Prey For The Huntress

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; capture; bond; X-cross; torment; oral; slave; nc/reluct; X

Author’s Note:  This story is dedicated to the real Huntress, a true and cherished friend who has always been there, from that first day when she made this old Wolf feel welcome in a new and strange place.


In our world of information, he was a mystery.  Even his name was unknown.  Some even suggested that he’d lived under so many assumed names that even he couldn’t remember the name he’d been born with.  To those who sought his services, he was The Hunter.  As in hunter of men.  He was among the highest priced assassins in the world.  He had never missed a target; he always came through. This job, however was different.  For one, the target wasn’t a high profile personality.  For another, the client demanded an unusual payment option.

“She’s offering twice your going rate,” his contact told him.  But she insists that payment only be made after you succeed.”

“After?” The Hunter growled.  “You know the rules.  At least half up front.”

“I know,” the contact replied.  “But she refuses to pay up front.  Says she’s not going to waste good money on a job you may not be able to do.”

“Half up front, or no deal.”

Two days later, the contact had an answer.  “She says ok, half up front.  But she insists that I hold it, and she’ll pay me the other half once the job is done.”

“Send me the info.”

Three nights later, The Hunter was ready.  Security on the isolated estate was tight, but not so tight that he couldn’t break it.  They’d even given him an entrance, a basement window propped about half way open. Moving silently, he slipped through the estate’s automatic security setup, slithering through the open window.  As he glanced around the room, the lights suddenly flared to life. Squinting, The Hunter made out a shape in the doorway, a halo of gold surrounding its head.  Then he felt a sting on the side of his neck.  He raised his hand to investigate, and the world turned black.

The Hunter woke to find himself naked.  Worse, he was strapped to what he assumed was a St. Andrew’s cross.  Upright, spread eagle, held in place by sturdy leather cuffs at wrist, ankle and waist.  A large ball strapped into his mouth rendered him silent.  He tugged briefly at his bonds, then stopped as a woman entered the room.

She was, he assumed, the same one he’d seen before.  Tall, well proportioned, her golden hair framed a face of classic beauty.  For a moment, simply gazed at him, then she smiled and moved to stand in front of him.

“I’ll be you’re wondering what’s going on, don’t you?” she asked in a lyrical voice.  “I’ll be happy to explain.  You did a job near here about a year ago.  You also killed a friend of mine, someone who had nothing to do with your target.  Do you remember?”

The Hunter nodded.  He remembered well.  It had been a long range shot, and a bystander had stepped into the line of fire just as he was pulling the trigger.  It was the only job where he’d needed more than one round to nail his target.

“It took a long time to track you down,” the blonde continued, “and even longer to make contact.  I was the one who hired you for this job.”  She laughed.  “Now you know why I didn’t want to pay up front.”

The Hunter tugged at his bonds, then froze as another woman entered the room.  Slim, yet perfectly proportioned, the nude brunette glided up to him.  With a smile, she sank to her knees and took him into her mouth.  Expertly working her lips and tongue, she quickly brought him to full erection.  Then, raising her head, she slipped a band down his cock, letting it snap tight beneath his balls.

The blonde laughed again.  “I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.  Her name is none of your concern, so we’ll just call her June.  I do like the summer months, don’t you?  And I guarantee, June is an expert at heating things up.  Isn’t that right, hon?”

June smiled.  “Yes, Mistress.”  Bending her head, she once again took him into her mouth, teasing him with lips and tongue, slowly building him to a peak he couldn’t seem to cross.

“It’s the cock ring,” the blonde explained.  “It will keep you hard, but it won’t let you cum.  Not until I decide to allow it.”

The Hunter groaned through his gag.  He’d always been prepared for torture if his enemies caught him, but this was something he’d never anticipated.  The pleasure grew, then kept growing, far beyond anything he’d ever known, while the inability to cum slowly turned the pleasure into something indistinguishable from pain.  Slowly, his world shrank, until all that mattered was the lips on his cock, the tongue swirling around the sensitive head.

How long he floated within this red haze of need, he never knew.  Finally, though, the need subsided enough that, with great effort, he could focus his thoughts.  He opened glassy eyes to see the blonde standing before him, June beside her.  Involuntarily, his hips thrust toward them, as if begging for more, while muffled groans escaped his gag.

“So,” the blonde said, “you begin to see the power I hold over you.  A couple more sessions with June, and you’ll be ready to obey any command, if it means being allowed to cum.”

The Hunter shook his head in denial, but his cock betrayed him, twitching as if given a life and will of its own.  He felt that if he didn’t cum soon, he would explode, and he promise himself that, once he got loose, he would teach these bitches a lesson.

As if reading his mind, the blonde laughed.  “Oh, and don’t hold any hoped for getting loose.  Your training has only just begun.”  With that, the two women left the room.  Alone with his need, The Hunter could only moan helplessly.

By his seventh session, The Hunter had begun to fear he was going to lose his mind.  During the third, while June mouthed him to near insanity, the blonde had stood beside him, whispering of the pleasures of serving her.  Somehow, his need and her words began to merge, until now, even the thought of obeying her caused his cock to twitch on its own.  He knew his mind was slowly being devoured, leaving only the need to serve.  He feared he was losing the battle, not realizing that he already had.

Between sessions, he was removed from the cross and placed in a small cell.  Even after the first, he’d lacked the energy to resist, and it only became harder as he went.

At his final session, he was once again strapped to the cross.  This time, instead of mouthing him immediately, June carefully removed his ring, then left the room.  After he’d dangled for some time in his impotent need, the blonde entered.  The sight of her naked body almost left him breathless.  Stepping in front of him, she smiled, then sank to her knees and took him into her mouth.  Slowly, she built him up to a peak even higher than before.  As she did, June moved to stand by his head.

“You serve the Mistress,” she whispered, reaching up to remove the gag from his mouth.  “You serve only the Mistress.  Your body is hers to command.  You only gain pleasure at her command.”  Over and over, the whispered words sang through his mind, until he found himself repeating them.

Suddenly, the blonde stood, leaving him dangling once more on the peak.  “Who do you serve?” she demanded.

“You, Mistress,” he gasped, his mind now submerged by his need.

“Are you my slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me what you are and who you serve,” the blonde commanded.

“I am your slave,” he panted, “and I serve only you, Mistress.”

“Very good,” the blonde smiled.  Sinking to her knees, she took him once more into her mouth and quickly brought him to the most powerful orgasm he’d ever known.  Pounded as if by massive waves, The Hunter was forever extinguished, and only a slave remained.

And that, Ladies, is the story of The Hunter.  Even now, there are rumors about how he vanished.  Many believe him dead, and, in a way, he is.  What remains has found a happiness in giving that The Hunter never knew in his life of taking.

The naked slave paused, then turned his head slightly.  “Did my story please Mistress?” the former Hunter asked.

Reclining regally in her chair, The Huntress smiled.