Prison Bound

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2004 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; prisoner; cons; X

Prison Bound
by sin_dy
Prison Bound by sin_dy
It is half past midnight and I am laying here wide awake.  Thoughts of bondage drift in and out of my mind.  We finished the "Barn Project" last week and I keep wondering when he will lock me up.

Let me explain.  I am married to a great guy, that as luck would have it, is also a city cop, a policeman.  He took to my bondage craving the very day I revealed my need for the total loss of control and the great feeling to be trussed up and your partner can do anything to you he or she wants.  I opened my soul to him and ever since we both have enjoyed bondage to the fullest.  It probably is the ultimate in foreplay.

He uses ropes, leather bindings, but especially cuffs and chains.  I prefer metal bondage.  It goes on fast and there is no escape.  Even before marriage, I practiced "selfbondage" and used chains and locks.  I have spent many weekends just wearing chains and a smile.

Last weekend we finished installing a prison cell in the Tack Room of the barn.  The project turned out to be bigger than we expected.  First of all we had to dismantle an old stock rack that used to be on the back of dads old pickup truck.

The stock rack was rusty and heavy but when all the pieces were seperated it was manageable.  We spent most of the summer scraping and sanding the thick metal bars.  It is probably heavier than a real jail cell.  Humans can't kick like a horse or smash into the sides like an angry bull.

Two coats of a black rust resistant paint made the stock rack (now called the cell by us) look new.  Assembling it all back together took another few weeks.  We only worked on the cell as time would allow.  Living on a farm and raising horses and working full time in town doesn't leave either of us much spare time.

We chose to place the cell in one corner of the Tack Room. This is the room where all the saddles and leather goodies are stored for our horses.  It has a high ceiling and a solid wood floor and thick oak boards for the walls.  We turned the stock rack up on end and used large clamps; fastened what was the open bottom and now the back of the cell, to the wall.

The old top becomes the front.  The overall diminsions are something like four feet wide, eight feet high and five feet deep.  The bottom, top, sides and front are bars. The back is the solid oak room wall.  The boards are one inch thick and I doubt if I can chew or claw through them.

The front of the cell is secured by four long shackled padlocks.  We left two of the locks in place to act like a hinge.  The other two will be applied when I am inside.  Hopefully very soon.

Suddenly I hear my husband's Jeep approaching the house. Working evenings as a cop, he sees a variety of problems and I never know the mood he might be in.  Well in any case, it is friday night and I'm horny and ready for action.  I strip off my nighty and rush to lay handcuffs on his pillow just as he opens the back door.

With only the night light on, I peek at him undressing and see him looking at me naked on the bed.  My grin gives me away.  Knowing I'm awake, he fondles me and notices the handcuffs.  Without saying a word, I am flipped on my tummy and my wrists are locked behind my back.

Now he opens the bed stand table drawer and gets out the ankle cuffs and futher secures me.  Taking me by the arms, I am rolled on my side with my mouth the target for his very erect penis.  I give him what he wants until he groans with pleasure and he erupts filling my mouth more than full.  He is satisfied but I am certainly not.

With that thought, I am pulled out of bed to my feet.  "Better slip on some shoes", he recommends.  Now I know my destiny for tonight.  I bend over for the shoes only to be smacked on the ass.  "Hurry up prisoner".  Slipping into my shoes, he again slaps my butt.  "Get going", he commands.

He leads me by the arm towards the back door and out into the cool night air.  We head for the barn.  Me a naked grinning prisoner shuffling along in ankle cuffs, with my hands still cuffed in back.  The moon provided all the light we needed to reach the barn and turn on the lights.

He lifted the open padlock from the hasp on the Tack Room's heavy door and roughly escorted me towards the cell.  "Inside prisoner!"  As if I had a choice.  He pushed me in the cell and dragged the front bars closed.  In an instant, he clicked the two padlocks closed, locking the bars shut.

Looking around, he found an old horse blanket and shoved it through the bars for me.  Then without a word, he left me alone and slammed the wood door shut.  I listened closely and heard him re-apply the padlock into the hasp and click it shut.  Suddenly I was plunged in darkness.

What a rush!  Locked in a cell, locked in a room and cuffed.  How long will he keep me here?  Will I be let out only to be used as a sex slave?  I'm so horny now I can hardly stand it.  He got satisfied but I sure didn't.  I try to reach around and touch myself but I can't.  It is so frustrating.  I know I'm about to drip.

I make my way over to bump into the bars.  The darn things are too close together for my knees.  If I could get them through the bars, I might be able to rub myself to an orgasm.  I finally realize it is a waste of time.

Nothing to do but wait.  I inch down to a sitting position on the blanket.  It smells like a horse.  Of course all the barn has a farm smell.  Soon I doze off only to wake up cold.  I fiddle around with the blanket to cover up. Maybe if I think some dirty nasty thoughts, I can get my blood pumping and warm up a bit.

I finally I drifted off into a deep sleep and jumped awake as the lights came on and he unlocked the room door.  "Well was it all you had hope for?"  I nodded yes but told him I was cold.  "What time is it?  How long have I been locked up?"  He said about six hours and thought that was enough the for the first time.  The first time?

"Lets get you to the house and I will warm you up", he said.  "And get these cold cuffs off", I said.  And relieve my sexual frustration, I thought.  "Prisoners don't get to make demands."  And he marched me towards the house grinning all the way.