clamp on my right nipple.

I screamed loudly as he turned the screws.

“Oh yeah… righty-tighty-lefty-loosey.” He said laughing after tightening the clamp hard on my already sore right nipple. “You remove them.”

I did giving only small whimpers as the studded bars released their grip. I held them out for him to take once they were free, which he did. I heard them set down on what sounded to be a wooden dresser or nightstand nearby.

“Lie face down on the bed Dana. Arms above your head.” He said gruffly.

I did as I was told.

“I would love to have you on your back so I could admire those lovely tits of yours and torment your nipples some more. But, you need to get some proper sleep now and I do not want you to drown on your own saliva. I’ll just have to admire your awesome ass for now.” My humiliation growing ever stronger as he spoke of my naked body.

The cuffs around my wrists were removed and the latex bra removed from around my wrists. He placed a leather cuff around my right wrist. I knew the feel. These were Humane Restraint hospital restraints. Any hope I had of slipping loose while he wasn’t looking was dashed immediately as he locked it around my wrist and repeated the motion on my left wrist. The steel cuffs were removed from my ankles and replaced with more hospital restraints. Lastly he buckled my waist with more professional restraints, placing me in what they call a five-point restraint position.

I had no idea it was going to happen until the first blow from the flogger landed upon my bare ass. I tried to roll away but the restraints worked as designed and held my ass vulnerable. The whip land quick and accurate, finding its mark on one cheek then the other. By the time the whipping had stopped, my ass was ablaze. I knew the sting would last for a while and the redness even longer; thanks to experiences from my previous life.

The door closed and bolted and I become lost in a world of not-so-sweet dreams…

To be continued…



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