Pleasantly Plump!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2003 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; captive; bond; gag; leather; catsuit; corset; nipple; tease; torment; toys; nc; X


Plump but pleasantly so! Or maybe statuesque would be a better word. I estimated her at 5’ 6” between 155 and 160 lbs and the black leather of the long coat just seemed to flow around her. Unfortunately there was a problem. The coat had a six button closing down the front and a tie belt. The buttons were undone and the belt was tied loosely in the small of her back like some sort of obscene tail.

I mean the damn thing had been designed with buttons and a belt and the way she was wearing it was a disgrace to a lovely garment. She would learn, the hard way, that leather should be treated with respect.

Of course the fact that the coat was open allowed me to see the tight tweed skirt just brushing the tops of her sensible knee length boots. Maybe a 3” heel and zips up the inside of the leg they were also black leather. But it was what was between the waist and the neck that held the attention. The white sweater looked almost glued to her as it strained over her massive tits.

Her name was Moira and soon she would be mine!

* * * * *

Moira was trying to get her mind around what had happened to her. One minute she was bending in putting her purchases on the back seat of the car when a striking looking lady in a brown leather pantsuit called her name and, as she turned and looked up, sprayed her in the face with something and everything went black. Now she was trying to figure out what had been, and was being, done to her.

She tried to close her mouth but something was holding her jaws wide apart, there was a little bit of give as she bit down and then they pushed apart again. It felt like a rubber ball, her lips were stretched around it and her tongue was locked against the bottom of her mouth! She could feel a strap around her head, others under her chin and up each side of her nose. The only sound she could make was a grunt and with her mouth plugged she wasn’t getting enough air to waste on useless sounds.

Her arms were pulled behind her somehow; it almost felt like a sheath was encasing them from the tips of her fingers to above her elbows. She could tell it was leather and felt straps across her shoulders and back under her armpits but it was the strain on her upper back that made her realize that her elbows were actually touching.

Her breasts were bare but they hurt and looked swollen (more than usual that is) as she looked down her nose at them she saw that each had a thin strap tightly wound around their base. There was some sort of small mechanism at the buckles. She could feel some other restriction just under them that was making it even harder to breathe and because of the gag she could only get air in through her nose anyway.

A corset – she had been laced in a heavily boned black leather corset. My God these things went out with silent movies didn’t they?

And her feet hurt. It felt like she was standing on her toes and with the constriction around her legs all the way up to her thighs she recognized the feeling of laced boots with extreme heels. She felt something jerking at her waist, the corset got even tighter and then the women she had seen by her car came in view.

The brown leather was gone and instead her captor was dressed from head to foot in a black leather cat suit, high heeled laced boots and matching kid gloves. Blood red lipstick accented the smile on her face that was framed by a mass of black hair. She looked like a cat studying a canary just before it pounced.

* * * * *

I had pulled the belt over her corset as tight as possible and attached the two short chains from it to the top rings of the floor posts on either side of her so that they held her upright with all her weight on those fantastic boots. Ankle chains to the bottom of the posts kept her legs apart and I stood in front of her, smiled and savored the sight before moving very close and cupping those massive breasts in my leather gloved hands.

I was going to take a break from my bondage duties and have some fun with these lovely orbs before continuing. Squeezing handfuls of her flesh gently then lightly running my tongue around each nipple had her wriggling in a helpless effort to escape my ministrations. The nubs were soon standing at attention and ready for me to start nibbling on them. Even with my head bent to its job I could feel her chest heaving and hear her start seriously panting through her nose.

Releasing one of my hands from its actions I reached to the side table and picked up one of the clamps. Keeping it out of sight I gave her left nipple one last caress with my tongue, pinched the spring loaded item open and let it close over the target.

My but it was lucky I had her so well restrained and after the second one was installed I used a tissue to wipe her eyes as I listened to the groans from her throat. More tissues wiped the drool from around the ball gag. That was a problem with these things but I loved the way it was packed in her mouth. The straps of the head harness were probably not necessary but, again, they looked so good.

I hung small weights to the rings on the nipple clamps just to keep the sensitivity level up and then attached a length of chain to the ring at the end of the single arm sheath, pulling up on it until Moira started to bend forward and her leather encased arms were clear of her back, then clipped the other end to a chain from the ceiling.

I reached again to my table of supplies.

* * * * *

Moira watched in horror as the women picked up a pair of yellow rubber gloves and worked them over the leather on her hands. She took a tube of something, squeezed some on the fingertips of her right hand and moved to stand beside her.

She felt the woman’s left hand slide in her crotch and very delicately spread apart her vagina lips but then, suddenly, the gel covered fingers invaded her ass hole and worked their way deeply inside her. The gel was cool and slippery and she was completely unable to avoid the intrusion. The rubber-covered hand playing with her vagina started sliding easily as, despite herself, natural juices began to flow and lubricate the area.

Turning her head she watched with tear filled eyes as her tormentor smeared more of the gel on her glove and then used it to coat what looked like a huge man’s penis made of stiff black rubber. Moira was no virgin and had heard of dildos but this was to be her first experience with a butt plug. The waist and ankle chains along with the pulled up arm sheath held her as the women approached and positioned the invader at the entrance to her rectum.

Then pushed it in.

* * * * *

I twisted as I pushed and with the coating of special KY it slid deeply in place and she groaned but the bonds held her firmly while I attached one end of a crotch strap to the end of the arm sheath and it hung between her legs as I lowered her arms to let her straighten up.

I reached for the battery powered dildo, covered it with the gel and ran the knob up and down her slit a few times until the fluids started to flow again then rammed it home. There was a short, fine chain attached to the base of the dildo that ended in a small clamp I positioned over her clit and let it snap closed.

The yelp was recognizable even around the gag and I reached between her legs to grab the crotch strap, slid the end through the buckle on the front of the corset belt and tightened it to hold the invaders firmly in place.

* * * * *

The mad women had pulled the belt so tightly between Moira’s legs that any leeway between the arm sheath and the shoulder straps made her straighten her back even more and her helplessness was complete. She watched as the women puttered around removing the rubber gloves and straightening things then pulled an easy chair over before leaving the room for a few minutes to return with a cocktail glass in one hand and a remote control in the other.

Sitting down she crossed her booted legs and taking a sip of her drink she smiled broadly at Moira and punched a button on the remote. Moira felt the straps around her breasts tighten. Another button, the grin got wider, and the vibrator dildo came to life.

Another click and there was a sharp buzzing from the butt plug.

She listened in horror as the leather clad women spoke for the first time. “Welcome to my dungeon Moira, we are going to have fun for a long, long time. I like my women pleasantly plump and so did my young brother. You remember him - the one you dumped six months ago for another man. You went for the money didn’t you and you broke his heart?”

“He’s moved away because of you and I decided to get some revenge for him. He doesn’t know about my darker side but now you do. So let me demonstrate that this button does this and this one does this and my those breasts of yours are looking a bit uncomfortable and those straps around them still have three more notches to go and all the batteries are good for another two hours.”

“Oh, by the way, the KY is mixed with moisture activated itching powder so enjoy yourself while I get another drink and my video camera! We can’t let your upcoming frenzy go to waste now can we? So there’s a smart little black leather Zorro mask for you to wear and then I expect to make a lot of money when I post the video on my pay site. I already have a title – PLEASANTLY PUMP UNPLEASANTNESS”