Poor Ralphie

by Grace

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© Copyright 2010 - Grace - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; bond; susp; encase; enclose; display; revenge; nc; X

Poor Ralphie. Every time I see him up there slowly turning in the slight air currents from the ceiling fans I almost feel sorry for him. Then I remember what he did to me and the feeling quickly vanishes, only to be replaced by a big grin.

Mom says she lets him down every night after she closes the restaurant to feed him his liquid meal and open the tiny valve protruding from his plaster form so his built in catheter bag can be emptied.

She says she’s glad she doesn't have to replace the batteries in his big butt plug anymore since she found one on the internet that just plugs into a wall outlet. All she had to do was remove the cord and attach some less noticeable clear coated speaker wire instead, then braid it thru the silver chain that keeps him suspended. You can just see it if you really look for it.

She made sure he can't expel the butt plug once she shoves it in because she securely anchored a short pink satin strap into his thick plaster coating just above his exposed ass hole. After the plug is inserted and turned on she lowers the strap and closes a tiny padlock thru the ring on the end of the strap and the ring in the plaster just below his stretched little butthole. The pink strap blends nicely with the long pink paper mache curls that completely cover his humiliating form and the long bushy eyelashes mom glued over his eyes helps hide the two small eye holes she left him.

At first I wondered why mom wasn't worried that he might try to scream and draw attention to his pretty pink prison he was encased in. That is until she told me how she had bought a one way valve connected to a tube she had strapped into his mouth and then tightly wrapped plaster bandages under his chin and over his head. The one-way valve only lets food, air or water in, not out, so he can't scream and the hardened plaster bandages prevent him from spitting it out.

Since he can't breathe out thru the small mouth tube he's forced to breathe out thru his nasal tubes that are glued in and run to the fuzzy nose at the end of his plaster muzzle.

Mom wasn't kidding when she said she'd take care of him when I told her he'd tried to rape me. She promised she wouldn't kill him, just make sure he paid dearly for what he did. Mom only had to drug his meal and once it took effect she put her unique skills to work on sealing his fate.

When I asked her how long she planned on keeping him like that she said "Why should I let him down? It serves him right! He looks good up there as a little pink sheep with the other piñatas. I choose it to suit his character! Besides I spent too much money on all the plaster bandages and paper mache and a lot of time shaping him into the four legged animal he deserves to be!".

I have to admit mom's piñata making skills had really paid off. Not only did all her custom made piñata’s decorate our little Mexican restaurant, they also served as the perfect humiliating revenge for my ex-boyfriend. Nobody would ever find him in his current state. All his parents knew was he had gone down to Mexico to see his Mexican girlfriend and didn't come back. They would never find him. They had never even met me or even knew my name. Ralphie had never told them. Too bad for Ralphie.

Who would ever imagine he was "hanging out" in my mom’s restaurant permanently encased in pink plaster, paper mache and curls. And there he would stay. My mom would make sure of that!