The Property of Dana and Tracy

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2022 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; frottage; oral; chain; collar; captive; naked; slave; cons; XX

Continues from of My Summer Of Dares.

Fall is coming, and this somewhat carefree summer of playful and sexy teen dares is almost over for the girls, so I thought a title change to reflect this was in order. Everybody has to adjust to this new long-term reality between the three friends, this new concept of owned servitude that the girls have apparently been working towards for the last few years. Jackie will be doing the bidding of her two friends, not for a few hours, or even a few days, but for the next few years at least. Everything the girls have been collectively doing has led up to this…

"…I don't understand sir, they just left me here without even saying goodbye?"

"First off, could you do me a favor and not call me 'sir' when they're not around?"

"I didn't want to be disrespectful to you; but yes obviously."

"Thank you, I don't really feel like a sir at this particular moment, so Dennis is fine. So anyway, are you okay with all this? I built this contraption just to see if I could, but actually seeing you hooked up to it, and seeing again the way they treat you, I just need to hear you tell me that you're good with all this."

They're my friends and they love me, they just love each other more, or maybe differently is a better way to say it." I can't believe I just said this out loud though, not because it isn't true, but because the thought, the words, they just came to my lips as if by magic, an epiphany of logic and observation. I also realized that I hadn't exactly answered his question directly by doing it this way, but dumping me off and leaving me here without explanation was actually more profound to me than being chained by my neck to the summer house…

"Besides, I'm getting a serious education out of all this" I add, almost as if trying to convince myself, along with Dennis. It's kind of like he and I aren't speaking the exact same language either though, as if there is a disconnect between us.

"I'm probably just working my way through school like you did, well almost like you did" I add with a chuckle, following my chain briefly with my eyes. I'm trying to distance myself from the serious "truth" that just accidentally spewed from my lips, so that Dennis doesn't dwell on it too much. I catch myself getting easily bitchy and critical these days, especially when I'm feeling sexually needy, and I haven't had a proper romp with anybody, even myself, since that night with Gregory. I'm therefore well, well overdue, and I fear it will come out in my sharp tone, or maybe already has.

"Hopefully you'll have just a bit more success than I did."

"What do you mean?"

"I never graduated! I was working towards my BBA, but I ran out of money. So, I make pizza for a buddy sometimes, work at the hardware store, and do the odd home improvement project like this one on the side too."

"You have like three different jobs?"

"Yeah, it keeps me busy, and hopefully out of trouble too."

I'm naked and chained to a sprinkler pipe by my neck, and the fully dressed man standing before me is the one who designed and built this contraption, and he even just closed the lock himself this first time, rather symbolically. I don't exactly know what's happening to me, but again my brain feels like it's alive, like it's fully turned on and running at one hundred percent. I want to ask Dennis why his folks didn't help with school, like mine are, even though I'm sure it's a huge financial burden for them. I don't ask this though, even though I'm curious, as there is just something that holds my tongue and tells me I won't like the answer, and that Dennis won't like giving it either.

"So, back to my original question, Sir… Dennis I mean; what is it that we're to do here all alone with each other?" I ask with a smile. I have needs that Dennis could easily satisfy, It's terribly taboo, but all he has to do is make me forget about absent Gregory for a bit, and take charge. Two simple things, how hard is that? I wonder in my conflicted mind.

"Back when you were out washing cars that night, back when Dana kind of flipped out on you, we came up with the actual details of this theoretical plan to convert this summer house into what it is now, basically a work camp prison, or maybe even an elaborate indoor dog run. This had to be done in such a way though that the elements could hide in plain sight, and not interfere with the normal operation of the house in case somebody not in on this little game of yours came to visit."

"I was honestly more caught up in the technical-challenges aspect of this project, the uniqueness of it. There's an elegant beauty for me in a single device that can do more than one thing at a time, more bang for your buck and all of that. But, back to that particular night, Dana was obviously pissed off about something and not hiding it well, she was also very focused and confident that she could secure the funding for the materials at least, and that left the labor part of the project to be funded. Not that it's an excuse, but I think I got caught up in her enthusiasm. Well anyway, we hypothetically agreed to trade hours for hours at a two to one ratio for my work. I spent just slightly less than one hundred labor hours on this project in total, two very full weeks, and that means the girls owe me roughly one hundred and ninety-six hours in return."

"I didn't think she'd actually get the money for her end, for the materials, so I thought of this as more of a theoretical exercise, maybe even a good distraction for what was bothering her that night, albeit a little dark and on the fringes of normal behavior maybe, even for Dana as a human pet co-owner. Many people explore a project, and then pull the plug on it before the proverbial check is written, before you break ground, or so goes my own humble experiences with human nature anyway. She's a teen first year college student, how could I possibly know that she'd actually get that kind of money?"

"So anyway, and against Greg's better wishes I might add, I told the girls that night - gave them both my word - that if they got the cash for the materials, we'd work something out on the labor part, 'knowing' in my mind that it wouldn't ever happen, and in doing so I thought diffusing a tense situation for everybody. They call this redirection; get somebody to refocus on something else, instead of what they're all pissed off and focused on."

"Dana wasn't exactly listening to Greg that night either, so that actually left me as the lone voice of reason, pretty funny if you think about it, I'm the dumb pizza guy after all. She had her reasons though, and not all of them were dark and self-serving either."

"Dana also seems quite headstrong when she's focused on something by the way, and this caught me by surprise a second time, as the girls around here just aren't like that. I guess I'd already seen the signs, but this was the first time I experienced her full-force like this… well the second time really. She's like an elemental force of nature when she's focused, if she were a guy she'd be a serious bully, you just have to know that about her."

…I caught myself just then, as I hadn't seen anything from Dennis that screamed "humble" at all, but it would have been poor form to point such out at that particular moment. And the observation that Dana was "headstrong" I thought was a nice way to say "spoiled and used to getting her own way." As far as being a bully, to be honest I hadn't really ever thought of her that way before, but love can also blind you to another's faults sometimes…"

"So, to be clear, you agreed to do this, in essence to humor her, both girls really? But she called your bluff and actually got the money from all of our parents, telling them it was necessary for our safety?"

"It sounds so terrible when you say it like that, but who gives their teen daughter that kind of money, even for something like THIS?"

How many more classes did Dennis need to actually get his sheepskin, and what portion of that bill could have been paid with the money "invested" here to keep me where the girls want me, on the "right track" so to speak? I asked myself while looking into his eyes. Dana had a nice nearly new car too, where a used, or hand-me-down one would have done just fine. That car had been bought for her, she even picked out the color in the dealership herself, as an early graduation gift, and that wasn't her only gift either. How many of Dennis' classes would that car have bought him? I wondered as well.

Did Dennis resent us, or at least the girls, and their apparent easy path to success in life, at least so far?

"First off, nobody who can pull something like this off is the slightest bit dumb, and you certainly don't come across like that to me at all. With that being said though I'm almost afraid to ask, but what exactly did my friend's promise you, for those one hundred and ninety-six hours?"

…I knew the answer without even being told such, I suspected it earlier; I just knew the girls that well. I therefore knew that they wouldn't be paying any price personally, but I would be paying it for them, in one form or another. I was left to wonder if this would be in the form of less intimate service, washing his clothes and truck maybe, or something more personal and intimate. I had of course felt his earlier arousal, but there was a lot of kink going on here, and his manly interest might not extend to this naked skinny chained teen standing before him, but to my very pretty friends who were also there and watching at the time…

"It was left vague and open-ended, but the short answer is pretty much anything I want; meaning of course you!"

"What about Gregory?" I asked reflexively, glossing over the fact that I just wasn't completely into this, my head just wasn't in the exact right place at the moment, although I was maybe slowly getting there. It's not that I couldn't imagine doing something wonderful for Dennis, but why on earth would he really want me, after having both of my very pretty friends first? How could he not possibly compare one to the other? I felt almost like I was a second place human consolation prize, and it wasn't a good feeling for me. Bearing this in mind I had some very complex thoughts to try to get my head wrapped around, confidence in myself a very big one.

I liked sex just fine, but I didn't want to be used for sex. But these thoughts were in conflict with each other, and with the fact that I had apparently just been gifted to Dennis, for pretty much anything HE wants. That part was forbiddingly exciting, or potentially exciting, if I could just sort some things out in my troubled mind first.

I had also just accidentally felt Dennis' arousal, so I know maybe a part of him at least was way into this. But my heart leans towards Gregory, even though I haven't seen nor talked with him in weeks. That part actually feels just a bit cruel to me to be honest, having such passionate intimacy and then separating almost right afterwards, after washing his car and serving him like a chained naked slave. He had to hold himself distant from me that night too, for reasons that I didn't fully understand, and that bothered me as well. It was like the ultimate high, quickly followed by the lowest low, all in less than a twenty-four hour period.

Doing something like "that" for Dennis also could potentially blur the lines between playful kinky "I'm away from home" consensual sex play, and being a near prostitute for rent, although one could argue that Gregory had already been there himself. But in that case I WAS actually into it. Gregory was a favor though, a thank you tip for a job well done; where Dennis was almost more like a first installment payment on a long term loan, if I was understanding things correctly.

Wouldn't they be proud back home? I then thought cynically. They paying, in part, for the chains that presently bind me, and my two best friends in the whole world basically pimping me out to pay for my enslavement, so that I could more effectively serve their lazy asses like a naked owned slave, without even the ability to easily escape. I felt the sudden bitterness pop into my head, it wasn't healthy, nor where my heart truly was either, but I had physical needs too, and unanswered they clouded my judgement and darkened my mood. I loved the girls sincerely, unconditionally, but not necessarily all their faults in equal measure.

Doing it in Gregory's car had almost started out like a familiar teen date from back in high school though, and that had also been nighttime, and our randy moods were even in proper alignment. So, while I had technically been "payment" that night too, upon reflection it didn't feel like this at all in my mind, as Gregory would have helped us out without it, without this compensation. A contributing factor this time was my time of adjustment though, I had been a free and properly dressed young woman going off to college, and true adulthood, only this morning; I hadn't truly settled back into my new servitude just yet. Not that it was intentional, but not calling Dennis "Sir" was actually taking me in the wrong direction, if submissive servitude is where I was trying to get back to here.

Then of course my mind wandered further, and I played the "what if?" game in my mind. Did Dennis have the same kinds of restrictions that Gregory had, or that had been placed on me? What if he didn't? The girls hadn't reiterated their earlier conditions before leaving me alone with Dennis - they hadn't bothered to say anything at all, as if I were of no consequence one way or the other - and I wondered if those same earlier conditions carried through? Or, was that "then" and for Gregory specifically, this a "now" and different kind of thing for Dennis, bearing in mind this huge debt that I now apparently have? I also had to bear in mind that Tracy and Dana already had their one time romp with Dennis, together; so this could be in keeping with their habit of giving me their leftovers, once they had what they wanted first.

A dark thought crept into the fringes of my mind just then, but I didn't have the intellectual energy to chase it down with everything else going on at the moment…

Dennis was a good guy and all that, but "what if" he wasn't? What if he just gave into his manly carnal desires - assuming that he really had them for me - twisted my wrists behind my back, and used his belt to bind me helplessly like that? And then what if he just bent me over the table and roughly kicked my bare feet out wide with his work booted ones? I wouldn't really be in a position to stop him, big and strong as he was, and he'd already seen me belted like this by the girls once today, so it would take no imagination at all to do it again. He could physically do anything he might like to with me after that, and chained by my neck to the pipes he so firmly installed, I couldn't even use my speed advantage to try and run away, to escape.

This feeling of being tethered, trapped, and nakedly helpless in Dennis' clothed presence should have been doing anything but exciting me, but there you go. I had been flirting on and off with this feeling earlier in the girl's presence, when I had bumped into his brick wall-like immovable mass and accidentally felt him up, but what was then unfocused is now much clearer for me, much closer to reality. I've had years of conditioning by the girls to submit to those in a position over me too, this almost like a submissive learned reflex for me, and I know for everybody's best interest I need to get back into this mindset, quickly. I need to get back to being a gracious humble friend, hopefully still worthy of Dana's and Tracy's love.

… After a hundred times of getting in the back of the proverbial car, you really shouldn't need to be told to do so any longer either, you should just go there cheerfully, as this is where you know you belong…

"Greg IS the problem" Dennis eventually admits solemnly, his words slightly cooling my warming passion, reminding me of him. "I could really use the money for my labors too, rather than some tail, even if it is some very nice tail. A deal is a deal though, and there is no renegotiating this one now either. Please don't take this wrong, there is just something special about you that draws me in, but at this point in time…"

"You're a good friend," I tell Dennis, ignoring his "tail" dismissiveness. I'm a chained and naked set piece, why would he see me as anything more? As compared to Dana and Tracy, even nude in their clothed presence, why would he even give me a second look, let alone let me "draw him in?" He first met and saw me in my nearly naked pet persona, and the old saying goes that you only get one chance for a first impression. If that's the case, Dennis first impression has to be one of submissive naked humility, of my being a skinny unsure teen, something much less than the others in any room. And then of course there is my signed slave contract, and my brand-like tattoo, both reinforcing this notion for him.

From a certain point of view I'm no longer Jackie the human, the teen college student, certainly not while chained and collared. I'm just a physical part of the house itself, a house slave; the contractually owned house slave of Tracy and Dana, their de facto property, and likely anybody else's they wish to add to the contract or share me with too. My primary purpose is to serve the girls, and the house, I had given both my word, and my signature, promising to do no less.

"Not as good as I should have been, but I'm trying to make that right."

…I so want to ask, but something temporarily holds my tongue, it's like I have this sudden "inner wisdom" though, and that tells me not to push. I do avert my eyes for just a second and look at my pet cage, it's still sitting there near the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, but I didn't do this intentionally. Dennis is watching closely and catches my eyes, and he nods his head ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly, telling me, without actually telling me. I was then left to wonder at how well the former occupant of that cage, and Dennis, actually knew each other, and if Gregory had ever found out…

The way Gregory behaved with Dennis in the girls' company, back when we first met, suggests that Gregory thinks he has nothing to hide or fear from his good friend… or perhaps nothing left to lose. Did Dennis just share a secret with me, and did he do so trying to explain why he seemed just a tiny bit hesitant to claim his prize? Or, did he want me to actually ask? I'm kind of back to feeling like a game show consolation prize though, something quite far from what he really wants, but something he may have to settle for anyway, seeing as how the girls aren't here at the moment.

"Do you want to talk about that?"

"I think you should know, but you can't ever tell him that you know."

"I promise not to," I tell Dennis solemnly. But I then motion for him to turn around, and I drag over a chair without arms, then I have him sit on it backwards. He's just so tight and tense, I can see it in him, and I know another way to fix that, without sex. I start rubbing on his strong shoulders, feeling the thick muscles, and the tension trapped there. I do his neck and back too, and the noises he's making let me know that I'm doing a good job. Dennis even smells like a man, and I pick up on this while rubbing on him up close and personal, as if I were dragging his manly scent from his very pores. This is something submissively serving that I've always wanted to do for a man; it's not specifically sexual in nature all by itself, but it is physically giving in its own special way.

So as I rub on him he starts to confess and tell me what happened, basically that Gregory's live-in pet girlfriend, Lisa, and he both had a collective moment of weakness, while Gregory was at school likely grading papers, and Dennis stopped by to innocently pick something up at the house. They both felt super bad and guilty right afterwards, almost the moment the passion had passed, but the damage was already done, and she ended it and moved out like the next week, very abruptly and without explanation. She didn't rat Dennis out either, because she knew Gregory would need a friend after the dust eventually settled.

"So this Lisa, she still cares?" I clarified.

"I really think so, but she couldn't face him and fess up, and she begged me not to either. She thought it would crush him, and really so did I; so this thing that we did together was especially shallow and self serving in light of that. It's maybe a half hour or so of over the top opportunistic passion that I think we both wish we could take back, but things just don't work like that in the real world."

"'Regrets, I've had a few…'"

"Frank Sinatra, yeah, something like that," but the way Dennis says this leaves me thinking that he thinks I shouldn't even know who old blue eyes Sinatra is. It's not quite my Janis Joplin, but more something somebody older might listen to, something that might be playing back at home this very second on the console stereo record player.

Not that they're necessarily having a party at this very second, but I couldn't miss that they weren't necessarily "regretting" having the house to themselves for a bit either…

"So back to the here and now" Dennis redirects, "what happens when your friends get back?" His tone says it all, he's said what he wanted, cleared his conscience with me, let's press on!

"I'm afraid I don't follow you."

"Just look at yourself, you're maximum, like what every guy dreams about, and here I am getting a back rub. If we don't at least pretend to have done something, your friends will likely think that was your fault, and I fear there will be consequences for you."

I've, in my mind, gone all the way from "tail" as in who would want my naked skinny ass anyway, to "maximum," whatever that means around here, all with a simple conscious clearing confession. By implication Dennis is even willing to fabricate a story, so that my good friends will think I did something either for, or with Dennis, so as to avoid any consequences for not doing so. Dennis and I have turned a corner, he and I, and I know that I'll have to share something with him at least equal to the secret he's just shared with me.

"When we first met at Gregory's house, back when you fed me that slice of pizza you made for us, out of your hand, it seemed there was no hesitation there at all."

"Well, I was just a bit off my game to be honest. I would have gladly taken you for myself and left Dana and Tracy both for Greg, in a heartbeat. He could have had one, or even both of your friends, and I would have been fine with that. Greg's not like that though, but I didn't think he wanted another pet at the time either; I kind of thought he was done with the whole experience, seeing how the last one turned out."

"We're almost like a mirror reflection of each other at times, he and I. He thinks in terms of 'what if?' and I think in terms of 'just go for it,' although I think he's finally rubbing off on me, as in this particular case I did the proverbial go-around in regard to you. Pets, in my mind, were more Greg's thing, and I just didn't know how to proceed, without crushing him. You're like a custom fit for him, a second custom fit, as I rather selfishly ruined the first one for him."


"Poor choice of words on my part; forget I said that. Anyway, girls like you just do something for me, where your friends are maybe less exciting for me. Don't get me wrong, they're fun and they look and dress just wonderfully, and they're nice enough to me when they want something too, but not to you though. I don't entirely get that part to be honest. That obviously didn't stop me in the moment, but looking back at the collateral damage all that caused, I don't know that this was my second best ever decision. I do that sometimes by the way, think with the wrong head, I mean, but I guess I'm a work in progress just like everybody else."

"Everybody makes mistakes" I tell him. This young man has just shown me a weakness of his, and shared a secret, and I know it takes courage to do that. Gregory has that kind of courage too though, but Dennis is here, and Gregory isn't. I'm also not entirely sure how disinterested Gregory was in me at first, to be honest, but I don't want to correct Dennis' perception of things, it is after all his unique point of view; how therefore can it be wrong just because it doesn't align with my own?

"Tell me something I don't know Jackie," Dennis retorts flippantly.

This is my now or never moment, the whole "ruined" thing makes me curious, but I have to get past that. I'm away from home to learn new things, to have new experiences, and to serve my friends, and Dennis is about as safe as something like this can possibly get.

"My friends know that I need to be made to do things, it's just something inside of me" I offer in total sincerity. It's both an intimate confession of sorts, and a subtle offer to Dennis specifically, but with what Dennis already knows about me it's really not all that much further down this unique road for him to travel.

"They both told me as much just before they left you here for me, but I needed to hear it from you personally."

"And now that you have?"

"Now Greg and I need to come to some kind of understanding, although I have to tell you that this is very hard for me."

"I think you just made a joke there" I observed with a knowing smile.

"I suppose I did…"

"Since we're having such a nice candid conversation here, would you mind clearing up a few things for me?"

"If I can."

"I'm certain that you can," that bitter snippy me coming out in my tone once again though, despite my smile, and despite my desire for that part of me to leave and never come back. I truthfully don't like being like this, and I'm reminded of a time when Dana had threatened to spank the bitchiness right out of me with her paddle, when I took a certain tone with her once.

"Anyway, you came to the summer house, to here, with the chain, this chain, and the locks already in your possession that night; you brought them with you. You had to have arranged for that beforehand, in other words this was likely no chance occurrence; you came prepared to chain me up to the house. Why do that if you didn't know of the girl's long term plans yet?"

"I thought Dana only wanted to work out a short term secure way to keep you from running off again, and the chain was something that she wanted to see and feel for herself in bulk, just to get an idea for how it could be used, if it could be used. Not to be too simplistic here, but such works with dogs just fine. You have no idea how close you came to getting squashed on the main road by a big semi-truck, back when you ran away… and she just didn't want that to happen, like ever. None of us did, and not knowing when you might up and run off again like that made this seem maybe not quite so extreme, if it was a once in a while thing when you had to be left alone."

"Okay" I answered, just to say something. But, knowing Dana as I did, I wondered if this wanting to prevent me from getting squashed on the roadway like fresh roadkill was her only motivation in wanting me physically attached to the house, or was this a dual purpose kind of thing too, like the sprinkler system? Certainly her attitude that night didn't suggest anything sweet or loving at all, but with Dana there was a duplicity to many of the things she did; us girls staying together after high school, my living here with them as their servant, even the pipes I was presently attached to, all of these things had more than a single purpose. This is just who Dana was, two birds with one stone, and all of that…

I also needed to hear this from Dennis' lips, because I thought I detected some inconsistency in the timeline here, and I wanted to be clear on things. I couldn't exactly press the girls like this, but Dennis seemed very candid and giving in the moment, and I thought to take advantage of this to learn something while I could.

"What was your plan A then, from back on that night as well; before you guys chained me up and put me out for the night to wash your cars?"

"Well, it wasn't for the whole night," Dennis tells me erroneously, and by his tone I can tell that he thinks I'm being a melodramatic teenager here; exaggerating the ordeal, and the time I was actually chained up and "put-out" on the porch for. His tone is minimizing the event too, like "a naked car wash, big deal!" This shouldn't be a surprise to me though, I doubt the girls told anybody about that specific part of my ordeal; why would they?

"Oh… yes… it… was! I spent the entire rest of the night chained up on the porch like a dog; right after you guys left they even locked the door and turned off the lights, but they did toss me out a rough blanket first."

"The whole night?" Dennis asks, just to be sure he understood me. His words are ones of empathy, but his eyes and unintentional smile tell me that he would have just loved to have sneaked back over to be there with me. Under slightly different circumstances - less the anger and rage - it's nothing but a prank between the three of us, something right up our proverbial alley, but with the way it was done to me that night I just wasn't feeling it that way.

And you still love them unconditionally?"

"I still love them like sisters, yes. But I don't necessarily love every single thing they do… Nobody's perfect" I defend a moment later.

I of course said this reflexively, but then I thought, what would they have to actually do for me to stop loving them? What condition would have to occur for me to stop loving them unconditionally? Logically this drew me back towards one of a few questions left hanging from back on that night, and Dennis might actually know the answer to this one too…

"So what was that other plan of yours, the plan A from back on that night, since getting chained up and washing cars for you guys was obviously plan B?" This is the second time I've asked, and this should tell me something, but my need to know blinds me to this.

"It wasn't necessarily my plan A, and since it didn't ultimately happen anyway I don't see the advantage in telling you anything about it, so I'll have to plead the fifth here" Dennis tells me in semi-adjated fashion. I've hit a nerve here, as if this is something that he's not too proud of, or something he doesn't want to admit to, meaning it just might actually be "his" plan A, despite his claim to the contrary. What's that old saying? Success has many fathers, but failure is always an orphan.

"Do I get one more question, "SIR," or have I used up all of my goodwill for today?" I ask in a playful snarky fashion.

"Just one more for you Perry Mason, I feel like I should maybe get a lawyer or something" he suggests with a laugh. I've pushed him as far as I dare here, he's still a good guy to me, even if he has a little secret that he might not want to share. I can think of several things that I would be embarrassed to tell him about myself, and that's saying something, as I'm standing here before him naked and chained by my neck to a pipe he's installed, for precisely this purpose.

"It seems most unlikely that you came here all on your own, expecting to show off your fine work to us girls, give a live demonstration even, and potentially collect your first payment; all without having things worked out with Gregory beforehand. Especially with what you just told me about Lisa and you."

"That's not really a question, college student Jackie, you'd lose points in English class for that."

"I suppose it's not, but you know what I mean, don't you?"

"Greg and I have the understanding that we're both competitors for this one single prize; he thought it wouldn't be very fair if he laid exclusive claim to you after one single date. If he told me to back off I still would have, but then your good friends would likely find a way to have further separation between you and Greg, cutting him off from you cold."

"He's willing to share me, or even pretend to be indifferent in the short term, so that he can potentially have me in the long term?" I asked. I'm really just clarifying what I thought Dennis was trying to say, put it into slightly different words so that I understood exactly what he was saying.

"And now you're going to ask me if he and Lisa and I might have been able to work something similar out, after I did what I did with her?"

"The thought occurred to me."

"We'll never know, will we?"

"Never is a long time."

"Are you ready for the Sir thing again?"

"Yes Sir I am, if you are."

"How do I know if you're really into this?" Dennis asks thoughtfully, and his eyes are staring into my own as he does so, telling me this is the crux of the issue for him. It's a bit unnerving to be honest, as I'm stark naked, and he's looking intently at my face and not elsewhere, but I feel him searching for truth there, or something else perhaps. It then occurred to me out of nowhere that Dennis doesn't like to be used. My friends use me all the time, so this is a foreign feeling for me, but Dennis has a different personality; really, we all do. That's kind of the fun part, getting to know somebody, understand their personality, and what unique building blocks and experiences went into making them who they are.

I think this entire conversation that we've just had is so Dennis can figure out if he wants to proceed, and that is contingent on my wanting to do so too. I've been gifted to him, but that doesn't mean that he has to accept that gift as it's intended. Both the girls and I have told him quite clearly that I need to be made to do things, I obviously get something from that, but he's still determined to ensure this is something I really want. Dennis is just so much more than hormones and sneakers, and even knowing that I've felt his arousal, he's not going to act on that until he's sure I'm on the same page. I wonder if my pretty friends got this same level of consideration - although in that case they were likely the aggressors - back when they had tag teamed him on their shared squeaky bed? I could be wrong on all of this though, but there was an easy way to test this…

"Does it matter?"

"It does to me."

Just four little words from Dennis, but it's like a switch has just been flipped in my mind. A kiss, then another, then I reach up further and kiss his neck, and then his shoulder, giving him a little playful bite there through his shirt as I press my naked body up against his clothed one. He looks at me with a single eye when I do that, but also with a smile. I catch myself feeling very "oral" suddenly, like Dennis is a sweet candy treat that I want to gobble up before the girls get back and want to steal him away again. I didn't start out being into this, not really, and to Dennis' credit he didn't push the issue, although he easily could have for a host of reasons. I'm burning up lusting for this man, and I'd maybe even like him to play the brute with me too.

"I get to be such a sour mouthed little bitch when I'm needy" I tell Dennis breathlessly. I'm in heat and a fool could even see this, and if Dennis doesn't do something for me, I'll do something for myself, maybe even with him watching; my inhibitions are that low suddenly. I start to strip him, unbuttoning his shirt for him. His clothes are in the way of what I desire, so much for being a passive submissive though, but at least the message of my lusty interest has been delivered. I get his shirt off and run my fingers up over his six pack abs, and then through his chest hair and I think to myself, this is a man!

I then go to my knees to finish stripping him, right in front of all those windows, my intentions to do something quite giving and nice for him while I kneel before him like the slave that I am. Short circuiting my ad hoc plans though, Dennis instead takes physical control of my body and scoops me up in his arms. My naked boobs and painfully erect nipples are pressed up tight against his hairy chest, and I have my legs wrapped around him with my ankles locked, helping him to hold me, which he doesn't really need. There is just something about being effortlessly picked up like this though; raw physical domination maybe?

In any event, Dennis walks me towards the kitchen like this with my chain dragging behind, all as we make out some more, my gushing and hot womanhood leaving its "snail trail" mark on his belly. I'm sure he can feel my heat, my burning passion, this on another level entirely from what I've felt for any other man ever. Of course this feeling would pass, but at that moment in time there were two people in the entire universe; Dennis, and I!

He then puts me down on the edge of the small kitchen table and strips out of the rest of his clothes, his haste to get just as naked as I confirming his reciprocal desire for me. His man bits are standing straight out and proportional to his size, so that is to say larger than I've ever seen in the flesh with the few lovers I've had, but not so big as to be frightening to me. Condom, no condom, at that point in time, and in that mindset, I didn't care one way or the other, satisfying this burning passion was the only thing on my mind. Lust fueled insanity maybe? Who knows, but the rational part of my mind had actually turned off for a bit there. Logically I didn't want to be a teenaged unmarried mommy, I had plans for myself, not to mention that others had plans for me too, but there were likely far worse men to make babies with.

"Grab the pipes" Dennis tells me as he effortlessly lifts me by my butt so that I can reach them, the time for asking and confirming had apparently passed, we firmly into the "do this now" phase of things between us. I don't know if it's his own lust and passion, or what, but I feel like a toy in his hands, like I'm a ten pound doll to him and he could toss me as high as he wanted; in other words objectified and owned. I grab the pipes as told and hang on, and he throws my right leg over his left shoulder, and the left over the right, burying his face into my gushing womanhood as I throw my head back and squeal. This wasn't quite exactly what I was after, but very, very good all the same. It actually felt so good that I couldn't catch my breath for a bit there, and I found myself panting like an overheated dog out in the sun.

High school boys didn't want any part of this with me, and here this man can't get enough, like I'm his favorite dessert or something. This is a man though, and not a boy, I even feel his rough whiskers on my tender inner thighs to remind me of this. He's being aggressive with me down there, but I'm not exactly complaining either. He's roughly exploring my intimate secrets, and while it feels very good, he hasn't hit THAT spot for me yet, hasn't taken me all the way there. Reflexively I start to twist my hips in his hands so as to get the right spot to where he can do something for me, encouraging him along, but he only holds me more firmly and overpowers me. I come to the quick conclusion that he not only knows what he's doing, but he knows what he isn't doing as well.

Gregory was very good at this himself, and my shallow thoughts at the time were perhaps that Dennis didn't need to be, since he was quite well endowed as opposed to Gregory's more modest endowments. Maybe it's the over the top lust that I bring to the table myself though, maybe I'm so into this and needy that it's affecting my perception of things?

Objectively Dennis is probably half again the size of Gregory, not only in body mass and muscle, but otherwise as well. Gregory is a teacher though, and Dennis is a muscular tradesman, an almost degreed tradesman. Different skills, different tools, different genetics…

"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLLLLEEEAASSSE!" I beg, burning necessary oxygen in doing so though. I need this worse than anything I can ever remember, I'm panting and shaking, and not really thinking properly either. It's cruel to deny me this release, but it would be equally cruel to deny the girls this with each other too. Their path with each other is along a slightly different branch than my own, but I can understand what they need from each other just a bit better now though. If I had never had this a single time I wouldn't know what I was missing, but I do now.

Dennis rolls my hips further, and this takes my button further away from his talented tongue, but I'm powerless to stop him as well. He then reaches inside me deeply with his impossibly long tongue and hits a new spot, and that makes me launch into a powerful orgasm almost instantly. I bear down on his head with my legs hard enough that I think I might hurt him, but I can't help myself, and the gushing mess that follows is something special too, a first for me.

I ride the crest of this wave for as long as I can, and as I come back to my senses I feel the wetness both on my thighs, and Dennis' face. I've gushed all over him, and this is while he's been lapping at me like a thirsty dog too. He pulls away as I release my thighs and let him, his face is a mess, a girl mess. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud, but I do know that this is something new.

"I didn't know if I could reach that for you" Dennis tells me, letting me know that what he had just done to me was intentional, something he maybe knew how to do from practicing on others. Did guys maybe get together and talk about things like this? I wondered.

"We should definitely do something for you" I tell Dennis sweetly while looking down into his eyes. It's something to get used to, looking down at a man looking up at you from between your naked thighs, a man that just has done something extraordinary for you while getting almost nothing from it himself.

"Are you sore?" Dennis asks sweetly.

"Not at all, but I'm feeling selfish here."

"Don't be, I love doing this for you…"

Dennis dives back into me and proceeds to give me half a dozen earth shattering back to back orgasms, the last few as he laid me down on the small kitchen table as my arms had gotten sore from hanging onto the pipes. I like it better on my back, selfishly because I have less to do and I can concentrate on what Dennis is doing.

After the last one I'm finally getting sore down there, and I put my hand on his forehead, asking him to stop.

"What about you?" I ask, I'm exhausted and messy from what Denis has done for me, but I'm not exactly complaining about it either. I'm also obligated to do something wonderful for Dennis for a host of reasons, but it would be a lie to say my sated heart was fully into it. I think my tone might have given me away though…

"We're good" Dennis tells me, and my guilty heart doesn't like what it hears.

"I purposely didn't bring any rubbers with me" Dennis confesses, telling me that he wasn't going to have actual sex with me pretty much no matter what. Was this because he didn't trust himself, or me? I wondered. I would obviously do something wonderful for him like he's just done for me, and based on the limited feedback that I've gotten from the few times I've done so, I might not be half bad at it. This at the very least would be reciprocating in kind for what he's just got done doing for me, the minimum price I should pay as it were.

"I could do something else" I offer.

"Don't laugh, but I don't especially like that. About the only thing I really want to put in your mouth is food, or maybe my tongue."

"Okay, so what can I do for you then?"

"You'll think it's odd, and you have to trust me that I won't actually put it in you."

"Show me" I challenge. The insane desire to feel Dennis inside me had fortunately passed with that first epic orgasm he had given me, which is good, because who knows how that would have turned out? "Pull it out and pray" is not exactly the most reliable way not to get knocked up, or so we had all learned in health class.

Dennis pulls me half off the edge of the table and tells me to close and cross my legs, which I do. I have my crossed ankles on either side of his messy cheeks, and he kisses the top of one of my feet affectionately, possibly just because he likes them, or maybe to say thank you for humoring him like this. In this position he could easily put that big thing of his one of two places I don't really want him to, so this is a trust thing between us.

He instead pushes it between my clamped tight thighs, just atop my messy womanhood, he grabbing my hips and sawing in-between my legs, in effect having sex with my thighs. I have such a girl mess going on down there that there is not much friction to be had, watching his considerable mass sliding in and out of my legs truly incredible. My stomach muscles are crunched and I'm up on my elbows watching the action, the "eye" in his thrusting cock "opening" with every forward thrust.

I watch this mesmerized; Dennis' thrusting apparently causing him to grunt in time, and this apparently feels very good for him at least. I see the glazed eyed lusty look on him, in his mind he's still having sex with me, and the way he's sawing into my thighs, he won't last very long either. How can I make this even better for him? I wonder.

I crush up my legs on his thrusting self even tighter, experimentally, and the groaning response I get from that tells me this is a good thing. His eyes are looking and seeing now, I'm an interactive partner in this odd copulation for him, searching for things that work, enhance the experience. Emboldened I reach for my thighs and make a trough of what little extra skin I have there on top, telling him to go lower. He does, now rubbing his thick shaft directly overtop my slick womanhood, my own hands forcing him down into it.

Friction, moisture, natural girl lube mess, all of it comes together for us, and now this starts to feel pretty good for me too. Dennis must think so as well, because he reaches for my big toe with his mouth, and he bites me on it playfully. I haven't really ever had someone touch my feet sexually at all, but I've just accidentally discovered that my feet are erogenous zones for me.

He lets go of my toe, and my hips, reaching forward and grabbing me under my shoulders, bending half over me as he drives me into him by my shoulders. Our thighs are slapping together noisily now, the concussion traveling through my entire body violently. His swinging man bits are slapping me as well now, all as I approach still another orgasm, perhaps the strangest one yet for me. I'm like a rag doll in his powerful arms, he has me almost completely off of the table, and as I watch him sliding in and out of my thighs I notice the head of him, and that winking eye sliding well past my belly button. Would a man like this even fit inside a petite teen like myself; without ruining her for another, or doing serious damage I wondered. Something Dennis had told me earlier then coming back to me, his "poor choice of words."

His strokes then change, more times "in" than "out" telling me he's almost there. His thrusts are even more savage, and his arms flex, as does his neck, I see the tendons and arteries prominently. He holds himself "in" tightly, and the first squirt of his winking eye hits me with brutal force right under my jaw hard enough to make me flinch. Each subsequent squirt goes just a bit less far, but by the time he's done my body is painted with his cum from my chin to my belly button. It feels hot on my sweaty skin, and I wonder about this.

"Thank you" Dennis tells me breathlessly. "Pretty strange, wasn't it?" he then asks.

"I thought it was hot as hell, but could you carry me into the shower before the girls get home, unless you want to go again? I don't want to go dripping all over the place here, the maid will just have to clean it up anyway…"

Just then the phone rang one single time, but at that moment and in the kitchen just a few feet away it was startling all the same…


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