Problems at the Prom

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; kidnap; nc; X

Caroline is my name. I am just out of High School and I want to go to Harvard University .  I need someone’s help. If you have a few moments, please come and release me from this torment!

It started a month before the school prom. I wanted to get Harvey Williams to ask me to the prom. I did not know that the school bully Pamela Cheeseman also wanted him to ask her.  I had been hanging around him as much as I could. I even became a cheerleader for the school, just so I could dance near him, hoping he would ask me.

But he never did. Pamela got to him first. I was asked by one of the geeks if I would go with him. I agreed. It was either that or stay at home and let Pamela know she had won. I was not going to let that happen at any cost!

The day of the prom ball came. I chose a Victorian style Basque corset that laced up tightly at the back. It was made of lovely deep mauve velvet. I matched this with a lilac coloured full length shiny satin skirt. It was a bit tight, but I managed okay.

The shoes were Jimmy Choo’s of England . They were the same colour as my corset. The purse I carried was the same colour. For the first time in my life everything coordinated and I felt like a real woman tonight! Even my underwear matched. Mauve silk thong, I didn’t bother with stockings, they would spoil the dress with the outline of the suspender belt. I chose the thong as I didn’t want the visible panty line showing!

I spent all day having my hair done and my make up applied. This was costing me a fortune, but my parents who had gone away to Mexico for a second honeymoon said they would give me the money back when they got home.

I finished my ensemble with an off the shoulder feather boa wrap. It was the same colour as the skirt. I used my camera and took some photos of myself for posterity.  Our neighbour, Mrs. Riley, came over to lace me into the corset. She tightened it up, but I asked her to try a bit harder. I wanted to accentuate my corves. Eventually she got it right.

My breasts were pushed up to the limit. Mrs. Riley lent me a necklace. It was all fake diamonds, but it looked good against my milky white skin. It had one row of  "diamonds" around the neck and at the front it was shaped like a triangle covering some of the naked flesh up.

Then the bad news came. The geek could not come. I was furious. But I was not going to let him stop me. I decided to go on my own and hope to pick someone up at the ball!

Mrs. Riley took me to the school and dropped me off. I used all my effort to walk with a Marylyn Monroe style wiggle. The boys could not believe it was me. “If I had known you were going to look like that, I would have taken you!” Harvey said to me. He was used to seeing me in a pair of jeans and a sloppy jumper!

I hadn’t seen Pamela staring at me.  A little later in the night a girl told me I was wanted outside. I could not see Harvey , so I thought it was him who wanted to talk. I left the building and went into the car park. It was very dark. I did not see them coming.

6 girls jumped me. Pamela was amongst them. They quickly gagged me and crossed my hands in front of me. Some rope was wound around my wrists and it was then wound over my wrists forming a cross over my crossed wrists.   They tied my feet together and bundled me into the back of a car. I was being kidnapped!

They drove to the top of the hill overlooking the school. I could see the whole of the town with all the lights on and people going about their business. I could see the lights of the school, and when the wind blew in the right direction, I could hear the music.

I was bundled out of the car. Now Pamela took some more rope and tied it to my left wrist. She took the rope over my right shoulder, threaded it under my left arm and pulled it tight. Now the rope went across my wrists and it was threaded under my right arm. The rope came over my left shoulder, so it formed a cross behind my back. I could not push my hands forwards now.

The girls lifted me up and I saw a post that used to belong to a fence. Pamela undid my ankles and guided the post under my skirt. I was lowered to the ground. The post was just shorter than my skirt. The girls told me to enjoy myself and jumped in the car and drove off. I heard the engine getting quieter as it went on its way!  Soon there was silence apart from the occasional burst of music when the wind blew it my way!

I could not jump high enough to get over the post. The skirt was holding me prisoner, in fact, it still is holding me prisoner.  My luck is that any other night this place would be full of courting couples!   But not tonight!

I struggled hoping to split the skirt and walk home, but it was too well made. It had the lining built in so really there are 2 skirts to split. 

So here I am on prom night, dressed to the nines, a prisoner well and truly stuck in this fabulous outfit. All dressed up and nowhere I can go! All I hope is that maybe at the end of the prom, some couple might come up here. I will have to wait and see.

It is a lovely full moon in a cloudless night tonight. It is very warm. I would have worn something a bit cooler if I knew this was going to happen to me! The corset is starting to hurt me now. But I have got to suffer it. I don’t really have a choice in the matter!

So if any of you courting couples would not mind spending a few moments lifting me over this post, I would be most grateful!



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