The Police Convention

by Benson Quick

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© Copyright 2018 - Benson Quick - Used by permission

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"Damn", I heard my husband say. "I'm one girl short for the convention this weekend, and I know
I'm not going to be able to find one on short notice.
"What are you looking for honey,? I asked him. "Do you need another model?'
"Yes I do, and there are just none available for the weekend. It's kind of a specialized job, and there aren't many girls who will do it."
"How about me? I used to model before we got married, and since you will be busy at the convention this weekend, I have no plans".

Silly me, I thought that the job would be standing around on the convention floor handing out pamphlets to visiting police officers. My husband, of course, knew more than he was telling me.
I knew, though, that I was still appealing enough to model, even in very revealing clothes. I 'm 32, with blonde hair, (real), and a very good body, judging by the looks that I get from men.
"So use me" I said. Boy, was I right. I would be used.
"Honey, I don't think that you understand just what is involved in this modeling job, but if you want to help me out, you can't change your mind once you get started. I mean, you'll have no opportunity to change your mind. Once you're in, you're in," he said. "It is just like being police custody, following all of their rules and regulations."

Of course, I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into, but I insisted, so my husband made the call, and told me that I would be taken (taken?) later that day.
A little about us. My husband, Jack Kellog, runs the convention facility downtown. He is 34, and I think quite good looking. I'm Christine (Chris or Christy usually) Kellog, and I had vacation from my job as an accountant the week that I'm telling about.
Jack said, "let's get you ready to go. You want to look nice for the officers who will take you"

There's that word again. I was a little uneasy about being taken, but I thought he just meant that I would be given a ride to the convention center to be prepared for the modeling assignment. But I took a quick shower and did my hair, and then asked Jack what I should wear for the afternoon.
"It'll be more than the afternoon, but how about your black leather skirt, and a frilly white blouse?" The skirt might be a little short, but it will make your trip easier" Again, I wasn't quite sure what he meant.

 I started to put on pantyhose, but Jack suggested that I wear thigh high stockings instead, and also, strap on heels. "They'll probably let you keep those", he said. Also, when I suggested leaving my wedding ring behind, he said, "no, leave it on. Most of the girls are married, and all of the husbands love seeing their wives at this convention." I found out later that Jack liked it as much as the other husbands, and that the police officers liked the idea of controlling another man's wife, when neither the man or his wife had any recourse.

"Now," Jack said, "before they come to get you, I have to explain a little about the part of the convention that you will be modeling for. It's for the restraint demonstration, especially for women prisoners. As part of your job you have officially been assigned administrative detention for the next 30 days. You'll only be used for the convention, but if you're needed, one of the companies can require your services, subject to your guardian's consent. I, of course, am your guardian, and I have signed off on your being detained and restrained according to the commission policies for the weekend."
"Does that mean I'll be restrained for part of the weekend?" I asked. Jack had bound me before, in interesting ways, and I had to admit, the idea excited me.
"Probably for the whole weekend", he answered. "You are in official custody, and policies must be enforced. There will be a matron present at all times, and there will be eleven other girls in custody with you, so you won't be lonely. Besides, I'll be at the center, and I'll visit you during visiting hours."

Just then the door bell rang, and Jack moved to open it. At the door stood two very large police officers, and a smaller, and quite beautiful police matron.
"Officers, and Kelly, I think that your detainee is ready to be taken. Christy, these two officers, and matron Kelly Collins will be taking you into custody. Kelly, it's strange to see you on the other side this year. You have been a prisoner for the last two conventions."
"Hi Jack" the matron said. "It will be strange to be free for this weekend. I don't know what it's like to actually talk at the convention". Apparently, the matron had been in detention, so perhaps I could expect some sympathy from her. Then, again, maybe not.

"Please turn around, Mrs. Kellog" one of the male officers asked, "and put your hands behind your back."
"Whatever for?, I asked, surely you're not going to restrain me now. Aren't I just going for the orientation?."
"Chris, you have to do as they say" Jack said, "you must understand, they own you for the next thirty days. If they want you handcuffed, you will be handcuffed."
And of course, I was handcuffed. The larger of the two male officers (I never did learn their names) clicked the handcuffs on my wrists palm to palm, and then asked Kelly if she would like to complete the job of my restraints.

Officer Collins picked up a large bag that I hadn't noticed and took out a leather strap threaded through a red ball. "Not a gag" I thought, but it was, and the matron stepped behind me and gripped my jaw and inserted the ball behind my teeth and buckled the strap tightly behind my head. Then she took out what looked like a larger pair of handcuffs, but of course were leg irons. These went on my ankles, and my steps were now limited to only 12 or so inches.
Kelly got out one more leather strap, and said to Jack "can she touch her elbows behind her back". Jack, that rat, said "of course she can. Just pull the strap tight. She is your prisoner, Kelly. Restrain her as you see fit."

So here I was, balanced precariously on my 5 inch heels, leg ironed, arms clamped tightly behind my back, and gagged. "What else could they do to me," I thought. I soon found out.
The male officer who had handcuffed me came over and unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it down over my shoulders. I was wearing a stapless bra with a front clasp, and he opened it and pulled it off and handed it to Jack. "Her nipples aren't pierced", he said.
I was shocked both by the offhanded way he stripped me, and by my husband's lack of concern in seeing his wife handled this way. "We'll have to use the clamps in the van." What on earth were they going to do to my nipples? I would not have to wait long to find out.

The police van was out in front of the house. It looked a lot like a hotel courtesy van, but the windows were so dark as to be opaque. I was sure that they wouldn't walk me out to the van without at least a coat to cover my bondage, but they didn't even pull my blouse up, so I was not only bound and gagged, but effectively topless. I'm proud of my breasts, but not to the point of showing them in broad daylight to my neighbors. I didn't have much choice, however, as the officers took my elbows and walked me out to the van.

Jack came along, and just as we got to the sidewalk I heard our next door neighbor say "Hi Jack, I see you're using Chris for the convention." I had forgotten that Paul Anderson was the local police chief, and would be at the convention.
"You always said how much you'd like to see her in restraints," said my husband. "Here's your chance. She'll be there for the weekend."
"I'll look forward to it," he said. "Can I help strap her in the Van, officers? "
Of course, they couldn't turn down a request from a superior officer, so Paul took my elbow and led me aboard. "Don't worry Chris, he said, "You'll enjoy yourself". I hoped he was right.

Apparently I had been the last girl taken, since there was only one seat left on the van. There were eleven other girls sitting in quite unusual seats. All were topless, and I understood now the remark about my nipples not being pierced. All of the other girls had rings inserted in their nipples and were chained to the girl in front of them.
All were bound as I was, arms behind, elbows touching, and were sitting, six to a side with an aisle down the middle. All were wearing short skirts, hiked up to show not only the tops of their nylons, but in most cases, their panties, and all had their heads encased in black bags. I was placed on the last remaining seat, which was a narrow platform with a seatback almost like a typists chair, except there was no padding on either.

Paul sat me down with my arms behind the seat back, which came to about the middle of by back. He then took a strap from the seat back and pulled it around me just below my breasts. Another strap from the seat bottom came across my legs after being threaded through a crotch strap. Tightening this had the effect of pulling my skirt up almost to my panties. Certainly, the tops of my nylons were showing. Paul then clipped my leg iron chain to the underside of the seat bottom, pulling my feet of the floor.
I had noticed when I got on that all the other girls were wearing head bags, but I couldn't really see how their heads were immobilized. Now Kelly brought a metal and leather apparatus that fit into a receptacle on the side of the van. Paul said, "let me take your ball gag out" and I thought that there would be a respite from having my jaw stretched, but it wasn't to be. Paul gently but firmly pushed my head down to the attached pear shaped gag on the head rack that Kelly had attached. I had no choice but to open wide and take it into my mouth. Straps held my head firmly against the leather pads, so it wasn't too uncomfortable.
"Jack, would like to kiss her goodbye" Paul asked.

"Certainly", said my husband. He came up next to me and knelt. "Remember, honey, you can't refuse anything. They own you for the weekend, and maybe longer. If you misbehave or complain, they can punish you according to the commission policies. Kelly will tell you what you have to do. Remember, I love you, and I'll be close." With that, he kissed me on my cheek, and then put my head bag on me, and I was blind.
"Paul, would you like to do the nipple clips? Jack asked.
"Sure" And with that I felt hands pulling at my nipples which were already quite erect, and then clamps tightening around them. "We'll have her pierced at the Jail," Paul said, "but these will secure her for now according to policy". I could feel the chain from the nipple clips pulling slightly as it was connected to something, probably the front of the prisoner compartment, since I had the front seat, and there was no girl in front of me for my nipples to be chained to.

As the van started to move I felt the pressure from the strap between my thighs slide higher pushing my skirt up and starting to put pressure on my cunt. Being exhibited bound, gagged, and topless for the neighborhood had already gotten me excited, and I hoped that visiting hour would come soon so that Jack could take care of my needs. And then I thought, "what if they won't let him fuck me, I am after all a prisoner." And I was a thoroughly silenced prisoner too, so I couldn't ask Kelly.

The ride seemed interminable, but eventually we stopped. Since I had been the last girl taken I would be the last girl removed from the van. When it was finally my turn Kelly took off my head bag, unstrapped me from the headrest and allowed me to remove my mouth from the gag.
My freedom only lasted a second, however, and before I could say a word she had re inserted my ball gag, which had been left hanging around my neck for the trip to wherever we were. Kelly unstrapped me from the seat and I stood unsteadily in the aisle of the van while she replaced the head bag and pulled the collar tight. "Just follow along", she said, "and we'll get you processed for the night.

I don't think that I realized that I was going to spend the night here, but I didn't have much to say about it at this point. They owned me, and would do what they wanted with me. With Kelly's guidance I walked from the van into a building, but I could feel a slight chill as we walked outside for a minute or so. I wondered who was looking at a bound and gagged girl, headbagged and topless, being led into somewhere. The idea was exciting.
Kelly stopped me, and said "Just stand here, Chris" The sergeant is here for your in processing.
I heard then another man's voice say, "officers, you may strip your prisoners for the search now". God, topless wasn't enough. Now I was to be stripped naked, and I still had the nipple piercing to look forward to.

I felt someone unzip my skirt at the back, then slide it down my legs and over the chains on my ankles. A man's voice asked for a scissors, and then I felt my panties being cut from my legs and drawn slowly over my cunt. Was a man stripping me? I didn't know, but there was nothing I could do about it now. They managed to get my blouse off without cutting it by first releasing my elbow straps, and then pulling the blouse down to the handcuffs, then restrapping my elbows, releasing my handcuffs, removing the blouse, then recuffing my wrists. Kelly, just as Jack had predicted, said that I could keep my thigh high nylons and strap on heels.

The voice that had earlier commanded our stripping now told the officers that they could take off the head bags. It was a relief to see after all this time, and I saw my companions in bondage for the first time. Like me, all were naked except for nylons and heels. Apparently this was standard practice, and I would have to ask my husband how he knew.
"Girls, you are here to work for the weekend, but make no mistake, you are prisoners under the commission rules. We want to know how well our restraint systems work, and we want to show the conventioneers an attractive package. You girls are that package, and will be treated as such. I notice that we have one prisoner who does not have her nipples pierced for the required leashing of female prisoners. She will be taken to the doctor now, and the rest of you may be taken to the day room, for relaxation, suitably restrained, of course."

"Kelly, would you take your prisoner to the doctor's office for her piercing?"
"Of course", said Kelly, and took me by the elbow. "Don't worry, Chris," she said as we walked down a corridor. "It doesn't hurt as much as you might think, and they won't leash you until tomorrow. By then you won't even need a light anesthetic." I had it done at my first convention, and I love having rings in my nipples. My husband loves it too, and a girl can never tell when she might be taken into custody."
At least I could see now, even if I couldn't speak through my ball gag. We entered an office where we were greeted by a nice looking young man in a white jacket.
"This is doctor Collins, my brother-in-law ," Kelly told me. "He'll be doing the piercing of your nipples and inserting the leash rings. Really, Chris, you'll find them a lot more comfortable than nipple clamps for leashing a girl." I didn't know how much time I would spend leashed after this weekend, but Kelly seemed to think I would need them in the future. Maybe I would.
"Hi Chris," said Kelly's brother-in-law, "if you'll just come over here we can get started."

Kelly led me over to a post in the center of the office with a narrow seat which could be adjusted up or down, and a bolster that apparently went against my shoulders. It seemed to be made to restrain a girl who already had her arms bound behind her. Kelly turned me so that my back was to the post with the bolster between my shoulders, then adjusted the seat so that it came just up to my ass.
She then took a strap and bound me to the seat. Next, she took a strap from the bolster and strapped me around my chest, just above my breasts. One more strap around my neck completed the ensemble.
"Now," said the doctor, "let's use the brank the hold her head still. I want no movement when the rings are inserted, and it will make it more comfortable for Chris." He reached up and pulled down a birdcage looking arrangement. "Kelly, if you would please remove her gag". Kelly unbuckled my ball gag and pulled it from my mouth, but immediately the doctor pulled the brank down over my head and inserted a bit in my mouth which held my tongue down, and again I could not speak. The whole apparatus was bolted to the post, and my head was immobile. "Kelly, I think one more strap around her ankles, and that should do it" said the doctor. Kelly immediately complied, and I couldn't move an inch in any direction.

The doctor then brought up a chest high table and laid my breasts on it. He showed me two lovely gold rings which would soon be attached to me.
"Usually we just use stainless for the ordinary prisoners, but since you are modeling, we give you these gold rings as sort of a bonus. Now, we will need your nipples erect. An ice cube will work, but I prefer a more personal approach." With that he took my nipples in his mouth and used his tongue to excite them. As turned on as I had gotten being so casually paraded around topless and bound, it didn't take long for my nipples to be ready. He spread a little anesthetic around my breasts. In just a second it was done, and I was pierced. I couldn't look down since I was branked, but I could feel the weight of the rings pulling on my nipples. I had thought that the other girls looked extremely sexy with their nipple rings, and I thought that I would be proud of mine. I hoped that Jack liked them.
"Chris, we'll give you a few minutes to recover. Kelly, while you're here, let me take a look at your rings. I want to make sure there is no tearing after your party the other night. My brother was a little harsh with your nipples, and so were some of the other guests. Please take off your blouse and bra while we let Chris recover."

Kelly followed the doctor's orders and stripped to the waist. She had beautiful breasts, a little larger than mine, but she was a bigger girl than me. The doctor led her to a post similar to mine and strapped her neck to the bolster to hold her still. I wondered if it was necessary, but Kelly didn't seem to mind. He examined her nipples, kissed her tenderly, a kiss which she seemed to return eagerly, then released her, and told her she could get dressed.
"It seems a shame to have you clothed this year" he said, "you always look so good in restraints."
"Come over next weekend", she said, "and bring Terry. Ted plans on having me bound for the whole weekend, and I'm sure he'll have some restraints left over for your beautiful wife as well. If you want to fuck me then, of course I won't be able to stop you, and I know Ted would like to fuck Terry."
I was amazed at this exchange. Did these women really spend time getting fucked in restraints and exchanging partners. Did Jack know about this. I would have to ask him, if I ever got a voice back.

Kelly released me from the brank and was nice enough to let me excersise my jaw a little before reinserting my ball gag, but I didn't have time to ask her about her sex life. Even though she was responsible for guiding a naked (except for nylons and heels) girl around, the naked and bound girl (me) didn't feel that she knew her matron well enough to ask about her sex life. I was, however, thinking about my sex life, in that I wanted some soon. I really hoped that Jack would come to visit me and that we could make love, even if I could not be released from my restraints.
"We'll take you to the day room now, and you can meet the rest of the prisoners. They are all here for the convention, just as you are, but just as you are, they are really restrained, and will be for the duration of the convention, or beyond at the discretion of their guardians. Last year after the convention my husband and guardian allowed one of the police departments to take me back to their department for a week. He even gave them permission to have sex with me. I've never been so thoroughly fucked in my life after that week. You might ask Jack if he'd like that for you."

I was amazed again at this revelation. I couldn't imagine Jack giving me sexually for a week, although we had discussed me being fucked by another man while he watched. I'd have to think about this, but while I was thinking my cunt was getting very wet. I wanted to be taken soon!
Kelly took me into the dayroom where the other girls lay around talking. All had their gags removed from their mouths, but they were still strapped around their throats. Kelly released my ball gag and strapped it loosely around my throat. Two of the girls lay on the sofas, but the rest were on the carpeted floor. All had their wrists tied to their ankles in what I learned was called a "hog tie". They all seemed comfortable, but helpless. "Girls, this is Christine Kellog. She's new this year, so help her learn the ropes...and chains, and gags, etc. Chris, please lay on the floor so that I can hog tie you."

I didn't see that I had much choice, so carefully, and with Kelly's help I lowered myself to the floor. I was glad that my nipples were still anesthetized while Kelly bound my wrists to my ankles, which had been further restrained by the addition of a leather strap, so I no longer could separate my feet at all. I was then able to roll over on my side so as not to be laying on my breasts.
Kelly said that she would be back later and left me with my fellow prisoners. For the next hour or so I was able to talk to several of them, and I gathered that this was a regular event for them, and their favorite. "A weekend in restraints can be very restful," a girl named Carol told me. "My husband ties me quite often and he and his friends take turns fucking me while I'm bound. It takes away all my responsibilities in sex and I just lay there, or hang there, or whatever, and come and come." The talk of sex made me hornier than ever, and I told her that I couldn't wait for Jack to come and visit.

"Oh, he can't fuck you" Carol told me. "Conjugal visits aren't permitted for detainees this weekend. If you like, though, or rather if your guardian likes, you can be permitted to have sex with a person in authority. I realize how hot you can get being naked and bound, and that is part of the penalty of being a prisoner. Normally, prisoners aren't allowed any sex, but since we are models for the restraint convention, exceptions are made. There is no sex permitted with your guardian, but others can have you with his permission."
 "Do all the girls have a guardian," I asked.
"We have to" Carol answered. "It's part of the rules for modeling in restraints. Someone has to be responsible for us, since we are helpless most of the time we are in custody. Usually it's a girl's husband, but not always. Traci, the blonde over on the sofa, isn't married, so her father is her guardian. And Mary, the redhead, is 46, but doesn't look it. She is divorced, so her son allows her to be bound for the weekend. It might be a little kinky, but they seem to like it. Her son's girlfriend got her into bondage, and now they take turns tying each other."

Traci, the blonde, looked quite young, with small breasts. Mary, on the other hand, was obviously older, but beautiful in a very stately way. Her breasts may have sagged a little, but her skin was just lovely. Like all of us, she was hogtied and laying on her stomach talking quietly.
After a while Kelly and three other matrons came to get us for dinner. "On your knees, girls. You all know the drill." I didn't know the drill, but I followed the lead of my companions and with some difficulty, and some help from Kelly, I got to my knees.
"Open wide", another matron said, and I saw that all the girls waited with their mouths open as the matrons went to each in turn and inserted her ball gag and locked the buckle behind her neck. When Kelly got to me I waited patiently with my mouth open to be gagged.

We all then stood up and were lined up by the matrons in single file. Kelly said that since I had just been pierced I would lead the coffle of girls to the cafeteria. I looked over my shoulder and saw that each girl was getting a y-chain attached to her nipple rings, and then the chain was attached to the elbow strap of the girl in front. Kelly took pity on my sore nipples, and attached a collar tightly around my throat, with a leash at the front of it. With this complete she led us out of the day room and down several corridors to the dining hall. This was the first time that I had seen most of the building, and now I realized that I was at the county jail. I think it really hit home then that I was a prisoner, and would not be going home until they were ready to let me.

In the cafeteria were seated in individual chairs with high narrow backs. The matrons then strapped our throats to the seat back before releasing our arms and removing our ball gags to allow us to eat.
I could see that on the other prisoners the neck straps were locked, and I assumed that mine was as well. As we finished we were instructed to put our hands behind our backs to be re-cuffed. When all the prisoners were again restrained, the throat straps were released, and we were taken to our cells individually.

"Jack is coming to visit in a few minutes", Kelly told me, "so let's get you ready."
"We'll restrain you in a way I know he likes. I was bound like this when I met your husband." With that, she had me kneel at a post and lean against a padded bolster. A strap around my chest held me tightly, but then my matron brought out a ball gag with a metal rod protruding from the ball. This rod screwed into the post at just about mouth level. She then removed the gag that I had been wearing (but leaving it buckled at my throat) and took a handful of my hair, said "open wide", and made me take the fixed ball gag into my mouth. She then buckled the gag strap tightly behind my neck under my hair. I thought that I was completely immobile, but just to make sure, Kelly pulled my feet up, and with a strap secured my ankles to my thighs, so that my red strap on heels were touching my naked ass. I was in a vertical hog tie, and of course, completely helpless.

"Jack will be here in a few minutes", Kelly said. "I'm going to rub your shoulders a little if you don't mind. I know how sore you can get with your arms tied all day. I've done it myself." With that she massaged my shoulders and arms, and generally touched me all over, including my legs, ass, and my tits. Bound and helpless as I was I was having trouble thinking of my body in nice terms. I was a girl, not a lady or woman, with tits and an ass, not breasts and behind. And I was getting hotter by the minute, which I found out later was Kelly's plan, at the instigation of my husband.
"When Jack gets here, you can ask him if you can be fucked", Kelly said. It was an idea that would have never occurred to me that morning, when I had been a housewife with no plans for the weekend, but now that I was a naked prisoner I was ready to beg my husband to let other men fuck me.

Jack got there just a moment later, and asked Kelly if my gag could be removed. I think then it really hit home that neither I nor my husband had any control over my actions once he had signed me over into custody. If he had to ask to change my restraints, obviously the authorities were in charge.
But Kelly did give him permission, so Jack released my gag strap, though I was still bound tightly to the pole, balanced on my knees. He ran his hands tenderly over my naked body much as Kelly had, and much to my surprise the first words out of my mouth were "Honey, please can I get fucked?"
It wasn't what I had planned to say. It just came out.

"Once again, Chris, I want you to be sure what you are asking for. If I sign off on you getting fucked by the authorities this weekend any officer who wants you can fuck you at his own convenience, you may not refuse", Jack told me. " I know that Paul wants to be among the first, but you'll probably be very popular since this is your first convention. Are you sure it's what you want?"
"Yes please honey" I said, "if it's all right with you. I know we've talked about me getting fucked by other men, and if it's all right with the authorities you can watch, or I'll tell you all about it. But I'm so hot now, and they say that you can't fuck me while I'm in custody."
"Yes, that's right. If it's what you want, it's all right with me." my husband said. "Kelly, would you prepare the paperwork permitting my wife to be fucked?"
"It's right here Jack," my matron said. "I kind of thought that Chris would want it ready. The chief is waiting, so if you like I'll get Chris into a little more accessible position while you sign off on your wife's activities."

Kelly handed Jack a clip board with an official looking document on it which he read and signed while the matron released me from the pole. She kept my heels strapped tightly to my thighs, however, and my arms were still strapped tightly behind my back. She and Jack then lifted me to the bed in my cell and placed me in a kneeling position. Kelly then got out a metal tube about four inches in diameter with bolts and wing nuts protruding from either end. She then pulled up from either side of the bed braces with slots for the bolts on the tube. She tightened the wing nuts and the tube was stretched across my bed. I didn't know what this was for, but I suspected it was not to make me more comfortable. I was right. She reached into a drawer and took out what appeared to be a small dildo shaped just like a penis. It had a threaded base and a strap. She attached this to the tube, and then told me, "normally we just use a pear gag for the detainees, but for the models we like to get a little creative, so we had these made up. I think you'll like it. I know I do."

Once again I had no control as I was about to be gagged and fucked. I said the my husband, "I love you Jack, thank you for letting me do this."
"I love you too, babe," he said, and with that he kissed me and then pushed my head down and made me take the cock gag in my mouth and strapped my head in place. My husband had made me helpless for another man to fuck me, and I could feel the moisture from my cunt on the insides of my thigh. I had never been so hot in my life.

What can I say about being fucked? There are plenty of descriptions, but everyone knows the mechanics of fucking. Paul knelt briefly by the side of the bed and talked to me, telling me how much he was looking forward to fucking me, while he ran his hands over my breasts and the rest of my body, getting me even hotter than I had been. When he entered me I started to come immediately, and I don't think I stopped until he came inside me. When he finished, he kissed my cheek (my mouth was unavailable) thanked me, and left.

Kelly cleaned me with a warm cloth, but if I thought I was done, I was mistaken. At least three more times that evening I was fucked by men that I didn't know, and couldn't see. And I just kept thinking that I had begged my husband to allow his prisoner wife to be gangbanged like this.
What a change in my life since this morning.
While I was being fucked in my helpless position I could hear from other cells in the area the sounds of moaning muted by ball gags, and I knew that I was not the only girl whose guardian had permitted her to be fucked. It seemed to go on for a long time and I hoped that the other prisoners wouldn't wear out the men. I wanted and needed more fucking.

At eleven PM, or so Kelly told me it was, I was put to bed to rest for my display the following day. She changed by bondage to a neck collar with attached wrist cuffs. With my hands thus restrained, she laid me on my back, with the cock gag now pointing down and secured in my mouth, then locked down preventing any head movements. A spreader bar on my ankles completed my ensemble, the light went out, and I slept.

The next morning Kelly released me from the bed, but of course handcuffed and leg ironed me before allowing me out of my cell.
"We'll take you to get showered and have your hair and makeup done before breakfast," she told me. "You don't have to be at the show until noon." I thought that saying that I would "get showered" was an odd way to put it, but that is exactly what happened. All twelve of us were taken naked and still bound into a large shower room where we were met by six naked male police officers.
"Girls, these officers will be showering you. Cooperate with them, and you'll probably like having it done," the matron told us.

The officers came to each of us and showered us with hoses with shower heads on, and the water was at a very comfortable temperature. The soaping was the good part, however, when we were touched all over by men who had total control over our bodies for the weekend. Even after my fucking the night before I was getting hot all over again, which I found out later was the idea.
They wanted us to look wanton for our display later in the day.
After the shower they dried us with soft fluffy towels and took us to the dayroom where three chairs had been set up for the beauticians. Since they would only do three of us at a time, the rest of went to breakfast, then came back to be attended to. Our morning meal was served just as dinner had been the night before, with our necks padlocked to our chairs. I wondered as I ate how many men would pay to watch a dozen naked and bound housewives being led around as we were, and to hear those naked prisoners begging their husbands or fathers or sons to let them be fucked.
It's not an idea I would have had yesterday.

When I finished my breakfast I was re-cuffed and taken back to the dayroom where I was bound into a chair with a low back by means of straps across my lap and another just under my breasts.
My arms went behind the seat back. The male beautician released my ball gag and for the first time since yesterday it didn't even hang around my throat.
"We'll be using white gags for today," he told me. "The white balls really stand out against a girl's red lipstick." When he had finished with my hair and facial makeup he had me stand and had a matron recuff my hands in front of me so that he could suspend me from a hook in the ceiling by my wrists. "We'll do a little body makeup," he said, "though your skin is so good that you won't need much."
I was very flattered by his compliment, and I loved feeling his hands on me as he applied the body makeup. Since I was still ungagged I asked him to give his card to Jack so that I could have him attend to me in the future. I had a feeling that I would be spending a lot of time in restraints, and he was good with a bound female.

When we were all done were uncuffed and for the first time since yesterday I had use of my hands, though I was still leg ironed. The matrons let us use the bathroom and brush our teeth, then we were given our clothes and told to dress. My nylons had been sort of made a mess of yesterday and of course my panties had been cut off and my bra left at home, but Jack had brought some stockings and panties for me. He had been thoughtful and brought along panties that tied at the sides so that they would not have to be cut off me today. The matrons told us to leave our blouses unbuttoned so that we could be leashed. We would not of course be left unrestrained while we put on our nylons and panties, so the nipple leashes were attached to us while our leg irons were off.
As soon as all the prisoners had put on nylons and panties, we were handcuffed, leg ironed, our elbows were tied tightly together, and we were ball gagged with our new white balls. We were then attached by our nipple leashes to the elbow strap of the girl ahead (Mary was just ahead of me) and our coffle was led out to the van for transport to the convention center.

Our transport was just as it had been yesterday, except that this time I sat closer to the back and my nipples had been pierced for leashing. Our mouths were once again gagged by the fixed gags on the van, and we were headbagged. The only difference was that this time I knew what to expect, and I was enjoying myself. I was particularly enjoying the feeling of the crotch strap rubbing on my cunt, which was probably the reason it was there. They wanted us hot for our display.

We got the the convention center a few minutes early, and were brought to the hallway where the attendees for the restraint demonstrations would pass to get into the hall where we would be displayed in restraints. The hall was actually part of the display, since that is where we prisoners would wait until taken inside. The matrons buttoned our blouses, although with our elbows tight behind our backs we might as well have been topless. None of the girls were wearing a bra and all of us had erect nipples, and of course you could see the rings on all the girls' nipples.
Along each side of the hall were mounted leather collars on poles. The collars could be slid up and down so that they could be used on any girl no matter how tall or short. Just above the neck collar was a locking ball gag in case the prisoner did not have her own. We were locked in these collars to wait for the audience, but our matrons took out our ball gags and said that we could talk quietly for while, since we were early.

Mary was collared just across the hall from me, and since we were so tightly collared that we couldn't turn our heads we looked each other in the eyes as we talked.
"I see you've become a restraint slut, just like the rest of us," she said. I almost took offense at her remark, but I realized it was true.
"Don't feel bad, Chris," she said. "We all feel the same way. We look forward to this convention each year. I was in the cell next to yours last night and I heard you beg your husband to let you get fucked. I know it seems kind of demeaning, but like all of us, once you're collared you get hot. Imagine how I feel having to ask my son to let his mom get fucked," she said. I could imagine it, but
I was starting to know how hot I could get in restraints.

"Mary", I asked, "how did you happen to get your son for a guardian? Couldn't a boyfriend be your guardian?"
"When my husband and I were together we were always very open about sex, and my son saw me
in restraints quite often. His father designs prisoner restraints, and used me for a model. He designed the collars that are holding us now. It's called the "Corridor Coffle" and I have a two collar models
at home. He also liked watching me get fucked by other men while I was bound, and when the kids grew up it became hard to hide that, so we didn't try. So my son is my guardian, and you'll meet my ex-husband soon. He's one of the distributors who'll be at the show. We're still very good friends, but we can't seem to live together. He still uses me to model his new restraints."

The matrons came by then and said that it was time to be quiet and re inserted our ball gags. As much as I could I looked at my companions in the hallway. We all looked like normal girls, not sluts or models, except that we were bound and gagged with our breasts sticking out because of the way were tied. A group of men and women came down the hall and several made very nice comments about the restrained models. Several of the men and women stopped to look at me and ran their hands over my bonds to test their security and to feel me. I hoped that they enjoyed it as much as I did. A man that I took to be Mary's ex-husband stopped to talk to her, telling her that the coffle never looked so good as when she was restrained in it's collar. He kissed her on the cheek, pinched her nipples, and went into the auditorium.

Now it was time for the show, and one by one the girls were taken from their collars and marched across the stage, arms bound, gagged, and hobbled by leg irons. We all made it without tripping, and then we were put on display. I waited patiently, as if there were any thing else I could do, with my arms bound and gagged. From backstage I couldn't see what was happening, but Kelly came over and told me what I would be doing when it was my turn. Chris, you'll be demonstrating a new restraint that allows a girl to be restrained and stripped without having to cut off her clothes after she is brought in bound as you are. Just go along with the officer doing the demo, and it will work out fine. I don't want to tell you too much about it because the audience likes a look of surprise on the models."

Kelly walked me out on the stage where I was taken by two male officers and led to a metal apparatus which consisted of a post about three feet high with a bar across the top on a 45 degree angle. One end of the cross bar had a leather belt attached, and the other end had a metal collar. The officers unbuttoned my blouse and buckled my waist to the bar with the leather strap, then leaned me forward to collar my throat. They then released my arms, but collared as I was, I could do nothing. With my arms free they could easily remove my blouse, then just as they had done yesterday, they unzipped my skirt and removed it. They made short work of my panties with the side ties, and once again I was dressed only in my nylons, high heels, and my wedding rings.
The officer retied my arms behind me, and said to the audience, "Now the prisoner can be searched completely without hindrance. Christine here has already been thoroughly examined, so we won't bother but she will be available backstage if any of you would like a closer look. Chris, by the way is Jack Kellog's wife. Most of you know Jack as the center manager, and he has signed over all authority over Chris for the convention."
I'm not sure, but I think that he just told everyone that they could fuck me.

I was taken backstage again, and I was only used once more that afternoon, for a demo of a girl prisoner's uniform which could be quickly removed for a strip search without removing any of her restraints. The uniform was a dress with a halter top with velcro securing the strap around her neck. With just a tug the strap separated and again I was naked on the stage. I guess they liked looking at naked and bound girls, and I was beginning to like being bound, naked, and looked at.
I hoped that soon I would be bound, naked, and fucked.

After the show several members of the audience came backstage to meet the models, and we were all fondled a lot. Before this weekend I would have been amazed that I would let men (and women) that I had never met touch me the way that these people did, but of course there was no question of me letting them do anything, since I was bound and gagged, and my loving husband had given his permission.
After a while we were again leashed by our nipples and taken to the van for return to our cells.
We were not given our clothes back after the display, so all twelve of us were marched through the hall naked except for our restraints and high heels. Dinnertime bondage was the same as it had been for other meals, and then we were to be freshened up for the tour of the facility scheduled for that evening. We would be the guests of honor, suitable restrained, of course.

Before I was taken to the beautician, however, Kelly told me that the doctor would like to see me to check on my pierced nipples. It had seemed so normal to be leashed that I really hadn't thought about them for a while, but I went along.
"Hi Chris", he said as we entered his clinic. "Kelly, if you would just put Chris on the post I'll take a look at her nipples." I didn't think that I would have to be restrained just for a check, but I was learning that girls were kept restrained in this place. Once again I was strapped on a seat with a neck collar holding my head, and then branked as I had been for my initial visit.
Kelly then went a step further by hooking my leg iron chain to the seat bottom. This had the effect of making me spread my knees to maintain my balance. The doctor came up and briefly examined by breasts, and then said "the nipples look fine Chris, and since you're here and naked and bound, if you don't mind I'll fuck you." Gagged as I was I could hardly say no, but as hot as I was I wouldn't have anyway.

"I love looking in a bound girl's eyes when I fuck her", he said as he entered me. I'm sure that my eyes got wider. I know my cunt did. I couldn't see down, branked as I was, but I could feel the size of his cock as fucked me, and it felt huge. "Kelly, would you like to help?" and the matron came over and reached between us and rubbed my clit. I was hot enough before she started, but that put me over the edge. I started coming, moaning and trying to say something, but of course with the bit in my mouth nothing intelligible came out. As I was experiencing multiple orgasms, probably nothing intelligible would have come out of my mouth even had I been free. This had to be the most pleasurable doctor visit in my life.

When Doctor Collins (I still didn't know his first name) finished fucking me his sister in law took me back to the cell block, and this time since we were a little behind the other girls who had already finished their showers, Kelly stripped and showered me. I had never been touched quite that intimately by another woman, and had I been free I might not have enjoyed it so much.
Sometime soon when Kelly was bound and I was free we would have to try this again. As Kelly washed me she said "as usual, Al (his first name, finally) really filled you up. I can feel his come running out of your cunt. You should feel it when he comes in your mouth. I always have come running down my chin and onto my chest when he's done. He likes to use a ring gag on me when he fucks my mouth so that I can't close my mouth when he comes, then his wife licks the come off of me." It sounded like a very pleasurable way to get cleaned up.

Kelly took me back in for the hairdresser to touch up my hair and makeup, then restrained me with the neck collar with wrists cuffs, and by tying my ankles together, but crossed so that I could open my legs and my cunt would be accessible. I was, of course, naked except for my restraints and wedding rings. Jack came into visit me then. "Hi honey he said. How is your imprisonment going.?"
"You knew what was going to happen to me when you let me do this, didn't you?" I said.
"Of course I did. I've been trying for a long time to think of a way to ask you to do something like this." he said. "I watched some of your activities last night, and it sure seemed that you enjoyed yourself. I had to leave when visiting hours were over, but Paul said that I can have copies of the security camera tapes from your cell. I think we may have made a big change in our lives."
"I agree," I replied, " but are you sure that you want to see other men take control of me and fuck me? It may be hard to take."

"The only thing that is going to be hard is my cock", he said. "I couldn't believe how excited I got last night watching Paul fuck you. By the way, he said that when you get home he want's to talk to you about some unpaid parking tickets."
"I don't have any unpaid parking tickets" I said. "I don't know what he's talking about.
"I think he may just want to take you into custody while he investigates," Jack said. "I may be able to talk him into home detention if he can stop by the supervise."
"I think that I might like that, if he can bring along Kelly as a matron, and maybe her brother in law. He has a cock like a horse, which he used on me recently. I hear her husband likes her in bondage also, so it might be a fun party."

"You're really getting into this, aren't you", he said. Well, tomorrow you'll be home, but not necessarily free of restraints, and then it'll be my turn to fuck my helpless wife. Right now, though, I think that there some of the delegates to the convention who would like to interact with the models, so let me insert your ball gag, and I'm going home to think about what's happening to you. Remember, though, I love you, especially when your cunt is full of come."
For the rest of the night I was confined in my cell in a number of interesting positions while interesting things were done to me. I'm not sure how many times I was fucked that night, but after a while my climaxes were almost continuous.

The next day we were to be released at noon, so they let us sleep in. That night I spent face down with my mouth around a pear gag and my head strapped down. My arms were tied behind my back, and a spreader bar held my legs apart.
For the trip home they told us that instead of the van we would be taken in individual limos, and I looked forward to being free. I should have known better. I was allowed to dress again in my short leather skirt, thigh high nylons, strap on heels, and a frilly white blouse, which had to remained unbuttoned. The guards then put a leather harness consisting of straps which went over and under my breasts, connected to a vertical strap in back with cuffs for my wrists and elbows. The vertical strap went up to a collar, and down to extend through my legs and attach to the lower strap in front. This of course had the effect of forcing my breasts out and pulling my skirt up. When I was encased in the harness and ball gagged I was taken out to the limo where I was seated facing rearward in the center. I was strapped to the seat by a matron, then Paul, our next door neighbor got in. "I'll escort you home, Chris," he said, and with that he attached a leash to my nipple rings and told the driver to proceed.

Jack was happy to see me, but did nothing to release me from my bonds when I got home. he met the limo at the curb, took control of my nipple leash, thanked Paul, and led me into the house. I think that this time I was less embarrassed about being displayed for the neighbors, or maybe I was just getting used to it.

It was several hours later when I was finally free, and for most of that time my husband had his cock in me. This new lifestyle was going to take a lot of thought and discussion, if I ever got ungagged. I wasn't entirely sure how comfortable I would be with it, but as hot as I was in restraints, I knew that I would have to continue my life as a restaint slut. I was stiff and sore from the straps and ropes and gags and cuffs, but I looked forward excitedly to being taken into custody once again.