The Pornographers Have Her Now

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2019 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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"I just watched it for a second time in my office, in it's entirety, it's definitely Jessica" the police chief told his mayor excitedly in the mayor's downtown office. The DVD had been delivered to the chief's home post office box right out in front of his suburban home in a plain box without any postage on it, he having the good fortune to have gotten the mail that day instead of his wife. Inside the box was a hand written note telling the chief that this was an unedited pre-production copy of their latest work for his exclusive viewing pleasure, and that the amount of editing employed on this particular DVD before it's general release depended on him and his mayor, as did their newest stars ability to star in any sequels.

"Would there even be a need for a precedent setting sequel?" the author's note asked in it's familiar feminine script. "Or should we do all of us a favor and sell what's left of her off to the highest bidder in one of those places where blonde, blue, and tan always fetches top dollar?"

It was implied blackmail to be sure, most especially once that special edition had been viewed in it's entirety, the cover art alone suggesting the most provocative version of these types of DVD's the chief had seen to date. From a legal point of view there was no crime in watching, or even producing one of these kinds of movies, (and the man in him even found them exciting), just so long as everybody involved was a legally consenting adult...

"What do we do now?" the mayor asked his subordinate from the comfort of his own downtown office, he really meaning what are YOU going to do now, the political fallout potentially landing at his very feet, and this an election year. The mayor had promised his constituents to get tough on crime, and while porn wasn't even technically a crime in his town, this latest batch of highly popular DVDs blurred those lines somewhat. Those starring in these "abduction themed" porn productions looked to be having experiences just a little too real to some of the same groups that had financed the mayor's candidacy, but how those same good citizens came to be in possession of such vile and erotic things never was questioned.

"You have to admit she looks good as a blonde" the mayor opined to lighten the mood after cocking his head and looking critically at the DVD case in the chief's hand. Newly promoted detective Jessica Gains was most certainly out of uniform, she also apparently no longer in possession of her magnificent mop of auburn hair either. The cover photo on the DVD's case had the now blonde detective's pretty mouth obscenely stuffed full, her cheeks bulging almost comically with the intrusion. Her neon pink bikini bottom had apparently been stuffed in deep as an improvised gag, it then tied off around her head with it's own strings in a rather clever repurposing of the sexy garment.

Jessica's fit and tan body was out on full display, she not wearing a stitch of clothing other than her bikini bottom gag, which most reasonable men would agree didn't really count. Her magnificent body was securely bound in a kneeling hogtie at the bow pulpit of a large sailing yacht, the robust chrome forward deck cleat serving as the anchor point for the impeccable rope work bordering on art itself, the pornographic display best viewed from seaward where the camera had apparently been held, the yacht's registration numbers cleverly obscured though.

Both men came to the conclusion that whoever had thought up this particular abduction scenario and it's DVD's cover art had a dark sense of humor. The stunning and bound detective's blonde hair had been caught blowing to port with the yacht's passage through the wind, her fully displayed and fit body looking like a sailing ship's figurehead from another century placed there to calm an angry sea, likely after calming a randy crew of sailors judging by the biological mess running down her splayed thighs and then onto the canted deck.


Jessica was ambitious and impossibly sexy, there was no denying that, the mayor and chief both having sampled that tasty dish personally during her separate interviews for this latest promotion. Both men therefore knew first hand that she was a foul mouthed screamer who didn't mind in the least actually wearing a pair of cuffs, the gag making sense from that point of view alone even though the yacht she was riding looked to be in open ocean and well away from sympathetic ears. Also, what rational man would want to put anything he personally valued anywhere near her two rows of eviscerating teeth should she be as unwilling a participant in their movie as she appeared in the erotic cover art?

Jessica still looked full of struggling resistance in that tantalizing cover photo despite her gaping womanhood and the puddle beneath her suggesting she had been well used, or was she just that good of an actress? A third possibility, (the mayor pondered only to soothe his guilty conscience), was that she got off on all this, engineering this little scenario on the fly for her own purposes entirely.

How she found herself the apparent star of one of these abduction films instead of just investigating from behind the scenes was the real question though, and of course her overall willingness to do so no matter her motivations, professional or otherwise.

The chief, having already watched the DVD in it's entirety already knew the answer, as would the mayor shortly.

"You are going to leave that with me so I can 'review' it myself in private, aren't you Chief?" The mayor asked.

"Yes, but I would like it back sir. You're mentioned in there as well by the way."


"Yes, we're both screwed if this thing gets out you know. Perhaps if we're lucky they'll give us a cell together" the chief opined without humor.


It had been weeks since the crackdown operation on that particular porn production company had been suggested, there being regulations about such things that were possibly being violated, and the newly promoted detective Jessica Gains volunteering of her own free will to help. Her intentions likely weren't truly altruistic though, she saw this assignment as a way to advance her career even faster, her pretty features opening doors for her that were locked closed to others, just as it had since she had come of age...

Twenty five years old was pretty young to make detective in any department, and her knowing coworkers concluding to a man that she had likely slept her way there, they also to a man wishing it was instead with them. It had started as a locker room joke, the guys suggesting she had a body made for porn, and if they could get her deeply undercover on the inside she could see what was really going on during filming of these potentially illicit abduction themed videos. They expected she would refuse, or possibly even file a grievance with the police union, but she did neither, surprising even her coworkers with her ambition and hunger for advancement at almost any cost. Jessica had the potential to make a serious impact in what could be a serious crime, (although to date no "victims" had ever come forward and therefore no "crime" had been committed in the technical sense of the word), and whatever her true motivations, that was after all what the taxpayers paid them to do.

Would her pretty face even make it on camera? That was the question whispered about in the locker room for days with wagers placed on the outcome...

They all had watched these DVDs in their day room, including Jessica, all to see if any clues had been left in regarding the location of the shoot or the identities of the humans involved. The rope work specifically looked quite real to Jessica's trained eye, but she had some experience with such things. They were provocative story lines with titles like 'Abducted And Ransomed MILF's' and 'Joggers For Rent Or Sale', and the policemen responded physically as men usually do, especially the younger ones, each likely envisioning their Jessica in some likely scenario and oh so grateful to be rescued.

That of course was unlikely if ambitious Jessica kept to the plan, but as insurance against that the chief had found a local magician with experience in escape to refresh the stunning young cops own escape skills, she working as a magicians assistant on and off again through college and more than casually familiar with various forms of restraint, rope specifically always used in these DVDs as a kind of trademark artistic touch. Jessica didn't exactly mind her practice sessions with the magician the chief had found, in truth they brought back some fond college memories, but those were with a younger man who realized what she was all about and knew how to capitalize on her kink.

Although she wasn't the on stage star of that aspiring magician's act back in college she still had an important part to play, her brief and leggy form fitting costume distracting the audience as the magician did his thing, and then again when set changes were needed, Jessica very, very distracting in heels and a short dress. She was sometimes bound or cuffed by the men in the audience as a distraction to the main show or if the set change took longer than anticipated, she easily escaping their sloppy inexpert rope work back then, (and the trick cuffs), but she and her magician/lover had practiced frequently...

Jessica often wondered back in the day which one of them got off more on her being bound up, the predominately male audience member "volunteers" doing their best to hide their arousal as they bound or cuffed her, or she herself fantasizing about what some of them would like to do with/to her if she couldn't escape their bonds, which she always did. Sex, she realized, or even the mere tantalizing suggestion of it, was very distracting, and not just for the boys...

The DVDs the cops had "studied" in their day room however showed not only the authenticity of their rope work, but the kind of desperation in the "victim's" eyes and struggles that's hard to achieve for an amateur. It was almost a given that most bondage scenes in the movies had rope work that looked about to fall off of the "victim" all by itself, and porn actresses' in general weren't known for their acting abilities judging by the painful dialogue such movies brought to the "art" of film making. These apparently gifted and stunning "stars" had not been seen on film before, nor after their one time roles by any of the cops, that in itself a further mystery, and good cops liked to solve those as if it was in their DNA.


The plan was for Jessica to leave town, tan up and get blonde, then drive back south with some trashy clothes and a new false identity several years younger, she using a confiscated car borrowed from a local department. Once back in town she was to act the part of a broke and desperate college dropout, trying to find work in some off screen position at the production studio so as to possibly gain access to the companies files.

Consent was the major question in light of the realism of these videos, (both the bondage and the story lines), verbal consent was tough to both prove, and disprove, but written consent was a different thing entirely, and held legally in forth amendment confidentiality by the porn production company unless there were a warrant, which without a victim was nearly impossible to get from any judge. Jessica had been briefed on all this, and all she had to really do was land a job in the front office and snoop their paper files when nobody was about and come up with a name or three for the other detectives to casually question to see if the women in them were willing actresses', or not. She then could sneak away as if her fictitious character had never been there, or so went the plan, something obviously going very wrong for Jessica to become cover art and the proverbial star of the show...


The mayor told his secretary he didn't want any disruptions after the chief left, he closing the heavy outer door before popping the DVD into his player, the large screen TV on his wall bought and paid for by the tax payers, but likely never thought to be used as it was about to be. His office wasn't as large as a big city mayor's might be, but it was still quite nice, and more importantly well insulated so as to be almost soundproof. Jessica had been to this very office once after hours for a very intimate and off the record interview recently, and it appeared she would be visiting with him in it again, although this time vicariously in high definition pixilation.

It started interestingly enough with a grainy silent security video of an obviously female burglar in a dark office, her short trashy spandex dress nearly transparent in the I.R. camera's illumination...

As if they had been waiting for her she was then caught in the act by three large muscular men with ski masks, the mayor watching helplessly as his detective was tasered unconscious, then cuffed wrist and ankle, and a sack pulled over her pretty head rendering her helpless with uncommon efficiency. One of the men then threw her still twitching body over his shoulder and all three left as if nothing had just happened, the screen going dark after lingering on the dark office and it's undisturbed file cabinets a few seconds longer.

One thought occurred to the mayor, they knew she was coming, likely knew who she was ahead of time, and even had enough time to prepared a very special reception for her...

The mayor watched the dark screen transfixed, he knowing by instinct that he was likely watching his carefully crafted political life self destruct before him.

There was then sound before the screen lit back up, an obvious editing point, or perhaps sadistically placed there to build suspense.

"What is you name?" a stern male voice can be heard demanding.

"Lisa Smith you bastard, let me go this instant!" the defiant and muffled female voice can be heard saying, followed by a high pitched scream and what sounded to the mayor like bar stools being dragged around on a wood floor, a sound the mayor was intimately familiar with.

It only took a few seconds, but to the mayor it felt like a lifetime of anticipation, even though he rationally knew that he was watching, or at the moment listening to, something that had already happened.

The large high definition screen lit once again in the mayor's office, his mouth left agape by the dazzling scene before him. The scene was below deck on a large boat of some kind, likely the same one on the cover art of the DVD case. A woman wearing a short and tight spandex dress lay on her back across two bar stools with her head covered by a sack. She was on display in the center of the compartment, her magnificent legs pulled taunt and wide by two heavy dock ropes tied off to the teak overhead handrails. The knots and rope work had a symmetry to them that was art itself, but appreciation for such might have escaped the notice of the bound woman as she was obviously preoccupied.

The bound woman had her arms as well tied off to two complimentary rails going the opposite direction, but here she had her hands wrapped up in the heavy ropes likely to ease the strain on her wrists despite the many turns of unyielding thick rope binding her helplessly in place. The mayor knew it was without a doubt Jessica, her magnificent body a known thing, as was her strained and muffled voice claiming to be the fictitious Lisa Smith they had created for the purpose of entrapping the pornographers, the tables obviously turned somehow.

Could she hold out and stick to the character they had devised under such conditions? The mayor briefly wondered.

"Who could?" he answered silently to himself a moment later, the scene before him far too provocative not to watch to it's known conclusion though.

"Your real name, or are you enjoying this so much as to prolong our little informal interrogation just a little longer, 'Lisa'?" The man holding a Taser device asked sarcastically, the reason for her earlier screams now obvious.

Hearing no answer the man then crouched down and held the device at the small of her back between the two bar stools, (one under her ass, the other under her shoulders), he then apparently triggering it and Jessica's spread eagled body responding by leaping off of the bar stools and sending them flying as she screamed out in shock at the indignity she were being subjected to.

Her body was whipped so violently by the electrical charge from the little device that the sack covering her head was thrown free, her pretty face sweat soaked and her now blonde hair matted to it, she gulping in air as her chest heaved and her body tremored with aftershocks. She now fully hung from her bonds as her body swayed, her pulled taunt limbs even more so now.

"Who do you work for then?" the man asked, he taking a different tack in his line of questioning.

"F...F...uck...You!" Jessica managed to gasp out between haggard breaths, her resolve astounding all things considered.

"I thought you would never ask sweetheart" the man replied. "You do of course seem a little overheated, and overdressed for such things at the moment... A trashy little dress to match that trashy little mouth of yours, what irony?" the man asked rhetorically after a seconds pause.

The man then reached into the plunging neckline of the spandex dress and ripped it from her body effortlessly and threw it's tattered remains across the compartment, Jessica's body left swinging in it's suspension from the force of the act.

"Oh, that's much better, isn't it?" her interrogator asked in amusement.

Jessica's chest was still heaving, her buds pushing at the thin material of her expensive demi bra, her panties with their obvious stain of excitement getting the cameraman's attention first though as he zoomed in with a tight focus on her gushing womanhood, the interrogator for the moment oblivious to this fact.

"Your are one walking, or is that hanging contradiction... 'Lisa'? A twenty dollar dress, and two hundred dollars plus of underwear, most curious. It's a shame we can't save it though, but I'll bet you have a drawer full of such lovely things back in the city, should you ever need them again, don't you?"

With that said the man pulled a pocket knife from his pocket and gently went between Jessica's impressive assets, her heaving breaths calming without being told less he accidentally nip her there with his blade. The expensive garment's center band put up more of a fight that what the man expected, but it's demise was a foregone conclusion, and a snip at each shoulder strap had it also laying on the floor, Jessica's large and real breasts settling naturally as nature intended despite the enforced position of her arms and overall tension on her firm hanging body.

"Oh, I do prefer real ones" the man said as he grabbed a handful of Jessica's tender flesh and squeezed, he rolling the fleshy orb in his hands as if examining fresh fruit at the market. He then pinched a nipple savagely, and Jessica yelped in response.

"Wow, we are going to have a lot of fun together, Lisa, but before that I need some answers, take all the time you need though, hangout a little" the man said sarcastically before stepping out of the camera's view.


The next scene found "Lisa" the actress, (the Mayor couldn't think of her as his detective Jessica Gains without some serious pangs of guilt) on the deck of the moving yacht. This time she was suspended from the massive main sail's boom, the sailing yacht under way by means of sail power on a close hauled up wind reach. That left her body hanging over the deck where the crew had access to her for their entertainment should they decide, the visual effect overwhelming for the watching mayor who had started rubbing at his man hardware without thought at the implied erotic peril that awaited.

The pretty undercover detective was wearing an obscenely small neon pink bikini that did more to tantalize than her actual nudity would have, and the watching mayor knew that she wouldn't be wearing it for long both by the DVD's cover art, and simple logic. The bikini itself while worn by the actress was more than sexy, but the way that the men had put her on display on the deck was what did "IT" for the mayor, he popping off in his trousers like an over stimulated teenager as he stroked himself...

"Lisa" hung from a single point tied off to the end of the boom, her body encased in what most resembled a rope fishing net, although obviously made specifically for a very large fish. The net was closed on top and shown no obvious point of escape, the mayor thinking to himself in his post orgasmic low that this was some "catch of the day" of the kind he had never caught himself. Her body swung in the wind, and the mayor caught, for the briefest of moments, a smile on the catch of the day's lips. It was gone in a second, but there was no denying what he had saw, this most curious to the watching man who was somewhat of an expert on reading faces.

There was no apparent escape possible though, and the camera just ran with the footage as a crewman here and there reached into the taunt net and tormented the captured detective, pinching and poking her, or just setting her spinning slowly in her rope prison display. There was an air of "we have all the time in the world for this" to their lazy torment, perhaps because the yacht was still in sight of other sailing yacht's on the horizon, noticed in the camera's background shots by the watching mayor.

A change in course was then set, no doubt, the mayor realized, due to the yacht's proximity to another large yacht, and potential witnesses. This tack up wind caused the mainsail boom and it's suspended human cargo to swing rather quickly across the deck, the turn taking the yacht onto a beam reach heading, and suspending the trapped detective and the boom supporting her out over the ocean itself. This made the trapped detective squeal in fright as any failure of her netting would leave her helplessly sinking in the ocean, and likely nothing more than under dressed shark food should she sink before a rescue could be organized...

to be continued...

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