by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rom; exhib; naked; handcuffs; college; reluct; X

I was scared. Really terrified, sitting in the middle of the campus coffee shop in mid-day waiting for my fate. But I had no choice, did I? I had broken the rules in my sorority. And now this young sorority member gets to pay.

I fidgeted as I sipped my latte. Waiting for someone, a male acquaintance, maybe a friend, at the moment almost a stranger, to come find me. The next four hours I had to do everything anyone said to me. Two of my sorority sisters, Jean and Kelli, were at a close-by table, monitoring me. Maybe there were more, perhaps somebody's boyfriend I didn't know. There was no way to cheat. They would know if I didn't do everything anyone told me to. So I had to. My one safety was that I knew my two sorority sisters were strictly there to observe, not interact or interfere in any way. No one around me knew that I would immediately obey any command given to me. Except for Sam, who knew and was coming to meet me here. And I had no doubt what he'd want to do.

It wasn't quite that dire. I had been allowed by my sorority sisters to pick who would be told of my situation and where to find me. Someone who I knew but had never been on a date with or had a relationship with. Basically, as they told me, someone I had never kissed but would have liked to because in all the times this punishment had been handed out that and lots more had been part of the result. Really, if I had to be someone's sex slave for four hours he was likely a good choice. I hoped so. Muscles but not overboard, smart, good attitude, even funny at times. Unattached at the moment, like me. I didn't know him that well, but from what little I knew he seemed to have a good heart. And his hands were not small. I shifted a little uncomfortably in my short white sundress (no bra in that dress), panties but no hose, and brown 3-inch heels wedge sandals. I twisted to look at the entry doors, my long straight brown hair swishing behind me. Yeah, if he got to play a melody on my body it would likely be very pleasant to be the music. At least I hoped so.

And I was assured someone would be checking with Sam afterward. Finding out if I had in fact done everything he asked. So there was no way out of that either. 

It was scary. Sam could tell me to take off my panties and dress and hand them to him right there in the coffee shop. I shivered. Yeah, I had a nice body and liked showing it off; that I owned this sundress was proof of that. But could I do it? Sit here buck naked in the middle of the people here? My heart skipped -- could I do that? Then I hung my head in defeat for a second. Yes, I would have to. Yes I would.

I looked around; there was Sam. I jumped, fought the urge to run. He looked around until he saw me then smiled and came over to my table and sat beside me. He was as tall as I remembered. Nice shirt. Tight blue jeans which was a plus. Large bulge in the front of them, even more a plus. I looked over: Jean and Kelli were watching with disguised but rapt attention.

"Terri?" He started, hesitant. "I was told..."

"I know what you were told and it's true," I cut him off. "I broke the rules of Delta Ki and this is how I pay it off." He looked a little askance at that. "I did get to pick who got told about my situation and I picked you. It had to be someone I had never been on a date or in a relationship with. You're cute and from what I can tell you're a good person." I stopped to draw a breath. I think Sam was listening so hard he wasn't breathing. "It's pretty much a sure bet what you're going to want to do with" (I checked my watch) "the next three hours and fifty minutes. Whoever I picked would want the same so don't worry and don't beat around the bush. If that's what you want to do, well, I am going to do anything and everything you ask of me until 7 PM." I patted him on the crotch. Yes, a little bigger than normal and rock hard. He gasped and jumped as I did it and I smiled. "So run with it before your time runs out."

He looked at me, looked down between us at the hem of my sundress a little above mid-thigh. Lots of thin leg showing. "So you do anything I say?"

"Anything anyone says. But only you know I will do that."

"Are you wearing panties?" I nodded yes. "Show me." He ordered.

I had thought about this. I shifted a little in my seat, and a little more, the hem riding up the whole time. I shifted one more time and twisted toward him until I was sure he could see the thin tan panties I had on under the dress.

He was impressed; I guess he expected me to refuse or to at least fight him on it. His eyes grew wide as he looked my body over again. The lust and wanting me blossomed in them as he considered the possibilities. I thought I heard a muffled giggle from Kelli. I shivered but it was a warm shiver. I was in deep shit now for sure. I held my breath wondering where it was going to go now.

"Anything?" He looked me in the eyes, locking eyes with me.

"Anything." I confirmed, rising to the challenge. Ok, it's game on and I was in this mess and I had never been a mouse.

"Good." He slowly nodded his head and smiled. "Take your panties off and hand them to me."

I froze. I had worried about him doing something like asking me to take off the dress but hadn't actually really thought about it. But I had to. OK, game on. Keeping my eyes locked on his, which was good since I didn't want to know if anyone else was seeing this I quickly reached under my dress, hooked the sides of the panties and slipped them down. Probably the safest thing, which wasn't safe at all, was to take them off fast and continue to act like nothing was happening. I slipped them off, quickly running them past my sandals, trying to move as little as possible to draw as little attention as possible. Thankfully the whole coffee shop didn't freeze into stunned silence at my actions. I didn't hear much change in the hum of conversation in fact for which I was entirely grateful. I tucked my panties into his hand and closed it around the small bit of cloth to hide it. Poor Sam was speechless but he recovered fast. All in all the showoff side of me was having a great time. I'd done something risky and gotten away with it but he hadn't made me do anything really bad. Come to think of it, it likely wasn't common but this was a college coffee shop. It probably happened every once in a while here. So far so good. But I'd be happy to go back to one of our dorm rooms and put the risk of me doing something in public to bed. I didn't mind being sexy with Sam, that was a given today, but I'd rather not put on a show for anyone else. Sex with him wouldn’t be that bad. In some ways, with all of this, I could tell parts of me were starting to look forward to it.

"So what'd you do to get this punishment?" He asked.

"That's the one thing, the only thing I don't have to answer."

He nodded understandingly. "Fair enough. So how often does this sort of thing happen?" He asked, stuffing my panties quickly into a pants pocket.

"Once, maybe twice a year. And the girls all get the same choice: Do whatever she is told for four hours knowing that a guy, normally of her choice unless the sorority really doesn't like him, will know what she has to do. Or get thrown out of the sorority." I told him. "I'd rather do this than find another place to live. Besides, it's not like I haven't ever had fantasies about you." Big surprised look on his face. Good. I smiled evilly at him. "And that squeeze a minute ago tells me I maybe underestimated you in my dreams a bit." I sighed theatrically. "In the current situation, if you want to resolve my doubts I can't say no."

"What if they've got a boyfriend?"

"Depends. Sometimes they make the offender do what her boyfriend says for four hours. If she's genuinely afraid to do that or has another good reason they come up with other things. But us single girls don't get a choice."

"What if you chicken out, or I say you wouldn't do everything I told you to?"

"They either give the girl a second chance or kick her out on the spot. Either way not good. And don't worry, I only want to do this once." I smiled at him.

"And what if you outright refuse to do the four hours and refuse to leave?"

"That was tried once. The next day drugs were found in her room. Enough to make it look like she was dealing. She was not only kicked out of the sorority but off campus and out of school. Nope, not an option. And no, that's not what I did. I might drink like a fish from time to time but I stay a million miles away from that crap."

"And you'll do anything I say."

I bit my lip. "Yep."

"Anything?" I just nodded. OK, the next two minutes were likely to be... interesting.

"Ok. Prove it. It looks like your breasts have slid a little down in your dress. Reach in from the top and pull them back up. Not out, don't flash anybody, but do put them back where they should be. And look into my eyes the whole time."

I flinched. I guess there would be some kind of test, even though my panties were in his pocket. Or maybe he was just feeling his way into having a girl that would do whatever he said. At least he hadn't asked me to pull my breasts out where others could see them. I took a deep breath and then did as he said. I felt a nice twinge at handling them, that passed quickly because of the publicness of the action. And it was done and my hands were back on the table around my coffee cup. "Believe me now?" I asked.

He took a long look at me, smiled and nodded. "Well, with what's understood being understood I think I would like... uh, you will come with me to my dorm room. I think you're beautiful and we can find things to do until seven."

"Dishes, I'm sure." We both laughed.

Yeah" he replied "There's definitely a dish involved..."

I threw out my nearly-empty coffee cup as we left. It would probably be a ten-minute walk at worst to his dorm room, which left me 3 1/2 hours as his sex toy. Based on the way things had gone so far it didn't look that bad. Who knows, it might even be fun.

I apologized as I stopped for a second to take off my sandals. I continued on barefoot with my sandals in my far hand. It was a warm day and the cement sidewalks were not hot, and it was easier than walking all that distance in those heels. I really didn't like shoes anyways and one never knew, some guys are turned on by bare feet. It wasn't like I needed to keep my legs in three-inch heels to catch and keep his attention. We were already way past that. 

We talked as we headed for his dorm. The sundress was fine for this weather. There were only occasional people walking by in all different directions but we were walking through the dorms area so potentially hundreds of people could see us from their rooms. The birds twittered quietly in the trees that spotted the walkways, intent on their own worlds just like everyone else. Traffic could be heard in the far distance. It was a nice day for a walk.

He tried to keep the conversation light at first but it soon slipped back into sexual things. He was sharp enough to tell me at the start to answer him honestly and fully. He asked me if I had a boyfriend or someone special, I said no, not now. He asked me how long it had been and I answered truthfully that it had been around three months. Andre had been a jerk and I didn't miss him at all. I asked him about his status. He said he hadn't been on a date in about as long and hadn't had anyone special for quite a bit longer. He asked me how long had it been since I had made love to someone. I blushed but confirmed the last person I had sex with was Andre before we split up. He asked me if I missed it. I initially just bit my lip, wondering why he would ask such a question, then I remembered my situation and that I had to answer. "Sex with Andre? Wasn't that good; I don't really miss that a bit. Making love to somebody..." I shrugged, self-conscious. "Of course I miss that. I'm female and I'm breathing."

I paused for a moment. "But I've been told to answer you truthfully and completely. It depends on how you define sex. With another person? Three months with Andre. Other ways? Well, a few days ago."

I asked him the same question. He smiled, almost a grimace at the question. "I suppose I had *that* question coming. It's been a few days by myself but around six months for me with a woman. I guess it's good to know that neither of us just jumps into bed with people." He stopped and reflected on that for a second. "Except perhaps for today."

I was glad he said it because I was definitely thinking it myself. We just looked at each other and both laughed. It was nice, it broke the ice a little.

We were halfway to where I was pretty sure his dorm was. He had been looking at me, drinking me in a lot. The sundress was white and close to thin and when the sunlight hit it right you could see right through it. There was plenty of sunlight as we walked. At first he had tried to be polite and hide it but after I had caught him one too many times I just sort of shrugged at him. "It's ok. Under the circumstances it's to be expected. Don't worry about it, just enjoy the view. I'm sure you'll be enjoying a much better look at my body real soon." He smiled and shrugged an apology, but after that was open about admiring me. Actually, it was ok. I wasn't one of those stupid women who didn't understand a compliment when it was given.

But he stopped me between two dorms and pointed to a small tree just off the path. I got a bad feeling as he told me: "Go back up against that tree and wrap your arms around it like they are handcuffed around it." I looked up at him for a second, wondering if I had misjudged him. Not that it would matter, I had to do what he said no matter what. At least the tree wouldn't get sap on my dress. The trunk was only about six inches in diameter, I had no problems backing against it and clasping my hands together behind it. He walked right up to me, inches in front of me.

This could be really bad, I worried. If he wanted he could have me stay here with my arms wrapped around the tree until seven. I couldn't imagine that he'd pass up on better alternatives but he could. He could easily just keep me here fifteen or twenty minutes, quite long enough in some embarrassing situation to destroy me and still have lots of time in his dorm room afterward. 

If he wanted to shame me he could. While I stood here he could pull my breasts out of the top of the dress and maul them. He could pull my dress up to my waist or have me pull my dress completely off and hand it to him. And then he could just walk away leaving me naked with my hands clasped behind the tree for anyone walking by and anyone in the dorms in front of me to look out their window and see and perhaps photograph. And my sorority was on the other side of campus. To have to run naked all the way to the sorority would be so bad I'd find another school. 

I didn't know what he wanted to do. Maybe just dragging my breasts out and messing with them would be survivable. Yeah, I could always run, but that would be an end to my college life too. I just closed my eyes and held my breath not knowing what was next and not even wanting to think. He was right there in front of me. Inches away. I felt his hands on my waist, all he had to do was slide the dress up and I would be exposed. And I wouldn't stop him, I knew, even if he took it off. But as I stood there with my eyes closed all I felt was his lips pressing against mine, his tongue trying to slide into my mouth. Was this a good sign or just step one in my destruction?

Who was I to him? Was I just a sex toy for the next three hours or was I a person? It'd be clear in a few seconds. If he shamed me here I could endure it and the next three hours but I was amazed how much it would hurt me, how much I had started to hope. What was I thinking?

Either way what I needed to do was clear. I opened my mouth, allowed him in, kissed him back. I was afraid but figured I'd better be the best kisser he had ever had or things might get nakedly worse. But he stopped and pulled away.

"Terri? You're afraid. What's wrong?"

So I told him. Told him of the things I was afraid he might do. He looked at me then shook his head no. "No, not now, not here. I have some thoughts about inside the dorm but... damn it, you look so beautiful and you can still at any time decide to run, and I just wanted to kiss you. Nothing more. Even if nothing else happens, I want to know what it's like to kiss you and I didn't want to wait any longer."

I looked at him, almost laughed with relief. I closed my eyes again with a big smile on my lips. "Then get back to it." He did. Relieved and with the boundaries defined I relaxed and welcomed his return. And found myself quite eager to play that game. We kissed for about five minutes. It curled my toes several times, gave me a very warm and fuzzy feeling under the dress. He was good with his tongue. Honestly, I could have done that for the next three hours. Well, maybe the next two and a half, so we could save the last half hour for both of our trips to heaven.

But it ended way too soon. He pulled away. I slowly opened my eyes to see he had backed away a little. "We need to stop." He told me. "Or since you can't say no we might wind up doing things here we should only do in my dorm room."

I smiled at him, still on the afterglow. "Okay. Thank you. Can I take my hands out from behind the tree now?"

He got a little flustered. "Oh, yes, sorry. Let's go." We started walking again. As we started I reached out tentatively with a hand, wondering if he'd take it or if he'd pretend not to see it and ignore it. It would feel so good to hold his hand but he didn't have to at all. 

He noticed it after a few seconds, slipped his hand into mine. Large hand, strong grip. I felt butterflies. Damn I was starting to want him now.

"So..." I asked him as we walked. "Handcuffs? Are you into that sort of thing?"

He shrugged. "A little. Every once in a while. Sometimes it's a nice change, but it's not a thing with me. You?"

I had to answer honestly, I was about to sleep with him and I was curious how he'd react to the truth. "I've done it a few times. I can take it or leave it too. Generally I'm pretty open to whatever happens as long as I get mine before things are finished. But since you asked I'm a missionary style sort of girl only because I want to be able to see your face and touch you while we make love. But there are other ways to make love and variety is the spice of life. Plus, it's not like I can say no to anything until seven. You planning to handcuff me when we get to your room?"

He reacted well, just accepted it. "I hadn't actually thought about much further than getting you into my room and, well, you know. But it might be an idea if you were handcuffed at least a little. We've got three hours. If we just go straight for things we might be done in fifteen minutes." Hell, at the moment I thought fifteen seconds would do it for me. "If I'm going to try to keep you at the edge of an orgasm for three hours but not let you have it then after about the first thirty minutes the handcuffs might be needed to keep you from beating me."

Oh dear. Oh. Dear. And if he wanted to do that to me I couldn't say no. A very heavy "Oh" was all I managed to squeak out to that. Yeah, he had a point.

We rounded a corner and his dorm came into sight. "Thank you for not exposing me when I was backed up against the tree. I'd have really hated that."

"Well, don't be too fast on that." He told me and the butterflies evaporated. "We have a tradition in the dorm that's likely a bit closer to that than you would like and since you can't refuse I'm planning to do it. Wait until you're in my room before you say that." Ok. I think. He seemed pretty good so far and it wasn't like I had a choice.

We walked into the near side of the dorm, climbed the stairs to the second floor where his room was. Everyone in the dorms had private rooms so there was no roommate to worry about. We turned the corner of the stairway into the second-floor hallway. There was a potted plant to fill a blank spot in the entryway but no one other than us in the hallway. I wondered what he had spoken of earlier, if we were about to walk into his room shouldn't it have happened already? Maybe he had changed his mind. It sounded like it involved exposing myself in public. I was fine with Sam seeing me naked but that didn't extend to other people. If he had decided against it that was fine with me. 

We walked about two-thirds of the way to the end and we stopped at a door. He pulled a key out of his pocket and pushed the door open. I looked inside, what I could see from the hallway looked neat and clean and organized. But he stopped me from going in. 

"Not yet please. It's time for that tradition. This is one of the things where the girl normally needs to be rather drunk to be talked into it but for us I don't think that's a problem." Leaving the door open he led me back to the stairwell. Along the way he pointed out one of the light fixtures on the wall, asked me to remember it. We got back to the potted plant in the cubby in the corner stairwell and stopped.

"Ever heard of this?" Sam asked me. Mystified, I truthfully shook my head no. 

Parts of it I had a pretty good guess. "From what you’ve said I guess it involves me losing my clothes, yes?"

"Yes." He confirmed. "We've been pretty good so far but this might be the end of that. I've never been able to get a girl to do this and have always wanted to and this could easily be my only chance. You can't say no, so..." He shrugged.

The hallway was quiet. One person had been in the far end of it going down the other stairwell when we were walking back, otherwise it had been deserted. I expected it would be leaving your clothes here and streaking down the hall into his room. As long as no one else saw me it was scary and risky but I was okay with it. There was a part of me that even thought it'd be a thrill. I did have an exhibitionist streak after all.

He confirmed it for me. "You leave your clothes here behind the potted plant." I looked back, there was plenty of room where someone's outfit could be hidden and not noticed. Normally the girl is then taken to the light fixture I pointed out. On the shelf above it is a pair of handcuffs." This was starting to get out of hand. "You handcuff her to the light fixture and then the two kiss as long as the guy wants to. Then he lets her go and they go into his room and do whatever. Her clothes stay here behind the plant until morning."

"And you want to do that? With me?"

"If you don't you get a bad report to your sorority, yes?"

Damnit. He was right.

"Besides your sorority sister who called me reminded me of the tradition and told me to ignore you arguing, that actually you'd like it even though you'd fight it like hell."

I was so going to find out who made that phone call and rip her hair out. "They're right, I really don't want to do this. Especially the ‘handcuffed to the light fixture’ part. I'm okay with you seeing me naked but would be quite unhappy about anyone else."

"But if I told you to do it, you would, wouldn't you? Even if I left you with your hands cuffed over your head to the fixture until seven and told you that you had to french kiss anyone who stopped to talk with you?"

I shivered. If I had to do that with me naked and helpless it surely would not be just a kiss. But I was stuck. "Until seven.” I answered. “And then there'd be hell to pay."

The light fixture and his room were not too far apart. I probably could not avoid being seen but I could avoid being seen much if I weren't stuck handcuffed to the fixture. "Could we do it, but not handcuff me to the light? I could hold it and fake it like we did at the tree." I asked hopefully.

"Nope. This is only going to happen once, so I want the whole nine yards." He was certainly correct that if it happened at all this was only going to happen once.

I desperately started trying to think of ways out of it. "But someone might take my clothes while we're in the room."

"It's understood and nobody messes with the clothes. Do unto others sort of thing. Sure, it's happened once or twice when the guys who stole the clothes knew the girl but that's rare and if it did I'd just wrap you in a sheet or something and get you home." He smiled. Like hell. More like a t-shirt and a pair of Sam's sweats.

"Okay..." I started. "Do the girls have to run naked down the hallway in the morning to get their clothes back?"

"From what I understand, it depends on the guy and how the night went. Sometimes. The "tradition" is in the middle of the night when nobody is in the hallway the girl goes and gets her stuff. For you this time no. This hallway is deserted right now and we can probably do this and not get caught. This hallway is almost constantly busy at 7 PM, the chances are pretty much zero of you not being seen if you did. I completely understand you not wanting anyone else at 7 to see you."

"But not right now," I countered.

"But not right now," Sam confirmed.

"But someone might see me!" I complained.

Sam gave a little laugh. "You would not be the first girl seen naked in this hallway or handcuffed to the light and by no means the last." 

I was out of arguments. "Please, no," I begged.

He looked at me impassively, waiting, without comment.

"At least promise me you'll kiss me fast and not have me there too long."

He looked at me without mercy. "I can't promise you fast but I will promise you I won't waste any time. So stash your dress and shoes behind the plant and go handcuff yourself to the light. Things will go faster if while you're standing there you keep your legs open. You can start any time you're ready."

"What if someone sees me?" I tried one last time.

"Then someone sees you. I can't stop you from being seen but I will protect you from any harm. The longer you wait the more likely someone is going to see you. The sooner you start the sooner you are in my room behind a closed door." He walked away to wait for me by the light fixture.

I was frozen. Damn this was hard. Would I do it? Did I have any choice? I tucked my shoes behind the plant's pot. Then with one last look around, seeing and hearing nobody, off came the dress. I threw it behind the plant's pot and moved as fast as I could, almost ran, stark naked down the hall to where Sam waited.

He handed me the handcuffs and I glared at him. I was grateful to see the little tabs on the outer edge of them, at least he wouldn't need to fumble with a key to get me out of them. Still no noise and no sound of anyone else. I could just see the open door four doors further down, safety just so close at hand. I glared at him as I ratcheted the cuffs around one wrist, stretched my hands over my head to pass the cuffs around the light fixture, then ratchet it down on the other wrist. I was scared as hell, almost shaking. Naked, backed against a wall, hands stretched way over my head. Breasts and pussy on full display. No way to cover anything. This was not fun at all.

But as I remembered his words and spread my ankles apart I reflected. There was a part of me that was having a good time. The part that ran around in tube tops and braless in thin blouses. But even that would be gone if anyone but Sam got a look at me like this.

Sam moved in, I was more than ready to do anything he wanted so he'd get finished and let me go. He put his knees between mine, trapping my legs open. He kissed me some more but this time his hands were everywhere. Squeezing my breasts which felt good despite the situation. Down in my pubic hair. Running up and down my slit, which was far wetter than it had a right to be. Rubbing my clit, which was... well... I sorta lost my train of thought when he was doing that. If he'd only hurry, looking back I might even be able to say I enjoyed this. He didn't seem to be in a hurry, reaching for a breast with each hand again and squeezing as he invaded my mouth with his tongue.

And then disaster struck. I heard a door open a bit beyond Sam's room. Heard the sound of someone, no two someones, coming out of the room. A quick look showed two males coming out of the room. They hadn't seen me yet but it was inevitable. My naked body was between them and the stairwell. I jumped, started to struggle, I jerked at the handcuffs, which did nothing but hurt my wrists and make noise that doubtless drew the two's attention. Sam was far enough away from me that the other two could see my breasts, see my pussy hair, and with despair, once they got closer, my face. Dammit Sam, I wanted to scream, get me out of here you motherfucker. You lose. You get until seven and after that I'm so fucking gone. You will never see me again in your life. Dammit, get me out of these cuffs now!

But he did something different. Almost as I was looking frantically at the two emerging from the room he pressed tightly against me, smashing my breasts against his shirt. Pushing hard against my hips and pelvis. And he cupped my face on either side with his hands and then pressed in to kiss me. I struggled for a second and then stopped knowing I would get nowhere. He stayed pressed hard against me, continued to rape my mouth with his tongue even though I was frozen and no longer kissing back. He kept it up while the two passed. One made a smart-ass comment as he passed, "Gee Sam, isn't it a bit early for that?" My terror was somewhat under control and I realized Sam had done the right thing. There was no way he could have gotten me out of the cuffs and into his room without the two getting an entirely good look at my naked body but what he did made sure the two had no way to see either my face or my body, just the side of me. Just Sam kissing a naked girl in the hallway and no way to tell who she was and Sam making sure of that. Once they were gone Sam quickly opened one of the handcuffs. Before he could reach for the other I jerked my wrists down, pulled off the other cuff and handed them to him then ran into his room. 

He followed me a few seconds later and closed the door behind him. I was around the corner formed by his bathroom, out of sight of the door, breathing hard, my hands still shaking and my heart still doing a disco beat. He came around to me.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. I... I got carried away. I was having too much fun and shouldn't have taken so long."

I was mad but I thought about it. The two guys, I had no idea who they were and they hadn't seen much of me. The side of my naked body, Sam pressed against it. No breasts, no pussy, and especially no face. It wasn't as if he backed away and invited the two to get a good look. Just the opposite in fact. I calmed down. It was the best he could have done and I should be grateful.

I told him that. Even if they did figure out who I was, they hadn't seen anything they wouldn't have seen with me in a bikini. Less than that in fact.

"I'm sorry." He apologized again. "You won't have to walk out that door in anything less than what you walked into the dorm wearing, I promise." I still had a little over three hours until seven, and I was still his sex slave. I better calm down. The door was closed and no real damage was done. Get on with things.

I padded over to him, took his hands in mine. "What is done is done and it's over. I'm safe now and you did everything you could out there and you did protect me. Thank you. What do we do now?"

He looked at me and took a deep breath. "Terri, I may regret this for the rest of my life, but I gotta say this. I want you so bad it feels like a certain part of me is about to explode. Here you are, naked and I'm alone with you and all I have to do to make love to you is lay you down on the bed and I can do something I've wanted to do since I first met you. You are not the only one of the two of us that has had fantasies of the other and you in real life look way better than in my dreams." I sucked in a breath at that. Wow! How'd I miss that back then? He continued: "But if you don't want to have sex with me just say so. I will go get your dress and shoes right now and we can play a game or you can pass out on the bed and I will do homework until seven at which point you can leave. When they ask I will tell them we had an awesome time and you did every single thing I asked. Don't get me wrong, I want you like hell, but if you are only doing this because you have to then let's not. That would be rape and I won't do that." He looked down for a second then continued quietly "No matter how much I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

I looked at him. I didn't believe he would say something like that, make that offer. Yeah, he was a real good man. I am standing in front of him bare naked, a huge problem in his pants, and he's offering to let me walk away. 

"I hear you Sam. Go get my clothes then."

From the look on his face hitting him with a metal bar would have been less painful. He started twice to say something then just grimaced and nodded. "Stay put, I'll be right back." And he turned around and headed for the door.

I grabbed his arm and spun him back around before he took two steps. There was iron in my voice. "Don't dream of it mister. If you walk out that door I'm going to have to run back out there stark naked again and drag you back in here and I really would rather not do that. I just had to know if you were serious and I believe you now. If you don't spend at least the next hour making love to me and give me an orgasm so strong I pass out, which won't be hard, I'm going to kill somebody, probably you. I'm ready; let's go."

He stopped and stared at me for a second, trying to believe it. I had to know but he likely wished I hadn't put him on an emotional roller coaster. I wished I hadn’t too. "What if I want you tied up?"

"I want an orgasm before we're through. Outside of that, I don't care. Especially today when I'm supposed to do anything you say. Now are you coming peacefully or do I have to drag you over to your own bed and rape you? I'm perfectly willing to do that."

He looked hesitant. He probably expected the afternoon to be over after what happened in the hallway and then again from the test I put him through. I decided to change his mind. I ran my hands up his arms to his neck as we just watched each other’s eyes. He just watched as my hands ran slowly down his chest to the bottom of his shirt. I pulled it over his head and off him. I had never seen him shirtless and now I wished I had. A lot of the anger flowed away. He had a nice chest of hair and was quite tone. I ran my fingers down his chest again, much slower this time. Enjoying myself. He stood still as stone, watching my eyes as I stared into his, my hands making his body still like stone and from the looks of it, other parts of him like stone. Good. I had three hours left, we needed to make the best of it and from the looks of him that would be easy to do.

Finally I reached the top of his pants. I unfastened his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down. Damn he looked good! Hard as a rock, straight out around seven inches, bigger than normal. Yup, big hands. He was big but I felt sure I could handle it. I sank down and began licking him slowly, like a delicious lollipop. I finally got a reaction from him when I took him into my mouth, a moan and him gently grabbing my hair to hold me there. I didn't mind.

So he'd tie me to the bed and keep me at the edge of cumming for three hours? Well, two could play at that game!

It felt good to him, I could see it on his face. I wondered if he'd let me keep going until he came? I wonder if he wanted me to swallow or let him spurt it all over my face. Well, I supposed I'd do what I normally did and hoover it down unless he got his wits back long enough to tell me otherwise. From the look on his face it wasn't likely.

If he came, he'd be out of commission for a while. And I was back to wanting to feel him inside of me and to get to jump off that cliff myself. Dammit it had been a long time and the one consolation of all of this whole situation was that it would be the end of that drought. I hoped I hadn't screwed that up by going down the wrong road with him.

In the end it didn't matter. He forcibly stopped me a minute or two later. You could see in his face how much that hurt. "No, it’s been quite a while and it's you, Terri. It's heaven but I'm not going to settle for just that. Now go sit over there in the chair.

I was a little hurt; I was having fun too, watching him melt. But I had to obey him so I sat in the chair. Slouched down, with one leg up and over the chair arm, hands clasped behind my neck, big smile on my face. Clear view of my breasts and a full brown beaver, swollen red lips. Take that, sweetie! Come and get it!

He got a look at me and it took about ten seconds. He stepped out of his pants and shorts, walked over to me, then took my hand and pulled me over to his bed. I let him push me down on to it then climb on top of me. With no further delay he plunged into me. I almost screamed it felt so good. I clawed at him so hard I had to apologize later for my fingernails. But it felt damn, damn good.

And he was moving it inside of me and it felt great. I just lay back and watched his face and smiled and let him do his work. I was building toward mine and it was getting close when all the sudden he screwed up his face, let out a long groan, and I felt him inside of me twitching as he came.

Damn, damn, damn, I cried to myself as my own ebbed away. Four months and so close and now it was slipping away. When he could move he rolled off to lay beside me on the bed. After a few minutes he opened his eyes. "Did you..." her asked.

"No." I answered, quietly pissed.

"Good." He answered. "I had different plans for you." I just glared back at him. 

I watched with dismay as he reached under his bed and pulled out... handcuffs. Damn, no, Go down on me! Just push me over the edge damn you, I thought. I was so close! 

But I couldn't say no and we both knew it. So each wrist was handcuffed to the outside of the headboard. And I found out that he had unseen skills, that his tongue was magic in more ways than just french kissing. And he was right. Twenty minutes into it I wanted to kill him. It got so bad he had to tie my ankles open too. He stopped to take a pill after a while which I didn't understand but fifteen minutes later he stopped with his tongue and proved to me he was rock hard again. After getting over the gasping from the first two hard plunges into me he whispered in my ear: "I took a pill. It's not going away. You're so in for it now." And I was. He was very skillful, seeming to know when I was right on the edge and stopping at the last second. Since I was tied up with my ankles spread wide I could only do a slow burn as I cooled down. And then he'd start again. I was glad I was tied up so I couldn't hurt him.

The way we were going before long he was going to have to gag me too. It was six-fifty before he gave me any mercy. I came in a thunderous orgasm that he had to cover my mouth in the middle of it. I just shook with pleasure for what seemed like forever and felt so good I thought for a while I was drowning in it. What a way to go! When I was done he untied me with that and I hugged him and I kissed him and even cried a little which he didn't understand but I told him not to worry. He told me it was seven, a little past it. In response I told him I was nowhere near done if he wasn't. I had a huge amount of time to make up for and if it wasn't going soft he damn well better not stop. He didn't.

At 9 PM we were still going strong. I had been blessed with a second orgasm and it felt like I was on my way to a third. We remembered and he got dressed and ran down the hall and retrieved the dress and shoes. With them safely sitting on the desk along with my panties we climbed back into bed and didn't get out until morning.

As Sam told me later, he woke up laying on his side and looked at the clock on his nightstand, 6:53. His alarm hadn't gone off at 6 so it was the weekend. And then he became aware of the hot feeling that could only be a pair of female breasts pressed into his back. And then he realized there was a woman in bed with him, spooning with him, breathing quietly as she was still sleeping. Her legs and feet curled up against his, a little of her hair on his shoulder. And then yesterday and last night came back to him and he knew it was me. Damn, this felt good. It had been forever since he had woken up this way and had never dared to dream he'd get to do this with me. He tried to roll over quietly without waking me. He almost made it but as he settled back down to watch my face I woke up.

I got a sudden start on my face as I realized it was morning and I was naked in a strange bed with someone. And then I remembered it was Sam and yesterday and last night how good he had been and how good he had been to me.

He looked a little worried, like he was not sure how I was going to react. I smiled at him, which was easy, then reached up and caressed his face with my hand. "Good morning, handsome!" I murmured. From a discreet rub with my thigh he felt like he was capable. Oh good!

I propped up on one elbow. The blanket fell down past my breasts, who cared? Certainly not me. But what now?

"Order me to do something." I asked him. "I just had to get it out of my system."

Sam looked at me funny. "It's way past seven last night..."

I glared at him playfully. "Please?" I repeated.

He thought for a moment. Then he smiled. "Terri, lay down on your back so we can..."

I slapped his arm playfully then rolled my eyes and sighed. "No, Sam. Order me to do something I *don't* want to do."

He thought for a few moments more. "Go down the hallway still naked and see if I left any of your clothes behind the potted plant."

I smiled. Perfect. "No. Fuck you." He got a little speechless look on his face as I continued. "But now that we've established that I really do like your first thought." I lay down on my back and pulled him on top of me. When we got out of bed at 8:30 we were both completely satisfied.

He invited me to breakfast at the cafeteria. I gladly accepted. We talked about anything and everything, just enjoying each other's company. It was a very nice thing to have a meal with a cute guy as opposed to so many meals with just girlfriends or alone as was my lot recently. And he talked to me like a real person. Some guys, after events like last night, were done with you and ready to move on to the next conquest. He had me call his cell phone so we both had each other's numbers but disappointingly nothing was said about meeting again. I had apologized but I had a study group at 11 and I needed to go back to the sorority and shower up and get ready for it. The girls back at the sorority were going to be merciless teasing me about it but I had enjoyed myself every second. We cleaned up the table and prepared to leave. Still no question. I sighed to myself. Maybe a call or a text later. One could hope but never tell. He did seem awful nervous as the end of the meal approached.

But maybe it was over. I think if that were the case I’d go get myself stupid drunk. Several times. And hopefully call him to come rescue me. And offer him his choice of rewards. I expected Sam would know what to do with me that condition too.

Just before we went out the door he stopped me and took both of my hands. Staring into my eyes he told me: " Terri, I know yesterday was a one-time thing but I'd really like to see you more. Would you consider seeing me again? Maybe going out to dinner one night?"

I smiled at him and went up on tiptoes to give him a kiss. "Yes I would. When?"

He actually did look surprised for a second. Did he expect me to turn him down? He covered it fast and it was gone. "Well, sure, uh, how about tonight?"

I smiled. Well, let me check my... Yes!" I grabbed him around the neck and gave him a great big warm hug. I broke away after that back to our previous distance. It'd be good to leave a strong impression and not look desperate. "How about 7? And I want Italian food. After last night I think I need some pasta to get back my strength."

He smiled and said yes. I could wear a silk blouse and my long skirt that buttoned all the way to the top. Depending on how the evening went I could unbutton buttons and see how distracted I could get him. And maybe even let him know I wasn't wearing panties.

I leaned up and gave him another short kiss. "We can see what happens afterward. But no more handcuffs in the hallway ever again!" I whispered with a grin in my voice.

"Done! See you at seven!"


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