In the Photo Studio

by hotscribe

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© Copyright 2018 - hotscribe - Used by permission

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I'm taking some more photographs of you in my studio where my assistant, Duke, is arranging various props and set pieces. He's a young man in his early twenties, handsome and eager to learn the business.
You're dressed in a blouse and wrap-around skirt. As he works around you, setting things up, I notice you watching him closely, then I see you bend over slightly to let your breasts brush lightly against his arm.
When he looks up at you, you give him a smile, pouting your lips in a seductive way.

Then, a few moments later, I just happen to see you enticing him a bit by pulling up your skirt and showing him some of your long naked leg. Hesitantly, he reaches out to touch you and you slap his hand away. Obviously you're being a flirt and a tease, and I decide I'd better teach you a lesson...

The next set of photos will include shotson a Victorian-styled daybed with thin, iron railings.
I decide that something doesn't look right as I gaze through the viewfinder, and I go to you, take one of your hands and put it on the railing.
Then, before you realize what has happened, I flick a handcuff around your wrist and lock it in.
The other end snaps into place around the railing.
"What are you doing!?" you exclaim and bring the other hand over to try and free yourself.
But I grab that hand, too, pull it back and snap a handcuff around the wrist, then attach it to the opposite railing so that you lie T-shaped sideways on the bed, the lower portion of your body half-dangling off the edge, with your feet on the floor.
"You've been a bad girl, Kristy," I say to you quietly as I begin to undo the buttons of your blouse one at a time, slowly. "You've been teasing Duke, getting him hot and horny, then turning him away...That's really not nice, you know."
"But, but---" you begin. "What are you going to do to me?"

There's a slight quaver in your voice, more of excitement than fear.
"You'll see," I reply as the last button comes undone and I part the two halves of your blouse to reveal your firm breasts with their hard, pink nipples. I take the teats between my fingers and thumbs, rub them gently but firmly. You moan and squirm on the bed as you feel a shock travel from your buds to your groin. You struggle, but you realize you can't get free.
Now I unfasten your skirt, pull it away. Already your panties are wet with dew and I slip them down your legs.
"Duke, come here," I call out. A moment later, my assistanrt appears.
"Take your clothes off."
He looks at me, a surprised look on his face, but he quickly gets out of his clothes. Naked he stands before you, his cock already hard and throbbing.
"Go ahead," i say to him. "Take her."
Wide-eyed, you stare at me. "I'm just going to enjoy the show," I say simply.

As Duke moves towards you, I unfasten my pants and push them and my shorts to the floor, step out of them. I pull off my shirt. I take hold of my own cock, begin to rub the skin back and forth as I was Duke move between your legs. he lifts up your hips and without any sort of foreplay, thrusts himself into you. Within a minute or two of quick stabs, he suddenly pulls out of you, grasps his cock and jerks it quickly, shooting his warm seed onto your belly.
You groan with disappointment at the quickness of it all, desiring more, but with a finaly grin of thanks at me, he leaves.
I move to you, still fingering my cock, stand between your legs.
"You want more?" I inquire.
"Yes..." you whisper.
"Are you going to tease us again?"
You shake your head, but I know full well that you will. but it doesn't matter. I like being turned on by you.
"All right then." That said, I sit on the floor between your legs, pick up your thighs and rest them on my shoulders. Slowly, I begin to lick my way up the inside of your thigh, tasting the bittersweet saltiness of your sweat, then up further till I inhale the heady and stimulating muskiness of your sex.

My tongue maneuvers its way back and forth along your labia, curling around your clitoris,
stabbing every so slightly into the entrance of your cunt, tasting your juices. You struggle against the
cuffs, but they hold you securely.
Now I lift your hips more, thrusting my hot tongue deep into your hole.

You cry out, begging for more. I slide my tongue back and forth, then run it down to your anus, probe the puckered hole with quick light thrusts and circling licks. You bounce on the bed as I move back to your clitoris, rubbing it, sucking it, nibbling it with my tongue and teeth and lips until you can stand it no more. You gasp aloud, calling out in ecstasy as waves of delicious sensations ripple through your body and my tongue thrusts deep into the very core of your sex, entering, retreating,
until, exhausted, you moan for me to stop.....