Pizza Boy Delivery

by ZTVFemdomtales

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At one point in my life I had dreams of a promising career. I even went to college and studied hard to make those dreams come true. Though as anyone familiar with higher education can tell you this is a costly endeavor. So I took a part time job delivering pizzas.

“Watch out for those lonely housewives,” my girlfriend Molly would tease.

Little did we know those words would be so prophetic.

It started like all such life changing days do – as a typical day no different than any other. It stayed that way till the end of my shift. I was delivering a pie to a freshly built enclave of McMansions just outside of town. Surrell’s Lake was being sold as an out of the way place for the lower upper class to show off their wealth. At the time of my visit most of the homes had been sold but only one was finished and occupied. That was my destination that evening.

I rang the doorbell and waited.

“Coming!” a woman called.

I waited for a few more minutes eventually checking my watch.

“Be right there!”

Come on lady, this was my last delivery and I just wanted to get home. When the door finally opened I could do nothing but gulp. Standing there was a drop dead gorgeous brunette, a head shorter than him with a sweet childlike face and long flowing hair cascading over her shoulders. What made the sight spectacular was what this woman was wearing. Cute little black kitten heeled shoes encased petite feet adorned with white knit socks that stopped short of her knees. A red mini-skirt that deserved to be called micro by its lack of material hugged very feminine hips and promised to reveal everything beneath with the slightest of movements. A white cloth strip tied in the front like Daisy Duke held fast to a large pair of firm, youthful and potentially man-eating breasts.

“Well hello there mister,” she said in a practiced false childlike innocence, “have you got a pizza there for me?”

Despite her dress and speech I could tell she was somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties. This little show of hers seemed to be a kind of role-play or something. Not sure what else to do he just pushed on.

“That’ll be $18.99, ma'am.”

She made a show of checking her clothes for pockets she plainly didn’t have.

“Oh poo,” she said with a sexy little pout, “I don’t seem to have it on me. Can you bring those inside while I get it?”

I knew I shouldn’t but …


Heading inside she took her time making sure to give her hips an extra swing with every step she took so I could get a better look under her skirt. The sight of her large juicy ass hanging out of a neon pink thong was very much appreciated. They stopped in a small kitchen.

“Can you leave that on the table while I get you some money mister?”


She left through one of the side doors while I stood there awkwardly.

“You’re a lot cuter than you let on,” she called out to him.


“I don’t have any money, can I pay you some other way?”

At that she gave me a knowing smile.

“Alright I’ve had enough of whatever little game you’re playing. Either pay up or I’m leaving with the food.”

“You’re a naughty boy who needs to be taught a lesson. Good thing I do tutoring.”

Coming forward she shoved me into a wooden kitchen chair.


Suddenly she closed leather straps around my arms pinning them to the chair’s arms.

“What are …?”

Before I finished she had done the same to the legs. Those cuffs had been made into the chair. Had she planned this? With a thud she plopped down into my lap.

“There much better.”

Given my current state of restraint I felt it best to be patient with her.

“What are doing lady?”

“We’re just playing our little game: sexy school girl enjoys helpless pizza boy. You said it was one of your favorites.”

“What are you …?”

With the speed of a cheetah she jumped forward and grabbed my head shoving it between her breasts. I was now very hard and she knew it.

“Ooh don’t get too excited baby, we’ve still got a long night ahead of us.”

I couldn’t breathe. This crazy bitch had me strapped into a chair and was now smothering me with her breasts!

Hot tight flesh was pressed on either side of his face. He couldn’t see or hear anything. He could smell however. He could smell an oddly sweet odor of sweat but it was mixed with a lilac perfume of some kind she seemed to have sprayed in between her breasts. Had she been intending to shove someone in here tonight?

Despite how uncomfortable all this was I was very, very hard from it also. I couldn’t help it I was a breast man always had been. It’s not that I didn’t that I didn’t find my girlfriend attractive or anything because I did. She might not be as endowed as I would like but I loved her. It was just that she wasn’t very … playful if you get my drift. She would never do anything like this.

That being said the pressure and the lack of air was starting to get to me. My chest was starting to tighten up. My thoughts were becoming much more fragmented and less frequent. White spots began to dance before my eyes. Soon my vision started tunneling. I could feel a deep comfortable sleep settling over me.

I awoke with a start. God I had the strangest dream. I dreamt a crazy woman had me strapped in a chair and was smothering me with her breasts. Best dream ever. Strange, I thought our bedroom had a yellow ceiling not a white one. What time was it anyway? I tried to rollover and check but found I couldn’t.

In fact I could hardly move at all. Lifting my head up as far as I could I saw I had been encased in a black canvas body bag zipped up in the front.

Five heavy black belts were buckled up the length of his body starting just above his feet holding everything tight against him. He could feel a sixth around his neck. Chains connected the loops attached to the belt to the four metal posts on the strange bed he now found himself on.

Oh god it wasn’t a dream.

Hearing footsteps I looked up to see her coming back into the room. My breath caught in my chest. Gone was the slutty schoolgirl costume instead she wore a skin tight black leather cat suit that accentuated her wonderful curves. It was open at the top showing off her deep cleavage.

“We talked so much about your love of bondage that I couldn’t help but try it out.”

At least she’d dropped the porn dialogue. What was she talking about anyway? I tried to ask her but found my mouth blocked off by a tight black leather gag covering the whole bottom half of my face.

“See I did remember your gag, and you were afraid I’d forget it.”

What was this crazy bitch talking about?

“I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it but when I read your email about spending a week locked away in her closet in this thing I came right there.”

Oh OK that’s what this was all about. It was a simple matter of mistaken identity. She would have to ungag me at some point and I would tell her. Though that didn’t seem to be any time soon which presented me with a problem.

It was clear that her intentions for the night were sexual in nature. Should I try to rebuff her advances? I did have a girlfriend after all. That might even make her ungag me sooner. Then again given how vulnerable I was at the moment was upsetting her really the best option? Besides this was technically a kidnapping right? I wasn’t a willing participant in this so it wasn’t cheating. So maybe my best option was to just sit back and let whatever happens happen.

She climbed up onto the bed and slinked up the length of my bound and chained body. She wrapped her legs and arms around me squeezing tight. She nuzzled her nose against his looking lovingly into his eyes.

“God I love having you like this.”

She began to passionately kiss me all over my gagged mouth. Suddenly she began hopping up and down on me. It took me a moment to realize what she was doing: she was dry-humping me! Harder and faster she bounced her breathing becoming more and more ragged and more excited with each bounce. She screamed out in a cry of pure ecstasy before falling onto me covering my face with her breasts again.

“Don’t worry baby,” she whispered haughtily into my ear, “you’ll get your turn tomorrow.”

With that she fell right to sleep. Several hours later I joined her.

Sunlight trickled through the window settling onto my closed eyes and gagged mouth. It had a rather long and eventful night for me. I had delivered a pizza to a beautiful wealthy woman in her gated community who has mistaken me for her online lover come to visit. I would have told her the truth but a combination of breast smothering and the gag I’m currently wearing has prevented that. Trying to sit up I was surprised to find I could. During the night my captor had seemed to have freed me from my sleep sack prison.

I wasn’t totally free however. I was now stark naked tied spread eagle on the bed limbs pulled tight with what appeared to be hemp rope. As I said earlier the gag was still in place. My beautiful new ‘friend’ sauntered in wearing nothing but a big fluffy white robe.

“Well, well it looks like the maid left more than a mint on my pillow. That’s what you get for paying a kinky prostitute upfront.”

It took me a moment to realize she was roleplaying again. God how many kinky fantasies did she and this guy share?

“I should just release you but it’s not every day a girl finds someone as cute as you in such a … compromising position is it?”

Well she had that right at least.

“Here let me get a better look at you.”

She climbed up onto the bed and leaned over my prone body.


Once again she fained innocence as she let the robe slip from her body. I felt my breath catch in my chest. I knew this girl looked incredible but nothing had prepared me for this. Her skin was flawless and tanned all over from what looked like hours of nude sunbathing. Now free her breasts jutted out with a fullness and weight I had never seen on a real woman before. Her nipples stood erect, ready for action. At the sight of this so was my dick.

“Ooh it looks like you like what you see down there doesn’t it? Here let me give you a better look.”

Under my gag I was smiling despite myself as she slowly bent down giving me an unobstructed view. She pressed down hard forcing my head as far between her breasts as it would go. She must have showered before I woke up because I could smell a sweet flowery soap all around me in my darkened little world. The warmth of her body comforted me. The sound of her beating heart in my ears was equally calming. I was loving every second of this.

Suddenly my hands were free. She pulled me up into a sitting position propping pillows up behind me. My head was pulled back just enough so I could hear her clearly.

“Hold on to me.”

Lost in lust I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.


She pushed my head back in. I could feel her moving around a bit and then with a sudden satisfying warmth I found myself inside her. She smiled down wickedly at me.

“You feel even better than I thought you would.”

With a sudden burst of speed she began to slam herself down on me. With each thrust of her talented hips she let out an animalistic scream of lust. I soon found myself lost in the passion of the moment. Without giving it a single thought I began to thrust myself up into her. I bucked and she rode for so long that when the release finally came it caught us both by surprise.

As we both came down off our mind shattering high she fell onto me panting. After a minute she began to forcibly kiss my gag. PING!

“Ooh I’ve got an email.”

She pulled out her cellphone and read the message aloud.

“Dear Alison, I’m sorry. I’ve chickened out. I found I want to retain my freedom and I must thank you for that. I know I should have told you before now but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you. You were just so excited about the idea of keeping me as your prisoner I couldn’t let you down. So I’m afraid I’ve set up this little trick. Knowing you and I have never seen each other due to our mutual desire to retain mystery in our relationship, I knew I could fool you. I called in an order to the local pizza place so they would send you a victim. Now you can keep him instead and we can both be happy. Best wishes, Andrew.”

She had a blank look on her face as she put the phone down. What would she do now?

What was she going to do? That was the question I desperately needed the answer to. The naked woman sitting on my chest, who I now knew to be named Alison, had just received what I was sure was a shocking email. You see Alison’s online boyfriend – whom she’s never seen – had arranged to be kept prisoner by her. At the last moment he chickened out and arranged for an unlucky pizza boy – me – to take his place. I have spent the last night bound and gagged unable to tell her.

She pulled the gag off me.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Peter Royer, I work for Happy Bay Pizza.”

“Oh god. Oh god. What have I done?”

“No, no you’ve done nothing wrong. He lied to you. You were tricked that’s it. You will be in no trouble for anything that’s happened here tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s OK.”

“I probably should untie you.”

“It would be nice.”

She leaned over and began to untie my right hand. Then she stopped.

“Something wrong?”

Without a word she crawled back down me. Before I knew what was going on she was on top of me shoving her breasts in my face again. The weight of her full breasts pushing down on me, the warmth, the lack of air and the exhaustion from our recent roll in the hay meant it was no time at all before I was out.

When I awoke I found myself back in the living room. I tried to stand up but found it very difficult. Looking down I saw I was still naked, save for a web of binding ropes criss crossing my body. My legs were shackled together with some kinky bondage gear as were my hands. Alison returned from the other room naked as well.

“What the hell?” I asked her.

“I’m sorry, I started to let you go I really did. Then I thought about how alone I would be and I don’t know I guess I just panicked. Next thing I knew I had you like this.”

“That’s OK but can you untie me now … please?”

“Of course.”

She began fiddling with my leg shackles when she stopped, a weird look on her face.

“What?” I asked her.

Suddenly she was on me again forcing my face between her breasts. It wasn’t long until I was out. When I awoke all I could see was the ceiling above me. Looking around I saw I was back in her bedroom. Once again trying to sit up was impossible. Looking down I saw I was now back in the sleep sack.



Looking up I saw Alison sitting on the bed watching me.

“It happened again,” she explained, “I panicked and shoved you in the sleep sack. I didn’t even bother untying you first.”

“You can’t keep doing this.”

“I know I know. I am very sorry about this.”

She climbed off the bed and started unhooking me again. Again she stopped with that look in her eye.

“No, no, don’t you dare.”

Too late she was on me and I was out. This time I came to sitting on the bed. My movement wasn’t much better. Looking down I saw I was still in the sleep sack but this time I was webbed to the headboard by a network of overlapping ropes. There was Alison watching me.

“I’m so sorry,” she pleaded.

As she tried to untie me again she began panting heavily.

“Stop!” I shouted.

“What?” she asked startled.

“I think if you knock me out one more time you’ll do damage.”

“I know but I can’t leave you like this.”

“You’re gonna have to.”


“You’re just gonna have to keep me for a while. We’ll get you to a place where you’re comfortable enough to release me on your own.”

“Are you sure?”

“Bend down.”

When she did I kissed her long and hard.

“I’m sure.”

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