The Price of Losing

by Bound Becky 2000

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© Copyright 2004 - Bound Becky 2000 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fff; bondage; cons; X

The Price of Losing
by Bound Becky 2000
The Price of Losing by Bound Becky 2000

After a few days of talking it over, the 4 of us had finally agreed on the rules.  We would play cards for poker chips and once you ran out of chips, you had to draw from the “fate” piles.  The fate piles decided what you would wear, how you were to be tied up and also what torture you would endure.  At first the torture part wasn’t included but Jenny, one of us 4 girls playing the game, talked us into allowing it saying that just being tied up would get boring.  We all agreed nervously, knowing that any of us could be regretting that decision.

As for the piles, each consists of a word on a card and what’s on the card is what you do.  The “clothes” pile has bikini, bra and panties, thong with no top, and thong with tank top.  Each of us had our set of clothes to change into for whatever card we drew.  The “tie” pile has cards that say hogtie, normal (which just means hands behind back and ankles tied), hands above head, chair tie, and tie to pole.  There’s a pole in Amy’s basement, which is where the so-called dungeon is.  Next there’s an “accessory” pile which has ball gag, cleave gag, tape gag and a special “blindfold and choose a gag” card.  Then last but not least was the “torture” pile.  Spanking, clamps, clothes pins, ice cube and flogging cards where in this pile.  Also, after getting a little adventurous, we added the “all” card so you get tortured with every card.  Once you draw the torture card, you have to draw a time card to determine how long you must endure your punishment.  Cards ranging from 5 to 20 minutes were in here.  We joked about who the poor soul would be that gets clothes pinned for 15 minutes.  In a way I think all of us were hoping to get it. 

Now that the game was ready to go, we still had a few more things going around the discussion table.  Finally the rules were finished.  When you lose your final chip, whoever you lost to gets to tie you up.  You stay there until the game is finished.  Once the final person is tied up, the winner of the game (and the only person left untied) gets to deliver the tortures.  If you manage to escape your bondage, the person that tied you up receives your torture instead.  Of course we had all the rules written down just incase there were some disagreements.  A few days later, we met at Amy’s house…let the game begin!

I got there last.  Amy, Jenny, and Sarah were waiting anxiously.  “We thought you were gonna back out.” said Jenny. 

“Not a chance” I said with a grin, “I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to torture you!” 

“Not gonna happen sweetie.” she replied. 

“Lets do this.” said Amy. 

We sat around the kitchen table with some drinks, snacks and poker chips.  All 4 of us were wearing white t-shirts with white shorts…another fun thing we added just to set the mood.  The game was going slow for a while.  Basically I think we were all afraid to bet big.  None of us wanted to be the first one tied up.  There’s no telling how long you’d be down there but you’d have that much longer to try and escape.  Jenny and Amy seemed to kick things up a notch though.  I guess they had a little rivalry going because they were betting against each other pretty big.  Unfortunately for Jenny, she bid too big and lost. 

“Woo hoo!” shouted Amy.  Sarah and I laughed at poor Jenny.  “I can’t believe I lost first.  You guys suck!” 

Jenny tried to act upset but we could tell she was happy. 

“Draw slave!” said Amy with a huge smile.  Jenny drew from the clothes pile. 

“Is your basement warm?” she asked as she threw down the “bikini” card.  She dug through her bag, pulled out her outfit and went to the bathroom to change.  After a few minutes she came out wearing a red 2 piece bikini.  The rest of us made some sexy remarks and she drew her next card.  “Hands above my head!  You know how uncomfortable that’s going to get!”  We teased her by adding that she’d be like that for a long time.  “Ballgag” was her next card.  We eagerly awaited to see what torture card she would draw.  “Nipple clamps” we shouted.  She drew her timecard.  “7 minutes, that’s not too bad I guess” she muttered. 

“That depends on how tight we make the clamps” I added. 

“Lets go slave!” said Amy as she grabbed Jenny’s arm and walked her towards the basement door.  One of the rules was that the others had to stay upstairs when someone is getting tied.  Grrr.  Sarah and myself joked with each other while we waited for Amy to come back up.

The basement was actually a little chilly.  Jenny wasn’t too happy about wearing only a bikini with it being cold down there but a ball gag quickly silenced her.  “Nice and tight” laughed Amy as she finished the strap around Jenny’s blonde hair.  “Hands please”.  Jenny placed her hands in front of her and Amy crossed them and began tying them.  Once she finished she double checked to make sure they were nice and tight.  “I don’t see you going anywhere”. 

“Mmmmphh” muttered Jenny. 

She took another piece of rope and tied that around Jenny’s bound wrists and ran the rest of the rope over a beam in the ceiling.  She pulled it and Jenny’s hands were forced over her head.  After tying it a few feet away from Jenny’s hands, she moved on to secure her legs.  A simple tying above the knees and then her ankles were enough to keep her standing there.  Amy stood back and admired her work.  “Perfect.  Have fun.”  Amy went upstairs to continue the game.  Jenny put her head down, knowing she would be there for a while.

As soon as Amy came out of the basement, all 3 of us started laughing.  We don’t know why, seeing as how 2 more of us would be down there by the end of the night.  “Alright, carry on” said Sarah. 

The cards were dealt and the game continued.  About 20 minutes went by and poor Sarah was down to 2 chips.  I was hoping to be the one to eliminate her from the game but unfortunately it was Amy that did it.  “Another one for me” said Amy with a bigger smile than before. 

“You’re cheating” teased Sarah as she drew her clothes card.  “No way!” she screamed.  I took a peak at her card. 

“Thong with no top!” I laughed. 

Amy laughed too joking that Jenny has more clothes then she does.  Grumbling, Sarah went into her bag, pulled out her thong and headed off to the bathroom. 

“This is so embarrassing” she said walking out covering her breasts with her hands and wearing a shiny black thong. 

“Ooh, latex” gleamed Amy. 

Sarah , now really embarrassed, grabbed her other cards.  Pole tied, cleave gagged and tortured with ice cubes for 12 minutes.  Once again, Amy led her victim to the basement.  I sat alone upstairs, eating some snacks and stealing a few of Amy’s poker chips.

“Its cold down here” was the first thing out of Sarah’s mouth.  Jenny mumbled in agreement then made a laughing noise through her gag after seeing Sarah wearing only a black latex thong. 

“And it will be even colder when that ice hits you” remarked Amy. 

Sarah walked to the pole and put her hands behind her back and around the pole.  Amy positioned her so she could stare at Jenny. “I don’t want you 2 to be lonely.” 

“Gee thanks” remarked Sarah.  Amy tied Sarah’s wrists tight like she had done to Jenny’s.  She then wrapped some rope around Sarah’s mid section, securing her to the pole.  A few more pieces of rope were applied around her thighs and ankles. 

“You’re definitely not going anywhere” laughed Amy. 

“I hope you lose” said Sarah.  A white handkerchief cleave gag was tied tight around Sarah’s brunette hair. 

“I’ll be back with some ice dear” threatened Amy as she left the 2 bound and gagged in the basement, awaiting their punishment.  Jenny and Sarah glanced at each other embarrassingly and tried to talk to each other through their gags to pass the time.  Amy came from out of the basement and gave me a serious look. 

“Your next slave” she promised me. 

“Next to tie someone up you mean” I told her. 

“No, the next to be tied.  Let’s finish this.”  Amy dealt the cards.

The game went on for about 40 minutes.  Occasionally we would take a few breaks for some food and joke about Jenny and Sarah being trapped in the basement.  Both Amy and myself were getting kind of bored and wanted the game to end, but neither of us was going to lose on purpose.  Finally I had a great hand, a full house with 3 kings and a pair of 4’s.  I was definitely going to take a large chunk, if not all of Amy’s poker chips.  I tried to sucker her in, pretending like I was bluffing and she fell for it.  We raised each others bet a few times then finally I said, “Lets end this” and pushed all my chips in.  Amy stared at me for a few seconds and pushed all her chips in. 

“Going for broke are we?” she asked. 

“Just wanting to get this over with” I replied.  I tossed my cards down.  “Full house sweetie” I gloated. 

Amy put her head down.  “You suck” she stated. 

“HA!”  I shouted as I got out of my chair and danced happily around the room.  Amy got out of her chair.  “I guess you have some cards to draw there don’t you SLAVE!” I told her. 

“Wrong, I have some cards to SHOW you” she said with that all too familiar grin.  I looked on the table and there was her playing cards laying face up.  3 Aces and a pair of 8’s, a better full house then mine.  I felt so stupid, celebrating only to have my dreams shattered.  “You know the drill” Amy said.  I did.  Time to draw some cards.  “Another girl in a bikini” said Amy as she looked over my shoulder at my clothes card.  I went to my bag and then to change, just as the others had done already.  I came out, wearing my blue 2 piece bikini.  The bottom part is actually like a thong and there’s very little covering over my butt.  Amy commented on that and told me how she hoped I would draw the spanking card.  My next card said “Y position”.  There are eye bolts in the ceiling of the basement and if your wrists are tied to them and legs tied together, you look like a “Y”.   And of course I draw the ball gag and blindfold card.  “You poor thing” Amy told me as she patted me on the head.  I was dreading the next card, the torture card.  “Come on baby!” shouted Amy in suspense, hoping for me to get a nasty one.  Sure enough my hand held the “flogger” card.  To make matters worse, I drew a 19 minute time card.  Amy was too pleased with this and pushed me towards the basement.

We walked down the stairs and I saw Jenny and Sarah, bound and gagged.  I also noticed that it was kind of cold down here but I didn’t mention it.  The 2 of them had disgusted looks on their faces when they saw it was me that lost and not Amy.  “Something wrong slaves” joked Amy.  “Don’t worry, you’ll be punished in a few minutes.”  She led me under the eyebolts and went right to work.  First my left wrist was bound and tied upwards above my head, then my right wrist.  “Put your legs together slave!”  I thought of making things difficult for Amy to tie me, but since she would be torturing me I figured it would be best not to make her mad.  I did what she said and my legs were tied tight above the knees and at the ankles.  She put the blindfold on me and all my vision was gone.  I could feel her playing around with the bottom of my bikini then I felt it get pulled up into my butt.  “What are you doing?” I questioned in a surprised voice.  “Just getting it out of the way.  We don’t want anything to soften the blows do we?”  I tried to say something but a ball gag was forced into my mouth and secured firmly behind my brunette hair.  I could hear Amy from the center of the basement.  “Looks like I have some work to do.”  The 3 of us mumbled in protest through our gags.  Not like that was going to stop her.  I heard her walk up the stairs and we were left alone.

A few minutes went by and I heard footsteps on the stairs again.  “Miss me?”  Amy was back, obviously with our torture devices.  My blindfold was removed and Amy stood before me.  “I wouldn’t want you to miss any of this” she grinned.  She walked over to Jenny.  “You’ve been here for a while so I guess you can be first.”  Amy lifted Jenny’s red bikini top, exposing her breasts.  Jenny mumbled through her drool covered gag.  Carefully Amy placed the 2 nipple clamps on Jenny and slowly tightened them.  Jenny squirmed back and forth in pain.  “That should be tight enough.”  Amy set an egg timer that she brought from upstairs to 7 minutes and sat in a chair, watching Jenny beg her to release the clamps.  Jenny tried frantically to shake the clamps off but they were on too tight. “Ding”.  7 minutes were up.  It seemed like a long time but I’m sure it was really long for poor Jenny.  Amy removed the clamps and Jenny dropped her head in relief. 

“Let’s get you down from there” said Amy. 

She untied Jenny’s hands and helped her to the floor.  I could tell Jenny’s arms were sore from being in that position for so long.  Amy tied Jenny’s hands behind her back, leaving her sitting on the basement floor. 

“Who’s next?” questioned Amy.  Like she didn’t know.  Sarah braced herself as Amy opened a Tupperware bowl that she brought from upstairs.  “You were complaining about being cold earlier?”  Once again Amy had to tease her helpless victims.  She took a piece of ice and moved it slowly around Sarah’s bound body.  Sarah tried to move but she was tied to the pole too tightly.  Muffled screams came from behind Sarah’s cleave gag but Amy continued with the ice torture.  She put a cube down the front of Sarah’s thong and stood back and watched her try to shake it loose.  Every part of Sarah’s body was slowly tortured with the frozen cubes, her face, her armpits, her feet.  No place was safe from Amy’s treachery.  Time seemed to be moving very slow. 

Amy realized this as well.  “Oh my, I seemed to have forgotten to set the timer.”  Sarah let out a very frustrated groan.  “No problem slave” said Amy as she lightly slapped Sarah’s cheek, “all the ice has melted on you anyways.”  Sarah was relieved and left tied to the pole. 

My turn.  Amy walked towards me, carrying the timer in one hand and a leather flogger in the other.  “Sucks to be you” she whispered to me as my blindfold was placed back over my eyes.  I heard the timer winding up.  After that all I could hear was my moaning through the ball gag in my mouth and the flogger as it struck my ass repeatedly.  The pain was terrible but I had to endure it.  I was tied to tightly to escape.  Finally I heard the timer ding.  Relief filled my body as the floggings stopped.  “Well” said Amy, “looks like your first 10 minutes are up.  I’ll let you rest and be back to finish in a few minutes.” 

I thought it was over when I heard the ding but now I have another 9 minutes of torture to go through.  I mumbled a plea of sympathy but Amy was having nothing to do with it.  “See you soon slave” was all I heard as her footsteps echoed up the stairs.  “I won’t lose next time” I thought to myself, mentally preparing for my next torture session to begin.  Within a few minutes, Amy came back into the basement and made her way towards me.  “Almost over” she told me as she wound the timer.  Once again the fierce slaps of the flogger cracked against me, only this time it was my breasts being hit.  She informed me that the card said “flogging” and didn’t specify what area of the body was to be hit.  The timer dinged and now my breasts hurt just as bad as my ass did earlier. 

Finally it was over.  My front and backside ached with pain.  “That was fun slaves” announced Amy.  “I’ll be back in an hour to untie you all.”  Gagged protests could be heard throughout the basement.  The door to the basement closed and I knew I would be standing here for a while.  I hung my head and tried to relax, trying to ignore the pain from the flogger.  I also dreamed about how I would win the next time we play…and there would be a next time!