Proper Dress

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; demonstration; lingerie; clothing; naked; bond; cuffs; gag; harness; chast; enslave; sold; cons/reluct; X

Today’s subject, dear readers, is the proper way to dress for a business meeting. To this end, I will outfit our model, Lisa, with a wardrobe suitable for any boardroom. Unfortunately, there will be no illustrations, as we will be starting with the very basics, which means Lisa is quite naked at the moment.

“And it’s a bit drafty in here right now.”

Lisa, you are here to model, not comment.


We begin with a nice pair of white cotton panties.

“Um, excuse me?”

Is there a problem, Lisa?

“Well, I never wear white panties, is all. And I never wear such a plain style.”

I am dressing you for a business meeting, Lisa. Plain white panties are entirely appropriate.

“But not very comfortable. How can I do good at a meeting if I’m not comfortable?”

Very well. What style of panties would you find more comfortable.

“A thong, or high cut bikinis. And make them red or black, please.”

Oh, very well. As I said, we begin with a pair of black bikini panties. To this, we add a matching under wire bra.”


What is it now, Lisa?

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I never wear a bra.”

This is a business meeting, Lisa. We can’t have you bouncing around with every move.

“But I’m not used to straps, so they’d be very uncomfortable. Can we just do a simple strapless bra?”

Is that better?

“Oh, much. Thank you.”

May I continue?

“Oh, sorry, go ahead.”

Thank you. Now, over the panties, we place a pair of sheer, skin tone pantyhose.


Let me guess. You never wear pantyhose.

“Well, no. I usually prefer sheer black stockings with a matching garter belt.”

You do realize we are trying to present a businesslike appearance here?

“Well, yes. But can’t I be businesslike on the outside and still feel sexy underneath?”

Oh, very well. Happy now?

“Oh, very. Thank you.”

The next item is a light, button-down blouse.

“Um, sorry to interrupt, but does it have to have long sleeves? And does it have to be buttoned up all the way?”

Yes, and yes.

“What good is a sexy bra if nobody can see my cleavage?”

Cleavage is not considered appropriate for a business setting.

“Oh. Well, ok.”

Next, we add a dark blue tie, to compliment the outer items yet to be donned.


Oh, I am sorry. Did I make the tie just a bit tight? Here, let me loosen it.

“You did that on purpose!”

I most certainly did not. To continue, we next add a smart gray knee length skirt.

“No! No gray.”

And why not?

“Gray makes my skin look pale. How about black?”

My dear, you are dressing for a business meeting, not a funeral.

“Well, no gray. How about dark blue?”

If it will make this go quicker. And stop playing with the collar.

“It’s too tight. I hate tight collars.”

Well, stop playing with it. A smart jacket in matching blue tops off the ensemble…….


What now?

“How did my hands wind up tied behind me?”

Well, you wouldn’t stop playing with your collar.

“Let me go!”

Soon, dear. We’re almost finished. The final item is a pair of sensible, low-heel shoes.

“No way! I want heels!”

Not in a business meeting.

“I don’t care what kind of meeting it is, I won’t wear these, I’m going to kick them off and…….Hey! Untie my ankles!”

Not until you promise to wear the shoes. Now, quit squirming.

“I will not! Now get me out of this….Ooomph!”

Oh, I am dreadfully sorry. I did not mean for you to land quite so hard. Are you injured?

“Never mind that! Why can I touch the bottoms of my feet with my hands? What is this?”

I believe that position is called a hogtie.

“Well, let me out of it before I mmmmmphh!”

Dear readers, I am terribly sorry. It seems our model today is being most uncooperative. I fear we will have to change the subject of this demonstration.

“Mmmmph! Mmmm-mmmnnn-mmmphtooey! Hey, what’s the idea of rolling the tie up and stuffing it in my mouth?”

My apologies, but I detest threats.

“And why am I suddenly naked again? I swear, I don’t care what the job pays, I will never model for you again. You are the mmmmmmph! Mmmmnnnphhh!”

Our model, dear readers, now sports a stylish head harness, equipped with an inflatable gag.


What? Oh, I see. Perhaps that was one pump too many. There, much better.


I’m glad you agree. As our model seems to prefer color coordination, dear readers, her wrist and ankle cuffs are of matching black leather, the color set off nicely by the light silver chain to maintain the hogtie.

“Mmmph, mmmph MMMMMPPPPHHHHH!”

Oh dear, I’m afraid the chastity belt was a bit cool, perhaps even cold. But the black leather cover matches the rest of her ensemble beautifully.


And there you have it, dear readers. A simple, elegant ensemble for the perfect slave. Again, I apologize for the lack of images in this demonstration, but let me assure you, she looks quite lovely, squirming on the floor that way. I’m sure she will bring a great deal of happiness to her owner.


Oh, yes, dear. You look so like the perfect slave, it would be a shame not to sell you. Bids are already coming in, and it appears that you will fetch quite a hefty price.


You are quite welcome, my dear. And I am sure you will enjoy your new life, wherever you wind up serving. And so, dear readers, we conclude this demonstration. Congratulations in advance to whoever the winning bidder may be. And for the rest of you, images and video are now available. Please remember to include shipping in your purchase price. Oh, and of course, handling, though I do believe dear Lisa will soon be receiving all the handling she could ever want. Thank you, dear readers, and please be sure to watch for our next demonstration of proper dress.


Ah, the toils of the narrator. Now, where did I put that whip?


Good night, all.

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