Psych 1000 - Exploring Human Sexuality

by tiedphilly

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A New Program

The University had instituted a new program for all freshmen, based on a lack of understanding by its student body about Human sexuality. In order to create a safer and more open and free campus environment the University had decided to institute a mandatory psychology class for all freshmen that would conclude at the end of their first year. World renowned for their psychology department, the school had decided to integrate all portions of the program into their student's lives on and off-campus, in the dorms even over term breaks. The goal of the program was to increase the independence of students, decrease campus sexual assault and increase the presence of informed consent amongst the student body. New dorms and facilities had been recently completed for the freshman class, which included lecture halls, small group instructional areas, rest and relaxation pods and other facilities needed to implement the program all under one roof. The effort was funded by research grants and wealthy donors to help the university fulfill its mission.

The University was accepting 500 freshmen, and interestingly had required a 30% Male, 30% Female, 20% non-binary, 20% questioning mix of students from all geographic areas and all backgrounds. Additionally, the university had developed an unknown population scheme to provide four-, five- and six-year degree programs completely free of charge. The prospect of a free education, room and board, book costs and paid travel expenses saw the university reach its highest application rate with over 100,000 applicants for the new program. The program had seen an amazing amount of interest but was also unique as all admitted must be 18 prior to their first day and required all freshmen to arrive for a special summer term induction program.

The Preparation

A condition of attending the university was the completion of a full psycho analysis. Some of the questions seemed extremely odd to be asking 18-year-old students, but with free tuition and the privacy of completing the extensive psycho evaluation online many just clicked through the questions, the preamble of the surveys reminded prospective students that there were no wrong answers. The program, which students had to download, and install would survey them daily during the application process. Many of the questions seemed ordinary and if they were conducting a full analysis of the students for the program, it seemed to make sense to many. The surveys were implemented to condition students to be truthful about themselves, often repeating similar questions of the course of weeks to identify which students were taking the process seriously. Occasionally there would be a short answer submission at random.

The prospective students would complete the surveys, and the data was sent back to the university to develop a student profile. The university's website explained that the student profiles would be analyzed to determine each student's ten-person cohort. This cohort would room together and complete all classes together. The surveys included items which seemed to make sense, including likes and dislikes of various topics. But each survey included one question about the student's sexuality and what they found attractive or stimulating. 

The last piece prior to acceptances being determined was a full mental and physical health evaluation by a university approved doctor. This included a sleep study, numerous psychological evaluations, and a full and detailed physical evaluation.

Jacob's Acceptance

Jacob had been a shy teenager. Coming from a family with means and the son of a world class surgeon and a university professor in Astrophysics he wasn't the alpha type that both his parents exhibited. Jacob had been completing the online surveys for weeks, anticipating his acceptance to the University. He lived in southern California and couldn't imagine going to school in the Colorado Rockies. The prospect of free tuition, and the ability to spread his wings away from his alpha parents and his outgoing little brother was the thing of his dreams.

Jacob had answered all the questions honestly to the best of his ability. Having just turned 18 in October he had completed the survey portion of the process in February and there was just one portion of his application left. He needed to complete the multi-day on-site mental and physical evaluations. He was anxious, as he had never been one to stay multiple nights away from the family. Sure, his brother would disappear to a friend’s house for days at a time, but Jacob was much shyer, more reserved and the idea of spending two nights away at an evaluation center had his mind racing, and his stomach upset.

Jacob was making the two-hour drive to the evaluation center on his own. This was normal for him; his parents were always busy and they were rarely around or available for such mundane tasks. As he parked his car his heart fluttered. The examination center resembled a hotel, and he began to think to himself that this might not be so bad. A couple of days doing whatever they need me to do, and I am in the free and clear. He was about 30 minutes early, he always preferred to be early to an appointment. He sat and looked at the instructions that had been emailed when he had made his reservation for the appointment. He was to leave everything in his car except the car key, everything necessary for examination would be provided. He shut down his cellphone and placed it in the glove box. He took a couple of deep breaths, opened the car door and walked towards the center.

"Good afternoon young man, you must be Jacob. My name is Nurse Emily, and I will be your induction coordinator."

Jacob's jaw nearly dropped as a very nice-looking young girl at the examination center addressed him. She was the vision of beauty. She was just a bit taller than Jacob, probably 5' 10" with perky breasts that seemed to be restrained by her scrubs. Her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and flowed gracefully down past her shoulders. Jacob was struggling to put the words together to respond, enthralled with Emily's beauty.

"Um... Yes, I am Jacob."

"We have some paperwork to take care of, then I will show you to your dormitory where you can relax and get changed. Why don't we proceed to one of the intake rooms, and since you are my last induction of the day, I'll help you fill out the paperwork, it'll take no time at all."

Jacob just nodded affirmatively and watched as nurse Emily came out from behind the counter, a large stainless-steel clipboard in her hand. She reached for Jacob's hand, and he slowly embraced hers. Her skin was so soft and gentle. Emily escorted Jacob down the hallway to intake room 10, and only let go of his hand as she reached to open the door. It was a small conference room with a stainless-steel table and two chairs. Nurse Emily directed Jacob to sit down on the left side of the table, and she sat down directly across from him.

"Jacob, we should make quick work of these forms. The first one is a general release form, noting that you understand the process that will be occurring this weekend, this evening you will undergo a physical examination and a sleep study. Tomorrow morning will be a mental health evaluation, a physical training baseline, and then a socialization evaluation. If you understand the process as outlined, please sign on the line."

Jacob stared into Nurse Emily's eyes while she repeated the lines, she must have said a thousand times. As she concluded Jacob fumbled to pick up the pen, and quickly jotted his signature onto the line.

"The second form is a bit personal in nature but provides general information for the other examinations. Again, many of these questions will seem very personal in nature, but they are necessary for the evaluation. Shall we begin?"

Jacob again nods his head affirmatively and Nurse Emily begins asking questions. The first dozen or so were mundane in nature, height, weight and medical history. Everything seemed like a normal evaluation until Nurse Emily got to the second page of questions.

Nurse Emily looked directly at this young man sitting in front of her, knowing that the next set of questions titled Sexual History were going to be awkward for him. She wetted her lips quickly, and began:

"This section is titled Sexual History; we need this information as part of the mental health evaluation. Please be honest and forthcoming. Number one, Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life. Please identify the number of times per week you masturbate."

Jacob could tell that he was blushing, unsure how truthful he should be with this answer. He was a habitual masturbator, and even used it as a reward system for completing schoolwork or projects. Now this beautiful Nurse was asking him about one of the things he was so ashamed of... and yet he could feel an erection rising.

"Um... 5 to 7 times per week"

Nurse Emily's grin had Jacob on edge, he knew that this was going to be a difficult section to complete. With Jacob's blushing, Nurse Emily knew he was being truthful and moved onto the next question.

"Please identify the number of sexual partners you have been with."

Jacob responded instantly with "None."

"Please identify the number of female Sexual Partners."

Again, Jacob responded with "None."

"Please identify the number of male sexual partners."

Again, Jacob responded with "None."

"Have you ever fantasized sexually about a member of the opposite sex?"

Jacob gulped "Yes."

"Have you ever fantasized sexually about a member of the same sex?"

Jacob again became flush, he could lie, there was this one guy at Summer Camp who Jacob had dreamt of in his swim trunks.

Jacob gulped "Yes."

Nurse Emily looked up at this young man sitting in front of her. Normally young men wouldn't willingly admit that they would fantasies about a member of the same sex. She reached out her hand to Jacob, who quickly embraced her.

"I am very happy that you are taking this seriously, and providing honest answers to the questions."

Jacob felt a calm wash over him as she embraced his hand. He also realized that he was fully erect in his grey sweatpants.

"Let’s continue, please identify areas of your body that you have used sexually."

Jacob gulped again

"Um... I have played with my nipples, penis and butt."

"Have you ever used an object to increase your sexual pleasure."


Nurse Emily was astounded by Jacob's honest responses and squeezed his hand. She knew he would be a perfect candidate for the program already. This young man is open and honest which would serve him well for the next 48 hours.

"Jacob, have you ever inserted anything into your butt for sexual pleasure?" Continued Nurse Emily.

Jacob knew he began to blush, how could he admit to this beautiful woman that he had routinely played with his but, let alone that he regularly inserted condom covered fruits in his rear.

"Um, yes m-m-ma‘am" replied Jacob.

"Jacob, you have done amazingly with these questions, and we really appreciate you being open and honest in your responses, you wouldn't believe the number of people who would lie about these questions. I think it is time to take you up to the dormitory. When we get there, you will change into the provided clothing, and I will bag your street clothes and take them for laundry service. You will have 30 minutes before the next session, so if you would like to get a shower and freshen up, it is up to you."

Jacob nodded, still embracing Nurse Emily's hand. Nurse Emily let go, and Jacob immediately felt empty. He was enthralled by this fit young nurse and hoped that he would continue to see her. Nurse Emily escorted Jacob down the hall to an elevator. She swiped her ID badge and the elevator door opened. She pressed a button on the elevator, and it began to go down. Jacob was surprised, figuring that in this tall building they would be going up. They rode the elevator down to the fifth subfloor. Nurse Emily took Jacob’s hand and guided him down the hallway. They reached a door after a minute of walking, it was marked S5010.

"Jacob, this will be your room for your stay. Additionally, please remember your room number, for the rest of the weekend you will be known by this number only. We have a deep confidentiality agreement, moving forward please do not mention your name, even if asked. Do you understand?"

Jacob thought this was odd, but given it was a medical facility and he was there to be evaluated he kind of got it. "Yes ma'am, I understand".

"Good boy, now let’s get you settled."

The nurse swiped an access card, but this one was different, this one was red. The door buzzed and opened. As they stepped through the threshold, Jacob noticed a single queen-sized bed in the center of the wall. It was an institutional bed, a stainless-steel toilet and wash basin on the left side of the room and a small closet on the right side of the room. What was extremely unsettling was that over the top of the bed frame was what appeared to be a large mirror."

"Jacob, you will be spending a significant portion of your stay here in this room. The mirror above the bed frame is a two-way mirror, so we can conduct a sleep study without interrupting you. You will be spending the entire weekend here in the room except for your trips to the cafeteria. Our doctors will visit you here. Please walk over to the closet on the right side of the room and place your hands on the green dots on the wall, and feet on the green dots."

Jacob did as instructed, He walked Infront of the closet, and spread his feet to match the green dots on the floor. Then again, he moved to place his hands on the green dots on the wall. Nurse Emily was still standing in the doorway when she chimed in.

"The next step is a biometric scan which is going to measure you, please stay extremely still, as the lasers are going to measure you to ensure we can provide a properly fitting uniform."

Jacob stood there motionless, expecting to hear or see something happen. For five minutes he stood there, Nurse Emily just stood in the doorway. He stared at the wall, and a minute later he could hear nurse Emily walking toward him. He continued to stare at the wall, as he didn't want to ruin the scan by moving.

"Jacob for the next part, I need you to remain completely still. Keep your hands and feet on the green dots".

Jacob stood there compliant and motionless, he heard something above him and could feel nurse Emily as she brushed against his shoulder blade. Quickly nurse Emily has taken something, and Jacob began to feel something close around his neck, he heard a click. Four slots quickly opened, two next to Jacobs hands and two next to his feet.

"Nurse Emily, could you please tell me what is going on?"

She didn't respond, but again Jacob was a very compliant person, he didn't move even as nurse Emily took what appeared to be shackles from the slots next to his hands. She gently closed them around Jacob's wrists. The automatically retracted as soon as they clicked closed, holding his palms firmly against the wall. He could no longer move. As his wrists were tensioned to the wall something seemed to be pulling gently on his neck. Nurse Emily proceeded to kneel between Jacob's legs from behind, and he could feel it as she attached shackles to his ankles which also tensioned down. Jacob has just let this beautiful nurse fully immobilize him. He couldn't even turn his head, he then felt something being pulled over his head, it stretched over his head, but as she pulled it down, he realized that it had open holes for his mouth and his eyes.

He was relieved, until the Nurse Emily quipped "Open your mouth, it will go easier if you simply comply."

Jacob did as instructed and he could now see Nurse Emily there in front of him, and she was about to pour something into his mouth.

"Jacob this is compliance medication. It will help you relax for your sleep study tonight. There is one side effect however and you will notice it in a few minutes. Therefore, you have been restrained. We have to restrain you as this serum will make you insatiably horny for the next 48 hours."

She began to pour the serum into his mouth, it was delicious. He didn't notice the next item that she grabbed, and as she slid it into his mouth, he was entranced, his penis was already rock hard, and his anus was repeatedly clenching hard. Jacob did not realize that a panel gag was being forced over his mouth. He felt the straps being pulled tight around his head, but he couldn't take his mind off how rock hard his cock was, and the fact that his anus seemed to be continually clenching and retracting. He did however find a hole in the center of the panel gag with his tongue. He couldn't imagine why he needed to be gagged, but as the medication took effect he didn't seem to care.

Nurse Emily noticed the young man's rock-hard erection. She was going to need to do something about that. She was enthralled with this young man, he was gentle, caring and very much compliant. Nominally the boys would struggle and fight, there was even a large orderly waiting outside the room in the event the boys become violent, but Jacob had not put up a fight. Nurse Emily felt the need to reward him for his compliance. Nurse Emily walked over to a drawer and swiped her red access card, the drawer pops open and there is an assortment of medical tools laid out neatly in foam. Nurse Emily selects a pair of safety scissors, closes the drawer and walks back over to Jacob.

Jacob sees nurse Emily approaching, his penis feels like it is going to explode, and his anus is hungry to be touched. Never very sexual Jacob doesn't know what has come over him. As he watches Emily approach he glances up and down really realizing how amazing nurse Emily looks in her blue scrubs. Her perky breasts jutted out from her body, constrained only by the thin fabric of her scrubs. Emily is quickly approaching, and Jacob awakes as he notices the medical safety scissors.

Nurse Emily wishes she could release Jacob and take him to the bed, but unfortunately the wall will not release him until he has been properly fitted with his new kit. She needs those clothes off him now, but he has been so compliant, such a good boy deserves a special reward. Emily crouches in front of Jacob and starts by removing his sneakers and socks, causing him to wince as she slid the socks over the soles of her feet. He had worn gray sweatpants to the center, Nurse Emily made quick but careful work as she cuts them away. As she reaches, she intentionally brushes his penis with her arm, slowly and gently and she can tell that he is massive. His bulge reaches a quarter way down his thigh, and Nurse Emily now knows that she needs him inside her.

Jacob never knew that he was an absolute stud down there, but as Nurse Emily brushed his cock, he could feel a small release and it dribbled down his leg. It was only pre-cum, but Jacob began to feel embarrassment wash over him.

Nurse Emily continued her work until Jacob was there in all his glory completely naked. The nurse, the continual professional, was wet with excitement. Jacob was well endowed, and she was going to use him, but she had already seen the pre-cum glistening on against his leg as she had removed his compression boxers. She returned to the wall of drawers to retrieve something that would help her get what she wanted. His 10-inch erection, pointed straight out from his pelvis, but this nurse knew that it would not last long in its current state. She returns to Jacob with numbing cream and a condom. The tub of cream is opened, and the nurse quickly dons two purple nitrile gloves and begins to lather the numbing cream all over his shaft. Jacob's audible moans of enjoyment pierce through his panel gagged mouth, she knows that he won't feel much more very soon and slides her hands down and around his scrotum and eventually gets some more numbing cream and begins to circle and close in on his anus. His anus is tight and contracting and quickly devours her gloved finger as presses slowly into his hole.

Jacob could not believe what was going on, and simply accepted whatever the beautiful nurse was doing to him. The first female in his adult life to touch his penis is now sliding her finger into his ass. His cock is twitching and pulsing and all he can do is moan into his panel gag as she explores his shaft and hole. He is in complete ecstasy; no words are spoken, and the nurse is in complete control of his body. He doesn't resist, every touch from nurse Emily is electrifying, but he notices that he doesn't feel anything at all. What was it that she was rubbing on him and inside of him?

Emily, satisfied with her work, and knowing that time is limited, backed away from the restrained Jacob, admiring his cock as she removed her scrub top and bottoms. She never wore a bra or panties under her scrubs. It was just too much, and she preferred to feel free, a feeling that Jacob couldn't know or understand that he was going to be missing. The lips between her hips were drenched at the thought of him, and she had just one thing to complete before she could use him. She unwrapped the condom and stepped back towards Jacob. She couldn't just do this to this young man, she inches ever closer to Jacob and whispers in his ear "Would you like some assistance with that amazing cock of yours? Moan twice if you consent."

Jacob, naked restrained, gagged and horny let out two large moans. Nurse Emily playfully toyed with his nipples for a few moments, which caused him an extreme amount of pleasure, he didn't know was possible. Taking the condom over his shaft was electrifying, he felt as if his cock had been encased in pure warmth. Jacob could look down, but Nurse Emily was there and began to play with his balls which absolutely kept him on edge. Again, Emily slid her finger into his hole, this time there was no discomfort for Jacob, just an intense amount of pleasure, pleasure he had never felt before. He was absolute putty in her hands, she slid her finger in and out of his tight hole, and he began to appreciate the pure ecstasy nurse Emily was providing him.

Nurse Emily began to worry their time was short, and knew that ultimately, she had a job to do. She would never be able to get his cock into its new home, but his hole had been fully prepped for its future. Jacob stood there restrained moaning in ecstasy ready to explode. Drool had run out from the sides of his gag, and he had entered a deep sub-space, where he would let her do anything. Of all her patients Jacob had been the most polite and compliant throughout the process. She pressed a button on the wall and all Jacob could feel was the floor fall away from his feet. The wall had slid out from the bottom, and he was now laying on an examination table, completely helpless and needy.

Emily could see the confusion in his eyes. She approached the table and climbed up over his restrained legs. As she sat there just above his waist, she produced a blind fold that Jacob willingly adjusted his head to take. Once the blindfold was secured Emily slid back to Jacob's still erect monster cock and pinched the underside of his shaft gently. She quickly spread her labia and lowered herself onto his cock. Emily was enthralled by his size, she could barely take all of him, he was truly a stud. If the other nurse had known, they would have fought her to take him, but the meek soon-to-be student seemed like the normal type, and no one would have believed the pure ecstasy he could deliver. Emily began to die the entire length of his cock, she had to go slow. It was simply so huge, she was afraid he would inflict damage.

Jacob was beside himself; he had become a moaning toy to be used. The nurse was now bouncing on his cock, screaming in ecstasy, tweaking his nipples sending electrifying shocks through his system. He could barely move but as she pulled up, he tried to chase her pussy humping up into the air, trying to not lose the warmth of her. He could feel that he was coming close, but he was just at the edge, and as she bounced up and down on his cock he moaned, twitched and continued to lift his hips trying not to lose the embrace of her pussy. He had always been a humble boy, never chasing, always compliant, he was submissive.

Emily could tell Jacob was on edge but still completely compliant. His moans were becoming more primal as she continued to bounce on his cock. She really wanted to flip him over and peg him, but that wouldn’t be permitted just yet. She had found a true submissive, a unicorn of sorts, she would be putting in a request and he would be hers. She clenched down on his massive cock, she knew that their time was coming to an end and that she needed to push him over the edge. She clenched harder around his cock, as she bounced and bounced. They were both sweaty messes, but she knew she could make him cum. It would be his last chance for a long while, and she wanted to give this to him. She increased her pace, clenching hard to increase the friction, this was her new goal: to make him explode. She resumed switching between sensually embracing his sides with her nails to pinching his nipples. She could tell he was very close but so was she.

Jacob was in sensory overload, he could barely hold it together as Emily clenched down on him, he knew she was trying to take his seed and he wanted to please her by giving it, but whatever she had lathered onto him was certainly delaying his ability to cum. His hole was needy also, he felt empty there, but as Emily pinched his nipples then stroked his side, he felt the pressure build in his sac. He was going to explode, then Emily went back to his nipples with an ever-harder pinch, and he lost all control as he moaned loudly and began to spasm.

Emily could feel Jacob shooting his load and that pushed her over the edge. She began to squirt all over the young man, as he blew his load into her of course caught by the condom. He bucked and bucked, sliding deeper into her as she exploded. She continued to bounce hoping to make it last, she pinched her own nipples and rode the wave of her orgasm, she didn't want it to end. She screamed and moaned as he continued bucking into her, she was in pure bliss, the meager and meek boy had brought her to her most intense and prolonged orgasm, she would fight to keep him, he would be hers.


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