Politically Incorrect

by sfmaster@att.net

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The class had ended an hour before, and I'd made a complete fool of myself. First off, I'd come into my psychology class a half hour late, looking like something out of a thrift shop. Then, I'd sounded like a shrill windbag arguing with my instructor on her theme of "Dominance in Everyday Life." So the instructor called me into her office for a discussion.

"Well Helen," she began, "I don't know why you caused me so much trouble today," said Dr. Terrel. The woman was still attractive and slim well into her forties.

"It's just your ideas. Now really!" I said.

"What's wrong? Wasn't your father boss around the house? Didn't you respect your teachers? Or ever work part time in your life? The sad fact is that some people are above others. There is no such thing as absolute equality," she concluded.

"Politically incorrect," I mumbled back, half asleep.

"What's wrong?" asked Dr. Terrel, "Haven't you been getting any sleep lately?" she asked.

"It's my roommate, Cheryl. She just has to keep playing her stereo all night long. I can't sleep or get any work done."

"Well then. Helen, you're quite a smart girl. But you have to decide on some sort of discipline when you live with someone. Now then, what if I gave you some reading material on the subject…"

Silently, I groaned to myself. Whenever Dr. Terrel gave out some reading, you knew that you were in for something lengthy that night.

Returning from the Psych Departments storeroom, she was carrying a moderate sized suitcase. Dr. Terrel handed it to me, and I was able to hold it with one hand.

"Light," I said, "Doesn't really feel like there's a lot of books in there."

"Just follow the instructions. See if the concept agrees with you," instructed Dr. Terrel.

"I don't think so," I observed, "About one person being boss."

"It just has to fit you like a glove," Dr. Terrel answered, "Now go home and play around. I'm sure that when you get home you know just what to do."

Home was several miles away off campus. Cheryl and I lived together in a shared apartment. Trouble was, she was a real mess. Outside of us sleeping together, I just can't imagine what possibly attracted me to live with her.

When I arrived, Cheryl was out. Just as well. Her clothes were all over the furniture, papers scattered all over the floor, and the sink was full of dishes. It took me an hour just to get the place looking halfway decent again.

It was only in the shower that I remembered Dr. Terrel's mysterious suitcase. I caressed my naked, soapy, wet body, enjoying the sensation of the hot water stinging my skin. My hands crept slowly over my breasts, and I moved them down to my moist sex, where I aroused myself to sexual excitement.

After my shower, I looked myself over in the full-length mirror. I covered myself with a robe, and my curiosity about the suitcase finally got the better of me. I placed it on the bed, and clicked the locks open.

"What the!" I said aloud to myself.

Inside was some sort of adult magazine! Looking through it, I found color pictures of women wearing various vinyl, leather, and rubber outfits.

At the last page was a note:

"Helen, try these on for size. You'll know what to do, Dr. Terrel."

Unfolding what the magazine had been resting on was a shock. Inside were a pair of long black leather gloves, a leather bra and skirt, and long leather boots the likes of which I'd never seen before. I whistled at the thought of just how much this cost.

"Why not?" I said to myself.

Stripping off my flannel robe, I stood in front of the bedroom mirror, nude. I then put on the leather bra, finding that it fit tighter than anything that I'd ever worn before. Next came the leather skirt, and the long, high-heeled boots. They zipped up easily, though I had a tough time walking around in them at first. Finally, I pulled on the last of the garments, a pair of high leather gloves that reached almost to my shoulders.

I stood in front of a mirror and admired myself. Never before had I seen anything like this, except for the time that I picketed an adult bookstore and went inside to see just what they were selling. I had glanced quickly at a magazine and hurried out again, startling the customers and myself in the process.

The leather was well made, and reflected the light, having been expertly shined. Its tightness accentuated every curve of my naked body underneath. I felt thrilled and sexy at the same time. I enjoyed the smell and feel of the leather on my nakedness.

"Helen, are you home?" I heard my roommate Cheryl call.

"In the bedroom," I answered.

I had been so entranced by the leather that I didn't hear her come in.

When Cheryl came in, she was clearly startled by my outfit. She stood in the doorway, shocked and speechless.

Cheryl was 21, my age. We were both seniors, and had met at a political demonstration against inherent sexism in works of English Literature. We found that we both liked and were attracted to each other.

"What the hell?"

"All right, Cheryl. Now come over here. I thought that you were going to clean up the apartment. Instead, I find it a real mess. Why?"

"I had to send out some leaflets on Economic Unfairness."

"You said that you'd clean the apartment," I firmly stated.

"Well, I…"

"Probably out screwing again, I'll bet. You know, Dr. Terrel is right. Maybe one person in a relationship does have to be in charge," I said, "now then, take off all your clothes," I ordered.

"What?" asked Cheryl.

"Strip, I told you!" I placed some real power in my voice.

Cheryl had always been good when she'd been ordered to do something. Silently, and with a forlorn look in her eyes, she removed every last piece of her clothes. Soon, she stood naked in front of me. I loved every inch of her, from the brown hair on her head to her dainty little feet.

"Cheryl, from now on things are going to change around here, do you understand? Someone has to be in charge, and as you've shown yourself clearly incapable of taking care of our apartment. I'm going to be in charge. Now then, I want you to kiss my boots."

"What!" Cheryl cried.

"I said, kiss my boots!" I repeated.

Naked, Cheryl was torn over what to do next. By having Cheryl undress, I knew that I had removed her main line of defense. Society placed great emphasis on clothing a woman, but naked, they were vulnerable.

"Yes, Helen," she answered.

Meekly, Cheryl got onto the floor and rested her knees in front of me. I held my long leather booted leg out to her, and she took the heel in her hands. Cheryl opened her mouth, and began to plant small kisses on the leather.

"Lick my boots," I ordered.

I knew that I was replaying a scene from a porno movie that I'd watched one day before feeling how degenerate it might be.

Except that I was having a good time! Not only did I enjoy wearing the leather outfit, which clung to every curve of my body, I also enjoyed having my naked roommate licking my boots! Perhaps I had been too hasty in denouncing pornography! Maybe I should have listened more closely in class when Dr. Terrel was discussing fetishes!

"Do you like this, Cheryl?” I asked.

"Yes, Helen."

"Call me," I paused, searching for the word from class, "Mistress."

That was it! Suddenly, I remembered. They were called Mistresses, and Dominants. Wearing an outfit like this, I was a Mistress!

"Lick my boots with your tongue like your life depended on it," I ordered.

"Yes, Helen," cried Cheryl.

Feeling somewhat dissatisfied, I placed my gloved fingers under Cheryl's chin and raised her face to look at mine.

"You've been a bad girl," I told her, "And there's only one punishment for a bad girl. Spanking. So get on my lap," I ordered.

Much to my surprise, Cheryl did so. Her lovely bottom was sticking up into the air as she rested on the very top of my leather-clad knees.

I had never spanked anyone before, and the feelings that coursed through me gave me the shakes!

I raised my right hand in the air, and brought it firmly down on Cheryl's backside. I loved the way her bottom vibrated from the impact, and my gloved hand left a lovely mark behind.

"Owwww!" cried Cheryl.

"There now," I said, "Didn't that feel good. I'll bet that nobody has spanked you for a long time."

I brought my hand down a second, and then a third time. Each time, I enjoyed the feeling of power whenever my gloved hand impacted on her bare bottom.

"No, Helen, no!" begged Cheryl.

"I think that you're enjoying this as much as I am, dear," I tenderly told my companion.

With my right hand, I reached between Cheryl's legs and penetrated her sex with my leather-clad fingers. I found her sex wet with excitement and desire.

"For such a bad little girl, you seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Helen, please take the leather off and stop spanking me. I much preferred the way that things were before. Please?" whined Cheryl.

"Cheryl, I can be nice as well as nasty."

I pushed Cheryl off my leather-clad legs onto the floor, and opened the leather skirt. I hadn't realized just how excited I was until I saw that my body was covered in sweat.

"Eat me," I ordered Cheryl.

"Yes, Helen."

"What was that?" I questioned.

"Yes, Mistress."

"That's better," I said.

Cheryl and I had been lovers for a long time, so it wasn't anything new for me to feel her tongue entering my pussy. I grabbed her hair, and slowly pushed Cheryl deeper and deeper into my waiting pussy. Her tongue reached inward, entering me, and exciting me to a new and more powerful level of orgasm than I'd ever felt before.

I felt the leather covering my breasts, and found that my nipples underneath were rigid and hard! I unhooked the leather bra and skirt, and was soon only wearing the gloves and boots.

"Oooooh! I cried when Connie had excited me to orgasm.

I squirmed under the attentions of my roommate as she continued to sexually arouse me to new levels of passion and excitement. I'd never have imagined that a little leather and spanking could make such a difference!

"My nipples," I said, "Suck them!"

Cheryl was clearly excited as well, for she soon changed her attentions from my wet, hot sex to my erect nipples. Her tongue traced around the outline of my left nipple. Gradually, she worked her way inwards, finally fastening her lips and then her teeth around my erect and hard nipple!

"Suck me," I ordered.

Mmmmph," moaned Cheryl with my nipple in her mouth.

Excited by the spanking and oral sex, Cheryl attended my breast with a passion that I'd never seen in her before. She sucked and teased at my nipple, while one of her hands reached down and then massaged and kneaded my climax-swollen pussy.

"Oooooh!" I moaned with pleasure.

I took Cheryl in my arms and held her close to me. She seemed chastened and different after I'd spanked and made her serve me sexually. I kissed her on the mouth and she eagerly returned my attentions with passion.

We made endless love during the rest of the night. Cheryl was a person transformed, and so was I.

Standing over Cheryl later, all I wore were the gloves and boots. But I did want to dress again in the leather bra and skirt, since I felt so good in them.

"Cheryl, are you going to change?" I asked.

"Yes, Helen."

I cleared my throat, indicating my displeasure with Cheryl.

"Yes, Mistress Helen. I'll do less politics and more housework around here. And I won't interfere in your studies ever again."

"Good, Cheryl."

"Are you going to wear that outfit again?" meekly asked Cheryl.

"Perhaps," I answered.

I picked up the picture book that had accompanied the leather garments, and looked through it again. The sight of so many women wearing strange and unusual things made of leather excited and fascinated me.

The next day, I returned the suitcase to Dr. Terrel.

"Well, that was fast," she said, "Did you find out what you needed?"


"Are you going to drop all that politically correct crap now and realize your true place in society?"

"Yes, Doctor. How did you know I'd be…?"

"Attracted to leather. Those people who denounce something so heavily are usually the ones most fascinated by it. Like dieters to food. Are you going to buy anything?" she asked.

"Those leather things are expensive, they will have to wait. But some of those vinyl outfits, like that Catsuit, looked more affordable."

"I'm sure that you'll look nice in them."

"What's the lecture today?" I asked.

"Dominance in Sexual Relationships. In the past, I was afraid that you'd give me a hard time."

"No more, Dr. Terrel," I told her, "From now on, I'm politically incorrect all the way."



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