The Professor

by Studbound

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Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

The Professor
by Studbound
The Professor By Studbound
Sarah had been raised by her mother, who was a well-known dominatrix. Sarah’s mother had been abandoned by her husband soon after Sarah was born.  Mistress Domina, as she was known, proved that there was a market for domination among the professional men of the university community. In time she had accumulated a regular clientele of over fifty men with another fifty or more coming occasionally. These were all doctor, lawyers, teacher types who needed a session being spanked, whipped, tied up, or otherwise tormented and tortured – usually men whose wives didn’t quite understand their husbands’ kinky needs. 

Mistress Domina eventually accumulated enough money to buy an old apartment building, refurbish it, build in three well-equipped dungeons. Twelve women worked for Mistress Domina, all of them trained by her and all of them expert in the art of punishing men who needed and even craved such treatment.

Sarah grew up not entirely sheltered from her mother’s profession, but at the same time, seldom seeing the men, or "customers" as her mother called them. Sarah knew some of the things her mother and the other women did to men, and she found it fascinating. Her mother, meanwhile, insisted that Sarah get a quality education including going to college. Sarah decided to major in psychology, and in her senior year she finally managed to secure a seat in Professor Weiskopf’s class. 

Professor Julius Weiskopf had completed his Ph.D. only five years earlier, but had made an instant mark at the University. His picture frequently appeared in the campus newspaper, and even in the city’s morning journal. He taught abnormal psychology, and the class that semester after semester drew a full complement of students was his seminar on fetishes. Students, especially women, came to the class for a number of reasons. First was the prurient interest that lingers in the subconscious of almost everyone. Second, and this was especially important for the women, Julius Weiskopf was about thirty and noticeably good looking. He was athletic, broad shoulders, dark wavy hair, and a chiseled face that was, to women anyway, unusually attractive. On the distaff side, the Professor was arrogant and dictatorial. He often chastised students in front of the class, and he graded his students particularly severely. Still, the content of the class and the appearance of the professor guaranteed a steady flow of students flocking to his class, listening to his lectures, hanging on his every word.

Sarah really enjoyed the class. Weiskopf’s discussion of such fetishes as rubber, shoes, Levi’s, fat people, leather, and animals, being dressed and treated like an infant, and bondage fascinated her. It was certain that the professor knew his material, and as reading he handed the class essays he had written and which, he explained, would some day become part of the text book he would publish and use in the class. No lecture was dull, and Sarah studied the material easily achieving the highest marks on the examinations. 

In addition to the tests, the only other requirement for Professor Weiskopf’s class was a term paper. Each student had to select a topic, have the professor approve it, and then heavily research it to the point of actually doing interviews if possible. Sarah had selected the area of male submission as her general field of interest. With a big smile, Weiskopf had approved the selection, and Sarah had put considerable effort into her paper. Her mother helped her with ideas and suggestions and in time the paper took shape nicely. In it Sarah, with her mother’s help, argued that the true male submissive gives himself entirely to the dominant with no restrictions or limits. Otherwise the male was still in control and hence not entirely a submissive. She drew from a number of psychology journals, which touched on the subject. But in the end, Sarah was amazed at how little research anyone had completed on the subject. In fact, bondage in general had received almost no attention from the community of psychologists at that university or anywhere else.

Proud of her work, and certain that she had added to the knowledge available in the field, she submitted her paper. At the end of the final class session, she was surprised when Weiskopf asked to see her later in his office. Arriving she sat while he summarized her work, and then launched into his own comments on the subject. 

"Your conclusions are quite wrong," he said bluntly. "Any male who totally submits to any woman is simply a masochist which is quite different than being a submissive. A masochist wants only to be hurt – he thrives on physical pain. A submissive wants to give himself or herself over to another, not for pain, but simply to be entirely under someone else’s control. 
Now, there are many women who are true submissives. They don’t like pain but they will let their male dominant do just about whatever he wishes with them. He can tie them up, for example, and keep them bound for extended periods of time, he can order them around, and require them to more or less wait on him hand and foot. But they are not aroused by pain. They are aroused by the act of being submissive. No man would do that. Men are naturally not submissive to women. A gay man might be a submissive, or a slave, to another man. But a straight man would not be a submissive as you describe. No straight man would find that kind of submission an aphrodisiac – it wouldn’t stimulate him very much if at all. And the core of a fetish, as you know from the class, is that it must generate arousal in the man or woman. Hence you have made a fundamental error in your paper. I’m sorry. I have to give it a grade of B-minus. And that means that you will get a B in the class."

"But Professor Weiskopf, Sarah argued, I have top marks in all of my tests."

"Yes, you’ve done well in the class. But the paper is flawed. I’m sorry, but that’s my final word."

Sarah was furious. First, she felt that the grade in the class was unfair considering her marks on the tests. And above that, she was certain that she was correct in everything she had written in the paper. He was just dead wrong, and that was that. Sarah fumed and fussed about the Professor for a few weeks, and her mother told her to forget it. Her over-all grades were high, and she would graduate with a very respectable grade point average.

Sarah went about completing her senior year, and prepared for graduation while spending her time looking for a job. Then, one morning, her mother approached her and said, "Sarah, I don’t usually discuss customers, but there is one who I would like you to come and see today. Come right away. I’ll be looking for you."

Sarah found that curious. She had been to her mother’s "establishment" a few times, but generally her mother was happier if Sarah stayed away, just in case there was trouble. When Sarah arrived her mother said that there was a customer who came regularly – about once every two weeks. He always worked with one particular girl who he liked, and he generally wanted her to tie him up and play with him, tease him, and then make love to him with the session lasting about two to three hours. The man in question was at that time in one of the rooms alone, and Sarah’s mother wanted Sarah to go in and look at him.

This was very strange indeed, but Sarah did as her mother directed. As she walked into the room she saw a naked man stretched out spread-eagle on a bed. The bed had on it black satin sheets so the man’s white body stood out in high relief against the background. White ropes bound his arms and legs and held them firmly away from his body. The man’s mouth was sealed with wraps of shiny red tape. As Sarah moved closer to the man she suddenly realized that it was Professor Weiskopf! When he saw Sarah, he made unintelligible noises into his gag. Sarah, dumbstruck, just stood and looked at the tied up teacher.

Sarah’s mother came in and stood beside her. "He always said his name was Bob, but I recognized him from pictures in the newspaper," she said quietly.  When he came in he asked for three hours bound and gagged and the usual."

"When are his three hours up?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, they were up yesterday," her mother smiled. "We decided that the Professor needed a bit more than he had asked for. So he’s been tied up here now for going on twenty hours."

Sarah noticed that in addition to the ropes holding Weiskopf, and the gag, that his cock and balls were held in a leather harness device, and that the Professor was fully erect. She walked over to the man, ran her finger down his chest and stomach and finally gently lifted the engorged penis and let it drop back onto the professor’s abdomen with an audible ‘plop.’

"Yes," said her mother. "He’s enjoying it. He’s enjoying being a true submissive. He has no control of what is happening at all, and he loves it – that hard-on gives it all away. And it proves that your were right and that the Professor was wrong – doesn’t it Professor Weiskopf?"

Weiskopf glared at the two women and made more noise into his gag, pulling on the ropes that bound him, but the erection remained as firm as ever. 

"And I’m willing to wager," said Sarah’s mother, "that he’ll be back for more, wont’ you Professor?"

Professor Weiskopf stared at his captors, and struggled as Madame Domina placed a clamp on each of his tits. If anything, his bound erection became even firmer.

"Well," said Sarah. "Are you willing to admit that I was right?"

Weiskopf shook his head.

"Well, professor," said Sarah, "I’m going to go to the administrative office and get a grade change form. Then I’m coming back and taking a few pictures of you laying here enjoying your bondage. Then we’ll talk about whether or not you’ll change my grade. I’m sure the college newspaper would love one of the pictures that I’m going to take – don’t you think so?"

Sarah left but her mother remained. She looked down at the bound professor and smiled. "This is the start of your summer vacation isn’t it? You can stay with us for a long time, and nobody will miss you. Isn’t that nice? Now don’t go away – we have a lot more to talk about."