by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2002 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bfold; gag; bond; rope; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

knock. knock.
As you stand waiting at the door, you look nervously down at the outfit you so carefully picked out. It looked great when you put it on, but now you wonder if you made a mistake. No matter, it’s too late to go back and change, you tell yourself, steeling yourself and standing straight.

The door opens, and He’s standing there, looking at you with a patient, amused expression. Your nerves seem to go into overdrive, and it’s all you can do to keep yourself from running as He steps back and gestures you to enter.
The room is just like you remember, slightly cluttered, but airy. His computer is on, floating bondage images moving and shifting on the screen. At His gesture, you seat yourself in one of the chairs in the room, watching as He spins the chair in front of the computer so He can sit facing you.

For several minutes, you just talk, not really about anything in particular, just conversation. You know He’s giving you a chance to get over your first nerves, and you’re grateful. You can feel yourself relaxing, until you’re able to joke and tease Him unselfconsciously. You haven’t forgotten what’s ahead, but it doesn’t seem quite so formidable any more. Then He stands, and you know it’s time. Almost without realizing it, your body stiffens, and you have to tell yourself to relax. He knows what he’s doing, you tell yourself. He’ll take care of me.

Silently, you sit and watch as He moves to step behind you. There, on a small table, is a closed box, which He now opens, withdrawing several items and laying them on the bed. This done, he steps behind you, placing his hands gently on your shoulders.

“Are you ready?” He asks softly.

“I....I think so.” Silently, you curse yourself for your hesitation. This is what you’re here for! Quit stuttering and do it! Staring straight ahead, you wait for Him to begin.

First, you feel something touch your forehead, then black cloth slides in front of your eyes, blocking your sight. You feel the thin elastic bands stretching around your head as He adjust the blindfold to completely cover your eyes. A soft pat on the shoulder tells you He is pleased with your reaction. Then you feel cloth touching your lips, and you part them for Him. Gently, He works the ball gag into your mouth, pulling the straps back and fastening them securely. You work your mouth around the gag experimentally getting used to the feel of it. The first time He had used it on you, you weren’t sure you would ever get used to it, but now it’s an old friend.

Now you feel His hands on your shoulder, urging you to your feet. You stand quietly, hands at your sides, as He gently explores your body. Gagged, blindfolded, His hands have become your only connection with reality, and it is almost with disappointment that you feel Him withdraw His touch.

Your disappointment fades as you feel His hands on your shirt, slowly undoing the buttons, then sliding the cloth from your shoulders. Your bra follows, and you stand before Him, naked from the waist up.

What will He think? you ask yourself silently. This is the first time He’s ever seen you this way, and the thought of disappointing Him bothers you more than you want to admit, even to yourself.

Your thoughts are cut off abruptly as you feel His fingers on your breasts, gently tracing across the sensitive skin. As He nears your nipples, your body stiffens involuntarily, and you’re surprised as the desire you’re already beginning to feel.

His hands leave your breasts, and you moan softly into your gag, the sound changing into a gasp as you feel His tongue flicker gently on your nipple. Already hard, your sensitive little bud responds to His tongue by growing even harder, the sensation multiplied by the feel of His fingers on your other nipple.

“Mmmmnnn.” Softly you moan into your gag as you press your breasts against His mouth and hand, silently begging for more. Unbidden, your hands reach up and try to capture His head, seeking to press Him against you.

Then He is gone, and your hands close on nothing. Frustrated, you moan through your gag, reaching up to tear away the blindfold, but He captures your hands before they reach that far. At His touch, you stop, waiting for His next move.

And that next move is not long in coming. Gently, He pulls your hands together in front of you, and you feel soft cloth encircling your wrists. Gently but firmly, He wraps the cloth repeatedly around your wrist before adding the cinch wraps and tying it off. Experimentally, you twist your wrist, but you know, even before you start, that you can’t get out. He’s tied you too well, and there is no escape, not even if you wanted one.

Now His hands are at your waist, unfastening your pants and lowering them, along with your panties. Blindly, you reach out, finding His shoulder and bracing yourself as you lift each foot in turn, allowing Him to slip off your shoes, then pull your pants and panties over each foot. Naked now, you stand silently before Him, ready for whatever He has in store.

His hand is on your shoulder, turning you and urging you forward until you feel the edge of His bed against the fronts of your legs. With His help, you climb onto the bed, stretching yourself out on your back with your bound hands held in front of you. He pulls your legs apart, and you feel soft cloth encircling first one ankle, then the other. As He removes His hands, you try to close your legs, feeling the wooden bar He has fastened to your ankles, keeping your legs spread. You are open and vulnerable to Him now, and you can feel your desire growing, fueled by your helplessness as He pulls your arms over your head and binds them there.

Gagged, blindfolded, totally helpless, your body trembles as you wait for His touch.

He begins by placing His fingers lightly on your neck, tracing gently across the skin. His hands move slowly, touching every inch, as He slowly works His way downward. Soon you are moaning with almost every breath, your body beginning to move in its bonds, following the motions of His fingers. His light touch is almost maddening, and you arch your back, offering your breasts to His touch. But He refuses to be hurried, as he continues covering every inch of your upper chest with his soft caress.

Finally, after what seems like forever, His hands reach the tops of your breasts, and He begins a slow, circular motion with each hand. Slowly, softly, He moves His hands around your breasts, each loop just slightly higher than the last, covering every inch of your sensitive mounds. Again, it seems like forever before His touch reaches your nipples, so hard and needy. At the first flick of His fingers across your nipples, you moan more loudly, trying to press your breasts against His hands, when suddenly they are gone, and you feel Him continuing His slow, gentle way down your body, gradually working His way toward the open, vulnerable juncture of your thighs.

Another unbearably long wait until His hands reach the tops of your thigh, and your moans become sounds of anticipation as His fingers touch the edges of your hair. You feel His hands on your inner thighs, and you raise your hips, giving yourself to Him.

This time, He obliges you, rubbing His finger across the top of your mound, feeling the wetness there. Softly, slowly, He increases the pressure, slowly easing His finger inside you. You moan with passion as He slowly explores your most secret place, moving His finger slowly until your hips begin to move in response. Then, surprisingly, He removes His finger entirely, bringing forth a moaning protest that dies as you feel His lips on your neck.

For a second time, you endure His slow, thorough exploration of your body, this time with His lips and tongue instead of His hands. Again you wait in growing need as He slowly approaches your breasts, then slowly circles His way to your nipples. Now He takes one of your nipples between His lips, flicking the sensitive bud with His tongue, and your body jerks in response, your hips rising as you try to push more of your breast into His mouth, but His lips are gone, tracing Their way down into the valley between your breasts, then beginning anew Their circling as They work Their way to your other nipple.

Now His lips move slowly along your belly, moving oh, so slowly toward the center of your need. Your mind is awash with feelings as your body moves of its own accord. Unbidden, your mind races back, seeing the events that have led you to this place. You see yourself tied in other positions, but always clothed. Yet you know that those ties have led you to this one, this pinnacle of your entry into the world of bondage.

Now His lips are poised over your wetness, and you strain your hips upward, almost desperate to feel His touch. When it comes, it is electric, His tongue sliding along your mound, seeking and finding the opening that beckons Him with growing need. Softly, gently, His tongue probes inside you, slowly tracing your inner contours, until your hips buck madly with your consuming need. Your entire world seems to have shrunk down to this one part of your body. Waves of need and desire wash over you as He removes his tongue, and you moan loudly into your gag.

Then His lips are back at your neck, nibbling softly as you feel His hardness press between your thighs. Convulsively, your hips rise to meet Him as He enters you with one slow, smooth plunge. Now He begins to move, and your body moves with Him, your bound feet rising, your arms pulling at the bonds that hold them above your head. You feel the rising wave of passion as it engulfs you, taking you over the edge again and again, until finally you can feel Him approaching His own climax. As He reaches the edge, He pulls your gag from your mouth, replacing it with His lips in a searing kiss that carries you both over the edge in one final, breathtaking plunge.

Afterwards, He removes the bar from between your ankles, then the tie that holds your arms above your head. Still blindfolded, your hands still bound before you, you lie quietly in His arms as you both savor the afterglow. Silently you smile, knowing that you have, indeed, found what your life had been missing, ready now to go out and seek the completion of what you have started here, with His help. You know yourself, and that knowledge is sweet.